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Assange ‘Too Ill’ To Attend Last Chance UK Appeal Against US Extradition (RT)
President Trump’s Kafkaesque Civil Trial in New York State (Calabresi)
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US ‘in Decline’ Today Due to ‘Ignorance, Arrogance’ – Pakistani Senator (Sp.)
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Germany Nationalizes Rosneft Deutschland, Poland Will Help (Andrei Gurkov)
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The Ever Expanding War (Paul Craig Roberts)
10 Million Illegals Have Entered The US Under Biden (ZH)
Germany Retreats Into The Middle Ages As Its Economy Declines (Henry Johnston)
Fixation on CO2 Ignores Real Driver of Temperature (ET)



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“..the victim of his ‘crime’ (journalism) is a state rather than a person–the definition of a political offense, which the US-UK extradition treaty explicitly forbid..”

Assange ‘Too Ill’ To Attend Last Chance UK Appeal Against US Extradition (RT)

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is “too ill” to attend his appeal against the UK’s decision to extradite him to the US, his lawyers have said. The US wants him on 17 charges of espionage tied to WikiLeaks’ publication of State Department and Pentagon files in 2010. Assange, 52, has been held largely in solitary confinement in the Belmarsh maximum security prison in England since 2019, when Ecuador revoked his asylum at American insistence. The Australian-born publisher had requested to appear in court personally, but was unable to do so due to poor health, according to his lawyers. “The world is watching,” Assange’s wife Stella said outside the court house. She accused the US of abusing the legal system to “hound, prosecute and intimidate” and argued that the US “plotted to murder” her husband – referring to revelations that the CIA sought to kill Assange in 2017, when he sheltered in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

“What’s at stake is the ability to publish the truth and expose crimes when they’re committed by states,” Stella Assange told the dozens of demonstrators gathered outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London on Tuesday. Protesters carried Australian flags and signs that said “Free Julian Assange” and “drop the charges.” The Australian parliament passed a motion, supported by the country’s Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, calling for Assange’s release from British captivity in the run up to the appeal. “The outrageous part of the UK’s years-long ‘trial’ to condemn Julian Assange to die in an American dungeon is that the victim of his ‘crime’ (journalism) is a state rather than a person–the definition of a political offense, which the US-UK extradition treaty explicitly forbid,” NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden said on X (formerly Twitter).

Activists outside the court chanted “US, UK, hands off Assange” and “There is only one decision – no extradition,” among other slogans. This week’s hearing will decide whether Assange will be allowed to appeal the 2022 decision by the UK government to extradite him to the US. His attorneys have argued that the extradition would amount to punishment for political opinions and violate the European Convention on Human Rights.

If the appeal fails, Assange will apply to the European Court of Human Rights and seek a Rule 39 order to stop the extradition while it considers the case, Stella Assange has said. In 2010, WikiLeaks published the US military’s Iraq and Afghanistan “war diaries,” as well as a trove of State Department cables. One of the videos, later known as “collateral murder,” showed a US helicopter killing 11 people in Iraq, including two Reuters journalists. Suspecting the Swedish “sexual assault” case was a pretext for the US to arrest him – correctly, as it later emerged – Assange sought asylum in Ecuador, which has no extradition treaty with Washington. He spent the next seven years in the country’s embassy in London, blocked from leaving by the British authorities.

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Kafla indeed.

President Trump’s Kafkaesque Civil Trial in New York State (Calabresi)

Donald Trump has been ordered to pay a $355 million fine and has been barred from doing business in New York State for three years. Judge Arthur Engoron ordered Trump to pay essentially all of his cash reserves of $400 million, which fine if upheld would force Trump to sell some of his real estate holdings to raise cash to live on. Once interest is added on the total fine will rise to $450 million. This is all on top of an $83.3 million fine Trump must pay for allegedly defaming the writer E. Jean Carroll. The fines in total could deprive Trump of between 11% and 13% of his wealth. Trump’s adult sons Donald Jr. and Eric have also been fined, and they are barred from doing business in New York State for two years. Ivanka or Melania Trump could legally run the Trump businesses for the next two years, but Judge Engoron appointed retired U.S. District Judge Barbara Jones to continue in her role as an “independent monitor” of the Trump business empire but expanded her authority to review financial disclosures before they are submitted to third parties.

Judge Jones can hire an independent director of compliance, and she has the authority to compel Trump to sell some or even all of his businesses down the road. This is all punishment for Trump allegedly committing fraud by falsely inflating and deflating the value of his real estate assets to pay lower state taxes and to receive more favorable loans from banks. The New York State laws used to go after Trump have NEVER been used in this way, historically, and while Trump may owe some back state taxes, if Judge Engoron is right, not a single bank claimed that it had been defrauded by Trump in the loans it had made to him. This is truly a victimless crime. Bankers took the stand at Trump’s civil trial testifying that they would have gladly made loans to Donald Trump given his extraordinary success as a businessman. It must also be noted that the banks that made loans to Trump did not take his assessment of the net worth of his assets at face value but made their own independent assessments of the value of Trump’s assets.

This is apparently standard practice in the New York State real estate market where borrowers often overstate the value of their assets. The bottom line is that a never before used New York State penalty has been twisted into a tool for a grossly excessive fine and more seriously the completely inappropriate appointment of Judge Jones as an “independent monitor” who can micromanage the Trump business, which she is not competent to do, and to even order the dissolution of the Trump Business in New York State. This outcome was pursued by Letitia James, a politically ambition Democrat, who is the Attorney General of New York State, and who hopes to win a future Democratic primary for Governor of or Senator from New York State.

Ms. James and Judge Engeron have essentially turned a vaguely worded New York State law into a modern day Bill of Attainder targeted at Donald Trump both for political gain and because they despise his political views and desperately want to call his truthfulness into question as he runs for President of the United States in 2024. In doing this, the have violated Trump’s First Amendment right to freedom of speech and of the press; his Fifth Amendment right not to be deprived of liberty or property without due process of law; his Fifth Amendment right not to have property taken away from him except for a pubic use with just compensation being paid; his Eighth Amendment right not to be made to pay an excessive fine; his Article IV, Section 2 right as a citizen of Florida to do make and enforce contracts in New York on the same terms as are other New Yorkers; and his Fourteenth Amendment right to be free to pursue an occupation without unnecessary and burdensome regulation.

The civil fraud judgment against Donald Trump is a travesty and an unjust political act rivaled only in American politics by the killing of former Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton by Vice President Aaron Burr. If the New York State appellate courts do not reverse this judgment, the U.S. Supreme Court MUST grant cert on this case and reverse Judge Engeron’s outrageous decisions. National, presidential politics will be permanently altered if a local State’s legal system can be used in this way against candidates for President of the United States. This case raises a national issue of profound importance and if the New York State appellate courts do not address it, the U.S. Supreme Court MUST!


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“..every day, Trump is being hit by roughly $90,000 in just interest increases.”

Pay to Play: Trump Faces a Staggering Cost for Appeal (Turley)

In the wake of the massive judgment against Donald Trump, many in New York are celebrating the prospect that the former president could be forced to sell off his property just to be able to appeal the $355 million judgment against him. While Trump has good grounds to object to this excessive fine, he still has to come up with close to a half billion dollars just to make his arguments to the New York Court of Appeals. In order to file an appeal, the courts require a deposit for the full amount of the damages or a bond covering the full amount. Even with escrow options, the call for cash or collateral can be enough to put some executives in a fetal position. It can be challenging enough for many companies drained from years of litigation. For Donald Trump, the demand for $355 million plus $100 milion in interest could force a fire sale on properties to pony up just the deposit.

Many of us have been critical of the ruling of Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron who imposed the astronomical fine despite finding that Trump’s “victims” not only did not lose a single dollar but made handsome profits. Indeed, these banks testified that they wanted to continue to do business with Trump as a “whale” client, but Engoron is now barring them from doing so. Putting aside the merits of this judgment, the threshold deposit rule magnifies the unfairness of this New York law that does not require that anyone actually lose money to claim hundreds of millions from a company. One can argue that, if upheld, any insolvency is the fault of the company. However, this rule can force insolvency just to seek review of a judgment. For Trump, even this fine would only amount to roughly 14-17% of his wealth. The addition of the recent $83.3 million in damages imposed in a separate New York courtroom for defamation would bring the demand to over half a billion dollars in deposits with interest.

So, by making the fine so large, Engoron not only makes an appeal difficult, but could guarantee that Trump will lose tens of millions even if his judgment is dramatically reduced or tossed out. On top of this looming penalty, however, he already owes the writer E. Jean Carroll $83.3 million in damages from a separate defamation case that concluded in January. His legal fees are also mounting as he battles four criminal cases at the federal and state level. There is already speculation of whether Trump will have to leverage or sell his iconic properties at distressed prices. He has 30-days to ante up with the court and buyers could use that deadline to their advantage. The added amount is due to another New York provision imposing a massive 9 percent interest rate on judgments. That means that every day, Trump is being hit by roughly $90,000 in just interest increases.

Trump could secure a bond, but such a guaranty would come at its own premium price. However, a bonding company requires a defendant to put up 10% for the total and would lose that amount even if he prevailed. That is a roughly $45 million cost just to secure the right to an appeal. In this case, the cost could be higher given the judgment and the bar on Trump doing business for three years in New York. The expectation is that Trump can make the deposit or secure a bond to avoid what some gleefully called a “fire sale” on this properties. The deposit is now being celebrated as an added indignity and penalty. However, as New Yorkers cheer this moment, many business are likely wondering “but for the grace of God go I.” Undervaluing or overvaluing property is a common practice, particularly in real estate. That is why representations, like the one made by the Trump Corporation, come with a warning that estimates are their own and that the banks need to make their assessments.

Faced with high crime and high taxes, the spectacle in Manhattan is only likely to accelerate the exodus of businesses and high-earners from the city. That prospect has already alarmed Gov. Kathy Hochul who declared “business people have nothing to worry about, because they’re very different than Donald Trump and his behavior.” That sounds a lot like “you are fine so long as you are not Trump.” Yet, that is not reassuring to businesses who want a legal system that is based on something other than selective and arbitrary enforcement. Attorney General Letitia James campaigned on bagging Trump without even bothering to name the offense. She also sought to dissolve the National Rifle Association. The line between doing business and a public execution appears to be the dubious discretion of Letitia James. That is not the type of assurance that most businesses would accept in risking billions in investment. Despite the high taxes and falling services in New York, the city remained a draw for business as a commercial and legal center. The experience and objectivity of courts in dealing with business disputes was a selling point for companies.

