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    Balthus Girl at a window 1957   • Pentagon Confirms US Boots Are On The Ground In Ukraine (ZH) • Outrage Ensues After The Atlantic Suggests ‘Amne
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle November 2 2022]


    Best dissection, and take-down, yet of the Atlantic:




    “Ukraine war escalates as diplomacy disappears”
    Pushback with Aaron Mate


    The more that the truth comes out about the death jabs, the more that this scene from the US version of Utopia – filmed/released in 2019 – appears as predictive programming and indeed a Fuck You from the Cabal!

    Sleep tight!


    Power cuts coming the in UK.

    For UK readers only:

    Check/Find your Network Operator Code here by entering your post code:

    Now you have your code, you can find out when your power cuts will happen depending on the Disconnection Level (1-18).

    See pages 17 onwards here:

    Good luck fellow Brits!

    “To be forewarned, is to be forearmed!”


    Depending on who you listen to, the world has never been closer to nuclear war, or the world has stepped back from nuclear war.

    Thee has been quite a lot of talk about iodine tablets being purchased by the US (and other governments) as a means of preventing (or at least reducing) the effects of nuclear radiation.

    It pays to be well informed, so that you are not

    a) terrified
    b) unprepared

    This video details why iodine could be useful, and how to obtain it and use it.

    It also points out that children are at far greater risk than adults and provides the actual risk figures for those who have experienced ‘nuclear events’.

    V. Arnold

    As near as I can tell; critical thinking skills are lacking in 99 – 99.9% of all humans…
    It has become the catch phrase of the internet crawlers…
    Hive mentality has rendered it a useless artifact…for the majority?

    Michael Reid

    Dr. Aaron Kheriaty discusses his must-read book The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State and traces the roots of the medical tyranny we’ve been experiencing to the Anglosphere and eugenics movement which later was exported to Germany. Postwar principles of medical ethics (e.g. Nuremberg Code) were completely abandoned in 2020. The Biomedical Security State is a public health apparatus that has become militarized and wouldn’t have been possible before the advent of the iPhone in 2007. The definition of “public health” has continued to expand to include social justice (e.g. BLM) and environment (e.g. climate lockdowns) which is a dangerous trend. He discusses how Digital ID and CBDCs will lead to totalitarianism and touches on the religious aspect of the New Abnormal (e.g. scientism, neo-Gnosticism, transhumanism).

    Aaron Kheriaty: Rise of the Biomedical Security State


    Prof Emily Oster …. diversity hire, has to be, no merit hires are that entertaining … I now understand why circusses hire dwarfs and clowns. She has spawned so many great responses that I feel I should thank her for her cluelessness, it has made us happy. It takes articles like this to remind us that comedy is still a real thing in this world, despite what the woke crowd would like you to think. My parents taught me that laughing “at” people was bad while laughing “with” people was good: I am now doubting that guidance, not because it was wrong at the time, but because the times have changed.


    Just a few hours after the attack by sea “drones” on the ships of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation in the early morning of October 29, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced the suspension of the “grain deal” – an agreement that had been in force since July 22 of this year.

    The Russians will have known this was going to happen from the moment they signed the deal, they evidently then put defenses in place to protect their ships. Britain’s reputation as a waring nation is rapidly declining, what with their inept destruction of NordStream 2 which left one pipe still functional, and now the the ineptness of the British drones. Mind you, what with the British aircraft carrier running on Windows XP, you really have to wonder where all the weapons money went, it seems to have disappeared. Obviously the UK is totally in the US pocket as Windows XP sends all its info to Microsoft … I wonder if the Microsoft engineers, especially those from China, have been security cleared by the UK MOD. The west really is too comfortable, they have softened and become pathetic, they are now “all gob, no trousers”.


    Is this the beast whose image Ilargi recently posted.


    Dr. D

    Doge up 300% since Musk took Twitter. BTC hardly moved. Big coincidence I’m sure. Sad to say I did not have time to get in, as waiting for a crypto flash crash on US$ news.

    Throwing an election by having no security and holding real-time election voting records in China? No problem. Telling anyone such that the company is slightly embarrassed? Jail time.

