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  • in reply to: Debt Rattle June 11 2024 #160980

    Re. Zelensky not the one running Ukraine from RT, top post, mentions Yermak, Chief of Staff, about whom I know nothing.

    Ze is a puppet President, manipulated, thrown into that position by several forces who reckoned they could control him, or, hey, it is just the Zeitgeist, the Society is the Spectacle (Debord – link below, heh..)

    So Ze is now an illegit ‘dictator.’ His term ended recently, under ‘legal – emergency situation’ rationales.

    What is certain is that Russia no longer considers him legit, Putin has said so a few times. Plus, Ze has outlawed all Opposition Parties (as if they were ever anything but a bunch of oligarchs jockeying for power) and blocked ‘private’ TV stations (i.e. not controlled by the State.)

    There are reports, rumors, of a ‘coalition’ who opposes Ze and wants to ‘challenge’ him and ‘regain power’ -> the two main movers, afaik, being Poroshenko, the ‘Chocolate King’, now in alliance with Timoshenko, ‘The Lady of the Braids’ (my name for her) who looks just like Ukr. supporters of Trudeau, dressed up in embroidered shirts, cute hair styles, Nazis to the core, all of them.

    Imho, the US will support Ze to some very FAR end point, he is their lap-dog. Any other ‘leader’ creates complications, disturbance, the construction of new narratives, sigh.

    Russia doesn’t care who is the ‘leader’ in Ukr. as they know it makes no differences to Ukr. policy, which is controlled from the outside, by the US. (Not, NATO, btw.)

    So Zelensky may survive for some time. And be liquidated whenever things change, take a drastic turn.

    If there is yet some other person running him, e.g. Yermak, that isn’t suprising, as he is a lost soul. Which doesn’t change the general picture described here.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 10 2024 #160975

    WES, yes, that is about it. Moreover, Macron knew perfectly well he (excuse me, HIS party) would do very badly vs. the Rassemblement National (Le Pen) in these ‘trivial’ (they are like an opinion poll) EU elections.

    It is said that Macron’s plan is to make Bardella – note another young man (28) with dark eyes and dark hair – the Prime Minister. Bardella is the President of the RN.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 10 2024 #160918

    On, Right wing Tsunami in EU parliament Vote.

    re. France. Macron is one of the most hated WORLD leaders.

    see for ex. -> lists many:

    Marine le Pen’s party is not right-wing, nor the so-called extremist ‘right.’

    Mélenchon’s Party, la France Insoumise, is not ‘extreme left.’

    Both are populist centrists.

    —> Note the parties in F are now springing from, based on, a ‘leader’ and don’t represent a groundswell / organisation / long-standing political movement, just like in Ukraine, where oligarchs get together in clubs and fight for .. whatever financial grab.

    Note, some still admire Macron, for no politcal reasons whatsoever, because his is ‘gay’ or ‘sexy’ or whatever.

    Le Monde (MSM ‘trusted’ news) made a comparison in 2012, way back, between the programs of Le Pen and Mélenchon.

    It emphasises the differences (homosex marriage, wearing a veil, all social ‘stuff’), but basically the programs (as far as internal policies are concerned) were the same. More equality, more worker protection, more, better health care, higher taxes for the rich, etc. and much more. I read the progs. at the time, there were almost no differences.

    see also (in F) for those interested.

    The ‘politics’ is all smoke-screens, ‘propa narratives’ if one likes, the fight is between Mega-Corps + a vassal Gvmt. and ordinary ppl. (One short formula.)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 1 2024 #160153

    Apologies, that didn’t work out. Heh.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 1 2024 #160152

    On Oroboros Vid, prev. thread.

    Debt Rattle May 31 2024

    Adding to the +++ points made by Oroboros and jb-hb.

    The vid. itself is v. good, quality wise, ‘explicit,’ showing scary details. Key points of the action are captured, in a clear time-line. Any viewer can ‘see, follow’ the unfolding of the ‘event’ -> the script is well constructed.

    The cam swerves around mimicking the way amateur bystanders, surprised and alarmed, might provide snippets of some crazy, violent, happening.

    *A new genre, has to be practised!*

    At start, the cam holder is v.close nearby supposedly ordering food or whatever from the truck. Just a passer-by, say, and the barriers are supposed to suggest a venue that is organised for a lot of visitors, ppl .. but there is nobody there..

    !!! Cam-man suddenly springs into action and gets VERY close to the scene on the ground. He is standing right in the middle of the scene but everyone ignores him except two female police who stupidly glance in his direction after a while .. ‘the cam, wow, did I do OK’ or something like that.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 31 2024 #160096

    On, Biden allows UKR to use weapons to attack Russia, from ZH.

    Not the only one, see Macron (keen), Sholtz (hesitant, reluctant, confused), others…

    USuk-D (Germany) and others provide – gift, weapons and more to attack the Russkies, control the scope of operations, and have tight strictures / operational criteria, aka red lines that waver and change in function of the situation ‘on the ground.’ Follows, orders are sent to the Proxy UKR do this that not … etc.

    UKR must obey (it hasn’t perfectly, other story), but now it is authorised by its Masters to move some very dangerous provocative steps forward.

    Typical MSM: UKR now has to been ‘freed’ (so who is in control?) to do ‘what it needs’ or such language to ‘defend itself.’
    I.e. to attack Russia inside Russia… with arms / personnel etc. from the ‘W.’

