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    Piet Mondriaan Trees by the Gein at Moonrise 1908   • The FBI has Raided President Trump’s Home (Techno Fog) • The Sickening Quickening (Kunstler
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    Polder Dweller

    There is confusion everywhere (deliberate?) about why the Dutch farms have to shut down. The official reason is not CO2 or methane, but nitrogen compounds such as ammonia. These are apparently damaging the biodiversity in the country.

    The real reason is that the government wants the land to build on (Tristate City) and to move from traditional farms to innovative food production solutions via the WEF Food Innovation Hubs (Rutte has promised Klaus that the first one will be built in Holland) meaning ze bugz and vertical farming. This in order to take away the farmers’ power and hand it to the high-tech industry and the oligarchs.

    V. Arnold


    Polder Dweller

    Your scenario seems spot on…good analysis…


    On top of this lack of what ought to have been critical infrastructure there is the secondary problem that Thames Water – the company which supplies London and most of the southeast – is by far the leader when it comes to leaks and to failing to modernise its network of pipes. Even Ofwat concede that this is a problem although they focus on those companies that have taken action rather than highlighting the ones that have not:

    “A reduction in leakage is also key to ensuring that we have the water we need for the future. At Ofwat, we’ve tasked water companies with cutting leakage by 16% in the five years to 2025.

    “Last year, 13 of the 17 water companies met their leakage targets and we saw an overall reduction of leakage by 4%. Since 2017-18, leakage is down 11%. Companies are on the right path, but there is a lot more to do.”

    So here’s the thing, when water was privatised in July 1989, and in the face of 80 percent opposition from the British people, the promise was that the supposedly more effective private sector would invest in precisely the kind of infrastructure which the companies are now telling us that we can no longer afford to build. The supposed reason why we were asked to pay additional charges so that the companies could attract investors was that this would save us from a repeat of the summer of 1976, when domestic water supply was turned off and people queued for their water ration at a local standpipe.

    Those water investors did very well out of the deal. As Sandra Laville at the Guardian reported a couple of years ago:

    “English water companies have handed more than £2bn a year on average to shareholders since they were privatised three decades ago, according to analysis for the Guardian.

    “The payouts in dividends to shareholders of parent companies between 1991 and 2019 amount to £57bn – nearly half the sum they spent on maintaining and improving the country’s pipes and treatment plants in that period.

    “Critics say while continuing to pay huge dividends they have failed to carry out significant national infrastructure works to improve the water and sewerage system.”

    A different intermittency

    Corporatocracy? How’s that lie working out for ya!?



    This has interested me to, a lot of the memes seem to be mentioning methane etc but it seems so far only NZ is silly enough to be attempting it on these grounds.

    Is the Dutch reasoning related to fertiliser or nitrogen runoff? Because there is probably a kernel of sensibility behind both of these reasons. The Netherlands is of course very densely populated in terms of large animals (humans included), and anytime you stuff them in that close you are going to have pollution issues. Plus Europe’s gas issues are making nitrogen fertilisers more difficult to obtain, and taxing them might be a roundabout way of rationing.

    Obviously the Dutch gov is just using this as a stalking horse to undertake a land grab, but in such a small and overpopulated place these land grabs have always been common. It is also true that a lot of the west’s agriculture has a huge level of dependence on cheap fossil fuels (along with everything else), which is being brought into sharper focus.

    Dr. D

    “On the Road.”

    OntheRoad (one wouldn’t show)

    A real quiet, longing, old-time song. Or old timey from 2022 anyway. Makes me long for the old world. The Old Country: the quiet past.

    “There’s No Demand for Italy’s Debt Except from the ECB”

    Why important? Same problem as September, 2019. Wall St/Fed refuses Europe as collateral. This is putting the squeeze on Europe and Davos.

    Trump’s crooked FBI raid (or so it seems), yes the 17 clubs have been saying this was going to happen for some months now. It’s the next obvious move since they can’t outlaw the other party using “Insurrection”. So no surprise to any of us, in fact, why’d it take so long? And also expected T to be arrested himself and imprisoned like J6: classic 3rd world stuff, which we are 3rd world, no rule of law, banana republic clown show. So they’re on half-measures here. Maybe arrest him closer to the election and the economic collapse.