    Yup. Corporations are people. Not only that, People are NOT people. Hey: here’s an idea: get up an agreed impartial committee to look into allegations while holding a cease and desist on their accusations and actions while that’s happening. Then we could find the Truth. Whoops – answered my own question.

    Well you know what they say: don’t read social media and you’ll be uninformed. Do read it, and you’ll be misinformed. And remember kids! That’s now a crime! Against the State.

    “Pentagon Confirms US Boots Are On The Ground In Ukraine (ZH)”

    They moved from “Advisors” to “Special Help”, in order to “Save Democracy” from the “Domino Effect” where the next nation like Romania falls until we’re out at Dunkirk. (because Russia has that kind of manpower) And I bet VietnamVet could tell us all about what happens next.

    “The Atlantic has come under fire”

    I’m quite surprised by this. Have they really? By whom? How much? We’re in our own Counter-narrative echo chamber, when we really need to bridge and absorb it into a commonly accepted view on what happened.

    “The old system of institutions and regimes has already collapsed (freedom of trade and respect for private property)” As well as to be generally left alone.

    Greta was out recently, and I guess she’s no longer a teenager but on the lines of a college student now. And so says all the same uneducated college student stuff: burn it all down. Destroy Capitalism. And a bunch of slang word soup that makes no sense so can’t remember enough to recite it. Electricity is racist. Eating is Colonialism. If men exist, that’s misogyny, the usual.

    Point was – as she’s SO no different than anyone else and supremely uneducated – that she demonstrates that the Green Agenda, environmentalism, is merely Communism. Which is itself a fig for totalitarian oligarchs who run Soviet Socialism. You own nothing. They use and reside in a palatial Dacha with 5-star meals paid for by the workers. You know: Socialism. But it’s nice to have her say that as the representation of the Green Movement because now we all know that we, our existence at all, but certainly if we have a warm house and bacon, we, all 7B people are their mortal enemy and they wish with all their might and force to destroy us.

    …And not a single mention of China. Again. Or ever. Because the WEF goal is identical to the Chinese one.

    “ Zelensky ‘Nullified’ Grain Shipping Deal – Russian Duma Speaker (RT)”

    We have food by the million tonnes we can’t eat. Just as we have oil and gas by the billion BTU we can’t burn. So is that a shortage, or not?

    It’s just YOU-flation. Everything that’s good, you need, goes up and in shortage. Everything you HAVE like labor or home price equity, goes down.

    “Moscow is now ready to supply African nations with “large volumes” of grain and fertilizers out of its own stocks for free..”

    The West cannot allow this. And yet will scream they are rabid, heart-felt defenders only of the poor and vulnerable.

    Just as worldwide, unless they are working-class people, and ESPECIALLY if they are small businessmen who employ the most people.

    “Ukrainian troops are shelling the region almost on a daily basis, threatening the lives and safety of people, but they keep silent about it, while expressing concerns about the fish,”

    Totally believable. This is human mentalism, where you de-human things. Then other things seem large in comparison. We do it all the time with snail darters and owls. Especially seen in battery farms. Once you can treat animals that way, why not humans? Why not your own family?

    So Russians are hated and should die. However, we like rivers and goldfish.

    “Blue Checkers Revolt Over Musk’s Threatened Monthly Charge (Turley)”

    Who? Which ones? How many? So this is “a few people don’t like (but probably will anyway) story? Why does this story exist then?

    Also, Viva Frei was banned for stating the facts about Paul Pelosi’s gay prostitute spat. How? Who? Musk said they locked down banning to like 15 hand-picked people. Yet it was instant and without warning, coincidentally days before election.

    Yeah: because the DNC and FBI are still in their software, which has zero security, like their own IT director said.

    Turley’s story tells the “Lords and Peasants” very directly. It’s supposed to “Prove” who you are. What? Who would care? And that means nothing. Then when ten-thousands of people CAN prove who they are, they are denied. Ah: so it’s NOT proving your true identity, it really is a “Twitter-approved Club”. And you’re not in it.

    So it’s a lie on top of a hypocrisy, on top of an irrelevancy. But that’s Twitter for you and why they’re worth more than GM, a company that actually does something (badly) and doesn’t contribute to universal human misery (unless you buy their cars).

