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    Mister Roboto

    According to the BBC, not wearing a mask leads to “extreme beliefs.”


    Oh, people! Where will we all be in five years?

    Doc Robinson

    Regarding the fearsome Delta variant, I’ve seen many articles touting this new-and-improved coronavirus (“60% more transmissible.”)

    I tracked down the actual study to see how this 60% number was obtained. The study looked at household transmission, comparing households with clustered infections (at least 2 cases within 2 weeks) to households with a single (“sporadic”) case of Covid.

    The Covid variant was determined for each of the households with a cluster (of at least 2 cases), and for each of the households with a single cases of Covid. The idea is that a single case in a household would tend to be associated with a less-transmissible variant, while a cluster of cases in a household would tend to be associated with a more-transmissible variant.

    Here is the result (which works out to “60% more transmissible” after various adjustments):
    5.8% of cases in household clusters were confirmed Delta variant compared to 4.7% of sporadic cases.

    That’s it. Doesn’t sound so scary now. Even less scary when you consider that the researchers didn’t know the household sizes, meaning that the sporadic cases could have been in a household consisting of a single person, making transmission within the household impossible since there was nobody else there.

    There are several limitations to this study. Firstly, we did not have information on household size, which is likely to have an effect on the estimates of transmissibility. For example, some controls (sporadic cases) will have lived alone and have no chance of onward transmission within their residence and becoming a household cluster...

    Furthermore, the vaccination status of household contacts, which would impact onward transmission in this setting, was unknown…

    Increased household transmission of COVID-19 cases associated with SARS-CoV-2 Variant of Concern B.1.617.2: a national case control study

    absolute galore

    I think there is a tendency here to treat the vaccines the way the mainstream treats the virus. That is to say, hyping up the fear, throwing in a lot of stuff that is unproven or just makes no sense, focusing on single events, etc.

    As I said a while back, I know a few people personally who got covid, basically bad flu or milder. I know a couple of people (including one good friend who had covid) who had a bad day after the second jab.

    Some things just do not make sense. If pilots are getting these symptoms, what about all the stewards. What about frequent flyers? Then the soccer player. Guess what?In a world with 8 billion people, all kinds of stuff happens. My good friend and bike racing buddy had a jump starter put on his heart when he was in his mid-thirties, highly trained athlete. Not that uncommon.

    People die or have health complications 2 weeks after blowing out birthday candles, or eating a burrito from 7-11. That does not mean these actions were responsible.

    I do not believe the spike sheds and infects the non-vaccinated.(thank you Mr. Roboto).

    I do not believe some dark forces are culling us.

    I do not believe everyone vaccinated is a ticking time bomb that will die in 2-10 years.

    I suspect the vaccine has more adverse reactions than the msm is reporting. If Covid were a real killer in the general population, this would be an acceptable risk. It is not when there are existing inexpensive drugs that apparently are highly successful at treating this virus.

    I do believe Fauci and many others are, through their lies and coverups, responsible for vast amounts of suffering and death that did not need to happen.

    I do believe the authorities are taking advantage of the situation, mostly created by misinformation and wrong action, to get desired changes via shock doctrine style protocols.

    I think masks are generally a crock, except when my doctor or dentist is performing an intimate procedure on my person. Then, even if it is a crock, I like the mask look.

    The last two times I was in my local supermarket, I was the only person not wearing a mask. Same at the big pharmacy on Main Street. Linus and his blanket. (If they only knew I was not vaxxed.)

    I have not experienced a lockdown as such. If I did, I suspect I would get arrested if I were not allowed to ride my bike. They did close the local trails. I hiked anyway.

    I think the worst of it is the cravenness and greed that has squashed alternatives to vaccines, especially Ivermectin.

    I am certain this latest bump down the stair of decline is not finished, and more insanity and madness awaits in the near future before we hit the next landing.

    And we carry on.