    End game coming up….

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 28 2024 #159884

    WES posted, prev. thread.

    One thing I noticed with many small web sites like Wolfe Street, CTH, MoA, they were all put under tremendous pressure to toe the covid line or they would be shutdown. The CTH was forced to set up their own servers to return to the internet. Smaller one man operations often don’t have the money, resources, time, ability, and energy to fight this kind of pressure.
So they had to go along with policing the pro-vaccine narrative. But it says a lot about them, and not in a good way. Once trust is broken….

    Debt Rattle May 27 2024

    As a participant in MoA for a long time after b took over, once covid hit – many?- ppl left as comments on any ‘covid / vax’ related topic was censored, Punktschluss. (dot-closed.)

    ‘War’ and ‘social issues’ are confined to set rubrics (as in school) for ex. arms manufacturing, number of soldiers, flags on territory, imagined calculations of powerful figures, etc. Which doesn’t mean that MoA is bad on wars, but the grand picture is missing, obscured.

    The two !top! taboo topics that are censored in the Anglosphere posturing as opposition, are 9-11 and Cov-19. The likes of Chomsky and Chris Hedges, b, and many others refuse to even mention 9/11. As for Covid-19 it is even more toxic (as it is more deadly for at-home pop) to bring up for ‘opposition’ figures, as it implies condemnation of a whole state /science / so-called / benevolent, caring, corporate profit apparatus.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 27 2024 #159809

    This comics graphics is for Oroboros! (safe for work and kiddos)

    (my comments, Note the ‘diversity’ of the protestors, and the mask wearing, showing adherence to subservience to Big-State-Pharma….this all shows some splits or fissures in ‘Dem’ type opinion in the US…)

    Jewish Currents is or purports to be anti-war, anti-Zionist, pro equality, etc. Idk, not familiar with it, just the comic was sent to me.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 25 2024 #159666

    Israel as we know it (ex. 1995 – 2023, note conditions for Palestinians deteriorated throughout that time..) will no longer exist in its present state in 2025-6.

    ISR (before 7 Oct.) was dependent for its existence on the US in first place, UK – EU following, with aid (massive to obtain milit. mat. produced in US, etc ..), gifts, business partnerships, loans, tech transfers, banking privileges, forced favored spots in Int’l meets, etc. Plus prop’ like Eurovision.

    The ROW, as UNRWA *UN* funded the survival of kicked-out Palestinians, in Gaza, the W bank, Jordan and Lebanon. Badly and only partially, but enough – it was hoped! – to stop Pals rising up out of desperation.

    That dam broke.

    Without foreign support, ISR cannot survive. It is a mini-stamp sized territory with no-little ressources, no-little industry (that counts), no ppl that are soldered to work in, or for it (oppressed Arabs, Orthodox Jews with special status, foreign workers with ‘no’ status, urbanites scornful of peasants, oligarchs there for profit only, and of course the hate of Pals. and the hope they can be exterminated, etc.) – one might add an Army that everyone knows cannot impose itself, despite US aid, after Lebanon, 2006.

    — Typical ex. is ISR’s ‘biggest’ exports, diamonds. The crude stones are imported. (OK, a tough topic and just banging on in a short post won’t do it. In’tl trade is hugely complex.)

    ISR. has been not only oppressing and corraling its cheap labor, Pals., but has now moved to exterminating them, and for those still alive / functioning (W. Bank), cancelling their work permits. There are some reports of meets between Isr. and AFR. countries, Isr. might import labor from there – e.g. Sierra Leone. (no link.) A replica of the Settler Coloniast US model, kill off the original inhabitants, and import ‘black – slave’ labor. Won’t work, today (imho.)

    more later maybe…

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 17 2024 #159194

    Oroboros posted the quote..

    “A pediatric practice cannot survive…without doing most of the vaccines, if not all of them [on the CDC schedule]…”

    Very interesting, I wasn’t aware….

    and thx to Dr. Day for the xtra info. about Paul Thomas.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 13 2024 #158943

    Ilargi wrote, I have a perhaps silly notion that there is less news than before..

    I have the same impression. I think it is because the MSM keeps slipping down the slope, meaning they treat distractions with great enthusiasm, give one side of a story, neglect what is important, point the finger to no purpose, get their facts muddled, haven’t a clue, and so on. Of course (most) are paid off, or paid only if they follow some set X line. That isn’t news (sic), but it has steadily gotten worse.

    Ex. What can the W MSM write, say, about the genocide in Isr.? Nothing very ‘real’ or ‘germane’ … or even ‘interesting’ … because they can’t admit the whole point is extermination of the Pals. in Gaza.

    Of course chunks of important topics are just left out, such as the present war in Sudan.

    Then there is the alternative ‘media’ which ranges from the well-meaning looking for facts to the wild interpretations to the shrill pushers of one pov. which becomes hard to make sense of, polarization sets in…not that I’m knocking Scott Ritter / Max Blumenthal / Doctor X who reports on his experience in Gaza / Military news from UKR by Y, etc. to mention various types of sources. Often of course the info. they have is partial…

    Time gets compressed. There is not much past, be it historical explanations, or even just some established or liked ‘narrrative’, and the Future, be it hopes, propositions, plans, specially any concrete proposals, is AWOL. Who has adressed, how to resolve, stop, terminate, the killing in Gaza? I don’t see anything solid out there… that is because nobody has the tools and the power to implement them to any effect. I am not knocking e.g. student protests in favor of Palestine, Muslim pundits on You-Tube, etc.

