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    Interesting story about the IVM
    We were curious to see your French cycling route for this summer.
    We are hoping to break free from New Zealand this year and get back to Europe, and
    are planning to cycle the Eurovelo route 6 from Nantes across France to Alsace, but your route looks enticing and would give us a longer ride. Hoping to start from Plymouth and follow the Atlantic route down the east coast of France. Thanks for the link, you’ve inspired us to make it happen. We have a bit of reading up to do…

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    Shostakovich (Hoppe)

    We read the Shostakovich article yesterday and it was good to see that you had included it today. Wonderful composer. The article reminded us of the excellent film ‘Testament’ about his life (late ’80s) starring Ben Kingsley.

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    From yesterday, re defibrillaters in schools in UK.
    Soon some shark will see the business opportunity to scare households into buying one of these gadgets to mount in their hallways. Then they’ll need to pay for six month refresher courses on how to use them, as well as annual licensing and certification fees. Then they’ll be screwed to pay an engineer to come and do an annual test to make sure they’re in top working order, and if not (haha) they’ll need to pay for a replacement. The shark will be a billionaire before he knows it, and booked into the same brothel as T Blair at Klaus’ annual shindig.😆

    The other ‘Brexit man,’ Nigel Farage, gave a good response on twitter against Tony Blair’s stuttering digital vaxx passport speech at Davos, referring to his remarks at Davos as ‘pure evil’. (Go Nige!)

    Yeah, not best pleased with the intimidating little pop-eyed rooster set to replace the former ‘rock star’ here in nz. In October 2021 he promised loud and clear that he was going to hunt down the unvaccinated. The outgoing PM is requesting tax-payer funded police protection for the foreseeable future

    Ps Germ, thanks for all your good work.

    Quote for the day that you’ve prob already noted:

    Yevgeny Prigozhin, founder of Wagner PMC, (and please imagine a strong Russian accent)
    “The Americans fear my Wagner organization, because they know we can kick their asses”

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    @oxymoron #126761

    Bravo! Keep going. The world needs people like you more than ever

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    Yes! thanks
    At 37 minutes:
    A big push for digital ID/vaccine passport:

    “…you need the data. You need to know who has been vaccinated and who hasn’t been. Some of the vaccines that will come on down the line will be multiple shots. So you’ve got to have…a proper digital infrastructure”

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    Airstrip 5. Mr Hipkins, as we thought. Oh noes!

    Has anyone seen the clip of Tony Blair spouting hard sell on vaxx p.ports at Davos? He was joined, I think, by one Mr Bourla and Ms Helen Clarke. It was posted on facebook, but we can’t upload it here.

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    AFWKTT #126590

    Very good!
    If they’re all for retaining the LINO brigade in power, don’t forget Mr Hipkins, former health minister who supervised the rollout, and now minister for police. Remember how he
    threatened roving vaxx enforcement vans, saying ‘we’re coming to get you.’ However we understand he’s not very popular. There again, when has that ever stopped them?

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    ‘Is this real?’ RIM

    ‘Experts trying to explain ‘white lungs’ in China’
    ‘Anecdotal accounts of deaths after infections, and overwhelmed hospital morgues, have flooded Weibo and Chinese short-form video platforms.’ ET

    Who is providing the anecdotal accounts? Are they fake? – stumped up by an army of ‘deflationistas?’ Or Chinese deflats (maybe less likely?)
    More from the ‘experts’ (are they of the corrupt variety operating here on airstrip 5?) – proposing we’re dealing with something ‘similar to ‘delta’ – so … we’d better all get scared again. And all this happening just as the Chinese NY travel is set to take off. The mind tracks back three years. Another springboard for “a bigger splash”?
    Then you flip onto the latest Bloomberg op piece, by the blond lady with the cheeky visage who covers the covid/vaxx stuff, and flick down to the last para, where you find the punchline.

    Bloomberg article:

    (Final 2 paras)

    “James Stavridis sees even deeper problems with China’s Covid response and what has followed in revoking it — especially the growing risks to global security. Now, “there is very little natural immunity in the vast population, and the elderly are at very high risk. And Chinese citizens will now be free to travel the globe, releasing years of pent-up tourism demand. All of that creates a petri dish that could flash-produce another pandemic.” Further pandemics paired with a rise in cyberattacks, James writes, have the power to disrupt the international system.

