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    Arkhip Kuindzhi Red Sunset on the Dnieper 1905-8 (see story below)   • What’s Wrong With The Hersh Report On The Nord Stream Attacks (Helmer) • O
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    “The worlds of journalism and sport have united to pay tribute to the acclaimed boxing writer Ron Lewis, who has died suddenly at the age of 54.”

    Have you ever heard of so many “died suddenly”?!




    Good Grief!

    Recommended Child and Adolescent Immunization Schedule for ages 18 years or younger



    Remember – we only get to hear of the famous who “died suddenly”.
    The thousands upon thousands of unknowns who just drop dead suddenly are are unreported.

    “Tragedy as young Aussie actress suddenly dies after starring in award-winning film: ‘We won’t ever forget your beautiful smile’ ”



    suffer, little children!
    mommy’s feeling blue.
    she shoulda had a pincushion-
    but all she’s got is you.

    The cdc had to do it to comfort and re-assure those who don’t want to know that TVASF.


    Google translate. Top flight football coach. The vaccine-to-Guillain-Barré link is well known. But not a word. Nobody told him.

    De Graafschap Trainer Adrie Poldervaart Is Struggling With Guillain-Barré Syndrome: ‘I Have A Rare Variant Of The Disease’

    De Graafschap-trainer Adrie Poldervaart ligt in het ziekenhuis met het Guillain-Barré Syndroom (GBS), een ziekte waarbij de spieren in de armen, benen en romp binnen enkele dagen of weken verzwakken. Paralysis may be one of the consequences of the disease, but it is still too early for that conclusion. Sensation can also change, often starting in the toes or fingers. The complaints can improve, but this often requires long-term rehabilitation. The 52-year-old trainer of De Graafschap spoke on the phone today with ESPN reporter Hans Kraay, who announced the news at Voetbal on Friday.

    “He wanted us to reveal this. So that he is not a trainer who ended up in the hospital overwrought because he takes too few points, but he therefore has Guillain-Barré Syndrome,” said Kraay, who briefly spoke on ESPN on behalf of Poldervaart. “I’m miserable, but I want you to tell people what’s wrong with me. Yesterday I had an MRI scan for my head, back and neck. That looked decent, but the nerves unfortunately don’t look good.


    Holy moley, NYC is crazy. Fingerprints of Unvaccinated NYC Teachers Flagged to FBI.


    “In 78 years, they never had a 15 year old who died from a heart attack. In December 2022, they had 1 a week for three weeks straight”

    “…normally they’d see 1 stillbirth/month pre-vaccine. After the vaccines rolled out, they were seeing as many as 12 stillbirths a month.”

    “A very experienced nurse I consulted had never even heard of a 15-year old with a heart attack in her entire career. Now, she hears of these cases on a regular basis.”

    “…pilot deaths at Southwest Airlines are up six-fold after the vaccines were mandated.”



    They will attempt any and every way to get the poison into you.

    If they can’t jab your arm, they will jab the food you eat!

    U.S. to test shots against bird flu outbreak, as Biden administration weighs poultry vaccinations


    Dr. D

    “Adidas Shares Crash over $1.3 Billion Pile of Unsold Yeezy Shoes”

    Took a while but: Get Woke, Go Broke, Kanye edition. Never did fully figure what Kanye is up to.

    “Single men, pray that one day, you will find a woman who looks at you the way these guys look at Zelensky.”

    Systemic racism of raccoons. And you thought I was kidding about replacing all words in the dictionary with “Racism”. They parody themselves.

    “Multiple people wonder why Hersh left the UK role out of his article.”

    The trouble with anonymous sources. Usually they are stupid and careless, just telling lies. In this case, they are dangerously clever. This goes to Luongo’s theory that others: WEF and London, position and use the NeoCons like puppets, making them chase the ball around the field like 5-year-olds. So again, it’s quite possibly true that the NeoCons, Biden, did set this up and blow it off. They DO have an IQ of 80. However, MI6 knew nothing about it? Didn’t provide (false) information that prodded them to do it? Didn’t shut down the sound of all opposition? Didn’t warn Germany? So who shut up Germany after who still claim not to know? If MI6 DIDN’T know, they should freak out, go nuclear over such a lapse, and all be fired. No. They knew.

