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    @ riesterm

    Michael Moore, MM, is an allowed, approved, mild, milquetoast / revealer / debunker. (I have seen ‘bowling for columbine’ and ‘sicko’ so while not in the US i do have some view..)

    MM stumbled into / or upped the genre ‘doc film’ that ‘reveals’ – ‘explains’ – from a slightly oppositional angle, various world events, societal happenings, etc.

    Such a career can be highly lucrative and socially rewarding. All such figures know there are lines they cannot cross. Attacking the most important myths (foundational, or as have had huge impact, or are believed in by a majority..) lies, obfuscations, is something they won’t do, as they would loose their livelihoods, status, etc. and might even put themselves in danger.

    9/11 is a good example, and Covid is another. Moore crafted a narrative about 9/11 that skirts around various issues but basically states nothing of substance except that KSA is (partly?) to blame (Bush and his ties to the Bin Laden family – all those Saudi terrorists…) which has kind-a been a Democrat mantra ever since.

    Blame KSA! (Women are forced to wear veils..) For what / how accomplished / etc. is never laid out.

    There are two other well-known US figures whom French ‘socialist’ ‘fake contestors’ love to translate and quote, who also obfuscate / deny the importance of / refuse to discuss / etc. 9/11 – Chomsky and Chris Hedges.

    I once went to a talk by Chomsky and the first question was about 9/11. He was obviously expecting it (was about 2 years after) nevertheless he stumbled badly … stuttered, said nothing. Hedges is another story.

    Anyway, 9/11 allows for a lot of blame, hypotheses, argument on dozens of topics, etc. so ‘fake’ posturing can exploit many avenues.

    Covid is more clear-cut, and anyone who is dependent on, subservient to, the PTB, and has long experience with successful propaganda (like MM) cannot attack or deny any of the core/main/central elements of the ‘pandemic’ and its unique, the ONLY, Vax solution.

    He publishes a fanciful construct, supposedly the view of ‘deplorables’ as imagined, summarised by ‘Dems’ and the like, detailing the main arguments ‘against’ the vaccine (which aren’t even the real ones), and then counters them.

    He writes he distrusts the Gvmt. and everyone should. Blacks and others have been mistreated. He closes that with:

    …our racist legacy has manifested itself … Covid-19 has killed 102,000 Black Americans — 20% more than the rate at which white people die. The white supremacists must be loving this. I join with my fellow citizens who are Black in fighting this virus that seeks to kill them first.

    So contra-Gvmt., distrust of Gvmt., is just flipped into Blacks are underdogs, super victims, and we all have to fight the virus! (Which skirts the question of treatment, vax, which groups are more affected, why, — plus, no the virus does not have agency ..)

    I could go on – contra Big Pharma, err no, no this time, because they don’t want to kill users! Contra Trump yes, yes – the Trump vaccine was never his — etc. etc.

    Moore is shilling very clumsily for the Bidadmin position and Big Pharma, he even writes:

    If everyone is vaccinated, this virus is toast.

    Ppl like MM make me angry.

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    Some time ago phoenixvoice posted saying she/he did not believe in the de-population scenario underpinning covid and vaxxes. Replies followed, had no time to answer then. Sort of a side, companion, tangential, to the Spartacus piece.

    We can see that the regulatory, advisory Gvmt. (or para-State bodies – CDC and the like), as well as Professional Groups / Associations (Medicos for ex.), top bosses in many areas, Hospital managers, Intl bodies (WHO) etc. etc. have all been somehow ‘cancelled’ (re. their role, supposed influence), corrupted, undermined, somehow tricked or coerced to go along with a completely constructed, made-up agenda, a hysterical, manipulatory, performance. Most I guess would call that now the imposed dominant narrative overwhelming us all, which takes some of the sting out…(why it is dominant is left in the shade..)

    De-population may be a motive for some latchers-on; just as eliminating older ppl, a drain on finances, may be for others. Tech cos. may jump on the oppos afforded by test-and-trace, digital passes; authoritarians everywhere orgasmically embrace ‘mandates’ re. masks, hygiene, vaxxes, moves against refusniks. Defense generally welcomes any enemy, even those who live ‘in the home country’ — Police and other enforcers aquire new powers, arms, higher pay. Med labs., the hygiene industry make out like bandits. Karl Schwab gets to tout build back better and the Green Industry jumps on as well – etc… An atmosphere of crisis encourages all these impulses, opportunists, scammers, rogues.

    Onto the original sin, which has two faces, the first is Profit Above All, the second is Man over Nature. When a large powerful country (USA) has, and imposes on others a vision that health-care is essentially money-making “free market” enterprise, it is a given that ordinary ppl will be milked, chanelled, coerced, subject to all kinds of med. scams, some designed to make lightning profits, others more attuned to the long-term, keeping ppl alive to have them (their families) pay. Pay and pay…

    Big Pharma becomes ‘criminal’ so to speak, as naturally (sic) pills / drugs / remedies / preventatives that fit into a small box can be wildly profitable, via advertising, corruption, psy-ops, etc. (As compared to for ex. physical rehab of paralyzed patients, which requires a whole slew of expensive real estate, matériel, docs and phisios, etc. Or at least a few keen helpers.. and a good plan…) Due to human nature, the quick fix of jabs, creams, pills, etc. is stunningly profitable, and the forced acceptance of authority in the med field means that life-long meds, harsh expensive treatments, etc. are accepted without question. Others (finance, humanitarians..) endorse and follow – for some grasping of the profits.

    The other face, which permits and sollicits the first, is that Man transcends Nature, or can dominate it, or organise it as he wills. We humans write the narrative, the script, the orders, and all obstacles are instantly overcome. By fiat, by the stroke of a pen, the authorative solemn mouthing face on TV, from the Prez. podium, the advisory from the Authority, we are supposed to believe, to adhere, and to question only around the fringes, pro forma.

    It follows that any story line that provides massive profits can be sold as good to go! The loosers and the dead are of no account…Profit and being ‘right’, controlling the news that seeps to the public, is all that counts. These mechanisms have slowly in the last say 30 years flowered, gained more and more traction, influence.


    Germ you posted about Lithuania: a personal account of a man who is truly stuck and describes the situation there (eng)

    in reply to: Crickets #88100

    Germ posted a link showing that Italian workers, the non-vaxxed kind, are to be suspended without pay. (didn’t save it, here is one):

    Sneaky, horrible, same as in France.

    Just the basics — leaving devilish details out:

    In F and It. and several other EU countries, if you have a ‘permanent’ job; as opposed to contractor, paid for task, paid for just a short period, paid as a replacement, paid by a temp agency, are outsourced from another Co., paid on any limited time/pay/task agreement, paid as an illegal / black / grey, semi-so, worker, all of which is incredibly common…

    You can be terminated:

    —> for cause (beat up co-worker, never showed up, can’t do the job, etc.)

    —> through no employee fault > : re-structuring, closing down, lack of funds, no need for person; empl. has not the qualifications required for the new post, social contract coming to an end, injury on the job, empl. doesnt want to return after leave, laid off for xyz, etc. etc.

    In both categories, the person who lost their job has some avenues open for action, in 2 ‘usually’ unemployment pay is awarded.

    If an employee is suspended without pay (rare, as not in the interests of the employer or the employee, except when a ‘deal’ between the two is made like for 3 months off to travel in the Med..then > to your post..) the employee cannot claim, fight for, compensation, redress, or change of status, situation.

