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    Brownstone: 22 Studies and Reports that Raise Profound Doubts about Vaccine Efficacy for the General Population. Paul E. Alexander

    Haven’t posted for a while so no apologies for over-postin’…. 🙂


    phoenixvoice — I agree. The mask issue is inconsequential to me, but I get it isn’t to others, and I respect their right to a different view. I wear a mask when too much drama will be caused by not doing so. I don’t wear it otherwise. Is it nonsense? Yes. Not a big deal.

    Failing to care about the debt-based monetary fraud, however, the path to economic and social destruction at the hands of the few families that control it. How many anti-maskers are talking about the REAL ROOT CAUSE ISSUE? Pretty much NONE.

    So I can’t any anti-masker seriously UNLESS their opposition to the debt-based money system is at least as energetic as their anti-mask efforts. Really, it ought to be 100-1 or 1,000-1, not equal, but I know what we are up against, and pretty much it is 0-1.

    It is why we are where we are.


    @zerosum… Tesla was “the man.” Einstein was created and promoted as a distraction. It has worked quite well, hasn’t it?

    “Tesla was the real genius…not Einstein, not Edison.
    Tesla had the “keys to the kingdom” within his reach! It was thus necessary to change the lock.”

    “Tesla’s patent attorney conducted a three day deposition in conjunction with a patent he filed on wireless energy transmission! The attorney was concerned that the patent language was insufficient to capture the genius and potential of Tesla’s ideas. Read that, if you want some thinking material!
    I have a scan of the original (containing some margin notes in Tesla’s hand) and consider it one of the great works of the era. A true genius.”

    “Someone posted a thought about the amount of energy between ambient and absolute zero is nearly infinite. The energy contained within an atom is beyond human comprehension!
    Read of Tesla. He is the real deal! Don’t waste time with the hucksters on the internet, although tere are a few who acknowledge and are trying to continue Tesla’s work…one hundred years later!”

    “For example, Tesla did a lengthy deposition in relation to a patent application wherein his attorney asked him to explain in great detail the operational aspects of his technology. Have you bothered to seek this information out?
    I would doubt you have! And yet you presume to inquire of the more detailed elements of his work? Do you see how absurd you seem?
    As if a pre-schooler would question a master! Learn the basics first!”

    “Mr UK enquired about a utopia world. Free energy makes this an immediate reality. Tesla already did the heavy lifting, He was a true genius, and note that he is seldom discussed in the educational system anywhere in the world.
    I can’t imagine why!
    Laughing out loud!
    Zippy, do you think you can be the energy messiah? Is that your destiny?
    Note: Don’t count on going to your local bank branch for working capital!
    Laughing out loud!
    I will tell you, Zippy, that all the information is publicly available to create free energy. The problem was that Tesla forgot to design in a METER!
    Those wacky engineers!!
    Laughing out loud!
    Edison had the good sense to invent a light bulb that is about 2% energy efficient! Good Edison!
    Laughing out loud!
    Get to it, Zippy! Times a wastin’! YOU can create the utopia that Mr UK longs for!”

    “It isn’t that TESLA couldn’t figure out how to meter power! Of course, he figured out the principals of NATURE…observed and applied what he learned, and thus became a man of incredible potential. He harnessed the motive force of NATURE you dullard! OF COURSE he could have metered the power.
    BUT HE DIDN’T! The idea was FREE ENERGY FOR ALL MANKIND! That completely changes everything permanently! Forever!
    Energy is everything. Those who control energy control their destiny…be they one man or every man.
    You must understand how that changes the ORDER of EVERYTHING!

    “There was an excellent publication containing Tesla’s depositions in relation to certain of his PATENT APPLICATIONS. Unedited (for the most part) words from TESLA’s own mind! The solicitor kept prompting TESLA to, in effect, “DUMB IT DOWN” so the average human could fathom his understandings of NATURAL LAW and its relevant applications!
    TESLA was, as the young might say, the REAL DEAL. He not only understood NATURAL LAW, but mastered it!
    SADLY, he had no such comprehension of HUMAN NATURE! Had he possessed this “quality”, the state of humanity would be quite different!

