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    Jackson Pollock Male and female 1942   • House Votes To Impeach Trump For ‘Insurrection’ (RT) • Twitter CEO Defends Banning Trump But Says It Was
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    V. Arnold

    Jackson Pollock Male and female 1942

    That’s quite a work.
    I wonder; did he (Pollock) understand his painting?

    John Day

    Facebook is dinged FOR NOT CENSORING HARD ENOUGH!
    Do you see where this is going rapidly?
    Their failure was in letting regular people coordinate their trips for a peaceful political protest.
    “Facebook Played Major Role Coordinating ‘Capitol Riot’ As Sandberg Deflects Blame”

    John Day

    When we bike toured the South Island about this time 15 years ago, we hung out on some rocks by the ocean with some sea lions. They were ok, and so were we.

    John Day

    Michael Hudson closed with this, which is a critical consideration:
    HUDSON: A Centrist is somebody who looks at all problems as being marginal, not structural and so you can only have a little change. So a centrist is a right wing, neoliberal supporter of the financial sector and implicitly anti-labor and anti-industry. A centrist is someone who doesn’t want any change in the system and just goes with the status quo. Because they can’t imagine that every economy tends to polarize naturally between wealthy people at the top impoverishing the 99% at the bottom. And the centrist doesn’t realize that. A centrist thinks that economies tend to move towards equality and equilibrium. And the reality is economies move towards this dis-equilibrium, polarization and then there’s a crash. Polarization and then there’s a crash. But a centrist says: don’t do anything at all. So essentially you should just stand aside and let Obama and Biden and the rest standby while the financial sector monopolizes the economy and impoverishes it.

    John Day

    Michael Yon, war correspondent, compares his experience at the Washington Riot, up front with ANTIFA agents provocateur in Washington DC last week, to his long experience with Hong Kong protesters. He details Hong-Kong-tactics ANTIFA adopted.

    Dr. D

    Added to the long posts yesterday.

    So much wrong with Hudson, I’ll spare you. It’s like every sentence. But it’s easy to tell when his conclusion is “Moderates and Centrists = violent terrorizing extremists” A ≠ A

    Also even in his own sentences, as all logic on earth seems to be suspended, he says, “government is necessary and critical to fix this / Government is the cause of all these things breaking.”

    Pick one. I have to pick one: so do you. I pick that only government has the guns to enforce monopolies, and once you have government power large enough to do this, it’s guaranteed that the wealthy will hijack and direct government to make 100% monopolies and 0% competition. Competition. Bankruptcy. You know: Capitalism. His answer: more government. Because of course the rich don’t now / never will control government to get even more as we spiral into a complete merger of corporation-and-state authoritarianism we see in the last 24 hours. Nope! Not like that at all. I’m seeing things.

    It’s just too much to get into.


    Circus of impeachment parade yesterday, shaky emotional voices coached by night before call: “You know what to say. Right?” if ever was the one. DC – Hollywood for the, not only physically, ugly people indeed.

    Based just of direction of immigration flow, in all post war decades, one can comfortably say that capitalism had an upper hand over it’s counterpart. So why kick the opponent who is already on the ground? Why, right after the FDR death, and somehow by miracle of a perfect timing “Atlas shrugged” surfaced into day light, followed by McCarthy craze? All culminating in the end, eighties, where Rambo was slaughtering Soviets in droves and “Gulag archipelago” declared the best book written, ever. Why constant drumbeat: Stalin. Mao, Stalin, Mao? Because in “socialism overall package there is that little nasty seed that Michael Hudson (and Ricardo over century ago) is talking about. While promoting the glory of “better mousetrap inventor”, power entity was all this time really protecting rentier, easy money class which today, we can say it, almost has a full control.

    Always looking for Arnold’s art comment out of sheer curiosity. As they say in my country: One who sings (or making genuine effort to “get” art, as in this case) has no evil thoughts.

    John Day

    ​Video analysis of ANTIFA agents provocateur setting up the circumstances which directly led to the shooting death of Ashli Babbit. A lot of specific video was taken, and is analyzed with identification of individual provocateurs and their actions before, during and after her shooting.​

    ​ ​What did Pelosi and McConnell know of the planned attack on the US Capitol before the House impeached President Trump for inciting violence?
    ​ ​President Trump was blamed for the siege of the US Capitol last Wednesday, however the FBI confirmed the attack was planned several days in advance.
    ​ ​Investigative reporter John Solomon dropped a bombshell on Wednesday night and said the DC police rejected his FOIA request for records pertaining to their investigation of the siege of the U.S. Capitol.
    ​ ​The DC police said release of the records would be ‘personally embarrassing’ and privacy-invading.

