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    I’m not going to post the Pelosi & DePape trash on my own blog(s)…

    Ha ha, but TAE is enough of a dump to put it here…

    Dr D Rich


    Thanks for the link to Midwestern Doc.

    Do you get the same uneasy feeling when this doctor inveighs against The Cult that his/her proscription includes ascribing to “fundamental(s)” another soothing word, his word of choice?

    I do agree, although, that Walensky, Dave Tam, Fauci and especially Scott Gottlieb should be stripped of land, title and riches AND given to me, but let’s not be blind to the fact Authoritarian Followers constitute the primary problem for us all. None of those 4 people ever appeared to be particularly compelling, charismatic and persuasive to me. Hell, they didn’t even appear to believe their own bullshit.


    Greg Mannarino not only understands the role of central banks in lying to the populace and fostering devaluation of money, but he also understands the role of terror campaigns and fake vaccines, and delivers it all with humour.

    “Tell people the truth, they hate you more for it.”


    Here’s a thought, Putin is with the WEF and doing his part to help bring the west to heel. The WEF crowd knows the west’s population will resist the “you will own nothing and be Happy” narrative. The WEF fers are trying to implement social crediting systems just like the ones working now in China. The dots seem to align a bit too well. Putin’s Russia has the means to cripple the majority of the west and the sanctions are being applied at the behest of the EU. Seems like a chess move to me. Ask the Chinese if they like the social scoring system and I’m sure most would say they can’t complain. 😉

    John Day

    ‘Democracy Dies In Darkness’ – Unless You Want Pelosi Video Released


    ‘Limited nuclear war? Iran/Saudi/Russia. More military drills than ever. Droughts, floods and animal diseases. Food shortages. Electric car charging in Italy more expensive that gasoline. The perfect shit storm we’re in.

    John Day

    Sourced from Guardian UK, but still likely to be true:

    Jair Bolsonaro has reportedly thrown in the towel after his presidential election defeat in Brazil on Sunday, telling members of the supreme court: “It’s over.”

    He went silent for nearly two days after being beaten by the leftwing former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in the vote. When Bolsonaro finally appeared before the cameras on Tuesday afternoon, he failed to explicitly concede defeat or congratulate his vanquisher.

    However, shortly after that appearance, he made his way to the supreme court where he met seven of its judges, including Edson Fachin, who later told journalists that Bolsonaro had indicated to them that he understood the writing was on the wall.

    John Day

    RIM finally noticed that I made a “funny” 🙂

    ‘I’m not going to post the Pelosi & DePape trash on my own blog(s)…’

    “Ha ha, but TAE is enough of a dump to put it here…”

    John Day

    AFKTT , quoting V. Arnold:
    ‘‘As near as I can tell; critical thinking skills are lacking in 99 – 99.9% of all humans’
    In my experience it’s only 95%. I believe about one in twenty can think things out once they are given the correct information.”

    I had the same thought about the 5%, but more than that can figure it out.
    They are just afraid to act on it if it’s socially-suicidal.
    It bothers them, but they don’t act.


    ‘They are just afraid to act on it if it’s socially-suicidal.
    It bothers them, but they don’t act.’

    The controllers know that, of course. They know they can lie and bully and steal, and most people won’t fight back.

    I recall an incident at an organised dance. The announcer announced Swing Waltz (3/4) followed by Gypsy Tap (4/4).

    The vast majority of participants attempted to dance 3/4 steps to 4/4 music.

    I immediately recognised the music was out of order.

    That makes me ‘a bit weird’.

    I do know for certain that many people just do not see what I see -literally. Their eyes are defective and they struggle through life

    Many older people literally cannot hear properly because they spent time next to noisy machines without hearing protection.

    Sometimes, when having a conversation with people, one notices that the other person is not listening at all and is simply waiting for an opportunity to jump in with their own narrative.