    Anyway, they’re following the “Beacon of Democracy”: their leaders in Ukraine, outlawing the opposition party and arresting them in the halls of Congress. That’s Democracy! When we have only one party to choose from: or else! Not like being under a King at all, where you have lots of choices.

    “Liz Cheney’s Husband Is Partner at Law Firm Representing Hunter Biden (Fed.)”

    Speaking of, this is just the UniParty, “Government against the People” where the mask has been removed and as Zappa said we see the big prison wall at the back of the theatre. I prefer and honest prison to a fake Truman Show.

    “On top of this, they announced a new fuel tax last week.”

    Got a fuel tax here too. In the “Let’s print a trillion dollars to “Reduce Inflation” Bill. The 86,000 new IRS agents are deeply ominous, and remember they have a billion rounds of ammunition from the other year too. …Because they have no intention of shooting the people, ‘natch. What was that phrase? “”He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance.” Yeah, something like that.

    They’re like, “Gas prices are going down, we’re not raising prices”. Um, if you TAX the thing, that thing is more expensive. Duh. You directly raised my prices in an economic collapse. They always say “gas prices rising is a tax on the economy” Because generally, neither gas nor taxes can be avoided. In fact, taxes are far more likely to be avoided. Either one is a giant weight that prevents actions and activities from being done, they’re both straight friction, dead loss. So when you tax energy, you really tie an anvil on our backs.

    What this says to me though is: stop working. Hunker down, don’t make money, and the IRS won’t visit you. Shut everything down, fire everyone. Like ObamaCare. Those 86,000 fellows aren’t after 100 billionaires: they are and can only be, after YOU, to look and look and look until they find something wrong. So like Rome, bury your money, go to the beach, wait until 1550 when they stop behaving badly and want an economy with running water again.

    “What is also clear is that Nord Stream 2 is not certified and is not currently going through the certification process and thus is not available [for operation],”

    Hahahaha! You’re so funny. As if anyone follows the LAW anywhere. You guys make up the law every minute of every day: just make up a law that says it’s legal to use it. Problem solved.

    “The upcoming heating season may be difficult for Germany, but noted that the government is taking the necessary steps to ease the situation.”

    Wow, those are beautiful words: do those words including delivering gas from somewhere? Are the “necessary steps” one of drilling a hole in the ground over a gas deposit and collecting the good stuff that comes out? No? It involves just some lawyers, laws and paperwork? Those sound like “Unnecessary and completely irrelevant steps” then.

    Netherlands to Shut Down 11,200 Farms to Meet Climate Goals (Sweden)”

    They are trying to make a complete mess of things and it’s going pretty well. This kills lots of people, which is an added benefit. In the economic stress they can collect your children to Little St. James too.

    “Europe’s most severe drought in decades”

    So this is just a normal drought that happens every so often. Geez, you had me going there for a minute.

    ““..Zelensky on Sunday reiterated a warning that if the two regions go through with their plans, Kiev will break off all talks with Russia..”

    He’s so cute thinking Russia cares what he does or thinks. Just like a 3-year-old.

    the military was using the warehouse, which is located across from a farm where civilians live and work.”

    This is a war. Both sides have to have their headquarters somewhere. I understand the principle, but these specific facts are not communicating. Are they supposed to set up in the potting shed? Or if they make headquarters, then evict the whole surrounding town for safety? Please direct me to your war manual where no one gets inconvenienced or killed.

    a coordinated freakout by the Ukraine lobby.”

    So the Ukraine lobby is running the U.S., both Federal and Commercial? Good to know, thanks. Are they getting the money for this from my $40B dollars? The money that didn’t go to Flint? And isn’t repairing floods in Kentucky? …Or bridges in NYC for that matter?

    “The shelling damaged a high-voltage power line”

    If their plants are like ours, this is very dangerous as shutting off the line leads to emergency shutdown, in which the reactor itself needs idling power to remain safe. Because, guessing like ours, a normal-sized artillery isn’t a direct threat to the nuclear dome.

    “At the same time, many Democratic leaders are pressuring companies to boycott red states too.”

