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    Veracious Poet

    “THEY ARE COMING FOR YOUR KIDS!” Huge Rally at The Capitol Building in New York this Wednesday! “No Vaccine Mandates!”

    Chicago Public Schools to close as teachers union votes on striking over COVID ~ CPS CEO told WTTV that 91% of CPS staff is fully vaccinated

    Rhode Island allows COVID-positive health care staff to work after firing unvaccinated workers

    Macy’s cuts store hours at all of its stores as Covid cases spike and retailers face new staffing challenges


    All the posts here from those ill with COVID document one truth, the for-profit mRNA vaccine only response to the coronavirus pandemic by the western corporate state has failed spectacularly. What happens next will be equivalent to the consequences of WWI and the Spanish flu a century ago with the fall of the Russian and Austro-hungarian Empires. The Western Hegemon that rose after the fall of the Soviet Union is no more.

    Either there is a reformation and a return of western governments that serve and protect their people or there will be societal collapse. The survival of human civilization may well rest on the governments of China, Japan and Taiwan continuing to function and preventing a human extinction event on earth.


    Hey, Deflationista:

    My younger brother is retiring shortly. He is looking for a new career. He is super quick with wicked “come backs”!

    He is a grad of Canada’s best university in engineering (Bill Gates hired his best people from here!) and has been crashing dummies into brick walls for a living, in Detroit, for nearly 30 years!

    Now he needs to know how much you get paid for professionally trolling websites. It would need to be at least in the high 6 figures.

    This kind of work would be right up his alley! He would be really, really good at it! His “come backs”, of course, would naturally be much more socially intelligent.

    Maybe your present employer is ready to hire someone capable of taking their AI capabilities up to a much higher level?


    Interesting to hear the experiences of people with the ivermectin protocol. It might be worth exploring adding garlic to the mix.

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh my god. It never ends. All the ivermectinistas get covid despite taking their beloved compound (including Dr. Kory).

    First it was, “we need to up the dose”, “change the protocol”.

    Now it is “we might need to add garlic”.

    For fucks sake.


    Hey WES:

    You’re a moron.



    HAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh my god. It never ends. All the vaccinistas get covid despite taking their beloved gene therapy.

    First it was, “we need to get to 70%”, the “we need to get to 85%”.

    Now it is “we need booster doses”.

    For fucks sake.

    Veracious Poet

    I have voluminous firsthand experience with this phenom, it has increased exponentially over the last 4 decades (gotta sell those tuition loans):


    Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty but the pig will enjoy it.

    — Abraham Lincoln

    TAE Summary

    * Since obesity is now known as a Covid risk factor Ben and Jerry have canceled release plans for their new flavor “Triple Jab Spike Protein Crunch”

    * Outpatient treatment has been suppressed; What If The Largest Failure In Human History is the head of NIAID?

    * Holmes: I wasted $1 billion on fraudulent medical tech and am going to jail
    – Fauci: You piker

    * Consultants sink Biden’s agenda by pulling plug built into the hull

    * Buckle your seat belt; You will have your life back in two months when we reach the bottom of the cliff


    There needs to be some comeuppance once this is all over.

Viewing 10 posts - 81 through 90 (of 90 total)
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