    “There was an excellent publication containing Tesla’s depositions in relation to certain of his PATENT APPLICATIONS. Unedited (for the most part) words from TESLA’s own mind! The solicitor kept prompting TESLA to, in effect, “DUMB IT DOWN” so the average human could fathom his understandings of NATURAL LAW and its relevant applications!
    TESLA was, as the young might say, the REAL DEAL. He not only understood NATURAL LAW, but mastered it!
    SADLY, he had no such comprehension of HUMAN NATURE! Had he possessed this “quality”, the state of humanity would be quite different!
    Should you be unable to reference this work, let me know and I may be able to assist you.
    Thank you sincerely. You have helped a great deal already and so the best way to pay my respects is to find everything I’ll need without assistance.
    p.s thank you for the politeness of your response when I missed the Marx reference. I could blame it on the long day at work but that would be an excuse. And an excuse is of no use to anyone!
    Hello Mr UK!
    Here is the TESLA reference material I referred to previously. Apparently it is no longer in print, but I was gratified to “see” it was still available as a “used” item.
    “Used”…imagine that! Yet I don’t see the “potential” realized in the PUBLIC DOMAIN!
    Good Reading!

    “You may recall that I featured Mr. Tesla’s works REPEATEDLY in earlier postings. Zippy, I specifically instructed you to diligently invest your time in the very productive pursuit of studying Tesla exclusively. It should have been your life’s work!
    Because you are a frivolous person, lacking in character and determination, you did not heed my call.
    I note that Mr. UK did, and appears to be studying TESLA, and the writings I recommended, rather than wasting time posting nonsense! THIS is why you will never evolve, or leave your parents cellar!
    Mr. Tesla was the last great threat. A true genius; one who earned my highest respect!
    You can see, even with a superficial study of his work, that he was able to HARNESS THE POWER OF NATURE!
    How did he do so? By strict adherence to NATURAL LAW!
    TESLA did not try to make NATURAL LAW adhere to his preconceived notions…he was a STUDENT of NATURE and learned from the SOURCE!
    And look what he accomplished!
    What was seen of TESLA’s inventive mind is a mere fraction of his true discoveries. Sadly for you stupid humans, you will never taste of his greatest discovery!
    Tesla was not an alien in the sense humans think of aliens. ANYONE can make the same discoveries he did! In fact, the average human has tools at its disposal TESLA could not ever imagine! NATURAL LAW is available to all…except the distracted!
    Laughing out Loud!
    But go ahead and keep using your enormous computational power to play video games!
    Keep using your internet connectivity to watch other humans feign copulation!
    Ignore the vast knowledge buried in plain sight!
    While Tesla had a gift in observing NATURAL LAW, he lacked an equal knowledge of the nefarious nature of his fellow man. A child with the power of nature in his grasp…but brought to heal by the amazing MONKEY MAN!
    Laughing out Loud!
    Amazingly, young children are NOT TAUGHT the accomplishments of this great man! I wonder why that is?
    Laughing out Loud!
    And, in case some on here are starting to think a bit, there is no similarity between CURRENCY $ and CURRENT (60 Hz)
    Laughing out Loud!”

    “I have previously referenced the works of the GREAT TESLA. Rest assured, every SCRAP of his amazing intellect is being HARVESTED…and for those who have even a VAGUE understanding of his works, the EARTH plays THE CENTRAL ROLE. How could it be otherwise?
    Study TESLA, adopt the dietary regime I have studiously laid out, and you will have taken the first critical step in realigning yourself to the NEW COMING REALITY.
    I do not know how I can make it more clear!
    ANd for those who are able to make the transition, do not despair for your fallen comrades! They will have had the opportunity and free will to save themselves…and chose not to do so for whatever reason. If you need proof, look no further than this thread for validation.”

    While we are rambling on about theoretical black holes based on unverifiable assumptions encased in mathematical equations, the Money Power has developed so-called “free energy,” not to mention energy-based weapons.

    “TESLA and the study of TESLA is a worthy field of endeavour, as well as the study of plants and soil. Heed this well!”

    BTW, he referenced a book called Secrets of the Soil and recommended it as a good read.

    Of course, the Teachings of Tesla go contrary to large swaths of the conventional sciences. Generally, one would attend this type of university to establish the industrial/military/government contacts which flow through such institutions. However, as you might imagine, the objective is “educational fragmentation”, much as many multinational companies “break apart” designs prior to mass production in third world countries. COG training, not TESLA training.”