    Oh: P.S. “Muh, private corporation.”

    “Brits would find the upcoming winter “financially very, very hard.”

    Still on about PRICE. Which is nothing. It’s volume; real things.

    “here was a second person in the Porsche with Pelosi at the time of the accident. He has never been identified.”

    And he never will. Other question: where did old Paul get stoned an hour before? Where was he driving from and what was going on there?

    Because, police: they are paid to protect politicians like Lightfoot and Newsom, not people on the street or say, get proper and correct investigations and just prosecutions for gay men.

    “Censorship and Suppression of Covid-19 Heterodoxy (Springer)”

    Johns Hopkins covered some of this at the time. The CDC covered it by releasing all facts AND their opposite.

    “Fatal Flaw: 42% False Discovery Rate for SARS-CoV-2 nonQ-RT-PCR Test (PR)”

    Positive on papaya. Since day one.

    “Now you have your code, you can find out when your power cuts will happen depending on the Disconnection Level (1-18).”

    Now correlate your shutoff level with the relative affluence of the area. Or why bother? If you’re in an affluent area, you already know you’re safe.

    Iodine: strangely since I bet most people are older adults here, iodine won’t help a bit. I forget the crossover year, but if you’re like 50(?) they won’t help and you should give them to the nearby kids. That said, iodine is a good thing, often in deficit, and I have heard that iodine additives (like salt) were swapped out with an inert form that isn’t digestible. …As usual. FDA got your back! So taking iodine in general maybe good, but for nuclear events, not. Odd.

    People – being immensely ignorant, uncurious, and encouraged by every possible means to be that way – don’t bother to find out about bunkers, preparedness, or “Don’t look at that flash”. Actually they all make sense and even in the 80’s it wasn’t that hard to be underground for about 5 days until the wild majority of radiation had dissipated. Now is a little different, not using ground-impact bombs, which are far smaller. But the point is the same: it’s NOT HARD to live through, overcome, and survive a nuclear exchange. Such that refusing to prepare for ANYTHING, have ANY food, any equipment, backup, any plan for who’s in charge, etc is what will kill everyone, NOT the bomb. EMP is a great example of this: a bomb with no bomb.

    YET WE DO NOTHING. You’re on your own. You want anything done, defund the government so you’ll have enough money to do it yourself.

    Apply equally to all nations. According to NeoCon/NeoLibs.

    D Benton Smith

    The world is faced with a stark choice. Either Russia wins or everybody loses.


    Redneck, this is why I bet on Russia winning in Ukraine (yes, the Daily Mail, so a bit iffy) …


    Since Covid-protocols are still being pushed (albeit in more subdued form) and far from being cancelled it would be interesting to know WHAT triggered the sudden change in Emily Oster’s head and compel her to publicly “excuse herself”, which I think is her primary motive.


    Musk didn’t start Paypal or Tesla. Paypal was owned by a company bought by Musk and was already a major player. Tesla already had developed the Tesla Roadster before Musk arrived but needed money. Yet Musk is the hero entrepreneur, but what did he actually entrepreneur? An interesting read … Looks like Musk is all ego, he is not another Jobs.

    That Bloke

    V. Arnold wrote:

    “As near as I can tell; critical thinking skills are lacking in 99 – 99.9% of all humans…”

    That’s the fault of the education system. Kids nowadays are taught only to learn “facts” and not to develop their critical thinking skills. Im sure it’s by design as well, as our governments are not too keen on people thinking for themselves these days.

    those darned kids

    In the UK, candidates applying to nursing school still have to declare that they have been death vaxxed.

    Even though eminent professors at the world’s most respected institutions say it’s unethical and wrong, because the vaccines are up to nearly 100 times more likely to cause a person of student age serious injury than ro prevent him or her from being hospitalised with COVID-19,

    You just can’t make this shit up.
    The horror show hasn’t ended.



    The info is confusing at best. But Paypal was all Ebay at first.

    The Street, in an article that doesn’t even mention Musk:
    In fact, PayPal wasn’t even named PayPal when it was founded in 1998 by technology entrepreneurs Peter Thiel and Max Levchin. Instead, the company’s initial name was Confinity, a company founded on the premise of low-cost, almost effortless digital payments for consumers and businesses.

