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    Swedish Transhumanist Society Proud To Be Microchipped



    Here is the editorial from today’s issue of The Conversation (ANZ edition).

    Donald Trump’s popularity might have suffered a hit from the January 6 hearings in Washington but he continues to transfix Americans and capture headlines around the world. So his announcement early today that his Mar-A-Lago resort had been raided by the FBI caused a predictable – and presumably pre-emptive – sensation.

    As Rodney Tiffen shows in today’s lead article, the former president’s response to the raid was characteristic. He reached for a big, misleading historical parallel – in this case, the Watergate scandal, which began unrolling just over fifty years ago – and resorted to the paranoid language that featured throughout his time in the White House.

    Only time will tell whether the FBI has unearthed material that could block a run for the presidency in 2024. But there’s a sense the net is closing in on the man who did so much damage to American democracy.


    DBS- do you happen to know if mk-u ever had “extra credit”? That is, did OSS/CIA guys ever allow that they could follow chaotic families they happened to live next door to and use the children of those families for extracurricular data?
    “Naturally” traumatic shituations providing “naturally” traumatized kids?


    The powers to be will file criminal charges against Trump even if they have to make up a charge, then ensure Trump is tied up for at least 2 years in a corrupt court so he can’t run in 2024.

    You can see this coming a mile away. Setting up the J6 committee was to guarantee such an outcome.


    …ensure Trump is tied up for at least 2 years in a corrupt court so he can’t run in 2024.

    The Democrats are unable to find a candidate for president or a platform that anyone wants to vote for. Their strategy for the last two election has been to repeat “Other side bad” over and over. With J6 and abortion it will be “Other side bad” 24/7 until the mid-terms.


    “…… so he can’t run in 2024.”

    That’s okay …. he can pass the touch to who he wants ….. remember what we have been saying … Power is behind the throne

    (Sorry liz and hillary you are not next)

    D Benton Smith


    Oddly enough , given my history , I was never very personally interested in the MK program specifically, and so I don’t have much detailed information about it beyond my intense (but brief) experiences in 1973-74 when inadvertently attacking one of its minor tentacles ( the illegal psychotropic drug trials at the Missouri Institute of Psychiatry, St. Louis. ) I was more interested in the conventional intelligence shenanigans during and following WW2 , from which MK emerged and which it served.

    So, the short answer to your good question is that I am not aware of any of the MK programs (of which MK Ultra was just one) that used anything like the approach that you asked about. Conventional human intelligence operations, however, use something very much like that routinely, and the “art” of using it effectively has been a core skill of Spy Masters since humans started telling lies and using secret agents in pursuit of hidden agendas.

    It certainly isn’t outside the parameters of what intelligence services want to do and incessantly attempt to do, and sometimes succeed in doing. That field is chock full of truly insane individuals, so if you have inklings about such goings-on then you would likely find it fruitful to dig some more and start gluing clues together into a more complete picture along the lines of what you suspect.

Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)
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