    “But there is opportunity to be found, according to Bloomberg’s editorial board. The US, and other countries, can combine forces to increase surveillance and testing, boost vaccine campaigns (and no, vaccines are not making new variants worse, Faye Flam points out), and encourage genetic sequencing efforts, which can help track variants and identify new ones. Such measures can keep the worst of the latest Covid surge at bay.”

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    “I cannot fathom how you put out the content that you put out.”

    That hits the nail on the head.
    Many thanks, Raúl for your tireless efforts to keep us informed.

    Thanks also to all who comment.
    We get by with a lttle help from friends.
    All the best for 2023.

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    ‘I find that we cling to cynical pessimism as much as we cling to credulous hope. I’ll take credulous hope. Clinging to either leads to suffering, but hope at least gives you a good buzz before the inevitable hangover.’

    Now there’s a shot of wisdom for the day. But … we seek balance, to see ‘both sides now,’ and take the chance to move on with a view to sunny uplands, whilst keeping an eye on the cobra curled in the corner!

    Merkel’s hands:


    Her balancing act didn’t seem to get her very far, or did it?

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    ‘…how did they ever make it through school, and even more suprisingly, to the top position in govt?’

    Clearly they had the pre-requisites to be groomed and elevated into position in the fullness of time. – Massive egos, total lack of remorse, big mouths ready to spin lies to trusting, unwitting populations, no consideration whatsoever for fellow humankind, and a readiness to be manipulated and paid off to maintain their positions of prominence.

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    @Afewknowthetruth #122922

    You’re brave! I can’t bear to look at the scorpion, with or without makeup. Or listen to its voice. A question for you, as you’re obviously well acquainted with the UK: would you advise, in this day and age, living in the UK or remaining in the land of the scorpion? We’re inclined to go back, but suspect things are deteriorating there, even if freedoms, for the moment, may remain in place longer than here in Aotearoa. It’s a hard call!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 6 2022 #122786

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned the legal show case currently taking place in NZ. Parents of a young baby who needs a life-saving operation involving a blood transfusion have stipulated they want the baby to receive blood from an unvaxxed donor. They say they know of 20 unvaxxed persons willing to donate blood for the procedure. The “health” officials are refusing, arguing that there is no threat from the vaxxed blood (no evidence offered). They will take the baby into custody pretty soon in order to operate if the court finds in their favour today. We figure it will, even though Sue Grey, Kiwi freedom fighter and lawyer extraordinaire, has put up a brilliant case for the parents. It’s too sad, what this country has come to. There clearly needs to be some sort of alternative health service available for people who choose to opt out of the public system.

    Watch: Lawyer Sue Grey’s Statement After Judge Reserves Decision on Baby Will

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    No soulless robot you! You certainly attract us, and we’re definitely crazies☺
    Hogwash aside…several weeks back you recommended a book on Putin by M.S.King and we really appreciated the read.
    When time allows we’ll track down Firebird
    Also, have you found an answer to your billion dollar question? We found this from a couple of days ago, reported in the BMJ, quite interesting. You can detect as may be expected from the Brits, some bias and overtones of possible exaggeration or downright BS. But even so, it leads one to believe that Russia, having more important things to tend to, has moved on and is treating the ongoing covid plandemic as nothing more than hogwash.

    BTW! We just got a Russian penpal on Slowly. 81 days of Russian lessons on Duolingo bearing fruit 🙂

    For all music lovers, even Bill7 if he can put Palestrina, or was it Monteverdi aside briefly. Here is a recent video of the Russian Youth Orchestra playing well known Russian tunes, and obviously enjoying their music making. Viewing the comments, people the world over couldn’t get enough love and appreciation out to them. Music transcends borders and war.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 25 2022 #121913

    WAPO – Alejandra Carabello
    “What Musk is doing is existentially dangerous for various marginalised communities. It’s like opening the gates of hell in terms of the havoc it will cause”

    How much of the endless money has found its way onto this person’s hip pocket? “Clinical instructors” – I wonder what the hell they do?
    The gates of hell have already swung wide open, but not by Elon Musk, and havoc has already spread far and wide. If freedom of speech helps to bring truth into the public domain, you could say Elon Musk is taking the baton from Assange.
    “…and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”


    “300 million people in the USA and Bill Gates the vaccine murderer is still alive.”
    But of course he’s still alive. “My genius father” needs to stay alive to reap the benefits of the inroads being made into reversing the ageing process of cells, if not for himself, at least for his progeny.


