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Casualties Worse than WW1 & WWII Combined – Charles Nenner (USAW)
Ukraine And The New Al Qaeda (Whitney Webb)
Ukraine Has Been Bombing Its Own Population For 8 Years; 13,000 Deaths (LM)
There Will Be Many Ghosts In Kiev (AC)
Putin Is Not Crazy And The Russian Invasion Is Not Failing (Roggio)
The Importance Of The Russian Peacekeeping Operation In Ukraine (Milacic)
The Universal Boosting of Putin (Craig Murray)
US Army Pushing Mandatory Gender Pronoun Training (Rebel)
The US and NATO Have Never Been Sanctioned For Starting Wars. Why? (Bridge)
Jan. 6 Panel Accuses Trump Of Engaging In ‘Criminal Conspiracy’ (JTN)
New Zealand Reckons With Aftermath As Smoke Clears On Violent Protests (G.)
Corruption of Healthcare, Informed Consent, Doctor-Patient Relationship (GMS)
Ukraine on Fire (Lopatonok/Oliver Stone)





6,000 Russian soldiers killed

“[Russia] have orders to erase our history, erase our country, erase us all.”

Gonzalo Lira – What Russia Wants From Its Invasion of Ukraine—and Why Zelensky Is Evil





WTI – Spread between the current contract future vs the December contract



In case you weren’t scared enough.

Casualties Worse than WW1 & WWII Combined – Charles Nenner (USAW)

Renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner says his analysis shows the world is entering into a huge war cycle that could last for many years. Nenner says, “The war cycle is such that there is great danger for a huge war. . . . What I have been writing about is the big danger that Russia, Iran and China will get together. China is watching how we deal with Ukraine before they start with Taiwan. I think that is the big one. . . . The West is in disarray, and it does not have a line on where to go or what to do. . . . This war cycle is going to be bad, and I’ll tell you why. We do price targets on markets and war cycles, and if you look at the price targets, it tells me that the casualties are going to be much higher than in the First and Second World War. So, it’s not going to be a joke.”

Nenner says his cycles are telling him the casualties in the next war could top 175 million. Nenner also sees that world leaders are not taking this seriously and points out, “What’s going on in this country (America), what are they busy with and what is it compared to a nuclear war? —Nothing. Even Biden’s decisions now are based on public relations. If the United States were independent with oil, like it was before with the pipeline and like Trump pushed, we would not be in this situation that oil could go up another $50 per barrel. It looks like now oil can go to $150 per barrel, and it can even get to $250 per barrel.”

War abroad is not the only thing to look out for. Nenner says, “I think there is going to be a lot of civil unrest. When Rome was burning, and we are talking about 2,000 years ago, the Senators were discussing if angels were male or female. This is while Rome was burning. This world is burning, and we are discussing now what kind of a sign you have to put on a public restroom. It’s the same situation. Nobody takes the lead in the big situations. . . .The cycle for civil unrest has just turned up, and it’s going to get much worse. You can imagine if Biden loses to Trump (in 2024), what is going to happen over here? I have never seen people so much on the edge. . . . Look at what going on with masks. People are ready to kill you because you disagree on what you think about masks.”

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“The CIA seems determined to manifest a prophecy propagated by its own ranks over the past 2 years -that a “transnational white supremacist network” w alleged ties to the Ukraine conflict will be the next global catastrophe to befall the world after Covid.”

Ukraine And The New Al Qaeda (Whitney Webb)

As the conflict between Ukraine and Russia continues to escalate and dominate the world’s attention, the increasing evidence that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is and has been working to create and arm an insurgency in the country has received considerably little attention considering its likely consequences. This is particularly true given that former CIA officials and a former Secretary of State are now openly saying that the CIA is following the “models” of past CIA-backed insurgencies in Afghanistan and Syria for its plans in Ukraine. Given that those countries have been ravaged by war as a direct result of those insurgencies, this bodes poorly for Ukraine.

Yet, this insurgency is poised to have consequences that reach far beyond Ukraine. It increasingly appears that the CIA sees the insurgency it is creating as more than an opportunity to take its hybrid war against Russia ever closer to its borders. As this report will show, it appears the CIA is determined to manifest a prophecy propagated by its own ranks over the past two years. This prediction from former and current intelligence officials dates from at least early 2020 and holds that a “transnational white supremacist network” with alleged ties to the Ukraine conflict will be the next global catastrophe to befall the world as the threat of Covid-19 recedes.

