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    Salvador Dali The ghost of Vermeer of Delft which can be used as a table 1934   • US Housing Market In Freefall As New Buyers Can’t Afford A Home
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    V. Arnold

    Salvador Dali The ghost of Vermeer of Delft which can be used as a table 1934

    Holy shit! I love that painting; what wit; what bravado, what hutzpah!
    What utter vision…

    John Day

    Eleni T, an Athenian of ancient family, has translated to English, the essay by a French Colonel, commander of artillery of NATO coalition forces in Syria, which was referenced in the Moon of Alabama article I posted 2/20/19. In it, the olonel assesses the coalition strategy and tactics, and how they played out with the political forces at work with the American President and his campaign promises.

    This essay has ceased to be available online, but I copy what she has sent me, with thanks to Eleni and to Colonel François-Régis Legrier

    Battle of Hajin: tactical victory, strategic defeat?

    Colonel François-Régis Legrier

    Head of the 68th Artillery Regiment of Africa. commanding officer Wagram Task Force Levant from October 2018 to February 2019.

    Author of: If you want peace, prepare the war for Via Romana Publishing.;postID=6635908436494017917;onPublishedMenu=template;onClosedMenu=template;postNum=0;src=link

    Dr. D

    “People aged 65-74: A$566,000 wealthier in 2015-16 than the same age group was 12 years earlier.”

    It’s worse than that, at least here. Only the fraction of 65-74 who are stock and homeowners gained anything. The rest of the retirees tread water or fall behind with the rest of us. But it’s not for them: it’s a side-effect of the wealth transfer from everyone to Wall Street and K-Street insiders.

    “Corbyn, it should be noted, is the first leader of a major British party to explicitly prioritise the rights of Palestinians over Israel’s continuing belligerent occupation of the Palestinian territories. Luciana Berger, a Jewish MP who has highlighted what she sees as an anti-semitism problem under Corbyn, led the charge,”

    So MPs represent Israel now? When do they represent the West Midlands? As long as there’s a thing called “sovereignty”, it’s kind of none of your/our business. That’s why they want to outlaw sovereignty, so everything on planet earth can be our business, and we can feel justified bombing and invading everywhere. Oh, and while ignoring the same atrocities going on at home as we erase citizenship and expel 172,000 Windrush immigrants from the west bank of the Thames and let Grenfell go up in flames.

    “FBI Lawyer Reveals Infiltration in Trump Campaign (ET)”

    The amazing thing is, they openly admit it over and over. And the opposing party says, “Yeah the President should totally have the power to wiretap Candidate Warren and Harris’ phones six layers deep and infiltrate Bernie’s campaign because as our friend McCabe says, although the President has no evidence, they MIGHT be under the influence of lizard people from Mars.” This I do not understand. Either the President and FBI can infiltrate and turn democratic campaigns at will or they can’t. I say they can’t, and I think John Hancock would agree. But the FBI is SO out of line, SO blatant, they can’t even understand that approving/rejecting, supporting/removing the elected government is wrong. That it’s against the Law, against the Constitution, against democracy, and against all moral premise. Here we are, 2019, 56 years since Kennedy said he would scatter the CIA/Deep State to the winds, and they actually think THEY are the government, and they simply allow or deny elections as a thin window dressing to a monarchy that is actually theirs. So much, for so long, they’ve now forgotten they’re supposed to PRETEND elections are real, they way they do in the rest of the world. But wait: 60% of the nation can’t tell either! To them, whoever screws them hardest is in charge, the only law that exists is the law of raw power, and we obey it because there haven’t been actual rules in years, only the justice of money and influence. So what is the FBI to them? Crooked cops do what they want and voting means nothing? McCabe ain’t telling them anything new. So what?

    But a nation and an economy cannot survive if it has no rules, no trust, and no property rights, and that’s where we are now.

    Incidentally, another blog had suggested insects aren’t in total decline, but largely only in the eco-deserts of fields and farms where pesticides are used. It may also have a cumulative effect we’re not aware of (see DDT). I haven’t run down this idea, but it would be interesting if true. True or not, the instant solution is the same: stop pesticides, add hedgerows and Shinto bio-sanctuaries.


    Here is your dream answer

    Moderating home prices combined with gains in household income will boost housing affordability, bringing more buyers to the market in the coming months.”

    borrow cash against their homes,

    people aged 65-74 were on average A$566,000 wealthier
    (paper wealth)
    compares with just A$38,000 for the 25-34 age group
    (too poor to be able to buy a house)
    Stop suing the banks. Sue their execs instead.
    • Philadelphia Sues Seven Big Banks For Bond Collusion (RT)
    Plaintiffs in those four lawsuits are seeking to recover over $1 billion in fees
    Lets see if I understand.
    The tax payers paid $1 billion

    The $1 billion got spent by the bank execs

    Therefore collect another $1 billion from the tax payers
    • FBI Lawyer Reveals Infiltration In Trump Campaign (ET)

    What made you think that your vote had an influence in who is running the gov. .
    The rich and the powerful would not dilute their position by allowing you any wealth and power.
    • Hungary Takes ‘Hundreds Of Venezuelan Refugees With Hungarian Ancestry’ (Ind.)
    “They, like any other Hungarian, have a right to return home.
    (with their accumulated stolen wealth)



    It is hard to think about 60-70’s album covers and not have Dali to come to mind.
    Retirement in the west with care free lifestyle depicted in travel and senior living brochures is just that for the most, a glossy pictures. Some are looking for the options abroad, where immigrants are in better position in doing “unthinkable” and go back to the country of origin, live relatively comfortable on SS and still have the money to visit kids and grand kids once a year (so far, that is).

    V. Arnold

    Monoculture ‘R’ Us. You add it all up, the soil is poisoned, the food is poisoned, vertebrates are disappearing, insects are going gone, and how much longer for the human species?

    Russia will not allow GMO seeds or crops to be grown on Russian soil.
    Putin himself has been adamant on this subject and given Russia is the largest country on the planet, this is significant.
    Organic farming is a priority as well.
    Being also the largest exporter of wheat; I’d be curious how or what their farming methods entail speciffically for that crop..

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