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    Wes wrote: It comes as no surprise that Israel is agreement incapable. The only question is who is the little/big brother in this, Israel or US?

    It’s a symbiotic relationship. One party controls/funds the other (US funds Isr. > billions), the other party controls/funds the leaders (Isr. funds, corrupts, US Pols, that is, individuals), one party influences and manages the other, returns churn, the ‘deals’ chug along.

    Like a druggie couple who fight bitterly on occasion but can’t separate, and always make up, as they are dependent on each other. I don’t favor ‘Personal relationships’ comparisons, but in this case the fit is close.

    See for ex. RFK J., saying Isr. is a mini-US State, essential for the survival of the US! — Says that otherwise Russia and China would control practically all energy (BS imho) Isr. prevents this, etc.

    In terms of raw power, financial control clout, and enforcing decisions, the US holds the upper hand.

    Isr. is a poor, tiny, minuscule outpost, not economically viable to ‘devp-country’ level without massive support, military, techno, energy, financial, cultural, and propaganda.. by the US, the EU, > possibly see the huge trade deficit with China.

    The divide to conquer strategy, fostering hate between Muslims and Jews, to keep the *ME Region*, in turmoil, unstable, rife with murderous rivalries and thus manipulable by the USuk(eu), is gradually coming to an end.

    Isr. breaks the status quo, going all out to annihilate Pals. in Gaza. Horrid PR, see ‘Genocide Joe’.. Isr. viciously bombing (with US ordnance) to cleanse the Gaza Strip of Arabs, while facing pressure, condemnation, threats (Hezb, Iran, W opinion / support / Arab World, etc.) is on the face of it, taking big risks.

    Underneath the surface (as descr. here), what the drivers and deals are – idk.

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    20 years ago…: Ali Abunima. 28 Oct. 2003. Electronic Intifada.

    Because of the Oslo process, the basis for a viable and minimally fair two-state solution has been completely destroyed. The Israeli “peace camp” and the Palestinian leadership ought to have learned from the calamities they helped bring about and changed their ways. The so-called “Geneva Accord,” an informal agreement prepared by Israelis, led by former Labor Justice Minister Yossi Beilin and other Oslo-era luminaries, and Palestinians close to Yasser Arafat, demonstrates a determination to repeat the tragic errors of the past. (…)

    Oslo allowed Israel to double the number of colonists on occupied Palestinian land, while the PLO transformed itself into a Palestinian Authority whose mandate was to protect Israel from the victims of the ongoing colonization.


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    WES posted:

    I haven’t commented much on the Gaza war because everything happening there is obvious and there is nothing new happening. Same 100 year old plus stuff happening inside.

    But outside something has changed.

    So, US navy carrier assets in the Mediterranean are positioned well out of the reach of Iran’s proxies in Gaza, Lebanon, and Syria.

    But, US navy carrier assets are well within range of Iran!

    What does that tell you? So who is winning/losing?

    Some comments, additions..

    In the past 2 years:

    The war in Yemen ended, more or less. MBS called it off (?) Sure, see footnotes, not a happy jamboree.

    KSA has effected *rapprochements* with Iran, Quatar, and Syria. Turkey and Syria have also been in touch.. (Idk the details. Bashar Al-A. is now welcome all over the ME.)

    In the ME, efforts to re-stabilise the Region, via aliances, accords, agreements, to render it resistant to *divide and conquer* moves by the USA (effected via corruption, funding of XYZ, military moves, social manipulation..) is taking place.

    This shifting geo-pol landscape spurred Hamas attack on Israel. Planned for a long time, one of its aims was to provoke the support for Palestine we see now.

    The US loosing power all over the world is the primary cause. See Afghanistan, Biden a senile stumbler, and more, all this makes Israel fragile, their Super Protector is kinda leery of going all out as that might inflame the whole ME and waken Iran.

    Ok that was a potted analysis…

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    Disease Could Become Bigger Killer Than Bombs In Gaza, WHO Warns.

    Disease may claim more lives in Gaza than bombs, the World Health Organization warned on Tuesday, highlighting the dire humanitarian conditions inside the Palestinian enclave as a truce between Israel and Hamas is on its fifth day.

    So WHO points to a competition between bombs and disease…warning one may win!


    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 25 2023 #147342

    Veracious Poet (thread back, I posted Isr. children singing “we will annihilate everyone”) yes, you are right to point out that others do the same (Islamic children singing..)