Per these “predictions”, this global network of white supremacists – allegedly with a group linked to the conflict in the Donbas region of Ukraine at its core – is to become the new Islamic State-style threat and will undoubtedly be used as the pretext to launch the still-dormant infrastructure set up last year by the US government under President Biden for an Orwellian “War on Domestic Terror.” Given that this CIA-driven effort to build an insurgency in Ukraine began as far back as 2015 and that the groups it has trained (and continues to train) include those with overt Neo-Nazi connections, it seems that this “coming Ukrainian insurgency,” as it has been recently called, is already here. In that context, we are left with the unnerving possibility that this latest escalation of the Ukraine-Russia conflict has merely served as the opening act for the newest iteration of the seemingly endless “War on Terror.”

Soon after Russia began military operations in Ukraine, Foreign Affairs – the media arm of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) – published an article entitled “The Coming Ukrainian Insurgency.” The piece was authored by Douglas London, a self-described “retired Russian-speaking CIA operations officer who served in Central Asia and managed agency counterinsurgency operations.” He asserted in the article that “Putin will face a long, bloody insurgency that will spread across multiple borders” with the potential to create “widening unrest that could destabilize other countries in Russia’s orbit.”

Other notable statements made by London include his assertion that “the United States will invariably be a major and essential source of backing for a Ukrainian insurgency.” He also states that “As the United States learned in Vietnam and Afghanistan, an insurgency that has reliable supply lines, ample reserves of fighters, and sanctuary over the border can sustain itself indefinitely, sap an occupying army’s will to fight, and exhaust political support for the occupation at home.” London explicitly refers to models for this apparently imminent Ukrainian insurgency as the CIA-backed insurgencies in Afghanistan in the 1980s and the “moderate rebels” in Syria from 2011 to the present.

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Google translated from French.

Ukraine Has Been Bombing Its Own Population For 8 Years; 13,000 Deaths (LM)

Invited to the Cnews set of L’Heure des Pros on March 1, 2022, war reporter Anne-Laure Bonnel recounts what Europe has not said since 2014 about the Dombass martyrs: “It’s been a week since the we talk about this conflict, but it has been going on for eight years and there have been thirteen thousand deaths, people are exhausted and they are very surprised that Europe realizes the situation, whereas for them, who live in cellars and receive heavy artillery frequently – see Anne-Laure Bonnel’s documentary: Dombass – it has been a daily life since 2014. Totally incredible thing, the French will learn – not on BFMtv – that, currently, the government of Kiev bombards its own citizens in Donbass. This is the question that Pascal Praud is asking himself and he remains amazed by Anne-Laure Bonne’s answer: “I do not take sides and I do not defend Putin, it is factual.

The Ukrainian government bombed its people. There are eighteen-month-old children in cellars. Yesterday I was in a school and two teachers were cut in half, their bodies cut in half. » While Volodymyr Zelensky is applauded by MEPs, women, children and men are dying under Ukrainian bombs without worrying the European Union. These Ukrainians are deprived of their social rights, of the payment of their pensions, of their salaries for civil servants. Water pipes and transport networks are systematically destroyed, preventing the delivery of foreign humanitarian aid. Anne-Laure denounces on her Facebook page: “Kiev is blockading its Russian-speaking populations in the east of the country. Since last November 4, the Security Council of the government of Kiev has thus adopted a “plan of immediate measures for the stabilization of the socio-economic situation…” which consists of “the suspension of the operation of companies, institutions, representations, subsidiaries and state organizations in cities located in the “anti-terrorist zone” of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.”

Because the new authorities simply decreed that the millions of Ukrainian citizens who lived in the regions of Lugansk and Donetsk were terrorists. » We strongly advise our readers to watch Anne-Laure Bonnel’s documentary: Dombass

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“The tools of propaganda in mass society have only grown with the tools of mass communication.”

There Will Be Many Ghosts In Kiev (AC)

The tools of propaganda in mass society have only grown with the tools of mass communication. You cannot see the war in its entirety—where it comes from and where it will go and what may come of it, and most of all what is happening now, on the ground—but you can be made to think you see, told that you are a part of a great and noble effort, even from the sterile security of your office or the comfort of your home. There are two wars, which are in the end still really one war: that between Russia and Ukraine, and that waged in the information sphere by parties both known and unknown, state and non-state actors alike, around the world. Since history is written by the victors, the thinking goes, if you write away now you might just win.

