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    Davey still rippin! Good to see! Great surfer great artist…… understands risk vs reward like only a Pipe surfer can! Thanks!

    John Day

    Thanks kindred Geppetto.
    Gotta’ go catch up an all the days missed now.

    John Day

    Thanks Geppetto.
    I’ve now caught up on all the comments and posts since Christmas.
    Cold and rain hit after I posted the blog, just after I got to work on the bike.
    Wishing us all well.
    Grow vegetables!


    John Day, thanks: Maybe if I ever get to Texas I will truck my trees on down and see what they can really do. Minnesota isn’t exactly citrus land. Good luck with your seedlings.
    It’s interesting you say that cold has something to do with thorns. I have vowed to allow them to die when I leave them outside in the sudden freeze…then they survive and I think- I can’t kill these guys, and I haul them into the house for another winter.
    Along the same lines, I have five saguaros and four organ pipes that are now fifteen years old (?) that I planted from seed. They are about two inches tall. They, too, are gonna need a home that isn’t Minnesota. Can they grow in Texas?

    Dr. D

    Quote is Oscar Wilde.

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)
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