    DC Police Reject FOIA Request For Records Related to Their Probe of Siege of Capitol – Insider Leaked Maps, Internal Docs to Help Assist Rioters Navigate Building

    ​Everybody’s asking “Is 2021 an Echo of 1641?”​ , Charles Hugh Smith has the story
    ​ ​The reason why history rhymes is that humanity is still using Wetware 1.0 and so humans respond to scarcity, abundance and conflicts over them in the same manner.
    ​ ​I am struck by similarities between the conflict-torn mid-1600s and the present: global climate change (The Little Ice Age in the 1600s), political upheavals and wars which intertwined civil and imperial conflicts. Global Crisis: War, Climate Change and Catastrophe in the 17th Century is a fascinating overview of this complex era which disrupted regimes and empires from England to China.
    ​ ​Climate change (The Little Ice Age) generated scarcities of grain in a time of burgeoning human populations. As in the present day, everyone assumed ample harvests would continue forever–expanding abundance is the New Normal. Alas, Nature is not a steady-state system and cycles are not tamed by our desire for ever-expanding abundance.
    ​ ​Humans respond to scarcity by assessing who’s getting the biggest pieces of the shrinking pie. When hunger begets desperation, various dynamics are set into motion as those without agency and capital, i.e. political and financial power do whatever they can to get enough to survive while those holding the majority of political and financial power, jockey to maintain or expand their power.

    ​Bringing America together: ​CNN’s Don Lemon: If You Voted For Trump, You’re With The Klan, The Nazis, & The Rioters

    ​2021 May be the Year that the World Loses Confidence in the Dollar
    (It’s sure hard to know when the trap door will fall out and all of the bypass channels will take over in the global economy)​

    2021 may be the year that the world loses confidence in the dollar

    Mr. House

    Here is an interesting question for you:

    How does someone get covid after getting a vaccine that doesn’t have covid in it? Is the MRNA causing your body to make covid?

    Mr. House
    Dr. D

    As predicted. 1st Day of the 1st one and the first talks:


    “But what about SECOND Impeachment?” “I don’t think he cares about second impeachment, Pip.” Hahahahahaha. I don’t know about you, but we’re all having a great time.

    And because, logic is dead, at the same time reporters say “You don’t just shrug this off” NBC reports: “You just shrug this off.”

    “He unknowingly had Covid-19. Now his blood contains rare antibodies.”

    Yes, with your family, you CAN shrug it off. OR you can get injured. Which is why you need to prioritize high health, get outside, go to the gym: love, laugh, be happy. Oh wait, all outlawed. And use HCQ, and Ivermectin. Also outlawed. …Total coincidence, of course. And it’s not like the lockdown states are all worse than the free states…what’s that? They all are? But in any case, we’re all going to keep getting it, this is admitted, today in an article by Merck, so no point in any lockdown, economy, division, and there never was.

    As said the 1st day. “But what about SECOND lockdown?” “I don’t think the people care about second lockdown, Pip.”

    “Trump was blamed for the siege of the US Capitol “ There was a siege? When? Can you show me the pictures? “I don’t think that word mean what you think it mean.”

    “A siege is a military blockade of a city, or fortress, with the intent of conquering by attrition, or a well-prepared assault. This derives from Latin: sedere, lit. ‘to sit’. Siege warfare is a form of constant, low-intensity conflict characterized by one party holding a strong, static, defensive position.”

    But “We create our own reality now” and all the definitions made up as-we-go, right Merriam-Webster? When you’re on the side of Karl Rove, you’re on the side of the angels for sure.

    “If You Voted For Trump, You’re With The Klan, The Nazis, & The Rioters” AntiFa. Logic. Got it.

    madamski cafone

    @ Raul

    “A good thing if you’re a vaccine maker?!”

    Yes, but maybe also the first death knell for the vaccine industry since this isn’t a vaccine and it doesn’t work?

    “Why does the US have so many neocon women in high places?”

    Because, while men are crazy about going at each other in identity groups like armies and sports teams, women are inherently more ruthless at the core. In nature, perhaps the only species where a bull male will take on a female with cubs when she’s had enough, is the gorilla: the male grabs her youngest infant and smashes its head on a rock.

    Message: I can protect your kids or kill your kids. Which will it be?