    He hasn’t been ‘fired’ or ‘let go’, terminated …nothing doing down those routes… but is still ‘employed’ so can’t even look for a new job unless he resigns, which often can’t be done immediately but legally requires ‘notice’ of 60 days, or more…and resigning means giving up rights..! Meanwhile, children need to eat, rent has to be paid, etc.

    The unvaxxed are thrown into a limbo, a situation outside the commonly agreed on procedures for dealing with work disputes within present regulations, etc.

    These measures will of course backfire after some time, imho. (Yellow vests, Orange Vests, etc.)

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    Along the scary tech line:

    Apple is reportedly working on mental health monitoring using iPhone data

    Apple is reportedly working on mental health monitoring using iPhone data

    It is working with others, like UCLA, Biogen… WSJ:

    Kontrol! Men in white coats show up for wrong think, pre-crime, and .. poor typing habits, bad spelling, toilet pauses!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 23 2021 #87902

    Raul: From 9/11 to Covid. It’s a straight line.

    Thierry Messan compares the two, under the angle of ‘refusing to debate’ ..

    Recall Amerithrax (9/11 commemorations commentary goes over some same-old ground, thermite, building 7, no planes, with nothing new or interesting published or even considered, afai can see, of course I may be missing stuff..) and ignores this bio-attack, minor to be sure, but which had a big impact at the time.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 22 2021 #87797

    The ‘top’ agencies (in W lands) in the medical field, those who take decisions, give orders, give advice, regulate, supervise, surveil, police (the last includes the judiciary), e.g. for the USA: CDC, FDA, etc. have broken down, failed.

    They have fallen prey to nefarious influence, to corruption, to pressure from various quarters (not in fact flash news, more a question of a tipping point being reached, they were never really independent..) and in part have been cancelled / replaced.

    These are signs of societies that are collapsing, imploding, throwing up ersatz, pretend moves, declarations and actions undertaken to shore up some unrealistic, illusory state of affairs. (Greed and power conferred by position is a driver, but not the only one.)

    France, for ex. now has a Med. Science Advisory Panel that is ad-hoc and detached from the traditional, instituted structures.

    The COV19 Scientific Council in France was set up by the Min. of Health (Véran) in March 2020. There are 17 ppl on it, an antropologist, a sociologist, a virologist, an oncologist, a child psychiatrist, a veterinarian, the pres. of ATD ‘Quart monde’ (non-profit fighting poverty), etc. Looks good on paper for the general public, maybe, but these ppl don’t have any collective expertise concerning a ‘new virus’ and what to do about it. Moreover, it is difficult to grasp how any discussion by this varied lot leads to anything concrete or sensible. Imho.

    They are all Macron groupies or ‘trustworthy’ aka corrupted by the glorious pay, to be credible sounding yes-men and women, no doubt they all believe in their “mission.” (Prof. Raoult was a member but quit / was thrown off.) They merely follow and then endorse what comes from above, they can’t do anything else, they are just figurants like extras hired for a movie.

    How this scientific council was set up has been deemed illegal (v. complex..) Conflict of interest is rife for several members – on the take from Big Pharma. Link below in F, from a MSM publication, Marianne, detailing several payments to members…just to show that much of this is in fact public knowledge.

    How this all came about is another question.

    Start-Up Nation! New managers! We know best! Miraculous Profits! Fantastic analysis! International standing! Innovation! … 🙂 🙁

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 21 2021 #87731

    Med scams and such:

    Bryan Ardis interviewed by the Reiner Fuellmich group. I had not heard that Remdesivir actually killed ppl. (?..) Alarming, idk what to make of it for the mo.

    Link is to lifesite news, has some summary text in eng. with the vid. Aug. 2021.

    Did Fauci knowingly fast-track approval of drug with deadly COVID-like side effects?


    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 21 2021 #87726

    Polder: I know a huge no. of ppl who are vaxxed, many of course **indirectly** (via kids, family, friends, work, group associations, diverse contacts, etc.) and what I have logged in my head is that many ppl had Covid. In my building, at the place I volunteer, full of ppl running around packed together coughing etc., a child’s friends, community meet, my dentist, in the building next door, me myself, two family members in other countries, and so on, some mild, others worse, a few pretty bad…

    Only one ‘adverse event’ to the vax. So far! Who knows aout the future…

    He was over 80, had some kind of défaillance – after the 2nd shot, drove home, got out of his car, and collapsed in the street. 6 weeks later he did assisted suicide.

    Here (CH) Pfizer and Moderna are the main suppliers.

    Ppl’s experience will be very varied (see those darned kids above), all we can do is try to do our best, and be the most honest and caring.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 18 2021 #87552

    Biden’s address to the UN Assembly next week in NY is mentioned in the top post. See John Day post above also.

    Here is some of what I have heard / gathered, from Switz.

    The UN-NY building only admits ppl under strict COV related rules, conditions.

    One has to be double-vaxxed, by approved US_EU vaxxes, no Russian or Chinese vax is on the list (> CDC vax rules, see link) though that is not made public. (There might be some exceptions for ppl tested NEG but I have not heard or read anything in that line. Or the UN list might be more inclusive, but all I heard say not so.)

    Reuters article describes some of the ‘strife’ in a very down-played way:

    Ergo, only US – 5 eyes – Isr – EU – other hangers-on will be ‘automaticilly approved’ personae at this Event. Others will not come, send vids. or whatever. Some might even be refused entry, though I reckon by now ppl know not to go the US, even if they are high-level delegates, diplomats.

    Just my far away-take — the Rona Rules can change from one day to the next and favored ppl can by-pass them.

    To the point: We see here the death throes of the UN. Zone 2 (as it is commonly called, i.e. China, Russia, Iran, Syria, and others, now Afghanistan added) will slowly abandon and ignore it, not blatantly of course.

    Here a faithful employee taking a tour of the phase 1 Covid protection moves at the NY UN building, to give a feel, photos (couldn’t find more recent):

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 18 2021 #87488

    Switzerland. —– A law was rapidly voted in by Parliament in 2020, giving emergency powers to the Federal Council re. COV19, empowering the Federation to order the Cantons to carry out xyz measures.

    The law included a section on —obligatory, mandated — compensation to biz. that had to close during lockdown, restaurants, bars, gyms, etc. plus helping out sport, culture, etc. All the lockdown etc. measures were ordered by previous extraordinary emergency laws by the Feds.

    The sum committed to the bail-out was roughly 35 billion CHF. (pop of Switz. 8.5 million.)

    It also provided a legal platform / springboard for Cantons to compensate ppl in dire straits; where I live, paid unemployment to illegal workers who could show they had worked for 3 months – not necessarily consecutive – in CH.

    It did not touch the Federal Council’s power to order sanitary or ‘health’ emergency measures, which are enshrined in the Constitution.

    It was immediately challenged, went to referendum, and garnered 60% approval in a popular vote, in June 2021.

    Ppl voted for it because of the financial compensation. Yet, the score against was very high, 40%. Against came mostly from: The Plateau (central CH), German-speaking ppl, Conservatives, Rurals, and the ‘populist’ right wing. (=> the categories that are usually used.)

    Almost everywhere there was at least a third of ppl who voted against, many did so contrary their personal financial interests. The People’s Party, VolksPartei (so called populist right), several associations, made no recommendations, took no positions, left the vote to ‘personal conscience.’ Nobody really knew what was going on… coming down.

