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    Dr Fauci Faust with Toto

    Dr Fauci Faust with Toto


    ‘Lockdown One Year On – It doesn’t work, it never-worked & it wasn’t supposed to work’:

    Lockdown One Year On – It doesn’t work, it never-worked & it wasn’t supposed to work

    I heartily disagree with that headline, because lockdowns work precisely as designed: to destabilize, impoverish,
    and immiserate the great majority of the Ctizenry. For that purpose, it’s Mission Accomplished.


    @ Oroborus

    I doubt legal actions will be a leading or main part of ending the masked lockdown nonsense. More or less spontaneous group action at large is what will end it.


    @ Bill7

    In response to the article’s headline: lockdowns work… when applied properly. China’s lockdowns worked swell and there are no known major problems afterwards. A few hiccups, acted swiftly and severely upon, that’s it. In fact, lockdown was probably a bonding event for the Chinese, much as the first covid lockdown was a bonding thing for most Americans. Spring/summer of last year, the likes of FB was full of we’re all in this together jokes. Everyone went out and foraged for wild toilet paper together like in the old days.

    There is no relationship between Euromerica’s use of lockdowns et al and actual historical use of pandemic-related lockdowns, so to say that “lock downs never work”, as the article does, is to join the likes of Fauci in spreading disinformation. (I see OffGuardian as very much a limited hangout decoy rag, fwiw.)

    At this point, what people need to know most of all in order to break out of the covid hysteria is what covid actually is and what is best to do about it. Simple basic facts that sufficiently refute the official narrative. They don’t need to try and overhaul their entire political belief system if only because they won’t.

    15 months into it and we’re still conflating viral pandemics with government conspiracies. While there may be, probably is, considerable overlap in this case, they are still seperate things. One doesn’t solve government oppression by fighting a virus/perceptions-o- said-virus any more than one fights a virus by focusing on government oppression.

    People will stop wearing masks because they’ve had enough, and the government will suffer further erosion of authority thereby. But they won’t be demasking to oppose the government (although that will be a subtheme). They’ll be demasking because they’re sick of masks… and have learned/realized that masks aren’t helping but, rather, hurting.

    The lockdown isn’t working, it was never properly employed, and is no longer anything but harmful: that would be a better headline.

    Michael Reid

    @ madamski

    “At this point, what people need to know most of all in order to break out of the covid hysteria is what covid actually is and what is best to do about it. Simple basic facts that sufficiently refute the official narrative.”

    Let this sink in. The truth is that COVID-19 is a bullshit nothing virus like a bad seasonal flu. Yet what has happened? Seriously, people need to stand up


    Madamski & John Day:

    Thanks for the Johnny Cash “Everywhere” song link!
    I had not heard of this song before.

    I listened to Johnny Cash’s “Everywhere” song with great interest as for sure Johnny travelled a lot!

    However I couldn’t believe my eyes when one of the places mentioned in the song was my old home town, Schefferville, in northern Quebec! The place where I spent the first 10 years of my life!

    Schefferville is where you go to go speckle trout fishing! Nowhere do I know of has trout fishing like Schefferville! We wouldn’t keep anything under 2 pounds! Six pounders were possible! What makes catching these fish so exciting is you are fishing in very fast flowing rivers where the fish can fight you by angling away from you into the river’s strong currents. Then of course they jump to shake the hook!

    The one thing that is strange about speckled trout fishing is that they run hot and cold. They bite nearly every second cast for an hour or so, then suddenly they all stop bitting, as if on cue. Then you can fish for 2 hours without a single bite! Yes, the water is extremely cold! Yes, the black flies and mosquitos call this place home!

    Here is something you should know. To breed, black flies need cold running water! Mosquitos need stagnant water, to breed. Schefferville has more of both than anywhere I know of!

    If you are flying around in a float plane, and if you should go down, you have almost a 50% chance of hitting water! Also there is a military DEW radar station there too. Since the iron ore mine closed, only a few Naskapi and Montagnais natives still live there.

    The other strange thing is the northern borders between Quebec and Labrador. The border simply follows the height of land. All waters that flowing into the Atlantic Ocean belong to Labrador. All waters that flow into the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Hudson Bay, or Artic Ocean belong to Quebec. This was a result of the wording of a treaty signed hundreds of years ago before anybody knew what the place looked like!

    Another place mentioned in the song is Winslow, Arizona!
    This place was made famous by the Eagles in their song “Taking it Easy”!
    They sure captured the “essence” of the town of Winslow!
    I am sure John Day would have passed through Winslow if he was heading to Flagstaff in the day!

    Some of the Eagle song’s lyrics:

    Well I’m standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona
    And such a fine sight to see
    It’s a girl, my lord, in a flat bed Ford
    Slowing down to take a look at me

    Maybe both John and I, left our hearts standing on that corner wondering about that flat bed Ford!


    @ WES

    “However I couldn’t believe my eyes when one of the places mentioned in the song was my old home town, Schefferville, in northern Quebec! The place where I spent the first 10 years of my life!”


    V. Arnold

    Interestingly, I have not had any problems (other than a couple of edits) posting much of anything here at TAE, including links.
    I gave up google, yahoo, firefox, etc. years ago and have been using Yandex browser ever since.
    Yandex mail is great w/zero spam…


    I am waiting for England to declare vaccinations mandatory for all health care workers. I firmly believe the government is that stupid!

