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    Paul Gauguin Road in Tahiti 1891   • How’s the War on Truth Going? (Jim Kunstler) • The Trumpification of Elon Musk (RCP) • “A Cautionary Tale fo
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    Dr. D

    “1,000 New York Times Employees Threaten to Strike Next Week “

    After non-stop defending the party that outlawed the rail strike. Whose conditions look worse than 1910, the like of which I haven’t read outside of history books. Only NOW they got paid sick days? Well they already got fired if they take them, will Biden just continue that sort of thing anyway? A: Yes, because there was an ancient Executive Order concerning how universal labor law does NOT include rail workers (from WWI, which is why we shouldn’t have E.O.). Biden can reverse this in 10 seconds and doesn’t.

    “Strikes for me and not for Thee” – NY Times. Even when they’re talking jawdropping, Rockefeller vs coal miner level abuse.

    These Socialists are the most anti-worker thing I’ve ever seen. I’d have thought they’d at least eye-wash it. All but one of the Squad, including AOC voted to sink the rail workers, out workered and out-Lefted by most Republicans, of all people, including Marjory Taylor Greene. That was the EXPRESS reason for AOC, the Justice Democrats, and the squad’s whole platform for workers rights, health care, and minimum wage. So let me get this: AOC is against Unions, worker’s rights and paid sick time, but MTG is FOR it. AOC is FOR billionaire corporations refusing to share a tiny percentage of profits to – I dunno, not end up killing workers outright for working extreme hazard while too tired to think — but MTG is FOR the workers and AGAINST the Billionaires.

    Is there any level that can break through? That this is not the party of FDR and 100 years ago? Clearly. Not. There is no possible level, and no possible event, that can cause people to leave their prejudices and experience reality again.

    “Apple Accelerating Supply Chain Retreat from China after iPhone Factory Chaos”

    And in the meantime, Apple shuts off whatever protesters or Twitter apps that Chairman Xi wants. But I guess somebody has to stop Apple’s non-stop slavery. Apple sure wasn’t.

    “Musk’s enemies are casting him as a threat to the country because of his commitment to one of America’s most cherished freedoms.”

    It shows they are as #AntiAmerican as it is possible to be. Remember these people consider the U.S. Flag (or Canadian) to be “Hate Speech” indicative of “Radical extremists” in all conditions, wherever flown. Need a Committee on Un-American activities, as it appears Socialists have infiltrated Hollywood and government and are trying to undermine our values and laws, and bring the nation down or capture it. Oh, wait.

    I guess we need an apology as well.

    And Musk: (Image is protected, didn’t have time to dig it out of the source code)

    “Selling your soul for the richest white nationalist on Earth.”

    Musk is African American.

    ““Twitter acting by itself to suppress free speech is not a 1st amendment violation, but acting under orders from the government to suppress free speech, with no judicial review, is.”

    ‘Twitter Files’ Make It Impossible for Democrats to Deny Their Censorship (RT)”

    They don’t deny it: they are proud of it. Although it’s the First Federal Crime and a Civil Rights abuse. They are against Civil Rights wherever shown. Problem is, we have no policemen or courts who will enforce the law, and haven’t had any in decades. …Too busy with pull ropes.

    “Yoel Roth, complained that the leaks were essentially “violence” and put the censors in danger.”

    “Truth is Violence.” It threatens my lies! Truth is the only enemy wherever it is found.

    And everyone said this about the Internet from the start. That it would be used to control, censor and track us, so as to create the most universal dystopian Soviet Police state ever seen.

    “During the 1940s, the feds forced NBC’s Blue Network to separate from the parent company. It eventually became NBC’s competitor ABC. Later, after decades of litigation, the government broke up the Bell System into the seven “Baby Bells”

    All the same laws are still on the books for 100 years. No one will enforce them. Or rather, they enforce them for enemies and not friends, which is the real purpose for laws. That is, some corporations have a complete merger with the State, seamlessly executing each other’s orders and desires. Some corporations – like Google and Facebook – were SET UP by the State from the get-go. They claim they are “muh private’.

    “French President Emmanuel Macron said on Saturday that NATO should weigh on eventual guarantees for Russia’s security in the settlement of the conflict in Ukraine.”