    Now, a second referendum vote is coming up, on Nov. 28, 2021.

    It was launched by 3 associations, the most active, popular one, is *Friends of the Constitution*; together they collected about 180K signatures in 3 weeks, an absolute record they claim. Leaving out the details, a YES vote would annul the possibility of any implementation of a ‘green’ / ‘covid’ / ‘vax’ pass in any shape or form, and would forbid any discrimination / instituted differences between vaxxed / not, in all venues, circumstances.

    I’m not optimistic about the result, I hate to think about it and have held back from delving into analysis, a first for me… The MSM has been blaring: the vax will save us! That includes top radio stations (the Swiss are the biggest listeners of radio in the world it is claimed), all the MSM, etc.

    from swissinfo (eng) short descr. of the above.

    in reply to: I Am Afraid #87394

    On: France suspends 3K med workers. (posted by Ilargi in previous thread.)

    The below fits into the ‘afraid’ context.

    The brave caring med staff we were to clap for, with good reason, though a few echoing sounds don’t make up for poor pay and lousy working conditions, are now becoming, being seen as, for some of them at least, very strange and suspicious ppl.

    As they are on the front line they see the damage of the vaxxes, some of them won’t accept the vax for themselves, their families.(Hopefully they didn’t encourage its use on others, but of course that isn’t so.. Med workers in F, specially Docs. consider themselves above the general populace…For thee but not for mee…other topic.

    F. has been reducing the no. of hospital beds / ICU beds for decades now. Not new, and no changes under any Prez. / Gvmt. can be seen. Nor is it particular to France. See the first chart, comprehensible. (Article is in F, shows no. of hospital beds history for several countries.)

    One of the results of more ‘technologised’ and ‘specialised’ medecine, in which patient triage plays a big role (which ups transport costs, admin costs, middleman costs); “home care” (maybe not bad?) is promoted (see Sweden), purely pharma “cure” is preffered to ‘interactive’ care, and “no care at all” raises its head, as when in F. Covid patients were told to go home, isolate, and take doliprane.

    In F, the top losses in ‘beds’ (all together, i.e. staying in a hospital for days) has been in psychiatric wards / hosps. Over-drugging has become the norm. Zonked out patients don’t incommode anyone by screaming for ex., don’t complain, and die in raspy or feebly self-destructive silence. A big win for Big Pharma.

    To the point. The COV19 pandemic presents an opportunity to fundamentally transform Medical Care and Treatment.

    I have posted about this before, Med. Docs don’t realise what is coming for them. They are replaceable by algos. and directives from the PTB (as we see now with COV19.)

    Only *Medical Technical Workers* are required. They will be the ‘new’ nurses, orderlies, ambulance drivers, cleaners, dispensary workers, etc. They will carry out acts which require physical or personal contact: jab, bandage, stitching, setting a bone, getting machinery in place, collecting samples for testing, providing the pills to be ingested, other therapies, running med. machines, filling in paper work, etc. As well as all the *multiple* tasks of hosp. bed-care. Only top class interventionists ‘on bodies’ will remain, specialised surgeons, for ex.

    This dystopian vision is only intended to present one general direction I have left the two-tier system aside (one system for the rich, another total control system for the poor.)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 16 2021 #87299

    On article in top post: Mask mandates and vaccine passports are a performance, a taking of the knee to a warped health-and-safety morality.

    Yes, much of what is currently going on is Sanitary Theatre, moves and actions that only serve to ‘reassure’ or ‘make ppl obey’ (depends on what group you belong to) which have no effect whatsoever on COV-19, its spread / severity / treatment / prevention / etc.

    One image regularly pops into my head, remember Richard Reid the shoe bomber, and long queues of ppl travelling by air who had to take off their shoes? And prove their innocence with dirty bare feet or fancy silk socks gingerly resting on airport dirty floors? Yet, ppl complied, they could even laugh about it, they sorta-understood it was theatre, and exaggerations of pro ‘safety’ actions were grumbled about or mocked…mostly with good humour…

    The underwear bomber Umar F. had no success because examining ppl’s underwear would have shut down the aviation industry! 🙂

    So, that was all about inducing fear of terrorists. (Note 9/11 was accompanied by Amerithrax.) Invisible deadly bugs are far more potent + efficient, they are actually the star of potential fear-inducers.

    From the article: We need to depoliticise the vaccine programme.

    Yes. Politics —under, or directed by, or in symbiosis with Big Corps — has taken over management of ‘health’ / ‘sickness’.

    We have passed from a state of affairs, SOA, where experts (scientists, virologists, medicos, etc.) advised the Gvmts. and Gvmt. dictats or advisories were based on such advice..

    … to a SOA in which it is the Pols, the PTB, hands behind the scenes, who are dictating to professionals on the ground (analysts, med. researchers, various scientists, docs, nurses on the ground, etc. etc.) what they can / cannot publish, transmit, state in public, stand up for, or do in their daily practice (e.g. prescribe Ivermectin.)

    On the RT article about France. The ex Health Min. of F, A. Buzyn, made the request to put Ivermectin on the list of poisonous substances in Jan 2020. It was granted in Feb. 2020 (how is not known..) – well before France announced alarm or a ‘pandemic’. This fact is not mentioned in the RT article posted up top.

    She is now a high-paid functionary of the WHO, in a made-to-order fakelorum job, stationed in Geneva.

    Former French Minister of Health Dr Agnes Buzyn joined the World Health Organization as of 4th January 2021 as the Director General’s Envoy for Multilateral Affairs.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 16 2021 #87282

    COV-19. We really lack data on what happens at the end of the chain -> *everything* concerning the dead. Here an interview with the director of a small funeral home biz (England) – so he does much of the work himself, the report is from the ground. 38 mins, but well worth it.

    The upsurge in use and prescription boom of Midazolam he refers to is mentioned with some numbers in a The Exposé article. There is a better paper with more detail and clearer numbers on this issue but I can’t find it at the mo. The increase was common knowlege, see one article from the Daily Mail.

    The elderly and vulnerable were murdered in care homes and this Government convinced you Covid-19 was to blame’Looney-Blows-the-Whistle-on-Covid:9

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 14 2021 #87148

    Protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated …. is of course completely crazy.

    But ppl believe in it, take it on board.

    One guesses there are some media savvy types workers, behind the screens, spouting, … wow, oh ah whoo! crowing about their success..

    On screen, keeping frozen yet amenable faces, wide open eyes.. discrete nods of the head to agree with whatever tale…and…it works!

    So… Apparently the Bidadmin is indirectly encouraging or sparking civil unrest with one camp, the USA prof. middle class, aka régime apparachiks, hanging on by their finger-nails (15% of the economic top doing so-so but below that a tranche hopefuls who want to join are struggling badly), being positioned to loathe Deplorables, who, it is said, ‘reject’ modern science.

    The Deplorables are just the lowly plebs (slaves in the past) who won’t embrace and comply with the new discriminatory barriers that are supposed to corral and control them, and others, even more strictly.

    A typical class war phenomenon, with the moral and noble (precarious..) top guys and gals dissing the lowly refusniks who are… from stupid to ill-informed.. something like that,..