    I see the birth rate has dropped between 9% to 15% in the past year or so in most developed countries. Who could have guessed uncertain women don’t want to produce babies? Maybe more negative interest rates would motivate women to have more babies? After all central bankers can solve every problem by printing more money!

    I see joe is eliminating good paying union coal power plant jobs while supporting non-union green energy jobs! Just more payback by joe for unions supporting him! joe also sent Ford’s $1 billion in promised Ohio EV manufactoring and assembly jobs to Mexico too! More union payback! You just got to love how joe rewards his union buddies! Just joe building back America better!

    joe is trying to get a chair lifter installed on the ramp to Air Force One. However kuamala keeps canceling the contract as a waste of money! Can’t be long now until the new boss, heels up, replaces the old boss!

    Ever notice kamala’s inappropiately timed nervous laughter whenever she is lying in response to a question? No wonder no one gives her any credibility! She ever gives a honest answer!

    Yeah, that guy in Boulder who accidentally shot 10 won’t be in the news anymore because he doesn’t fit the FBI’s “white terrorist” narrative. By the way the FBI knew all about the guy before the shooting. Just like the FBI knew before hand all of the previous mass shooters. There is no pattern here. If you see anything, Mark Twain will shoot you!



    A little to spaced out for me!9


    Madamski: “Keeps us from going revolutionary.”
    Then I hope it shall continue.
    If you don’t think this is the fight of our lives, yet, you haven’t grokked it a thing.


    “Since the iron ore mine closed, only a few Naskapi and Montagnais natives still live there”
    Like in Gagnon. Don’t forget the outfitters.

    V. Arnold

    If you don’t think this is the fight of our lives, yet, you haven’t grokked it a thing.

    Last I checked, English was the language we use here… 😉
    I have no idea what you are talking about…


    We are fortunate

    Bangladeshi officials have confirmed at least 11 dead. Some 40,000 huts were burned down, Mohammad Mohsin, Bangladesh’s disaster management and relief secretary, was quoted by Reuters as saying.

    Louise Donovan, a spokesperson for the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, said that at least 400 people were still missing since the fire, and that some 560 had been injured in the blaze. She said an estimated 45,000 people had been displaced.

    Dr. D

    Grokked, some anglo slang, introduced in the 1961 sci-fi novel “Stranger in a Strange Land” I believe also used in the nearly-not-english “A Clockwork Orange” written in meant-to-be British subculture slang.

    Yes, that “Add one number together” is absolutely hilarious. And it like Kafka, it sticks, it’s a feature our new socialist/monopoly/bureaucratic nightmare is made of. It’s been on for weeks.

    The posting is hit and miss on Firefox/W10, like today apparently one went “hidden”, reposted, then Raul I think unhid it and then appears twice but hours later. Puts you in mind to scrap WP and HTML code it by hand the way Hugh Smith does.

    You see my links failed because I was experimenting with the “Http” erase and not only didn’t work but disabled the link too (mostly). I’ll get it to what it’s capable, of, then like all software and tech, WP will randomly change everything so the word-prisoners don’t get too comfortable and communicate.

    I appreciate Madamski, since it’s the level groundedness I regularly use in my own mind, but have found that there’s no level of hyperbole that can break through mental inertia. Like South Park, we’ve reach a point where violent parody and sheer illogical insanity and reality have merged. No one can tell the difference, most often the slapstick illogic of comedy makes MORE sense than the reality because the comedians can’t help it but are still coming from a place of being in their right minds.

    The purchase of elections via PAC dark money, corporate connections, bribes, and a crooked media that stages a bare veneer of democracy is long since overlooked and uncared. I mean, that goes back to Taft. Or Adams, who was painted as a “Hermaphrodite” in the election of 1800. It’s only by adding “Russians” or some such never-was you can get anyone to even look and pay attention. In this case, the whole fraud playbook was on parade, but no one cares, each citizen being morally bankrupt themselves in their own lives it makes no impression, being business as usual, and they’ve never seen anything else. A world without lies, where a man has the possibility of meaning something and keeping his word.

    So yes, saying “Every word of every adult American, every day of my life” IS hyperbole, but it’s to make the reader go, “No it’s not at all because….” Aaaaaand then realize it’s like only 90% lies, it is indeed hard to defend that accusation, instead of the 10-20% lies they probably felt was true before they had to defend themselves. I’d pick another way, but I’m at a loss when words themselves are misused to mean two opposite things, things are both true and false at the same time, and appeals to authority generally mean pointed to the wrong instead of the right, since if you told the truth in any of our institutions you’d be summarily fired, as has happened to thousands in the last years, ten-thousands, hundredfold more than McCarthyism, which now seems quaint and harmless in comparison. Ah well. I didn’t make it, I’ve just got to live with it, which is what they say during every violent world war, even a new Aquarian one of airwaves and minds. People are still dying by the millions in it, just now from (medical/economic) lies, and not (as) directly from bullets.

    “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” But thankfully, that means their sole enemy is also the Truth, the Tao, the Way, and have eternal, tireless headwinds and lose when they blink, when they can’t waste a whole planet’s oil and money every minute of every day counteracting physics and supporting the false.

    Dr. D

    Oops: “add one number has been on for weeks.” meant to add, “Log off, log back on.” I think it thinks if your timestamp is out of date, it suspects you might be a bot. Logging on fresh lowers that chance.

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