Sometimes this second war of appearances itself appears obvious enough for anyone to recognize. Consider recent reports of potential prosecution by the Czech Republic of citizens who post pro-Russian statements—a country not formally involved in the war in Ukraine mobilizing the tools of a total war effort. Or look on in wonder at Canadians filling the streets of Ottawa again, this time with members of parliament and city counselors among them, demonstrating in “solidarity” with people who live in a country on the other side of the world, a week after the demonstrations and solidarity of their fellow citizens were crushed. Or gawk at CBS highlighting transgenderism in Ukraine right now. Propaganda is not always subtle, even if the final aims of the information war they are a part of seem obscure.

The vast technical improvements in the tools of its dissemination mean that propaganda need not be subtle at all now. One can and probably should debate whether it ever was—the American security state’s Cold War partnership with industrialists and cultural influencers was more tasteful than that of today, but was it really less obvious? But in our moment that is beside the point. What is clear, as Darryl Cooper of the MartyrMade podcast observed recently, is that “Modern propaganda doesn’t even bother trying to convince (if even by deception). It merely says if you think This, you’re good, if you think That, you’re bad, then encourages the Good People to go attack the Bad People.”

No fly zone

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“The West’s delusions about this war – and its failure to understand the enemy – will prevent it from saving Ukraine”

Putin Is Not Crazy And The Russian Invasion Is Not Failing (Roggio)

Once again, U.S. and Western officials are falling into the trap of failing to understand the enemy and his objectives. Allegedly, Putin believed that the Ukrainian government would collapse once Russian troops crossed the frontier and pushed to Kyiv, and that the operation has failed because the Ukrainian government remains in place. Putin certainly hoped for a swift victory, but he clearly was not relying on his opening salvo as the only plan for success. Rather, the Russian military was prepared to take the country by force if a swift decapitation strike fell short. This kind of plan should be familiar to Americans who remember the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

In the first hours of the war, the U.S. Air Force launched its ‘shock and awe’ campaign in an attempt to kill Saddam Hussein and other key leaders and bring down the government. Saddam survived, but the U.S. military was fully prepared to follow up with a ground assault. A look at the Russian military offensive demonstrates there was a plan for a full-scale invasion, which Russia is now executing. Conventional, mechanized warfare is a time and resource consuming enterprise, and an operation of this scope isn’t cobbled together in days. The Russian offensive is taking place on four separate fronts. On a fifth front, in eastern Ukraine, which Putin declared independent last week, Russian forces are tying down Ukrainian troops that are needed elsewhere.

The bulk of the Russian forces are advancing southward from Belarus to Kyiv. Russian advance forces, including air, mobile and reconnaissance troops, have been engaged with Ukrainian troops outside of Kyiv since the start of the war. A massive column of Russian troops, estimated at over 40 miles long, is just 20 miles north of Kyiv, and is likely assembling to surround the capital. If Russian forces can take Kyiv and push southward to link up with forces on the Crimean front, thus splitting Ukraine in two, it would be a major blow to the Zelensky government. What matters more than a handful of setbacks is that Russian forces have pushed 70 miles into contested terrain in less than a week and are on the outskirts of the capital.

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“Ukraine is the core of the formation of the Russian state and nation.”

The Importance Of The Russian Peacekeeping Operation In Ukraine (Milacic)

Ukraine is the core of the formation of the Russian state and nation. And much more. In modern circumstances, the question of Ukraine is a question of Russia’s survival. Ukraine is the country that decides on Russia’s destiny because it is in the lobby of the Kremlin. In the modern conditions of modern weapons, it is a springboard for the dismemberment of Russia. These plans have existed for a long time and are even in the scientific literature. The main goals of the Russian peacekeeping operation are the protection of the Russian people in Ukraine, Ukraine’s commitment to neutrality, and the decentralization of the state in order to prevent an anti-Russian policy in the future in Kiev. Also, President Putin made it clear – that one of the goals is to denazify Ukraine.

For years, we have witnessed the strengthening of neo-Nazi forces in Ukraine, and it is not appropriate for a country like Russia, which has a fight against Nazism in its history, to have a country in its neighborhood that is pro-Nazi. And Ukraine was like that. And imagine what the impact of Ukraine would be if it remained on that course as Russia’s neighbor. The geopolitical goals are recognized in the geopolitics of Russia written in the books, and that is to expel the United States from Eurasia as a whole. That seems like a distant and impossible goal to us, but with the victory in the Second World War, the United States occupied the macro-bridgehead in Europe and after the Cold War, they tried to expand it. They succeeded in that after the fall of the Berlin Wall and reached the borders of Russia itself – Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia.