    Like Freedom of Speech, I think if they do this in an official capacity it would be against the law. …Not that anybody follows it or cares. It would be creating an interstate embargo or tariff, which is specifically prohibited. But street-level prophesy says the U.S. will devolve the states’ rights, and those states are going to tend to regionalize, create sort of quick alliances for each other. Makes sense.

    I’m more concerned they’re doing it based on lies, lies, and more lies. Like the “Please say Gay” bill, and the “We still have abortions for every logical emergency” laws. They lie and say it’s illegal when it’s not: health-based abortions are expressly legal. Lie and call an anti-grooming bill for children under 8 is anti-LGBTQ.

    Don’t know how to express this since it’s completely a-Logical, but Twitter has outlawed the word “Groomer” as an anti-gay slur. The only possible explanation is that Twitter – not us – believes that gay = groomer/pedophile. Which is not what any of us were ever thinking at all. It’s like: “we’re against house fires.” Twitter outlaws pancakes. No Twitter: those two things are NOT related. Except to Twitter, the Left, apparently, and possibly part of the LGBT community(??). Like probably the AWFLs but the ones who aren’t gay “but have gay friends”? Like I said, it’s incomprehensible. If I were in the gay organizations, I’d sue the crap out of them as hard as I can, for slander. If they succeed in uniting the two it will set back gay rights 100 years. Thanks. Twitter, “helping”, “helping” us all into an early grave. Back to be ostracized by the community and beaten in the streets as a danger to “the childrens”. Sue. Sue Sue, then Sue s’more.

    Anyway, lies like this are the basis of their bullying attacks and hate for other states. If only the world were as simple as these crayon munchers believed. They’re outlawing Georgia because Hollywood is a much more moral place. And Saudi Arabia, clearly.

    “The U.S.-U.K. Extradition Treaty forbids extradition in the case of “political offences.”

    As with Germany, Nordstream, and every. single. thing. Everywhere. They just make up the law whenever they feel like it. Newsflash: THIS IS WHY PASSING LAWS DOESN’T PREVENT ANYTHING. After the Great War we pass all kinds of laws so it “Never Again.” Guys: the LAST guys passed the LAST laws after Napoleon. Before that, Charlemagne. It didn’t help then either. You’re trying to halt the Wheel of Time itself with your tiny baby hands. Stop. Focus on MORALS, on principles, and on doing your personal best every day. Laws mean nothing: nobody follows them, never did and never will. Now excuse me while I get all the opiates and prescription drugs my doctor won’t give me at half the price on the streets.

    But: the law-raised and law-abiding generation of 1945 can’t understand that and pass laws, just another part of the cycle of time. The Law is in US. WE are the law. It’s internal, not external.

    Dr. D

    PS they’re raiding Cheeto because they were using J6 to find communications with the Military. They’re blind and need intel as to who to purge that still follows that rotten “Constitution”, that is, rule of law not rule of man.

    In theory, IF the election was tampered with, which seems likely, AND this was done from foreign offices, even China, THEN the President would/could have referred this to specific safe people in the Pentagon as a legal act of war. Imagine if you will, you discover the government has been infiltrated by multiple foreign agents in a Manchurian Candidate scenario. You can’t/don’t know which ones. Yes, the military has specific rulebooks and contingency plans for this, being one of the most obvious means of overthrowing the United States, a system where the government is for sale and has been for 50 years.

    So Cheeto does this? What would the Pentagon be tasked with and do thereafter? There is, or may be allowed, an foreign-backed government to occupy U.S. territory and institutions: Nothing is more ordinary in war, and polished to mirror-fineness by the CIA worldwide. Who is that random Guido? Why is Libya’s first official act to set up a Central Bank? Anyway, maybe you can’t, maybe you don’t WANT to expel the invaders and infiltrators from their area of occupation. You would want to map them, their motions, and list their loyalties: to the real government, or the foreign-installed one. Also to preserve and not shoot American citizens in the crossfire of this landing and beachhead government.

    So in the case of a foreign-owned, election-tampered government, who is the REAL government? The one the Pentagon backs? There are infiltrators in the Pentagon, so WHICH Pentagon? No one knows, although in theory, the “Real” candidates who were actually elected, not the tampered-vote ones. If anyone can tell. But perhaps in such a situation, the Pentagon has to run things and not talk to either candidate as “legitimate”. Would they tell you if they did? That seems deeply counterproductive.