    Add to that the fact that a lot of people cannot read. And the portion who can read and understand what they have erad is declining rapidly. 🙁

    As has been discussed here on numerous occasions, the near constant deluge of misinformation and just plain noise generated by governments (including so-called education institutions) and mainstream media deadens brains rather wonderfully.

    Many YouTube commentaries highlight the fact that it has all gone way past the point of much being salvaged from this mess.

    Another day of NATOstan governments making everything worse. 🙁


    my parents said know, 😉 I find spicy hot takes help move things, too.

    Dr D Rich —I didn’t get a chance earlier to say Thank You for the comment you directed to me earlier, but it has produced in me a lot of thought. You see precisely what my problem is, and thank you for encouraging me to think about overcoming aspects of the programming within me. Acting on it: this is my responsibility and comes at a prime time for it. So, Thank You.

    That said, I’m not sure what you’re talking about when you mentioned A Midwestern Doc’s term ‘fundamental(s)’ (or a term associated with that), but I’ve not read him closely though I am familiar enough to know who you’re talking about. Could you go into it?

    Red, your idea aligns in its own way with Redneck’s observation re: Putin’s (alleged?) hypochondria and the push to vaccinate Russians with a Spike-inducing vaccine system. That is, Russia still participates in its own version of motivating citizens to partake in a social version of civilizational apoptosis, programmed death of classes of citizens, while securing for itself a stake in the dawning of the New World to follow this present transition.
    —In trying to find out more about Sputnik V or the Gamaleya vaccine, I found this (two-year-old) article from

    In a press release, the Gamaleya National Center of Epidemiology and Microbiology in Moscow said an interim analysis of a large-scale trial underway in Russia had found 92% efficacy for its “Sputnik V” vaccine. The release quoted the Russian minister of health saying the results demonstrate that Sputnik V “is an efficient solution to stop the spread of coronavirus infection.” Yet it also noted the review covered just 20 total COVID-19 cases in the vaccinated and placebo groups—far too few for the claim be convincing, experts inside and outside of Russia say.
    In contrast, they note, Pfizer and BioNTech analyzed 94 cases to make their efficacy claim, and other vaccinemakers plan to wait for at least 50 or more COVID-19 cases to accumulate in a trial to assess a candidate’s worth. “It’s very difficult to explain [the Gamaleya] announcement,” says Svetlana Zavidova, a Moscow-based lawyer who heads Russia’s Association of Clinical Trials Organizations and closely follows COVID-19 vaccine R&D in the country. “I’m afraid they looked at the results of Pfizer and added 2%.”
    The claims don’t pass “the smell test,” adds Wayne Koff, who heads the nonprofit Human Vaccines Project, which is attempting to improve the design of future vaccines. (The Gamaleya media contact on the press release did not reply to Science’s request for an interview.)
    [. . .]
    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration “wouldn’t have accepted a report on 20 cases,” says John Moore, a vaccine researcher at Weill Cornell Medical College. He regards the announcement as “Putinology,” referring to the Russian president. “Why is Russia doing this?” Moore asks. “It’s the international vaccine race. They want to be seen to be keeping up with their competitors in other countries. It’s clearly a rushed out announcement. But it doesn’t mean it’s wrong.”

    —Two years later, as we know, the FDA approved the bivalent boosters on reports with 0 cases: or, no trials at all. Fascinating what two years can do.


    Freezing, starving hoard of people will be overwhelming the borders.
    Millions of Ukrainians refugees will invade and overwhelm the political/social/economic systems of NATO/UK/USA/CANADA.
    Start thinking about what to do to minimize the damaging changes.
    Canada announced that it will accept 500,000 immigrants/year.
    Will all the immigrants be from Ukraine? Mexico?


    Germ said

    In the UK, candidates applying to nursing school still have to declare that they have been death vaxxed.

    Hong Kong is even worse. You have to wear a mask outside your home at all times. It is illegal for you to enter bars, restaurants, gyms, workplaces, supermarkets, etc unless you have been vaccinated.