    So who were Hersh’s “sources”? You can’t fault a reporter, he has to take what he can get, but his sources are bent, promoting their own agendas. Like Deep Throat, top CIA management, whose agenda was the voice of the whole CIA in assassinating (by reputation) and replacing ANOTHER very popular U.S. President. Similarly, his sources forget to mention Germany, MI6, WEF, all those people. It is ONLY the U.S. The U.S. is the ONLY villain. This is Luongo’s thesis. That way the U.S. takes the hit, gets attacked, ring fenced, boycotted eventually while London, Brussels and Basil all walk away wee poor innocent victims of the big, bad gun-happy Yanks. Uh-huh, whatever. Coughbulls—tCough.

    So I’m perfectly happy to remove everyone involved, if and especially if they’re Republicans. But I’m NOT willing to stop there, I want their bosses and ONLY their bosses.

    On the $300 Billion? The Fed told them not to do attack via SWIFT, and in fact they did it outside the Fed, surprising them. What does it mean that they are not allies on the same page? So what do they think of stealing $300B illegally, against international law, without due process?

    To me, this is perfect: cuts off the U.S. at all points of Empire and warns the world in the strongest terms to stop cooperating with Empire. If so, the Empire collapses and the United States remains. Because where else would we go? France? If I were the good guys, and they, the NeoCons asked me, in my Pentagon/Morgan Stanley office, “should we do this?” I would definitely tell them YES!!! Immediately and publicly, with banners and balloons. And I think they have. The faster the NeoCons and Empire fall, the better. The better for us the people sure but ain’t nobody cares about us: the better for the Army, and the better for Wall Street vs Central Bank world currencies.

    “On the Legal Question of Russia’s Military Intervention (Lauria) “

    “In Washington’s eyes, international law is merely an inconvenience that is dismissively shrugged off whenever There is no rule of law. It’s just something they make up now. If so, and it hasn’t been justly and evenly applied in 30 years, what is Russia supposed to do? He’s on “legal rules” and “rule of law” with a bent policeman, prosecutor, judge, and jury. I guess he takes that for granted coming from a country where that is now universal. 1400 days without a trial. Judicial board says recuse yourself from this and P.S. you have no case, and the D.C. judge ignores them and still doesn’t, continues attacking the President. All over. Every day.

    Me? I don’t care or have an opinion because it’s all Politics, not law, which follows in the court of world opinion, which apparently they have won that jury, or won enough.

    “China wants answers too.
    • US ‘Lying’ About Nord Stream Expose – Moscow (RT)

    China also happy to make an enemy of the U.S. and leave London/WEF safely in the shadows. I’d say that’s going perfectly. Especially as WEF/CCP have the same vision for the planet: everyone dead, everyone left treated as insects in an anthill.

    “What Funeral Directors Know that You Don’t (Kirsch) “

    As long as it’s only their children they’re killing, they don’t care. “It was worth it”. Denial ain’t a river. It’s starts with “them” and it always ends up doing it to “Us”. Like about abortion, now that YOU were your child’s murderer, you CAN’T admit it to yourself. You would die. This makes your Support and Stockholm Syndrome stronger, not weaker, or can. What I did just HAS to be right. It has to be. It can’t have been my stupid, careless, trusting negligence with leaving my daughter with that man.

    “Once inside, they use the cells’ machinery to produce a harmless piece of what is called the spike protein…”

    Stop right there. They knew from always that the spike was the dangerous part. Suppose I’m innoculating against tanks. Do I hand you the insignia, the silhouette, the lid, the turret? No. I hand you a truckload of the the live, radioactive depleted uranium explosives. You knew.

    Although muscle in theory (not in their product) would be limited, nothing in the body is limited or contained at all. It’s in the muscle capillaries, and therefore around the bloodstream in 5 heartbeats. Now if that were only inert, perhaps no matter, but anything that then becomes a factory, then wherever it lands becomes a long-term attack.

    two or three doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been recommended beginning with infants who are just six months old”

    What I said, 2-3 in 6 MONTHS? That is = 6 shots a YEAR? So 80 shots before you’re 15? C’mon. This stuff could be very very safe that that STILL be a very bad idea.