    Children are often exploited in this way, it is horrible. Sometimes it seems to me one can see that they are ill at ease with what they are doing. Other times they are just blank faced, performing like robots. I see the vid I posted has been removed by Youtube.

    You wrote, Until “humanity” rejects violence laden divisive rhetoric ~ Arising from Collective EG0ic Madness ~ nothing, absolutely NO-THING will change…

    I agree with the spirit of that. Who is doing the manipulating is the question. Ex. The W MSM presents the horror in GAZA in terms of “Terrorists”, “Muslims”, “Atrocities”, “Jews / Israelis”, “Self-Defense”. “War” (but not a civil war) – and some commentators use words like “Emotion-driven”, “over-reactions” etc.

    Not one word about the fact that Gaza is occupied territory (except for obfuscations about ‘a complicated history’, ‘divisions,’ etc…), the no. 1 characteristic of Palestinians living there is that they live under occupation, are under strict and very harmful Kontrol, etc. NOT – that they are Muslims vs. Christians, Jews, Buddhists.

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    Isr. children sing, we will annihilate everyone in Gaza.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 22 2023 #147165

    On Banksy vid. at top post, “The children of Gaza.”

    Cultural reference: The Red Balloon. A short and moving film from 1956, 34 mins. About a young boy in Paris …


    you tube (full movie):

    It won an Oscar and the Palme d’Or etc. Really, worth a watch, for children specially. Idk about the link to the children of Gaza, hmmm, *autre histoire.*

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 21 2023 #147060

    Dr. D wrote, prev. thread. So if we stand up, then what? People ARE protesting. Then what? People DID go to prison without trial for protesting. Then what? I have ideas and they’re not necessarily violent, but I want YOU to consider. The political process as we’re presently using it, isn’t “Political”. If it were, it would have some effect. If it has no effect, it’s strictly theatre, a sham.

    Yes, in the main. I protested in ‘all’ protests against the invasion of Iraq, see V. Arnold same, and those demos were the ‘biggest’ the World had ever seen. Effect? Zero. I swore, Never Again.

    —> Interesting experience though, the Black Block, and the Police (in CH) play a huge role in demos.

    We have seen many pre-emptive moves against ‘opinions’ / ‘free speech’, mostly scattered and unfocussed, but they do weigh heavily, e.g. bank accounts sequestered for protesting (Can. truckers), being arrested for waving a flag, wearing a kehfia (GB, very set on symbols..), being prosecuted for anti-semitism, hate speech (France loves that path), and that’s without the Gilets Jaunes being shot w. rubber bullets and maimed, etc.

    The TV and the MSM continue to stigmatise ‘consp theorists’, ‘anti vax’ etc. etc. COV provided a novel and horrendous breach: Ppl could be fired, prevented from working, not be paid, stopped from entering shops and public venues, from travelling, etc. etc. if they did not submit to the Gvmt-MegaCorp-MSM dictats. Although the COV measures were legitimised by ‘medical emergency’ discourse, ppl instinctively or directly understand that all is part of the same agenda.

    So, alternatives must be considered. Voting in X vs. Y amongst the ‘candidates’ approved by the PTB->MSM won’t change anything. The US is a prime ex., with a Prez. elected by ‘direct suffrage’, Bush Junior, Obama, Trump, Biden – they have their favorite killing grounds with the other party mumbling about we don’t like it…to then do ‘their’ thing.. they are figure-heads or just part of the same system…

    Boycotts can have an effect, imho. in any case are better than protests. That is why the BDS movement is so repressed.

    Leaving it there for now.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 17 2023 #146847

    Israel, in the words of various US pols, is something like a foreign base, a landing strip, a military outpost, of the US.

    The ‘Collective W,’ aka USuk + the Colonialist European Powers (leaving all details nuances etc. out), as well as the genocidal created Nations like Australia and NZ, cannot give up this minuscule outpost that has served supremely well for all the post-WW2-colonialists.

    By > creating strife and divide to conquer, using Isr. ‘manufactured hate’ and paranoia to attack indigenous ppl > using sticks against those who question Isr. so as to be able to exclude, discredit > keep a largish region in strife .. etc.

    So it is *all hands out* to defend the very existence of Israel, even accepting great costs in intl. rels., image, the investment can’t be given up, or not immediately.

    Would USuk + EU poodles prefer that Bibi be more ‘moderate, discrete, a better liar’? Yes.

    Would they have prefered the status quo, no disturbance? In some sense, yes.

    Do they see that the biggest threat to the existence of Isr. is the Isr. Gvmt. / its top controllers / Bibi clique, itself? Probably. Would they be totally opposed to a Greater Isr. -> Gaza destroyed and the W Bank annexed? Why, no, not at all.

