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    i guess it’s the link to epstein’s flight logs that are banned, by at least wordpress and pastebin. the pastes.io link works, at least.

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    Pastebin’s SMART filters have detected potentially offensive or questionable content in your Paste.
    The content you are trying to publish has been deemed potentially offensive or questionable by our filters, because of this you’re receiving this warning.
    This Paste can only be published with the visibility set to “Private”.

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    well, even pastebin censors this, so i tried at https://pastes.io/onata89syo

    if you are feeling helpful, bosco, try going there and pasting it here, as i can’t.

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    huh, i think it must actually be a shadowban, as i posted the same text edited slightly, seems to post successfully but doesn’t appear, unlike these previous 3 posts.

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    thanks, boscohorowitz. i just tried again and got “Error: Duplicate reply detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that.” even though the previous attempt didn’t post. i’ll try again tomorrow before i assume wordpress has shadowbanned links to epstein’s flight logs.

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    i tried to post something earlier and it didn’t work, so, testing testing

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    Germ, thanks for that. it seems my cynicism is unable to keep up with reality. which quite surprises me, tbh.

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    RFK, JR manifesto on mercury and vaccines: “I am pro vaccine. I had all of my six children vaccinated. I believe that vaccines save millions of lives.”


    Q: Rates of childhood infectious diseases have plummeted over the past half-century or so. Are you out to return us to the dark ages?

    A: I am for vaccines. I have been tracking mercury in fish for 30 years and nobody has called me antifish. I am pro-vaccine. I had all my kids vaccinated. I think vaccines save lives. But we are also seeing an explosion in neurodevelopmental disorders and we ought to be able to do a cost-benefit analysis and see what’s causing them. We ought to have robust, transparent science and an independent regulatory agency. Nobody is trying to get rid of vaccines here. I just want safe vaccines.


    apparently RFK doesn’t think it’s turtles all the way down. i can’t imagine he’s not had the chance to review the actual data, so i find myself extremely disappointed that he too is controlled opposition.

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    I wonder if this is a deepfake:

    [video src="https://rense.com/general97/rfk.mp4" /]

    RFK Jr – ‘I have Always Been FURIOUSLY Pro Vaccine!’ And ‘We Should Have Policies That Encourage Full Vaccination For ALL Americans’

    i’ve not been able to find a source, perhaps someone else can.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 28 2023 #130112

    This still all seems scripted to me. The idea that millionaires and billionaires like Woody (as much as he seems your “salt of the Earth” type, he is an actor by trade) and Musk are on the side of the people seems very far-fetched. The below is summarised from a GLP post of late 2021 (“An “Elite” confided in me, what you are about to read about the covid end game will make everything crystal clear”):


    -a plan was devised many years ago, and for many years that is all it was, a plan. They had to wait many years for the technologies available to make the plan viable. And to recruit the appropriate individuals.

    -This is definitely about a new global government being put in place (details will continue)

    -This new global government is already in place operating for years in complete secrecy, waiting on the sidelines, moving the chess pieces.

    -The new government required some of the top minds on the planet, almost all of them came on board of their own free will and with a full belief in the cause of a new world government. In their view they are brute force saving humanity at all costs. I was told those who refused were dealt to, but in most cases, they would bring the person to the wider group and through discussions, they were convinced and became committed to the cause. Most times, these ‘minds’ were applying for fake jobs and going through psych evals etc as a first step.

    -This plan is ongoing and the most complex global chain of events ever put into motion.

    THE PLAN is essentially to turn every citizen of every country, violently against their own government. How they are doing this is pure genius and pure evil.

    To achieve this plan, my chance encounter asked how would I do it?.. how would you turn every citizen of every country against their own government? I really have no idea. So they laid out the basics for me.

    -There must be a global engineered ‘sickness’
    -There must be mass fear, panic and paranoia
    -Leaders, Scientists and Media must converge on consensus of a treatment
    -that treatment would be essentially handed to them without them even realising it
    -Initially, there can only be few ‘sanctioned’ treatments, all other treatments must be deemed ‘dangerous, unsafe and banned’
    -Leaders, Scientists and Media are manipulated, to believe this ‘treatment’ is the only option, the only way to keep you and your family safe.
    -Leaders, Scientists and Media in a sense, give you their word that this treatment is safe and effective

    -Children were also targeted to inflict maximum pain and anger when it goes bad.

    -The few outliers who question the ‘treatment’ are discredited in a variety of ways and censored
    -Sanctioned ‘treatments’ are biologics/poison that takes 2-3 years to be fully realised.
    -mRNA was the advanced technology they were waiting for.
    -Public messaging ensures people beg for the ‘treatment’ and line up for it.

    This is where the final plan executes.

    The tables turn on the vaccine narrative. I was told in time the vaccine will increase infection and increase death. That billions will die, and the people will be enraged and burn their governments to the ground. Their leaders, scientists and media will be torched, hunted and hung in the streets. BOTH sides will burn their governments to the ground. The pro-vax side, completely betrayed and dying will rage.. the non-vax side will rage for what their gov allowed to happen.

    I was also told when this happens think “Mad Max” for a while, but think of NZ “Elysium”. There are a few designated zones like NZ, but due to geography and infrastructure NZ is known as Zone 1.

    Once the masses are free of government and all those who ‘betrayed’ them, and they have suffered enough. This is when the new global government will emerge as the great saviour. It will be an “easy sell” I am told.


    Perhaps I’ve succumbed to total paranoia at this stage, but this scenario seems not hugely unlikely to me. I think Musk and Harrelson are playing their roles. I don’t neccesarily think they’ll succeed in their goals, but I think it’s worth bearing this scenario in mind.