    And of course with one study on 8 mice. Well, so long as it’s only my kids I’m killing, sign me up! I need to be popular on Twitter!

    “James Baker, Vijaya Gadde, Yoel Roth, and Anika Collier Navaroli took the quasi-stand this week

    And Roth said “Allowing Free speech causes the end of Free Speech.” That’s why they need to stop free speech, to save it. No kidding and no surprise.

    Rep. Mace: What I said: Chad at Twitter is your Doctor now. Doctors are not allowed to have opinions. They cannot discuss, therefore they must all agree on what is true telepathically, using their insect-like mind meld. Meanwhile, out here in the real world, the only way Doctors can develop a consensus of what is true is by TALKING. Openly, with data, and VOLUNTARY persuasion.

    Imagine a world where things are voluntary. Voluntary exchange and trade. Voluntary association with others. Voluntary adoption of better-substantiated points of view. Anarchy, I’m sure. Do What You’re Told. That’s what the Queen Bee Exomorph says.

    ““never met a national politician in the U.S. who is so ill informed, evasive, puerile and deceptive as Trump.”

    Along with the lack of Sec 230, this is what stood out most to me in the hearing. They repeated Jan 6 ad naseum, where it was “deadly”, and “someone would get shot” generally referring to Trump’s “dangerous rhetoric”. “Deadly” how? We’re two years past, surely you have caught up with what did happen. It was dangerous to who? Zero people. In fact, the only person killed was a Protester, on the Right, who was shot by police that is the #Opposite of your supposition. Did you somehow not notice? You sit in the hearing and STILL say the same thing, not only that you mistakenly THOUGHT it was dangerous – while Antifa using the same “burn it all down/locked and loaded” rhetoric wasn’t dangerous at all, it’s love!, but also that you weren’t just mistaken, it actually WAS dangerous. I guess that was that time AOC got killed. 2 hours before the riot, in a stunning fit of political premonition. Also no comment on how THEY were the ones that shut down Trump’s account when he told the people to settle down and go home.

    So they still believe this. It’s sort of your blitzkrieg attack of the Left. Bring so many lies of so many flavors, you simply don’t have time and can’t address them all. Some break through and remain like the “J6 danger” one, and occupy mental territory.

    Again if they said, “Well, heat of the moment, it’s easy in hindsight” that would be a fair argument. They continue to talk as if these things were the 2nd charge at Bull Run, which is astonishingly opposite to all known reality, then and now.

    The other was not only them, but other Congressmen continuing with the “Muh Russia rigged the ‘16 elections” which has been retracted everywhere including MSNBC and the NY Times. No matter, just continue because reality is whatever I WANT it to be. And that works when enough of the AUDIENCE is also so immoral that THEY don’t care what the Truth is either. And they don’t. Well I can’t save us from ourselves.

    Wow, had not thought of: Use ChatAI to cruise the entire internet to police ChatAI. Wouldn’t that take an awful lot of CPU cycles though? So what response should you send them? GFY? “Cease and Desist”? I don’t talk to unreal beings who have no human rights nor are entitled to any? That could be a problem when they can tell it to initiate a lawsuit against you (without standing) for the price of electricity. Glad it appears to be fake.

    I’m not that into Canadian Prepper. I heard that stuff for years, nothing happened. So alarmist, doom porn, made to react to your “protection self”. Root chakra as it were. Which is a good self, and those things need to be done, but like any I don’t know, base level drug? Hitting it again and again leads to a sort of numbness and bent perception. Not that he can’t be right this time, AND I didn’t follow if he said nothing was going to happen when nothing happened the last 30 years. No one else I know did, and that’s a fail, so although engaging, I wandered away.

    Luongo had a useful take on this, where perhaps at first you just play any game: Monopoly, at the face level, like a child. That’s fine. However, as you go on and on you can and should, develop not only deeper levels but a sort of framework and language behind it. That is, whole books on strategy, approaches, statistics, the way chess theory goes. His example and a common one is the gold bugs “buy gold every day” which essentially as thoughtless as “buy stocks every day”. When was the last time the price rose? Or eg crypto? And what is the add? There are no markets; It’s all politics. And so it goes with the war, whether the war in Ukraine or the war against us; it’s all political. So like it or not, you have to go all political, inside baseball. Yuck. Why?

