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    ” … something must change”

    The trend is changing …. the countries without a good health system will rise to the top with the USA death numbers.

    Doc Robinson

    For a change, some mainstream media coverage of the Assange case, without the usual smears and distortions.

    The Australian version of the CBS News program ’60 Minutes’ presented a segment on Julian Assange Sunday night that was missing the usual mainstream media smears and distortions about his case… the 24-minute spot ditched the usual smears against the imprisoned WikiLeaks publisher and instead humanized him to a large national audience.

    The segment made clear Assange was never charged with rape in Sweden, was only wanted for questioning, and that that inquiry has been closed. It reports that the CIA surveilled Assange 24/7 in the embassy, including on privileged conversations with his lawyers; that the CIA plotted to kidnap Assange, poison him and steal one of his boy’s diapers for DNA to prove it was his child. The interview with Australian MP Andrew Wilkie makes clear why the U.S. espionage charges against Assange are really an assault on journalism.

    The program ends with an appeal from [Stella] Morris to Australian prime minister Scott Morrison to apply pressure on the British government to release Assange from high-security Belmarsh prison where he is isolated 23-hours a day on remand waiting a decision on a U.S. extradition request.

    John Day

    I’m always playing catch-up these days. You may know the feeling. My inbox and the links and emails from internet friends are a firehose of communication, and I can’t keep my drinking up, because the faster I go, the behinder I get.
    Thanks for coming back, Boscohorowitz. Thanks for telling Canadian stories, Wes.
    Guys (and you too, Nicole/Stoneleigh, if you’re monitoring) this is the time to be doing more about investing in future food and water security, in a place where people might have a chance of sustaining something like community and society this decade, this next few decades, maybe.
    The more you grow vegetables, the more you might realize how completely you depend on the macro-economy for the entirety of your life support. That’s not what you would expect, going into it. You might have packets of seed in your bug-out-bag, but not the years of supported existence to develop a gardening system that works.
    Here is “Worse Than I Think” from 2017. Get a piece of paper and line it up to 2020 on that “Limits To Growth” “Standard Run” chart. Does it feel to you like global economy is over those edges of stuff-per-person like the graph shows?It does to me.
    Grow vegetables with or without a mask, and figure out where you’ll get fuel, water and food when supply systems break down, because that’s certainly coming. We don’t know how and when. Imagine the internet doesn’t work this weekend. What then? Just do something practical and be guided to another practical step.
    The early heat is hard on my Austin kitchen-garden this year, and the Yoakum garden is still a work in progress, but looking good. It would not do well if the water shut down. The gardens would not produce food without city water.
    Back to the blog, to rapidly rising coronavirus cases in Texas, at my clinic. I’ll be working more, doing extra COVID clinics this week, and more again next week, as decided last night and today. Is that “better” or “worse”? What scale am I using?


    Sounds like you need a break Raúl. As you well know, this is a very long marathon. Since TAE started, who thought the center would hold for so long. Take whatever breaks you need.

    John Day

    Abstractions are completely different from living experiences.
    I’m sorry to print something so mundane and obvious as that, but “we” collectively are not making physical investments in our own futures for a world with rapidly declining oil and other forms of energy. This energy decline is already evident as less of everything we assume our environment will supply.
    Less order, less transportation of ourselves and things we need, less medical back-up, less income, less electricity, less reliable communication and news, more desperation, more sudden changes.
    Current politics in America are identitarian, and there are sharp divides over wearing masks, or being forced to wear masks, but that is more symbolic, and it does not provide a basis for feeding ourselves in the future, or keeping the desperation levels low enough for people to rationally cooperate to meet common needs.
    Where did the rational cooperation go, which brought our species to this point? I’ll put forward that it works against the power of our elite owners for us to rationally cooperate with each other. They need us to pay tribute, follow their orders and hate each other, though mostly passively.
    That sweet spot for our owners, which we see around us, cannot last very long, but how can we cooperate?
    I propose just working together to grow food. That’s why I’m growing 3 gardens, canning some food, cooking fresh food, and giving it away, or encouraging coworkers to harvest things, explaining what they are. At least some more interest has developed as everybody who works at the North Clinic has to enter through the vegetable garden in the break area, now. Human flows have been rerouted for social distancing, but it has conversely increased vegetable-proximity.
    I’ve included a photograph in the clinic garen from last October, a long time ago, a different moment in history.
    It’s a good time to make the same point that I learned in early 1974, about stuff running out after we learn to live off it.

