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    DPC Oyster luggers along Mississippi, New Orleans 1906   • Euro Saves Germany, Slaughters the PIGS, & Feeds the BLICS (Hamilton) • Greece Wants E
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    “We Are Heading For The Warmest Climate In Half A Billion Years”

    The desperation of the fake Greens is palpable. Their forecasts regarding the climate are grotesquely inaccurate. Rather than revise their false theories, they prefer to double down with ever more extreme assertions.

    In the UK, cities are about to start taxing diesel-engined cars. The “scientist” who persuaded the government of the day to favour diesel over petrol is now recanting.


    In Australia, we are ruled by technically-illiterate politicians who are advised by engineers who don’t seem to know anything about how the existing electric system was conceived. How it was running for many decades without any problem. Their religious zealotry. They just closed down an ancient coal-fired power station that produced 25% of the electricity consumed in Victoria. This is bound to cause a huge rise in the price of electricity and reduce the stability of the grid. Here is a discussion:

    Turnbull, Andrews achievements: 1,000 unemployed, prices up, blackouts coming

    In South Australia, the wholesale price of electricity of the fake “market” frequently goes up to A$14,000 per megawatt hour. That is around 250 times the prevailing prices in the USA.

    South Australia’s power woes expose deeper problems with nation’s energy security

    Ken Barrows

    OK, we both think the other is full of **it. But let me know what I look at. First, I don’t scan the globe for favorable datapoints. This global warming thing is going to take a long time to resolve itself. I’ll keep looking at global annual temperatures, acidification of the oceans, and what percentage of global CO2 emissions have been emitted since 1990 (about 50% now and, of course, climbing)

    It would be interesting to see you debunk, but I am not holding my breath. Happy to hear sea level falling in the GBR, but the disappearing islands in the nearby Solomon Islands tells a different story. (Note: I was an American Peace Corps volunteer there from 1990-92.


    Ken Barrows,

    Climate history did not begin 150 years ago. There have been many periods with much warmer and much cooler temperatures. We are in a post-glacial period. The Romans had vineyards in the north of England – in Yorkshire and Northamptonshire. CO2 has been vastly higher in the past – and the earth was frozen. The CO2 locked in the carbonates was once in the atmosphere. The CO2 in the oceans is a multiple of that in the atmosphere. Seawater is alkaline – so this “acidification” actually means “less alkaline”.

    The only currently meaningful explanation for the past is that the cosmos affects the climate of the earth. Humans affect the local weather – in large cities – not the climate. The world is a big place and all the predictions made 30 years by adherents of AGW ago have failed.

    Here is what it is like when the cities are excluded:

    And here is the real story about the Solomon Islands:

    The sea levels of the Solomon Islands are rising of 7-10 mm per year only by cherry picking

    The Australian government is sending money to these places to compensate them for their non-drowning islands. 🙂

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