    But as I often say, since these are their plans, AND they have all the power, why aren’t they implemented yet? Because there is an opposing force. That force is not visible but I can discern it from the shape of defense the aggressor has had to take. Canadian Prepper has been at this a long time, but appears less aware of this force, and therefore we are all about to be overrun, every day for years. Yet we never are. And although prepping is a benefit and necessity, that’s still a fail.

    Clearly nobody appears to be right on this, or nobody I can find, but that’s why I remain somewhat cool to it. It’s a baseline that I need to add something much more too, and I have that baseline. But he is fully forthright, earnest, and well meaning.


    Here’s the right link to the NYC Teachers story. The unvax’ed teachers are flagged and reported to the FBI. NYC is crazy.

    Fingerprints of Unvaccinated NYC Teachers Flagged to FBI


    “found in bed”

    Days of Our Lives actor Cody Longo dead aged 34, leaving world of wife and three kids ‘shattered’

    Days of Our Lives actor Cody Longo dead aged 34, leaving world of wife and three kids ‘shattered’



    Putin enacted Article 51 of the UN charter when he announced his SMO against Ukraine – it was a legal military action.

    “In this regard, in accordance with Article 51 of Part 7 of the UN Charter, with the sanction of the Federation Council of Russia and in pursuance of the treaties of friendship and mutual assistance ratified by the Federal Assembly on 22 February this year with the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic, I decided to conduct a special military operation.”

    Full text: Putin’s declaration of war on Ukraine


    The Snowflakes are not even skilled enough to support themselves much less start a family.

    The Snowflakes are quintuple vaxed and useless as tits on a bull.

    The Snowflakes aren’t going to support their parents in old age, they will still live in the cellar in their 60’s


    The Snowflakes aren’t going to resuscitate you any time soon


    They’re too busy playing the flute


    They are on their own



    On the Covid Front

    Gasoline on the Flames

    Afshine Emrani MD FACC
    Feb 3

    Could a popular COVID-19 antiviral supercharge the pandemic? Does the anti-viral med cause more mutations? Great job “science”!

    Merck & Co.’s molnupiravir appears to be speeding evolution of SARS-CoV-2

    “A widely used COVID-19 drug may be driving the appearance of new SARS-CoV-2 variants, sparking concerns it could prolong and even reinvigorate the pandemic. The drug, molnupiravir, produced by Merck & Co., is designed to kill the virus by inducing mutations in the viral genome. A survey of viral genomes reported in a new preprint, however, suggests some people treated with the drug generate novel viruses that not only remain viable, but spread……”




    “If you think tough men are dangerous, wait until you see what weak men are capable of.”
    — @jordanbpeterson



    Dr.d: I’m not that into Canadian Prepper. I heard that stuff for years, nothing happened. So alarmist, doom porn, made to react to your “protection self”.

    I’ve been seeing some of the prepper stuff for years as well. All hype, selling fear to sell his shit at his site! Most of it useless in a real world collapse. Great fun if you have money to burn and time to go out in the woods and play with your new toys. Take a look at the shit for sale at the sites below, I’ve put a space between the : and // to keep it down. The freeze dried foods are mind numbing, how much of that shit could you carry away in a hurry? Try seeds, less room, less weight and will make more than one meal from a mass of less than one pack of freeze dried shit. Remember he’s predicting a nuclear holocaust so you will need more than a few days worth of grub. Try the tool section and again how much could you carry? Then there is the first aid section, go a head and browse it! Pick the items you think might be needed and put it all in a back pack, now throw that assault rifle over your shoulder and the eight hundred rounds of ammo and jog off in the general direction of where you think the wilderness starts! He’s selling fear just like all the rest and is banking on you to provide him with a living for that snake oil. You want to prep, learn a practical skill that doesn’t require electricity. Needle point, leather working, hide tanning, black smithing without gas or electric, yes you can weld steel even without coal it’s called charcoal which can be made in your outdoor fire pit for your new outdoor forge. How to find medicinal herbs and such in the wild. To name a few things that would be of value, that is what real prep is for the coming contraction. Also getting to know folks in your area that already have some skills that would show you how, best if it is voluntary on both sides. Altruistic is always better, if you can find it.

