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    Ben Shahn Daughter of Virgil Thaxton, farmer, near Mechanicsburg, Ohio 1938 Recently, I posted a two-tear old article on
    [See the full post at: Toxic Wheat, GMOs and the Precautionary Principle]

    Ken Barrows

    Isn’t it about 10 years late on the GMO issue in the USA? GMO crops are a high percentage of certain foods:

    Check out the authors’ credentials at the end of the article.


    Glyphosate is still on sale in retail stores in Australia. It seems that the EU has given an 18-month extension.


    I remember making a big deal on the forums here when GMO labeling was up for a vote in California and the effort received no support when it mattered.
    Why should anyone be hopeful about GMO when phosphate mining toxic waste has been dumped in the water for decades under the guise of protecting teeth – you know, without ever proving it using a randomized double-blind placebo study that can’t be rigged by the highest Debt-Money Monopolist bidder?
    Use your own intellect and defend yourself as you can, but to expect the majority of lemmings, who make the Greek Atomists look like geniuses, to do anything using independent, rational intellect is simply asking too much of them.
    The reason telling the truth in the Empire of Lies is a revolutionary act is because THE MASSES OF VICTIMS WILL NOT USE THEIR INTELLECT TO VALIDATE THE TRUTH ON THEIR OWN! And yes, I’m including the very well “schooled” or “trained” people, too. They are often more insecure and irrational than people already jacked by the system.
    Look how many economists and bloggers refuse to point sterilizing sunlight at the Debt-Money Monopolists and their fraudulent monetary system due to fear or greed.


    Another major point regarding GMOs; carefully counter-propagandaed by Monsanto et al; the need for it does not exist.

    They keep claiming we “must!” use GMOs in order to feed the world; when the National Academies in the US just put out a paper stating there have been NO benefits to the food supply so far. None. And, of course- the myriad multi-year studies demonstrating the vast losses in the existing food supply, due to very silly reasons, all easily and safely fixable.

    There is NO need to take the risk, however small it may be. None.

    Positive Dennis

    I understand that on the internet one can easily research things. I think that there is something called google, but i could be mistaken.


    I generally support your viewpoint Ilargi, but I have to agree with Positive Dennis, you should be more careful. Correlation does not equal causation and not all science is equally valid. Single reports should be investigated further to confirm validity before being accepted.

    The big problem with the GMO debate is that not all GMO’s are created equal. You should not be against all GMO’s but it is reasonable to be cautious about some types. It should be OK to develop GMO’s that require less water for example, or that contain extra nutrients, golden rice for example. Each GMO should be looked at on its merits, not grouped together as a whole. On the issues of ownership and genetic contamination, laws should be put in place to protect the poor. There are a myriad of ways this could be done, it just requires the political will.



    I would also point out that the wheat in some other countries is not of the same variety as that in the United States. My girlfriend spends six months of the year in Egypt and has not problem with the Sun Bread that is a main part of the diet in Luxor (usually dipped in sauces and/or wrapped into mixes of beans). When she comes here, she can not eat the bread that is available here. Triticale is not the variety that is grown in Egypt and in other parts of the middle east. In other words: the wheat we get is not the wheat our ancestors got. Triticale is more productive and therefore more profitable.

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