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    Henri Cartier Bresson Greenfield, Indiana 1960   • How Economics Failed the Economy (Haque) • How Did The News Go ‘Fake’? When The Media Went Soc
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    V. Arnold

    • How Economics Failed the Economy (Haque)

    A must read indeed; brilliant.
    The view from the heritage is that Kuznets’ was spot on and what he said makes complete sense.
    More importantly it explains today’s realities for western societies and their woefully wronged citizens.
    As to pointing the direction for fixing the “problem”? It surely does; but only us serf’s want it fixed…
    I saw the social media for the pathology it encourages early on and quit all a decade ago.
    Commenting here is as close as I come.

    V. Arnold

    Argh!!! The view from the heritage; should read hermitage…

    Dr. D

    “A flatter curve, which makes lending less profitable, also poses a risk to the banking sector, nursed back to fragile health by central banks after it nearly collapsed a decade ago.” Aw.

    Sure, if you “nurse someone back to health” by sapping the blood and destroying the health of every otherwise healthy person in the city. But I’m sure it’s all worth it. …If you’re the collapsing wealthy who otherwise wouldn’t survive the short trip they were headed for called “Truth” and “Real Price Discovery.”

    Dr. D

    P.S. what is this guy talking about, the Panopticon Prison of social media? If it gives you the slightest trouble, if it’s an addiction or bad for society, dump it and live a real and healthy life. Alternatively, you could lead your real life publicly and damn the consequences. Srs, what’s wrong with these people? They have no responsibility for their actions. They’re just helpless pawns in game of life saying “we’re all like this, amiright?” No, you’re not right. Most of us behave and work and get kicked in the teeth for our trouble. 20 different bloggers come to mind, this site included. And you want to be taken seriously as a whiskey-drinking, chain-smoking, hard-boiled reporter that we can trust has the backbone to tell the hard truth? But can’t seem to write real articles because you didn’t get enough likes on Facebook? Must be nice to live in such a lightweight world as “The Guardian” inhabits, one of the only privileged jobs in one of the only remaining cities. Pass.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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