    I last posted this annotated graph from The Limits To Growth, 1972, in September 2017. Put a straight edge on 2020, and see if you feel like we went over the cliff of human material wealth per capita a few years ago, or at least that we are in some kind of rapid decline already.
    I sure do.
    Please allow me to direct your consciousness back to MIT 1972, where the third iteration of the most advanced systems-analysis computer model, World-3, produced the projected graphs below, of what our species would achieve on our planet, if we kept doing things about the same, without a concerted and global redirection of our efforts, “Business as Usual”. Notice the red line on this graph, marking peak industrial output and food per person. It looks like it falls right about 2014 or 2015. This was not a “prediction”, as the authors stated many times, but a forward projection of historical trends, with the interactions of the trends correlated into each other, rather than being projected in isolation, as if everything else would remain the same. World-1 and World-2 programs had been tested and retested, then further refined to develop World-3. Running the data with a start date of 1900 predicted the 20th century pretty well, including the part that had not yet happened. Limits to growth was a hot topic in 1971, the year that US oil production peaked, just as M. King Hubbert had predicted in the 1950s. We were feeling a lot of change then. I remember. We were surprised, and didn’t want to be surprised again. Remember?
    Move your gaze about halfway between that red line and the marker for 2020, down on the x-axis.
    That’s where Wile-E-Coyote looked down. Do you think it was 2016 or 2017?

    Doc Robinson

    A sample headline from today, 22 June:
    “It’s the end of road for hydroxychloroquine in COVID-19 as Novartis, NIH and WHO pull out of trials”

    A more substantial article from today, quoted below:
    “NIH and Novartis halt hydroxychloroquine trials in COVID-19”

    The US National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Swiss pharma giant Novartis (NOVN: VX) have both stopped trials of hydroxychloroquine in COVID-19.

    Hydroxychloroquine was found to be very unlikely to be beneficial among patients hospitalized with COVID-19 in the NIH’s ORCHID study… Novartis also decided to discontinue its trial of the drug, which is usually used to treat malaria, among SARS-CoV-2-infected patients. The company blamed enrolment challenges that made study completion infeasible.

    The World Health Organization and Oxford University have also stopped COVID-19 testing of hydroxychloroquine in recent weeks, while its emergency use authorization has been revoked by the US Food and Drug Administration.

    These new developments are a further embarrassment for US President Donald Trump, who said in May that he was taking the drug as a precaution against the virus.

    Meanwhile, some recent news that’s mostly ignored, about a couple studies showing good results with HCQ being used earlier (unlike some other trials that didn’t give HCQ until the infection was bad enough to require hospitalization):

    “Pre exposure Hydroxychloroquine use is associated with reduced COVID19 risk in healthcare workers”

    Conclusions: This study demonstrated that voluntary HCQ consumption as pre-exposure prophylaxis by HCWs is associated with a statistically significant reduction in risk of SARS-CoV-2.

    Posted June 22, 2020.

    “Healthcare workers & SARS-CoV-2 infection in India: A case-control investigation in the time of COVID-19”

    “Consumption of four or more maintenance doses of HCQ was associated with a significant decline in the odds of getting infected;year=2020;volume=151;issue=5;spage=459;epage=467;aulast=Chatterjee


    “Where did the rational cooperation go, which brought our species to this point? I’ll put forward that it works against the power of our elite owners for us to rationally cooperate with each other. They need us to pay tribute, follow their orders and hate each other, though mostly passively.”

    Many people believe that government control, especially ‘deep’ or ‘shadow’ government control, require sophisticated concepts and advanced technology.

    Only the latter is true, imo, and that advanced technology needn’t be ‘ahead of the curve’. It needn’t be mysterious ET/Tesla theremin music secret technology.

    There’s little need for MKUltra CIA-mind control zombie agents. Mysteriously controlling the weather with giant antennae and aluminoid chemtrails is what Dr. Evil mad scientists do, not what bankster-funded military-industrial-corporate complex gangsters do.

    They use simple means: divide&conquer. Control of money system. Control of existing media. (Notice how much they’ve sucked at using the internet. They’re NOT innovators.) Covert assassination. False flag catastrophes (which are ridiculously easy to do). Thoroughly corrupted police departments (which practically corrupt themselves, anyway; as all insufficiently monitored power centers do).

    Oh, in many or maybe most cases, they use better versions of existing technology. Their surveillance bugs are probably better than Radio Shack… but probably not by much, cuz that’s actually super-simple stuff these days.

    Most of all, they exploit an ancient technology: human nature. They watch everyday people, studying them with cold, clear lynx eyes of simple logic unfettered by a need to see themselves or the world as good. Superior psychopaths understand key aspects of human nature much better than the humans they manipulate.

    They see most of all how we love to split up into camps of kindredness. Racism, ethnicism, nationalism, denominationalism, conservatism, socialism… many thousands of subshades in a vast spectrum… who all act the same: when challenged, or when feeling superior, one group will gather and hoot insulting or threatening noises at another group, which almost immediately responds in kind.

    They see us for the primates we are precisely because they lack what we call “a heart”, that set of emotions that urges us to be more compassionate and loving but also urges us to savagely attack anyone who in anyway threatens that for which we love and feel compassion.

    They manipulate that primitive primal behavior program as easy as throwing a big rock in a pond to scatter the fish.

    That’s all. The rest is just nuance. We have met the enemy, and it *still* is us just as much as it is those who gladly do evil upon us.


    (accept my edit, robot! allah wills it!)

    “That’s where Wile-E-Coyote looked down. Do you think it was 2016 or 2017?”