    So in the end, there is no ‘news’, just weird bits and pieces, nutty tropes, etc. Individuals can join a ‘cult’ or just be isolated with fragmented facts spinning in their heads (… to make it dark..)

    see tax breaks for journos, one ex. US

    This is the French model. ‘Accredited’ journos (went thru indoctrination at journo school) hired by MSM can deduct ‘set expenses’ automatically. This is not just to make them stay on with better pay, but to make them feel part of a ‘special’, ‘ruling’ class, thus subservient to their masters.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 9 2024 #158682

    On: At tale of 2 sovereigns, by Pepe Escobar (at top post.)

    …about Xi, quote. The minute he sat at the Paris table he got the Big Picture. This was not a tete-a-tete with Le Petit Roi, Emmanuel Macron. This was a threesome because Toxic Medusa Ursula von der Leyen… (was there..)

    Macron is furious, humiliated, and is lashing back, because of France losing much of its grip on parts of Africa — inevitable re. the sweep of history, + Sarkozy’s stupid moves, which Hollande didn’t / couldn’t repair.

    Macron called on, or smatrly submitted to, Ursi von der Lugen (Lies) to be there because he is aiming to be the first Prez. of a ‘POWR’ EU Union with a Great Army. So he has to appear in public with her, showing there is ‘continuity’, they share a common vision, goals, but, heh, he will replace her.

    She was not there to supervise him, in fact almost the opposite pertains. Ursula has no command powers over any military forces (not a head of state, not elected, poster admin role, etc.) while Macron…is still the head of heh (?) best milit. in EU.

    The only EU country that has veto powers at the UN Security Council is France, a big card in the pocket. (> Brexit.) What the hopes are Idk, illusory for sure.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 5 2024 #158499

    tboc, thanks for yr response. Figmund, heh, 🙂

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 5 2024 #158427

    On the ENERGY -> FF, oil, coal, other- front …. news.

    The US has lifted sanctions on Russian banks for all trades that deal with energy.

    April 29, 2024. Official US gvmt. site:

    UKR Pravda news: *US extends permission for energy-related transactions with Russian banks.*

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 5 2024 #158426

    From TASS, quoted at top post.

    Earlier, Swiss President Viola Amherd said her country would host a conference on the so-called Ukrainian “peace formula” at the Burgenstock resort near Lake Lucerne in central Switzerland this June. The Russian embassy confirmed that “the Swiss authorities have not sent Russia an invitation to the conference in Burgenstock.” Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that any talks on Ukraine without Russia are pointless, and are, in fact, “a negotiation process with no purpose.”

    Switz. has capitulated to the USuk-isr— EU forces.

    A ‘peace’ conference barring one of the warring parties participating is beyond ridiculous…shameful ..

    Many ppl here are discussing where this turn-about came from, it started about 8 years ago. And how, now, to leave…

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 5 2024 #158424

    The prev. post with the Lovely Lady Godiva on a Horsie had much Trump news, and mentions Stormy Daniels.

    Some time before 2020, I was in a train going to Vallorbe, from down South (Switz.) The landscape was snowy, barren, the train was a school train, packed with children and teens going to this or that school, training center, and so on, the only adults in the car I was in besides myself was an eldery man, a harrassed teacher with two heavy bags full of papers, projects.

    We sped forwards.

    These trains have confy seats etc., electric ports to re-charge your devices, and TV screens that announce /train – weather – etc. / info, events, but also give flash news, without sound.

    Suddenly Stormy Daniels appeared, smiling to the camera and lookin’ great. The subs said *Trump in Trouble.*

    This was one occasion when I thought, what madness is gripping the world?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 30 2024 #158115

    On the post with the cute Dutch blondine, touting racism againt globalism. Her speech was more than a bit pedestrian and sounds scripted, like a high school student doing his or her best under ‘mentors’, not ‘genuine’, a bit like Greta on Green Stuff, and many others. She has little idea of what she is talking about, and is a poor actress (no training at all.) Even ‘fire’ is missing from her speech? Plus, no way she is a practising Christian.

    Asked in the article, is: The question before us is why did leaders of the Western nations decide to destroy ethnic diverse nationality in Europe and the West by turning all Western countries into towers of babel?

    This Q makes no sense, destroying ethinic diverse nationality, so, supposedly the good, to make place for the bad, W countries into towers of Babel? Just buzz words…

    Various answers from different angles can be put forward. One is that the falling birth rate in the W (specially Europe) requires immigration of young ppl who have been ‘birthed’ and ‘educated’ elsewhere (so come cheap, no stipends, schools, health care etc. to be paid, they come as ready for work adults, and will accept poor conditions.) Because ‘Perpetual Growth’ requires workers and consumers, and using ressources. (Setting aside rentier capitalism, FIRE, etc. which also benefits of course.)

    Another angle is that W countries have been taken over by elites, PTBs. that are determined to take full control of ‘their’ ‘lowly’ populations, which means that divide and conquer and social strife are engineered on purpose to manipulate, sequester, even kill off, various factions, by different means. Cheap labor fulfiils that aim, as does ethnic / religious / other / quarrels, terrorist attacks, etc. Let the plebs fight it out, while we supervise.