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    more good health wishes, Raul. i mostly just lurk here, but you’re 1 of a very small handful of sites i visit these days. got natto??

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    sorry, forgot the link for martenson’s tweet:

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 14 2022 #98040

    19 nucleotide long sequence coding in Sars-Cov-2 found in a raft of Moderna patents from 2015

    “Moderna patented a genome sequence in 2015. That patented sequence has been identified in the Wuhan strain of COVID-19 by a very smart Geneticist. It’s statistically impossible for that patented Moderna sequence to have naturally found its way into the Wuhan strain of COVID-19 through natural mutations. It does not exist in any other recorded virus historically.”

    this is all way over my pay grade, but given that chris martenson of peak prosperity takes it seriously enough to tweet about it (and he’s got a phd in a related subject), i’m hoping some people here can take a look and see if there’s anything to it.


    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 30 2021 #96602

    Germany Reporting 96% Of Omicron Cases Are Vaccinated

    “Additional information is known in some cases for the omicron cases available in the reporting system. Information on symptoms was submitted for 6,788 cases; predominantly no or mild symptoms were reported. The most common symptoms reported by patients were rhinitis (54%), cough (57%), and sore throat (39%). 124 patients were hospitalized and four person died. Foreign exposure was reported for 543 (5%) cases.

    186 patients were unvaccinated, 4,020 were fully vaccinated, and of these, booster vaccination was reported for 1,137.

    Based on the submitted data, 148 reinfections were identified among all submitted omicron infections; no previous cases were identified for any of the person affected by reinfection, previous illnesses were transmitted. Figure 9 shows the distribution of omicron cases transmitted to date in Germany. Omicron cases were detected in all federal states.”


    (RKI is the robert koch institute, germany’s public health body)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 13 2021 #95123


    “Mother nature is a harsh mistress, but a wonderful lover. If you love your land it will love you back.”

    that’s the first time i’ve added a new quote to my list since:

    “Nothing forces us to know what we do not want to know. Except pain. And this is how the gods declare their love.”

    as a co-creator with an acre of the purest clay i’ve ever seen misnomered as soil for 3 years now, i echo your beatifully expressed sentiment. there’s that line about how we owe our existence to a few centimeters of top soil and the fact that it rains, too.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 23 2021 #93351

    “Nothing forces us to know what we do not want to know. Except pain.”

    I just spoke with a brother, vexxed despite all the info I’ve tried to share with him over the last year. His double-vexxed best friend just ended up in hospital with a “breakthrough” case. Brother is planning on his next booster anyway. I wonder how much pain it will take to shatter the illusion. Perhaps the death of children.

    Dr Day, thanks for your welcome. I think boscohorowitz has a rather inimitable style, so I’ll take the identity confusion as a compliment.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 19 2021 #92984

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Tucker Carlson Today (November 15, 2021):

    ” Even before COVID, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. spent years exposing Big Pharma corruption. Now he joins Tucker to detail the unholy alliance between Fauci and Bill Gates and how the vaccine is being used to launch a coup d’état against our Bill of Rights.”


    in reply to: Attack on Red Blood Cells #89366

    How to make your own quercetin:

    Find a Sophora Japonica tree, commonly known as Japanese pagoda tree. The Global Biodiversity Information Facility is a useful resource for this, as is an android app called Pl@ntNet.

    Put 0.1g of dried, milled to 1mm size flower buds from the tree in a sealed container with 7ml water, then put that container in a pressure cooker. Cook for one hour, then cool the container under running water to room temperature. Filter the contents. The remaining liquid should contain something like 0.2g of quercetin per gram of liquid. I’m guessing you’ll get something like 1.4g of quercetin total. I don’t see why scaling up to 10g buds and 700ml water wouldn’t work, for 140g quercetin. This is all from a paper titled “Extraction of Rutin and Quercetin Antioxidants from the Buds of Sophora Japonica (Sophora japonica L.) by Subcritical Water”.

    I’ve yet to do this myself, but learnt about it because I’ve been taking quercetin for getting on for a year now, and discovered that it has helped me a lot with an inflammatory gut condition. I didn’t know that inflammation was the cause of my problem until taking the quercetin, so I’m in the odd but happy position of being healthier thanks to covid. I want to start making my own quercetin, as the issue I have has troubled since being a small child, and I notice that if I stop taking quercetin, it begins to return. The tree buds in mid-summer, typically July in a Mediterranean climate.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 17 2021 #87364

    Hello, TAE, thank you for this little beacon of sanity among the madness. Here’s a fun first post:

    COVID-19 Vaccine Passport Mandatory In Italy For All Private Sector Workers

    The Italian government on Thursday approved among the strictest COVID-19 rules in the world by mandating that all private and public sector employees get the vaccine and show proof of vaccination, a negative test, or a recent recovery from infection, officials said.

    The rules will go into effect on Oct. 15, which would penalize any worker with a suspension from their job with no pay. However, the mandate stipulates that they cannot get terminated from their job, according to provisions of the measure.

    The country’s Council of Ministers, during a Thursday evening meeting, voted to approve the rules, Minister of Health Roberto Speranza said after the government approved the mandate, reported Il Gazettino.

    “We will also make the network of active pharmacies more widespread” that are “capable of administering swabs [and] rapid antigen tests in our country,” Speranza said, adding that the government decree will likely boost vaccination rates in Italy.

    Individuals who go to work and cannot present a so-called “green pass,” a type of vaccine passport, will face a fine of between 600 and 1,500 euros ($705 to $1,175), according to the provisions.

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