    Thanks for playing a big part in keeping us up to date with the vaccine fallout information.
    Wherever you are, good luck to yourself and your family!

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    RIM: “It’s a German specialty after all. Meanwhile, that country is falling apart fast”

    Absolutely! Meanwhile the German fear campaign ratchets up. Germans have been warned by text message that there will be a test of an emergency alert system for major threats/emergencies/catastrophes to the civilian population, at 11:00 on the 8th of December this year. This is the first time Germans have been informed of such a thing in decades. ‘Herding’. A reminder of WWII footage when Nazis/’brown shirts’ drove around the streets blarting out commands through their loud megaphones.
    As an aside, we experienced two alarming ‘presidential alerts’ in NZ immediately prior to lockdowns, with every smartphone in the land chirping loudly in an American accented woman’s voice, spreading OMG fear across the land, particularly we might suggest, aimed at the ‘weaker’ sex.☺ More ‘herding’ by our ‘benevolent shepherds’. Speaking of which, we note yet another upbeat, chic, attractive, youngish woman joining the ranks of EU leadership in Slovenia. Klaus’ girls!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 16 2022 #121173

    @citizenx #121158

    You are also right and you paint a sad and dismal picture. Unfortunately the cancer you describe has spread throughout the world and we all suffer from the consequences. Even so we are grateful for the honest outstanding Americans who share their views on this forum and to the many fine Americans that we’ve had the pleasure of knowing.

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    @afktt #121131

    Everything you wrote is right, and put very succinctly. Thanks for the input.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 14 2022 #121026

    “They will simply nominate Putin for the Grinch. Everything that goes wrong with the western world is now exclusively his fault. And they can all hide their failures behind him.”

    Putin must be the most maligned person in the history of mankind. May he triumph over evil.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 13 2022 #120954

    Esteemed BBC journalist John Simpson once said “of course we all love Italians”. Indeed we do, especially those of us who also love Russian music. All credit to the La Scala management for sticking to their principles and following their hearts in their appreciation of great Russian music.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 11 2022 #120779

    @aspnaz #120742 ‘We will read any old shite you post’

    Well some of us wont! Not so long ago you mentioned how you skim over posts made by ‘idiots’, so why not just ignore them? You don’t need to step on dog shit to know it should be avoided!

    We continue to appreciate your perspectives. The Stefano Scoglio article you posted yesterday (#120658) was food for much discussion on a long walk. We’ve been following the work of Dr Sam Bailey here in Hobbitland, also mentioned in the article, and it does make some sense. Thanks Raul for reposting on today’s selection. So how about it, @JohnDay? Pull it to bits for us with an open mind. Could it be important? Could even be a game changer? Both Scoglio and Maria Gutschi in Germ’s post yesterday (#120659) ask the same question: why has the spike protein not been properly isolated and positively identified in the blood? Because it does not exist outside of labs? Is there a lack of common sense and critical thinking re this issue? Spartacus also discusses this and the contents of the vials here:

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 8 2022 #120543

    @TheMarkster #120501

    Your comment struck home. We share your Russophilia. Classical ballet is wonderful, and what dancers the Russians have churned out through the decades. Our great love is for Russian music. Somehow it portrays the ‘sadness and majesty’ (‘To Dance’ Panov autobiography 1978) encapsulated in the country and its history.

    Indeed, stick with Raul for news. Bardi called it right.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 29 2022 #119600

    So uplifting to see Putin quoted so extensively yesterday on TAE. Unfortunately, and frustratingly, so few in the west get to process and consider the position and points of view aired openly by this important world leader. The saturation of peoples minds with poisonous invective through the MSM, has to be, in our opinion, the most evil abomination being done to mankind in our world today. The MSM moves from one psy-op to the next. The current ‘story’ capturing our incredulity is the way ‘Putin’s War’ is portrayed in the UK Daily Mail, and no doubt most outlets. The level of hatred directed at Putin is cringeworthy, spiteful, embarrassing and maybe desperate. Putin is ‘deranged’, he’s a ‘despot’, he’s ‘depraved’. He’s the scapegoat to take the blame for all that is wrong with the world, including, most recently, ‘mass starvation’ in the Third World’. In our little backwater here in NZ, we notice several of our neighbours proudly flying Ukrainian flags. So brave and righteous. You have to give some credit to the players behind the scenes churning out the lies and twisting reality, who have taken the MSM and used it to totally manipulate the perceptions and emotions of the man in the street. You could say they already have the means of almost total mind control. How can this MSM tragedy possibly ever be dismantled? It seems that most of the sheeple can’t or don’t want to wake up. Can’t see, won’t look.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 13 2022 #118368