    Yet other inerpretations are possible.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 28 2024 #157959

    On (top post) RT UK blocked UKR peace deal

    In April 2022, Bojo went (sent by / agreed w. the US) to Kiev to scotch the agreement.
    In June 2022 all those paying attention knew what transpired. Imho, a concensus was, Zelensky-UKR agreed / followed orders because they are Lackeys and there is a lot of money involved.

    Kiev can’t fight Russia without W / USuk / EU / NATO support. Zelensky would have sat down in March to ‘talk’ to Putin if it was up to him.

    A bit later, in Sept 2022 *Foreign Affairs* no less laid this out (link 1 – there is much ‘other’ in the article.)

    from RT top post:

    Asked whether the draft treaty could serve as a basis for further peace talks, Peskov said Kiev’s public position was to reject talks with Russia. The idea of reviving the failed agreement was floated by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko when he met Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin earlier this month.

    The re-floating of this peace effort represents the vain hope that somehow the R proposal-demands at the time, which were quite minimal, could be revived. (link 2) Or, just BS talk. Time has moved forward, the past can’t be re-captured.

    R made the proposal at the time to ensure minor damage to R, to the W, to the then World Order — it was rejected with sneering arrogance.

    Ukr/nato/++ has lost this war, now many are clumsily trying to salvage face, back track from escalation, etc.. Too late, or just hypocritical BS.

    German media publish Russian-Ukrainian peace agreement that could have been signed at the beginning of the war

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 27 2024 #157907

    On 8th of May, 6,000 (six thousand) forces (troops, personnel..) will be deployed in Marseille (on the Med Coast), France.

    The forces include an anti-drone contingent, *démineurs* (who incapacitate explosive mines), Police from the RAID (link) and much more (Army..) Link 2 is F MSM to show I am not making this up, see + other links at that article.

    Maybe Macron, a notorious coward, will be there for a big speech? Is there to be a big Int’l meet and some leaders of foreign cos. demand to be protected?


    No important meetings EVER occur outside of Paris. Macron never visits the Provinces officially (though I can recall one occasion, other story.)

    It will be the arrival of the Olympic Flame!

    A boat, ‘Belem’ will be docking in Marseille and the various athletes and personalities (etc.) will hand over the Flame.

    The announced threats to the transfer of the Flame, after all merely symbolism for a Sports Meet, are: Islamic terrorism, Right Wing Extremism, Left Wing Extremism.

    Authoritarian (fascist, centrists) type crack-down is moving forward fast in France. I am sure this ‘deployment’ is an exercise to practice ‘coordination.’ Or, more alarmingly, that a ‘terrorist’ attack has been planned.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 25 2024 #157779

    John Day posted an excerpt from Anti-War:

    Red Cross Says Rafah Evacuation Not ‘Possible’ as Israel Prepares for Invasion, Israeli media reports that Israel will invade Rafah ‘very soon.’

    The Israelis have not being doing too well (other long story.) Entering Rafah to kill off another several hundreds of thousands of Palestinians is now agreed on by USuk-isr and flunkeys, be they Arab States (KSA for ex.) nearby vassals (Jordan), or far off servile idiots (ex. EU.)

    Egypt, as I have pointed out before, is the *3RD* recipient of US AID, after Isr. and Ukr (leaving Taiwan out for now, that is new.)

    Pressure on Egypt is to set up tent cities, feed and clothe (etc.) the ‘ejected’ Palestinians is ramping up as I write.

    — >> MSM story will be: Palestinians left voluntarily, Egypt is doing its bit, they are well treated, we are sending funds, etc..

    The IMF has recently increased loans, bail-out loans, to Egypt, the amounts are staggering. (I can’t make a total… too complicated…)

    The EU has done the same. Ex. a loan of 7.4 billion… Part of these payments on paper have to do with immigration.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 24 2024 #157696

    Russel Bentley (a US citizen from Texas, afaik), killed in URK.

    NY Post: Pro-Kremlin Texan Russell Bentley, who fought for Russia, found dead in Ukraine.

    Guardian: US citizen who fought with pro-Russia separatists in Ukraine reported dead.

    As he was pro-Russ (and according to some news I read, obtained R citizenship ?) this US citizen is treated like a traitor, while Gonza Lira is at least in some ways presented as a victim – repressed, denied “free speech” – v. badly treated, etc.

    see for ex. Russel interviewed by Blumenthal, vid. 2022. 1H 30 mins.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 23 2024 #157601

    On, top post: “US forced Israel to abandon larger attack on Iran” – NYT

    That the NYT publishes this means it is ‘real serious’.. some traps, dangers, must be avoided.

    1. Israel attacks, via bombing, the Iranian Embassy / Consulate in Syria. = War-crime and violation of the Vienna Convention, the GE convention, etc. The int’l community (UN, etc.) does NOT react. Imagine if the US Emb. in France was attacked! Heh.

    2. Iran pauses to think this out, to talk to ppl, reportedly via intermediary Oman, probably also via Swiss Emb. in Teheran (CH represents US in Iran) to the USA + Others.
    Iran decides to make a demonstration to signal their strength -> being able to repell possible attack(s), the capacity to attack Isr., as a move for signalling deterrence -> message, hey! WATCH OUT. Everybody is warned, and nobody is killed.