    In any case, IF all that happened, AND they are in contact with the real candidate, the expelled government-in-waiting as we saw in Iran, Taiwan, Vichy France, and mostly everywhere governments flip, then they would have given Cheeto the highest level, super-encrypted BatPhone as a direct line to his counterparts in the Constitutional Pentagon. They need to tap and follow what they see as a seditious, rebel government in open Civil War against them, the Derp State.

    That sort of thing is what they’re fishing for, and why Liz can’t explain what they’re doing, or seeking, on national TV. Too complicated to explain, admitting everything if they admit even a morsel anywhere.

    It such a thing happening? Remains to be seen. Obviously I don’t care, as my job is to uphold the Law and my country down here, ignoring all of them. Just stating this so you can understand it, if anyone here didn’t already know.


    getting rid of Donald Trump
    Its a secret.

    15 boxes of secret documents. No, you can’t see/be told what is inside those boxes, Its a secret.
    • Europe Is Being Hit By A Climate-Driven Drought Crisis (G.)

    I would bet that nobody thought about all the billions of creatures,( Mosquitoes, black flies, etc., ) that dies in a wild fire or flood or natural disaster.
    Fixed it – stop worrying

    “Inflation Reduction Act,”

    the rule of law

    legal concerns
    • Liz Cheney’s Husband Is Partner At Law Firm Representing Hunter Biden (Fed.)

    ”The Wyoming congresswoman likely to lose her seat in the next Congress has been laying the foundation for a presidential run in 2024. “If I have to choose between maintaining a seat in the House of Representatives or protecting the constitutional republic and ensuring the American people know the truth about Donald Trump, I’m going to choose the Constitution and the truth every single day,” Cheney said on CNN last month.
    • Ukrainian Region Announces Vote On Joining Russia (RT)
    • Poland Proceeding With Its Plans For Ukraine – Moscow (RT)


    The Himalayan Vulture – L. Cheney


    In the EU all countries are equal

    Oil Spikes As Ukraine Operator Halts Some Russian Pipeline Flows
    This means flows to the Druzhba pipeline toward Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia are halted.


    @Bill7 @John-day the off-topic audiophile tangent – I spent much time in HS and college when I had no money building my own speaker cabinets – I could not afford an amplifier with real power or good speakers, so I got pretty good at making bass-reflex cabinets to make the most of the puny audio equipment me and my friends had.
    I worked for an audio firm for a while, and they had a listening room with reference speakers – Pioneer TAD 2401s. Magical. Massive 200lbf wood enclosures (still go for $10k+++ used)
    – I was quite the audiophile 30 years ago but never had the $
    – Now I have the fiat $ but my hearing is not so good
    Plus too many other things to worry about besides fine audio, ergo I’m at TAE

    RIM, “A Winter of Anger” seems well-received over at ZH, much actual discussion in top comments, snark and trolling lower than most articles, good on ya mate.


    Corps are making profit, shareholders are happy. What’s not to like? Citizens who are or would love to be the shareholder want “their money” even if entire country goes down the drain as result of their “beloved’s” actions. They tend to elect leaders that are way ahead of the curve, when it comes to easy money.

    On the other note:
    Just knowing that photo-shop exists ruins the complete pleasure of viewing the majestic photo of a Vulture.


    A Russian cat and a NATO bicycle


    D Benton Smith

    So as part of it’s so called “pivot towards China” as the main terrorism threat CIA’s Counter Terrorism personnel are being taught how to speak Chinese.

    Ah, well. At least the language lessons should come in handy. It should speed up adapting to their new boss.


    If you’re freaked out by photoshop bending reality, check out DALL•E 2

    It’s an AI that generates photo realistic images from natural voice commands in seconds.

    Say, “show me the Mona Lisa with a mohawk haircut ” and it renders it in seconds from text or voice


    I’m thinking that those 86,000 IRS workers have something to do with physical and crypto.
    Invading Trump’s house is a sign of how much anger and confusion will rule the day of –
    and now an aside here. I thought, what if the first Tuesday in November is on the first day of the month? would the election be on that day, or the 8th?
    Back to the topic: after all, abortion pumped the left; I’m guessing that picking on Trump will pump the right.