    All that is a relatively minor issue fitting into the overarching aim which is to prevent / derail, alliances of BRICS types orgs. (trade, territorial organisation) with Military – Defense pacts outside the US sphere.

    (comments on, in last thread, Escobar, why US needs war with Gaza, Marketic, US will take massive hit in global standing…)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 15 2023 #146798

    Using Safari, is see small strip ads at the bottom of the screen, that can be clicked away. Content is local feed, Swiss, mostly in German.

    Using Firefox, no ads.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 15 2023 #146742

    > Oroboros. Re. Greta.

    Afaik, there was a competition organised in Sweden, through an essay input from ‘all high schools’, the theme was (not exact words), for Ecology, Green Initiatives, that kind of thing. Who organised that Idk exactly and won’t speculate about.

    The 5 or so (?) winners all refused to play the role of young person who would devote their life to be some media emblem, giving up whatever they wanted to do (be a great cook, build boats, be a Dr., whatever.) Digging all that up would be hard, so just my recall…

    So the Committee turned to the runners-up and found ! Greta !

    Her mom is a star, an Opera singer, a pop singer, Malena Ernman. She has been / is (idk) the official SINGER of the Gvmt. She has competed in Eurovision.

    Her father Svante Thunberg, is an actor, filmaker, etc.

    Her sister (younger than her) Beata Ernman / Thunberg has a different career. Just one link, mild..

    Her internet presence as a minor, under 18 …. hmm, can’t be posted by me.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 12 2023 #146593

    Notes on Dr D. mention of *White Rose Society* just above.

    Sophie Scholl and the White Rose movement, while less known to Americans, is a powerful example of youthful resistance to the Nazi Regime.

    Wiki, not too bad? idk.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 12 2023 #146533

    Dr. Day, thanks for posting that one article about what is going on in the West Bank, this kind of ‘attrition’ cruelty and impunity, Isr. soldiers support the so-called settlers, i.e. outright criminals who just take over land, properties, bulldoze about, destroy, expulse, etc. So what can the Palestinians do?

    I have been to Isr. only once, late 90s, and I went all over the W. Bank (not to Gaza) by myself, by public transp., and already at that time while treated as a ‘nice’ tourist, and shown a lot of hospitality etc. by Jewish Israelis, Arab Isrs. and Pals., the atmosphere was heavily poisonous.

    A big issue was building/zoning/connection to services laws, which of course favored the ones and excluded the others. Another trope was ‘hygiene’, there was all this hype about Arabs throwing their garbage about, one family told me that the plants grown by them were poisonous and should be eradicated, etc., it was OK to put weed killer on the plants. (Bougainvillas! in this case.) A bar I frequented had two pay scales – well..

    … I could go on, just to say that apartheid, discrimination, oppression, denial of services (medical.. terrible..) in the W Bank, escalated and escalated, nobody in the W ever brought this up, it was just accepted. Nothing was done, ever, except to support Isr., and then one comes to the end-game, ethnic cleansing, now open, driect, hyper violent, in Gaza, because of the concentration of pop. there, it really isn’t suprising. In the W Bank, more slowly.

    Debt Rattle November 11 2023

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 10 2023 #146377

    Mr. House wrote: Question for everyone here: What does Israel intend to gain from the current operation? What is the goal?

    Depends on how one views the events that lead up to it. Back to 1948, or to some years ago? Say, the Hamas operation Oct. 7 was pre-prepared for at least 3 years ..

    Personally, I don’t believe the Hamas attack was the shock everyone is pretending. MSM news even says the Isr. Gvmt was warned by several parties, and excuses made e.g. by Scott Ritter, for not predicting the attack: > too much reliance on AI intelligence, plus, not failure of the Int. services, but of the politicians who aren’t savvy enough, are BS.

    There was an element of -> from ‘let events take their course’, to the extreme of ‘it was a false flag’ …

    Why? To have an excuse to attack Gaza (not Hamas), in an explosive, violent, way.

    Why? Too many answers. Personal: Bibi tries to save his hide, Bibi’s ultra violent Zio cabinet jumps on the oppo (kill Pals, > Greater Israel, see also doings in the W Bank), the Gaza gas fields (potential), which have to be controlled by Isr, general radicalisation, and more.

    Imho under the surface a weakening of US power / grip is relevant.