    “There is a wealth of information available on Tesla’s techniques. Ironically, few take the time to read them.
    Very, very few.
    Almost none. And Tesla’s patents lay out a great starting point. But like your great aunt leaving a key ingredient out of her prize cake recipe, some work must be done.
    Tesla was the real genius…not Einstein, not Edison.
    Tesla had the “keys to the kingdom” within his reach! It was thus necessary to change the lock.

    We have to stop obsessing over the wrong lock to the wrong door… If you can’t ask the right questions, Money Power Empire doesn’t have to care about your answers!

    Or not!

    Maxwell Quest


    “The Awakening Conference – Breaking the Spell”

    Wow, the website said the conference is sold out. That’s a good sign. Wish I could attend too, but coming to TAE each day has been the same as having a front row seat. And all here would agree that your contributions have been pivotal and much appreciated.


    Scientists Warn of Plastic Nano-particles Health Risk in COVID Masks


    “ Yeah, Europe changes time ahead of the US. We have genius on all sides. So I seem a bit late.”

    Fortunately, we don’t mess with Father Time here in Arizona. It might give us COVID. 😉

    those darned kids

    the mask is integral to the conditioning.


    @ TheTrivium

    Failing to care about the debt-based monetary fraud, however, the path to economic and social destruction at the hands of the few families that control it. ”

    Agree…but it is a lot easier to publicly protest Covid lunacy by refusing to mask’n’vax than to effectively and publicly protest debt-based monetary fraud. I have been pushed to likely declare bankruptcy by an expensive family court case…I don’t feel “guilty” for using the bankster money to protect my children — the banks invented that “money” out of thin air when granting me a credit card — I used it for a moral purpose, and our morally bankrupt family law system effectively saddled me with nearly all of the costs even after I explained to the judge that I could not pay for it. If you have ideas of how to publicly protest the debt-based monetary system that don’t jeopardize my ability to provide for the needs of my children, I will consider them.

    a kullervo


    The science led us into being programmed to say: Covid!
    So, why bring back the science?

    Reassessment is in order…

    those darned kids

    this is just nuts. the insane governorita in albany now gets her disciples to do this:

    the one case the article cites is from 2009, but the irony of this is insane.


    @ TheTrivium4TW
    I am aware where I am on the SNOB scale.

    those darned kids

    so many cops:

    *i had found what i felt were the “relevant” stories and amassed quite an extensive number of links to stories of officers dying at home, working out, doing nothing, mostly from heart issues.

    a lot.

    but too many links clogged the system, so take a look for yourself. lotsa young folk..


    People wonder about those who can think such as myself going “postal”; I assure you that anyone who can think won’t be doing any such thing. Why would I do anything to help people who cheered on the slaughter of their own grandmother? Go **** yourselves, Branch Covidians. I will never lift so much as one pinky, whether lawfully or not, to protect you from your own stupidity. Indeed I relish watching what those who solicited, participated in and enabled the slaughter of a half-millions Americans justly deserve.

    If your government tries to kill you, and the evidence is that they did so through reckless experimentation which they paid for and then deliberately tried to evade detection of through subterfuge, it went bad, they hid it on purpose and then they tried to steer profiteering of their ****-up to favored friends and that went bad as well with the combination of the two slaughtering over a half-million citizens what is the proper recourse for the citizens to take if their loved one(s) were victimized by these ghouls?

    ^Denninger –

    Oh. it’s gonna be bad alright. So very bad, and in so many ways.
    Sit back and enjoy the show.

    The next 6 months in the northern hemisphere is going to be a doozy.

    Promise? Is patience running out tolerating Govt/CDC/Pharma lies, abuse and murder?

    Last night I worked my first Seattle bar shift with the new “show me your papers” scum govt policy.

    I find it flat out unethical. Yes I must wear a mask- I’m no collaborator- the local and state govt scum have mandated it, along with my employer who does not support it. Forced hand- but I resist with all my Spirit.

    I hate to say this- but I hate more the plandemic rollout- My anger has coalesced – I welcome the death and horrific illness of every vaxd voluntary sheep on the planet. Fuck em all, every single one of them.