    Then the US freaks out, NO war with Iran (I have been saying this for ages..) Isr., Netanyahu plays the US. An agreement is made, we – Isr. – will stop escalating w. Iran, won’t riposte, we can forget all that, in return you let us continue ethnic cleansing / genocide in Rafah.

    So the horrors in Palestine will continue. Until Isr. achieves its aims, i.e. destruction and take-over of the Gaza strip, killing / expulsion of all Palestinians, plus, impunity for settler pogroms against Arabs in the West Bank, that is going to the future.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 14 2024 #156820

    On ‘Biden tells Bibi US will not support a counter-attack on Iran.’

    1st link at top post.

    The BidAdmin / those in charge at present / do not want war with Iran, do not want a widening of the present conflict, because serious war in the ME Region will lead to devastation and defeat of the USA. See, the Elites power, comfort, etc. Plus, the destruction of Israel, in the sense of the loss of that landing strip..

    Of course, other forces itch for confrontation, never mind the outcome.

    From Europe. When Macron announced he aimed to, wanted to, was proposing to (what formulation? as there were many!) send French troops to UKR to defend the Valiant Ukro-Nazis and fight Ugly Blood-Thirsty Russkies – the expressions used are ‘defense of democracy’ etc. – both Germany and the US shut him down immediately.

    The ‘main’ NATO powers (actually there is only one, the US, but D is second; **btw about 1/3 of arms send to Isr. come from D**) would never support France in this folly, he was on his own, etc.

    D = Deutchland

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 13 2024 #156732

    WES posted prev thread:

    Maybe the bright blub in Israel who approved the strike against the Iranian embassy will pay the ultimate political price for this decision. Let us hope so. Could this in the end save Gaza?

    WES, my friend, if I may, you are too optimistic. No.

    Nothing can ‘save’ Gaza, in the sense of a Palestinian ‘territory’ that Pals. could live on, in relative ‘peace’ even if under a cruel ‘apartheid’ regime (supported by UNRWA who keeps Pal. refugees alive in many places), or some day return to ‘their land’ —> that is all over.

    Gaza is destroyed, from top to bottom (see internet pix), a concentration camp is ‘final solution’ targetted and bombed to get ALL the Arab inhabitants killed / buried in the rubble, how many Idk but the no. must be huge.

    The refugees, encouraged to flee, leave, are not welcome anywhere.

    US makes *massive* payments to Egypt (3rd place after UKR. and ISR in US aid, I posted about this before), still not enough for Egypt to accept any refugees, it is digging its heels in maybe hoping… profit in some way(s)…

    ISR. will take over GAZA and re-build it for Israeli Jews and ‘Foreign Cos’ will invest massively, there will be consequent returns, Rich Investors, will stump up, money will pour in. Next will be the West Bank, where Arabs will be gradually ‘eliminated’ in one way or another, slow atttrition since at least 50 years.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 12 2024 #156676

    Interview of Shane Simonsen, new to me, on Geopolitics and Empire.

    Shane Simonsen discusses the energy crisis and how industrialization was built on the resource base of cheap coal and oil whose quality and quantity is depleting which will affect the complexity of modern society and exacerbate economic and political issues. The elites are dealing with a changing resource base they’re struggling to manage and they have a lot less power than we imagine. The real power lays with global multinational corporations who have co-opted nations and political parties. The loss of modern conveniences should see us move back to a more community-oriented setting. We’re headed into an era of techno-authoritarianism but at some point that technology will fail. The real trouble is when elites start turning on each other. The future of warfare and society could be biotechnological.

    1 H 16 mins.

    Shane Simonsen: The End of Cheap Energy, is Mad Max Our Future?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 12 2024 #156673

    Re. the recent arguments about global warming…

    I believe the science that details greenhouse gases, the role they play in heating up the atmosphere, that humans cause emission of sufficient quantities of GHG to spur this process, at least in a large part, are correct.

    However, I also think this ‘science’ is not great, there are various other elements that can play a role (the sun..), the interactions between various variables and the resulting positive/negative feedback loops (e.g. albedo, dimming via pollution, effects of drought and xyz vegetation, etc. etc.) are not well known / studied / described, etc.

    The description of the phenomenon presented to the public is completely off, BS.

    Temperature (and the attendant weather) is always LOCAL, and opting for a measure of ‘global’ temperature and fixing some kind of tipping-point threshold, goal (1.5 C) makes no sense at all. Land and sea don’t react the same way to different temps, using an average is beyond ridiculous.

    For ex. Elevated, moutainous land regions, Poles, will melt, while coast-lines ‘may’ experience weird storms. Drought has different effects in different places, etc.

    The IPCC has defined a base-line period for comparison, 1961-1990, as many countries, places, don’t have any records before that time.

    Many of the ‘temp rises’ one sees reported are in function of this comp., and thus don’t in any way reflect temp. changes from pre-industrial times. Often, the ‘temp rise’ is just quoted ‘as is’, with no info. about the first term of the comparison.

    Ex. Switz. The MSM, local authorities, etc. report a RISE of around 2C (the last formulation on one Fed. Gvmt. website was ‘slightly over’ 2C.) They don’t report it often, as Switz. would look like a ‘bad pupil.’ This is in comp. to IPCC 61-90, not pre-industrial times.

    A current Fed. site tries to gather it all together:

    The current climate mean is already 2.8 °C above the pre-industrial average of 1871-1900 (as of 2024).

