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    The Military Summary channel describes the situation in Ukraine as “the best ever for Russia”.

    Dan at I Allegedly describes now as “a turning point in history”

    Greg Mannarino reports ‘Biggest Drop On Record! US Household Wealth’


    Dr D: assuming Biden can actually flip a coin at this point …


    Mannarino is under the influence. Not what he talks about but the way he talks.

    John Day

    Speaking at a reception for the DNC at the Marriott Gaylord National Resort in Maryland, in front of tens of people (again), Biden stated “We’re literally in a battle for America’s soul! I know I’ve been saying it for a year and a half but I mean it! Extreme MAGA Republicans just don’t threaten our personal and economic rights, they embrace political violence… They threaten our very democracy.”
    (Brandon may have teleprompter contacts now)

    Figmund Sreud

    From AAPS News:
    “When Speaker Pelosi and other politicians warn about threats to “our democracy,” they mean threats to their position of power.

    “Our Democracy”

    AAPS News September 2022 – “Our Democracy”



    John Day, here’s the rub. When Biden says “[they] don’t just threaten our personal and economic rights, they embrace political violence… They threaten our very democracy.”

    He’s actually looking in a mirror and doesn’t quite realize it. 😉

    Keep it up, a**holes. You’re doing a great job!!! [thumbs up emoji]

    I still maintain — it had to get this bad before ordinary people would actually believe it is this bad. I watched a segment on Bannon’s show the other day with Naomi Wolf talking about the Biden speech last Thursday. She started her analysis by stating she voted for Biden. She ended it nearly in tears saying, “I’m so sorry …”


    Charles III, before he became Charles III, launched ‘The Great Reset’

    D Benton Smith


    There are a few clues that he’s using coke (manic speech and gestures, sniffle, itchy nose), which would fit the culture he’s immersed in. Coke is to Wall Street what weed is to Jazz.


    Canada gave Ukraine 4 Excalibur howitzers and and an unspecified number of rounds in April 2022. They’re precise but non-evasive, and advanced Russian (*sigh* I miss saying ‘Soviet ‘– it was so sexily Cold War) anti-missile systems are known to take out incoming ballistics.

    900 Excaliburs will eat up advanced Russian missile anti-missile-missiles while giving Russia valuable field experience and combat lessons while making Raytheon etc. that much more wealthy while they still can.

    “You can avoid reality, but you can’t avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.”

    Of course you can. It’s what we do. You can even avoid the consequences of reality avoidance syndrome. Happens all the time. Luck is kinky that way. I think I prefer this bastardization of Lincoln’s famous quip: “You can avoid reality some of the time, and the consequences of avoiding reality some of the time, but you can’t avoid both of them all the time.” … and it only takes one consequence to mess you up for life.

    Avoiding reality is what human civilization is about. We got away from it for a good little run, although we wasted vast volumes of physical resources and life forms including homo saps; but the closure gap is on our imminent event horizon and we’ve run out of rocket fuel just as we need turbo thrust to turn around to escape black holiness.

    I still want to know why Putin embraces the vakzinational slaughter of his people by covidiotic crooks like Ginzburg, the Russian Fauci”. Some reason other than “he’s just another NWO stooge”; Putin practically IS the New World Order: he owns the guns and the gas to run them.

    What’s in it for him to hobnob with gelatinous denturians who think boinking 13-years is good clean fun? Did he sleepwalk into a trap and now has to bite his tongue? Or did he decide that if anyone gets to be Dr. Evil, it’s him? Might as well be hung for a lamb as a sheep, after all?

    I haven’t heard one original thought on this topic anywhere I frequent that addresses Russia’s disastrous covid policies. I’m old and sick and might not live much longer. I want to hear an original thought on this before that happens.

    Why would a man who has the world swinging from his balls like a gangsta go along with such cockamamy democidal shit of his own people? His own generals will eat him alive. He KNOWS this. He’s not stupid like Bill Gates or Elon Musk. He’s not that complacent and softened by power to believe otherwise.

