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    Willem de Kooning Rosy-fingered Dawn at Louse Point 1963     The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg on Thursday issued a controver
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    madamski cafone

    One thing I think we’re seeing here is the post-national “market-state” dying a stillbirth. Here we have government and corporatocracy working hand in glove with virtual impunity, and the thing is collapsing faster than a late 60s B-grade noir plot.

    absolute galore

    You would think some of the bad reactions to the Astrazeneca vaccine, which apparently can take up to several weeks at least to manifest, would give people pause. What’s to say the reactions to some of the other vaccines don’t come along for a year? I’m not that concerned about the vaccines being deadly or crippling, but since I don’t think I am at high risk for dying, I prefer not to be part of the gleeful herd. It all freaks me out from a human rights standpoint.

    You mention hospitality and travel workers not having a choice. But it’s a lot more than that–retail stores, salespeople, utility employees who go into people’s homes. And of course educators, medical personnel, I would assume law enforcement, etc. I’m currently employed as a sales person who is occasionally subjected to trade shows (blessedly all cancelled for the past year) and I am already under not so subtle pressure to get vaccinated.

    madamski cafone

    Germany edges toward national lockdown; considers Russia’s Sputnik vaccine

    The wheel turns.

    @ absolute galore

    Turn it around on them. Have them put the request in writing so you can sue them if you get seriously ill. Something like that. You could pose it as a hypothetical question, a thought experiment.

    madamski cafone
    madamski cafone

    biden’s orphaned astrazeneca stockpile rises to 20 million doses

    Retreat! After all, they get their money which is all they wanted.

    island raider

    Teenage mutant ninja virus…’Rona on the half shell!

    Head’s up for anyone getting the jab. Two ladies I know, both around 80 years old, both received two doses of the Pfizer experimental vaccine, both suffered strokes approximately two weeks after the second shot. One had a transient ischemic attack (TIA). She is recovering at home. It caused a serious problem in one eye. The other lady had a more serious stroke, hospitalized for a week followed by several more weeks in rehabilitation facility learning to speak again. It is not known if she will be able to live independently again.


    If a person chooses to be injected with a Covid-19 “vaccine”, one should have the right to choose which to use. If a person should choose to be injected with one produced in Russia or India, that should be a personal choice. If the government claims that one of these is not safe, the burden of proof should be on the government to prove that assertion beyond a reasonable doubt. [And the same applies to treatment protocols.]


    This was recently scrubbed by YouTube – https://lbry.tv/@max.eastman:b/GBD-with-Gov-DeSantis:b

    The narrative is utterly destroyed.
    Masks, vaccines, all of it. We are being completely bullshitted.

    Jay Bhattacharya is Professor of Medicine at Stanford University, Dr. Martin Kulldorff, a biostatistician, epidemiologist and professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

    Must watch.


    >The narrative is utterly destroyed.
    Masks, vaccines, all of it. We are being completely bullshitted. <

    That was obvious a year ago, to at least some of us.


    Good framing of the Situation here from Neil Clark: ‘Keeping us masked forever? The Davos set’s dystopian ambitions are very clear’:

    “It’s only for when you pop into Tesco’s to do your weekly shop, what‘s your problem with that, you selfish ‘right-wing’ libertarian?” That’s how the introduction of mandatory face-masks was sold to us in Britain last summer, by its virtue-signalling, “Look at me, I’m such a good citizen” supporters.

    Masks would be temporary – restricted to shops – and as soon as the Covid threat had passed they would be dispensed with, like social distancing. Anyone who said these measures were designed to be permanent – and were part of the global elite’s plan to keep the plebs muzzled up forever – was dismissed as a ‘crank’ and ‘a conspiracy theorist’.

    Well, nine months on, and where are we?

    The UK government has issued a ‘road map’ for taking us – with the speed of a 150-year-old Galapagos Island tortoise on sleeping tablets – out of lockdown. But there’s no mention of when masks and social distancing will be dispensed with.

    Could that be because there’s no intention of masks and social distancing ever being dispensed with? It certainly appears that way..”


    Without a face- and wearing a maskie, you are essentially without a face- is only this far from being without
    personhood; likely by design.

    “conspiracy theoriss!”


