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    DPC Country store, Venezuela 1905 • China Intervenes in Stock Markets Ahead of Annual Policy Meeting (BBG) • China’s Rebalancing Is Overrated (Balding
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    The story about Ukraine by a Patrick Smith was published on Salon, a self identified ‘liberal’ site. They publish a story by him every few weeks and the few comments they get compared to their normal stories are overwhelmingly negative. Inevitably accusing him of being a Putin apologist or worse. While some of these comments are surely from trolls it’s fair to assume that most American ‘liberals’ are all in on the ‘Putin invaded Ukraine’ story because among other reasons the NY Times for over a year published an anti Putin article every few days and put it on top of their online site. So most ‘liberals’ and ‘conservatives’ and every politician I know of support the process which has brought war with heavy weapons to the edge of Europe for the first time since the end of WWII. (with the possible exception of the Greek civil war 1946-1949 which come to think of it has a forgotten part of what has happened to Greece now and Americas continued hatred of Russia)

    As opposed to the very occasional push back story about the dominant Ukraine narrative, there is no narrative about Greece at all in the ‘liberal’ US media, online or otherwise. Liberals just don’t think of Greece at all, its impoverishment or the refugee crisis there. The rest of the world has become a big blank space for American liberals. American ‘liberals’ have been reduced to supporting LGBT rights, vaguely supporting lower class non whites and bashing ‘Wall Street’, but loving the Fed except for the suspicion the Fed has not done enough. American liberals are the biggest fans of Fed ease and activism after all and thus helpers in their own demise. While today’s so called monetary policy is not specifically neoliberal it serves neoliberals perfectly while our Ukraine and Greek, Syrian and Libyan policies were picture book neoconservative in both cases American ‘liberal’ Democratic politicians have been all in. Hillary leading the pack.

    I guess the point being that liberal politics isn’t going to change a thing. Sadly, just as in Europe, change is rising on the right. It’s all so very depressing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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