    John Lee the new pretend leader of Hong Kong recently declared that the mask law will not be recinded until more under 5 year olds are vaccinated.

    Hong Kong government uses its puppets in Hong Kong University to use their reputations to back up all its policies. HKU never did any due diligence on the vaccine, never did any testing on masks, they just blindly followed the USA CDC guidelines: their reputations are now gone. With people dying of vaccination injury, the HKU is still recommending vaccination, as instructed by HK government. This is no mistake, it just shows us that any “science” from HKU is actually government policy and the “science” label is a fraud. The HK government is over six months behind the rest of the world and is still standing still. The change of puppet leader made no difference – we knew that was likely to be the case – as the stupidity and economic destruction continues. All their policies make me think of WEF.

    John Day

    @Polemos and Dr. D Rich: “A Midwestern Doctor” is a lady doctor, pronouns…(oh, you know)

    Polemos mentions “Russia still participates in its own version of motivating citizens to partake in a social version of civilizational apoptosis, programmed death of classes of citizens.”

    Somebody sent me a link to a site today that wondered if mother-earth, Gaia, was carrying out such an “apoptosis” upon her numerous and wayward kids, especially the Democrats.

    The ACIP vote as pyroptosis — programmed cell death of the Democratic Party
    Gaia appears to want to rid the earth of progressive institutions, the question is why?

    My thoughts:
    I’m not sure of the provenance of these mass movements.

    Hubris is the classic Greek description of this sort of doubling-down, rather than looking at risks to self.

    Hubris is the “tragic flaw”. It can be translated as “vain pride”, but also as “an erection”.

    Masses of people, sharing a common view, which they reinforce within the identity group, are often “wrong” in history. When I look closely, it seems that these groups coalesce through a series of easy-decisions, which are not quite moral/right, and they are then trapped together in a wrong-position.

    Trapping large groups of people this way is what our owners do.

    Sometimes they are on the wrong-side-of-history.

    What will be the consequences this time. Early death? Sterility? Chronic autoimmune disease?

    Will there be a swing of those who have stood morally against the left-totalitarianism into right-totalitarianism? That is the biggest risk that I see. The fact that people have stood morally against the totalitarianism is important. This is a group taking a moral stand, something like 20% of American society at its core. That seems good, but this core may be sidelined and abandoned in a totalitarian swing to regain control of society at the elite level.

    We should see that, anticipate the counter-attack and be prepared to weather it.


    Raúl Ilargi Meijer said

    The info is confusing at best. But Paypal was all Ebay at first.

    With such a confused history behind him, how do we determine whether Musk is a genuine entrepreneur, genuine businessman or a front man for somebody else?


    AFKTT said

    The controllers know that, of course. They know they can lie and bully and steal, and most people won’t fight back.

    The reasons are explained by Jeff Schmidt …


    oxymoron said

    Climate getting nudge units

    Turning AGW into a religious belief where the existence of the God cannot be proven, it is a matter of faith. The technique of stressing people in order to manipulating them to find a solution, is similar to the methods used by the famous evangelical preachers to convert the sinners to Christianity. The method was to get the person to focus on all the sins they have committed in the past, digging back through all sorts of relationships and emotional garbage until the person is sufficiently stressed out and emotional to be willing to sign up to any solution. The solution being to become a Christian, get that free forgiveness, praise the lord and donate whatever money is in your pocket to the people who saved your soul.

    When you read the news these days it is worth keeping this technique in mind. Much of the news is filler material that is irrelevant, if you are feeling stressed about the news then just take a break and see how life feels without it. Alternatively, train yourself to look up from your laptop and see the real world, thereby establishing the distinction between the “news” and the real world in the same way that a game player distinguishes between the online video game and the real world. Stress makes people behave in ways that are not in their best self interests.