    They cannot, as they are Not Agreement Capable, and Russia won’t believe them. Any of them. For any reason. That’s not to say Russia won’t settle some time, on some condition – they will – but at this point only knowing perfectly well the Anglos and all Europe exist merely to double-cross and destroy them.

    In this condition, Macron talking only illuminates where Europe is, and how their inner mechanics work. That is, if they are floating settlement, that means they’re losing. What exactly they say indicates who’s running things. What they mention or don’t reveals what is important to them, and therefore where they are strong or week, what their next attack and murder strategy is. So keep talking, Manni. Russia’s listening and learning.

    “Russia Forms ‘Shadow Fleet’ to Bypass Oil Sanctions (RT)”

    It takes a little time, and Oceana has already said they will sink the tankers at some point in a further world-wide declaration of war. Remember, it’s Oceana that nuked NordStream and cut off lifeblood to Eurasia. …But we were always at war with Eurasia.

    “an increased risk of Ukrainian refugees being exposed to human trafficking,”

    Increased risk? Ukraine is the White Slavery capital of the world! That’s why Congress gives them so much money. Note: Trump’s wife is from there. What does that mean?

    And they really need to invent some new lies, the viagra, rape, incubator babies ones are so old Bernays himself coined them (100 years ago, the “Baby-killing Huns” of WWII). But why should they? They work on every Blue city and state, who fly Ukrainian human-trafficking flags proudly instead of the American one. Their loyalty is to a foreign government. What does that mean, legally?

    “In The End the $ Goes to Zero and the US Defaults (Von Greyerz)”

    Not wrong. But we’re at the endgame of this round and the details are relevant. WHO is the U.S. Currency he implies will default? The U.S. Fed. The Fed is a private corporation separate from Congress and Treasury. So the GOVERNMENT can go bankrupt without the currency, and vice-versa, although this is unlikely.

    But right now we most clearly have the FED openly opposing and rebelling against Congress and the Federal Government. Lie-awatha herself is shrill in scolding Powell but those are the only three things she knows how to do. She is afraid Powell will “shut down the economy” and “Start a recession” after furiously supporting Covid restrictions she-also-opposes in China. Disingenuous much? She’s our example though: The FED is fighting the GOVERNMENT. Or some part of it. Who is the Fed? No idea as it’s all a State secret we citizens aren’t allowed to know, but let’s say 10 member banks – some of which are foreign! – and Wall Street Commercial banks we all know by name: as “The Bailout Banks.” Who “Suck on the teat of the taxpayer” “until they are bled white” using their “Blood funnel”.

    Presently the Fed is fighting Congress by SAVING the currency. Huh? Yes, higher interest rates are demanded in high inflation CONGRESS CAUSED with their idiotic trillion $$ covid-printing. Just as everyone said. So Congress printed a trillion, drove the country into the hyperinflation ditch, and the Fed is trying to contain it, which is also their literal job. And Congress is MAD at them for saving the US$ and therefore the United States? Yes.

    So we appear to have an #AntiAmerica fringe installed in Congress and government. These same names also lock-step with Europe and Davos on all other issues like Carbon Credits, population, speech, etc. So let’s just call them Davos Minions.

    The Fed is fighting the Davos minions by SAVING the United States and its currency by raising rates that will KILL DAVOS, in Europe, which is what they’re mad about. Being minions who hate the U.S., prosperity, all civil rights, and obey Davos.

    So who would go bankrupt in this scenario? The Fed? They’re in the strongest possible position for a bunch of crooks: their banks are the strongest in the world, the Dow is at 30,000, and their interest rates are rising without any problem. The U.S. government? How are they going to go down right now while owning the strongest currency, even if (Davos-minion) Congress fights this at every turn?

    No. The one to go bankrupt is EUROPE. Others too, Emerging Markets always, but they have BRIICS/SCO to offset that a little now.

    And as we said, the Core currency is the last to fail, even despite Congress’s will. So we have E.M., Europe, Euro Banks, all fail, and the stock-money and currency flows to the U.S. …And then we default? WTF, we would have won the table at that point, Greyerz. We can dictate terms.