That has been shattered by the James campaign and the Engoron ruling. Telling business to just “don’t be like Trump” is more menacing than consoling. Letitia James is now the face of New York corporate law — it is the “face that launched a thousand ships” . . . toward Florida. Businesses can get lower taxes, lower crime, better schools, and a better regulatory environment in virtually any other state. Fewer are likely to want to come for the shows, but stay for the disgorgement. Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary said Monday that he would “never” invest in New York after this absurd judgment. Creating an ad hoc business code for Trump undermines the city’s reputation as a premier jurisdiction for corporate and tax law. If the rate of exit increases, it will impact not just employees working for these companies (like the Trump companies) but the vast network of supporting businesses, including law firms. As New York politicians campaigning on “eat the rich” platforms, the confiscatory Trump judgment leaves many in the city wondering if they could be the next course.

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“The US I knew was a very strong and inclusive society, welcoming towards foreigners. They used to be multicultural and multireligious. Now I see a lot of paranoia and a lot of xenophobia in the US..”

US ‘in Decline’ Today Due to ‘Ignorance, Arrogance’ – Pakistani Senator (Sp.)

The reasons why the United States failed in Afghanistan and Iraq and is “in decline” today are its “ignorance and arrogance,” the chairman of the defense committee of the Senate of Pakistan, Mushahid Hussain Sayed, told Sputnik. “The US policy towards certain countries in Asia is sometimes based on the combination of ignorance and arrogance. Arrogance, because they are a big country, because they think of themselves as a superpower, they think they know it all. But they don’t. They don’t know the culture and the values of other countries. And also ignorance, because they don’t understand the people of these places. This is why they failed in Afghanistan, this is why they failed in Iraq,” Sayed said in an interview.

These are the same reasons why the US is “in decline” now and has been like that for some time, he added. The senator explained that he used to live in the US, received a masters degree from one of the most respected US universities in Washington — Georgetown, and worked in the US Congress as an intern. However, the country had changed a lot since then and the US he knew “was different.” “The US I knew was a very strong and inclusive society, welcoming towards foreigners. They used to be multicultural and multireligious. Now I see a lot of paranoia and a lot of xenophobia in the US. They call the Chinese threat, the Russian threat, the Islamic threat … That’s nonsense. They are returning to the 50s. So for me the modern US is a very strange, exclusive and divisive America,” the senator said.

In October 2001, a US-led coalition launched an invasion of Afghanistan. However, the Taliban took power in Afghanistan in August 2021, triggering the collapse of the US-backed government and accelerating Washington’s troop pullout. On August 31 of the same year, US forces completed their withdrawal from the country, ending the 20-year-long military presence. In March 2003, the US-led coalition invaded Iraq without a UN Security Council resolution. Consequently, the total of excess deaths related to the war amounted to 654,965 as of October 2006, according to The Lancet journal’s survey. The US troops withdrew from Iraq in December 2011. Despite that, to date, the US and coalition forces remain a notable military presence in the country, with military bases.

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“Inside Russia, it has been obvious for a long time that in or out of prison, Navalny alive was politically insignificant; now even less. The new western propaganda is as ineffectual for Russians as Navalny was himself.”

What Happened To Alexei Navalny This Time Round (Helmer)

Since a pack of lies about Alexei Navalny won last year’s Oscar for the best documentary film of the year when he was alive, there’s no doubt he can win another Oscar when he’s dead. But alive or dead, the prize-winning propaganda of Navalny’s story bears no resemblance to the truth. This is what happens in wartime, especially when the side which is losing the war on the battlefield – that’s the US, NATO and the Ukraine – claims to be winning the war of words against Russia. The Navalny story is now in two parts: Part 1, the Novichok in his airport cup of tea, in his hotel water bottle, and then in his underpants which causes Navalny’s collapse, but fails to be detected by Russian doctors in Omsk, by German doctors in Berlin and Munich, and then by Swedish and French state laboratories. Part 2, Navalny’s sudden death after he had taken a walk in the IK-3 penal colony in the village of Kharp, in the Russian Arctic region of Yamalo-Nenets.

The first part took 62 reports in this archive to expose the faking; the most telling evidence of this came from Navalny himself in the documented tests of his blood, urine and hair. According to these data, Navalny’s collapse was the outcome of an overdose of lithium, benzodiazepines, and other drugs. Part 2 of the Navalny story began last Friday, February 16, with the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) announcement, followed by an official telegramme to his mother in Moscow, that he had died just after two in the afternoon, Yamalo-Nenets time; that was just after noon Moscow time. Two hours later the Russian media began carrying the official announcement. The wording of the last line of the announcement is significant. “The causes of death are being established”, the FSIN statement said. Causes — plural.

In the UK coroner’s court practice, what this means is that there is likely to have been a sequence of causation, medically speaking, with the first or proximate cause of death identified as heart, brain, or lung injury or failure; and the second, intervening or contributory cause of death such as biochemical factors, including prescription drugs in lethal combination; mRNA anti-Covid vaccination triggering fatal blood clots; or homicidal poisons. For example, in the case of the alleged Russian Novichok death of Dawn Sturgess in England in 2018, the evidence is of British government tampering with the post-mortem reports to add Novichok when it wasn’t identified at first. In Navalny’s case, poisoning on the order of President Vladimir Putin has already been announced as the cause of Navalny’s death without evidence at all. The delay time required for the complicated processes of forensic pathology and toxicology to establish the evidence has been reported in the Anglo-American media to signify cover-up and body snatching. Meduza, an oppositionist publication in Riga, reports that “a doctor who advised Navalny’s associates” has said that blood clotting was “an unlikely cause of death” – this is medically false.

In speculation of poisoning as cause of death, there is at least as much likelihood that Navalny, his team, and their CIA and MI6 handlers devised a repeat of the August 2020 Tomsk operation; decided when Navalny met with his lawyer at the prison on February 14; but implemented two days later without the resuscitation Navalny himself was expecting. The Anglo-American propaganda warfare army is already pronouncing the contributory Cause 2– Putin did it — as the cause of Navalny’s death. If the Russians announce the proximate Cause 1 as cardiac arrest or brain aneurism, without a Cause 2, they won’t be believed. In the short term, Cause 2 cannot be established with credibility in Russia since it took the British government ten years, 2006-2016, to fabricate their story of Russian polonium poisoning in the Alexander Litvinenko case. In the Russian Novichok cases in England, it has so far taken six years of court, police and pathologist proceedings, 2018-2024, without outcome, and another two years will follow.

The problem for readers to interpret what has happened is that the Anglo-American propaganda warfare machine is better at what it does than the Russian side. But then when it comes to war with guns, not words, the Russian side is far superior, as can be seen in the Ukraine right now. Accordingly, the Kremlin has decided to concentrate on the main fight. Inside Russia, it has been obvious for a long time that in or out of prison, Navalny alive was politically insignificant; now even less. The new western propaganda is as ineffectual for Russians as Navalny was himself.

Nap Navalny

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“Nowhere outside the U.S. can you find as many American politicians in one place as at the Munich Security Conference this year.”

The US Is Planning for the Aftermath of Ukraine War (van den Ende)

According to the Rand Corporation, there are two scenarios for the United States: “after” the less favorable war or “after” the more favorable war. The prominent think tank for U.S. policymaking recently published a long report on the so-called aftermath of the war in Ukraine. Washington and its NATO allies have to admit that the U.S. is losing another proxy war together with its satellite states of Europe. Previously they lost in Afghanistan (after more than 20 years, a second Vietnam), also recently in Syria and Iraq, and now in Ukraine. Even so-called “Russia experts” in Europe admit that Ukraine is losing. “I do not rule out that Ukraine will lose the war this year. Europe has misjudged the Russian army,” says Belgian “Russia expert” Joris van Blade to De Standaard. Russia has the initiative again and the Russian people are not going to stop the war, he thinks. “We have missed historic opportunities to make Europe safer.”

According to the Rand study, two scenarios are possible: a so-called “hardline” or a “softline” postwar. Of course, the U.S. prefers a softline postwar outcome, where they still have room for manipulation and possible coup d’état and Balkanization (partition) of Russia just like they did in former Yugoslavia. According to Rand, the U.S. military presence in Europe has increased to around 100,000 personnel since the start of Russia’s Special Military Operation in February 2022. The United States deployed attack aviation from Germany to Lithuania; Patriot air defense systems from Germany to Slovakia and Poland; and F-15 tactical fighters from the United Kingdom to Poland. In addition, European countries are sending F-16s to Romania, as the Netherlands recently indicated. These F-16s are capable of attacking Russian cities. Washington characterized these deployments as part of a wartime surge to deter Russia from expanding its aggression beyond Ukraine to attack U.S. allies in Europe.

Leaders in Europe are almost hysterical. One after another, they proclaim that Russia is going to invade Europe, starting with Moldova, the Baltic States, and Poland. The Netherlands, Germany, and France are warning their people to expect an attack from Russia, as is Sweden, which recently joined NATO. The population is being frightened by the unhinged rhetoric of their politicians. Conscription must be reactivated and Germany even has a concept ready to recruit migrants (about 1.5 million serviceable men) and entice them to get a passport. European leaders are also concerned about the upcoming elections in the U.S. after Republican contender Donald Trump made comments suggesting he would quit NATO and let Europe fend for itself. They are worried that the U.S. might abandon them. During a recent NATO conference in Brussels, a lot of war rhetoric was spoken. “We live in an era where we have to expect the unexpected,” said Dutch NATO Admiral Rob Bauer. Meanwhile, the Danish and German defense ministers have warned of a potential war with Russia within five years.

The U.S. and European leaders assume the “hardline” scenario is likely in the next few years. They proclaim through their mouthpieces in the corporate-controlled news media that Russia is becoming much more “risk-acceptant”. Therefore, it is calculated that a hardline approach may increase NATO’s ability to deter purported Russian aggression. It’s that time of year again for the hawkish Munich Security Conference, in Bavaria, Germany. This is the forum where President Putin provoked alarm when he gave his famous speech in 2007, making it clear that the unipolar world was over and a multipolar world would emerge in the foreseeable future. Putin’s prognosis caused much chagrin for Western leaders. This year’s theme at Munich is animated by Trump’s supposed undermining of NATO.

