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    DPC Pere Marquette transfer boat 18 passing State Street bridge Chicago River 1901 • Oil Falls 3% On Surplus Worries, As US Drops Toward $27 (Reuters)
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    There has been a notable lack of media interest or even comment about the market break. For this assessment I simply browse the front page of the NY Times online a few times a day. What the Times talks about is where all other media gets its signals about what to talk about.

    On the topic of what it doesn’t talk about it doesn’t talk about Putin anymore or Ukraine for that matter. As opposed to the year and a half it reliably had an anti Putin article linked on its front page at least 3 times a week.


    POOF times are rapidly approaching if not already arrived; we have been VERY patient. Perhaps the stratigrapy of our geologic era will be characterized by a micro-plastic sediment layer. Should we expect evolution to generate plastic-digesting organisms given enough time?


    I wonder how China will handle the huge movement of people back home for the Chinese Lunar New Year on Feb. 8. Starting about 2 weeks before the new moon people typically go back to their family village to celebrate with new clothes and house improvements like our Xmas holidays. Almost every day for the next few weeks are special celebrations and a huge increase in travel. Considering the massive numbers of China this is a big migration each year. Are they counting on a consumer surge this year? Or are people going to stay home with family if their jobs have dried up? The deep slow down in manufacturing and transportation must have an affect on employment at some point. I think the return to the horrid pollution of the cities will drop along with the job market.

    Gung Hay Fat Choy – it means “Best wishes and Congratulations. Have a prosperous and good year.” What irony. This will be the year of the Fire Monkey. Fire sales? Monkey business any one?


    Oh, and Boycott Plastic as much as you can. I look at shelf after shelf of plastic from China and can barely find anything made of stainless steel or wood, even bamboo is hard to find. I looked at my clothes and bedding the other day – polyester, nylon. Cotton is so much better unless I think of how it was developed with slave labor both in the US and in India. Are conditions in Asia much better today? We seem to have outsourced our slave labor, now we only offer debt labor jobs.

    Is China going to use up all that excess oil on more plastic for their “consumers” to buy? What locally produced non-petroleum products can we buy to replace all the old stuff? Can we dispose of it by building garden walls for our raised vegetable beds? Do we bequeath it to our progeny as family heirlooms?

    Dr. Diablo

    “any deposit holder above the guarantee of €100,000 will have to help pay for it.”

    Sounds good sacking the rich, but as we’ve seen elsewhere, it massacres small and medium businesses (while leaving their insider, company-store competition untouched). Express train to a plantation economy. When they fire their workers because they suddenly have no working capital, no savings, and no customers (because all the other companies just fired their workers too) you’ll realize why you don’t want to wreck that ecosystem.

    Unless you want to take over the world, own everything, and turn it back into feudal serfdom, then you’re doing it perfectly.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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