    @absolute-galore “I am already under not so subtle pressure to get vaccinated.”
    Yep. I think we all are feeling not-so-subtle pressure. Certainly the pop-media spends all day every day normalizing it. I hear it from my MD surgeon cousin and his MD wife, who want to hang out with us but not until we get shots. Never mind that we hung out in the summer and fall when Covid was raging, because Science(tm) and because they got the shot, being good consumers and All the Cool Kids Are Doing It and did I mention Science(tm).

    I will share with them my research on mRNA vaccines and how no science exists on long-term safety. I will share easily found knowledge of unknown risks from new “vaccines” and how most mRNA vaccines have had severe side effects in animal trials.

    I doubt it will have effect. The Dr and Mrs Dr are emotionally bought-in. In their wildest dreams I don’t think they can picture malfeasance coming from Big Pharma and its equivalent in govt and every other industry.

    It’s worrisome when genuinely smart people have such blind spots. It makes me worry about my own state and keeps me constantly wondering what *my* blind spots are. David Collum again – “As happens so frequently now, however, there are also no open minds left to change.”


    Successful Circle of Life. Domination
    Its normal. Its always happens this way.
    Wave I ———–> Wave II ———————>
    COVID-19 ——-> variant, B.1.1.7 ———->

    1. Survival of fittest
    2. Elimination of redundant
    3. Improvement of growth/culture medium
    4. Humans are the medium for the survival of covid virus



    While this might be a small nit to pick, it also presents as cause for legal action against any entity that seeks to force vaccinations or restrict other methods of treatment for COVID-19.

    “This judgment “reinforces the possibility of a compulsory vaccination under conditions of the current COVID-19 epidemic,” Nicolas Hervieu, a legal expert specializing in the ECHR, told AFP.”

    Epidemic, as opposed to pandemic, could be construed to mean we are for all intents and purposes no longer in a health emergency. Thus, all restrictions pertaining to said health emergency are null and void.


    Posted to quick. But, yes, bring on the lawyers.


    Must watch.

    “Any medic who says the vaccine is safe is guilty of medical malpractice”

    Dr Roger Hodkinson talks to Anna Brees:

    This is his bio – https://medmaldoctors.ca/dr-roger-hodkinson/


    It’s a FUDster..


    In other words
    Successful Circle of Life. Domination
    Its normal. Its always happens this way.


    Molecular Biology of the Cell. 4th edition.
    Alberts B, Johnson A, Lewis J, et al.
    New York: Garland Science; 2002.

    Pathogens Have Evolved Specific Mechanisms for Interacting with Their Hosts

    The human body is a complex and thriving ecosystem. It contains about 10^13 human cells and also about 10^14 bacterial, fungal, and protozoan cells, which represent thousands of microbial species.

    In order to survive and multiply in a host, a successful pathogen must be able to: (1) colonize the host; (2) find a nutritionally compatible niche in the host body; (3) avoid, subvert, or circumvent the host innate and adaptive immune responses; (4) replicate, using host resources; and (5) exit and spread to a new host. Under severe selective pressure to induce only the correct host cell responses to accomplish this complex set of tasks, pathogens have evolved mechanisms that maximally exploit the biology of their host organisms. Many of the pathogens we discuss in this chapter are skillful and practical cell biologists. We can learn a great deal of cell biology by observing them.


    You are most welcome for the headline and the many [unattributed] links


    Here in Ontario we are just beginning another one month province wide lockdown, tighter than any previous monthly lockdowns. Actually we have been in lockdowns for over a year now.
    This is because the previous lockdowns didn’t work.
    For sure covid cases will climb even higher because it forces people to stay inside where they can catch covid.
    It is all about the new science!


    ‘Vaccine hesitancy’ is understandable. When injected the individual is taking a risk that benefits the community and becomes resistant to a disease that one may never be exposed to. Generally, in the past, adults/parents consented to this. But plagues are back. The measles outbreaks in the USA are within the anti-vaxx population or the home taught who skipped a public education and being forced to be vaccinated.

    The coronavirus pandemic is the direct result of failed governments. There is no alternative to mRNA jabs. The chances of being exposed to diseases are increasing for those who reject vaccination. Ultimately this is a response to money being the only measure of value in the West — the dismantling of democracy and devolving communities back into ethnic tribes.

    It is a package deal, public health, public education, good governance, and a better society go together. The nouveau riche will not pay for this. They are profiteers. As a result — war, famine, and the plague are again ravaging the world.

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