The appeal for support from the U.S. has become more urgent among some European politicians. Ukraine lacks weapons and ammunition, they openly say. Russia is sometimes five times superior on the battlefield. In addition, a U.S. support package worth around $60 billion was approved by the Senate last week but the Republican-dominated House of Representatives could reject it – and so far it looks like it will. Europe, in turn, would not be able to fill this gap and, therefore, Ukraine will lose the proxy war for the U.S. and the West. In addition to the presence of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, the European leaders and lobbyists will also use the opportunity in Munich to lobby Republican Senators and Representatives to support Ukraine (with money). Nowhere outside the U.S. can you find as many American politicians in one place as at the Munich Security Conference this year.

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2 articles, one topic. Germany steals a Russian company.

How The Rosneft Refinery In Germany Is Being Expropriated (Helmer)

This is how the war in the Ukraine doesn’t end, not for the Germans and the Poles. So long as they can, they plan to steal or destroy Russian assets west of what used to be Kievan Ukraine; and mobilize the US military bases in both countries to reinforce and defend their larcenies. The German political party which promises to continue this war for the employment of German workers and the enrichment of German executives and shareholders will win the next election, replacing the Social Democratic Party and the Greens as the party of war. The post-Ukraine strategy of the Stavka starts here — To Berlin! On Friday last, the Russian language edition of the German state medium Deutsche Welle (DW) published a report of German and Polish government plans for the expropriation of PCK, the Rosneft crude oil refinery at Schwedt in northern Germany, and the Rosneft network of operating assets in Germany, Poland, and Austria.

The German assets of Rosneft, the Russian state oil production company under worldwide sanctions, had been placed under what the German government called “fiduciary management” by an “independent” state regulator in September 2022. This was announced at the time as a temporary arrangement to comply with the sanctions, renewable every six months, but leaving undisturbed the Russian ownership of the assets. This scheme was renewed at six monthly intervals, as Rosneft has reported. There was nothing independent about the BNA or what it has been doing every six months. BNA stands for the Federal Network Agency — Bundesnetzagentur für Elektrizität, Gas, Telekommunikation, Post und Eisenbahnen. It claims to be “an independent higher federal authority with its main office in Bonn operating within the scope of business of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) and the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV). We have been responsible for Germany’s essential electricity, gas, telecommunications and postal infrastructures for over 20 years.”

“Within the scope of” is a German fig leaf for “under control”. “Our task,” BNA says, is “to ensure fair and non-discriminatory competition for all market participants. Our success and our expertise in regulation led to the energy and rail sectors also being placed under our responsibility.” This was not what the government of Chancellor Olaf Scholz intended when it commenced its takeover of Rosneft and assigned BNA the role of camp guard. BNA described what it was doing to “safeguard security of supply in Germany…on the basis of the Energy Security of Supply Act (section 17 EnSiG) until 15 March 2023. This basis enables the fiduciary to take action to keep the business running in accordance with its importance for the functioning of society in the energy sector. The fiduciary management may be extended under certain conditions… The decision to introduce fiduciary management was prompted by…by the sanctions imposed on Russia…The fiduciary management means that the original owner no longer has authority to issue instructions.”

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“The German government is running out of time: on March 10, when the next decision on the transfer of Rosneft Deutschland under the so-called trust management of the state expires..”

Germany Nationalizes Rosneft Deutschland, Poland Will Help (Andrei Gurkov)

Expropriation of Rosneft’s German assets is becoming increasingly likely. Warsaw is ready to provide oil to the Schwedt refinery and replace supplies from Kazakhstan. But what about compensation? The nationalization of Rosneft’s German assets is becoming more and more likely, and new signals from Poland reinforce this impression. The German government is running out of time: on March 10, when the next decision on the transfer of Rosneft Deutschland under the so-called trust management of the state expires. Berlin, apparently, no longer wants to extend this regime introduced in September 2022 for six months, because they seek a stable, not temporary, solution to the fate of the oil refinery in Schwedt — PCK Raffinerie Schwedt. This is exactly the case, although Rosneft has other assets in Germany.

But in this refinery, the state-owned Russian concern actually owns 54%, and maintaining Moscow’s control over a strategically important enterprise seems to the German authorities to be too much of a risk, especially against the background of the growing threat from Russia. After all, PCK Raffinerie Schwedt provides petroleum products to a significant part of East Germany and, above all, to the capital of the country, Berlin, with its approximately four million inhabitants. The intention of the German government to put an end to the legally suspended state of the plant has clearly strengthened after the recent elections in Poland. They brought to power a pro-European coalition, which German politicians trust much more than the previous Polish government. Relations between the two countries are currently warming rapidly, as evidenced by the talks between the new Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin on February 12.

Therefore, the visit of Vice Chancellor and Minister of Economy of Germany Robert Habeck to Warsaw the next day, February 13, played an important, and perhaps decisive role in determining the next concrete steps with regard to Rosneft Deutschland. “Poland has helped a lot in the past to provide oil to the east of Germany,” the German minister recalled after the talks and made it clear that in the event of the expropriation of Rosneft, the supply of the plant in Schwedt would improve, since the Polish side is ready to significantly increase the pumping of oil through its territory towards Germany from the port of Gdansk. According to the Reuters news agency, citing an informed source, Warsaw assured Berlin even before Habeck’s arrival that it would be able, if necessary, to completely replace the volumes of Kazakh oil currently flowing to Schwedt.

Some explanations are needed here. Until 2023, this refinery, built six decades ago in the GDR on the border with Poland, operated exclusively on oil coming from the USSR and then from Russia via the Druzhba oil pipeline. In response to the full-scale Russian aggression against Ukraine, the European Union imposed an embargo on Russian oil transported by tankers, but not on supplies via the Druzhba pipeline system, since several Eastern European EU members are still heavily dependent on them. However, the German government decided for its part to completely abandon Russian oil. Since last year, the Schwedt plant has been supplied with oil purchased on the world market in three ways. From the German Baltic port of Rostock via a longstanding and not very powerful pipeline that was originally laid down as a backup — through the Polish port of Gdansk, from where oil is pumped through Poland using the westernmost segment of the Druzhba, and from Kazakhstan in transit through the Russian territory on the same Druzhba.

Germany strongly emphasizes its desire to increase oil purchases in Kazakhstan, cooperation with which is becoming more intensive. However, there are fears that in the event of the nationalization of Rosneft’s German assets, Moscow will block the Druzhba oil pipeline as a retaliatory measure and thereby [stop] the supply of Kazakh oil. [..] It is noteworthy that articles in the German media about Robert Habeck’s negotiations in Warsaw, and in general about the future of Rosneft Deutschland, in effect do not consider the option of Rosneft selling this company and its assets. This is despite the letter with such a proposal, as the economic newspaper Handelsblatt wrote in early February, from the head of the Russian concern Igor Sechin to the German government. But Berlin, the publication concluded, “has placed its bet on expropriation.”

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“..the regional backlash threatens to undermine US diplomacy, unravel Arab normalization deals with Israel, and jeopardize US business interests throughout West Asia..”

As Ramadan Approaches, Israel Threatens War On Lebanon (Harb)

Tel Aviv’s mounting threats to destroy Beirut as it has done to Gaza, coupled with growing Israeli public support for aggressive military action against Lebanon, have spiked tensions on the northern battlefront in recent days. Furthermore, the precarious game at play in Washington – which has done absolutely nothing to impede Israeli occupation forces from launching an assault on Rafah and uprooting more than a million Palestinians from their last refuge on the Egyptian border – is driving the war to a volatile, dangerous brink. Adding fuel to this already incendiary mix are two critical factors. First, Israel’s targeted strikes on Lebanese civilians, exemplified by the recent attacks in Nabatiyeh and Al-Sowanah, have provoked a stern response from Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah, who vowed retribution, declaring that “the price of civilian blood will be blood.”

Second is the approaching month of Ramadan, a sacred period observed by hundreds of millions of Muslims worldwide, which adds a transnational dimension to these developments. Fasting Muslims from Indonesia to Morocco will grow increasingly frustrated with Washington’s inaction in preventing genocide and the displacement of over two million Palestinians in Gaza, many of whom are on the brink of starvation. Despite US assurances that it is pressuring Israel to mitigate casualties, the relentless onslaught has resulted in an appalling daily death toll of around 300, with nearly 29,000 lives lost, and over 60 percent of homes and infrastructure decimated. When Nasrallah declared that “for every drop of blood shed in Gaza and the entire region, the primary responsibility falls on [US President Joe] Biden, [US Secretary of State Antony] Blinken, and [US Secretary of Defense Lloyd] Austin,” his words resonated deeply – not only within the Islamic world but with millions globally – calling for an end to the war by halting the influx of American weapons to the Israeli military.

The US State Department has received multiple warnings from diplomats in the region of the growing resentment toward Washington for its complicity in Israel’s genocidal campaign. Despite its tone-deaf attempts to adjust its stance and emphasize a need to protect Palestinian civilians, the regional backlash threatens to undermine US diplomacy, unravel Arab normalization deals with Israel, and jeopardize US business interests throughout West Asia. Speaking to The Cradle, sources close to the Axis of Resistance in Lebanon said the next fortnight carries the potential for a catastrophic escalation, particularly if Israel intensifies its military aggression during Ramadan and advances its plans to displace Palestinians from Rafah.

Additionally, the discontent among Israeli settlers displaced by Lebanese resistance operations along the northern border poses further risks, with officials in Tel Aviv contemplating drastic measures to ensure calm, including potential military action – a preview of which southern Lebanese civilians have recently witnessed. The discontent among northern settlers grows as they grapple with the new security dynamics in the aftermath of the Hamas-led Al-Aqsa Flood operation on 7 October. Extending over 100 kilometers from Naqoura to the Shebaa Farms and penetrating 5 to 10 kilometers deep, this border strip has seen the displacement of thousands of settler families.

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“..They want us to pay a price without Israel committing to a thing..”