    But suppose we did. What would they want, a new Central Bank Digital Currency? Who is “They”? Congress? They don’t own the Central Bank. The Fed? The Fed is a collective of Commercial Banks. So your thesis is that, winning the table, the U.S. Commercial banks will all outlaw themselves, stop all Commercial Bank functions, and operate as a CBDC out of one server in D.C.? Erasing all their own tool booths and profits from the richest, most powerful lobbying group the world has ever seen: Wall St?

    Um, no. No Fed CBDC, or not like THAT at least. Erasing the Banks and going to Soviet Central Planning Social-credit model is a DAVOS thing. Not a Powell-Morgan thing.

    They could do this: Federal GOVERNMENT defaults. On $6T in bonds. (as mathematically they must, and we see new signs of runaway compounding daily) This would try to bring down the Fed Note. But Powell can just re-price the Fed’s gold reserves to $40,000/oz. US$ still wins, it’s still backed, or at least better than any other, maybe not for backing (Russia + Oil/Gold), but for depth of market. We don’t trust that? Why not back the Fed Note with Bitcoin? Does anyone know who owns the real ones? Who owns the Satoshi Trust? And who owns the expanding Crypto market? The real one, not the FTX one? (Trick question, I’m asking “Who owns most assets in the United States, right insiders, or poor workers?” Yes, that’s right, like all other assets most crypto is now owned by rich insiders.)

    The Scam “Tether” is the largest after Bitcoin, and it claims to be a US$. Like literally, in that space, Tether = U.S. Dollar Fed Notes. They are the de facto U.S. dollar and Federal Reserve.

    If the Fed wanted a CBDC, no one’s going to buy it. No one trusts them. No one wants them. No one cares and everyone will go around it. It has no market-size and no history. There’s no way to do it, and no time during a crisis, even if – as we said – the Fed WANTED to. Which they don’t, since it would be ERASING THEMSELVES. Duh.

    But what if….they just took Tether. Tether the Scam became Tether the Fed-doorway? Tether exists. It has market history. It has huge volumes. It’s already embedded in the (crypto-side) system. The CBDC – that doesn’t erase JP Morgan and Sachs – ALREADY EXISTS. And Morgan is already in it, growing, along with their Bitcoin services and sales, every day. And Tether CBDC does NOT erase the criminal profits on Wall St.

    So in this world, suppose the US Treasury goes down (US Fed re-prices gold and exists). Suppose the US Federal Reserve note goes down anyway. What would that mean? The existing stock, bond, loan, and 19/20th century system would freeze. But the Crypto system would eat a chunk of that need and expand wildly. Just as already happened during Covid when China re-banked around the stall by financing container ships using BTC and Tether.

    But the Fed is already there, or could be. Congress isn’t. The Fed could keep it going on these other lines, or via all different markets/systems/platforms at once.

    So back to Von Greyerz, WHO goes to zero? WHO defaults? Nobody.

    The U.S. is a borrower and can default, that’s true. But the U.S. is a people and land mass and will still exist tomorrow, default or no. So you can only say they will “Re-set” the U.S. Dollar, and re-start it again under evolving terms. Which is what WWI gold swap was, what WWII Bretton woods was, what Nixon’s gold window was. Heck, what Hamilton was, the 1st and 2nd National Banks were, what Jackson was, what Greenbacks were, what Jennings Bryant “Cross of Gold” was flip-flopping between gold and silver base. Nations do this all the time.

    Much as it burns me, the US$ is NOT going to default, and NOT go to zero. The US$ has NEVER defaulted, although Europe has all the time. Powell and the Fed, all Wall St, have ALREADY re-backed the US$, re-capitalized all the banks. They will simply re-float the US$ at a level of their choosing, at a functional price. The US$ is NOT going to default, and the criminal banks will renegotiate debt and bankruptcy, write it off, and carry on similar to now. As a rotation and evolution, not as a collapse. Again, even though they should all be arrested, sent to jail, then shot. They should be broken up in Anti-trust, and re-started as 120 banks, not 12.

