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    Mr. House

    I care not if you want to wear a mask, i care not if you want an experimental jab. All i care about is if you try to force me to do either of those. I think people here talk about it because really thats what all this started with and its a measuring stick to see where we are along the timeline with regards to the end.

    Veracious Poet

    Uh huh, well I’m sensing something else…


    Priorities, Priorities, as the World burns….and WWIII looms large…

    The Empire of Lies needs you to focus on the next bright shiny object swinging from the silver Woke chain.

    Lawmakers urged to prohibit discrimination based on natural hairstyles

    “For decades, hair discrimination has been prevalent in classrooms and workplaces across the nation, even here in Maine,”

    I’ll bet Putin discriminates against people based on their hair.



    An odd cuople, Steve Bannon and Naomi Wolf

    Schools Were Bribed With Big Money to Keep the Masks on Children—Lawsuits Coming “These schools get the money only if they keep the masks on… 7.8 million dollars went to one high school

    Naomi says,” What if we invaded a country and forced their kids to wear masks and stifled their mental development and dropped those children’s IQ scores significantly, that would be a war crimes, right?”


    Nice wrap up by Andrei Martyanov and Piero San Giorgio

    “Ukraine reveals the collapsing of the West”


    @Mr. House said

    One side stopped pushing acceptance and has been on the warpath for some time.

    Since the war on tolerant people began, the behaviour of the woketards is such that I have become totally intolerant of woke and freaks (gays, trannies etc) who let me know they are woke and/or freaks.

    I have no objection to them actually being woke or freaks as long as they keep it a secret from me, but I will be damned if I am going to tolerate them or support anything that benefits them, such as gay marriage or adoption of children.

    The intolerant declared war on the tolerant: the tolerant must man the barricades and become intolerant. Similar to the Ukraine situation, attack first like Russia did to take away the initiative from the opposition who you know will eventually attack you.


    ezlxa1949 said

    Talking of suicide, it is now clear that Australia has decided to top itself.

    Climate catasprophe is all part of the campaign by western oligarchs to regime-change Russia. The western oligarchs can see that fossil and nuclear fuels makes Europe dependant on Russia and increasingly on other countries that the USA has made into enemies, such as Saudi and UAE.

    The USA ordered the EU to close down nuclear and carbon-based power plants. The tell is that they are closing nuclear which makes absolutely no sense, even to most climate change believers. The oligarchs then do not cut back at all on their personal or business usage of carbon, instead they introduce ESG which is couched in the “environment” lingo but is actually oligarch authoritarianism on steroids: your company does what we say or you get zero credit.

    I am kind of astounded that there are people on this site who still believe this shite, given that it was a campaign by oligarchs who have proven themselves to be totally untrustworthy and totally hypocritical and who have skimmed billions of the climate change budget into their own pockets without any benefit to the climate.

    Maybe a review of the fundamentals of the science at this site would help … and a viewing of Michael Moore’s Planet of the Humans to see just how much the oligarchs have used this to line their own pockets, plus a review of Covid and the obvious corruption of the results of scientific research by the people funding that research.

    Veracious Poet


    People are under the spell of so many grifts, psyops, lies, fairy tales & cults of personality it’s no wonder why things are so far gone…

    How long before the next charismatic tyrant shows up & finishes what Hitler, Stalin & Mao et al. started?

    The clock is ticking & a large portion of humanity have already embraced WWIII, in more ways than one.


    Red posted: <i>This week the long-awaited Online Safety Bill was published, which aims to make the UK the ‘safest place to be online in the world’ – in other words, the country with the most strictly regulated and censored internet of any liberal democracy.

    This mammoth piece of legislation was five years in the making, and those five years show. The bill is vast in scope, and terrifying in its implications for free speech. Most significant is the ‘duty of care’ the bill imposes on social-media… </i>

    Yes.. Important.

    The UK is aiming not only to oppress, deprive, their own population, of any ‘free speech’ avenues, via various forms of control and blunt propaganda …but to…

    Grant oversight and power to the no. 1 innovators, sellers, commercial dominators, of software, programs, etc. that will push and create ‘digital identities’, ‘social media’ Kontrol algos, digital tracking (of persons), pre-crime profiling, and so on, plus how to manipulate much data, and to put up front say ‘a genuine pov’ mouthed out…

    All this a desperate attempt to capitalise on ‘soft power’, there is a LOT of moolah to be made by relying on the hand of Image Men…a small segment of UK cos. will get rich.. Then what?

    Dr. D

    “What do you call someone who had a comfortable life on a beautiful horse farm, surrounded by family and friends, and then leaves it all behind to barnstorm the planet with a call to arms? Working long days, running from one event to the next, maybe getting 4 hours sleep per night in strange hotels, receiving death threats, enduring attacks, losing long-time associates and friends?”

    Don’t be silly. He’s a grifter. He’s doing it for the money and the high life on easy street. Chad on Twitter said!

    United Nations’ refugee agency says 3.5 million people have fled Ukraine since Russia launched its invasion.”

    Um, aren’t there only 40M people in Ukraine? So you’re saying 1 in 10 are out of country? And therefore are IN a country, like Poland or France, that imports food from a nation that’s now closed to them.

    “Why are many on TAE so obsessed with those that wear masks?”

    Meh, it’s just a coarse measure of who’s still afraid of Covid. I don’t think there’s a lot of painting dust in the grocery. I don’t care if they wear them, just know they’re anti-science. Masks have provably no effect and their own lockdown + masks had a 1.5% effect. And that’s fine, most people have been anti-science, whether Christian or Progressive, most of my life. No change, just tracking the local winds now that we have a visible yarmulke or hajib to check.

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