    We have ample gorilla DNA in our immediate genetic inheritance backline. Men do this all the time. Women submit to this bullshit all the time. I blame neither of them: it’s in their genes.

    “Happy is the one who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks.” Pslam 137.9

    Some women long for a man with a big dick. Understandable. I longed ror a woman with a big baseball bat who knows how to use it. Fate gave me the ex Mrs. Sherburn.

    Honey Hush

    Poor Mr. Sherburn. He confused a big dick with a baseball bat:

    Well, come in this house, stop all that yakety-yak
    Come in this house, stop all that yakety-yak
    ‘Cause your sugar daddy don’t want no talkin’ back
    You keep on a-tellin’, talking ’bout this and that
    You keep on a-talkin’, talking ’bout this and that
    I got news for you, you ain’t nothing but an alleycatTurn off the waterworks baby, they don’t move me no-more
    Turn off the waterworks baby, they don’t move me no-more
    When I leave this time, I ain’t com’ back no-more
    Honey hush! Oow!I said come in this house, stop all that yakety-yak
    Come on in this house woman, stop all that yakety-yak
    Don’t make me nervous, I’m holdin’ a baseball bat
    Well it’s a hi-ho, hi-ho silver
    A hi-ho, a hi-ho silver, hi-ho, a hi-ho silver
    Hi-ho, hi-ho silver
    Hi-ho, hi-ho silver away

    Wasn’t he surprised?!

    Sometimes but not often, a cover is as good or better than the original:

    Hi Yo Silver


    Dr Day, that vid. – M. Yon, was interesting, merci.

    On the moment, i looked at some vid. clips of the Storming of the Capitol (so-called) and my first impressions was ‘very photo op’, some really suspicious details (not the guards letting ppl in, that is ‘other’) ..

    But then pretty much all protests / angry crowd .. collective scenes are photo ops, in the sense that the participants, today, are aware that they are participating in a ‘show’ that will be photographed, filmed, etc. and that is the point, what they crave .. By their mates moreover…ppl present beside them.. amongst others…

    (In the past 25 years or so there have been ‘show’ protests that are pure ‘show’ – the organisors, and participants, make money – the protestors pander to the media, have no real cause. FEMEN is a typical ex. Pussy Riot maybe – Idk much about them.)

    What the vid. does not address is that ppl are paid to participate, act. Many protestors (and agent-provocateurs) are semi-profesionals doing Ok paid temp gigs, they take contracts, like ‘extras’ for movies. This financial circuit is not investigated.

    Anecdote, from my personal knowledge, from ppl I know.

    The protestors in the Maidan (before the showdown, Ukraine) were paid between 7 and 20 Euros a day, Excellent pay.

    Young women who joined the White Helmets (yes they had / have a women-brigade, for photo ops mostly, Syria) were paid 200 Euros a month, as a fixed salary.

    Femen protest photo, *warning!* topless

    Syrian White Helmets women photo, well covered up.

    a kullervo

    An everlasting intoxication, a forever high on righteousness and revenge, that’s what living in Paradise is all about while others burn in Hell.

    Can you spot the difference between current politics and Christian beliefs?

