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    V. Arnold

    Can you say, fucked?
    Because that’s what we are…
    Step away from the static, the noise, to see clearly; but it also takes a sharp, critical thinking mind, to cut through the bullshit!
    May your new year be an honest vision of the future course, best followed…


    Good for society? I think you mean less bad, Ilargi. Pay, jobs, work, profits (or not) have nothing to do with education, health care and the like. They’re at odds with those things. As are the profit-seeking activities that would continue outside the scope of your (everyone’s?) view. The only way? No. It’s not a way at all. It’s the same path we’re on with prettier billboards–for a while until they rust. The way is to end the game.


    “Man happened.” Translation (for accuracy): a belief was chosen and indoctrinated ruthlessly and ubiquitously.

    Chris M

    So here we go again. The latest and greatest headlines are that there are economic protests by the people of Iran.

    Now, how do we really know who started these protests? On top of that, how do we not know that these supposed organic protests have not already been co-opted by the west?

    Another “Arab Spring” that is no spring at all? How did things like that go in Iraq? Libya? Syria? How’s that going in Yemen?

    Yeah, V. Arnold. I can only shake my head.

    Dr. D

    See what happens when you don’t vote the way we tell you? I suddenly remembered I don’t like Brexit and find it impossible to repair infrastructure without the EU telling me how. Newsflash Mr. Adonis: Britain can’t leave Europe even if they wanted to. Even with 1,000 tugboats and a 1,000lb rope. Britain IS Europe and always will be. So is Poland, Estonia, and Russia by the way. They’re Europe the way family members you don’t like are still related to you and no fabulous redefining will change that. Nobody’s joining, nobody’s leaving, but everybody has to get along. Wot trollop.

    They’d rather die a thousand deaths in a swimming pool of fire ants than follow the will of the people. You know: Democracy? That’s why they rail endlessly and futily against “Populism” and Donald Trump: the people have had enough and won’t follow their evil, greedy, ninny-headed ideas anymore. Whether it’s replaced with something sensible remains to be seen, but they’re just furious as a 3-year-old trust fund brat to have anyone tell them ‘no’ for the first time in their generational life. Because as noted by Alt, these are the worst ideas promoted by the worst, most inept, clueless, self-centered people ever.

    Don’t worry: they’ll make Britain pay indeed for daring to say enough. And Poland, and Greece…

    I say take away their baby bottle and spank them until they shape up.


    The real story is that these legitimate protests are about privatisation and the enrichment of an elite and speculators – the very opposite of what the MSM is saying. In fact, the Iranians have the balls that are lacking in the West.

    IRAN PROTEST CRISIS: Everything you need to know

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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