    But Britannica says:
    In 1999 Zip2 was bought by the computer manufacturer Compaq for $307 million, and Musk then founded an online financial services company,, which later became PayPal, which specialized in transferring money online. The online auction eBay bought PayPal in 2002 for $1.5 billion.

    John Day

    Late last night on the “We Are The Balance” thread Susmarie108 said:
    “@citizenx: agree, the chanting of kumbaya will not change the world as it has zero impact on The Haters. Only “The One that left us here” can save it. I’m just trying to do my part while I’m here – and save myself. Returning to “center” (a positive state/place in body/mind/heart) is part of my practice. Mantra, song, dance, art, nature are all tools.

    @VP/Gary: RE: LOVE. So does that include the “dehumanizers” too? Should we just think *GOOD* thoughts, pretending THEY don’t exist with ALL their cheat cards? No. No pretending. It’s hard to LOVE the haters/dehumanizers. I’m not there yet. You?

    I had a decent shot trying with my late husband. I couldn’t resist the brilliant engineer, handsome/older, bad-boy man. But it was always the undercurrent of childhood abuse and 2 tours in Vietnam that got him rolling from a dark place. In the 11 months of his dying at home (right here in the great room behind me, cancers everywhere) that I began to see the truth BEYOND his physical presence. You can LOVE that sweet light! There is this strange aspect to it tho, you know there is a part of themselves on auto-pilot (stuck in torture chambers of the mind), THEY CAN’T STOP. It’s like you see thru it and you are watching a picture show. Detached. These words come to mind: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” This is not meant to be an excuse. It just is where some people are. You can forgive them, love them, let go of them, and keep your power.

    LOVE to All who visit here.”

    Her reference to “the one who left us here” is a reference to this song, (I prefer this original version a little bit.)


    As a regular MSNBC pundit is calling for Elon Musk to be stripped of his citizenship for trying to reintroduce free speech protections to Twitter, the new owner is outraging blue checkers by suggesting a monthly charge for verified users.

    Here’s an idea: How about a monthly charge for NON-verified users? This would cut the bots, trolls, and fake accounts down to zero.


    re: “In the UK, candidates applying to nursing school still have to declare that they have been death vaxxed.”

    Candidates applying to nursing school are probably mostly females in their highest reproductive years. hmmm.


    Smart phones cause so much dysfunction, but who can deny their charms?
    The Net has done a lot of good, so we overlook the harms.
    I think that I am so connected, but who’s behind that handle?
    When I’m blindly stumbling alone in the dark, what I really need is a candle.

    Polemos- If one is shitting coprolites, one might try some moral fiber.

    “Ground glass opacity”- who doesn’t recall that the “vaping disease” of 2019 inspired those exact words? The infamous spike protein has been around a while. I would love to know how many people who got really sick had the flu vaccine that year (and 2020).


    Polemos- I meant to put a smiley face by that comment. 🙂

    John Day

    I’m not going to post the Pelosi & DePape trash on my own blog(s), but it is “interesting” in a voyeristic kind of way…

    It has redeeming value IF it reveals the moral character of the high-level functionaries of “the empire”.
    THERE, that’s my justification. [I feel certain that one would be able to find similar allegations of shameful behavior amongst high level government functionaries in Russia. Fair-and-Balanced.]

    More of the story here, including pictures of DePape and Pelosi’s back door:

    More DePape & Pelosi information is here, including a photo of DePape’s Berkeley back yard with rainbow marijuana flag and outdoor backyard couch.
    DePape Berkeley backyard

    Original October 29 Santa Monica Observer story with picture of DePape @ nudist street-rally


    @kultsommer: WHAT triggered the sudden change in Emily Oster’s head and compel her to publicly “excuse herself”, which I think is her primary motive.

    That may have been HER primary motive. But I wonder if articles like this are encouraged because public mood on the subject can be measured by watching the public reaction to them.

    John Day

    @Germ: The prior image was of an unusually large male African elephant.
    The one that just died was female.

    John Day

    @Red: Thanks for the Vanguard & Blackrock own the world link.


    Mind blowing details in here. What an eye-opener.