Now they are trying to expand that bridgehead even more. The Russians believe that the United States is a foreign body on the territory of Eurasia, under the formula “why would a non-Eurasian power rule Eurasia, where there is one Russia, China, India but also Germany and France. So goals can be much longer term. On the other hand, for US, this is a matter of confirming credibility. After several defeats, Washington is facing a new challenge – in Ukraine itself. If Russia succeeds, the United States will be in a cycle of defeat. Many countries will try to be neutral and give general commitments, their generalized words. But China, like any great power, says one thing – that the security interests of Russia, like any other state, must be respected. In translation, that NATO’s expansion to the east must be stopped.

After independence, Ukraine insisted on decommunization. From the demolition of the monuments, to the change of its orientation and policy. But only to those limits to stay within its borders which were determined by the – communists!

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“I was First Secretary at the British Embassy in Warsaw, I was British Ambassador in Tashkent, and I was taught to be fluent in both Polish and Russian, which included living in St Petersburg as a language student while Ambassador designate..”

The Universal Boosting of Putin (Craig Murray)

Putin’s image as the strong man of Eurasia is boosted out of all proportion by those on the right who benefit from portraying a powerful enemy: and by those on the left who yearn for a powerful friend. This is the universal boosting of Putin. But in real life he is a much smaller figure, controlling a waning power of very limited resources. He has just made his largest miscalculation. In the last hour the UN General Assembly has condemned the Russian attack on Ukraine. The UN General Assembly is a forum where the US and its allies can normally muster between 2 and 12 votes. They had 141. Russia mustered 5, the kind of position the US, Israel and the Marshall Islands frequently find themselves in. That is the extent of Putin’s diplomatic blunder.

History teaches us it is a huge mistake to attack Russia. The Russian people have an enormous capacity for wartime resilience when attacked. But the plain truth is NATO has never attacked Russia, and though I intensely dislike NATO’s pushing of weapons systems closer to Russia, NATO doctrine has never included plans to initiate war with Russia. Just as I have frequently stated Russia has never had any intent to attack the UK; to persuade the population otherwise is the everyday job of the military industrial complex. But the Russian military industrial complex is just as powerful within Russia as the western military industrial complex is here, and the Russian people are just as exploited by their elites as we are in the West.

On either side, the offices of heads of government are not the right place to search for the good guys. Everybody gets lied into war. It is of course a truism that Russian security concerns were made neuralgic by the ever tightening encroachment of NATO and its missiles. It is a valid point. But it is an equally valid point that NATO has never attacked Russia and none of those missiles has ever been fired at Russia. The point of the missiles was never to fire them at Russia. The point of the missiles was to manufacture and sell them at enormous profit margins and provide large salaries and cash funds for politicians, with endless revolving door jobs for ex-military and civilian defence personnel, who all keep the contracts flowing.

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I must admit I don’t get this.

US Army Pushing Mandatory Gender Pronoun Training (Rebel)

While the war in Ukraine rages on, the U.S. Army is pushing through a mandatory training program for enlisted soldiers on gender pronouns, coaching officers on how to offer servicemembers gender reassignment surgery. An explosive report by the Washington Free Beacon detailed an official military presentation titled, “Policy on the Military Service of Transgender Persons and Persons with Gender Dysphoria,” which was provided to officers in February along with instructions on how to train their subordinates on the material. Details of the presentation were leaked to the Free Beacon by a whistleblower who was forced to partake in the training as a high-ranking officer in the Army Special Forces, also known as the Green Berets.

Details of the leaked report were confirmed to the publication by a U.S. Army Spokesman, who said that it came from an official program “used to train Army personnel on the recent changes to the DoD and Army transgender service policy.” Under the policy, every enlisted soldier to officer, including commanders and supervisors, are mandated to undergo the transgender training by September 30, 2022. The introduction of the presentation comes months after the army’s shift in policies allowing transgender soldiers to openly serve and is part of a larger push by the Biden administration’s “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” initiative to make the military inclusive to transgender and non-binary identifying individuals. Despite the pushback from Republicans and military veterans, all three branches of the U.S. Military and the U.S. Marines have gone ahead to promote the woke initiative throughout the military.

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“.. just because NATO-bloc countries have been tearing a path of wanton destruction around the globe since 2001 without serious consequences, this does not give Russia, or any country, moral license to behave in a similar manner.”