    D Benton Smith

    Why did Hillary have that email thingy message on her hat?

    Was that simple hubris, or revenge, or was it actually something more purposefully sinister?

    Every year just before Tax Season there is a surge of stories in the news media about taxpayers being mauled by the IRS in all sorts of unfair, unjust, unprovoked and outrageous ways. The tax guys are the bad guys and make no mistake. Makes ya wanna abolish the whole damn agency, bulldoze the buildings and sow salt on the earth where they once stood.

    Do you know the source of these horror stories?

    That’s right. It’s the IRS themselves. In-house flacks write and place the scary stories for the purpose of instilling fear in the hearts of any and all who might be thinking about cheating on their taxes. Straight up Machiavelli . . . it is better for a Prince to be feared than loved.

    It’s the same reason that the Mafia invests so much capital in Hollywood’s gangster porn, and the list of similar strategies by other much-feared “bad guys” goes on and on.

    It’s also the reason that Hillary Clinton had the FBI raid Trump’s home for no reason at all other than him being the competition, and then bragged about herself getting away with spying, treason and worse (i.e. her e-mails) without even a slap on the wrist. She’s advertising. It is an audaciously bold declaration that she has the power to be as vicious, unfair, crooked and treasonous as she wants to be . . . and no one can stop her.

    The public display of willful abuse of power serves dual purposes, really. It’s not just intended to intimidate victims into fearful compliance with orders to hurt themselves. It also promotes the sorts of services that can be rendered upon request to other criminals who the boss wants to do business with. The boss is telling their psychopathic potential “customers” that if the price is right the boss can help them, too, to do anything that they want to and get away with it.

    Like a Mafia kingpin.

    Like many other flawed strategies the system works great, right up to the point of catastrophic failure. Eventually and always a certain ( but unquantified) “critical mass” of potential customers realize that they are the next intended victims, and respond accordingly.

    Live by the sword, die by the sword.


    “Joe Biden” raids Trumps house but ManWhore Cokehead Hunter is still free to boogie to the music.

    Life is Grand,

    like a hundred grand a day.


    Farmer McGregor

    @zerosum: “The Himalayan Vulture – L. Cheney”

    Darn near spewed coffee… well done!


    Choose your symbol of resistance to the oppression to the globalist’s fascism:

    Z for Zorro

    Z for Zorro

    Or V for Vendetta

    V is the more logical choice, especially if one has seen the film. But apparently the Chinese are inclined towards Z according to the Saker article.

    All I’m certain about is that times have never been more dangerous if one is not a member of ‘the Big Club’….”the same big club they use to tell you what to wear, what to eat, who to vote for…”


    “our carefully constructed fake world”

    [1975, New York] :”The banks were supposed to turn up at 11am. But it soon became clear that none of them were going to appear…”

    “The extraordinary thing was, no one opposed the bankers.”


    First Tuesday after the first Monday. It’s the 8th.


    The revolt against the system is happening before your eyes, that’s why you didn’t notice.

    1. work to rule.
    2. Work slowdown.
    3. Keep quiet as you see the stick going into the gears.
    4. Not my responsibility
    5. Not paid enough to work when I’m sick.
    6. Slow down, your on overtime.

    D Benton Smith


    ” . . . . is happening before your eyes, that’s why you didn’t notice.”

    That’s a perfect 10. Well done, Maestro.


    This past August 1st would have been Jerry Garcia’s 80th birthday.

    “. . . Nothing about his passing seems like ‘only yesterday,’ rather as long ago and faraway as my childhood. From the sublime to the vicious, everything that could be said has been said and said again. Yet, the essential mystery of who Jerry Garcia was remains. What can be said with fair assurance is that he was a source, an original way of seeing the world that agreed with others in a few broad and important outlines, but which in just as many other dimensions confounded all expectations. . . Few would disagree that a key part of him remained isolated, unknown and unknowable. His art is the closest thing to an available roadmap of his singularities, amorphous clues, and clues only, to the nature of his true affections.” Robert Hunter

    Nine mile skid on a ten mile ride
    Hot as a pistol but cool inside
    Cat on a tin roof, dogs in a pile
    Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile

    Now, he’s gone, now he’s gone, Lord, he’s gone
    He’s gone, like a steam locomotive
    Rolling down the track, he’s gone, he’s gone
    And nothing’s going to bring him back, he’s gone

    Going where the wind don’t blow so strange
    Maybe off on some high cold mountain chain
    Lost one round but the price wasn’t anything
    A knife in the back and more of the same

    Same old, rat in a drain ditch, caught on a limb
    You know better but I know him
    Like I told you, what I said
    Steal your face right off your head


    All I know is something like a bird within her sang
    All I know she sang a little while and then flew on
    Tell me all that you know, I’ll show you snow and rain

    If you hear that same sweet song again, will you know why?
    Anyone who sings a tune so sweet is passin’ by
    Laugh in the sunshine, sing, cry in the dark, fly through the night

    Don’t cry now, don’t you cry, don’t you cry anymore
    Sleep in the stars, don’t you cry, dry your eyes on the wind


    Just like Crazy Otto, just like Wolfman Jack
    Sittin’ plush with a royal flush, aces back to back
    Just like Mary Shelly, just like Frankenstein
    Clank your chains and count your change and try to walk the line

    Did you say your name was Ramblin’ Rose?
    Ramble on baby, settle down easy
    Ramble on Rose

    I’m going to sing you a hundred verses in ragtime
    I know this song it ain’t never going to end
    I’m going to march you up and down along the county line
    Take you to the leader of a band

    Goodbye Mama and Papa, goodbye Jack and Jill
    The grass ain’t greener, the wine ain’t sweeter
    Either side of the hill


    Carry your torch high, may it burn brightly through our current darkness guiding the way to your own heart.


    Breaking news for a Monday night: President Trump announced his home in Palm Beach – Mar-A-Lago – “is currently under siege, raided, and occupied by a large group of FBI agents.”

    Interesting that the global elites are so afraid of Trump given that they managed to so effectively neuter him last time. November will be a shit show, the elites doing their best to corrupt what is left of the USA’s facade of democracy, and they will stop at nothing, given their track record. But why do they care about November, it is not as if they cannot totally control the spineless Republican politicians?

    Interesting to me is that they have not already assassinated Trump given their very prompt actions in removing the African leaders who demonstrated opposition to their Covid attack. After all, with the elites in control of the FBI, and we can assume they are also in control of the intelligence agencies. Why are they biding their time, are they waiting for the right moment so that their prefered stand-in, such as the totally owned De Santis, gets to take the win with a landslide?


    “But the allure of power has proven too tempting for the worst among us. We are all watching as all the things we love – the way of life that many generations have fought to protect – are being swept away. And it is happening with not nearly enough explanation or protest.

    These are not the most terrifying times in history but they are among the most terrifying in our lifetimes in the West. Where are the parties and movements that defend freedom as a first principle? Where are the successors to Voltaire, Locke, Goethe, Paine, and Jefferson, among the many great thinkers who sacrificed so much for the liberal vision of a social order in which people manage their own lives?

    Such people are here, many of them writing for Brownstone among other venues, and producing books and podcasts to get around the opinion cartel being built by censors public and private.

    What difference can they make and how? This much is true: what man has made, man can unmake and make something new: a new Magna Carta, whether formal or de facto. The urgency has never been more intense. A state without an acquiescing populace is powerless in the end. But not without struggle.”

    The bold emphasis is mine. In support of what Dr D tells us on an almost daily basis.

    Freedom Itself Is Gravely in Peril 


    But really, at this point, many public health officials must be secretly wondering how they will evade prosecution. They won’t when fraud is proven in a court of law. … The drug company executives will go to prison along with Rochelle Walensky, Anthony Fauci, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, and many of their lieutenants.

    Why are we still having to read this total shite from somebody who has the brains to see that this will never happen? These people are the global elite lap dogs, they will be looked after. If you still need evidence that corrupt bankers, corrupt politicians, corrupt government employees do NOT go to jail then you need to wake the fuck up. The deep state looks after its own, likes to demonstrate that it looks after its own and doesn’t care what you think, prime example is Epps and Jan 6. Even if fantasy land somehow arrived and this went to court, there is no judge bold enough or uncorrupt enough to allow a fair trial. And, even if that dream happened, they would destroy the evidence, murder witnesses and intimidate the prosecution lawyers until they get what they want.