    Encouraging internal strife is not a good move when facing decline or ‘enemies’ abroad. (China for ex.)

    in reply to: Covidian Roulette #86351


    French riot cops brutally arrest 2 women… but retreat in face of big crowd of anti-Covid pass protesters in Paris mall.

    RT, 5 Sept. 2021. –> The links therein go to Twitter, brief vids.

    This mall in Paris is one of the few open to those who don’t possess a COV-Sanitary-Pass. (Why some are exempt is of course a question of influence, etc. and makes a mockery of the measures as being concerned with health. *Les Halles*, where the mall is = a famous tourist landmark, spot. So, unvaxxed persons could enter it, be there, without facing penalties.)

    in reply to: Covidian Roulette #86344

    I didn’t see these posted (apologies if ….)


    Personal carbon allowances revisited. Francesco Fuso Nerini et al.

    Abstract. Here we discuss how personal carbon allowances (PCAs) could play a role in achieving ambitious climate mitigation targets. We argue that recent advances in AI for sustainable development, together with the need for a low-carbon recovery from the COVID-19 crisis, open a new window of opportunity for PCAs. Furthermore, we present design principles based on the Sustainable Development Goals for the future adoption of PCAs. We conclude that PCAs could be trialled in selected climate-conscious technologically advanced countries, mindful of potential issues around integration into the current policy mix, privacy concerns and distributional impacts.

    Encouraging low-level grifters! (the sum is small on purpose, so it seems ‘normal’, ‘legit’..)

    NHS document shows GP’s to be paid an additional £10 for every child they inject with a Covid-19 Vaccine on top of the £12.58 already received.

    NHS document shows GP’s to be paid an additional £10 for every child they inject with a Covid-19 Vaccine on top of the £12.58 already received – & Google are trying to hide it

    Summary on Vaxxes by Gail Tverberg. Perhaps useful for sending on? 5 Aug. 2021.

    COVID-19 Vaccines Don’t Really Work as Hoped

    in reply to: Five Alarm Fire #86174

    For a while I might not post or ? as touring, vacation.

    Unvaxxed and without a “Pass”, heh, might make for an interesting travel diary 🙂

    To enter Italy I need a negative antigen test. It is free for CH citizens. The first ‘center’ I call mumbles in a breathy sweet feminine voice about testing being limited – to vaxxed persons? to ..the vulnerable..? I couldn’t make it out.

    I call a commercial lab (cost of test about 50 dollars) and get a spiel about how they have the most superior tests, and “no worries Ms. Noirette” ha ha! and I book an appointment. Then I call another ‘free’ testing place, they tell me you can only book via internet. I do, get a conf. message. (…)

    Until COV-19, certification of ppl for travel was the responsibility of the state (West), and if one needed a laissez-passer (these still exist btw, all over Europe, for all kinds of ppl, stateless like Palestinians, those who pretend to be so, refugees, etc.) or document X, like a biometric passport, or vax certificate, it was up to the State to provide that for the citizen / resident, following negotiations at State level with others .. (Might be problematic with wait times, etc.)

    No more. Individual persons have to scramble around to find a private cos. that will provide the service they seek, maybe desperately need, to satisy or conform to arbitrary (other country) rules.

    In CH, the ‘free’ tests are paid to Big Pharma via Private Insurance (paid by the insured public) and State (paid by the taxpayer) funds. Poor ppl will be disadvantaged.

    Globalisation proceeds partly through ‘atomisation’ – the cancelling of the Nation State, making individuals ‘responsible’, ‘accountable’ for their own ‘certification’ their own ‘standing’ – which btw is an open door to corruption, already terrifyingly rampant all over the World in the Big Med-Pharma-Sickness Corps.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 1 2021 #85979

    I recently learned that in Guadeloupe and Martinique (F overseas territories) where dengue fever is endemic, dengue was announced as over, vanished / vanquised or whatever, on May 21, 2021.

    Dengue season is mid-May to mid-Oct in that region. Dengue fever symptoms are very general and can easily be attributed to many other conditions, and no specific agreed-on treatment exists, afaik. From the top of Goog:

    See for ex. > the link is to an F. GVMT. site, announcing the end of the dengue epidemic in Guadeloupe. Yes, it was considered an epidemic. in F:

    Cov. cases, etc. Guadeloupe from worldometers.

    This is really getting ridiculous.

    —> see also Mr House above, other links between dengue, HIV…

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 29 2021 #85728

    David Martin (who investigated the cov. patents etc.) said in his interview w. Kunstler that China used cov-19 to carry out a live drill in case of bio-warfare. The ‘plandemic’ aspect….

    Mulitple countries stated that hospitals are/were overwhelmed, completely falsely in many cases. A first, obvious result of a serious ‘plandemic’ is lack of hospital beds. That became a self-fulfilling prophecy, a mantra. Everywhere. It continues today. How to deal with the squeeze was not really properly adressed, either in plans or RL, afaik only China built ‘field hospitals’. (Maybe a realistic part of the ‘drill’…?)

    In CH at the first public alarm (feb-march 2020) ppl were reassured by the annoucement that 8K military had been put on standby, with another 8K for backup – CH has a conscription army – to set up field hospitals, transport the sick / docs / matériel (and dead, not spelled out), and so on. —> All plans based on previous experience with the plague and a “successful” strategy not long ago, 1760.

    Err… The hospitals were not overwhelmed (emergency services / mortuaries did have a hard time at some point), in part because all private clinics melded with the public sector, some might call it ‘were requisitioned’, but the agreements are long-standing. (Payments can be sorted later.) I only know this because I’m on the ground, so idk about other countries, except China, which publicised the ‘field hosp.’ thing.

    France, other story. Some public hospitals were indeed under terrible stress, because of chronic underfunding, past privatisations, poorly organised transport – no funds for alternative measures – etc.

    ‘Plandemic’ is bery visible. Many Gvmts (their med. board / advisors, etc.) reacted according to their laid-down plans of ‘what to do’ which were, one guesses, organised by certain factions, 1, branded ‘best practice’ moves, like lockdowns, test and trace, etc. implemented, once triggered, as pre-set. (Vax. left off here.)

    1. Big Pharma. Corrupted institutions like the WHO, CDC, other. PTB behind the scenes, pols, shareholders. Gvmts desiring control. BS models produced by stooges.

    KunstlerCast 347 — Chatting with David E. Martin About Covid-19, Vaccinations, and Other Mass Casualty Events

    plague, history, in F.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 27 2021 #85542

    Raul: What are governments et al. going to do when they can no longer avoid the fact that the vaccines don’t work?

    Most (in the West) will NEVER admit that openly, frankly.

    First, hedging, as we can see already:

    — > They did work, but only for a short time / prevented the most horrific suffering / didn’t stop illness / transmission / in some ppl, some time, whatever.. Breakthrough surprises, dreadful .. A heady mix of all that.

    Rationale: It was an emergency, you gotta hit and sometimes you miss. Saving lives is the top priority!

    — > Boosters are needed, and probably more boosters next (note the flu vax that meant getting jabbed once a year) so vaxxs DO have to continue, for everyone, it is a sensible precaution, a civic duty.. plus FREE, think of the children! (Oh and they need to be jabbed as well..)

    More hedging, Xtra measures:

    — > As the vaxxs are a definite help (or partly failed.. or sadly not much use..) they are not the ultimate solution as herd immunity wasn’t achieved, due to anti-vaxxers ducking away, and maybe comprehensible errors of med. procedure in this novel dire! situation, or who knows what, we need to implement more stringent measures, attack the virus more forcibly, be more determined!