    What is in it for an intelligent psychopath (that’s my perception of Vald: high-functioning socially ethical psychopath) able to hold his own with post-Soviet kleptocracy, and militarily, economically, and financially kick Euromerica’s ass with definitive precision true to his severally stated reasons/goals for the Special Military Operation.

    hj (What else could explain that hairdo?)

    Well, srsly, I wonder if he hasn’t been poisoned with something requiring recurrent antidote, or maybe they stuck a microchip up his nose, or… come on, people. I’m dying up here. I didn’t hardly read comix as a kid: I’m kinda crippled that way. Throw me a bone, anything other than ‘The most powerful man on the planet wants to join the loser club so badly that he’s willing to, you know, lose to get there.’ You just might brew a hot superhero action screenplay in the process. Godzilla vs Putin’s Brain.

    It’s not like Vlad is some nowhere man like Charles Schwabb.

    Michael Reid

    The US-Led World Order Is Faltering… Here’s Why It’s Bad News for Europe

    The US-Led World Order Is Faltering… Here’s Why It’s Bad News for Europe


    How is that possible, given Russia’s air superiority and vast reserves? Looks like Ukrainians are now moving to cut off Izyum. It is reported that there is only one main artery to get in or out. Russian MSM sounding a bit panicked.

    Looks like the Russians are trying to rush equipment, personnel and choppers to the area.

    Have no idea if this real. Could be CGI but I’ve read Ukr pilots have been training for the A10.


    You would like like that, too, if you ate bees.


    Because “Ukrainian pilots” always post their Twits in colloquial English- in their spare time, of course; between “battles”.

    frequent blurring


    It is sadly amusing to small groups of Ukrainians (or are they UK/US mercenaries?) charging into regions where the only forces are volunteers, there to provide warnings of shenanigans; they [the Uke/UK/US fascists] hoist a flag, take few photos, and then hightail back to where they came from, hoping to get there before real Russian military can catch them.

    We must feel particularly sorry for the poor Uke conscripts who are faced with obeying idiotic orders like “advance over open terrain with no armoured vehicle support” or risk being shot by Kraken, or having their families arrested (and murdered?).

    It seems that the Ukes have given up on suicide attacks across the river. Run out of boats for the Russians to blow up.

    As most of us know, the Russians are doing their best to minimise civilian casualties and their own casualties whil they operate their meatgrinder.

    Today’s misinformation provided by RNZ included a report about villages being ‘liberated’ by Uke force. The report omitted the part about the ‘liberation’ being for only half a day, after which they were genuinely liberated again.

    No one knows the latest Uke casualty figures but they do look to be of the order of 2,000 killed and 6,000 injured, versus Russia’s 20 killed and 60 injured in one day.

    There are still three weeks of September left.

    Then, I strongly suspect, we get ‘the October surprise’.


    Damn! I said “of course” again. It’s snarky and manipulative, and my mistake.


    USO semifinal, Tiafoe and Alcaraz in a fourth set tiebreaker: Tiafoe, to force a fifth set, or the Alcaraz kid to make the Final.


    And it’s going five sets, after the American Tiafoe wins a very tight fourth-set tiebreaker down one set to two, 7-5. Grace under pressure.



    Tiafoe is down a break early in the fifth. He’s been there before in this match, and I’m rooting for him- though I’m not sure why. Heart, I guess. Go, Frances!


    118% surge in bankruptcies. Insufficient cheap grain to maintain livestock numbers….


    Tiafoe has broken back, and they’re back on serve in the final set.


    ..and Alcaraz breaks again, now leading 4-2. I’m rooting for Tiafoe.


    the Alcaraz kid keeps his nerve, and wins the USO semifinal 6-3 in the fifth, over a very game and not-going-away Frances Tiafoe. Bravo to both, and the former will probably be a big star. Whether it’s cycling, or tennis, or another sport: Spain produces improbably many stars.




    I see there is no “Love” in tennis!


    I miss Roger Federer, but I think he’s done. His 2001 win at age nineteen over reigning seven-time Wimbledon champ P. Sampras is worth a viewing, as an example of poise. Ice-water in those veins, along with a quiet flair that’s rarely seen.

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