    This is a War being unjustly waged against humanity. Bioweapon covid, bioweapon vac – Let them all rot and die for their complicity and collusion – and apathetic ignorance.

    I am no collaborator- I am becoming a hardened resistance fighter. Bring it.


    @Maxwell Quest re: the rally

    What really gave me hope was hearing how many had stopped watching any TV news, deciding instead to do their own research online.

    And that is the sound of Chopin’s 99th Nocturne descending from Heaven! The Alpha Wave Brainwash is a major problem. Glad to hear folks are ditching it.

    Thanks for the field report!


    “….. Yes I must wear a mask-….”
    Me too.
    There are no cloud of covid waiting for people to walk into.

    Yes, a lot of people had to take the jabs for a lot of reasons.

    I will not have the abilities to determine if seniors get all kind of problems that can only be blamed on covid or on the jab.
    My circle of life blames “old age” for poor health and the breakdown of the functions of an old body.
    If you expect bodies accumulating in the street then invest in the undertaking business, then you increase your odds of dying rich.


    “There’s NO case for “vaccinating” children…& the FDA meeting proves it”

    There’s NO case for “vaccinating” children…& the FDA meeting proves it


    TheTrivium I have some of the same sense as you re : the focus on covid. On health threats imposed by TPTB we can now pick from a menu of crap they visit on us in addition to vaccines (eg GMOs, glyphosate, all manner of plastics – spoiler alert they are not just in masks). Then there’s environmental devastation and ecocide. As for loss of freedoms, let’s not forget what was visited on us under Bush (patriot act) and then the spying that was conducted under Obama. I don’t know either what the best way to engage is…

    those darned kids

    haven’t even read it yet:

    (New Normal) Winter is Coming

    I just saw it too.
    Tell me again why everybody needs to get thee jab.


    Geert says that vaxxing the under 40’s (and especially children) will lead to a disaster.

    Indeed it will. He is quite correct.


    Double vaxxed.


    Check out the new Utah Digital Drivers License.
    Vaccine records, Social credit score.
    Yup – it’s coming!

    Veracious Poet

    I see that TAE is catching up to the emotional antithetical reactive movement that opposes TPTB totalitarian madness, which can be and/or is just as toxic as psychopaths hellbent on rape, pillage, plunder and murder of all things innocent, good and honorable.

    Be the neutron, not the proton or electron…

    Without the Infinite’s Love and Charity there will be no -0- way out of this maelstrom.

    Be the observer, not an active combatant. Not part of the problem.

    Share your experience, hope and strength. Share the “good” info, but be aware their is a TON of misinfo floating out there everyday…

    Don’t fall into TPTB’s tactic to divide and conquer. Observe but don’t react.

    Avoid black and white thinking like a plague…

    When the proverbial shit-hits-the-fan be available to Love and Help those that can be salvaged. I can guarantee you will be amazed who has the Spirit enlarged within following their EGO deflation-at-depth, turning away from being the PROBLEM and chooses to try to be part of the SOLUTION.

    Keep it simple.

    P.S. Don’t forget that the virus itself, without the cyto toxin koolaid jabs, can cause long term damage. Long before the evil scientists rolled out their FINAL SOLUTION infected were suffering from heart, lung, brain and kidney damage, in many cases succumbing to the wreckage before the jabs were rolled out…

    P.P.S. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. My wife and I have been wearing N95 PPE+ when we have to go into public uncontrolled environs ~ We’ve maintained EVERY effort to avoid getting the CCP/Fauci bioweapon. Don’t limit your allies because you’ve become disturbed, gone deep into a self-centered trance, forgot we’re all Children of the Infinite.

    Stay calm, cool and collected.



    Thank God, you are getting back on your feet.

    Everyone forgets how important public health is. European diseases wiped out native Americans. Columbus’ sailors brought Syphilis back to Europe from the New World. In Basic Training I was in the hospital for a week. I have no memory of it. They said it was Rubella. Novel viruses are dangerous and deadly. But instead of preventing disease, Dr. Anthony Fauci and the connected have converted US healthcare system into a profit center promoting patentable treatments not cures nor prevention.