The Resistance Has a Plan for Israel (Alastair Crooke)

In a speech on Tuesday, Hizbullah leader Seyed Nasrallah said that the Party will continue the border offensive until at least the Gaza massacre stops. The war in Gaza however, is far from over. And Nasrallah warned that even were a ceasefire to be reached in Gaza, “should the enemy perform any action, we will return to operating according to the rules and formulas that existed before. The purpose of the resistance is to deter the enemy, and we will react accordingly”. Israel’s Defence Secretary Gallant has underlined that contrary to international consensus expectations, he too expects the war in Lebanon to continue. Gallant said the military has stepped up its attacks against Hizbullah by one level out of ten: “The Air Force planes flying currently in the skies of Lebanon have heavier bombs for more distant targets. Hizbullah went up half a step, whilst we, a full one … We can attack not only at 20 kilometres [from the border], but also at 50 kilometres, and in Beirut and anywhere else”.

It is not clear what ‘red line’ Hizbullah would have to cross for Israel to significantly escalate its response to much higher levels; Israeli leaders have suggested that an attack on a strategic site; or an attack leading to major civilian casualties; or a substantive barrage on Haifa might constitute the breaking point. Nonetheless, with three military divisions rather than the usual one now deployed in the north of Israel, the IDF has more forces poised for action on the northern border than it has preparing for an incursion into Rafah – at this point. It is clear, as Chief of Staff Halevy has specified, that Israel is “preparing for war” against Hizbullah (more than preparing for Rafah). Is the threat to Rafah a bluff to put pressure on Hamas to concede on the deal and hostages? One way or another, both Israel’s political and military chiefs are adamant: The IDF will incurse into Rafah – ‘at some point’. The qualitatively different Hizbullah’s strike on Safed on Israel’s northern regional command HQ on Wednesday – which that resulted in 2 dead and 7 further casualties – is being treating in Israel as the gravest attack since the start of the war, with Ben Gvir calling it a “declaration of war”. Subsequent Israeli attacks killed 11 people, including six children, in a barrage of strikes on villages across southern Lebanon, in retribution for the Safed blitz – with the fierce exchange of fire still continuing.

The ‘Safed Strike’ deep into the Galilee very likely was intended to signal that Hizbullah is not about to capitulate to western demands that it provide Israel with a ceasefire that is intended to facilitate evacuated Israelis to return to their homes in the north. As Nasrallah confirmed in a scathing attack on those external (Western) mediators who serve only as Israel’s lawyers, and neglect to address the massacres in Gaza: “It is easier to move the Litani River forward to the borders, than to push back Hezbollah fighters from the borders, to behind the Litani River … They want us to pay a price without Israel committing to a thing”. In these circumstances, Nasrallah clarified that residents of northern Israel will not return to their homes – warning that even more Israelis risk being displaced: “‘Israel’ must prepare shelters, basements, hotels and schools to house two million settlers who will be evacuated from northern Palestine, [were Israel to expand the war zone].”

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“..The inaction of Putin, China, and Iran has steeled the American neoconservatives in their agenda of American hegemony..”

The Ever Expanding War (Paul Craig Roberts)

As I previously wrote, the Israeli/American intention is to expand the war against Hamas to Lebanon, Syria, and Iran. The expansion has begun. The latest news is that Israel has struck deep into Lebanon: “War Expands With Massive Israeli Airstrikes 60km Deep Into Lebanon.” The Arabs, likely restrained by Putin, have once again sat on their butts while Israel picks them off one by one. Only the Houthis but not a single Arab or Muslim country came to Hamas’ help. Consequently, the Arabs sat sucking their thumbs while Gaza and Hamas were destroyed. The arabs accepted Israel’s genocide of the Palestinian people. Evil prevails when it is left unopposed. If Hezbollah, Syria, the Iraqi militias, and Iran had joined Hamas’ attack, Israel today would not exist. Having missed their chance, they will now be knocked off one at a time by Israel and Washington.

Already before Israel is finished with Palestine, Israel has attacked with missiles and jet fighters deep into Lebanon. It appears that the Israeli-Washington strategy is to attack Lebanese cities to set off civil war between the Lebanese army and the Hezbollah militia so that Israel can take advantage of civil war in Lebanon to drive Hezbollah out of southern Lebanon and take possession of the water resources that Israel covets. When Hezbollah is finished, Washington and Israel will wipe out the Iraqi militias and attack Syria, a section of which containing the oil fields Washington already occupies. The Russians left the liberation of Syria unfinished. Syria has the Russian air defense system but apparently is not permitted to use it against Washington and Israel. Once Iraqi militias and Syria are out of the picture, Iran, sitting there on its huge number of missiles, doing nothing, will be next.

When Iran falls, the CIA’s Jihadists will be released into the Russian Federation, Central Asia, and China’a troublesome province. The inaction of Putin, China, and Iran has steeled the American neoconservatives in their agenda of American hegemony. As Putin, XI, and Iran seem determined to sit out conflicts that not only affect them but are directed against them, Washington will continue to run over red lines until a war is forced. Putin has been deceived, betrayed, demonized, and given the West’s cold shoulder for two decades, and he still wants to negotiate with those who have thrashed him? Negotiation with a government that has proven it doesn’t keep the agreements is a form of reality denial. As the evidence indicates, the Western world is in moral and social collapse, so its destruction will be no loss. The question is whether the values the Christian West once stood for will find expression elsewhere.

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Pretty crazy..

10 Million Illegals Have Entered The US Under Biden (ZH)

A record 7.3 million illegal aliens have crossed the southwest border under President Biden’s watch, a number which according to Fox News.is greater than the population of 36 individual states. That figure is sourced from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, which has already reported 961,537 Southwest land border encounters in the current fiscal year, which runs from October through September, and if the current pace of illegal immigration does not slow down, fiscal year 2024 will break last year’s record of 2,475,669 southwest border encounters — a number that by itself exceeds the population of New Mexico. The total number of southwest land border encounters since Biden assumed office in 2021 is 7,298,486, CBP data shows.

That number is larger than the population of 36 U.S. states including: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. In fact, the only states that are not in danger of being “replaced” are the blue ones. Compared to the largest U.S. states, the 7.3 million number is about 18.7% of California’s population of 39 million, 23.9% of the state of Texas and its 31 million residents, 32.3% of the population of Florida and 37.3% of New York. It’s more than half the size of Pennsylvania, Illinois and Ohio. As Fox News graphically describes, were the number of illegal immigrants who entered the United States under President Biden gathered together to found a city, it would be the second-largest city in America after New York.

Shockingly, that total does not include an estimated additional 1.6 million illegals who entered the US at other locations, nor 1.8 million known “gotaways” who evaded law enforcement, which would make the total bigger than the population of New York. Taken together, over 10 million migrants have crossed into the U.S. illegally during the Biden administration, a record Biden’s critics assert could only be achieved by intentionally refusing to enforce the law. “This unprecedented surge in illegal immigration isn’t an accident. It is the result of deliberate policy choices by the Biden administration,” said Eric Ruark, Director of Research for Numbers USA, a nonprofit that advocates for immigration restrictions.

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“..renewables can’t power modern civilization is because they were never meant to. One interesting question is why anybody ever thought they could.”

Germany Retreats Into The Middle Ages As Its Economy Declines (Henry Johnston)

Bloomberg recently foretold the end of Germany’s days as an industrial power in an article that begins with a depiction of the closing of a factory in Dusseldorf. Stone-faced workers preside with funereal solemnity over the final act – the fashioning of a steel pipe at a rolling mill – at the century-old plant. The “flickering of flares and torches” and “somber tones of a lone horn player” lend the scene a decidedly medieval atmosphere. Intentional or not in their inclusion of such evocative detail, the Bloomberg writers offer potent imagery for Germany – not only because the country is regressing economically but because its elites are increasingly guided by an atavistic force: the abandonment of reason. As hard economic realities lay bare the futility of its utopian energy plan and the consequences of numerous terrible decisions mount, Germany is experiencing what Swedish essayist Malcom Kyeyune calls “narrative collapse.”

The peculiar offspring of this, Kyeyune argues, is a turn toward ritual, superstition, and taboo. It is a malaise afflicting the entire West, but Germany is suffering a particularly acute case. Kyeyune defines this as an occurrence “when social and political circumstances change too rapidly for people to keep up, the result tends to be collective manias, social panics, and pseudo-religious revivalist millenarianism.” The abandonment of reason can be conceived of in various ways. Quite a lot of ink has already been spilled about the irrationality behind Germany’s fantastically improbable climate policy. Indeed, the quasi-religious verve with which this program has been rolled out speaks to something of a loosening of the country’s moorings. But as we will see shortly, the problem goes far beyond an attachment to unattainable policy goals. Prominent German business executive Wolfgang Reitzle argued that for the government to deliver on its climate and energy policy, capacities for wind and solar power would have to be more than quadrupled, while storage and back-up capacities would have to be massively increased.

Such a plan is “neither technically feasible nor affordable for a country like Germany,” Reitzle argues. What it is then, he concludes, “is simply insanity.” Michael Shellenberger, in a piece for Forbes magazine in 2019, points out that the initial impetus for seeking to transition to renewables emerged from the idea that human civilization should be scaled back to sustainable levels. He cites German philosopher Martin Heidegger’s 1954 landmark essay ‘The Question Concerning of Technology’ and subsequent work by the likes of Barry Commoner and Murray Bookchin as espousing what emerged in the 1960s as a much more austere vision for the future of civilization. Shellenberger concludes that the reason why “renewables can’t power modern civilization is because they were never meant to. One interesting question is why anybody ever thought they could.”

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“..temperature doesn’t follow CO2—instead, CO2 follows temperature, which, itself, is due to solar activity.”

Fixation on CO2 Ignores Real Driver of Temperature (ET)

Each year from 2023 to 2030, climate change sustainable development goals will cost every person in economies such as the United States $2,026, the U.N. Conference on Trade and Development estimates. In lower-income economies, the per-person annual cost ranges from $332 to $1,864. In total, the global price tag comes to about $5.5 trillion per year. Separately, a report from the left-aligned nonprofit Climate Policy Initiative found that in 2021 and 2022, the world’s taxpayers spent $1.3 trillion each year on climate-related projects. It also found that the “annual climate finance needed” from 2031 to 2050 is more than $10 trillion each year. “Anyone who willfully denies the impact of climate change is condemning the American people to a very dangerous future,” President Joe Biden said on Nov. 14, 2023, while announcing $6 billion in new investments through the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). “The impacts we’re seeing are only going to get worse, more frequent, more ferocious, and more costly.”