    —> More vaxx ‘mandates’, making them obligatory, and vaxxing ppl against their will, and opening up facilities for “quarantine” which will house anti-vaxxers, dissidents, refusniks, and having Lockowns (see dystopic Australia..)

    There will be > doubling down, authoritarianism, etc.

    How does it all end? Idk. Many outcomes possible.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 27 2021 #85527

    To me it feels like the Taliban just fell, stumbled into, a power void. I know, yes, they ‘held’ good parts of the country and the maps that like to paint large areas with color showed a steady ‘advance’ of the Pashtun peasants. But what did that mean? Unclear. Perhaps the rule in Afghanistan was more a power-sharing and very mixed scheme, which included ‘local’ potentates, following a ‘tribal, regional’ model. Orlov had a post about the Pashtuns (free to read), gives some detail… Note, even with all the land they ‘held’ they did not stop poppy cultivation.

    All the anti-imperialists and contra-Amrikis are championing the Taliban, seen as having morphed from violent backward scum to noble leaders, the “New” Taliban, supposedly completely different from the old, ready to embrace e.g. education and jobs for girls. Can such leopards change their spots? Societal models, power-distribution-schemes, are quite resistant to change (those without the blood in the streets / genocide scenario) so there is that…

    KSA, I’m comparing the Islamist part, the KSA model rests for a large part on +++ oil revenues.. has education for girls and the possibilty of women having jobs, in a very limited way, partly for image only.

    KSA has been ‘modernising’ with 20 or x year plans since forever but never changes, or only cosmetically so. (Letting women drive if they can’t go out alone merely leads to job loss for Philippino chauffeurs….)

    Of course women’s place is only a part of the story, it is an outcome of the structure of governance. (In KSA, top royals control lesser royals thru distribution of resources via jobs, advantages; the men control the women, and the women control the children, and some of the ‘slaves.’) This is a template of ‘light’ ‘low cost’ governance, suited to scattered tribes in semi-hostile terrain. As Orlov notes for the Pashtun, consensus is of vital importance, as it must be, for anything to be achieved.

    Imho, the Taliban’s first problem is order within their ranks (maybe I’m overestimating that?), but they are a loose band with different mind-sets and Idk who, how, the chain of command goes. (KSA has regulated the question since forever by hereditary criteria, the ‘royals’ set, and simple institutionalised top-down power relations.) The second is ‘modernisation’ – The Graveyard of Empires is so because all the efforts were in a sense “modernisation by central / one power-hub control” and they all failed. Now the Taliban have inherited the position of all the previous failers, a very strange situation. The third is finance…other topic.

    I read that for Kabul University they are appointing one Talib as head of each Faculty, and that nothing much would change, they have urged everyone to continue their work, tasks. They (reportedly) will enforce separate F/M education in the physical sense (screens, sep. classrooms).. and some curricula will be changed (?).. The new boss is definetly not the same as the old boss! – How does that work out long term? Note that US universities are in some ways subjected to ideological craziness as well, in a mirror contrast: “safe spaces”, a ban on distinguishing or comparing the sexes, etc. All this of course serves as distraction and cover-ups, via Proclaimed Positions that are Socially Moral and Necessary, to control the ppl lower on the pole working in the structure.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 24 2021 #85195

    Pfizer First!! re. FDA approval – no mystery there, it is the top Co. for paying for corruption in the Anglo world. Take that as a wild accusation for which I have no proof. It was obvious from the start that Astra Zeneca was low man on the pole… and had difficulty getting approved see for ex (link 1) and was bashed for side effects etc. So, contentions similar to ‘regular commercial fights’ as between phone Cos., Mega Food Cos, Airlines, etc.

    See the vax propaganda, or publicity, advertising, which should not apply to public health or health care. Vaxxes have joined the fantastic image boosting moves directed to the plebs (deplorables), via Celebs, social media, Gvmt adverts, etc. Completely divorced from what used to be national health considerations, created and upheld by Gvmts, the expertise / controls that used to be relied on, Docs in the practices /clinics, public health, FDA – CDC type institutions — imperfect for sure, and the rot is not new.. But total overtake, via corruption, has been achieved.

    This one ex. jumped to mind, it may seem beside the point, nobody will click —- make of it whatever. 2015. The Bulgari perfumed man meets snake, hawk, lion – and walks, a proud sharp step elegant walk — not a casual stroll. It is only one minute.

    Of course Pfizer and others can’t go there with images and speech etc. “love and take the vax” – some weak semblance of seriousness, expertise, probity, is still marginally maintained.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 22 2021 #84946

    DW documentary, eng., The history of Afghanistan (> 50 years) is interesting as it airs a lot of old vid. footage. Re-traces the rough lines of the history. Reminded me, for ex. that Afghan women got the vote before the Swiss ones (1964 vs. 1971.)

    It brings home that in Afgh (imho) there have been two main ‘from the ppl, or popular’ impulses or forces at work: rural, local, poor, religious, socially conservative, “tribal”, working in primary production; those willing to fight we know about, the Mujahideen, the Taliban. Manipulated by foreign funding, arms, co-opted, instrumentalised…And SPLIT, as the Northern Alliance (Shah Massoud’s son, seems weak? – link 2) was, and is, determined to fight the Taliban, yet another complicated story.

    VS.. ‘progressive’, urban, more secular (mixed..), richer, more ‘top social’ classes, which were, and are, in thrall to foreign powers and subservient to them in many ways, be they turn-by-turn the Brits, the Soviets, USuk, with EU support, etc.

    Today it is China and Russia who will negotiate what will happen.

    DW television: 1H 22mins.

    In the Afgh. debacle, few ppl have COV-19, are v. sick, or dying, no hospitals are swamped. Nobody wears masks (a few exceptions, and see burkas…), basically nobody is vaxxed :), heh, it appears that in Afgh. COV-19 is not a consideration, maybe there is a lesson there.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 21 2021 #84833

    On Eugenics (see zero sum above), in the very first vax drive in France, besides the vulnerable ‘old’ ppl and health care workers, there was one other FIRST PRIORITY category -> ppl with Trisomy 21.

    This fact has by now been dropped, obfuscated, forgotten, whatever, but you don’t get more Eugenic than that, as there was no medical criteria, reason, to include them (nor for that matter do the ‘med’ criteria hold for the other categories, but that is another story.)

    The Trisomy-21, or Down’s syndrome ppl, were simply deemed to be more vulnerable to COV19 without any rationale or justification, said to be 10x more vulnerable. I can actually believe they are more at risk, as they are for the Flu, and many other conditions / infections…(and there has been one study that shows that..) but that is not particular to them..

    One can see this as either calculated evil (as the vax is of no help or even detrimental, a stealthy insidious poison), or as a misguided silly effort to PRO-TEKT vulnerable yougish teens, young-ish adults with a ‘genetic defect’. Note, trisomy-21 is the no. 1 category of mentally-physically handicapped ppl in France that can be ‘classified’ as having ‘specific X genetic anomaly’ (as in other countries) — about 65K in F.

    The line between ‘protecting the vulnerable’ and subjecting them to very questionable medical procedures (most certainly negative overall imho) is so thin it is threadbare and should be denounced. But, well, the toxic stew is created and then ppl can’t argue anymore, can’t see their way through.