    Isr. + the US are in a symbiotic relationship, brothers in all things etc. but one party (as is always the case) holds the upper hand, and that is the US. The US funds, directs, and protects (see UN etc.) Isr. which is the ‘beach head’ of the US in the ME (as RFK J. said recently) and serves to keep the region in conflict, not to mention kill Arabs with impunity, following a mini-me rah-rah murderous colonisalist entreprise .. ..

    The US has lost image, power, kudos, and economic supremacy (for various reasons) for some time. Traditional vassals, subservients, break away and ‘do their own thing.’

    E.g. MBS, KSA is no longer a buddy-ally of the US. Isr., in a sense, has ‘gone rogue’ and is fighting for its survival in the only way it knows how to, has been enjoined to, via destroying farms, homes, controlling minuscule territories…

    Isr. (Gvmt. – milit. – top dogs – Zios -) is reacting blindly and doesn’t have a ‘reasonable’ goal. Their actions might even lead to the cancellation, thre break-up, of Isr. as a “Jewish” state.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 9 2023 #146363

    Dr. D, I meant French as in (adj./ noun) pertaining to France, the country. I will make sure to use French-speaking for broader meaning..

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 9 2023 #146299


    An ‘allowed site’ – I presume, as has been up for some days – is recruiting French volunteers to the Azov battalion.

    Front page says, “Join the camp of the Good”…(lit trans to give flavor)

    2nd sentence on the front page states:

    “France has already contributed greatly both in support and military assistance to our cause, but it is not enough to gain victory.” (my fast trans)

    Follows how to apply, what docs are to be submitted, no experience necessary …. nothing about pay.

    (Which I believe to be very high, but can’t show that for now.)

    Home Page

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 9 2023 #146291

    On Dominique de Villepin speeches.

    When France refused to join the Coalition of the Willing for invading Iraq, the announcement was made by Villepin, it weas masterful. Underground news / gossip – was that the USuk would not allow Chirac (Pres. of F at the time) to make such an announcement, it had to be some other person, and France complied. To take some of the ‘sting’ off…

    Villepin’s first speech on the current matters, here in F, on RMC (MSM) Oct. 27, 2023. 20 mins. (Not about the his latest speech quoted up top, I listened to the first one.)

    A translated-print at MOA:

    excerpt from that:

    The Palestinian cause was a political and secular cause. Today we are faced with an Islamist cause, led by Hamas. Obviously, this kind of cause is absolute and allows no form of negotiation. On the Israeli side, there has also been a development. Zionism was secular and political, championed by Theodor Herzl in the late 19th century. It has largely become messianic, biblical today. This means that they too do not want to compromise, and everything that the far-right Israeli government does, continuing to encourage colonization, obviously makes things worse, including since October 7th.

    OK, maybe as Dom. sees it, he is navigating complex waters, perhaps doing his best in the hope of some de-escalation ? .. ?

    He refuses to address the question of ‘fault’, that is for historians to do … He says ‘we’ (who?) cannot manage as the world’s policeman (correct) and have to accept that Russians can provide (not his words) input, efforts at stability, they must be listened to.

    He says:

    There is certainly a realistic objective to pursue, which is to eradicate the Hamas leaders who committed this horror. And not to confuse the Palestinians with Hamas, that’s a realistic goal.

    He paints the pic of a regional, localised conflict, between ‘some’ parties. Those who commit *horror* aka Hamas (he avoids the wd terrorists) must be *eradicated*! and Pals are not all ‘Hamas’ .. OK.

    Sounds very ‘sensible’ yet distracts from, obscures (imho) that for ex. Hamas was supported by Isr, and that the ‘wars’ / ‘crisis’ in Isr. and UKR. are proxy ‘wars’ engineered by USuk, as in UKR, and/or the result of US control, interference, perhaps slipping out of control somewhat.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 6 2023 #146061

    About Israelis being hyper-jabbed in comp. to Int’l “W countries” stats.

    The jab is touted as a privilege, being in the devp. world, amongst those who are ‘tops’, savvy, have good connections, income, or are ‘right thinkers’ etc. Plus, a moral gloss is added, a duty – embrace it to protect others, etc.

    Isr. deprived Palestinians of the jab, modern techno wonders could not be offered to the ‘ugly’ ppl who are dirty, nasty, missing teeth, wail in public, have too many children, are potential terrorists, etc.

    In fact the WHO chastised Isr. re. the discrimination. (Couldn’t find a link attesting that directly, not surprising…Isr is holy..) here a link that shows the WHO is ‘valiantly’ fighting that kind of discrimination.