    Good summary of how an enormous apparatus of untouchable opaque multitude of quangos, NGOs, “foundations” has been established to dominate the world population – and that apparatus is now approaching its evil end game extremely rapidly.

    Laundering with Immunity: The Control Framework – Part 1

    Michael Reid

    John Michael Greer

    Writing as Microcosm, Part One: Publish and Perish

    Writing as Microcosm, Part One: Publish and Perish


    A Midwestern Doctor:

    Dissecting the Deceptive Plea for COVID-19 Amnesty

    Just Some Randomer

    $30bn a year to eliminate world hunger? I don’t think so. The National Health Service in the UK has a budget 5 times that for 2022 and you’ll still be waiting a year for a minor operation.

    I’d say that $30bn wouldn’t even pay the ‘Administrative costs’ and other grift that any operation to feed the world would inevitably attract.


    @John Day: there is always this one.

    Michael Reid

    CBDCs – The Pied Piper

    CBDCs – The Pied Piper

    Another Big CBDC Flop… Here’s What Really Comes Next (Hint: It’s Not What the Elites Hoped For)

    Another Big CBDC Flop… Here’s What Really Comes Next (Hint: It’s Not What the Elites Hoped For)

    Doug Casey on How Social Security Increases Could Cause an Inflationary Death Spiral

    Doug Casey on How Social Security Increases Could Cause an Inflationary Death Spiral

    John Day

    @Suusmarie108: I know that The Youngbloods version is what you had in mind, because that line you quoted is slightly different, “the one that left us here” vs “the wind that left us here” in the original Jefferson Airplane version. I don’t mean to split hairs. I sing this song to myself bike-riding. The Youngbloods version is more plaintive; the Jefferson Airplane version is stronger and more decisive.

    : Thanks for the money-laundering coalition details. It is surprisingly like what my grandfather told me. He served as an officer in both world wars, in OSS counter-intelligence in WW-2, which became the CIA special-operations under Truman.

    Reid: thanks for the Ecosophia.

    : Thanks for the Midwestern Doctor dissection of the false-contrition amnesty-plea from The Atlantic.

    I would not be surprised if any or all of these stories made tomorrow’s TAE lineup.

    This one fits in quite well, and I’m about to work it into my blog today… Michael Hudson

    Germany’s position in America’s New World Order


    ‘As near as I can tell; critical thinking skills are lacking in 99 – 99.9% of all humans’

    In my experience it’s only 95%. I believe about one in twenty can think things out once they are given the correct information.

    The problem is, the populaces of City-of-London-controlled populations are subjected to a constant barrage of lies, kept in place by rigorous censorship. Therefore, we have to wait for the Russians to bring the house-of-cards NATOstan narratives to a standstill. Or wait for the glaring inconsistencies and counterproductive actions within the system to destroy the system.

    Either way, the system is not going to last much longer. but always longer than we ever thought possible, simply because those who operate the system are prepared to cannibalise the system to maintain their short-term benefits.

    From the usual source:

    ‘As expected, the US Fed has raised its policy rate by +75 bps to 4%. It is their sixth consecutive rate hike and the fourth straight +75 bps increase, pushing borrowing costs to a new high since 2008. The odds are currently divided between another +75 bps hike at their December 15 meeting, or a lesser +50 bps rise then, although today’s statement tips the chances to the +50 bps end.’

    A new take on ‘you will own nothing and be happy’; those who do not get exterminated by the forces unleashed by the WEF, NATO, the central banks and the corporations, forces that will destroy the WEF, NATO, the central banks and the corporations, will live much as medieval peasants did.


    ‘This global fracture promises to be a ten- or twenty-year struggle to determine whether the world economy will be a unipolar U.S.-centered dollarized economy, or a multipolar, multi-currency world centered on the Eurasian heartland with mixed public/private economies.’ -Michael Hudson for the Saker blog

    Energy illiteracy and its companion ecological illiteracy are fine things: they allow true believers to make all kinds of absurd statements in good faith.

    The absurd mantra that industrial civilisation will prevail is apparently unshakable.

    The end of ‘pretty much everything’ comes by 2032, if not long before, not because of nuclear war but because of energy depletion and ecological collapse.

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