    But they won’t. And the US$ won’t go to zero either. Powell is going to crash Europe, drive the money here, and re-start by dictating terms under a Breton Woods III. That new system will include Crypto. JP Morgan, Exxon, Microsoft, already positioned and own the coins they are going to re-price up to $200k. The people will have been washed out down here at $12k. And I can’t stop them if that’s how they all behave.

    Canada Solves Depression with this one Weird Trick!


    Three tales, one city – Bakhmut
    Conditions are terrible, casualties are enormous and significance of Bakhmut is debatable
    Chris Brown · CBC News · Posted: Dec 01, 2022

    Grabskiy estimates Ukraine is now losing “half a company” — roughly 30 to 50 soldiers — every day.
    He says Russian losses may be four or five times that.
    The quagmire of carnage now consuming the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut has been mostly overlooked, given Ukraine’s battlefield successes against Russia’s army elsewhere.

    But the gruelling, gruesome six-month fight for the city in the Donbas region may soon reach its culmination, and the outcome is taking on outsized importance for both sides.
    “Military Chronicle”

    Dec 2 at 14:09
    Report on a recent AFU attack in the Bakhmut area led by the American “Mozart Group” PMC

    On November 25, units of the 58th Motorized Infantry, 54th Separate Mechanized and 71st Jaeger Brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine attempted to attack the positions of PMC Wagner east of Bakhmut. According to the Military Chronicle, the rush to the PMC positions was planned from the beginning of November, but its implementation was suspended due to high losses.

    After the arrival in Bakhmut (Artemivsk) of employees of the US PMC Mozart Group, as well as reinforcements of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the Kherson direction, the attack planning resumed under the leadership of American officers.

    However, at least 75 (according to other sources — 95) servicemen of the 13th, 15th and 16th motorized infantry battalions of the 58th brigade, as well as militants from the 46th assault battalion “Donbass”, were killed in an attempt to conduct an operation and open the firing area of the Wagner PMC and the DPR People’s Militia, which indicates a wrong understanding of combat capabilities. allied forces by the US military.

    During the withdrawal of units to their initial positions, drones were used to establish the location of field headquarters and improvised barracks, equipped both in Bakhmut and in the nearest suburbs. After additional reconnaissance of the targets, the orchestra managed to hit the headquarters and armament depots of the 241st Territorial Defense Brigade in Berkhovka and Paraskoviyevka, as well as a number of other critical AFU facilities in the suburbs of Bakhmut, including the fire control center of the 44th AFU artillery Brigade in Chasov Yar.

    According to the AFU radio intercept, after the strike, the Ukrainian military urgently requested reinforcements at the headquarters of the Vostok command. According to preliminary data, the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the strikes ranged from 150 to 250 people, which is especially noticeable against the background of the flow of “two hundredths” since the beginning of November.

    Disrupted communication and control of troops have already led to disorganization of the defense of the city’s outskirts, and if the pace of the Wagner PMC offensive continues, this may provoke the collapse of the APU front in the northern, north-eastern, eastern and south-western sectors.

    Russia puzzles with ‘costly’ fight for small city of Bakhmut, Ukraine
    By Jacob Geanous
    December 3, 2022
    “Russia has prioritized Bakhmut as its main offensive effort since early August 2022,” the ministry said Saturday in its daily intelligence update. “The capture of the town would have limited operational value.”

    The update said taking Bakhmut would be primarily a “symbolic, political objective” for the Kremlin, which has seen massive losses on the battlefield in the past few months, including November’s retreat from the key city of Kherson, which it had held since the early days of the war.
    Now, Tale of Kherson city
    Ukraine works to keep infrastructure up as deadly Russian strikes continue
    By Evan Simko-Bednarski
    December 2, 2022
    There were 42 separate strikes against Ukrainian-held territory in the Kherson province alone on Thursday, the provincial governor, Yaroslav Yanushevych, said Friday.There were 42 separate strikes against Ukrainian-held territory in the Kherson province alone on Thursday, the provincial governor, Yaroslav Yanushevych, said Friday.
    Kherson city, the regional capital, has been under near-constant bombardment since it was retaken by Ukrainian forces early last month after Russians retreated from the city to the far side of the nearby Dnipro River.

    But Yanushevych said Friday that 75% of the electrical grid in Kherson city had already been restored.