    The link in F from Jan 2021 follows Cedric, 42, who has Down’s and is hilariously happy to be vaccinated, and boasts, “it didn’t even hurt”, etc. It is explained that now he can go out and meet friends again…

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 20 2021 #84701
    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 20 2021 #84700

    I went to a large shopping mall yesterday which has been entirely re-vamped. The renovation is splendid “lux”-urious, even the people strolling around manage to look more glamorous. Bathed in light, floors marble like, intricate dee-sign, the greenery all fresh, etc.

    In the middle of the Central Hall, a makeshift sign: VAX 2ND DOSE, with a line of ppl corraled by those posts with extensible bands that create queuing corridors, like the ones in airports. Completely spoiling the look and super glitzty vibe of the place! 🙂 (Switz.)

    Big Pharma’s aims, to make ppl eager to be vaxxed in shopping centers the way they would queue up to get free lottery tickets for mega-prizes, or to meet a celebrity like Ronaldo and get an autograph + an ice cream, has been accomplished. Madness.

    Anyways…: Germ put up a vid. of Prof. Perrone, France (link, in sep. post)

    Perrone was fired from all of his hospital, University, etc. positions and the Order of Med. Doctors lodged a complaint against him, though afaik his medical licence has not been withdrawn. Interview of him in F, Dec. 2020. (link.) I don’t know exactly what he is experiencing now, no news, which is bizarre, btw. (I will try to find out.)

    Dr. Thomas Binder (Swiss) is another ex. Here he is interviewed by the Richie Allen show (eng.), 45 mins, worth a listen. (link below, also in the sep. post) He details that he was ‘arrested’ and put into a psych. hospital for 6 days, for ‘observation’ and then let go. True story, he is not making it up.

    There are a few others who have been dragged off to psych wards.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 19 2021 #84586

    from prev. thread.

    Ilargi posted: Any discussion of Afghan poppies that does not involve the CIA is useless. They are the boss of it. It’s been too long, and now too hard to find it all back right now, it that is even possible anymore, but I have zero doubt about this.

    I posted World Bank Spiel and UN ‘hope-changey’ (eradicate poppies and educate girls, ex.) as examples of public positions on the Afgh. heroin trade.

    How exactly the CIA controls the trade would be fascinating to investigate, understand.

    >> Growing (equipment, water, fertilizers, protection, agri workers..)

    >> Picking, gathering

    >> Treating at site, packing, transport

    >> Refining, packing again

    >> exported to where, how, sold thru what channels?

    Very long chain, it would be great to have some info.

    For sure the Taliban are part of it, without them it would be impossible. It is one of the financing sources they rely on (it is said?)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 18 2021 #84394
    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 18 2021 #84392

    Report from the World Bank, re. Heroin – Afghanistan, 2004. (> links in a separate post)


    In this situation of anarchy and poverty, the cultivation of opium in Afghanistan spread very rapidly over the last ten years, and now occurs in all 34 provinces. Afghanistan has become the world’s leading source of opiates, supplying three quarters of the global market in 2003, reaching ten million abusers worldwide, of whom some 10,000 die each year from opiates produced in Afghanistan. Opium farm-gate income, which was only 3% of Afghanistan’s GDP as recently as 1990, in 2003 was one-seventh of total GDP.

    Most opium is now processed into heroin and morphine within Afghanistan, and the trafficking and trade accounted for an even greater proportion of the country’s GDP. All told, the opium economy comprised roughly one-third of total (drug-inclusive) national income in 2003. Born of desperation and opportunism, opium production has become the mainstay of the Afghan rural economy and dominates the nation’s exports. The drug trade, with substantial involvement of criminal elements from outside Afghanistan, has fed warlordism in an infernal exchange between drugs and guns, and has spawned a gigantic criminal activity that threatens the integrity and capacity of the state and may maintain shadowy links with terrorism.

    end quote, link.

    2003, UNdoc, Quote:

    Afghanistan’s drug economy can be dismantled if the Government, with the assistance of the international community, addresses the roots of the matter and not only its symptoms. This report exposes such roots, as a contribution to the common effort against illicit drugs. First, the report de-constructs the opium economy of Afghanistan into its main components: cultivation, production, finance, trade and consumption. Secondly, the report re-constructs the country’s development processes piece by piece, showing that it is essential: (i) to help poor farmers decide in favour of licit crops; (ii) to replace narco-usury with micro-lending; (iii) to provide jobs to women and to itinerant workers; (iv) to provide education to children, particularly girls; (v) to turn bazaars into modern commodity markets; and (vi) to neutralize warlords’ efforts to keep the evil trade alive.

    End quote, link.

    The UN proposed that the no. 1 cash Afgh crop could be ‘regulated’ and paid for, selling to Big Pharma (no link, can’t find the UN report), but see for ex.

    Feasability study, 2005, link.


    The MSM narrative is that the Taliban destroyed crops as they were against ‘drugs’ – that isn’t so, they did that because prices had sunk too low > production glut and whatever… (2001 – 2 about), nobody will abandon the no. 1. cash crop. Reducing supply worked, prices (street heroin, contrary to one quote above, afaik most of it is refined in Pakistan) rose, production went up and up, went on doing so, with profits remaining acceptable for ppl in the production – refinery – sellers chain.

    in reply to: Hope #84263

    Message from France, previous thread, is somewhat ‘hyped’ and contains inaccuracies, though the spirit is fine. Basseterre detailed +++ points about F health care in the previous thread, I take it up again. In F 25% or more of health care is ‘private’ (the insurance arrangements etc. are complex), but in this COV case if the Gvmt. votes in laws that apply to all docs, nurses, i.e. their possessing a licence to practise, that can’t be countered. The 6 months prison sentence and 45K fine are ‘maximums’ and most likely won’t be applied.

    Nurses + other Med. personnel have been striking regularly since Sarkozy, as their work conditions have worsened etc. (as described in the ZH Message from France post.)

    Under Hollande after a seeming calm (he promised to overturn Sark policies etc. but just fudged about) the unrest took off again, and has recently boomed under Macron with the Yellow Vests, part of whom are Gvmt. employees.

    *Privatization* attacks on the State F-Med-Care-System have been long ongoing (if less blatant than in GB against the NHS), under the neo-lib-mantra of competition and mechanistic, Taylorist considerations about flow, flux, treatment, proper meds, etc. – aiming, it is piously said, to ‘save money’, to reduce costs to the community aka tax-payer, and providing better, more modern, streamlined, awesome!, care.

    ….While simultaneously stealthily augmenting costs to patients and their families, as communicated in the corridors to ‘leaders’, ‘capitalists’, the rich (investors), big Pharma, Insurance Cos., purveyors of medical machines, local potentates on the take, and many other interested parties, such as medical analysis labs, etc.

    So, in fine, employees in the State Med Sector rebelling via protests, time-outs, go-slows, outright quitting, or waiting to be fired (as not-vaxed), serves the interests of those in power who are just itching to get rid of them and set up an entirely new Med system. Massive quits / no-shows will lead to shut-downs, blaming the present ‘selfish’ staff. They may be painted as basically nice ppl but jus’ sufferin’ from burn-out cos’ dreadful COV pressure, being self-deluded, too sad, they deserve our compassion, anti-vaxxers, maybe even victims of weird cults or Russian propaganda, and so on..