    Adding the concept of inertia to the graph John Day mentions…


    … I’ll say that the food riots in Egypt in 2005, re-“colorized” as Arab Spring democracy envy, mark when the slowdown in acceleration of food supply first made itself significantly known. The flattening of the rising supply curve first made itself known here. Before then, all we complained about was pollution and the McDondsification of global culture. Food shortages still happened, but were perceived as being caused primarily by political factors.

    my parents said know made a very useful venture: that enough increased homelessness will mar our voting process so much it will not be trusted by anyone… and bingo, de facto civil conflict. I’d say that the national WIley Coyote will look down then and realize that his Tesla Air Shoes aren’t holding him up, that the once refreshing wind is really increasing air passage as one descends at the terminal velocity rate of socioeconomic gravity (someone here has en economics equation that will fit the bill), and the once charming view of distant third world nations that were once groovy tourist spots where USA greenbacks held enormous purchase clout, is becoming the rapidly magnifying view of the 4th world — Euromerica in full collapse — approaching as one falls with a concrete parachute.


    Of Two Minds

    “The last shred of power the elites hold is the belief of the masses that the elites are still in control. I understand the natural desire to believe somebody’s in charge: whether it’s the Deep State, the Chinese Communist Party, the Kremlin or Agenda 21 globalists, we’re primed to believe somebody somewhere is controlling events or pursuing agendas that drive global responses to events.”


    I wrote the following in spring/summer 2016:

    Here is America’s history of that 80 year cycle:

    I do know for certain that Hillary does not have it in the bag. Innarestin’ observation about an 80-year cycle in American history:

    Revolutionary War: economic predation by British government, economic collapse, civil unrest, a war, a president not elected (Ben Franklin’s little remembered shadow presidency while the colonies were getting their post-revolutionary act together), major major reform legislation passed afterward (starting with the Constitution and the D of I). 1773-74<> 1781-83, followed by period of prosperity and Era of Good Feelings

    Civil War: economic collapse, Lincoln nominated by contested convention in a very young party, revolutionary politics (secession), a very big war, major major reform legislation passed afterward (13th Amendment), then boom after economic boom (and many busts) and the joy of finally being in accord with our Declaration of Independence and national ethos.1855-1865

    WWII: economic collapse, FDR nominated by contested convention, revolutionary politics (New Deal), very, very, very big war, followed by an incredible economic boom like never seen before in history, and matching explosion of freedom, opportunity, pleasure, enlightenment… utopia was in our sights in those decades 1932-1944

    Depression of 2008 (shrunk and held off for a few years by endless money printing made possible by petrodollar USA dollar strength), Bernie heading to a contested convention, revolutionary politics, endless war 2008-2016

    Let’s hope that 2016 is the genuine end of American warfare abroad; because if Empire USA doesn’t back off, it will not only collapse but will get taken down by the rest of the world who think maybe it’s time we felt what it’s like to have bombs rain down on OUR cities.

    Cycle rational: after 80 years, no one is alive who remembers what happened 80 years before. In between each cycle — 40 years each side — those who lived through it are getting old and their ungrateful sissy kids are taking over. (Yea, Boomers! Say it proud!) They do good for a bit. But they discard the advice of their increasingly old, ‘out of touch’ parents and grandparents, and soon it’s Reagan and Bush and Clinton and Bush and Obama and here we are, top dead center of the cycle again, about to elect a revolutionary president, about to start our own warring just in time to join WWIII: the Big One, for reals.

    We want a wise human being at the helm when that happens.

    There. My inner oracle has left the building.

    A wise human being unavailable in an electorally winnable fashion, we got the next best thing: a loose cannon with an uncannily strong instinct for survival. We appear to be bypassing the contested convention pattern and aimed instead at a contested election, one that can’t be papered over this time by the Supreme Court.

    P.S. Quote of the Day: “Please allow me to direct your consciousness back to MIT 1972…”

    Quit bogarting and pass the joint, John. 😉



    Is it possible to find out who “THEY” are?
    Are they so hidden behind the enablers that it is impossible for us, (rifraf), to know?
    I’m reminded of “quest for the holy grail”
    Google just gave me something that I’ll keep for leisure reading.
    The Quest of the Holy Grail
    translated by W. W. Comfort
    Did you notice that the Beijing link is in english to communicate their point of view.
    Does the USA write in Mandarin?
    Trump administration slaps more restrictions on Chinese media outlets

    The move comes just days after the Trump administration took control of the entire US-run state media networks including Voice of America. The newly-installed head of The U.S. Agency for Global Media, in his first week on the job fired the heads of the Middle East Broadcasting Networks, Radio Free Asia, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Radio Marti servicing Cuba, and the Open Technology Fund. Simultaneously the top two officials at Voice of America stepped down.

    The State Department’s designation on Monday targeted the China Central Television, China News Service, the country’s largest newspaper People’s Daily, and the Global Times as foreign missions. This follows the February 18 designation of Xinhua News Agency, China Global Television Network, China Radio International, China Daily Distribution Corporation, and Hai Tian Development USA.


    those who lived through it are getting old and their ungrateful sissy kids are taking over. (Yea, Boomers! Say it proud!)


    Will those sissy kids make life miserable for “THEY”

    John Day

    Good output, Bro’ Thanks for picking up the baton/”joint”.

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