    For the blueberry fans: have you ever tried haskaps? They are like big blueberries with a tangier taste and super nutrient profile. They are super easy to grow – we have them on our farm. Harvest started a week ago here, but they are grown widely accepted n the Atlantic provinces and Quebec. The biggest challenge is cedar wax wings love them, but they are such beautiful birds it is wonderful to see them each year.

    absolute galore

    “,,,had a jump starter put on his heart when he was in his mid-thirties” meaning he had a defibrillator put into his chest. It went off once. He sensed something was happening,got off his bike. Heard/experienced? a loud bang, blacked out for a few seconds.Was able to walk home with his bike.

    Mister Roboto

    @absolute galore: I am starting to seriously wonder if there might be something to this “Great Reset” business, though.

    absolute galore

    Yes. We are undergoing a Great Reset, no doubt. And anybody who thinks they have their hands on the controls is even more deluded and mixed up than the restivus. I don’t even care if they are billionaires, Klaus Schwab, Soros, Santa Claus, Joe Biden, or Bullwinkle,Boris, and Rocky.

    Doc Robinson

    CNBC article from today;
    “Biden says delta Covid variant is ‘particularly dangerous’ for young people”

    President Joe Biden on Friday doubled down on his administration’s plea to Americans to get vaccinated against Covid-19 as quickly as possible, warning the highly transmissible delta variant appears to be “particularly dangerous” for young people.

    “The data is clear: If you are unvaccinated, you’re at risk of getting seriously ill or dying or spreading it,” Biden said during a news conference from the White House.

    Delta, the Covid variant first identified in India, “will leave unvaccinated people even more vulnerable than they were a month ago,” he added. “It is a variant that is more easily transmissible, potentially deadlier and particularly dangerous for young people.”

    Biden said the best way young people can protect themselves is to get fully vaccinated. “Please, please if you have one shot, get the second shot as soon as you can,” he said.

    In the UK, a government advisor is also ramping up the fear. Sixty per cent more infectious is extremely worrying…” And the infamous Niel Ferguson weighed in with this, which speaks for itself:

    There’s still quite a lot of uncertainty about what the vaccine efficacy against the delta will be for those more severe forms of disease. It’s well within the possibility that we could see another third wave, at least comparable in terms of hospitalisations, maybe not as severe as the second wave. Almost certainly I think that deaths probably will be lower. The vaccines are having a highly protective effect, and cases in hospital are milder, but still it could be quite worrying. There is a lot of uncertainty.”

    Yet, in the same article from the British Medical Journal BMJ, from June 15, the risk to children is downplayed (despite the fact that the Delta variant “now accounts for 90% of UK cases”).

    We’re not seeing any evidence of an increase in paediatric admissions with covid. A very small number of admissions who test positive for covid is what we’d expect.

    “Our experience over the last 15 months is that many children who test positive have come into hospital for something else, like broken bones. At the moment the situation in the UK is stable. The number of children in hospital with covid remains very low.”

    Delta variant: What is happening with transmission, hospital admissions, and restrictions?


    > And anybody who thinks they have their hands on the controls is even more deluded and mixed up than the restivus.

    I’ll disagree with that assertion. Sixteen months of bludgeoning us with fear-porn, lockdowns, [anti]social distancing, and “vaccines” seem to me to have served their instigators quite well. And they’re just getting started.


    We cannot pay for the present wave.
    We could see another wave.
    Which gov. can find the money to pay for the next wave?


    Doc Robinson, thanks very much for that info on the ‘Delta Variant’. Too bad the folks at NC and the like are pointedly not noticing that their sources are shaky.


    Maybe a better look for the “mask symbolism” tweet.


    Blueberries round out the flavor in almost every fruit smoothie I make….
    Mine most often come as “reclaimed food” from the local food bank, which I freeze for when I need them.

    @ John Day
    Thank you for the idea of the phrase “I had god’s vaccine.”
    That is classic.
    It succinctly communicates that I am immune and illustrates the ridiculousness of ignoring natural immunity when it is respected for every other disease out there.
    And the local retirement community is associated with a local church. Beautiful.