    Alors, il faut tourner la page .. .. the page must be turned, a new era is upon us.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 16 2021 #84053

    The US ‘invasion’ of Afghanistan was agreed to by the International Community (UN, WEF, other meets, agreements, Big Cos.) before 9/11. It was a done deal..

    See previous history of Afgh, the death of Empires, the funding of the Mujahideen, aka Taliban cousins, the withdrawal of the Russians.. the clout of the USA, the speedy attack, the lack of of objection(s).

    It was understood by all, e.g. Algerians, the Swiss, for ex. and the Chinese, that Afgh. and its poppy trade would be US-controlled. Hype about precious, rare, minerals (before the US attack > to the US public, as if that provided a rationale for killing children..! Gotta grab the ressources!) was clarioned, but seen as empty.

    Afaik no US company has invested in mining in Afghanistan in the past 15 years. (?..? …)

    The only ones to do so were Chinese, iirc. A wiki with lists of Cos. active in Afgh. with sums existed, can’t find it now. Idk. In any case this is very complicated, with Cos. under Cos., shareholders, etc.

    Afgh. provided various US-based-Cos. with fantastic oppos, from the low-key printing of educational text-books to be shunted to the ‘native’ ppl by NGOs, USAID, etc. to those involved in construction and infrastructure (very lucrative), and then to the big money bags – Drugs, Arms, and forced imports. (Deprive a country of basic medecine, then sell at top price.)

    Trump had no interest in Afgh, it was a flogged dying horse in his mind, and Biden has simply followed that policy to its end point.

    The Chinese have recognised the Taliban as the new Overlords, aka Gvmt. in Afgh.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 15 2021 #84041

    I wondered, where was WES? Ok, good.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 14 2021 #83787

    On: Horowitz, Why won’t our Gvmt even inform people about the importance of Vitamin D?

    This is another smarmy ‘balanced’ article. The title sound appealing! Obviously it is designed to appeal to those who believe vit. D / C / zinc / meds like Ivermectin / other .. / are of some use as preventatives / cures.

    Not even a glimmer of an answer to the title question is provided in the article.

    It lays out some arguments about why Vit. D is good, and vaxxes are or might be, baaad, and then goes on to garble the role of Vit. D: Taking Vit. D doesn’t cure covid, nope, so that is called a staw-man argument, then it is stated Vit. D is important post-infections, but it takes many months to up one’s levels, then we read that Vit D supplements would have prevented hospitalizations, and so forth. A designed-to-confuse mess.

    Next: Studies results that show Vit. D > beneficial. Then some doc who sounds wacko is quoted … “Though D is called a vitamin, it is actually a pro hormone responsible for up to 5% of gene activity and protein production in the human body” which no reader can make any sense of. Etc. I could go on..

    The reason, artfully obscured with piles BS in the article, is that the US Gvmt., its Corporate Partners aka Oligarch Overlords, don’t want to protect from, or cure ppl of, COV-19. Big Pharma is doing all it can to cash in many billions, and it distributes them (dividends, insider trading, bribes, raiding Gvmt. budgets via scams, etc.) – the vaxxes are the holy Grail bringing in HUUGE profits for a consequent no. of Cos. and thus ppl.

    After WW2, there was a need for educated labor (as opposed to dumb slaves who push carts or pick cotton under the whip who have to housed and fed..), as the machine age was flowering, built on fossil fuels. Engineers, mechanics, efficient factory workers, creating infrastructure, teachers to teach the basic RRR and more, higher-Ed in Science, some surplus for ‘arts’, propaganda thru movies (etc.) was the name of the game.. Many workers are no longer needed as expansion or “growth” has ended.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 12 2021 #83624

    VietnamVet wrote: Either North America falls apart into sick dysfunctional cartel run city states, or Democracy, the US Constitution and a working Union are restored.

    I would really like to be more hopeful. “Democracy” is a buzz word used to fool voters to believe they actually have a say. See the last US Pres. election, or if one doesn’t like to think about that, the fact that in the US no poor person can be elected to anything in the State apparatus, as it takes a pile of money, donated by special interests to defend those interests, to achieve even minor visibility (leaving out getting the MSM on board, bribes, etc.) …It is all a sham.

    Maybe there is some intermediary messy situation? If one or some States seceede, and concentrate on what is happening locally, and how to manage that, what to do, for the people, for themselves as ‘leaders’ (as there are always some rah-rah on the platform), how relations with neighboring States are to be managed (once outside the Federation), maybe something positive could be accomplished?

    I don’t expect it, but it is one path forward. Allowing take-over by a foreign power is another, of course ppl hate that, but local labor is usually needed and paid – somewhat.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 12 2021 #83462

    US Dpt. of Defense. Contracts for Aug. 2, 2021.


    Pfizer Inc., New York, New York, was awarded a $3,500,000,001 firm-fixed-price contract for the procurement of 500 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine for the purpose of international donation. Bids were solicited via the internet with one received. Work will be performed in New York, New York, with an estimated completion date of Dec. 31, 2022. Fiscal 2021 research, development, test and evaluation, Army funds in the amount of $3,500,000,001 were obligated at the time of the award. U.S. Army Contracting Command, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, is the contracting activity (W58P05-21-C-0002). (Awarded July 30, 2021)

    Why is the US paying 3.5 billion (if the sum is reported correctly, which it look like is, as the 1 at the end signals there is no ambiguity in the no. of zeros) to Pfizer to give vaxs away internationally?

    To whom, where, for what purpose?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 12 2021 #83459

    Herd immunity is not an appropriate and/or useful concept. Sars-Cov-2 is a corona virus, respiratory virus in humans (as far as we know..), and it won’t be stamped out by ‘vaxs.’ They don’t work at all, are a mega-scale commercial scam. Imho, whether ADE is having an effect, can’t be decided for now following the numbers, all of which are very dodgy, imho. It appears that now the MSM is touting that herd immunity can’t be attained because! ‘Variants’, not vaxs, anyway, and so it goes.

    Waves is ridiculous as well (concept borrowed from the ‘Spanish’ flu), the virus circulates and is affected by multiple conditions that aren’t understood or properly analysed, documented: temperature, sunlight on people, pollution, movement of ppl, personal characteristics, public health measures, treatment of patients, which either kills, is of no use, or helps.. (not to mention the peculiar – manipulated – fudged statistics that impede serious analysis at every turn!) The Swiss MSM yesterday was touting fear of a 4th wave, while CH has only had 2, the journos can’t even count to 5… 😉

    Risk-benefit analysis is a version of cost-benefit analysis, from the quasi-religious doctrinaire and prescriptive field of Economics. It shouldn’t be applied to health, doctoring, medecines, prophylaxis, which at their base are, or rest on, the personal integrity of those doing doctoring, via traditional obligations such as the Hippocratic oath, long-held principles, conventions, and for vaxs, the Nuremberg Code. All that has been pretty much swept away, bowing down to Mammon, or overlords who command.

    Flattening the Curve is also a spurious concept. The idea was to delay ppl getting ill so that the hospitals would not be submerged by a huge input of patients. So just as many ppl become ill, have severe consequences, and die, but WE prefer to spread that out, forward, on the time sheet? Taylorism and the factory line meets health care! (In fact was on its face proved to be a lie in many places as hospitals had plenty of open beds, even in critical care, see for ex. the UK.) The mandate of health-carers, the State, and the Army (where I live, to set up field hospitals in 2-3 days) is to care for the sick, no matter how, how many, etc. and do so as best as can be done.

