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    Jack Delano Cars being precooled at the ice plant, San Bernardino, CA 1943 • Germany Now Expects Up To 1.5 Million Asylum Seekers In 2015 (Reuters) •
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    Dr. Diablo

    If anyone had any doubts:

    ““The ultimate reason all this is happening is because of the renewed focus on Syria and the need for some sort of political solution [i.e. removal of Assad and establishment of puppet government] there — something which **we thought we could achieve by enforcing no-fly zones, safe zones,”** said one senior European diplomat.

    So you’re saying your new master plan was to create no-fly “Safe Zones” in Syria? And btw, who would you be “no-flying” against when ISIS has never owned a single plane?

    And the West is apoplectic that ISIS is being destroyed? Doesn’t that seem against the narrative of how evil they are, these Islamic mass-beheaders? And it saves the U.S. millions of budget-critical dollars and piles of trouble, including violating international law with open war crimes. We could find time to focus on Detroit, even! If we in any way believe what we say, that’s a win-win-win.

    ““The Russian forces now in place make it very, very obvious that any kind of no-fly zone on the Libyan model imposed by the US and allies is now impossible, unless the coalition is actually willing to shoot down Russian aircraft…”

    Why would they need to unless they are trying to STOP Russia from shooting ISIS? Don’t worry, top U.S. people have that in mind: “Carly Fiorina says the US should enforce a no-fly zone in Syria, even if it means shooting down Russian aircraft.”

    Luckily, she is not President and has no power, but it shows how well-supported the concept is.

    Rundown: U.S. had Turkey push a million refugees into Europe all at once, we now know the western NGO’s paid for their rapid transport in poor clothing, and added a huge number of Serbians and other economic opportunists to the batch, in order to synthesize a crisis that could be used to justify a “Safe Zone” which could create a “no fly” against an Assad who is winning–because only he has the planes they could possibly “no-fly” against. Russia (and possibly China, but now certainly including mass forces from Iran) have now demolished this incipient plan, stranding a million in Europe (hey, could be worse!) which Europe now needs to absorb and pay for in the midst of an economic catastrophe, while Syria remains an independent nation, owning valuable pipeline corridors and possibly oil reserves in the heights and gas leases offshore by Lebanon.

    Okay, Mr. West, your move: do you want to raise the ante to WWIII for no justifiable reason? Predict they will find some new way to fester around the edges.

    V. Arnold

    What the world does not get is; that here is SE Asia, people can and do, as they please…
    The problem is oversight; there isn’t any.
    So bitch and moan as you will; things will not change; at least in the near term…
    This is also true in most of the world!
    So, do something, or shut up…


    We should do this in US cities.
    “Hamburg has become the first German city to pass a law allowing the seizure of empty commercial properties in order to house migrants. The influx of migrants has put pressure on the authorities of the northern city to find accommodation. Some migrants are sleeping rough outdoors. Hamburg’s law takes effect next week.”

    Sleeping rough outdoors – People in CA do this. Their tent villages are regularly told to move. With a 1 bedroom apartment at over $3000 a month in Oakland, many working poor have cars and campers that also set up villages. The long term homeless just use tarps. At least in CA the climate is mild – hate to think what people endure in areas with snow.

    “Hamburg’s new law is described as a temporary, emergency measure. Owners of empty commercial properties will be compensated. The law does not include residential properties.”

    Temporary???? Maybe with these more affluent people coming from Syria, but in the US it is not temporary, but chronic. With little help for the mentally ill, who only get “treatment” in jail, when their term is up, out on the street. A huge % of the homeless are in this category and if they weren’t ill before being homeless, likely they resort to alcohol and drugs to bear it all, thus upping their likelihood of being permanently there. Talk about being kicked off the back of the truck.

    Local cities should do like the Germans – oh, but this is not sudden, so who notices how many streets and street corners are staked out for begging.

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