    Not different from the US jabbing its military, see the Amerithrax scandal and Gulf War Syndrome as one ex.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 5 2023 #146003

    Three excerpts from Thierry Meyssan’s latest post:

    Contrary to what I wrote last week based on dispatches from Western and Arab news agencies filtered by Israeli military censorship, Israel’s attack on October 7, 2023 (operation “Al-Aqsa Flood) “) was not perpetrated by Hamas alone. Its triggering was decided by a unitary operation chamber of the entire Palestinian Resistance. Hamas, which is by far the main component, provided the bulk of the troops, but three other groups participated: 
 Islamic Jihad (Sunni and Khomeinist), 
the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (Marxist) 
and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-CG).


    In 2023, Iran hosted talks between the region’s various pro-independence forces, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and Hamas. They were held in Beirut (Lebanon) under the presidency of General Ismaïl Qaani, commander of the al-Quds brigades of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Their aim was to reconcile these actors who had fought a ferocious war in Gaza, then in Syria. These meetings were made public in May 2023. On this occasion the Lebanese press discussed the preparation of the unitary operation which was carried out on October 7. Iran is therefore responsible for reconciling the Palestinian factions.


    On October 5, the CIA warned the Mossad of a major operation by the United Palestinian Resistance. The United States was worried about its scale. However, according to the New York Times, the CIA reports (September 28 and October 5), still classified, did not mention the use of new combat techniques by the Palestinian Resistance. Israeli intelligence services then held a meeting to assess the threat. The Shin Bet (counterespionage) and Amman (military intelligence) participated.


    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 5 2023 #146000

    On EU state’s most popular party wants Israeli ambassador expelled. top post.

    Re. Ireland. It is not a member of NATO. Neutral in WW2 (could not be on the side of GB, though many individuals joined on that side.)

    IR was, is, a keen adherent in the EU, as that represented (imho) belonging somehow to a larger entity.

    Of course EU funds and the EU tolerance of exceptionalism re. tax laws, etc. were activated to give Ireland a ‘boost’ if I may call it that helped that adherence along. — Not to mention it created a foothold into the EU with plentiful educated English speakers for hire by Big US Corps like Apple.

    Plus, N. I. (GB) vs. Repub. IR conflict was ugly (Peace and Democracy are European values, cheers all round) and had to be stopped or at least contained. (> Blair, Good Friday Agreement.)

    Now, inevitably in a way, GB out of the EU, and Ireland keenly in, the calculation comes to a kind of clumsy fruition.

    Idk – I’d like to go there and see, talk.

    IR was extremely COV19 repressive (as reported by MSM, I have no direct experience) and pro-jibby-jab, right in line with EU endorsement of Big Corps, and other ‘developed’ eng-speaking ‘developed’ countries like Australia and NZ.

    Yet, IR retains support and sympathy for oppressed ppls, such as the Palestinians, via Sinn Fein, a ‘nationalist’, ‘for the people party’… -> first time I looked at this site – hmmm.

    Clare Daly is pretty good.. at the EU parliament. Here just 1 min.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 3 2023 #145887

    Looking to S. America:

    Nov. 2, 2003. UN votes overwhelmingly to condemn US economic embargo on Cuba for 31st year and urge its lifting

    “The vote was 187 in favor, with the United States and Israel opposed, and Ukraine abstaining. Somalia, Venezuela and Moldova didn’t vote.”

    Non-binding resolutions are a kind of ‘poll’, a thermometer of the zeitgeist.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 2 2023 #145827

    On ‘Deeper into Depravity’, Patrick Lawrence, 1st link at top post.

    Patrick Lawrence: Deeper Into Depravity

    This kind of Tik Tok (and other ..?) hate and mockery is rampant, maybe even somehow inevitable.

    Israelis (not all …) loathe Palestinians, as animals, vermin to be exterminated, etc.

    USuk and the ‘Collective West’ follows along while making mealy-mouthed statement about empty principles or ‘what-about-ism’ etc. > The rules based order, the right to defend oneself, terrorists and evil impersonated vs. innocent victims, lovely children, etc. etc.

    So USuk-W, in about 100 or more years, has switched from vilifying Jews as an evil cancer on civilized ‘Society’ (concentration camps, etc.) to stigmatising Arabs / Muslims as ‘aliens’, ‘not quite real ppl’, ‘terrorists,’ though blame is thrown on ‘leaders’ or ‘regimes’ which ostensibly ‘excuses’ the poor oppressed ppl as ignorant, helpless, struggling, and so forth.