    Michegin. “Muslim parents…become the new face of the far right”
    Well maybe there is yet some hope for Germany. Areas like Nordrhein-Westfalia are teeming with immigrant Muslim families. These folk also know the value of the black market, and that Govt meddling, public and private debt, bureaucracy and excessive taxation is an abomination on the face of the planet😊. And they’re right – less government and win-win deals are the foundation of progress and prosperity (Bill Bonner!)

    Orban: “with Merkel we wouldn’t have a war”
    You can also wonder that with Merkel’s chosen successor, Laschet, there may not have been a war. How exactly did the hapless Scholz become ensconsced in the Chancellory? Should he by rights be there at all? It was yet another of those suspiciously close-run elections where one candidate magically sneaks out into the lead after a ‘too-close-to-call’ start. They seem to happen often these days.

    Thanks to all, esp RIM.
    Todays Gauguin, there is beauty in the ‘sunken lane’

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    “Wonder if Merkel is involved in secret talks with Russia”.
    It would seem the war hawks are in ascendance in the US, and are not interested in peace talks. As someone once said, Russian real estate is too valuable to pass up (V Arnold), so they’ll continue to ‘go for it’. Plus anyone standing in the way of US global domination is to be removed and a subservient puppet regime set up in place.
    When she left office, Merkel made a final visit for several days to Russia. Have often wondered what transpired during that time. It seems that after her departure things rapidly deteriorated. Sometimes wonder that her last term was a holding back of the voracious wolves at the door from the other side of th Atlantic, a lull before the storm. She was able to maintain cordial relations with Russia, and to oversee the completion of the NS2 pipeline despite continual strong opposition from the US.
    Meanwhile it appears Shroeder is also trying to negotiate in the wings for peace in the region. Some leaders seek to find a way. Bravo to the Indonesian leader who tries to bring the warmongers together. “Blessed are the peacemakers…”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 5 2022 #117798

    Spartacus latest podcast out now:

    Some snippets of the transcript:

    “The ruling class have constructed a model for an ideal society, and it’s centered on the elimination of the suburban middle class and its replacement with urbanism, neofeudalism, and serfdom, with a caste system consisting of property-owning rentiers who lease everything to commoners. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating; the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Great Reset are a massive rent-seeking exercise. All of this is fundamentally about who gets to control resources, us or them. What is the most basic difference between someone who’s wealthy and someone who’s poor? A wealthy individual controls more resources. It’s just that simple.

    “The purpose of the throwaway economy, with its planned obsolescence and conspicuous consumption, with millions of people buying new iPhones every year to show them off to their coworkers, is simply to get people to buy things they don’t need with money they don’t actually have.

    “The ruling class don’t believe you’re entitled to actually own a piece of the Earth. That’s for them to own, and for you to pay them rent to briefly fondle, before you shuffle off this mortal coil and let one of your descendants rent it from them, too. Basically, they don’t like how wealthy the average person is, especially in the West. Everything you’ve seen happen in the past couple years has been a deliberate attack on the health and wealth of the middle class. The Overclass want to lock us all up in a globe-spanning surveillance state that protects their property from us, the serfs.

    “If you don’t realize the level of evil we’re dealing with right now, let me make it clear. You are dealing with full-fledged psychopaths who believe that they are fully entitled to your body, to your children’s bodies, for labor, for sex, for internal organs, for literally anything that pleases them. The Overclass are directly involved in human trafficking for all three of those things; labor, sex, and organs. They see you as things, not people. That’s the game that we are playing. If you aren’t in that mindset, if you don’t start off with the assumption that our enemies wish us to forfeit all agency over our lives to them and treat us like things, like slaves, then you will lose, and the reason why you will lose is because you are assuming a basic level of human empathy in your adversary that does not exist. Only psychopaths would order the engineering of a virus to clear out pension and Medicaid rolls and pocket the difference. Only psychopaths would order the practical extermination of the elderly in nursing homes. Only psychopaths would suppress Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and other readily available repurposed therapeutics, hoping that more people would die. Only psychopaths would inject billions of people with an untested gene therapy drug miscast as a vaccine, which causes myocarditis, amyloid fibrin clotting, and autoimmune disease, and is killing doctors and athletes before our very eyes. Only psychopaths would then proceed to control the media and invent fictitious causes for these mass deaths while suppressing all alternative narratives.