The US and NATO Have Never Been Sanctioned For Starting Wars. Why? (Bridge)

If the current events in Ukraine have proven anything, it’s that the United States and its transatlantic partners are able to run roughshod across a shell-shocked planet – in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria, to name a few of the hotspots – with almost total impunity. Meanwhile, Russia and Vladimir Putin are being portrayed in nearly every mainstream media publication today as the second coming of Nazi Germany for their actions in Ukraine. First, let’s be clear about something. Hypocrisy and double standards alone do not provide justification for the opening of hostilities by any country. In other words, just because NATO-bloc countries have been tearing a path of wanton destruction around the globe since 2001 without serious consequences, this does not give Russia, or any country, moral license to behave in a similar manner.

There must be a convincing reason for a country to authorize the use of force, thereby committing itself to what could be considered ‘a just war’. Thus, the question: Can Russia’s actions today be considered ‘just’ or, at the very least, understandable? I will leave that answer up to the reader’s better judgment, but it would be idle not to consider some important details. Only to the consumers of mainstream media fast food would it come as a surprise that Moscow has been warning on NATO expansion for well over a decade. In his now-famous speech to the Munich Security Conference in 2007, Vladimir Putin poignantly asked the assembled global powerbrokers point blank, “why is it necessary to put military infrastructure on our borders during this [NATO] expansion? Can someone answer this question?”

Later in the speech, he said that expanding military assets smack up to the Russian border “is not connected in any way with the democratic choices of individual states.” Not only were the Russian leader’s concerns met with the predictable amount of disregard amid the deafening sound of crickets, NATO has gone on to bestow membership on four more countries since that day (Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, and North Macedonia). As a thought experiment that even a dolt could conduct, imagine Washington’s reaction if Moscow were building a continuously expanding military bloc in South America, for example.

The real cause for Moscow’s alarm, however, came when the US and NATO began flooding neighboring Ukraine with a dazzling array of sophisticated weaponry amid calls for membership in the military bloc. What on earth could go wrong? In Moscow’s mind, Ukraine was beginning to pose an existential threat to Russia. In December, Moscow, quickly nearing the end of its patience, delivered draft treaties to the US and NATO, demanding they halt any further military expansion eastwards, including by the accession of Ukraine or any other states. It included the explicit statement that NATO “shall not conduct any military activity on the territory of Ukraine or other states of Eastern Europe, South Caucasus and Central Asia.” Once again, Russia’s proposals were met with arrogance and indifference by Western leaders.

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One of the accused committed suicide after hearing what his verdict could be. Meanwhile, Pelosi still refuses to release the thousands of hours of video.

Jan. 6 Panel Accuses Trump Of Engaging In ‘Criminal Conspiracy’ (JTN)

The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot alleged in a court filing Wednesday that former President Donald Trump participated in a “criminal conspiracy” related to the 2020 election as it sought to pierce his attorney-client privilege. The committee alleged that the former president and his campaign attempted to illegally obstruct Congress’ certification of electoral votes. “The Select Committee also has a good-faith basis for concluding that the President and members of his Campaign engaged in a criminal conspiracy to defraud the United States,” the panel wrote in a brief that was filed in opposition to Trump attorney John Eastman’s claims of claims of attorney-client privilege. The committee also said that Trump “may have” been involved in other criminal acts as well with Eastman offering legal assistance. “[E]vidence and information available to the Committee establishes a good-faith belief that Mr. Trump and others may have engaged in criminal and/or fraudulent acts, and that Plaintiff’s legal assistance was used in furtherance of those activities.”

Jan. 6 Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., and Vice Chair Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., released a statement on the allegations Wednesday. “The Select Committee’s brief refutes on numerous grounds the privilege claims Dr. Eastman has made to try to keep hidden records critical to our investigation. The Select Committee is not conducting a criminal investigation. But, as the judge noted at a previous hearing, Dr. Eastman’s privilege claims raise the question whether the crime-fraud exception to the attorney-client privilege applies in this situation,” they wrote. “The facts we’ve gathered strongly suggest that Dr. Eastman’s emails may show that he helped Donald Trump advance a corrupt scheme to obstruct the counting of electoral college ballots and a conspiracy to impede the transfer of power,” the duo added.

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“Many protesters blamed the violence on police plants, outside agitators or “antifa” infiltrators..”

New Zealand Reckons With Aftermath As Smoke Clears On Violent Protests (G.)