    Divide to Rule leads to vilification, hatred, prejudice, murderous impulses, spiking anger, war, and acceptance of torture, blanket bombing (Gaza today), etc.
    Deliberatly engineered imho.

    To keep one brand of Hegemony enduring.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 1 2023 #145727

    re. prev. thread.

    kultsommer, yes to “more bold” (media).

    Wes, great you are taking my advice about going to concerts seriously!

    ha ha 🙂

    Cont’d. Besides the Las Vegas shooting, 59 or so dead, in 2015 at the Bataclan in Paris the Eagles of Death Metal were performing, 90 ppl were killed. In England, 2017, the Ariana Grande Concert, 22 ppl died. Wounded not included, many.

    The Gvmts, the PTB, Big Corps, the MSM, are uninterested in ‘solving’ these mass murders, they are swept under a carpet. Maybe victim families are paid off in some way, idk.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 31 2023 #145660

    Israel compiled ‘ethnic cleansing’ plan for Gaza.

    “A document leaked to the Sicha Mekomit news site calls on the government to relocate the entire population of Gaza to the Sinai.”


    Not flash news, but MSM (even if on RT) is significant.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 31 2023 #145658

    Wiki, on the ‘Trance’ – Supernova Sukkot Gathering – music festival, 7 Oct. 2023:

    The organizers switched to the site only two days before, after the original location in southern Israel did not work out. (Israel)

    Very strange for a big festival – 2 days?

    I was reminded of the Las Vegas shooting at the Harvest Music Festival 2017, the deadliest mass shooting in recent history in the USA, supposedly carried out by lone nut Stephen Paddock (> total BS), and not elucidated to this day, buried.

    Just my musings not pointed to any plot in particular, exept that Music Festivals provide an easy oppo for cheaply killing many, usually youngish middle class / rich ppl, in an easy to control way.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 31 2023 #145657

    The French MSM (Le Figaro) has published an article reporting the ex-PM of Israel, Yair Lapid, saying (on X-Twitter, amongst others) that he personally issued a warning on 20 Sept. about upcoming extreme violence by Hamas, following info he had obtained.

    That the docs / info he received were also sent to Bibi N.

    Is repeated in the article that Cairo warned Bibi N. several times, and was ignored. Lapid also blasts Bibi N. for blaming the army and the SS (heh, that is Secret Service or Infor. services) in part, for the Hamas attack (8 oct.) Bibi N. hysterically denied these accusations and apologised to the army and SS for being out of line in critisising them.

    In F:

    It looks like the pro-Isr. narrative is cracking a little, in poodle USuk supporters like France.

    I don’t think comparisons between the Hamas attack and 9/11 are of much use (as posted before, while I understand how they come about) yet it is clear that the F MSM is now OK with a “he let it happen on purpose” scenario, which was a common meme or trope re. 9/11.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 29 2023 #145534

    UKR + ISR ‘wars’

    Listened to some commentators such as Col. McGregor, Scott Ritter, Berletic, some other posted in last thread, plus some bloogers (sic. that was a real typo, I was thinking about blood ..?), waltzing around two main interpretations:

    1. The US is rudderless, is reactive instead of pro-active, is acting on ‘emotions’, hasn’t measured consequences of its actions, has no clear strategic plans in function of any aims, is living in the world of 1991, can’t possibly fight a war against Iran / Russia / fill it in…etc.

    An explanatory variant is: The US PTB are in conflict (ex. neo-con-lib pols against saner heads at the Pentagon..) An over-arching picture is a flight into crazed agression, evident via at-home social degradation, societal breakdown, due to loss of empire / power / control / revenues, etc.

    2. The US is just fakey pussy-footing around and escalating each time it can, it has calibrated its actions to lead to the inevitable use of nuclear weapons, the Elites reckon they can survive, WW3 with nukes is upon us. This is the last chance for the US to maintain dominance. (Distilled that pov down to crude basics.)

    What are any other povs, analyses, takes?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 28 2023 #145480

    Brian Berletic and Angelo Giuliano on the state of the world today put forward arguments that paint Israel as a mini-state, with ‘Jews’ and Zionists (making it short) as victims, via the history of setting it up by USuk as a postage stamp patch that would serve as a beach head or aircraft carrier (see one contemporary US pol), be a spear-head against the oil-rich various ‘Arab’ or other (Iran..) states. Failing conquest, the impulse to blow up, rendering the territory useless for all, and killing millions, is strong. More of course in the talk.