    Immunityon its own is now a weird buzzword similar to “regeneration” in the Cosmetics Industry. Say.

    Kicking in open doors here I know, but the overall picture speaks to present Gvmts (OECD..) having been infiltrated and partly taken over by turbo-charged profit-making (some call it liberalism), via corruption, creating jockeying at the top Mafia-style, and putting out there via the MSM maid-servants whatever BS concepts sound vaguely scientific and professional to keep the public quiet, they believe. Not new of course, but more noticeable now.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 11 2021 #83318

    Political leaders and COV-19.

    Macron on Tik-Tok telling young ppl to get vaxxed! The arguments are as usual, you might get sick, get long covid, have to do it to protect others.

    I picked this brief vid (he has multiple vids up ..) as it shows his presentation, the sincere wide-open blue eyes, his black T-shirt with an OWL logo (link), the T-shirts with identical logo for sale? 🙂 (link)

    De Gaulle must be spinning around in his grave!

    It looks like crunch time for France, things are coming to a head, more on that later — here some background.

    Macron, EM, as he ‘runs’ the place (see Merkel or Biden for contrast..) is a strange and exceptional person. Heh, cocktail-psych analysis … The only person as a child he appeared to like – love was his Gran, a progressive school teacher. From a very young age he made definitive decisions. At age 12 he converted to Catholicism (from a vaguely Prot. / secular background, see pic in Church, it is cropped and blurred to obscure the setting, link.) At 15-16 he decided he would marry Brigitte, and accomplished that.

    He has never had friends, lovers, or ‘true’ confidantes (afaik!) other than his wife. He has ‘sympathies’, ppl he trusts and is matey with for a while, but those relations often shatter, because of his manipulatory behavior, his exploitation of relationships, his suck-up to and then discard, etc.

    He is Narcissus incarnate. EM exhibits manipulatory ‘narcissistic’ traits, but the original Narcissus who looked at his reflection, loved himself, one imagines — walked away from the beautiful silvery image, was unsure whether others loved him, or would, one day… EM is a zealot and considers himself imbued with a mission, to be the best, perhaps even something akin to a savior.

    He is a 5/10 actor for a pol; unfortunately, one attitude he has not been able to hide is his disdain, bordering on fear, of the lower classes, the deplorables, the scum, and so they see right through him. (See the mutual loathing, EM — Yellow Vests.)

    He (it appears) set out to become president in 2013 (if not well before) at the age of 36. Many observers and commentators have judged that he was aiming for 2022. How he came be elected in 2017 is a whole other, very interesting, saga.

    He is an ‘ultra-libéral’, a ‘technocrat’ (which covers many faults and sins), a globalist, a pro-EU-ist, and is totally uninterested in identity politics, LGTB, family policies, housing, global warming, etc.

    His techniques are quite simple: Distract. For ex, at the moment unemployment and pension schemes are being dismantled while everyone screams about the “Pass.” Propose, try to enforce, extravagantly, go over the top, and then back-track a bit; still 3 steps forward are gained. Bribe. For ex he just recently gave a bonus (unheard of) to every policeman, and they are not obligated to get the vax, which puts them mentally in the same class as the hyper-rich. Then -> rinse and repeat.

    Re COV-19, EM tried at first to understand what was going on, what was the best policy (perhaps merely for self-reassurance or pretence or hoping to be finally vindicated.) Then he was quickly aspirated into the VAX-PASS-REPRESS-KONTROL ideology and measures, as it fitted well with his ideological bents, beliefs, impulses, personal hates and hopes. (Not for re-election, per se.)

    I realise that Macron is a very pointed and particular example, an easy sell in a way. Boris Johnson is another story.

    tik tok:

    laligne shop, T shirt:

    Paris Match, EM at 12, speaking in church:

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 8 2021 #82902

    Roboto, yes, prev. thread, I should have stated, these news articles, about vax passes and the like in different countries, denouncing the unvaxxed, and the like, are projections, not a done deal!

    For ex. here in CH I yest. read a MSM article “Life will get VERY difficult for the non vaxxed” but the content was very slim, extensions of the “Pass” will be coming… I guess that will be so – for now the few clusters of infections that have been detected in the city I live in originated in nightclubs, where to enter one needs the “Pass” ..hmm… …

    The MSM’s role is scare-mongering and preparing the public for the ‘new measures.’

    Your remark reminded me, Macron made his mega speech about the super-stiff Covid measures on TV with the Eiffel Tower as background, unusual – normally he is sitting in the Elysée with a bunch of symbols casually scattered about – : on 12 July. (link 1 France 24 eng)

    Before Parliament voted on the measures. It endorsed the “Pass” on 26 July. (link 2 F 24 eng)

    Subsequently the proposed legislation went to the Constitutional Council for examination, 5 August. (link 3 Bloomberg eng)

    The Constitutional Council scotched a few of the proposals (imho they were included there to be tossed, say, re. firing ppl..) while the “Pass” was given full approval. Which was the sole and primary aim, the rest is fakery and distraction for the gallery.

    Both Parliament and the Constitutional Court fulfilled their orders of rubber-stamping approval of the “Pass.”

    The democratic and ‘law’ safe-guarding institutions in France are not only dysfunctional, but controlled, subservient to dictates from above. (As persons, hanging on to their privileges, status, incomes..) These instituitions are empty shells, a theatre, a mockery.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 7 2021 #82791

    Spineless jellyfish yes, UpstateNY. The docs, medical staff and associated (some exceptions of course) won’t be kicking back or taking any action whatsoever against the creation of an official category of ppl who will be viciously repressed, i.e. the unvaxxed.

    Who are to be downgraded and corralled, soon to be the victims of the of new-style, oh so modern, witch-hunts..

    MSM selection:

    Italy, to deny the vote for the dirty unvaxxed (eng.)

    France, to deny the vote (eng)

    In these countries to have voting status revoked is to turn a citizen into an animal that can be hunted, a non-person.

    China, access to hospitals, schools, parks, …

    Unvaccinated people in parts of China to be denied access to hospitals, parks and schools

    Israel to make public the names of the unvaxxed..

    For thousands of years scapegoats within communities have been sacrificed…to let the powerful continue their control and domination.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 7 2021 #82777

    UpstateNYer, to take up the theme of potential vaxs associate deaths, another angle I have been thinking about…at a tangent so to speak: what about vaxxed ppl who caught COV-19 and died?

    (Is now openly admitted as possible, by the CDC, other authorities..)

    Autopsies harm no-one and provide many clues, answers.

    So where was, is, all that super informative data?

    Here is one sci. art. July 2021, which seems sensible, but treats – 3 (three) deaths in Hamburg.

    Here one that recos. autopsies, and offers a review (see the paper, lots of info…) Quote:

    Nevertheless, only two complete autopsies are described and the cause of death was listed as COVID-19 in only one of them. The lack of postmortem investigation did not allow a definition of the exact cause of death ….

    There are more papers … but no large-scale study (afaik..) – a thorough review would be good, lacking that, the present in the news move comes from a German Chief Pathologist:

    The director of the Pathological Institute of the University of Heidelberg, Peter Schirmacher, has carried out over forty autopsies on people who had died within two weeks of their vaccination. Schirmacher expressed alarm over his findings.

    German chief pathologist sounds alarm on fatal vaccine injuries

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