    154,926 views Feb 10, 2023
    CANADIAN PREPPERS STORE / Premium Survival/ Emergency Equipment
    https: //

    Gasmasks and Protective Equipment
    https: //…

    Emergency Food Supplies

    Survival Tools


    No electricity for you!


    Definition of lawyer up. : to obtain the services of a lawyer especially while being investigated for possible wrongdoing. Craft a narrative which promotes their goals and preferences. These assumptions are made on insinuations and ‘guilt by association’ logic, rather than clear-cut proof.

    • What’s Wrong With The Hersh Report On The Nord Stream Attacks (Helmer)

    • On the Legal Question of Russia’s Military Intervention (Lauria)

    • Stuff You Should Know About Ukraine (Mike Whitney)

    • The US Takes The Scandal Global And Turns It Into A Tool (Fomenko)

    • A Star is Born! (Jim Kunstler)
    we have a pretty good idea how the Nord Stream caper went down. For a year before the op, “Joe Biden” and Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland — architect of the 2014 Maidan Coup in Ukraine, which kicked-off the present fiasco there — blabbed about “ending” the Nord Streams. Curiously, the Germans said nothing.
    The White House has denounced Hersh’s report as “utterly false and complete fiction.” Zakharova noted that Denmark and Sweden had refused Russian offers to assist with the investigation, while Norway declined to provide aid citing EU sanctions, adding that this shows the three governments were not interested in finding out the truth, but rather covering it up.

    Read more …

    • CDC Adds COVID-19 Vaccines to Child Immunization Schedule (ET)

    The 2023 COVID-19 vaccine recommendation for kids and adults is included among other typically-recommended vaccines for measles, flu, rubella, and so on.
    “While I thought impossible for @CDCgov to lose anymore credibility—they decide to do this despite growing studies showing declining efficacy, no net benefit for majority of immunocompetent” individuals, anesthesiologist Megan Martin said in a Feb. 10 tweet.

    Read more …
    Remember –
    1. we only get to hear of the famous who “died suddenly”.
    The thousands upon thousands of unknowns who just drop dead suddenly are unreported.

    2. we only get to hear of the famous who “ got sick and almost died suddenly”.
    The thousands upon thousands of unknowns who are unreported.




    Yet another study showing efficacy of IVM.

    MedinCell announces positive results for the SAIVE clinical study in prevention of Covid-19 infection in a contact-based population

    ” …met its primary efficacy endpoint with a reduction of 72% of COVID-19 infection in the group treated with daily oral administration of ivermectin compared to the placebo group.”

    And to think, the death vaxx doesn’t prevent infection!


    those darned kids

    the lion looks like he’s hacking up a hairball.

    buster keaton:


    Brainwashed into believing the truth.


    Somewhat altered lyric al excerpt:

    Ninety-nine Chinese balloons
    Floating in the summer sky
    Panic bells, it’s red alert
    There’s something here from somewhere else
    The war machine springs to life
    Opens up one eager eye
    Focusing it on the sky
    Where ninety-nine Chinese balloons go by

    Ninety-nine decision street
    Ninety-nine ministers meet
    To worry, worry, super scurry
    Call the troops out in a hurry
    This is what we’ve waited for
    This is it, boys, this is war
    The president is on the line
    As ninety-nine Chinese balloons go by.


    Doom porn? I gotcher doom porn!

    I don’t know who Steve Quayle is, but this comes via Rense:




    Don’t worry, though. Russia will announce the strike 72 hours ahead of use of nukes.

    Keep yer car gassed up! Enjoy the traffic jam!
    I request that we now proceed to live in boring times. Interesting times suck.


    Roth, Gadde, and Navaroli were considered the “custodians of the internet,” Roth…. “The work of online sanitation is unrelenting and contentious,” Twitter’s former head of “trust and safety” lamented. “In the longer term,” Roth warned, “the moderating influences of advertisers, regulators and, most critically of all, app stores may be welcome for those of us hoping to avoid an escalation in the volume of dangerous speech online.”
    “Defending free expression and maintaining the health of the platform required difficult judgment calls,” claimed Gadde…. “Most applications of Twitter rules were fact-intensive, subject to internal debate, and needed to be made very quickly. We recognized that after applying those rules, we might learn that some of them did not work as we had imagined and that we would need to update them. At times, we also reversed course.”