    Nikola, who lives in the block in Lisichansk in Donbass, which the Russians regularly targeted and killed at least one person, said that it is not clear to him “why our army fires from the cities and not from the fields”.

    See how dumb people are – BTW I do not believe this quote. What this does reveal is that the Ukraine army thought that the Russian army were better people than the Ukrainian army so would not shoot into civilian areas. Very compimentary and reveals their true opinion of their adversary.

    In some ways they are right, the Russians are better people, but their assessment is wrong because the Russians realised that leaving cockroaches running around civilian areas would only lead to more death and destruction, so they took the difficult decision to squash the cockroach, even though that leaves a mess that will require cleaning up later.


    Lets be clear with reality-

    FBI are the SS/Gestapo branch of the Libtard Regime.

    Biden cannot walk up stairs, stand on a bike, put his jacket on, or speak coherently even with a teleprompter. Repeat the line. He’s fn brain dead.

    Harris is a dick sucking cackling whore, a word salad ignorant dumb bitch. She admittedly sucked cock to gain her unqualified position.

    Pelosi is a drunken cunt insider trading criminal. Her husband a drunken coke snorter.

    The Liberal Demo Cult Party are brainwashed psychopaths who do not know what sex they are, which bathroom they want to use, which children they want to abort or mutilate genitalia. They are the true pandemic, war mongering scum suckers who want to control and abuse YOU.

    The Liberal Scum Regime are instigating war with Russia, China and it’s own citizens branded as terrorists. The Liberal scum Regime are choking farmers to death, creating famine wars, and they lick WEF buttholes as their new God.

    Is there really any question as to what needs to be done to rid them of their destructive and abusive power ?

    The Liberal Scum Regime does not abide by domestic constitutional law, international law, or basic human rights. Clarity and realization of action is all that remains to set things right. Voting will not do it, Republicans will not do it, the courts will not fix it. Pretty fn clear what remains as the last and only resort back to freedom and sanity.


    @ upstateNYer
    “Freedom Itself Is Gravely in Peril “
    I must repeat, with emphasis

    The revolt, (in USA, in democratic countries,) against the system is happening before your eyes, that’s why you didn’t notice.

    Alternate system are still being tried. We, call those systems, “gangs”.
    The attempts of our youths, Flower children, back to the land, communes, coops never succeeded.

    Whole Earth Catalog – Wikipedia
    The Whole Earth Catalog was an American counterculture magazine and product catalog published by Stewart Brand several times a year between …

    Founder: Stewart Brand
    Final issue: June 1, 1971
    Categories: Catalog
    First issue: September 1, 1968; 53 years ago


    @russellnblbs said:

    It is also true that a lot of the west’s agriculture has a huge level of dependence on cheap fossil fuels (along with everything else), which is being brought into sharper focus.

    You say that as if it is a bad thing. Fossil fuels are a gift from nature and we are always dependent on nature, regardless of how independent you want to be. The problems are not with nature, they are with man’s determination to dominate their own species.

    Dr. D

    “Interesting that the global elites are so afraid of Trump given that they managed to so effectively neuter him last time.”

    Yes. Why? He had Bolton in his cabinet. He got nothing done. So why? Because that didn’t happen. Things DID get done and they know it and are afraid of it. They just can’t tell you or us what those things are, what they’re really afraid of and really doing. And WHY can’t they say? Because it would blow the whole op. …This from people who published front page of Time: “Yeah we colluded and rigged it and got Trump out. Suck it, peasants.” So they’re willing to tell us that, to our face, but are afraid of explaining this?

    Now you see why the hypothesis that the military is in devolution and hidden civil war is very sensible and supportable. They are desperate to find the hidden moles, and Trump is a master at making them go guilty and wildly overreact. There may be 50 honest guys in the whole government, but do long as Trump can make them overreact, they’re exposed and losing. To us the people as WE are the only army large enough to stop them.

    Long way to say, “Yes, it IS interesting since he was neutered and got literally nothing done. What do you think it means?”