    “The first premise we must accept, therefore, is that our opponents are psychopaths, and that our governments and institutions are chock-full of them. Is it really any surprise? We have created a system of government that selects for the most psychopathic, not the most empathetic. Our elections are an exercise in egotism and self-aggrandizement, raising to public office the most vicious self-promoters, not the most qualified people. Our bureaucracies full of unelected appointees are even worse; these people are indoctrinated in game theory, psychology, and management cybernetics so they can weaponize it against the public, stripping people of political agency for the managerial system’s benefit. Our leaders conduct brutal wars of aggression that have killed millions of innocent people in the Middle East and North Africa, and then cloak their acts of wanton mass murder in soft, humanitarian language. For years and years, people didn’t care. They looked the other way, or even cheered on the carnage because they were under the spell of patriotism. Trillions of dollars thrown down a hole, for nothing. For what the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and now Ukraine have cost us, we could have had high-speed rail, fiber optic networks, repaved roads, and rebuilt bridges. What ever happened to home and hearth? Why do our leaders permit us to live in squalor, while they launder billions of our tax dollars and funnel them straight into the pockets of their cronies? How many briefcases full of cash are leaving Ukraine as we speak?

    “Let me tell you what a true patriot would do. A true patriot would evict these monsters from our power structure, cut off their finances completely by ending the system of central banking, dissolve our corrupted intelligence agencies, reform our schools, establish stiff tariffs on foreign-made goods, and empower our workers and families. It’s only fair. They’ve robbed us, spied on us, miseducated our children, liquidated our productive industries, and ruined our communities by permitting rampant unemployment, drug abuse, and homelessness. We may complain that the coronavirus has sabotaged our societies, but since when have we not been subject to sabotage? It has been a decades-long process, one which is only just now becoming evident to a larger portion of the population.

    “The ruling class are afraid of losing their grip. They’re afraid of us throwing off the mental shackles they’ve placed upon us. That is why it is imperative that we do so, as quickly as we can.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 17 2022 #116126

    From my friend in the Ruhrgebiet:


    “Who wants peace delivers no weapons”

    Notice the reflection in the puddle…

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 11 2022 #115691

    Edouard Vuillard The two sisters 1899

    Apt choice if art today. The Princess Royale and the Countess of Wessex.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 3 2022 #115087

    Belshazzar’s Feast

    We’ve been waiting for you to post this one.
    It made a strong impression on us when we first saw it in the flesh in the National Gallery back in the 80’s.
    So appropriate to today’s Empire of Lies.

    Thanks again for the excellent daily selections.

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    “Rand Paul Lays Groundwork For Potential Fauci Probe (RT)”

    And on behalf of the rest of the world, will Dr “Safe And Effective” Fauci be brought to account for his role in the global vaccine rollout?

    How many maimed and dead?
    How many broken families and lives ruined?
    And how many more to come?

    in reply to: EU: Controlled Demolition #114189

    News from Germany:
    Latest model official vehicle of the Greens

    Don’t forget that the rulers depend heavily on the internet to roll out their plans: CBDCs, digital passports, PR codes, social credit systems, propaganda. So the internet won’t die, instead we are seeing increasing surveillance, censorship, shutting off “dissenting” sources. Hopefully an alternative system outside of government overreach will become available. Kim Dotcom has been working on it…

    in reply to: EU: Controlled Demolition #114184

    @Afewknowthetruth #114177

    Probably not a troll, just maybe getting a bit carried away with himself.
    We all need to become as well informed as possible, not an easy task in this world of propaganda and misinformation.

    You’re certainly on a roll today. Terrific feedback from a terrific article from Raul. Wish you weren’t so far away, would love to have a yarn over a coffee!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 23 2022 #114046

    RIP Darya
    May you ‘walk with God’

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 22 2022 #114005

    ‘UK warned of ‘humanitarian crisis’
    Brits are being advised to get on their bikes and start walking. This certainly gets the blood moving. Having been caravan dwellers for many years, occasionally in -10 degrees, we can also advise to invest in a hot water bottle and lots of fleece. Drink plenty of hot liquids to warm the innards, and don’t be too alarmed if you lose a little weight.
    Above all, positive thinking counts for a lot. Oh yeah, and don’t forget, ‘the Russians are coming!’
    (Seriously, we think about going back to the UK every day…)