    This is not similar to totalitarianism, this is totalitarianism as described by Hannah Arendt. Many simply want to believe that the perpetrators of totalitarian movements/regimes are all knowingly, purposefully doing evil. (This is why some denounce Matthias Desmet for daring to describe the Covid policies as a part of a natural process of group psychology rather than denouncing the entire apparatus as “evil.” Although, Desmet certainly did let the notoriety go to his head and made some embellishing statements — like the no-anesthesia heart surgery that he claims to have watched that apparently never took place.). The reality that Arendt uncovered is that the insiders of totalitarian regimes most often are not irredeemably evil, rather, they have fallen under the influence of a pernicious, all-encompassing ideology that has warped the way that they think into antisocial paths. Does this mean that they are innocent, because they did not intend harm? No, it does not. They are adults and bear responsibility for their actions, whether or not their thinking has been hijacked by an evil ideology.


    On NS2 blow-up. Going back in time, before Sy. H. article, which may add some info.

    Ralph Bosshard, a Swiss expert, wrote a piece about it, which I read in F, on a site of a F political party, i.e. the info was well-known.

    An eng. trans was published at “La Rouche Co.” Oct. 2002.

    There has been chatter about a ‘previous’ anon whistleblower. Origins here:

    Other. NS2 was built by a company lodged in Zug, Switz. called *Nordstream* (confusing..) and sometimes in the media ‘NS2.’ In late Feb 2022, it filed for bankruptcy.

    About 120 employees were fired, no social plan, the Co. was insolvent.

    The director was Matthias Warnig, the pres. of the board was G. Schroeder (ex. D Chancellor.)

    Co. owned by:

    Gazprom – Russia, 50% plus one share, or 51%, thus having a controlling interest.

    Other half, equal parts held (afaik):

    Uniper – D
    Wintershell DEA – D
    OMV – Austria
    Engie – France
    Shell – GB

    Russian and European companies were heavily invested and lost all.




    In the vid. linked with a pic, go to 5 min 27 secs.


    @Germ, have you (or anyone else here) had a look at Taylor’s twitter? Wow. Just WOW. Is it real?

    We really are all living in two completely separate universes. Now I know why there are still a few people I work with that walk around with masks on all day.

    Dr. D

    Quayle is epic doom and has been for decades. Like most of them, though, a number of his predictions were right. Did it help or matter tho?

    I guess the important thing is the knowledge that separates men from the boys. But that’s not something you can buy or replace and only time can make it. Look into people who actually did what you imagine might happen. What does Lira need, living in a war zone? Cigarettes and money. Until suddenly he needs infinitely more. What did FerFal need in falling Argentina? To GTFO, gold and a passport. In Sarajevo, where they couldn’t? It depends, but bullets and canned goods are a start, his family plus a lot of good luck, but they’d have been better with gold for a border guard. The knowledge lets you make a stove – which you don’t have – out of a tin can without burning down the apartment block. It tells you when to take time boiling water and when not to. Which foods to eat first and not to. In Sarajevo they were living in apartment blocks – only that just like Kherson or Turkey right now, there were no walls, no window, no doors and no heat. Kind of changes what you mean by “survival”. Most “Survival” is really just the Great Depression on Fast forward.

    His gear is useful enough, but only in narrow situations and that’s better than usual. The key thing for gear is that it’s not fragile. Usually. That erases almost everything made in the last 50 years right off. You can almost always better use the money than the gear. Sure titanium is ideal, but I can get a boiling cup from WalMart for $20 and save the other $60 for food and rent. That’s a week of meals. No one will steal it because it’s essentially junk and that can save both my stress and my life.

    I could gear up there and be happy, no doubt, but maybe smarter at the hardware, grocery, and quik-e-mart. Took years to be able to do that, and to baseline my life with solid, durable things that are better values because they last. I’ll bet the Canadians know.

    Top besides money are a working car, good door locks, daily health and security. “Survival” is usually more of the same as daily life.

    “Jump down the shelters to get away
    The boys are cockin’ up their guns
    Tell us general, is it party time?
    If it is, can we all come?