    Oct 27, 2003. 2 hours.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 25 2023 #145274

    About the vid. at top Head of the Snake with dramatic blaming of a town in CH, Geneva, by Pascal Najadi.

    Some context, see:

    Najadi is being treated post ‘Pfizer bio-weapon injections’, says he is terminally ill with auto-immune disease (his mother as well…)

    So here we have a Bankster, and movie producer, who was fooled into getting jabbed, and allegedly forced the resignation of the President of the Swiss Federal Council.

    The video below shows Andrew Bridgen with Najadi, less than 2 mins, Aug. 2023.

    Wiki on Najadi.

    Interesting times in CH.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 24 2023 #145202

    Another back to the Past..

    A disastrous dead end: the Geneva Accord.

    quote (…) Because of the Oslo process, the basis for a viable and minimally fair two-state solution has been completely destroyed. The Israeli “peace camp” and the Palestinian leadership ought to have learned from the calamities they helped bring about and changed their ways. The so-called “Geneva Accord,” an informal agreement prepared by Israelis, led by former Labor Justice Minister Yossi Beilin and other Oslo-era luminaries, and Palestinians close to Yasser Arafat, demonstrates a determination to repeat the tragic errors of the past. (…)

    Electronic Intifada, Oct. 2003.

    Imho. A 2-state solution was never viable or even serioiusly envisaged by any of the PTB, it was used as sound-sweet fig-leaf in various pol discourses.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 24 2023 #145193

    Re. top post article Oct. 23.

    The Joint ‘W’ statement emphasising the right of Isr. to defend itself against terrorism, and urging it to adhere to int’l law (what a joke), calling for the release of hostages (in fact a minor point, a few hostages in a situation of mass bombing, killing, is trivial .. and Isr. has even refused to accept the return of some hostages – according to some news – the fog of war, so idk..)

    As for celebrating the entry of some humanit. aid into Gaza, 10, 20 – 100 or 1000 trucks are completely irrelevant.

    2 + million ppl corrralled into a territory where needed inputs, water, food, fuel, all other supplies, are controlled by an outside power who cuts it off, will not be affected at all by the delivery of some baskets of cake mixes, canned tomatoes, corn, beans, band-aids, clothes, diapers, anti-biotics, etc. Cookies come to mind.

    Plus. Under bombing, transport can’t be implemented, rubble? Displaced ppl, ppl hiding, seeking shelter, seeking to escape, can’t cook up cake-mixes, right? Children with a leg blasted off don’t need antibiotics if the hopital can’t take them in and treat them…etc.

    Guardian 21 Oct. 2023:

    The Israeli government has demanded to see proof that the aid deliveries are not seized or diverted by Hamas, before authorising further deliveries. A UN official said on Saturday that “verification procedures are still under discussion.”

    USuk + Canada, 3 of the 5 eyes, rightio. The 3 ‘main’ countries of the European Union, France, Germany and Italy, are supporting Israel as lackey bowing down to the US. Not news, how to illustrate, explain, long story.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 23 2023 #145131

    heh, tinfoilhatted that is a good question -> 🙂 Idk.

    John Helmer (not specially a fan, me) lays out Hamas objectives, Oct. 2023, maybe makes some points, quote:

    1. Since 1943 the US and its European allies, including Germany (Olaf Scholz’s government, not Adolf Hitler’s), have aimed to liquidate the secular nationalist Arab leadership capable of co-existence with the West and a state for the Jewish people.

    2. In Palestine Hamas has studied seventy-five years of lessons on the impossibility of coordinating Arab state war in the defence of the Palestine part of the two-state solution.

    3. For more than a year, therefore, Hamas has prepared in well-kept secret an offensive against Israel to achieve five objectives – the first to demonstrate how inferior the Israeli military is, how vulnerable, how incompetent their intelligence on the Arab world. This has been achieved by the initial attack of October 7.

    4 . The second Hamas objective has been to demonstrate the Israeli plan of ethnic cleansing of Gaza,  genocide against the Arabs, and incorporation of all Israeli-occupied territories in a single theocratic Zionist state —  Quod erat demonstrandum. The third objective is to hold out against the expected Israeli counterattack for long enough to activate the Hezbollah forces on the northern Lebanon front;  Syrian and Iranian forces on the eastern Golan front; and the West Bank Palestinians, including the Jordanian Palestinians; the latter’s targets will be US air and armoured land force bases in Jordan. So far, so good.