    Elsewhere in Ukraine, power outages were causing another problem — lack of cell phone service.
    Teams of engineers have been dispatched this week by Kyivstar, Ukraine’s largest mobile provider, to maintain backup diesel generators at the base of the nation’s cell phone towers.

    Though the Ukrainian military has been largely using satellite-based communication systems, such as Elon Musk’s Starlink system, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has singled out the cell phone infrastructure as critically important.


    Just Some Randomer

    “But Yanushevych said Friday that 75% of the electrical grid in Kherson city had already been restored.”

    I’d be fascinated to learn how one ‘Restores’ a 300kv substation that the Russians have just put a missile through. With a Swiss Army knife and a spare pair of ladies hosiery?


    Free speech, makes our democracy unsafe. It can’t be allowed. – kunstler

    How’s the War on Truth Going?

    The pre-Musk Twitter worked strenuously to bury any data and all news that suggested the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines were disabling and killing people. The tension between truth and lies has now reached a breaking point, with so many suspicious “all-causes” deaths coming to the public’s attention. This is what the authorities are really afraid of: that the people will learn their government has carried out — by epic incompetence or true malice — something that looks like an attempted genocide.
    People associate the Canadian flag, (due to the use/display of the Canadian flag by the Freedom convoy),
    1. Hate Speech and Radical extremists
    2. Freedom and Liberty


    The Twenty-Seven Most Embarrassing Reactions to Taibbi Thread About Twitter Censoring Hunter Biden Tweets

    The Twenty-Seven Most Embarrassing Reactions to Taibbi Thread About Twitter Censoring Hunter Biden Tweets
    By Caleb Howe Dec 3rd, 2022, 2:37 pm


    Elon Musk Confirms Bari Weiss to Join Matt Taibbi in Releasing ‘Twitter Files’ Info

    Elon Musk Confirms Bari Weiss to Join Matt Taibbi in Releasing ‘Twitter Files’ Info
    By Caleb HoweDec 3rd, 2022, 7:54 pm
    He confirmed several times that Bari Weiss will also be covering and reporting on details from such internal documents, and was asked whether anyone besides those two would be included in future document or data dumps.

    So far, major media has downplayed or ignored the story altogether, or focused on mocking the method of its release, or just suggesting that the revelations don’t matter because no laws were violated.



    How British colonialism killed 100 million Indians in 40 years
    Between 1880 to 1920, British colonial policies in India claimed more lives than all famines in the Soviet Union, Maoist China and North Korea combined.

    Dylan Sullivan
    Graduate student in the Department of Political Economy at the University of Sydney.
    Jason Hickel
    Professor at the Institute for Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA-UAB) and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts
    Published On 2 Dec 2022


    Today’s Yogi tea tag wisdom: Balance of heart and head yields strength of character.

    Relevant tune:

    Sheikin’ Shekina


    Xmas Pageantry

    A kind wise soul from the Portland, Oregon TAE parish invited me to the event depicted above. As I wrote to a god-daughter who was raised Mormon, like me, and like me found that the LDS church didn’t fit her spiritual personality profile: “It was everything good I remember about “The Church” and none of the bad.”

    My favorite Xmas gift since some wino, saw me hustling downhill to catch the last Seattle ferry to Bainbridge Island a few days before Xmas, chuckled/coughed through his cigarette and said, “So the fucking meek WILL inherit the fucking earth!”


    Xmas bling at home


    Xmas Music: Huron Carol


    Pfizer’s chief executive Albert Bourla, Ph.D., is in hot water for claims he made during a BBC interview late last year about the company’s then-unapproved COVID vaccine for younger kids. The claims have reportedly been branded “misleading” and “overly promotional.”


    That’s the latest finding in an ongoing case at the British pharmaceutical marketing regulator the Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority (PMCPA), The Telegraph reports. 

    more at:

    FIERCE PHARMA. (scroll down a bit)

    Article downplays ‘the case’ – ‘hot water’ is not a legal term for ex. Some kind of attack on Bourla took place and maybe a small wedge against him / Pfizer was lodged. Will anything further happen? I doubt it. For the mo. + No MSM reports afaik.