    Don’t think that we don’t know
    Don’t think that we’re not trying
    Don’t think we move too slow
    It’s no use after crying

    Saying it’s a mistake
    It’s a mistake

    After the laughter has died away
    And all the boys have had their fun
    No surface noise now, not much to say
    They got the bad guys on the run

    Don’t try to say you’re sorry
    Don’t say he drew his gun
    They’ve gone and grabbed old Ronnie
    He’s not the only one

    Saying it’s a mistake
    It’s a mistake

    Tell us, commander, what do you think?
    ‘Cos we know that you love all that power
    Is it on then, are we on the brink?
    We wish you’d all throw in the towel

    We’ll not fade out too soon
    Not in this finest hour
    Whistle your favourite tune
    We’ll send a card and flower

    ‘Coz it’s a mistake.



    @ Kassandra

    Covid has evolved – it used to be a systemic, disseminated, vascular, coagulopathy.

    It is now simply a mental disorder.



    ‘a very significant adverse weather event’:

    I commented to a friend that such events should be celebrated. He was a little surprised.

    I pointed out that such events, such so-called ‘one in a hundred year’ events -that now occur every year or several times a year- will bring down the corrupt political-economic system via repeated destruction occurring faster than ‘The Empire of Lies can utilise energy and resources attend to that destruction.

    As long as The Empire of Lies remains in power and remains on its present trajectory -at war with Nature and at war with the people of the land- As long as it continues to exist, The Empire of Lies will continue to damage both the Earth and the people who live on it.

    We know The Empire of Lies cannot be reformed, nor stopped [by human intervention] because it has complete control over the minds of the bulk of the populaces of the various Airstrips and even a degree of control over the minds of some who comment on TAE. That said, nations that are less contaminated with the lies of empire will put an end to some of The Empire of Lies international antics.

    The Empire of Lies will eventually be brought down by declining energy availability, declining EROEI, declining availability of resources and the increased energy costs of acquiring resources, the effects of the accumulation of waste in the biosphere, Planetary Overheating, the unravelling of fake fiat currencies, and the proliferation of diseases that proliferate when humans and animals are packed too densely into concentration camps etc.

    Collapse is a process, rather than an event. The process has been underway for decades (arguably centuries or even millennia) and is accelerating.

    It’s all a bit tricky, since most of us are dependent on The Empire of Lies for the bulk of the food we eat.

    I know a very nice person who sincerely believes in ‘suppressed energy technology’ -Tesla and all that- and believes that ‘Med Beds’ exist, whereby matter can be disintegrated and reconstructed.

    Too much Twilight Zone.

    Too much Dr Who.

    Too much Star Trek.

    On the matter of Canadian Prepper, today’s comments highlight the danger of providing warnings about what is likely to happen. When it doesn’t happen, or happens on a different time, scale people immediately declare; “You’re just Chicken Little, telling everyone the sky is falling when it isn’t.”

    Been there. Done that. Learned to keep my mouth shut, even though my analysis is the best possible at the time with the information available.


    Covid Crisis Actors –

    Of course if these actors or their Cult Leader Pushers were to be vax injured or suddenly die from “…” coincidence. I would gloat, celebrate and dance on their f’n graves.

    Vaccine apologists- go get a booster yourself and force everyone you love to Vax Up. You are part of the problem and you suck as a human being. Think !

    Hang Em High – CDC, WHO, WEF, Pharma, Political, MSM SCUM


    Yeah- Mr “few truths” loses serious credibility linking Canadian Poopers Doom Porn garbage.

    Think if you can, if not stfu and try again.


    Interesting. Russia has demonstrated to capacity to destroy the foundations of the only bridge that was allowing fuel supplies to be brought in from Romania and to wreck any other bridge they choose to target.

    Also, Russia is open to negotiations, knowing that NATO will refuse to negotiate, after which Russia ramps up the pain dial again.



    @ citizenx – we had many crisis actors in the UK doing similar things too.

    It was all a military grade psy-op.
    All. Of. It.

    The world has been poisoned, for profit – and a whole lot more!

    The popcorn’s gonna Pop!



    Minute 24. Shameless declaration that people suffering the effects of the earthquake should not be helped because they are Syrian:


    Note: Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.02.11 does not like to tell about Russian failures and about loss of Russian lives.


    Scotland is having the worst Influenza outbreak of the last 10 years

    Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome



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