    Maxwell Quest

    UK based funeral director, John O’Looney, talks to Steven Crowder about the mysterious fibrous clots that embalmers are seeing in those dying from the mRNA shots.



    Oxy, from yesterday: thank you. You’re one of my favorites here and always will be. 🙂


    upstaterNY. My sympathies for your loss and thanks for your show of strength in tough times it encourages me.
    Thank you


    I have been well aware of New Zealand’s extreme vulnerability to disruption of its fuel import for more than 20 years.

    There is now speculation that the totalitarian fascist globalist government of Adern is on track to declare ‘an energy emergency’ and pull the rug from under most people’s feet whilst at the same time upping the level of tyranny and control.

    I’m sure we will know one way or another before the end of the year -either a slow grind down or a sudden jolt down

    Are we running out of diesel?

    Mister Roboto

    Dr D Rich

    “his/her” MidwestMD used/overused the word “fundamental”. For me that’s a “tell or tip-off” when its use as an adjective “tells” more about the author (you know, where the author positions herself) rather than illuminate her subject. her good destruction of COVID fanatics pathetic screed makes unnecessary adverbs and adjectives, well, unnecessary.

    I don’t see “your” problem, but I do hear the lyrical voice and formidable insight in your writing.
    I see, perhaps, the insurmountable difficulty in “surmounting” the array of Cults (COVID, Fauci/CDC/FDA, military, 12-step, Religion etc.) before us. I see the my two professions, military and medicine, overrun by personality-disordered leaders specifically selected for those same pathological traits (think Mitchell, Jessen, Tornberg, Ritchie all the torture advocates) and the process repeats without rinsing.

    I think the prospects are dismal. Just ask Joe Darby, Erhin Watada and John Murtha how life worked out for them after their principled stands.

    I think Will. Shakespeare nailed it best in Macbeth…my paraphrase, “Hell is empty [becoz] all the devils are here.”

    How do you fight that when our weak sisters and brothers too easily submit to the devils in charge, the bully pulpit or the bonafide threat of institutional violence?

    Veracious Poet

    Dr. D Rich,

    Curious as to why you included “12-step” groups into your “array of Cults“?

    Care to expand on your reasoning?

    Veracious Poet


    My spiritual practice (which I need, as I fail regularly) includes asking The Infinite source (of Loving, Healing, & Creative Power) throughout my waking moments to be empowered in kindness, patience, tolerance & love towards my brothers & sisters, beginning with greeting my creator each day upon waking (among other things so that I may be aware of & act towards The Infinite’s Will).

    Some days I volunteer, some days I have to surrender (my EG0 is very active during sleep), but when I meet the Infinite’s children face-to-face (not just humans, either) I am instilled with enough kindness, patience, tolerance & love to be helpful (mostly)…

    I am surrounded by dehumanizers, at one level or another, plus I’m still undoing a childhood fractured by the toxic, abusive EG0centric CULTure I grew up in…But, I too have the ability (in the Now) to see & connect with that sweet light you mentioned, cutting through the layers of automaton EG0 that is often like a 10 foot thick wall…

    I see that I need to extend that awareness to the Internet as well, which I Now realize I have been failing, utterly 😐

    30+ years of trying to share what insight I have learned/gleaned about the bleak future where dehumanizers may become empowered to, and indeed are, become MUCH worse has left me more than a little jaded, unfortunately it comes out sideways online where there is no face-to-face, thus no sweet light to connect to…

    I will take your practice to heart, mantra, song, dance, art, nature are all tools I need in The Now to remove my focus off the dehumanizers 🙂

    It’s hard to LOVE the haters/dehumanizers. I’m not there yet. You?

    Some of the lesser haters/dehumanizers I am able/empowered to LOVE, in small doses…The rest I’m strengthened (face-to-face) to tolerate.

    All blessings,



    The next phase of escalation by NATO seems to be underway

    Veracious Poet

    Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you.