    5. The final Hamas objectives are to compel the vacillating sheikhdoms to resist US pressure; limit oil and gas supplies to the enemy markets; prevent regional land base and air transit rights being activated in support of Israel — so far, so good. And lastly, the fifth objective, to engage the friendly nuclear powers – Russia, China – to deter, and if necessary combat US forces in the region and Israel’s threat to fire its nuclear weapons.


    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 23 2023 #145129

    Sorry, I did not intend for that mega pic to show up 🙁

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 23 2023 #145128

    Alastair Crooke on NEW RULES (> some good interviews, see also of Michael Hudson) Oct. 2023, 48 mins.

    Israel-Palestine War: US Faces Catastrophe in Middle East.

    Crooke describes a division in Isr. Politics, detailing some rifts in ethnicity/religion, interesting. Idk enough about this aspect to comment on it.

    He says that a French Diplomat communicated a message to Hezbollah, stating that if the Hezb. attacks – opens up a Northern Front, Isr. and the US will attack Damascus and take out Assad.

    Seems very credible to me. There are so many things going on behind the scenes, and so few clues…we are in a guessing game.

    Dr D. – that was epic.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 22 2023 #145069

    US forced Ukraine to reject peace with Russia – ex-German chancellor

    “Gerhard Schroeder has claimed that Washington blocked Kiev from a March 2022 settlement that could have ended the bloodshed.”

    21 Oct, 2023, RT.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 22 2023 #145062

    Oroboros, prev. thread, thx for the chart on ‘lobbying industries’ in the US, showing big Pharma in first place. link again:

    I suspect the same applies in some European countries, have not chased up the numbers (takes too long.. difficult..)

    Of course the ‘investment’ in ‘health’ -> aka curing sickness and avoiding death for some time – is fantastico, because ppl will pay for their loved ones, or themselves, to be cured, helped, to live on, to be healthy, happy, for some time, to the point of bankruptcy / dire poverty / not one dime left, for those who pay.

    Now for an anecdote. When Obama was setting up Obi-Care, a US delegation was sent to CH to understand, wow! how a country managed to have completely private health care thru insurance.

    CH was flattered, and the Health Min of the time was super pleased: -Oh-Obama-wonderful, etc.

    When, on day 2 or 3, the delegation understood that this system ‘worked’ because the tariffs for all medical acts….

    incl. supports – e.g. a cane, wheel chair, machine support – therapy of any kind, incl. psychotherapy – ALL medicines, drugs, bandages, vaccines, other aids, etc. – outside prof. services such as lab analyses, scans, – etc.

    – that might be billed to individuals was fixed by an inter-Gvmt-Health Prof-citizen committee, and that was what the Insurance (private insurance) would pay.

    TARMED, the list of the fixed prices, has more than 4,000 entries, that price will be re-imbursed by Insurance Cos (who are also tightly controlled by the Gvmt). So all private Med. entities, docs, analytic labs, hospitals, etc. must apply those tariffs to get their money.

    To come back to the Obiman Delegation, once they grasped the ‘fixed price’ aspect, they upped and left immediately with some lame excuse.

    link to tarmed in F, for ref. and to show the complexity.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 18 2023 #144919

    Piers Morgan “Uncensored”, interviews Bassem Youssef (an Egyptian comedian, wiki below) on ‘Isr-Hamas-war.’ 33 mins.

    There isn’t much comedy or parody, Youssef just makes some points (how to joke about such awful happenings?) after some pointed fakey exagerations (e.g. his wife uses his children as human shields so he can’t ‘take her out.’)

    At time of posting this vid had 81K comments on YouTube. Amazing.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 17 2023 #144911

    @ citizenx, right on!

    “I think the wheels are finally coming off the Empires bus”

    Yes .. that is my thought / hope as well .. I’m afraid though it will cost a lot in lives, and the final outcome is unpredictable.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 17 2023 #144861

    Echoing I. Bellara, link at top post, Spanish Min. of Social Rights (Podemos Party – they have also achieved some possibly positive changes in Spain) demanding Netanyahoo be indicted by the ICC (which won’t happen, other story):

    Varadkar, Ireland’s Taoisach, Irish Times, Oct 12, 2023.

    Varadkar accuses Israeli government of breaching international law in Gaza siege

    Huff post, Oct 13, 2003.

    Leo Varadkar Issues Warning To Israel Over Gaza Air Strikes…..“Israel has the right to defend itself, but Israel doesn’t have the right to do wrong…”

    Clare Daly, Irish MEP, here in a short clip, 16 Oct. 2023. (Note the Parliament in empty.)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 16 2023 #144820

    phonenixvoice, yes, maybe for a while, but not in the long run…

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