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    John Day- is there any chance your people’s clinic could set up a section for those off gov’t/unvaccinated? They need healthcare, too. It’s Texas, right? (Written as a Minnesotan looking keenly at what’s going on in Texas!) By being a “cash only” arm of your clinic it would be untouchable by the feds. And the practitioners don’t have to be vaccinated. And health care needs of those otherwise unfulfilled are fulfilled. Your clinic could use a cash revenue stream, couldn’t it?

    If nothing else- there’s always local politics.


    tdk: quit it with the humor. 😉 Although it’s always very good. lol


    tdk, undoing my dry sense of humor in the earlier comment, don’t ever quit with the humor. We need it. And TAE Summary, too. A laugh is needed these days.

    Figmund Sreud

    Most reassuring message from Pfizer CEO Dr. Albert Bourla. He states that a vaccine-resistant COVID variant will “likely” emerge.


    those darned kids

    thanks, upstate. i’m actually quite frustrated. i keep waiting for the humans to evolve, but they just seem to want to go to costco instead.

    tomorrow, i’m going to call up a candidate from a right-wing party to see if he opposes fascism. i hope he’ll say yes.
    it seems the only people near here who want anything to do with freedom are the people who are in favour of everything else i am against.

    but, without freedom ¿how can i tell them they are wrong?

    i do wonder, however, if my being on <scary>THE LIST<more scary> will prevent my being able to vote in the upcoming charade election.

    last time, i put smily faces in the little circles. this time, any port in a storm.


    Everyone: this is not about a freaking vaccine (not exactly … because the vaccine is seriously killing people, but there’s more to it than that …).

    This is about tyranny. STOP THIS NOW. Do not back down.

    Thank you again, Raul, for what you do.


    There are a number of Ivermectin horse pastes that have *other* ingredients in them like anti-biotics etc…

    Don’t use those.

    Also don’t take the whole syringe for a 1200 POUND horse.

    Do some elementary school math.

    Done right it works great.


    where do you live tdk?


    tdk, a couple decades ago I realized that humans were not *evolving* as rapidly as the *technology* we use was *evolving*. Today’s debacle is evidence of this. Hubris. It’s a human foible.

    It’s hard and I struggle with it every day here in NY, and I’m up and down on this believe me, but try not to focus on the people who aren’t even close to understanding. The rest of us are out here. Just need to find each other somehow.

    To repost a link from the other day. Lukas Lion: “you can never quiet the lions”


    No officers especially Marines were fired in Vietnam for opening their mouths instead they said what they thought “We had to destroy the village to save it”. It was the draftees after the Tet Offensive who knew the war was unwinnable who refused orders, got high and fragged officers. Yes, a former Navy Lieutenant John Kerry said: ‘How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?’ but decades later as Secretary of State he was a team member in the campaign to overthrow of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad which failed spectacularly.

    The mistakes are cascading. Starting with ending the draft and off-shoring jobs, the Regan/Thatcher birthed corporate state (the Western Empire) turned PR messaging into big lie propaganda to misinform and hide the truth from Americans since they don’t matter at all to global oligarchs. Professional managers, to advance, must believe the propaganda; breeding utter incompetence and clueless arrogance.

    This has culminated in the failed coronavirus pandemic response. It is very hard to hide swamped emergency rooms and intensive care units, quarantined classrooms — the dead and ill. Yet the USA continues to solely push for-profit mRNA jabs even though deaths are spiking in highly vaccinated Israel. The US military couldn’t depart Kabul without casualties. Even TAE participants sort of disbelieve that the western system is crashing hard. Yes, it is. Regional wildfires, wall of water floods, shortages, and missing workers indicate that the reset button has been pushed. Chaos is coming except for China, New Zealand and Taiwan as long as their governments continue to eradicate the virus.


    Vietnam Vet: “PR messaging into big lie propaganda to misinform and hide the truth from Americans since they don’t matter at all to global oligarchs”



    I saw a hopeful thing last night whilst out on a long-ish bike ride. Part of my route goes through a mid-upper middleclass to ‘in-the-club’ neighborhood, with lots of ‘Old California’ money. So…I’m riding along, climbing a steep hill, and a painted sign catches my eye on the right.