    Judging, in this context, is a spiritual condemnation, not per se a character assessment ~ Look up the Golden Rule for clarification & guidance…

    Society has a duty & a moral/spiritual obligation to protect the innocent from liars, cheats, thieves, murderers & rapists (this also includes moneychangers) ~ When a society FAILS to do so, it is by definition EVIL.

    Dr D Rich

    @Veracious Poet and @Polemos et al

    Bion more than hints at the Industrialized phenomenon before us:

    Bion on role suction:
    ” Bion has described his experience as a group therapist when he “feels he is being manipulated so as to be playing a part, no matter how difficult to recognize, in somebody else’s phantasy…a temporary loss of insight, a sense of experiencing strong feelings, and at the same time a belief that their existence is quite adequately justified by the objective situation”.[9] Bion’s work has also been used to illustrate the part played by role suction in the selection of group leaders – dependent groups favouring narcissistic leaders, the fight/flight group paranoids”

    I think Bion is unfair to paranoids as the term is simply too pejorative, a condemnation. Bion’s paranoids are usually right about the vicious soullessness of their Narcissistic overlords. Imagine walking around all day unobstructed by the Narcissists/Psychopaths’ “Mask of Sanity”.

    I also recommend Eric Berne’s “Games People Play” (alcoholic games) for a window into the cultural/familial decades-long conditioning that a society subjects its members. Then regard how The Antithesis is accorded the most horrific treatment by other players in the game. What comes first, the behavior or the drinking?


    @VP/Gary: good of you to share the details of your personal practice, and the challenges maintaining one. I find myself in a similar place. We will overcome.

    Recently I have been contemplating HATE/HATERS with new focus. Why have they emerged in such large numbers? How did they get there? Note: I am not referring to TPTB at the very top, they are in a league of their own. Am thinking about those everyday former friends and associates who went off the cliff.

    I think you may have answered that question for me with this:

    “Society has a duty & a moral/spiritual obligation to protect the innocent from liars, cheats, thieves, murderers & rapists (this also includes moneychangers) ~ When a society FAILS to do so, it is by definition EVIL.”

    How convenient to shift blame from the social contract directly to your “brothers and sisters”. Since we are all responsible for society, the breaking of this “agreement” may go un-noticed and un-attended for years. Somehow we lost our place, our ROLE and responsibility in shepherding the way forward. The de-humanization of everything clearly enables HATE and makes it real. In fact, de-humanization creates/delivers an environment where only hate can survive. TPTB are counting on it to continue!

    The counterbalance is the Golden Rule. It brings HUMANITY back into focus. It starts with the individual, it is a bottom up movement, it is easy to understand and implement. Anyone can do it wherever they are. They don’t need special tools or practices. They just need to remember (ignite the Light of LOVE and take action).

    Be Golden.


    Dr D Rich, thank you again. I actually have read Games People Play, and my personal copy is somewhere around here amidst the stacks, piles, shelves. RD Laing’s Knots is also one I’ve spent time within, but it’s more like poetry. I’m not always sure what role I play, but I recognize how much online writing, here and elsewhere, has been a way to work through personal issues and figured other people operate in similar ways —for better or worse. (The comparison to group therapy is apt, yes)

    Speaking of, Veracious Poet, thank you for being open and giving context to where you’re coming from. Be well.

    John Day, I get uTobian’s emails because I’m a subscriber, so I noticed that one, too. It seemed, to me, a little hopeful: his audience largely wants for the Party to collapse from its internal contradictions, and it’s encouraging to believe our guiding divine Mother is the one doing the ripping. A slightly different kind of take might be Howard Bloom’s The Lucifer Principle: the internal dynamics of a social organism lead to these kinds of implosions because the overall evolutionary principle needs mitosis to continue its spreading, its growth. The Party isn’t dying: it’s rebirthing, budding new, slightly mutant variations. And thanks for the reminder that the lady is a she —so she says. 😉

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