    D Benton Smith

    This fight is the big one you’ve all been waiting for, so dreadfully, and for so long.
    A small yet clearly visible and powerful group of Democrat Party top leadership, Tech giants and Military Industrial Corruptocrats have just carried out stunningly aggressive attacks on the President of the United States, and millions of his law abiding supporters
    The Dems are accused of executing the most brazenly fraudulent election in history , followed by hyperbolic claims that correcting, challenging or even freely discussing the possibility of election fraud were horribly unlawful punishable offenses.
    Did I say that well enough ? I’m saying that in transparent service to a self-admitted hostile foreign power (China), Democrat Party politicians and leaders illegally rigged the U.S. Presidential election, and then immediately made it literally illegal to accuse them of the crime. It is now a punishable offense to claim or publish evidence of the crime, or even discuss the subject of the crime to anyone in any setting at any time. Or so the opponents say, and those opponents are in positions to exert legal, financial, technical and physical force with or without any further permissions from you for that authority.
    It is no longer even necessary to communicate one’s opinion that fraud may have taken place and should be investigated. Merely wondering if it might be true is now , literally, a criminal act. Law abiding citizens are being arrested and charged at this very moment .
    In openly coordinated action the Main Stream media and Big Tech companies (Google, Twitter, Facebook and Amazon) conspired to immediately and simultaneously deprive the President and his tens of millions of supporters of access to the public communications platforms they controlled , in unambiguously intentional violation of their Constitutional right to free speech. These are enormous and egregious crimes against the nation itself, because they obliterate the most basic ( in fact essentially necessary ) of the fundamental human rights which make America a democratic republic in the first place: the right to know and share vital information.
    Considering that Democracy is literally founded on the principal of giving everyone a voice in discussing and deciding issues, it is pretty crazy to make that same process of democratic discussion and decision to be an act of treason. Yet that is precisely what they have done.
    How crazy will their next “solution” be ? Well, I’m saddened and horrified to predict that , based on their previous solutions, their next solution will be to use lethal force to prevent thought and communication and evidence of election fraud from being seen or exchanged by anyone.
    But, you say, that’s too crazy to believe ! No one will do that !
    To which I say, ” Of course they will do . How silly to say otherwise because they are doing it, right now, at this very moment. And they are ramping it up with maximum haste. Why so fast ? Because they know that if they fail to stop the discussion about election fraud then they shall lose everything . They know this, and they believe this, because it is true. They know there was massive fraud because they are the ones who did it ! They have no doubts about that. You may have doubts, but they don’t. They know for sure. Trump won, Biden lost, and Biden’s team knowingly committed willful treasons betrayals and enormous felonies in the process. All of the perpetrators fear losing their fortunes and their power (and rightfully so) , but the leadership stands to lose a lot more than that. Their leaders expect the very realistic possibility of losing their freedom or even their lives. For them this is an existential crisis.
    Better than anyone else, these lawbreakers KNOW what is in store for themselves when the truth finally leaks its way out into fully public awareness, about what they did and why they did it.
    Stealing an election on behalf of a hostile foreign power is a very very big deal. Those who did so knowingly and maliciously will almost certainly be sent to prison for life or executed. So it is no wonder why they fight against disclosure as though their lives depended upon it. Their lives do depend on it.
    Remarkably, alternative media ( far from being powerless) now have it completely within their ability to turn this apparent defeat into glorious victory. It’s as easy as talking. If they choose to do it then no one can stop them. All they have to do is tell the truth. Just say it or write it . . . and put it online, just like I’m doing now.
    Hold the fraudulent election trial in the unregulated public forum of the internet. Outline, list, summarize, explain, document, present evidence and argument ALL of the facts, statements, affidavits, forensics, etc. and broadcast it hither and yon across the Internet in the same way are practiced in doing. .
    Don’t wait for “Declas” , SCREW official declassification permission. Just print it. Fuck the possible exposure of spies, just dox the bastards. Lay every single fact right out there in the sunlight and let people sort it all out for themselves. Let the people of earth decide what’s right or wrong about any and all of it.
    Why do this ? Because if you don’t do it by peaceful means (like unrestricted freedom of speech and exchange of vital information) then it is going to be settled the other way . That other way would be a bloodbath such as the world has never contemplated.
    Don’t think of it as the “3rd” or “4th” World War, though, because it will be no such thing. Oh for sure it will involve the whole world, that’s obvious, but it won’t be nation vs nation. It will be internecine Civil war , on a planetary basis, and it will have to be to the bitter end . . . because both sides believe ( honest to God believe ) that they must prevail in order to survive at all. If and when my thoughts and identity and grasp of what life is all about suddenly because Capital Offenses punishable by death or imprisonment (because my opponent deeply believes these characteristics are deadly evil !) , I will be forced to kill or be killed . And so will you . On BOTH sides of the philosophical false divide.

    a kullervo

    Why does the US have so many neocon women in high places?

    Because when it comes to relentless, unmitigated venomous ill will, women clearly overcome men.

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

    Mr. House

    “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.“

    I concur. I’ve never witnessed anything quite like a table of females in the lunch room breaking down someone who broke “norms” into tears and all a public display. Mean girls the movie doesn’t even begin to show this behavior.

    Veracious Poet

    Pick one. I have to pick one: so do you. I pick that only government has the guns to enforce monopolies, and once you have government power large enough to do this, it’s guaranteed that the wealthy will hijack and direct government to make 100% monopolies and 0% competition.

    Have not the supra-equal animals, that bully for their elite breakaway civilization, made that bloodily apparent by now?

    While promoting the glory of “better mousetrap inventor”, power entity was all this time really protecting rentier, easy money class which today, we can say it, almost has a full control.

    Anyone that isn’t part of the in-crowd is steadily approaching neanderthal status.