    “Pizza Pickup” was painted at the top of a sheet of plywood with a ‘service window’ cut in, little shelf at the bottom like any good take-out window, and affixed to a fence that was otherwise hidden by ivy. It was facing the street, with easy parking for one car only, and partly hidden by old trees. This is a suburban neighborhood, not zoned for businesses. My thought was ‘Harry Tuttle opened a restaurant chain?!?’ The theory: somebody cooks really good pizzas, shares this info with friends in some way, starts an on-the-sly pizza biz that can evaporate on short notice.


    Here’s a hint about my route: Mount Wilson Toll Road was the downhill leg, and I started on top at 10:30 PM. A distant relative owned the only gas station at the bottom of the Toll Road when it opened. My grandmother was among the unskilled workers polishing the mirror segments for use in the 100in telescope that is the midpoint in an evolution of apparatus culminating in the 200in telescope on the Palomar Mountains. It’s worth the journey to visit, as it’s one of the last ‘artisan’ ironworks, akin to a lovingly-crafted steam locomotive. The road up is…also a very good bike ride!


    My brother, 71 (Moderna March 2021) with no cardiovascular problems, has recently had 2 “small” strokes. Now I’m watching V. So I’ll shut up.

    except to say…
    Weren’t we all to care so much for those who succumbed to the virus? Where is the compassion for those who have succumbed to the “vaccine”?


    my parents: I’m sorry about your brother. People are having “small” strokes (my mother did), having heart attacks, being diagnosed with cancer … the list goes on and on as to potential detrimental health issues that *may* be related to vaccination.

    The *precious narrative* doesn’t want anyone to investigate what could be outcomes from the vaccines. No problem here, just move on. Nearly everyone I care about has been vaccinated. I’m extraordinarily worried about.


    Thomas, black market economy. It’s the wave of the future.

    those darned kids

    mpsk: i empathize with your plight. my father landed in hospital for two weeks post-injection. they called it “pneumonia”. now he has trouble walking. the rest of my family blames “the hospital stay”.

    thomasjkenney: wow, so cool. i’ll fire up the burro for that one. i live in flat land, so my biggest challenge are the prevailing south-west winds.

    upstate: i live in csis country, five-eyes and such. really flat. actually, many oneida people (descendants of former upstateNYers) live close by. lotsa corn, lotsa soya.

    upstate: “Just need to find each other somehow.” thanks, raúl.


    tdk: “csis country” Sorry but, huh???

    those darned kids
    absolute galore

    NYT with a barrage of Covid fear stories.( The photo of Wallace shows someone who is definitely overweight.No indication of other co-morbidities,or what kind of Ivermectin protocol he was on.

    Caleb Wallace, a leader of the anti-mask movement in central Texas who became infected with the coronavirus and spent three weeks in an intensive care unit, has died, his wife, Jessica, said on Saturday.

    “Caleb has peacefully passed on. He will forever live in our hearts and minds,” Mrs. Wallace wrote in a post on GoFundMe, where she had been raising money to cover medical costs.

    Mrs. Wallace had said recently that her husband’s condition was declining and that doctors had run out of treatment options. On Saturday, he was to be moved to a hospice at Shannon Medical Center in the city of San Angelo so that his family could say their goodbyes, she said.

    Mrs. Wallace, who is pregnant with the couple’s fourth child, recently told the San Angelo Standard-Times that when her husband first felt ill, he took a mix of vitamin C, zinc, aspirin and ivermectin — a drug typically used to treat parasitic worms in both people and animals that has been touted as a coronavirus treatment but was recently proved to be ineffective against the virus.

    Mr. Wallace, 30, who campaigned against mask mandates and other Covid policies that he saw as government intrusion, lived in San Angelo for most of his life and worked at a company that sells welding equipment. He checked into the Shannon Medical Center on July 30.

    Another post claims that Delta is resulting in more hospitalizations than Alpha in the UK, and that all but 2% of the deaths are among the unvaccinated.

    People who are infected with the highly contagious Delta variant are twice as likely to be hospitalized as those who are infected with the Alpha variant, according to a large new British study.