At its signing in August 2022, President Biden said the IRA “invests $369 billion to take the most aggressive action ever—ever, ever, ever—in confronting the climate crisis and strengthening our economic—our energy security.” A report from Goldman Sachs put the dollar amount much higher, stating, “Critical funding for this next energy revolution is expected to come from the IRA, which will provide an estimated $1.2 trillion of incentives by 2032.” The trillions of dollars being poured into new initiatives stem from the goals set by the United Nations’ Paris Agreement’s legally binding international treaty to “substantially reduce global greenhouse gas emissions” in the hope of maintaining a temperature of no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

But any decrease in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions won’t have an effect for hundreds to thousands of years—even under the most restrictive circumstances, according to some experts. “If emissions of CO2 stopped altogether, it would take many thousands of years for atmospheric CO2 to return to ‘pre-industrial’ levels,” the Royal Society states in a report on its website. The organization describes itself as a “fellowship of many of the world’s most eminent scientists.” “Surface temperatures would stay elevated for at least a thousand years, implying a long-term commitment to a warmer planet due to past and current emissions,” the report states. “The current CO2-induced warming of Earth is therefore essentially irreversible on human timescales.”

A frequently asked questions page on NASA’s website holds the same position. “If we stopped emitting greenhouse gases today, the rise in global temperatures would begin to flatten within a few years. Temperatures would then plateau but remain well-elevated for many, many centuries,” NASA states. And, other scientists say, that’s because CO2 isn’t the culprit in the first place. “CO2 does not cause global warming. Global warming causes more CO2,” said Edwin Berry, a theoretical physicist and certified consulting meteorologist. He called Royal Society’s position on CO2 “pure junk science.” Ian Clark, emeritus professor for the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Ottawa, agreed that if all greenhouse gas emissions ceased today, the Earth would continue warming—but not because of CO2. He said that contrary to popular opinion, temperature doesn’t follow CO2—instead, CO2 follows temperature, which, itself, is due to solar activity.

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    Vincent van Gogh Landscape with House and Ploughman 1889   • Assange ‘Too Ill’ To Attend Last Chance UK Appeal Against US Extradition (RT) • Pres
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    Udo Ulfkotte explained, in 2017, that he had twenty five years of experience in the press. The arithmetic of that takes his experience back to 1992. Mr. Udo Ulfkotte explained in a video that he had built his career on a foundation of deceit. Perks and favors and admittance to the proper circles was arranged by the United States intelligence communities. Mr. Udo Ulfkotte explained that he had published headline articles under his name taken whole cloth from the intelligence community.

    Mr. Mike Benz in a video interview pointed directly to the national security act of 1947 and the creation of The Central Intelligence Agency as a point in time to measure the abrogation of The Constitution of the United States of America by the intelligence community from. Mr. Benz made it clear in the video that what had changed was the creation of another platform. The corruption of the legacy press did not end, a new platform was developed and added to the system. The same corrupt community and domestic enemies of the citizens of the United States added a new tool to smother dissent and quiet debate. The intelligence community kept the Model T and added a Tesla Model S. An extremely sophisticated data base and query system was engineered to search for and eliminate the free exchange of information within a self governing people. The move was from planting false information to accomplish and end to eliminating any possibility for free thought.

    Ask yourself this question: Could I produce between one thousand and two thousand words a day, linked to current events, in two hours on average?
    further more
    Would my writing always have the same types of spelling and grammar syntax anomalies to lend a sense of spontaneity.
    Would my perspective always present the same narrative on all issues?
    Would I try to convince everyone who reads what I write they are powerless in the face of oppression.
    Would I avoid all references to historical debate?
    Would I denigrate all historical examples of social cohesion formed to resist oppression?
    Would I always elevate the status quo to the position of highest authority?
    Would I always take the side of injustice and inequality by highlighting the travails, in the face of tyranny, of the least among us?

    Someone does.

    the last thing in the world self governing populists in a constitutional republic, based on the rule of law, should desire is democracy

    anyone who calls for democracy is either an idiot or a disenguous prevaricator

    “The purpose of the Constitution is to restrict the majority’s ability to harm a minority.” ~ James Madison

    Dr. D

    “American Students Are Falling Behind”: Poor Math Scores Are Now A National Security Threat

    Should we bomb them? We need to do what got us here, but TWICE AS HARD!!!! With ten times as much money!!! Start a national initiative, the “War on Education”. Note, every score has dropped every day of every year since the DoE was established (illegally) in 1979. We have reached, “Infinity…and Beyond!” where we spend INFINITY money for ZERO results. …And are still going. We haven’t even DISCUSSED slowing down.

    I could teach them Seneca and Pythagoras in a paper shack for free, and many have.

    I can tell this is important, but it’s immensely complicated, with all parts hypothetical and all parts in motion:

    About a BRIICS gold standard. Part of the problem is he immediately straw-mans a hard Yuan-peg gold. No. No no no that is not their plan nor their motion. We have several problems: we’re going forward and adding stuff, not going back. But also the “Gold Standard” was never a gold standard in the first place. Ever. So they’re comparing to a fake history. This reminds me of any discussion of history that includes “women”. Which is all of them. Everything said on it is fake as far as I can tell, then they compare to now, when women (and men!) are more unhappy than any time in world history and say, “Look how great it is! Aren’t you glad you’re here?” How are you supposed to compare, how are you supposed to even THINK, when everything you know is false?

    “Watch: Pelosi Goes on Unhinged Rant about Trump Being ‘Blackmailed’ by Putin

    You mean the blackmail 5 investigations couldn’t find, but every investigation found for Biden and Clinton?

    “World On Threshold Of Natural Hydrogen “Gold Rush,” Geologists Say

    The energy of the future and always will be. Um, guys? How do you plan to store and use it? You don’t even have “a gas can” since it’s the smallest molecule and immediately escapes through the walls of your container. It also has bad energy density and loses power in transfer to being compressed. If only we could, I don’t know, tie it up in carbon chains and turn it into a liquid it MIGHT be useful.

    “Environmentalism Needs A New Playbook”

    Yes, they need to stop being a major polluter planetwide. They’ve created more unrecyclable concrete, carbon fiber, steel, and terraforming shipping/construction diesel use than 100 cities. And all to LOSE energy WHILE being a blight on the landscape everywhere. That ruined farmland and can’t be removed without MORE diesel. As far as I can tell, they’re the top menace to life on earth and all things Green. …As usual by the way.

    They are violently against Van Gogh’s ploughman and all things that would be known and Green.

    Avdiivka was reinforced by Azov, who immediately turned tail and ran away like little girls. Against all orders, by everyone. Syrsky was forced to issue an order to cover the fact that no one anywhere was following orders. Which everybody knows, but is still a “cover” somehow, at the same time? Now: great joy to make fun of Azov, could do it all day, but really they are the smarter ones. As Shogu says, 200 tonnes of bombs in one block per day – on that route alone. The guys there should have long left too, but are 25x tougher than the tea-drinking sissys in Azov and were holding the line. In that way, Azov CAUSED the rout.

    Now, Ze was telling Zu to do this, and for love of Zu, the men were. Again Zu’s wishes, I believe. And Ze is mad about it? Hahahahahahaha! Why would I have any fear or concern for the anger of a professional comedian? That’s got to be the funniest skit he’s done this year! Ze being mad is so funny, it makes me happy, with great, uplifting joy that makes me want to do it again!

    And why also? Because Ze HAS KNOWN FOR TWO YEARS you can’t do this s—t. The men have held the line so he could go schmooz sap-sucking dingbats in the West and sell their country at 5-star shopping trips 500 times. When he got back, he saw men were killed for no purpose but PR a DOZEN times, including especially Bakhmut. You asked: THEY DID. They supported you to the Nth degree. To Mars and beyond. YOU DID NOT SUPPORT THEM. YOU are the failure, Ze, not them.

    “So what you’re saying is … they knew the outcome of the election seven months before it was held?”

    Always. But they can still be surprised. What was interesting was they published the fix in Time Magazine.

    Mayor Adams: I am so there. I could use a free vacation in NY. He underestimates NYer’s native ability to scam NY. This is like a sport, a day-job for them and I wonder if any migrants will even get the card with so many NYC cheaters in the line.

    ““..the victim of his ‘crime’ (journalism) is a state rather than a person–the definition of a political offense, which the US-UK extradition treaty explicitly forbid..”

    Yes but that’s “The Law” and we do the #Opposite of that whenever we can.

    “• President Trump’s Kafkaesque Civil Trial in New York State (Calabresi)

    NY Governor says she has no power or influence over Judicial review. I have the feeling if it were Cuomo or Soros, Clinton or Schumer being run over she would suddenly find all kinds of power, influence, and control.

    But it’s required that it be SEEN and be “Real”, so that the OLIGARCHS in America start getting off their -sses and take sides. Oh, I forgot: only America’s poorest are required to get off the couch and take sides. Every single American with power, influence, and position is exempt. They “have something to lose” and you can’t fairly ask anything of them. As if the people in Ohio have something to lose like their farms and lives. And Seattle. And Texas. Nope, only Joe NASCAR is the only one we point at, order around, criticize.

    “What Happened to Alexei Navalny this Time Round (Helmer)

    No one knows. The only thing we can tell from this is MI6 and the West are always lying. Always.

    “”Was Navalny an intelligence asset of MI6 or CIA, or both?”

    I’m not sure what his purpose was. Perhaps lightning rod to distract from real and relevant people? Real ops that have an actual chance of working? Since his support was never over 2%, every dollar and hour was a total waste. That’s not inconceivable, however, as these guys are so smart and keen on Russia they chose “White” for their Revolution, when white is considered the color of traitors there. I mean, basic, did-you-run-this-by-anyone? stuff. (A: No. We did not. I am God. I know all and the Universe is in me, why would I ask? — Victoria Nuland)

    “• The US Is Planning for the Aftermath of Ukraine War (van den Ende)

    At Munich, they set their new “Plan”. Which is to invade Russia 6 years from now, after they’ve lost some more. But Germany will have the Berlin wall built by then, have no bread, and be selling one size shoes while their nuclear power plants melt down, so I’m sure Russia will be very scared.