    Yes. From some simple charts (goog) of temp rise in CH from 1850, it is closer to 3C rise imho, ok quarrels about these nos. are not useful.

    Has ‘climate change’ been hyped to alarm ppl, control them, get them to consume less, draw down use of FFs? Is Greta T. just a stooge for some agenda? Are climate ‘activists’ idiots somehow married to a cause (often paid btw)? Yes. That doesn’t mean it isn’t real…

    Sure, Switz. is an outlier, a postage-stamp landlocked mountainous country. But look at the effects of drought in Syria…for ex…

    Or consider why Southern Spain will turn into a desert? Because all the available water was used to earn money via tourism (swimming pools, baths, showers, hotels, etc.) and growing veggies for export? …..

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 6 2024 #156326

    On Trump’s recent statements on Israel, which have been pick-quoted, here and there, e.g on Politico.

    25 March, vid 9 mins: Trump to Israel Hayom.

    He is trying to balance different stances, povs. He blames Biden, and says there would be no problem in the world if he was Pres, and that he has been the most ISR-positive Pres. in History. He says that the Oct. 7 attack would never have happened if he /had been/ Pres.

    Quote on the present:

    “You have to finish up your war. To finish it up. You gotta get it done. And, I am sure you will do that. And we gotta get to peace, we can’t have this going on. And I will say, Israel has to be very careful, because you’re losing a lot of the world, you’re losing a lot of support, you have to finish up, you have to get the job done. And you have to get on to peace, to get on to a normal life for Israel, and for everybody else.”

    Note he his sitting in a somewhat lower chair (as the camera angle is making out, the chairs are actually the same) facing two large, fattish, imposing, ostensibly Jewish figures – one makes a big deal of putting a Kippa on his head. Trump is the one on the hot seat being questioned as to his ‘loyalty’, as I see it.

    The prominently displayed flag in the background is a bit mysterious, in the sense that Red + White Stripes are a representation of the USA, a symbol often used, to avoid showing the full flag (ppl might notice that), but the orange border is weird, Idk. The other background is ‘camouflage gear’ it signals WAR, ‘we support war’, right in your face.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 5 2024 #156260

    On, wikileaks cable (2008 by W. Burns), Georgia and Ukraine… (at top post.)

    This interview of Jaques Baud (Swiss ret. milit.) on *Daniel Davis Deep Dive* April 2024, a bit more than one hour, bring up the paralells between Georgia (2008) and Ukraine (2022), and a lot more.

    Title: UKR. front lines on the verge of collapsing.

    As many of us knew right from 2014, or at least, later, 2022, was inevitable.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 5 2024 #156259

    “I have a friend who is a trans girl, she used to be able to use the g. b – room with no problem, but apparently…” etc. (top post.)

    All this stuff about ‘sexual identity’ and LGTBQ, use of bathrooms, changing rooms, sports teams, competition, dress, apearance, and acceptance of what not, is an issue manufactured by the PTB, to keep the plebs occupied with triviY-a.

    To ensure they (heh, all of us..) don’t even spend 5 mins thinking about ‘the budget’, ‘war’, ‘energy ressources’, ‘corruption’ and more, and stupidly get self-righteously hyped up on disliking and ridiculing some kind of ‘opponent’ who either wears a frilly skirt or refuses to… and … etc. (To make it short.)

    It is one ‘facile’ internal version of divide and conquer, a kind of back-up to the entirely ersatz division between the 2 wings of the UniParty (Dems. vs. Reps.) The more vapid noise and buzz around it all is pushed by the MSM, the better, they think their power will last via their narrative strength (power to impose) and they are right….say….

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 2 2024 #156104

    oxymoron, up top, to add, the most ‘dire’ predictions of population collapse, reduction, was by Deagel, it made a splash at the time, now is forgotten…

    All W countries decimated. On what the prediction was based has afaik never been stated.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 1 2024 #156033

    Jeffrey Sachs: It’s part of the U.S. long-term strategy dating back to the late 1970s to pay and arm jihadists to attack Russia… (top post)

    Switzerland has mercenaries for sale. France has a Foreign Legion. The USA manages a smorgasbord of groups, ‘Islamist’ (heh, 9/11 was done by Islamists supposedly…), given to hard violence, terrorist attacks, labelled variously, Al Quaida, Al Nusra, ISIS, Daesh, moderate rebels (Obama, re. Syria), and so on. All proxies, paid for, armed, organised, by the US (.. > USuk-isr), most often thru intermediaries of various kinds who rake in a modest but fair ? %. Guessing, about 10.

    The funding is always conditioned (I reckon) and can be swapped around. From the Mujahideen in Afgh. (late 70’s, fighting the Russians) to the recent ‘terrorist’ attack on a concert hall in Moscow suburbs (Crocus), according to the US-W, a “Daesh / ISIS” attack, we see, plus ca change plus c’est la même chose…

    D. Rich yes J. Sachs seems to have been re-habilitated. I was very suspicious, heh, whatever, as they say.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 28 2024 #155720

    Oroboros posted that electrical cables are never run across the ‘top’ of bridges.

    I’m no electrical engineer, but this holds in Switz. At the top, weather, insulation wear down, stresses and strains of various kinds, too much exposure, plus, huge servicing and repair difficulties. Electric cables are under the bridge or to the side of it at a lower level and protected, with a separate walkway. (As I can see with my eyes on a bridge close to me where one can actually walk on that walkway.) Lighting on the bridge is by cables that connect to them, with mechanisms that ensure that if one cable (light) fails, others are not affected. This is just common sense.