    My daughter attended theatre camp all week. In her age group (13-17) there were 12 kids. She says on the first day one of the adults asked them, casually (did not require an answer, said they were just curious,) who had been vaccinated. Only my daughter and one other teen was unvaccinated.

    I suspect that for those not suffering adverse effects from vaccination in the short term will be largely okay in the long term. Their circulatory systems and other organs may have been damaged by the vaccine, but it may be like minor kidney disease — not a big deal as long as it doesn’t progress further. However, boosters with similar technology that induces more spike protein production every year…that seems colossally stupid, compounding the damage over and over.


    “…and god’s vaccine wasn’t given EUA, so they make me wear a mask. And won’t let me eat in the bistro.”

    Dr. D

    Thanks Galore, that is a good and logical rundown.

    My views tend to be correct: BUT!!! In ‘08 did the whole system melt down? Yes. Did banks fail outright, others absorbed overnight in shotgun weddings? Yes. Did whole nations fail, like Greece? Yes. Did they print trillions to hold it together? Yes. Did 100% of that money go to the insider rich, making them wealthier and more influential than ever? Yes. Were millions of poor people moved to tent cities? Yes. Did it ruin a generation of millennials, unable to save, buy homes, failed to marry and have kids? Yes. Did crime rise, families fail, leaving us more like a South American republic of the enclave rich and the street poor? Yes.

    However, even though that happened, looking broadly the whole nation barely changed. Like a giant ship, it got pushed in and direction and moved very, very slowly, barely moving even with what from the numbers should be a nation-ending catastrophe. Probably COVID is the same. Will it have bad effects and deaths, additional weakness to new strains, sterility, known before, all on purpose? Yes, and like ‘08 it will be in the margins, if you look, but not in every house and street. No one will admit it. They will die before telling the truth. Like the Lab Leak hypothesis running now. Good work: it’s probably false. If it was done by bat lady in Wuhan on their own time, what was going on at Chapel Hill and Detrick? Why did we have vaping damage (maybe) and near-identical cases before January (definitely) where all sewage samples became a matter of national security? Because: lies. We want that there $16T reparations Cheeto spoke of, if we can get it. There’s nobody won’t be on board with that, and if all it takes to get rich is to lie, the choice speaks for itself.

    “Maybe it all goes back to the days when banishment or exile meant certain death.”

    No need to be so arcane: they’re punching, shouting, and arresting people right now for holding very slightly different views. Even if, as they say, the vaccines work and they’re not in the slightest danger. They’ll yell, attack, fire, oppress you when completely safe just for the lols. Last summer they beat Jews and gay Asians, burned down the houses of people with slightly different views, or just happened to be in eyeshot. That’s not some “chasing saber-tooth tigers” argument. People are a lot more practical and know exactly what will happen – what your school chums, wife, principal – will REALLY do to you if you disagree in the slightest. It might take time, but they’ll get you. You’ll be cut out and first to go at the firing, first accused of something happening, first made fun of when something happens. Forever. It’s near impossible to get status back, because, hey: if I can lord one over on you and get free stuff, why wouldn’t I? Heck, I’ll make s–t up out of nothing if you’ll bow to me. …And so now they do. From sea to shining sea. Like 200 million of them.

    Why put up with such pointless attacks and oppressions? Just say the line is longer: DGAF. It’s not like you can go get another family, friends, school, boss; virtually the whole world is made up of people who do this. You do have to learn to deal with their pointless, gleeful, thoughtless oppression. …While they will say they’re the real wictim, you are oppressing them.

    This is not good for life, though, nor for love, support, nor respect. It’s very anti-life and our whole world suffers for it, this little compromise. Don’t tell lies. Don’t support the liars. First it’s one little line, later 20,000 grandmas are murdered because Trump said p—-y, and you’re under house arrest while your kids can’t get Ivermectin. Don’t start down the path.

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