    “U.S. military presence in Europe has increased to around 100,000 personnel”

    Sooooo…we can hold Europe for all of 3 months. IF Russia keeps dorking around with low-level police actions instead of actually attacking something. Right! One question: do these 100k men have any “Bombs”? Or are they armed with shiny stones from the coast of the Baltic Sea? Trick question: we already know the answer.

    “This was announced at the time as a temporary arrangement to comply with the sanctions, renewable every six months, but leaving undisturbed the Russian ownership of the assets.”

    Hahahaha! We “Control” “Run” “Direct” and “Profit” from them, but you own them. Oh wait: THAT’S EXACTLY LIKE THE UNITED STATES. The Federal government directs exactly what you will make, where, how much, when, and then takes almost all the money made. If you misbehave or they come up short some month, then like Dodge, they “tax” $1.5B dollars out of you one random day in February. “Control of the Means of Production by the State.” One effect of this is the company has no money for workers. One, because their money is all stolen in taxes, but mostly Two, because they have to hoard huge sums not knowing WHAT the government will do to them next. Government is a deranged lunatic, prowling town looking for people to rob. They might fine them half a billion dollars and suspend operations for three years in NY for nothing, who can even guess???

    This is perfect, as companies then become “Money-grubbing, price-jacking hoarders” who MUST be taxed by the government MOAR. (Who then never shares a penny with the people they’re protecting. Poverty is at an all-time high, on a straight line from 1963 “War on Poverty”) And yet the people never learn. Save me, Pimp Daddy! You’re da bestest!

    “The Ever Expanding War (Paul Craig Roberts)

    PCR’s got to stop making stuff up. I read almost everything he’s saying as the Opposite. Arabs are strategizing, Israel is going bankrupt, lashing around without a definitive enemy. Putin doesn’t believe a thing, and the thought of “Iran Falling” is ludicrous: what would that even mean? Sadly, not to play into Israel’s strategy, they cannot just rush in and save Gaza. That happens in war. Like planetwide, the way to win – for whatever reason, economy, technology – is now like Ukraine: Attrition. Exhaustion. And that’s largely financial. “Attrition” however, = Time.

    PCR demanded Putin lose by running shock and awe on Lviv, even as we now know that was NATOs plan to pop out of the salt mines in the rear and run a Saigon. Now PCR demands they just face off against every Israeli strength instead of attacking every weakness. Thank God he’s not in office, but now shows the innate intelligence of government workers?

    “10 Million Illegals Have Entered The US Under Biden (ZH)

    Why would we think these numbers are true? Can you count what you can’t catch? If not true, how false are they? Twice this? Half this? 1/10th? When the U.S. falls and there’s no free $10k cash in NYC winters, you think they might go back to the beach huts of Panama? We all would except we’re not citizens there. Does that mean only the hard workers stay? The low lifes go home where living is easier and they’re not shot?

    “• Germany Retreats Into The Middle Ages As Its Economy Declines (Henry Johnston)

    What I can’t understand is how they hope and actively do this, AND think they’re going to defeat every other nation and culture on earth WHILE having no army, industry, or population. Seems to be true, but don’t have an answer. I know they’re trying to make OTHER nations join them in the Middle Ages, but what are the odds of that??

    “Each year from 2023 to 2030, climate change sustainable development goals will cost every person in economies such as the United States $2,026,”

    This is a direct transfer FROM the poorest, TO the richest. A transfer already approaching the sizes of all national defense MILMICMAC costs. And a Billion a DAY just in INTEREST on that loan. Now why would they lie to us about a thing like that?

    Gates sells: You can’t “Sell”; that’s impossible. You can only trade one thing for another. So if he “sold” what did he then “buy”? UST’s? Cash?

    Oroboros plane on 911. Any questions? Yes, actually, why is the crater it made visible in maps from the 90s? Time travel?


    The same chabad in control of the US runs Russia and China. Western manufacturing was dismantled and shipped East long ago. The gold is all moving East The Chinese army will be the new enforcement arm of jewmafia. PCR can’t see it. China is the blueprint for the NWO. The West and Christianity is slated for destruction. 35 trillion in debt, barbarians overrunning the gates, complete moral depravity and all the corruption that comes with it. China will be fresh, ready to rock and roll while US soldiers bleed out in some desert, thousands of miles from home for the fucking satanic jews. Any Westerner who survives this culling, get ready for the fight of your life.


    You’ve heard the expression “shooting yourself in the foot”, well this is likely an example of shooting yourself in the face with both barrels of a twelve gauge. Fun to watch from a safe distance though.

    Cardone is not the only entrepreneur deciding not to do any business in New York. As RedState reported, Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary, also known as “Mr. Wonderful” said he would never invest in New York now. O’Leary also noted that “every real estate developer does this” regarding the court ruling of Trump, as well as refuting Hochul’s claim that those who do business in New York are “very different than Donald Trump.”

    O’Leary called California a “loser state,” and New York a “mega-loser state.” Instead, he will invest in red states such as North Dakota, Oklahoma, and West Virginia.



    Ritual Humiliation Duh’merican Style

    The Green Death Cult packaged for the Masses

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

    It’s a hard one to swallow…..



    Como Nuevo!


    About as useful as a spent condom

    Failed British nuclear missile tests nearly killed Defense Secretary Grant Shapps – The Sun

    The Trident II missile splashed into the sea just yards from the British nuclear submarine HMS Vanguard that fired it.

    At that moment the Minister of Defense was there along with the admiral.

    The Defense Department confirmed there was an “anomaly” during a Jan. 30 exercise off the coast of Florida but said the nuclear deterrent remains “effective.”


    Blimey Limey!

    The previous test of this rocket 8 years ago also ended in failure.



    Nima and Ray McGovern shoot the breeze

    Cutting the seams of Ukronaziland apart like a cheap suit…..


    The Roman Model

    Hail Caesar!

    Hear that?

    It’s a sound of the other shoe dropping….

    BREAKING: U.S. introduces the “Courage To Serve Act”

    This new Bill will expedite migrants path to citizenship, by requiring them to serve in the U.S. military

    A new proposal by Hudson Valley Congressman Pat Ryan, called the ‘Courage to Serve Act’ would allow qualified and vetted migrants and expedited path to citizenship if they service in the military.


    What a shock!


    “..qualified and vetted migrants and expedited path to citizenship if they service in the military..”

    qualified and vetted migrants

    But not at the border, we’ll figure that out later, probably let in a few “unqualified and unvetted” by accident….


    Tucker doesn’t guild the lily


    “But any decrease in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions won’t have an effect for hundreds to thousands of years—even under the most restrictive circumstances, according to some experts.”

    ‘Experts’ They really have to stop using that word as it has all but lost any meaning. It was the experts that brought us covid and the responses to it. Experts running the ivy league schools, expert economists, experts said that CO2 was going to not just warm the atmosphere but heat it, experts, etc.etc.etc. I’ve grown cold, but it was -19.2c here this morning, maybe that’s it, yeah that gotta be it.


    The states rights populists compromised within the constitutional convention because they knew this day would come. There were students of history present and they had current experience of monarchy and tyranny. The slavers and industrialists at the convention were not the first examples in history. You may have been taught that all human beings prior to the renaissance were ignorant, superstitious and intellectually deficient. To believe such is more a reflection of one’s intellectual capacity than that of our forbears.

    The output of any engine, be it mechanical, political, economic or environmental can never exceed the input. No matter the level of sophistication there is always inefficiency. Energy may change state but it is never created nor destroyed. Inevitably in the affairs of men the input side of the engine is reduced to the point the engine fails. The amount of seed corn consumed is increased until environmental forces on the input side reduce the output to a level insufficient to sustain the engine and fuel the next crop.

    A small group of agriculturalists and hunter gathers defeated the British on the north American continent. In the event your creature comforts are more important than self governing human beings building a self governing nation built on the virtues of equality and justice history will duly note your lack of courage and virtue.


    The Mostly Forgotten 1857 Utah War

    “The State of Utah has just passed legislation authorizing the state to nullify federal laws. This defiant streak dates back several generations, to my great great-grandfather’s day.

    Few Americans are aware that a historically meaningful civil war was fought in America in 1857-58. A single company of “rebel” cavalrymen defeated a 2500-strong army of US regulars.”

    A scarcely remembered and yet very significant event that occurred in the years leading up to the US Civil War was the so-called “Utah War”, which took place from the latter half of 1857 into the first half of 1858.

    Frequently referred to as “Buchanan’s Blunder” (after then-US President James Buchanan ), it was one of the most notorious examples in US history of a president ginning up a “rally ’round the flag” war to distract the populace from domestic strife.


    those darned kids

    hey, celtic!

    you know you can’t beat ’em, ¿so why not join them?


    those darned kids

    i’ve discovered how the jews entrap us to become liars who reject society!*

    those darned kids

    * it feels quite icky to even write these things in jest.


    this wonderful place is becoming unzlite with all the jew, jew, jew, jew, JEWBAD!,


    frankly, it’s ugly.

    everybody knows some bad people are jewish,


    these 17,353,498 examples of non-jewish bad people [insert here] won’t make a dent in the beryllium-infused skulls of some folks.

    genghis khan was not jewish¡¡¡ george gershwin was jewish!!! kenny g is jewish¡¡¡ kenny garrett is not jewish!!!

    see any patterns?!

    me neither.

    ça va dire, franchement ça suffit!

    it’s so tiresome.


    protojews? dinojews?! cryptoanarchomarxbrosJEWS¿?¡¡!?

    it’s so tiresome.

    go enjoy the cartoon, trollbots..

    those darned kids

    larry, moe, and freakin’ curly, and shemp, and curly frikkin’ joe, WERE JEWS!


    those darned kids


    they even show you the map! iran, he-ran, she-ran. the whole kit and kaboodle!

    why, they even have the audacity to name one of their conquered territories, “YOM KIPPERS”!

    the gall of the [insert stupid anti-semite slur here, i’m done].


    Demonstration of “Real Power” of MSM

    Assange, Trump, Navalny

    A lot of insinuations, a lot of paranoia, and a lot of xenophobia, a lot of hysterical, a lot of discontent among the people.

    The population is being frightened by the unhinged rhetoric of their politicians.