    As I have tried to say before, everyone is on their own. It is wishful thinking not to use any tool or behavior that reduces your viral load and promotes the immune system. Only 10% reduction from wearing a mask, plus ventilation, social distancing, prophylactic vitamins, sleep and good health may be enough to allow you to survive. The virus can still be eradicated. China and Taiwan have not given up. Japan has leveled out at a very low base level.

    “Let’s Go Brandon”. Is the perfect expression of the rejection of the current western world. Pointless unscientific vaccine mandates show how worthless the global overlords consider the under-classes. Not addressing the shortages of goods and workers shows the impenetrable bubble in which the private-jet-set live. The anti-war movement half a century ago was driven by the draft and the possibility of dying or being maimed in a unwinnable war. The collateral damage from the Coronavirus Pandemic is greater and impacts the whole world. FJB is not going away.

    If the supply of energy and food are interrupted, the USA & UK fall apart.


    Robert F. Kennedy makes a desperate plea to the world to resist the tyranny being implemented in the name of Covid warning we are now in Nazi territory.
    I don’t know why people (mostly on the left) that is going along with this don’t see what’s happening

    They’re coming for your kids

    Might as well throw your kids into the volcano personally

    Mister Roboto

    This article about the supply-chain disruptions uses a purported Halloween candy shortage as its lead-in. There wasn’t any candy shortage here in southern Wisconsin, and probably not in any other part of Wisconsin, this October that I was aware of. And working in a grocery store, I would probably know about it if there had been. Did anybody else around the country experience any such thing?

    Figmund Sreud

    Happy Halloween!
    Night of the Vampire



    “Hurry Down Doomsday (the Bugs are Taking Over)”, Elvis Costello, “Mighty Like a Rose”.

    Veracious Poet


    Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground.
    Frederick Douglass

    I have everything to lose if I sign and everything to gain if I don’t.

    Veracious Poet

    Be smart, be spiritually adept, or be done.

    Sometimes you have to stand back and let the idiots takes each other out, then be ready to make a real difference.

    You can’t fix stupid and you can’t fight F15s + nukes…

    Good luck.

    God speed.


    The Federal OSHA vaccine mandate is expected to be issued within the next two weeks.

    The following twelve issues likely to be incorporated in some form:

    1. Phasing-in implementation dates for the various ETS requirements, with the paid time benefit for getting vaccinated becoming effective in relatively short order, but the “soft” vaccine-mandate elements of the standard (i.e., requiring vaccination or a recent negative test result to report to work) not becoming effective for at least seventy-five days after publication of the ETS in the Federal Register.

    2. Clarifying that the ETS does not prohibit employers’ from voluntarily implementing “hard” vaccine mandate policies.

    3. NOT requiring employers to pay for employee-time associated with testing or the hard costs of testing for employees who are subject to a weekly testing requirement because of their own voluntary choice to forego vaccination.

    4. Capping paid time off (PTO) required for employee-time getting vaccinated at four hours per dose (but eliminating PTO for employers who host an onsite vaccine event during work hours), and capping PTO for time recovering from any ill effects of the vaccines at four hours for the first dose and eight hours for a second.

    5. Defining “fully vaccinated” by memorializing (as opposed to cross-referencing) the current CDC definition of that term, which excludes booster shots for any segment of the workforce and includes certain vaccines not yet approved by the US FDA.

    6. Calculating the 100-employee threshold for ETS coverage based on the peak number of employees in CY 2020, including part-time, seasonal, remote, and supervised temporary workers, but not applying the “soft” vaccine-mandate aspects of the rule to employees working remotely.

    7. Providing flexibility to employers in how they document employee vaccination-status and test results, and excluding those records from the preservation requirements of 29 C.F.R. Section 1910.1020 (or setting a brief alternative preservation requirement).

    8. Addressing the virtually inevitable shortage of COVID-19 testing materials and unavoidable delays in obtaining test results that will occur upon implementation of the ETS by allowing unvaccinated employees who opt for testing to report to work during periods of demonstrable test shortages or delays, subject to enhanced safety protocols.

    9. Memorializing in the ETS that adverse reactions to vaccination are exempt from OSHA injury and illness recordkeeping no matter the employers’ vaccination policies, and that confirmed, work-related COVID-19 cases are only recordable if the case involves an unvaccinated worker.

    10. Incorporating clear language expressing OSHA’s intention that the ETS preempts any state laws that conflict with the ETS or that frustrate its purpose to increase rates of employee vaccinations.