    But Hey, maybe They do things differently there. (L.P. Hartley quote)

    On Assange. Idk about the details of this latest judgment (only listened to Craig Murray.) It was a foregone conclusion that his ‘extradition’ to the US would be put off, delayed, or cancelled for the mo. The Bidadmin has enough problems without Julian being in a US Fed. prison (‘democrits’ outraged, free speech, persecution of journalists, demos, maybe yikes! Trump might threaten to pardon him, etc.)

    The Brits can carry the can (devotedly, happily, serving the master on an insignificant matter) and his detention can be seen as due to ‘complicated’ issues in British law, etc. He has become a figure to serve as an example of what State repression of the Hegemon can do. He may die in Belmarsh imho. Australia should be shamed endlessly for not defending him.

    The US ‘law-fare’ methods (contra Assange, Trump, Jan 6 protestors, etc.) has become so crazed and blatant that ppl may (?) begin to see and admit that law in the US is broken, kaput; a heavy, expensive apparatus that is completely corrupt and run by profiteers, stooges, servile idiots hoping to join the ring, etc. Then what? Anarchy and break-up. (Skipping several stages..)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 26 2024 #155560

    Escobar is always interesting, if on occasion a bit all over the place, and in this piece (top post) he gives a time-line which is good.

    Looking at the clips of the perps, => absolute dopes and not ISIS in the sense islam devotion, adherence to the cause of the Kalifate (and paid rather handsomely by USuk …) the question is who master-minded this attack? Pepe goes into possibilities, personally idk about Tadjiks, etc.

    Presumably (as Pepe also seems to say) the Russian investigation will turn up some answers, as they appear to be the true Victims. (The idea that Putin orchestrated a terror attack to justify going harder in UKR is ridiculous.)

    And yet, looking at clips like these various aspects seem extraordinarily strange. Very odd:

    taken from:

    Did the ppl leaving the hall not realise what was going on? It looks more like they were told the concert was cancelled! Many are moving down, to where the shooters are ?! (Another vid. shows the 4 shooters in the stalls?) Or, they thought some stupid stunt was taking place? (The gunshots are v. loud on the vid, is that fake / amplified ?)

    Well obviously I haven’t figured this out yet, I don’t even know the times, where the entrance is, what band was playing, etc. So I should shut up…

    in reply to: Ukraine’s GUR, Not ISIS-K, Is The Prime Suspect #155446

    *India Today* has some pix / news of the 3 (or 4) Tajiks detained, they pled guilty in court.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 24 2024 #155399

    Assuming NYC = New York City.

    New York City had 386 homicides last year //2023//, according to new NYPD data, an 11.9% decrease from 2022. (…) This is the first time the city ended the year with fewer than 400 homicides since 2019. In 2020, there were 468 people killed, and 488 in 2021.

    These numbers are small (statistically speaking, of course horrible for the victims..) in a population of NYC of (via google) 8 + million.

    The chart is just nonsense, but is probably weirdly built on ‘real numbers’ which most likely DO show:

    — Convicted black murderers represent a higher % of black ppl population, as compared to other ‘Races.’ As they are poorer, have a longer history of being oppressed, and are targetted by authorities. Send the plebs to jail to work in the slave economy (prison)! Blacks in first place!

    — All ‘racial’ categories (imho BS, what is race anyway?) tend to murder ppl they know, are in contact with, are in their circle, etc. Personal revenge, hatred, in NYC, as elsewhere, is the primary motive.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 23 2024 #155343

    On Gaza -> several top posts.

    The Two-State-Solution has been touted for more than 50 yrs., nothing was ever done to implement it, it is just showy look-good, look pious, fair, etc. proposal.

    Clamoring for it now is just more of the same tired BS.

    ISR territory, which has no fixed Int’l borders btw, is incredibly small. Anyone who has been there knows this.. how such a postage stamp ‘non’ country could be divided is moot..

    Dividing that minuscule land into two states, or ethnic held territories in an odd patchwork, with one state of the 2 state solution, Palestine, and the other being Jewish, solves nothing. It would just exaberate the conflict, keeps it going, institutionalise the hatred, encourage violent escalation. There would still be one ‘group’ (no matter what patchwork land they lived on) dominating another.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 22 2024 #155282

    On Tucker and contra – immigrants rant (top post)

    For sure, the USA ‘open border’ policy is implemented to augment the ‘immigrant’ vote, as it is seen as steadfastly 100% in favor of Dems.

    The real reasons are more profound.

    See for ex. Brexit, which was touted via the GB version of ‘controlling the border’ to then in post-Brexit years see even MORE immigrants, legal and illegal, enter GB.

    But from ‘other places’ -> diminishing sharply from the EU, and upping from India, Bangladesh, etc.

    As usual, the W’s need to import cheap labor from afar doesn’t go down but grows, as economies stutter and shrink… due to:

    De-industrialisation, energy constraints (!), crumbling infrastructure, ballooning debt (all linked), and usually ignored, or glossed over, trade slowing and being hampered by sanctions, withdrawing from trade agreements, etc. …

    Many of the native inhabitants can’t or won’t (for various reasons) work for the lowest pay, and they do vote..