    The Gaza massacre/genocide by USA/Israel

    Mass immigration, Illegal aliens, immigrants, evacuated

    As Putin, XI, and Iran seem determined to sit out conflicts that not only affect them but are directed against them, Washington will continue to run over red lines until a war is forced. Putin has been deceived, betrayed, demonized, and given the West’s cold shoulder for two decades, and he still wants to negotiate with those who have thrashed him? Negotiation with a government that has proven it doesn’t keep the agreements is a form of reality denial. As the evidence indicates, the Western world is in moral and social collapse, so its destruction will be no loss. The question is whether the values the Christian West once stood for will find expression elsewhere.
    Energy is the lifeblood of industrial civilization.
    Human civilization will be/should be scaled back to sustainable levels.
    Retreats into the Middle Ages as all economy declines.
    Shortage of people with the knowledge, the skills, and motivation that can and want to keep the industrial civilization operating.
    Complexity of Life on earth depends on the sun activity.
    CO2 follows temperature, which, itself, is due to solar activity.
    Covid, Vaccine, are causing injuries and death and modifications/changes
    The blink of an eye …WOW
    The speed of light
    The initial condition are spacetime has no space/no time differentiation.


    re. UKR.

    50+ page article explains how Zelensky became president, focussed on internal UKR matters. By G. Alder. 2023. (Kolomoisky, Burisma, etc. are mentioned …)

    Volodymyr Zelensky and the breadbasket-case of Europe: The deep politics of a hybrid regime

    Moon of Alabama has an article up “Screw The Facts – Europe Commits Itself To Further Escalation” which ends with:

    Is it really difficult to understand that the path towards further fighting Russia will only lead to devastation? Why then is there no effort made to prevent it?


    Comments span the gamut of explanations, from the Desperation of British Elites who must Win, to sunk costs fallacy and not knowing what is going on, historic hate of Russia, European countries as Vassals to the US, lack of independence, disgusting corrupt leaders (ex. Ursula), delusional thinking which sees the ‘W’ as superior no matter what – gotta stick to our plan death be damned or embraced -, to Elites being subject to control via blackmail, to some mention of consp. theories that point to the ‘plebs’ in European countries being targets of the ‘Elites’, anything effective for that aim being acceptable (de-population not mentioned..), and more… All good comments…
    So the ppl of Europe are not informed by their ‘leaders’ of the aims of all this. They have to guess, interpret, construct plausible / wild theories; the demise of the ‘democracy’ ideal, right there.
    Fear and ineptitude are the main reasons. The US is still seen as more powerful, deadly, than Russia.
    UKR. guerrillas are attacking NATO facilities? Idk if true? Was a long time coming…


    An interesting take from someone who has experienced the belly of the beast.

    Chris Williamson presents:

    Brett Weinstein’s articulate brother Eric starts by deconstructing Harvard as a ‘special’ place and explains Claudine Gay’s failure as boss woman. He thinks the whole episode is a disgrace

    Harvard is two power blocks welded together at the hip, the sharpest minds and sharpest elbows

    They perform symbiotically and are essentially an extension of the Federal government


    The Downfall of Harvard
    The End of DEI?
    Are Legacy Admissions a Bad Thing?
    Why Stephen Hawking is in the Epstein Documents?
    The Problem With String Theory
    When Will it Be Time to Put String Theory Down?
    The Current State of Aliens & UFOs
    Technology Required for Aliens to Come to Earth
    Why Can’t We Say Certain Things?
    Eric’s Predictions for the 2024 Election
    Wanting Fame is Like Wanting to Be on the Titanic
    Society’s Nostalgia for a Unifying Narrative
    Is There Power in Prayer?
    Why Teenage Boys Are Becoming More Right-Wing
    The Rising Trend of Toxic Compassion
    The Letter Churchill Received From His Father

    Eric Weinstein – Why Does The Modern World Make No Sense?


    “Courage To Serve Act” echo of the Roman Empire
    February 9, 2024


    @tdk and the erosion of language

    Yep. Sigh…

    The ‘JEW=BAD’ thing is a meme, a generalization. Memes are the Diet Coke of conversation. People who rant on about JEW=BAD are, in my eyes, meme-ing themselves into irrelevancy.

    John Day

    @MPSK: My daughter’s friend, who visited her and the baby last weekend while we were visiting, is about to go on that Star Trek Cruise you mentioned last night.
    “Small world”.


    60% of ‘Israel’ to be without power if war expands: Israeli media


    everybody knows some bad people are jewish,

    but, these 17,353,498 examples of non-jewish bad people

    So convenient that the “good jew / bad jew” psy op completely distracts from the jews mass murdering humans in a concentration camp, today.

    The ‘JEW=BAD’ thing is a meme, a generalization. Memes are the Diet Coke of conversation. People who rant on about JEW=BAD are, in my eyes, meme-ing themselves into irrelevancy.

    Yep all jews are wonderful. It’s not like the JEWSISH STATE for the JEWISH PEOPLE are hatefully murdering 2 million humans. Now is definately NOT the time to call out all jews to stop their collective crimes against humanity.

    Putting pressure on all jews to end their murderous insane rampage should not be allowed or considered. Let the ‘bad jews’ commit genocide and praise all good jews.

    The Jewish homeland for the Jewish people has nothing to do with good jews either.


    Ukrainian SBU secret police are routinely rounding up 50 to 100 missile spotters everytime the Russians hit something.
    These are of course Ukrainian 5th columnists!
    The SBU are afraid that they might be sent to the front, so they are trying to show how indispensable they are to Ukraine’s security!

    Scene from Casablanca
    Inspector: “Round up the usual suspects!”


    Big Brother is now openly operating on Zerohedge.
    Another boot on our necks!
    Every comment in the comment section, now receives an automatic down vote “participation trophy”!


    Those darned Gaza kids, in the way of my beachfront property. Shove your video up your ass. The sun is shining on the tunnel rats. You aint foolin people anymore. You’re fucked…the whole world sees who you really are.

    John Day

    The Sickness Among Us https://drjohnsblog.substack.com/p/the-sickness-among-us

    ​ Assange ‘too ill’ to attend last chance UK appeal against US extradition
    Washington wants the WikiLeaks publisher on its soil where he could face a prison sentence of up to 175 years
    ​ “The outrageous part of the UK’s years-long ‘trial’ to condemn Julian Assange to die in an American dungeon is that the victim of his ‘crime’ (journalism) is a state rather than a person–the definition of a political offense, which the US-UK extradition treaty explicitly forbid,” NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden said on X (formerly Twitter).
    ​ Activists outside the court chanted “US, UK, hands off Assange” and “There is only one decision – no extradition,” among other slogans.
    ​ This week’s hearing will decide whether Assange will be allowed to appeal the 2022 decision by the UK government to extradite him to the US. His attorneys have argued that the extradition would amount to punishment for political opinions and violate the European Convention on Human Rights.

    ​ Tessa Lena interviews financial analyst and former (successful in 2008) hedge fund manager, Alex Krainer, whose articles have always been insightful and intelligent.
    ​ Is Putin Evil? A Conversation with Alex Krainer
    Alex says Putin is exceptionally honest, as exemplified by his never accepting bribes when he worked as a St. Petersburg bureaucrat. I have seen this reported before.
    What I had never seen reported before is Krainer’s explanation of how Russia’s COVID vaccine response with Sputnik-V, the first to market, broke what was intended to be a global (Hi Bill Gates) monopoly of western vaccines and electronic digital passports, transitioning into electronic-only banking and transactions, with social controls on spending and travel, as already seen in China. The Russian early release, at low cost, of Sputnik-V made the WEF cabal choose between including Russia in the plan as a “partner” or shunning Russia, creating parallel arrangements. They shunned Russian cooperation. The monopoly-based digital-vaccine-passport-and-wallet plan failed to progress for lack of monopoly power. This explanation takes a few minutes and starts at 1:19 on the timeline. I like his closing statements in the last 5 minutes, also.

    ​Tom Luongo, Why War Bonds Are Returning in Europe
    ​ But this is a far more complex and nuanced issue than just making sure the West fights Russia to the last Ukrainian. This is ultimately about shoring up the EU’s fundamental weakness. It is an economic bloc with a common currency whose political authority is mostly powerless to control the value of that currency.
    ​ For this reason the EU leadership, nominally Davosian in their agenda, has been working their political machine towards giving the EU Commission that power through bond issuance and a centralized taxing mechanism.​..
    ​..To folks like Macron, Michel, Ursula Von der Leyen and their bosses, European bourgeoisie and proletariats alike are just tax cattle. No wonder they are so against them eating beef.
    ​ So, let’s connect another couple of dots. Because now it should be obvious that this is why they threatened Hungary’s Viktor Orban with economic devastation for holding up their $50 billion aid package for Ukraine.
    ​ They need to keep Ukraine going to justify now spending another $100+ billion to launder into failing French and German banks sitting on massive losses from all the debt they bought during the NIRP (Negative Interest Rate Policy) period.
    ​ This is just the beginning of their plans for transferring sovereignty out of the hands of the member states and handing it to Brussels. But to sell this to global investors they have to prove to the world they have all the wayward voices under control.
    ​ Sovereign debt is secured through taxation and the productive capacity of the population. At this point the EU has neither.

    Why War Bonds Are Returning in Europe

    ​ Kiev has right to demand return of draft dodgers – UN​ , Top Ukrainian officials have been urging European countries to extradite men of fighting age
    ​ Ukraine has the right to demand the return of male refugees who are evading the draft, UN official Philippe Leclerc has argued. He added that military mobilization in Ukraine does not constitute persecution, meaning legal protection for draftees can theoretically be reviewed.