    > see other articles on the site to see what BigPharma is up to and how it dresses it up. It is proudly put out public info.

    That the MSM doesn’t report continues to be very efficient, because ppl have to fit in with what others know/believe to continue to live in insecure harmony with others.


    Like everything else mainstream, the emissions profile of nuclear reactors is entirely bogus since it does not take account of the emissions generated in the extraction, manufacture, and installation of materials used in construction, the emissions generated by all the workers who keep the reactors functioning (industrial agriculture and transport) or the emissions generated during decommissioning.

    “Electricity so cheap we won’t bother to charge for it.” -1950s propaganda

    “Clean, green, low carbon natural gas.” -1990s to 2010s propaganda, used to describe a mixture composed primarily of CH4 (75% carbon) and C2H6 (80% carbon)

    Geothermal does not have ‘zero emissions’, despite all the hype (lies). Sure, the emissions are somewhat lower per unit of energy extracted than many other energy capture-conversion systems, but nowhere near zero.

    There are commonplace lies and there are official lies.

    We -citizens of the world- are drowning in an ocean of official lies.

    We always knew that the worse the maniacs at the top of the political-economic system made everything, the bigger the lies they would tell.

    We weren’t wrong.


    After three centuries, the end of Europe’s economic power


    DPR Commander in Donbass explains Ukronazis’ main ‘tactic’ Is Mass Cannon Fodder Hordes – Easily Destroyed



    Every time that I see the destruction/bomb craters/destroyed infrastructures/, I wonder what will the farmers need to do to before he can plant his crops. Who will be there to finance his operation?


    ‘Every time that I see the destruction/bomb craters/destroyed infrastructures/, I wonder what will the farmers need to do to before he can plant his crops. Who will be there to finance his operation?’

    Scatter poppies seeds. Collect the resin. Sell it to the CIA. The CIA is never short of money. Use the CIA money to carry out restoration.

    Apart from the refusal to allow an American pipeline to be built across the country, Afghanistan’s major crime was to interrupt the flow of drug money from heroin and severely impact the availability on the streets of America – the heroin running and distribution being managed by the CIA (c.f. Mike Ruppert).

    When the Taliban began discouraging poppy planting and harvesting, that really was the last straw for the criminal gang that controls America, and they commenced their futile war on the anti-drug Taliban. The pretext for the initial attack was ‘women’s rights’, with a bit of harbouring ‘terrorists’ thrown in.

    Hence, as soon as was possible, US/NATO troops were out in the fields, guarding the ‘crops’.

    Maxwell Quest

    The Twenty-Seven Most Embarrassing Reactions to Taibbi Thread About Twitter Censoring Hunter Biden Tweets

    No need to read them all, since all 27 are pretty much the same. I was reminded of those videos that are sometimes posted of a huge matrix of TV news anchors reading the exact same script in unison. It seems another script has gone out to obfuscate Matt Taibbi’s release of the Twitter Files on the DNC/Twitter interference in the 2020 election.

    Not one word about the actual story, however, nosiree. Just the same personal attack on the journalist who broke ranks.


    Here’s a blog about that pro se case before SCOTUS on 6 Jan 2023 (Thanks, Dr D).
    It’s quite remarkable (from Nov 28).


    In case anyone is wondering about the first significance of the current Russian push in the Bakhmut area in the Donbas region, it is to gain control of a major water supply to the Donbas region.

    The second significance is to punch a hole through the 8 year built up line of Ukrainian fortifications in the Donbas in preparation to recover the remaining Ukrainian controlled areas of the Donbas.

    We have reached 1984!
    Truth = misinformation, disinformation, and hate speech.


    De-industrialisation in a post-peak-oil world is underway. But Clayton Morris doesn’t get it.

    Whilst he can see the symptoms, he cannot see the cause.


    Dr D: “Russia Forms ‘Shadow Fleet’ to Bypass Oil Sanctions (RT)”

    It takes a little time, and Oceana has already said they will sink the tankers at some point in a further world-wide declaration of war. Remember, it’s Oceana that nuked NordStream and cut off lifeblood to Eurasia. …But we were always at war with Eurasia.

    Now THAT was freaking hilarious. 🙂 Thank you.