“We will not be defined by this,” prime minister Jacinda Ardern said, as New Zealand’s parliament grounds descended into chaos, fire and violence in a shocking end to the anti-mandate protests that have occupied the capital city’s centre. An undercurrent of violence had simmered throughout the weeks-long Ottawa-inspired occupation, which was blighted by abusive behaviour, conspiracy theories, and death threats. On Wednesday, riot police moved in with pepper spray and rubber bullets, and the powder keg exploded. Protesters set their tents alight, and lit a bonfire beneath the parliamentary children’s playground. People could be heard whooping and yelling, “burn it down, burn it down.” As fires burned across the lawns, some protesters worked to spread them and set more tents alight, while a woman screamed “What are you doing? People will get hurt”.

Gas bottles exploded as they were consumed by the blaze. At a bonfire next to the cenotaph war memorial, protesters threw tents, trash and wooden pallets on the flames. Others hurled anything within reach at lines of riot police: chairs, fireworks, rubbish bins, and paving stones ripped from the parliamentary paths. By evening, firefighter hoses had dampened the flames and revealed a graveyard of burnt tents, blackened grass, and tipped-over portaloos. A small group of 150 protesters who were funnelled down a sidestreet continued to clash with police. As the smoke cleared, New Zealand was left reckoning with scenes without precedent in recent decades. Violence is a rarity at the country’s parliament, which has a tradition of openness, relatively light security and high levels of public access.

The protests marked a confronting shift in tone from the first two years of New Zealand’s pandemic, which were characterised by unusually high levels of consensus and support for government public health measures, as well as rising levels of trust in science and experts. Many protesters blamed the violence on police plants, outside agitators or “antifa” infiltrators. Christopher Best, a protester standing back from where the scuffles were breaking out, appeared shell-shocked. “What you’re seeing here is not the protesters that actually want to protest for the mandates, these are the extremists,” he said. Best had been at the encampment for 23 days and said the tone of the protest had shifted dramatically in the last 48 hours, but he struggled to articulate who the newcomers were. “We’ve seen another a group of people who just want to create trouble. These people are coming in and wrecking it.”

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James A. Thorp1*, Thomas Renz2, Christiane Northrup3, Charles Lively4, Peter Breggin5, Richard Bartlett6, Neil Karrow7, Steve Kirsch8, James Welsh9, Phil Euell10, Ryan Cole11, Jeff Childers12, Bryan Ardis13, Benjamin Marble14, Eric Feintuch15, Daniel Nagase16, Richard Urso17, Paul E Merik18, Peter A. McCullough

Corruption of Healthcare, Informed Consent, Doctor-Patient Relationship (GMS)

A recent publication in the British Medical Journal cast concern about the impropriety of the Pfizer data. The author, Paul D Thacker reviews a litany of breaches of expected experimental integrity [1]. Many mainstream medical journals and professional organizations receive financial support from pharmaceutical advertising and thus have financial incentives to collude with Big Pharma. Despite the global rollout of COVID-19 “vaccines”, the de-identified participant level data underlying the trials for these new products remain inaccessible to doctors, researchers, and the public [2]. Big Pharma is the least trusted industry [3] and at least three of the many companies making COVID-19 vaccines have past criminal and civil settlements costing them billions of dollars, with one pleading guilty to fraud [4].

The COVID-19 pandemic has made many new pharmaceutical billionaires and vaccine manufacturers report tens of billions in profit [5]. Doshi and Healy maintain that physicians should not recommend vaccines when full transparent data are not publicly available [6]. Appropriate testing was not completed prior to the roll out of the COVID-19 “vaccines” in women of reproductive age, nor was Big Pharma’s data made available to public scrutiny. The term “cartel” frequently conjures images of illegal drug activities engaged in by groups seeking to fix and control markets. However, a “cartel” is any group of independent corporations and/or entities who band together to control the production, distribution, and pricing of a market or commonly shared commodity [7].

Despite significant signs of danger about the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines, governing bodies of healthcare professionals have banded together in cartellike fashion, issuing threats to destroy the livelihood of physicians and other health care providers for alleged dissemination of “misinformation” about COVID-19. A term of deception crafted by various cartel entities “misinformation” is used to label anything that would tend to create COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy. In other words, “misinformation” is used to discredit alternative views and seeks to prevent honest and truthful communication with a patient about the experimental gene therapy’s known and very real dangers. This honest and truthful communication is necessary for a physician to provide informed consent.

