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    Caravaggio Burial of St. Lucy 1608   • US Prepares To Hit The Wall As Reckless Trump Undoes Years Of Hard Work (G.) • Trump Urges Americans To Bu
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    V. Arnold

    Putin moves silently

    But, oh so effectively; obviously, the pre-eminent statesman extant…

    The Caravaggio, Burial of St. Lucy 1608 is rich in color and detail.
    Difficult not to like it…

    Dr. D

    “[Trump] was handed the best performing economy on the planet.”
    Hey, remember this?

    “Those jobs ain’t coming back”
    “What magic wand do you have?” –President Obama, 2016

    So…what great economy did Obama hand off, where he had to hold back a year’s soybean exports in order to not be the only president ever to never break 2% GDP in 8 years?

    Here’s more of that quote; “[Trump] just says, ‘I’m gonna negotiate a better deal.’ Well how? How exactly are you going to negotiate that???”

    Now granted, the economy has barely moved, it took $2T to forestall the ongoing debt collapse, but until this month CNBC/Marketwatch was happy to report that DJT has had the best economy and the lowest unemployment evah! For 2 years! …That is, until just this minute, when all the little people and pension funds have bought in. Now OBAMA had the best economy ever, and TRUMP is ruining it. …And he hates dogs and Santa. SMH because what gets me is, does no one remember just THREE WEEKS ago? Really? Nope. The entire planet is now goldfish in a bowl. If it snaps back to 26,000 it’ll be Obama’s economy again.

    “the recent plunge has infuriated him, leaving him mute on any market-related topic.”
    This is like “Finding Dory”. That’s a LOT less than three weeks ago. So, your written testimony is that Trump has not mentioned the economy ONCE since I dunno, October-November? He’s mute. Despondent. Can’t speak. He’s been completely missing on Twitter? OMG WTF really? They literally POST A CHART on Trump’s tweets up to today. …But I should have known, since the latest clickbait headline is someone (like Kanye) “breaks their silence” on something, when they’ve never been silent once since they were born. Mr. Trump is one of those people.

    Note the Hike vs Fed comment chart. Trump finally has got the media to report the spin he wants, voluntarily. And he’ll fire Mnuchin and put in someone just like him when he needs to look like he’s “doing something”. Standard practice. No surprise. When the train’s on the tracks, did you think the engineer was steering? No. The tracks are steering.

    “BOJ’s Kuroda Further Waters Down Pledge To Hit Inflation Target Quickly (R.)”
    That’s odd – I thought from yesterday China and Japan were awesome and only had trouble because it’s America’s fault. But that was an ODD numbered day. On EVEN numbered day, reality is the OPPOSITE.

    “Asian Stocks Slip On US Shutdown Worries, Trump’s Fresh Criticism Of Fed (MW)”
    Asian Stocks Retreat As US Political Tumult Adds To Growth Worry (R.)

    Nope, that’s right: both opposing realities are true at the same time. And what article in the Constitution was it again where the President and Congress were supposed to run the entire U.S. economy and control all the banking systems, possibly worldwide? My copy seems to be missing that page.

    One can hope that as the illusionary economy fails, the fallback to actual economic need will give all the environments some breathing room. It’s the debt, the expansion, the lies and illusion that fuel MOAR houses, moar trinkets, moar junk — that’s their environmentalism. Don’t light a candle in the darkness, buy a $10,000 Tesla power wall and convert your house with $1,000 of new LED arrays. …And in this Christmas time, we’d all be the better without it all, if only it weren’t required by force of law.

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