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    John Vachon Beer signs on truck, Little Falls, Minnesota 1940   • Fed: From Lender Of Last Resort To Destroyer Of American Wealth (DDMB) • “There
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    V. Arnold

    DDMB’s comment re: high cotton, gave me a chuckle.
    I was remembering a saying I heard many decades ago; when a person was doing well financially they were said; “to be shitting in tall cotton.”


    People seeking refugee status have been pouring over the Canada-U.S. border…


    Mountains and gullies are not enough.
    It’s time to build a wall made of … Signs saying,”Follow arrows to easy crossing”…. Snowbanks from snow storms?! … Cedar hedge?! …. A string of emergency shelters?!

    Diogenes Shrugged

    The protesters at Standing Rock are up against a much larger monster than an oil pipeline.

    (Watch to the end, if you can.)

    Fundamentally, there is much more at stake here than the imposition of an oil pipeline. Standing Rock represents another pivotal opportunity for the human race to challenge its subjugation, but most of humanity will abandon that opportunity in hopes that a handful of Native Americans can manage it all for us.

    Having seen it twice, I can’t recommend that entire video highly enough. No other video has ever opened my eyes so wide. An absolute must-see for anybody who remembers the Kennedy assassination, and for those who never felt that psychopathy provided a sufficient explanation for elite behaviors.

    V. Arnold

    Diogenes Shrugged

    I watched almost 3 hours of your video link.
    99% of the “history” I have been long familiar with; but from other sources.
    What ran in the back of my mind the whole time is the 911 gambit proscribed by the author, which I categorically reject.
    Some of the JFK stuff was a bit iffy as well.
    I’m a firm practitioner of critical thinking and frankly; it didn’t pass the smell test.
    But thanks for your effort.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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