    John Day

    “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life!”
    Ugo Bardi presents the story of how the earth almost irreversibly turned into an ice ball a long time ago, and how volcano CO2 or various other mechanisms may have pulled micro-organisms out from the event-horizon of that nearly-black hole. Sine global average temperatures have mostly been falling for 10 million years, maybe we’re just doing Gaia’s work here.

    D Benton Smith


    The big question now is will the Supreme Court move the case for ward, or sit on it until forever? One way to prevent a case from moving forward is to take it on and then sit on it. I have extremely low expectations regarding the current Court.

    Nevertheless, it’s one thermonuclear planet buster of a case. Fire fine and jail the traitors in Congress? Sure sounds like a good idea to me.


    James Cameron has had his testes removed? He is a eunuch? No? So all this is just blather, he wants you to have your nuts removed while he keeps his? Where do they find these people?


    You have Vaxxed so many people. Yet, less than 10% of the Ministry of Health who are leading the vax campaign have been vaxxed.

    The dumb still can’t see anything suspicious in this. Speaking to a lawyer yesterday who could not understand why I was not vaxxed, he supported Ukraine and was most concerned about the carbon being released by Putin’s war. He needs some serious waking up.


    “Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said he wants to keep the military’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate in place to protect the health of the troops” Hahahaha!!

    Gov. killers, killed and maimed by their own Gov.
    What a hoot!



    Dr. D,

    Several days ago, you commented, “If Europe falls where will all the cash flow to? That’s right to Jamie Dimon and Powell’s higher interest rates.”

    Today you expanded on this line of reason, and I truly appreciated your commentary. After 2008, I could just never see how the math might close and we were long overdue for a jubilee.

    You have probably come across some version of this anecdote somewhere in the past but in case you haven’t I will attempt to explain it. Let’s simply say there are three wealthy individuals that show up to a conference. Through their business dealings, they have debts that are owed to one another. Let’s say Bob owes Jim $100 million, and Jim owes Mary $100 million and Mary owes Bob $100 million. Another super rich guy shows up to the conference with $100 million cash in his suitcase. Bob gets wind of this and sneaks into the guy’s hotel room and pinches the $100 million suitcase. He settles his debt with Jim, who then settles his debt to Mary, and she settles her debt with Bob. Now Bob was just trying to get out of debt to Jim by using someone else’s money and was not expecting to leave the conference out of debt to Jim and $100 million wealthier so he figures the right thing to do would be to sneak the $100 million suitcase back into the rich guy’s room. He was able to sneak back in, but the rich guy was there. Bob decides he will leave the suitcase and bolt. As he slowly lowers the suitcase to the ground, the rich guy says, “fugetaboutit”.

    As I understand it, there is this large network of trade that is built on US dollarized transactions. Dollars get added to the system largely via credit creation. This doesn’t create all the interest that is required in the future, so in the limit somebody is going to come up short. When I look at how much public debt we owe I find that a lot of it is owed to the government (ourselves). So, can we really default on ourselves? Which I would concur, as you do, is not likely.

    I realize we view the war in Ukraine through a very different set of beer goggles but preserving this network of dollar denominated trade probably has more to do with how the US is managing the conflict than anything.

    If Elon musk were Chinese, he would be Jack Ma’ed and if he were Russian, he would be wise to be careful around windows.

    Anyway, I am very curious about your continued commentary on our move to digital coin money and how you plan to navigate/surf it.



    The level of brain dead propaganda in UK-tardistan® is breath taking.

    This is the level intelligence of an Old Blighty Cabinet Minister

    Maybe it was a brain fart



    Zahawi left Sadam’s Iraq when he was 9 years old, and escaped to the safety of the UK.

    Now he’s a multi-millionaire racehorse owner, who scams the British taxpayer on a regular basis, and tells nurses that their measly salaries are too generous.

    He was even caught charging us to keep his horses warm!
    Fuck Zahawi – and the horses he rode in on!


    He’s the very personification of everything foul and corrupt in UK politics:

    And was upto to his neck in the UK Covid vaccine roll out.
    Pure Evil.