Using the cartel example, these commonly shared commodities are the COVID-19 vaccines – which are not traditional, immunizing vaccines at all [8], but prophylactic treatments for COVID-19 which carry serious and significant risks. The cartel-like entities seek to collectively control the market by promoting COVID-19 vaccines as the only option for pregnant patients, despite other prophylactics and treatments which have a proven safety record in pregnancy. The cartel-like entities in this instance seek also to prevent pregnant patients from being able to make decisions related to these experimental vaccines which is informed by the emerging scientific data. In what can be likened to “fixing” the market in favor of administration of universal COVID-19 vaccines – thereby maintaining their monopoly on COVID-19 vaccines as the only treatment – the cartel-like entities have banded together to falsely assert that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective, and necessary. However, this narrative is crumbling before the eyes of the entire world.

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Lopatonok is the director, Stone the executive producer.

Ukraine on Fire (Lopatonok/Oliver Stone)

I was a supporter of the Orange revolution in Ukraine in 2004, but with time I find more and more evidence that all “revolutions” were scripted and staged with big money and foreign government and non-government involved. The result was horrible for Ukraine, people lost their dream of free democracy – the democrats show such hunger for power and money –they look much worse that the predecessor. I remember a friend of mine calling me from Odessa during the first days of the “Euromaidan” events in November of 2013 and asking me – “Where is the CNN coverage??” and the coverage was delivered. At that time – November 2013 me and my team already had start gathering footage and evidence, but even in a nightmare I did not imagine this Coup De Taut being this bloody and violent.

I can’t name it a revolution. This was an organized, prepared, funded and staged Cope De Taut – and everybody who participated in that event looked out for they own goals, and my fellow Ukrainians were used as a force against the government. And they arranged a cover for those actions, and they blamed the police and the government, but they fought without hesitation because blood was already on their hands. I, as a citizen, can’t just sit and watch. We decided to shed some light on behind the stage helpers, who help achieve results but with totally different goals – Geopolitical goals. So we pay attention to that technology and find a lot of patterns in common around the world, and this leads us to a serious conclusion – that people in a free world need to know how their governments use they tax money for regime changing games around the world, and the consequences.

My biggest concern about all of this – Are we that stupid that we are going to let our differences and ideologies put the World on the brink of World War 3? Can we stop our politicians from those dangerous games of power? And I think so, if all of us will be aware and conscious, and don’t stay silent if we see neo-nazi’s presenting themselves as freedom fighters, and manipulators from neo-conservatives to neo-liberals use not only the citizens of Ukraine but all of us around the World to achieve they goals.

Igor Lopatonok, Director

Ukraine on fire full video

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The US government has to come up with very very strong legislation for social media, and it has to do that very soon. Because if it doesn’t, it risks those same social media inciting a civil war (that’s no hyperbole, that is real) on American soil.

And beyond as well, but as Donald Trump said about European efforts to curtail Twitter, Facebook et al’s activities, they’re American companies and hence America’s responsibility. Well, cool, but that means you have to do your job, and you ain’t doing it. Those EU efforts by the way were all about financial issues, tax paying etc., not inciting civil wars or being undemocratic. In short, Brussels doesn’t get it yet either.

Now, the Automatic Earth was kicked off Facebook years ago and never received an explanation for why an account with 1000s of followers was just choked in the bud, so I can’t be expected to celebrate its great achievements for mankind. We still have a Twitter account, but how much longer after I post this essay? There’s no telling, and that is the heart of the entire issue. If I, or you, say anything that anyone at these companies don’t like, they can ban us.

Facebook and Twitter continue to operate on the notion that they are private companies who are entitled to ban anyone they don’t like. In the case of Facebook, that covers half the world population. It’s like running the UN as a private enterprise. And it’s not even the owners or the board, they don’t have time to check who they like or not. Instead, they have hired 10s of 1000s of young -because cheap- kids to do the (shadow-) banning for them.

The companies are all based in Silicon Valley, i.e. California, i.e. NOT Trump territory, and the cheap young kids hired to decide what people can and cannot say on their so-called private platforms reflect that territory and its ideas. But Washington can no longer tolerate that. It must act now. The question is: will it?


Why wouldn’t it? Because Facebook, Twitter, Instagram et al have become the US Intelligence’s dream tools to spy on their own people as well as those abroad. The CIA couldn’t even ever have dreamt of a platform that encompasses 3.5 billion people. But Mark Zuckerberg handed it to them on a platter. My idea is Trump would love to go against them, because they go against him and his voters, but US Intelligence, CIA, FBI, may be holding him back from it. Bad, bad idea.

Picked up Charles Nenner on his war cycles at Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog site, and I wasn’t terribly convinced at first sight, but that was before I read about Mitch McConnell being threatened at his own house.