    The ‘cheap’ labor is a needed investment, calculated, as (for ex.) in GB, the State, e.g. hospitals, health services, schooling, the Parents, the Families, didn’t pay one pound to create strong, motivated, 18-30 year-olds ready to work for a pittance. Just one factor, there are others…

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 17 2024 #154848

    Angelo, from top post.

    Brigitte Macron is in charge, she is the informal France president, she is the man at home,she/he is the one interfacing with the Rothschild and the WEF controlling puppet Macron who is under the Stockholm syndrome of his sexual predator who seduced him when he was 14/15. … Brigitte or whatever his name is wearing the pants at home. … It is a major issue, because it is dangerous and the man banker converted chief of state could lead Europe towards confrontation with Russia.

    When Macron was elected, all F parties/pols made noises clamouring that Brigitte would not be allowed to play a major role. She might cut ribbons at swimming pools, visit handicapped children, talk about supporting French fashion, OK.

    Manu, when elected, wanted Bibi to be given status and privileges like a US ‘first lady.’ In F a Prez. spouse has no special perks or position, with the exception of security/ some media control, as a companion of the Prez.

    History. Sarkozy’s wife Cecilia was a huge influence and very powerful, she ‘ran’ the Elysée, she went on all kinds of missions, bossed ppl around, gathered a huge staff, was all over the media, etc. She *supposedly* solved the HIV Lybia crisis, and Khadafi was very fond of her, as she of him (What role that played in K’s death idk.)

    Never again! Was the mantra from the F pols…no more wifely power!

    wiki gives some info it can’t quash, but downplays:écilia_Attias

    Next, Hollande promised to be a ‘normal’ president, which got him elected, and that was respected on the personal front, despite the fact that Sark’s opponent in his election was Hollande’s common-law wife (they have 4 children together), Ségolène Royal. She retreated into the background while Hollande tootled around on a scooter visiting his mistress, as always, a media / journalist / actress gal getting together with payers Pols.

    Brigitte is in some ways responsible for Macron’s career to the top. A long story…and very interesting. But (imho) she is not ‘wearing the pants’ at home, she is not directing F policy, it is run by Macron and those who he has gathered around him, the insider ‘supporter’ club, and is very much subject to those can put pressure on him and his entourage, outside of France.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 16 2024 #154802

    On, Macron and the new UKR-F Security Cooperation.

    excerpts (shortened > F – UKR – RF)

    (F will implement) active deterrence of, and counter-measures against, a new aggression by the RF

    …. F will provide military and civil assistance to enable UKR to defend its sovereignty, its independence and its territorial integrity in the face of the aggression by the RF

    …. F will contribute to the development of UKR’s critical infrastructure protection capabilities, including by military means, prioritizing, but not limited to, modern air defence capabilities

    …. F and UKR will work together and with other partners of UKR to ensure that the UKR’s defence and security forces are able to fully restore UKR’s territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders as of 1991

    …. In the event of future Russian armed attack against UKR, /at the request of F / UKR, they/ will consult within 24 hours to determine measures needed to counter or deter the aggression. élysée site – eng

    8 reasons to vote against by Dupont-Aignan, F pol, vid F

    He claims it opens the door to sending troops on the ground, as Macron has stated – to the use of tactical nukes (requires lawyerly analysis etc.) Art. 12 allows the confiscation of R funds for ‘reconstruction’ …
    In F Parliament, only the LFI (Mélenchon = ‘extremist left’ heh, not!) and the Communists voted against. The RN (Marine Le Pen) abstained, which amounts to agreeing to the ‘for’ vote. All the ‘centrist’ parties/groups, including ‘Greens’ voted for.
    The language is very imprecise imho and doesn’t commit to much, anyways, such texts (eg. Minsk I, II) are empty husks. Just another arm of propaganda, hyping this or that, swaying public opinion, etc.

    Why Macron is now blasting forward in the anti-RF direction with what hype can be mustered is another topic. (See some posters above and maybe soon below.)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 14 2024 #154667

    On “Macron panicked over leaked UKR reports” at top post.

    The ‘secret, leaked’ reports from F military outline that UKR could not, cannot, ‘win’ the ‘war’ against Russia.

    A no-brainer. Questioning the ghosts of Napoleon and Hitler and looking at some images of parades on the intertubes and consulting some open source databases (World Bank, World in Data, etc.) and looking at a map is good enough. Finis. I know little about military matters, but have spoken w. one milit. F guy. (Foreign Legion) Heh.

    Whatever. Millions, even Billions, of ppl around the world knew this from the start, know it now, it was a foregone conclusion. WW2 was won by Russia and China, not the USuk (bowlderized version.)

    So what is the ‘W’ (USuk-EU-…) up to?

    — Dying slowly while making blustering escalation moves repeatedly, with Macron now marching forward w. the Aggro Banner? Sacrificing their populations for some kind of cynical murderous Elite Escape and comfort?

    — Indulging in hopiness and terminal hubris, stating things can be changed round if we just make the right moves – we are the Garden – they (Russia, India, BRICS etc.) are the Jungle, we must! and will prevail, hmm, we have no idea how…now what…err

    — All this is a game to move to a NWO and killing off large segments of the population, Macron has his guaranteed seat at the Top Table, it is all planned out…

    Other … (?)

    What I see is a lot of disorganisation, lashing out, floundering around, even despair, very dangerous, moving to suicidal impulses, all or nothing, etc.

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