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    Wyland Stanley Indian guides and Nash auto at Covelo stables., Mendocino County CA 1925 • Last 30 Years Of Global Economic History Are About To Go Out
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    – 0.1 inflation? Anyone who would believe that would likely even believe GDP numbers coming out of China and the West,,,


    “Rome was never a democracy in the Athenian sense. ”

    Athens was never a democracy in the Athenian sense. The WSJ here is just reading out of old textbooks, which mostly took Athenians’ descriptions of themselves as accurate. At least 40% of the population consisted of slaves- invisible and never mentioned; not really humans. A bit tricky getting good estimates at this point, but clearly – a small minority had active power, always.



    Read your comment and found myself thinking about where I live (Toronto, Canada) and how I witness all the Indians, Filipinos, Central/South Americans, etc. that we import to do all the “slave” work, calling them residents instead of citizens. They are kind of invisible too, and while that irks me to some degree I still respect the concept of a citizen versus a resident, as one is far more temporal while the other should (arguably) have a much greater investment in the future of their city/state/country/etc (and thus it makes sense that not everyone can or should vote).

    Martin Armstrong had a post on his blog which gave me a much better understanding and appreciation for Athenian democracy, but unfortunately I can’t track it down. Guess I’ll share this one instead, as it’s sort of along the same lines:



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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