    John Day

    ​ The United States Vetoes Yet Another UN Humanitarian Ceasefire Over Gaza​ , Is a rival resolution from Washington another trick to protect Israel?
    ​ The media were informed that Washington would be presenting its own rival Security Council draft resolution that would call for a temporary ceasefire and which also would advise Israel against launching a ground invasion of Rafah in southern Gaza over Ramadan, which starts on March 10th, due to the fact that more than a million Gazans are trapped in the region with, quite probably, nowhere to go. The resolution calls for a “viable plan” for protecting civilians in Rafah, whatever that is supposed to mean, which Israel will presumably ignore, and it includes no sanctions if Israel refuses to comply. The US indicated that its draft document would be discussed in the UN over the next several weeks or more and might be subject to considerable editing, but it set no time table for initiating the temporary ceasefire apart from “as soon as practicable,” which is where a warning flag went up for me and others.
    ​ The resolution gives Israel considerable freedom of action without any bothersome timetable to worry about and “temporary” means it can resume military action when it wishes to do so and there is no threat of possible punishment if Israel does decide to invade Rafah and kills another 30,000 Palestinians while doing so.
    ​ It is well known in Washington circles that follow foreign policy and Biden’s wars that the US doesn’t make any moves on the Middle East without complete prior consultation with the Israelis. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has even participated in Israeli War Cabinet meetings. Against those weak but positive moves spelled out in the resolution, there is the fact that Netanyahu and his political allies, long opposed to a two-state solution, have recently repeatedly rejected proposals for any Palestinian sovereign entity which means that the intention is to destroy and/or annex Gaza. Israel is in fact using its formidable lobby and international press/narrative control to work assiduously to isolate the Palestinians by blocking any recognition by individual countries or as a full member at the UN. The greatest effort is inevitably being directed at working to keep the United States under control.​..
    ..The United States and some Europeans are recognizing that a Palestinian state with what amounts to full sovereignty will not be allowed due to Israeli resistance and willingness to militarily destroy any such entity, but some leaders are nevertheless hoping to create some sort of “semi-sovereign” disarmed Palestinian government that will be entirely subservient to Israel in every way that matters…
    ​ Biden’s impending Gaza proposal also has a domestic political aspect. With Israel’s slaughter of Gazans still continuing, a situation that is enabled by Washington’s unflinching support of Israeli behavior, serious problems as the US is an active participant in a genocide are beginning to surface as the war spreads throughout the Middle East. One presumes that Blinken has finally decided that something must be done to salvage the international reputation of the United States while also undoing damage to Joe Biden’s electoral prospects as American voters increasingly are disgusted by the images of dead and tortured Palestinians that flash on national television screens nightly.
    ​ Aware that Netanyahu wants the war to continue until total victory to include opposition to the development of any Palestinian government entity, Blinken has reportedly asked the State Department to conduct a review and “present policy options on possible US and international recognition of a Palestinian state after the war in Gaza”…

    The United States Vetoes Yet Another UN Humanitarian Ceasefire Over Gaza

    ​ Government Media Office: Over 700,000 Palestinians are facing starvation in northern Gaza
    ​ The government media office urgently demanded a ceasefire and end to the genocidal war against civilians, children, and women.
    “We demand the lifting of the siege and the entry of 10,000 aid trucks within the next two days in an urgent manner, especially into the Gaza and North Gaza governorates, before a human catastrophe occurs.”

    ​ ‘Israel’ hindering rescue missions to Gaza’s Nasser hospital, WHO says
    Since taking over the hospital last week, the IOF has barred access to the complex.
    According to the WHO, there are still an estimated 130 sick and injured patients, as well as at least 15 physicians and nurses, within the institution, and the conditions inside are conducive to disease transmission.​..
    ​..The hospital in Khan Younis, one of the few operational hospitals in the entire region, is now in an “indescribable” state.
    The statement described that with the lack of water and electricity, the hospital’s garbage and medical waste are creating the conditions for a “breeding ground for disease.”​…
    ..”The Nasser medical complex is the backbone of healthcare in the southern Gaza Strip. Its ceasing to function is a death sentence for hundreds of thousands of Palestinian displaced people in Khan Younis and Rafah,” he added.​..
    ..The statement further mentioned that the military has transformed the hospital into a “military base” and arrested a significant number of medical personnel following a raid on the compound on Thursday.

    Day 2 at ICJ hearing: Saudi Arabia condemns Israel’s actions in Palestinian Territories as ‘legally indefensible’

    ​Really? UK Warns It Could Restrict Arms Sales To Israel If Rafah Offensive Proceeds
    ​ Fresh headlines Wednesday say the United Kingdom is mulling restricting arms sales to Israel if it goes ahead with its planned major offensive on the southern Gaza city of Rafah, which is packed with over a million Palestinian refugees who’ve been forcibly relocated from other parts of the Strip.​..
    ​..Not only has London’s High Court recently dealt with petitions from legal advocacy groups alleging British arms sent to Israel are being used to commit war crimes (petitions which thus far have been rejected), but the UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron has just issued a letter to Netanyahu’s office calling for Israel to “stop and think seriously about the repercussions of a military offensive” on Rafah.
    ​ Earlier this week Israeli defense officials for the first time said that the offensive would likely be launched by Ramadan, which begins on March 10 this year. The military has said Hamas can avoid this by releasing all of the hostages. At the UN Security Council, the UK abstained from a Tuesday vote on a resolution calling for immediate humanitarian ceasefire. It failed due to veto from the United States.

    John Day

    ​ Cuban President backs Lula’s comments on Gaza genocide​
    Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel expressed his solidarity with Brazilian President Luiz Lula da Silva after he was classified as persona non grata by “Israel for his sincere condemnation of the extermination of the Palestinian population in Gaza.”
    ​ Diaz-Canel hailed Lula’s courage, adding “You will always be on the right side of history.”
    ​ This comes after the Brazilian President said during an African Union summit in Addis Ababa, “What’s happening in the Gaza Strip isn’t a war, it’s a genocide,” detailing that Israeli troops were not fighting “soldiers against soldiers,” but rather a highly prepared army against “women and children.”

    ​ Gideon Levy (paywalled) opinion piece from Haaretz: The World Must Force Peace on Israel
    ​ Now is the time for the United States, and in its wake the international community, to make a decision: Will the endless cycle of violence between Israel and the Palestinians continue, or are we going to try to put a stop to it? Will the United States continue to arm Israel and then bemoan the excessive use of these armaments, or is it finally prepared to take real steps, for the first time in its history, to change reality? And above all, will the cruelest Israeli attack on Gaza become the most pointless of all?

    ​ Cuba interested in expanding ties with BRICS, Lavrov says
    ​ HAVANA, February 19. /TASS/. Havana is interested in expanding ties with BRICS, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said following talks with his Cuban counterpart Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla.​ “We took note of our Cuban friends’ ongoing and even increasing interest in cooperating with BRICS. As the group’s current chair, Russia will support this attitude. I am confident that other member states will react positively to Cuba’s application for [partner] status in BRICS,” Lavrov pointed out.

    ​ Meryl Nass MD, with transcript: We CAN Stop the WHO Pandemic Treaty , Part III of Our Interview with Whistleblower Dr. Meryl Nass.
    ​ “The number one thing we must do is get the information out there. If the WHO gets its way, it will silence us. We will not be able to push back in the (limited) way we did with the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, the time is now to act. While we still can, we must wake up the public. We must spread the word that this is real and it’s happening now.”


    John Day

    ​William Makis MD, Turbo Brain Cancer Due to University COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates in the United States , Three tragic cases
    “I believe this tumor is a direct result of the Covid vaccine, which I never wanted and immediately stopped getting shots of after I was no longer mandated to have it anymore by the school and would not have to worry about facing any consequences such as not being able to set foot on campus anymore if I didn’t have it. If the vaccine wasn’t the cause, I still believe that it may have significantly contributed to what happened.”
    turbo cancer

    Turbo Brain Cancer Due to University COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates in the United States

    ​ Celia Farber, FOX 23 Airs 18 Minute Segment Reporting On 18 Year Old Who Died 12 Days After Second Pfizer Shot: “Trista Was A Beautiful, Beautiful Girl, More Full of Life and Joy Than Anybody I’ve Ever Known.” Trista Was 18, And Got The Shots Unbeknownst To Her Parents

    Walter M. Chesnut, An Explanation for Observed SARS-CoV-2 Seizures and why Antibodies Post Exposure May be Severely Damaging the Brain
    Blood Brain Barrier disruption and IgG leakage may be a major driving force of COVID neurological pathology.

    ​Charles Hugh Smith investigates the new “broken”, as you may also have done recently. Digital Service Dumpster Fires and Shadow Work
    One wonders what we’re paying for via taxes, products and services, when we end up having to do so much of the work ourselves for nothing.
    ​ All the work that once was performed by agencies and companies has been offloaded onto the customer. This is called shadow work: work we perform that isn’t paid or even counted as “work,” though it eats up our time and energy, leaving us less leisure and more frayed.
    ​ The ever heavier burdens of shadow work are a major reason modern life is increasingly stressful and harried: what was once done for customers as part of the service being paid for is now the customer’s responsibility.
    ​ I just spent–or shall we be honest and say “I wasted”– significant time navigating AI chatbots and a smartphone app which is touted as an AI assistant.​..
    ..After wasting a frustratingly large amount of time fiddling with the app on my end, I give up and ask to get a callback from the chatbot. A polite rep (based in the Philippines) calls me back, and after hearing my description of the issue, he reports that he sees the source of the problem right away: an update to the gateway’s software did not load properly, and so no amount of restarting would get it to work properly.
    ​ One would think the AI app’s troubleshooting script would include a check on whether the gateway’s software was actually functioning or not, but you would be wrong. The app said everything was nominal even when it didn’t work.



    so the spook/oligarch theater to create the black vs white hat distraction is simply a yamaka ruse.


    Yessir chooch. NWO long ago in effect. Western leaders do the opposite of what their people want, right or left. Money drives the madness. Jews want total control, right down to when you shit in the morning. Communism, transhuman style, a high tech pen for the goyim cattle. Time will tell if I am correct They flat out tell you…you will own nothing. They fuckin mean it . They own most everything now but thats not enough.. They mock us while they murder women and children in cold blood because they have all the money they’ve stolen from us. Where are honorable men? Show me 1. It only takes 1 motherfucker with balls to change history


    Come to Canada when your blue-
    We’ve got stuff for you to do.
    Bucket list? Just come and pick it!
    You’ll only need a one way ticket!

    D Benton Smith


    Come to Canada when you’re blue-
    We’ve got stuff for you to do.
    Bucket list? Just come and pick it!
    You’ll only need a one way ticket!”

    Your bucket’s ready, come and kick it


    Your mental health will be politically assessed.
    The treatment will be determined by your kidney match to some billionaire
    I don’t know who runs Canada’s organ program, but Israel/Ukraine might be unhappy that some other country is muscling in on their territory.
    “There’s a 24-fold rise in organ transplants from drug overdose donors” | CNN
    And that was in 2018.

    I have not yet found a dark mood that cannot be cured by chickadees.

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