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    DPC The Arcade, Cleveland 1901 • US Crude Inventories Are The Highest Since the 1930s (ZH) • Chart Going Back To 1861 Shows Oil Isn’t Insanely Cheap R
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    Ken Barrows

    Oil is insanely cheap if it’s being sold for less than the cost of extraction. That’s what to look at, not the price of crude in 1861.


    Instead of worrying so much about the number of drowning “refugees” – a tiny fraction of the 100’s of thousands who were killed in Syria proper – it is important to highlight the role of NATO and Germany in the attempted destruction of both Lebanon and Syria.

    Here is an interesting article which explains what has been going on for over 15 years:

    “Germany and the UNO against Syria”

    The most important point is that the USA – with the help of advanced German explosives – were responsible for blowing up the president of Lebanon. Assad got the blame – of course.

    Here is a picture of the crater created – supposedly by a suicide bomber in a van:

    It is blatantly obvious that the explosion – which did not overturn nearby cars – was not a van-bomb.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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