    Yes, interesting they assassinate anyone, nations, Africans, Presidents, multiple times. And yet somehow can’t get this done? Yes, very interesting indeed. Why? What does it mean that they can’t and won’t? Leverage?

    IF this is happening, what does it mean? If they can, as said, arrest anyone for any reason, no rule of law, all power, but somehow can’t, are contained, constrained, helpless, powerless in that circle? What is the only possible explanation?

    Gave up the Whole Earth Catalog for devolution. Going back in time to old tools and ways, not forward. Lasts longer.


    Dr D said:

    Maybe arrest him closer to the election and the economic collapse.

    Woul dit not be easier for them to deal with Trump after he has declared is VP. I suspect they have a few of the potential running mates under their control. If one of their’s is selected as VP then the problem is just to get rid of Trump. If an independent person is selected then they have two battles to win.


    Dr D said:

    If they can, as said, arrest anyone for any reason, no rule of law, all power, but somehow can’t, are contained, constrained, helpless, powerless in that circle? What is the only possible explanation?

    My suspicion is that there are some very powerful people backing Trump and that they are afraid of his team, rather than of Trump himself. They know that once they get rid of Trump then all restraint is gone and it becomes a free-for-all. Who are his supporters? I don’t know. I am sure there are lots in the military, despite the military being led by Democrats puppets. I am sure there are some in Israel who think that Trump is their best bet for future survival. I am sure there are some in business and banking. That is the problem at the moment, the battle lines are still being drawn and we do not know who is on which side.

    Farmer McGregor

    @citizenx re: reply #113148
    Don’t hold back, man. Tell us how you really feel!
    The tragic part is that you’re correct.


    Dr D (#113151):
    “Things DID get done and they know it and are afraid of it. They just can’t tell you or us what those things are, what they’re really afraid of and really doing. And WHY can’t they say? Because it would blow the whole op.”

    And also: “They are desperate to find the hidden moles, and Trump is a master at making them go guilty and wildly overreact. There may be 50 honest guys in the whole government, but do long as Trump can make them overreact, they’re exposed and losing. To us the people as WE are the only army large enough to stop them.”

    Agreed. Actions speak louder than words. Watch what’s happening. Stop trying to talk *over* what the MSM is spouting. That’s wasted energy. Stay silent … just wait and watch. All of these things needed to happen to create the oppositional energetic [re]action. Things had to get this far over the top. Americans as a people are quite easy going and peaceful, otherwise we’d all be dead based on the number of guns in this country. But there comes a time when Americans have had enough.


    Dr D said:

    Things DID get done and they know it and are afraid of it.

    Discovery of just how corrupt the “swamp” realy is was a revelation to most of us – as you say, it revealed their players to the world, making them vulnerable.

    Although we have seen dodgy trials and verdicts in the past, some obviously fixed, it was amazing to see just how the law makers held the law in total contempt and that power was the only game in town, the pretense was gone. Putin-style power, not seniority in some hierarchy of politicians or corporations, but the sort of power that has freedom to do whatever it wants, the only payback being the response of the other powers, because there is never just one person looking to run the show.

    I look at everything they do in terms of absolute power, so no foreign policy, just power games: Pelosi in Taiwan looked like a power play against or on behalf of Xi. That is why foreign policy is looking stupid these days, because it has come down to one mafia don sending messages to the other mafia dons, in this case flexing their muscles.

    Look at the Assange tragedy, that is total corruption operated on an internation scale, that is a power play by some Don who wants to send a message. The law is irrelevant to all but the people who are not connected to the thugs.


    @aspnaz: you’re still watching at a granular level. Take a big step back.


    Did you know
    Ukraine grain going anywhere but Africa – media
    Ships using “grain corridor” are headed for Turkey, Europe and China,

    However, most of the 20 million tons of grain held up in Ukrainian ports for the past several months is animal feed and not intended for human consumption, according to experts quoted by AP.

    The first ship to leave Ukraine under the “grain corridor” arrangement carried 26,000 metric tons of chicken feed, destined for Lebanon. The Sierra Leone-flagged freighter Razoni sailed out of Odessa on August 1 to much fanfare – only to be turned back from Beirut on Monday, after the Lebanese buyer refused to accept the shipment as several months too late.

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