    11. Providing a narrow qualified carveout for truck drivers and other key jobs vital to maintaining the stability of the US food supply chain.

    12. Limiting the scope of the ETS to focus only on vaccination and testing (and not delve into programmatic requirements like the earlier COVID-19 ETS for healthcare).


    Forget to bold this one,

    10. Incorporating clear language expressing OSHA’s intention that the ETS preempts any state laws that conflict with the ETS or that frustrate its purpose to increase rates of employee vaccinations.




    For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.


    Sometimes you have to stand back and let the idiots takes each other out

    That line made me think of this piece by Alasdair Crooke I read last week. Recommended.

    Waiting Upon Structures to Crack


    Anyone else notice that GVB has a head of silver hair and very black eyebrows? I’ve never seen that combination before….


    @ VP
    “ Long before the evil scientists rolled out their FINAL SOLUTION infected were suffering from heart, lung, brain and kidney damage, in many cases succumbing to the wreckage before the jabs were rolled out…”
    The kidney damage does not appear to have been caused by Covid, but rather from remdesivir…..

    And…good for for thought on being the “neutron.”

    Dr. D

    No candy shortage. Candy surplus.

    Tesla is so easy, I’m sure you did this work and can explain it to us.

    Iran: “It seldom works, of course,”

    This makes me think that it’s working for something, just not what they claim. Haven’t found an easy answer though. Perhaps to squeeze specific people to make them flip to the Derp Side. Or, as you say, since every one of these maniacs to a man WANT a war, the deader the better, it’s GOOD to harden the enemy resolve so war and suffering is guaranteed.

    Your example of foreign nations pressuring the U.S. is and has been actually happening for years, so much that the U.K. election tampered 2016 and Europe Tax-pressures us. It has the hardening effect you describe thus they created and installed Trump, who would have no need of support if not for their improper meddling. Thus the Deplorables, who do indeed wave the flag. The PMCs claim they have no idea what the Deplorables are talking about, they are innocent as doves, and there is no Giant Sucking Sound, Obama says Flint’s water couldn’t be cleaner.

    Your example is correct. There is a war. THE WAR IS BY THE ELITES ON THE PEOPLE. Worldwide. And they both intend to, and have in actual fact, murdered us by the hundred thousands, maybe millions. Let’s keep CV out of it, 30k/year for 15 years using one method alone, opiates. And shutting that down, double the supply in Fentanyl. That’s PLUS universal mass poisonings with sugar, glyphosate, medical prescriptions.

    We’ve been saying it for 30 years but no one cared until it got to THEM. Now only a minority care even now that they’re being targeted and killed by the Billionaires’ PMC handlers.

    I agree: wear a mask if you want to. You can’t judge people by their appearance. Even the Desantis thing is mis-reported: he’s not saying you can’t wear one, just that they won’t allow you to FORCE other people to wear them. It’s voluntary. Also good example of passive vs active rights no one seems to be able to comprehend. All Rights are passive or you would be inventing slavery.

    Vaxxed with Covid, yes we’ve known this from the beginning, because in one argument, it’s not a vaccine. You don’t get the Polio vaccine then get polio. In another sense, it’s hysteria because we also don’t * Test * the vaccinated, and as Psaki (and mostly all other humans on earth) they have no symptoms. Why would I care if they have it, if there are no consequences, results, or actions to take? “She’s been possessed by a witch but there are no symptoms, internal or external to prove it. So we burn her just in case.” — Science.

    Chooch: I have everything to lose”

    Not only that, you won’t be vaxxed. A day after you comply, they will create another stick, another mandate, so you’re chasing the horizon. People think it’s impossible not to comply, but really, it’s impossible TO comply. So might as well start with <0 and get used to it.

    Oh and there STILL won’t be mandates. Not just because of 25 state lawsuits, but OSHA is a safety organization. Quite clearly Congress has allocated all medical regulation to a different agency. OSHA cannot practice medicine. Obviously in addition to all the other illegalities.

    Still better than throwing bombs though, isn’t it? All I had to do was alter my job focus. Since giving up concerts and all that is hardly a sacrifice in a war of complete extermination.

    Mister Roboto

    Days like these make me miss the eighties so very badly:

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