    Manipulating herd behavior is approaching apex, with the greatest victories yet:

    Disarming the patriarchy, through ever expansion of rutting season, neutering morals and ethics into unstable double entendre…

    Goading females to shed their maternal instincts and scoff at the resulting cognitive dissonance, corrupting the most wonderful experience into nightmare.

    And to complete the gaslighting of individual/collective identity, throw in some gender pathological propaganda ~ Rejection of norms within the Infinite is after all original sin, and is the progenitor of all mental disorders.

    And last but not least, don’t forget to foment ever-present monsters to fear & destroy ~ Children love a good apocalyptic bedtime story.

    There are invisible rulers who control the destinies of millions. It is not generally realized to what extent the words and actions of our most influential public men are dictated by shrewd persons operating behind the scenes. ~ Edward L. Bernays


    I wonder how long it will take for the liberal progressives to discover that they have been had, again, by Biden/Obama and company?

    Biden is installing the same old group of criminals, as before!

    The minimum threshold of loyalty for appointment, is you must have already committed a crime for this crime family!

    Samantha. Check.
    Victoria. Check.
    Sally. Check.


    Today is day 1 in Ontario for an 8 pm curfew!

    The police can now stop you for any or for no reason. They can now enter your home without a search warrant too.

    They can now ask you what is in your lunch bag. They can now say the letter from your employer labeling you an essential worker is just a piece of paper. They can fine you as they please. All this has already happened!

    We now live in a police state!


    Q: So what has the Fed done?

    The Fed has been helping poor people by making them much poorer!

    And just to let the poor know they are poorer, they are making the rich, richer!

    To help the poor, for starters, they have caused rents to increase. Not satisfied, the Fed is printing money to increase the cost of food and everything else required by the poor to just survive!

    The poor should be grateful!

    What, they are not? Print more money until they are!


    If you are confused by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, well you should be!

    You see confusion results when Jack:s actions and what he says don’t match!

    Jack bans Trump. Jack says banning Trump bad.

    No, really, you are not confused!

    Actions speak louder than words! But you already knew that!

    That is why you were confused!


    So for the poorest workers, unemployment is above 20%.

    Biden will help them all by tearing down the wall and opening up the border!

    They will all grovel at his feet!



    Which president helped sell the most guns in US history? Yes, Obama!

    So after breaking Obama’s vote record, Biden has set his sights on breaking Obama’s gun sales record?


    How clever of China to quarantine the WHO delegation for 2 weeks and setting up video conferences!

    I could never have seen that one coming!


    civilians not allowed to come.
    + 20,000 peacekeepers will be paid overtime, R&B to replace citizens
    Trump, broken, and disappearing in the twilight wearing only his depends
    Biden will repeat his “dream” for the next 100 days


    Oh, about that impeachment thingy.

    Impeachment is a purely political thing.

    Impeachment is not a legal thing even though the politicians want you to believe it is a legal thingy.

    They need to impeach Trump because they are afraid of him and want to ban him from playing in their political theater.

    They want to use the state to enforce their monopoly on power!

    V. Arnold

    Always looking for Arnold’s art comment out of sheer curiosity. As they say in my country: One who sings (or making genuine effort to “get” art, as in this case) has no evil thoughts.

    That’s an interesting saying, thanks: I’d like to think it’s true…



    Quebec and Ontario have now beaten DC in the race to being a police state!

    Are you under curfew in BC yet?

    V. Arnold

    …Trump, broken, and disappearing in the twilight wearing only his depends…

    That’s pretty funny…

    …but what’s going on in the U.S. is pretty damned ugly…and embarrassing…

    madamski cafone

    @ a kullervo

    “Why does the US have so many neocon women in high places?”

    Because when it comes to relentless, unmitigated venomous ill will, women clearly overcome men.

    “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.“

    Oh my. When we’re not pedestalized (isn’t that a nasty-sounding word?) we’re demonized. How men fear us!

    My experience is that hell hath no fury like a scorned or burned narcosociopath of either gender, period, but your choice in drag coloration may vary.

    @ Mr. House

    “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.“

    I concur. I’ve never witnessed anything quite like a table of females in the lunch room breaking down someone who broke “norms” into tears and all a public display. Mean girls the movie doesn’t even begin to show this behavior.

    Unlike men, who bond together in groups to napalm innocent children because some higher up told them to. And let’s not foget football thug hooligans, who combine both attributes, and then, again being men, must of courtse insitutionalize this into some kind of club gang rule book of inclusive behavior that must be followed to maintain any status and perhaps even rights of belonging.