    Covid: Nadhim Zahawi appointed as vaccine rollout minister

    Oh, he’s intelligent alright.
    As in evil genius.

    “Know your enemy”

    John Day

    @Chooch: The problem with the $100 million suitcase moving around and freeing the millionaires from debt is derivatives exist on all that debt, at 100X the notional value of that debt, and are being paid and collected in such a complex way that nobody dare upset that apple cart. Also, they don’t trust each other, for good reason.

    That being said, derivatives will go bad when a loot of debt gets openly defaulted upon, and that house of cards will come down in $US-finance-land.

    The way the big banks can do a default is to go back onto a gold standard, after gold suddenly rises to 10X – 100X it’s current fiat-“value”. It has long been suppressed through “paper-gold” markets. Those are already diverging. People know the difference between physical and “notional” gold. A lot of gold has been taken for possession in the past 3 years.
    I’m sure we will see waves of shaking the gold out of private pockets, the first being the paper-gold exchanges going POOF! When the shakedowns have done their job, then western banking can join the BRICS “commodity-based-currency” game at those default-valuations of $US

    Dr D Rich

    General (former attorney-type) Eric Holder “prepares” the battlefield and it’s Civil War redux Trump arrest and indictment balances by Hunter Biden’s arrest and indictment.
    Eric didn’t mention ”dog zebra’.

    Sunday Talks, Former AG Says Biden Administration Positioned Resources to “Absorb” the Violence Created by Corrupt Political Indictment of President Trump – Trade Arrest of Hunter Biden for Arrest of President Trump and Play Blind Justice Game

    General Quarters! General Quarters!
    All hands (Forward and up to starboard, down and aft to port) Set condition ‘Zebra’
    Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war.

    Here we go!


    You are quite correct about gold Dr. John.

    However – the average stacker will not be allowed to profit from their gold holdings.
    Rather than make gold ownership illegal, a precious metal capital-gains tax surcharge will be applied when the moon shot eventually occurs as you describe.
    Imagine paying, say, a 98% precious metal capital-gains tax on your gold gains!

    Far better, in fact, to own silver – albeit bulky.
    Silver will perform like gold on steroids!

    Silver is the the ‘magical metal’ – the most light reflective metal, the most electrically conductive metal, the most heat conductive metal. And it doesn’t oxidize; although it does tarnish in the presence of SO2.

    And I’m sure you’re aware that silver has anti-microbial properties too – hence often used as a plating for surgical tools.

    Right now, in the UK, Gold and Silver Britannias and Sovereigns are CGT free as they are considered to be legal tender.




    ‘Actor and former NFL player Brad William Henke dies

    On November 29, 2022, actor Brad William Henke passed away in his sleep. He was only 56 years old.

    Double jabbed or triple jabbed, presumably.


    He sold us a Xmas tree. Learning the ropes, you might say. It was a startling delight and unearned honor to personally meet the Son of Santa


    Sweet Kenny

    Hey Cooch – where did the guy who had the 100 million get his money? We exist in a system that has to expand due to interest on debt. Your circle jerk of $100 million implies that the $100 million was never spent by anyone it was loaned to – it’s not oversimplified, it’s stupid. The money is GONE!! Only 4% of digital money exists in the form of assets – it’s over for good or bad – there comes a pale horse.


    Now we know how far the RNC RINOs are willing to go to prevent Trump from running again in 2024. Trump’s arrest is clearly in the cards (to protect Hunter Biden).

    The RNC are currently doing everything they can to prevent Herchel Walker from winning a senate seat in Georgia, including publically recommending Republican voters not vote for Walker.

    All of this is Mitch McConnell’s handiwork. Evil personified.


    DBS- at this point I play along- they send out sparkly invitations and I put on my party dress and wait with my fingers crossed. Either a candle gets lit on the cake, or someone grabs me by the ankles and slams me against the wall.
    So far, things have not gone well.


    A bad attempt at humor.

    A man looking to buy a cheap horse.
    Farmer says: “Horse no lookie so good”!
    Man buys the ragged looking horse anyways.
    The next day the man returns with the horse, wanting his money back.
    The man says to the farmer: “You sold me a blind horse”!
    Farmer says: ” I told you horse no lookie so good”!

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