    The study, published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases journal on Friday, is an analysis of more than 40,000 coronavirus infections in England. It adds to evidence suggesting that Delta may cause more severe illness than other variants do.

    Fewer than 2 percent of the infections occurred in fully vaccinated people, and there was not enough data to draw firm conclusions about hospitalization risks in that group specifically, the researchers said.

    “The main takeaway is that if you have an unvaccinated or only partially vaccinated population, then an outbreak of Delta can lead to a higher burden on hospitals, on health care, than an Alpha outbreak would,” said Anne Presanis, a senior statistician at the University of Cambridge and one of the study’s lead authors.

    The Delta variant, which was first detected in India, is roughly twice as infectious as the original virus and as much as 60 percent more transmissible than the Alpha variant,

    Schoolteacher in California infects half her class:

    An unvaccinated elementary schoolteacher infected with the highly contagious Delta variant spread the virus to half the students in a classroom, seeding an outbreak that eventually infected 26 people, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    The unusually detailed study, which comes as school districts across the country reopen, seems certain to intensify the debate over vaccine mandates in schools. A handful of school districts, including New York City, have already announced vaccine requirements for teachers and staff.

    The classroom outbreak occurred in Marin County, Calif., in May. Neither the school nor the staff members and students involved were identified.

    The teacher first showed symptoms on May 19, but worked for two days before getting tested. During this time, the teacher read aloud, unmasked, to a class of 24 students, despite rules requiring both teachers and students to wear masks indoors.

    All the students were too young for vaccination.

    absolute galore

    In that same roundup, at least one sign of sanity:

    Many in the U.K. are flouting pandemic rules even as cases rise.

    LONDON — Nearly 60,000 soccer fans packed London’s Emirates Stadium last Sunday to watch Chelsea outplay Arsenal. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical, “Cinderella,” made its glittering debut in the West End after several Covid-related delays. On the subway, where masks are still mandatory, half the riders go barefaced.

    All this at a time when Britain is reporting more than 30,000 new coronavirus cases a day, hospitals are coming under renewed strain, and preliminary data shows that the protection provided by vaccines ebbs several months after the second dose.
    U.K. Coronavirus Cases
    60,000 cases
    Feb. 2020
    Feb. 2021
    7–day average
    New cases

    These are days with a reporting anomaly.
    About this data

    Such is the strange new phase of Britain’s pandemic: The public has moved on, even if the virus has not. Given that Britain has been at the vanguard of so many coronavirus developments — from incubating variants to rolling out vaccines — experts say this could be a glimpse into the future for other countries.

    “We don’t seem to care that we have these really high infection rates,” said Tim Spector, a professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London, who has been leading a major study on Covid-19 symptoms. “It looks like we’re just accepting it now — that this is the price of freedom.”

    Eric Blair

    Update from the CDC: infection fatality – survival rates for Covid-19 per age group – –

    shouldn’t the percentage sign in the 2nd column (fatality rate) be stricken, or alternatively the numericals converted to percentages? Otherwise you’d be comparing apples with oranges. The numbers are still impressive.
    Fatality rate survival rate
    0.00003 = 0.003% 99.997%
    0.0002 = 0.02% 99.98%
    0.005=0.5% 99.5%
    0.054=5.4% 94.6%


    galore: “The public has moved on …. “

    And “… this is the price of freedom”

    Go Britain!!!


    Don’t you feel sorry for all the people getting sick and dying in India

    “The Delta variant, which was first detected in India, is roughly twice as infectious as the original virus and as much as 60 percent more transmissible than the Alpha variant”


    Yikes, showing my age. Who was the bicyclist again?

    those darned kids

    bill7 is the cyclist. methinks.


    upstate, tdk- thanks. The rotten part is that he called me an idiot for saying I wouldn’t be taking the “vaccine”. I don’t feel “I told you so”- I feel rotten. I think- this is why the lockdowns- he and I couldn’t get together where I could fulfill my function as an irritant to the familial social set. It just didn’t work over the telephone, or even miserable zoom.


    he and I couldn’t get together where I could fulfill my function as an irritant to the familial social set.
    That’s my fear as well. I emailed my 80yo dad with the modest Covid PlanB article I posted a day or two back.
    He responded that he agreed with much of it, but couldn;t see that the mask mandates could be dispensed with.
    I replied that (from previous mask studies etc) I thought the mask mandates were essentially a voodoo compliance element and he could achieve as much by tying garlic around his neck or wearing a crucifix.
    it’s hard being in that position of keeping up with the information day-to-day, but then knowing even where to start where someone’s been fully exposed to the cool-aid without any prophylaxis.