    We’re also following the protest down in Wellington. Revolting propaganda on the MSM today, can’t bear to listen to it.
    Re Kunstler 113978. But sometimes we do feel the need to change our allegiances. A few years ago we could have slaughtered Bojo for taking the UK out of the EU. Now we think the opposite, the leaders of the EU have shown themselves to be no more than a bunch of WEF minions. But Kunstler, man can he be funny though, like lots of Yanks here😊

    Yeah dogs are certainly great companians, possibly more so than alchohol?! 😕 And allow you to always have the last say 😉
    ‘Remember children, your government did this..’
    No they didn’t! The Russians made it happen, the MSM will never let you forget it.

    Ode to Joy
    Remember when Angela Merkel sat down at the G20 and presented for them a live rendition of the entire Beethoven 9th symphony? Perhaps they should do it all again!

    C’mon, give V Arnold a break! TAE wouldn’t be the same without him.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 20 2022 #113843



    Scholz looks worriedly and helplessly at his gas turbine, as if it’s miraculously going to take flight, while his great country goes rapidly down the toilet.

    Latest report from our friend in Munich:

    “…things have changed a lot through the pandemic, I fear that our best years are over. There are new rules all the time and according to the announcements of our politicians the next autumn/winter will be even worse than the last one. People are mostly in a bad mood and are getting more and more aggressive. I don’t recognize Munich anymore, And there is the war in Ukraine going on, do they really have a chance to win against Russia? Where will it end? What’s the purpose behind all this?”

    New Zealand

    “Every year, otherwise healthy New Zealanders drop dead with no warning. Researches (sic) hope new funding will prevent more deaths…”
    “While her death is being investigated by the Coroner, …the cause was suspected to be sudden arrhythmic death syndrome (SADS), also known as sudden adult death syndrome.
    SADS is an umbrella term used to describe deaths of otherwise healthy people, usually under 40, after their heart stops beating, due to an, often undiagnosed, genetic instability of the heart.”

    You would think that more people could spot the lie. But no, don’t underestimate the power of the psyop.

    Meanwhile our brainwashed family and acquaintances see us as curiosities – unvaxxed, uninfected, old and still not dead.


    Good to see you at the top of the comments again. You seem to have appreciated today’s Picasso 😉 Damn sure it’ll give me nightmares tonight 🙄



    Disturbing for those of us who try to read people and happen to admire Putin. Maybe there’s some despair in that look.
    A guy with the weight of the world on his shoulders, trying to stop a conflagration in Europe, trying to talk sense with people who believe “collateral damage” is just a side show. And yeah we remember who famously coined that phrase.


    Top post. Hope your weather is better down there in the south. Beautiful day today here at the other end of the country after all the “stormy weather”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 10 2022 #113224


    Thanks for your insightful comments, we appreciate your take on things.

    in reply to: A Winter of Anger #112980

    @Armenio Pereira #112918

    “Underestimating the mental prowess of the real elites – aka TPTB, not the dummies like Trudeau, Scholz, Rutte or Biden – is an exercise in both uselessness and foolishness.”


    But don’t forget that it’s the $billions/$trillions that they control that enables them to call the shots, and carry out any plan of their desiring, no matter how nutty it is. They can buy off/influence/eliminate anyone, whether media, pols, corporations, and especially their bully-boy enablers (aka the army, police), without whom they would be impotent. We are old enough to recall when the army turned on the Ceausescu leaders of Romania and shot them dead.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 28 2022 #112393

    “From what rock in the sewer did they ever find Ursula van der Leyden?”

    From the same place they dug out a few other of these old ducks that are fixated on the power, attention and wealth being dished out to them. They are dangerous and never go away. – van der Leyen, Lagarde, Yellen, Hilary, Pelosi, etc. If Picasso were still alive, we could set him loose on them all. 😉

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 28 2022 #112381

    RIM: we appreciate the running commentary on the situation in Holland. Favourite country. Many happy times cycle touring in Holland over the years – wonderful Mini-Campings, galleries, big skies. Go Holland!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 27 2022 #112307

    “Russia rebukes German gas supply claims”

    And also from RT “German Mayors want Nord Stream 2 opened”

    Europe needs a rerun of the “Velvet Revolution” starting with the eastern states, who nailed it on 1989. Orban to lead off…

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