Civil War Cycle Heating up in America

“Years ago when we talked about my war cycles, I said I am more worried about internal social war in the United States than outside wars. I think there is a bigger chance in the United States than in Europe. They say it’s Trump’s fault . . . . I say it’s the other way around. If the Democrats would just get things organized and people would not get that angry. . . . The media will always take the other side, so they will never solve it. I think it is the Democrats whose fault it is that all these killings are there and not the Republicans. . . .

So, there is a cycle of social unrest in the United States, which is 60 years old. So, you go back to what happened in the 1960’s. It could explode, and I think it is going to explode, and there is going to be a major problem. . . . I don’t know how bad it is going to be, but based on cycles, it has to be worse than the 1960’s. Each cycle always is worse. . . . WWII was worse than WWI, so every cycle becomes worse than the first cycle. . . . I don’t feel comfortable living in the United States anymore because people are so aggressive on everything.

Nenner also talks in that piece about how he visited Putin, who is interested in the war cycles idea, so maybe I should read up on those war cycles.

But that Mitch McConnell story interferes and disperses into the whole tale. There apparently were groups of people outside his home, caught on video, who were calling for him to be violently attacked. And when his campaign posted a video of these people on Twitter, the campaign’s account was shut down.


“Just Stab The Motherfu*ker”: Twitter Suspends McConnell Campaign For Posting Video Of Violent Threats

“I just want him to have a stroke, that is all,” the woman added. “One of those heart attacks where they can’t breathe, and they’re holding their chest and they fall backwards” “He’s in there nursing his broken arm. He should have broken his raggedy, wrinkled-ass neck,” she said at one point in the video. “Everybody needs to show up wherever this ho is at and make him just regret his fucking life, period,” she added. At one point in the protest, a male protester commenting on McConnell’s recent injury said that he may have been the victim of a “voodoo doll” curse. -Daily Caller

Kevin Golden, McConnell’s 2020 campaign manager noted that “Twitter will allow the words of ‘Massacre Mitch’ to trend nationally on their platform, but locks our account for posting actual threats against us.” Golden says that they appealed to Twitter, which stood by their decision, saying that the account will remain locked until they delete the video. Daily Wire reporter Ryan Saavedra was similarly locked out of his Twitter account for posting the video. “Twitter asked me yesterday to delete this tweet,” Saavedra recounted in a massive tweetstorm. “It showed a person allegedly calling for violence against Mitch McConnell. The person appears to be a BLM activist who has met with Elizabeth Warren.”

And I know, people are going to react to this saying: Oh, it’s Daily Caller, Mitch McConnell, Ryan Saveedra, it’s right wing, but that is so far beyond the point it disqualifies you from any conversation at all. Mitch McConnell, aka MoscowMitch or MassacreMitch, is very far removed from being my favorite person on the planet, but he’s the Senate Majority Leader, and as such an important part of the American political system.

If you don’t like that, there’s a mechanism to express that: the ballot box. Calling for him to be physically attacked right outside the place where he and his family live is not done. Unless perhaps you want the same to happen to you at your residence. But you don’t, do you?

This has nothing to do with left vs right anymore. This is about people who have convinced themselves they are so right in their ideas that anything at all is justified to get their views and their points across, including violence. Well, there’s the seeds of your civil war then.

Now, note that this started well over 3 years ago with the invention out of thin air of Russiagate. Now that that ‘theory’ has been debunked, where are the inventors, i.e. losers, going to hide? Apparently in front of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s home.

And what’s next? Right-wing protesters setting up camp outside Mark Zuckerberg’s home, or Adam Schiff’s, Jerry Nadler’s, Elijah Cummings’? We may not be that far removed from that happening. And if it does, Facebook and Twitter will be crucial in organizing it.

Which is why Trump and AG Bill Barr must come up with very strong rules, very soon, defining what social media are allowed to do and what not. And barring Mitch McConnell’s campaign from posting direct threats to the man uttered mere feet away from where he lives doesn’t seem to be the way forward.

The Age of -corporate- Innocence that Zuck and @jack keep trying to hide behind while counting their billions has long gone. They have become bigger political players than the New York Times, CNN and Jeff Bezos. Stop them now or you risk the 2020 elections leading to outright warfare. Mr. Trump, sir, this is your responsibility more than anyone else’s. You have no choice. But you do have the power.

Not many Americans, far as I can see, take the threat of a civil war seriously, including you, Mr. Trump. But you really should. Take on the social media, and you’re halfway there to preventing it.