    Dr. D

    “I know very well that these days you can’t trust nobody but here is what snopes has to say re Karen Kingston: No, the mRNA Vaccines Do Not Contain Graphene Oxide”

    Snopes! Fake News! Conspiracy! Misinformation! Rrrrrrrrrrrradicals! Supremacists! RussiaRussiaRussia!

    Oh wait: Japan just recalled 1.3 Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllion doses of Moderna. For what? Having a “contaminant.” What kind, you ask? One that is “Magnetic”. Ooopsie! We made a boo boo. 1.3 million times in a row. In one country alone. But this Japan, a backward, superstition, white supremacist, conspiracy country that doesn’t have medicine. Just IVM that they won the Nobel for and are now prescribing.

    Bonus question: how did they test 1.3 million vials to find out? Hmmm, me detect a rat.

    “the teacher read aloud, unmasked, to a class of 24 students, despite rules requiring both teachers and students to wear masks indoors.”

    …Aaaaaaand nothing happened, because masks don’t work, and kids don’t get it. Why say that? They’re the ones that told ME it’s an R9. And you’re going to stop it by throwing a tea towel on your head? And they call US superstitious. Jesus and Mary. If a tea towel worked before now, we’ve all been doing it wrong. I could just walk into a contaminated person’s room in shorts and flip flops.

    France and protests: so if you protest Nazi behavior, you’re a anti-semite. Wow, I’d like to say I didn’t see that coming, that’s too crazy to be crazy, but it’s really page one of a playbook so old it’s falling apart. Meanwhile, unelected dictatorial bureaucracies run by unelected corporate billionaires that remove sovereignty, democracy, and the voice of the people are Anti-Fascism. Got it. I guess we have to stop referring to them and their fake, opposite, boot-licking reporting as relevant, so whatever they call us doesn’t matter because we have our own friends and causes. …And bail each other out if something happens again.

    The care and compassion is always. However, it’s also when you “repent.” Now that’s a word so loaded with debris you can’t see the original meaning. Basically, it means you’ve left the Tao, the path, God’s ‘Way’, and “repent” means you admit your mistake, come clean, and get back on the path of common sense that works. So in this context the missing part that holds us back a bit is that they need to say, “Aw s—t, I’m beginning to think this is the vax. Double-crap.” Only then can they take actions to undo it instead of remaining lost and wandering as victims. I’m not trying to rub it in but I can’t move forward either. Lacking that, you do what you can.

    Like Cryptos, when people start writing songs and poems about something, it’s over. Not sure why, it’s contacted their emotions which is the generating power for our physical reality? And as much pressure as they have, the poems and songs are popping up all over.

    Kids — generally, like everything, they just lie in reporting about candidates and “The Other.” Even straight GOP are pro gay marriage, public school funding, progressive taxes, etc now. Further “right” (actually Liberty) are generally “ –I– may not like it…but it’s not my or the government’s business to promote, deny, or enforce it either.” So wtf cares if this PERSON disapproves of being gay, or would send his kids to a school with prayer, if he’s asking you to arm and prep yourself, make your own life choices, and leaves you alone by insuring a government so small it couldn’t oppress you even if it wanted to. They tend to get these things mixed up since in their paradigm, if they don’t like something, you want a super-state to make sure nobody else is allowed to like it either, while on the “right” (again, not “right”, since definition of “Right” is also statist) on the “right” they can’t figure out what leftist heads are exploding about because you will be left alone to contract marriage, choose your schools, defend yourselves, read, speak, and act freely and safely in a world where violence is illegal, not words. But it’s for ANY reason, only only when violence is from one “group” to another. If their platform is to “agree to disagree” and everybody goes home, it’s pretty easy to take.

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