    Beware Bitches Wearing Nuts… especially yours

    Don’t make me call you “cunt”, boyz. It would me seem unladylike.

    Who thinks the cinematographer in that Folds video isn’t male?

    Full oyrics from thr studio version:

    “Bitch Went Nuts”

    (The answer you seek my son only poses more questions.
    Ask many women why relationship has failed.
    Each woman offer unique reason for demise.
    One woman may say, “man could not commit.”
    Or, “man is douche, and is now free to make love to himself instead.”
    Another woman may say, “man had changed,”
    or even, “man no longer satisfactory lover.”
    But my son, ask many men same question all over the world, “why has relationship failed?”
    Each man, each time, will give same, simple answer)

    The bitch went nuts.
    She stabbed my basketball.
    And the speakers to my stereo.
    She called me ‘cunt’
    But nothing prepared me for
    what I found when I came home.
    Oh and I made my own bed. I lie in it.
    You lie in yours. You lie, you lie, in yours.
    But they want more, they’re at my door with torches.
    Please leave me alone, you know.
    Just shut it. Just shut it. Just shut it.

    The bitch went nuts.
    She photoshopped my face
    onto every boy who’d done her wrong.
    And as she burned I telepathically into the brains of all her embittered rooms.
    Oh, now, now they want more. They’re at my door with torches.
    Scores, and scores, and scores to settle with themselves.
    You would have thought I’d scorned them all.
    They’ve got a doll of me, they’re burnin’, they’re burnin’, they’re burnin’, they’re burnin’, they’re burnin’ their own memories.

    Why do they all go?
    Why do they all go?

    The bitch went nuts, y’all.
    But everyone said she might.
    Holy fucking shit.
    Seriously now.
    Now they want more. They’re at my door with torches.
    Scores and scores.
    You would have thought I’d scorned them all.
    They’ve got a doll of me, they’re burnin’.

    Why do they all go?


    No curfew in bc. Just the sameold. The numbers are steady around 500.
    Will Nancy allow Trump to get 1/2 mast and allow his fan to walk past his coffin in the capitol.
    Will Trump be able to get security protection like the other expresidents?
    Just thinking about changing the economic/social/political system will get you in trouble with the law.
    Just read that 6 Quebecers got the virus after getting the first vaccine. Change is in the air.

    madamski cafone

    But it is true that we have cooties.


    Actually, we have cooters not cooties, but sometimes they have bugs. Part of life with a chronically reopoening wound.

    Veracious Poet

    Is everyone enjoying the carnivalesque clown show unspooling in the District of Criminals?

    You think that’s MRNA vaccine that El Presidente electo was shot up with?




    If that is Mitch, then the clown suit, suits him perfectly!



    I don’t remember the cooties bug! I must have suffered a deprived childhood!



    No, President Trump will be denied a state funeral.

    Also no fly by either. Unlike their hero John McCain where the Navy had to order navy pilots into the air!

    The deep state would probably be afraid that the whole air force would fly by!


    I love Michael Hudson’s definition of a centrist. I feel like I am being slowly smothered when a centrist tries to restrain my thoughts.

    Re governments being the root of all evil- I really dunno. We humans seem to need some organizing entity, even at a small scale. Is the issue that anything beyond a small scale is prone to corruption? Certainly there are a bazillion examples of that. However, people across the globe have set up governing bodies (including many self-selected dictatorships of course) since at least around the time of Christ — I don’t think governments are a bug in the system – I think our tendency to create governance reflects the nature of human behavior.

    On the evil women thingy: Women have throughout history been the less-valued gender, treated more like chattel – what are the psychological impacts of that? Certainly in our capitalist world, the poor, and minorities, of both genders are also less-valued, likely sharing similar psychological impacts. Perhaps in our stage of capitalism/corporatism/fascism(?) gender has a somewhat lesser impact on behavior than other factors? Better access to opportunities allows women to obtain powerful positions, which put on display the character traits that were otherwise invisible in certain individuals?

    a kullervo

    Unlike men, who bond together in groups to napalm innocent children because some higher up told them to.

    And children killed by women, aren’t they also innocent?
    Are some innocents more innocent than other? Some murders more gruesome than other?

    It’s all too easy to let the passions obfuscate the reasoning – ataraxia is possible yet elusive, but always transient, as everything else.

    Best regards.

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