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Edward Hopper Ground swell 1939


The US government has to come up with very very strong legislation for social media, and it has to do that very soon. Because if it doesn’t, it risks those same social media inciting a civil war (that’s no hyperbole, that is real) on American soil.

And beyond as well, but as Donald Trump said about European efforts to curtail Twitter, Facebook et al’s activities, they’re American companies and hence America’s responsibility. Well, cool, but that means you have to do your job, and you ain’t doing it. Those EU efforts by the way were all about financial issues, tax paying etc., not inciting civil wars or being undemocratic. In short, Brussels doesn’t get it yet either.

Now, the Automatic Earth was kicked off Facebook years ago and never received an explanation for why an account with 1000s of followers was just choked in the bud, so I can’t be expected to celebrate its great achievements for mankind. We still have a Twitter account, but how much longer after I post this essay? There’s no telling, and that is the heart of the entire issue. If I, or you, say anything that anyone at these companies don’t like, they can ban us.

Facebook and Twitter continue to operate on the notion that they are private companies who are entitled to ban anyone they don’t like. In the case of Facebook, that covers half the world population. It’s like running the UN as a private enterprise. And it’s not even the owners or the board, they don’t have time to check who they like or not. Instead, they have hired 10s of 1000s of young -because cheap- kids to do the (shadow-) banning for them.

The companies are all based in Silicon Valley, i.e. California, i.e. NOT Trump territory, and the cheap young kids hired to decide what people can and cannot say on their so-called private platforms reflect that territory and its ideas. But Washington can no longer tolerate that. It must act now. The question is: will it?


Why wouldn’t it? Because Facebook, Twitter, Instagram et al have become the US Intelligence’s dream tools to spy on their own people as well as those abroad. The CIA couldn’t even ever have dreamt of a platform that encompasses 3.5 billion people. But Mark Zuckerberg handed it to them on a platter. My idea is Trump would love to go against them, because they go against him and his voters, but US Intelligence, CIA, FBI, may be holding him back from it. Bad, bad idea.

Picked up Charles Nenner on his war cycles at Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog site, and I wasn’t terribly convinced at first sight, but that was before I read about Mitch McConnell being threatened at his own house.


Civil War Cycle Heating up in America

“Years ago when we talked about my war cycles, I said I am more worried about internal social war in the United States than outside wars. I think there is a bigger chance in the United States than in Europe. They say it’s Trump’s fault . . . . I say it’s the other way around. If the Democrats would just get things organized and people would not get that angry. . . . The media will always take the other side, so they will never solve it. I think it is the Democrats whose fault it is that all these killings are there and not the Republicans. . . .

So, there is a cycle of social unrest in the United States, which is 60 years old. So, you go back to what happened in the 1960’s. It could explode, and I think it is going to explode, and there is going to be a major problem. . . . I don’t know how bad it is going to be, but based on cycles, it has to be worse than the 1960’s. Each cycle always is worse. . . . WWII was worse than WWI, so every cycle becomes worse than the first cycle. . . . I don’t feel comfortable living in the United States anymore because people are so aggressive on everything.

Nenner also talks in that piece about how he visited Putin, who is interested in the war cycles idea, so maybe I should read up on those war cycles.

But that Mitch McConnell story interferes and disperses into the whole tale. There apparently were groups of people outside his home, caught on video, who were calling for him to be violently attacked. And when his campaign posted a video of these people on Twitter, the campaign’s account was shut down.


“Just Stab The Motherfu*ker”: Twitter Suspends McConnell Campaign For Posting Video Of Violent Threats

“I just want him to have a stroke, that is all,” the woman added. “One of those heart attacks where they can’t breathe, and they’re holding their chest and they fall backwards” “He’s in there nursing his broken arm. He should have broken his raggedy, wrinkled-ass neck,” she said at one point in the video. “Everybody needs to show up wherever this ho is at and make him just regret his fucking life, period,” she added. At one point in the protest, a male protester commenting on McConnell’s recent injury said that he may have been the victim of a “voodoo doll” curse. -Daily Caller

Kevin Golden, McConnell’s 2020 campaign manager noted that “Twitter will allow the words of ‘Massacre Mitch’ to trend nationally on their platform, but locks our account for posting actual threats against us.” Golden says that they appealed to Twitter, which stood by their decision, saying that the account will remain locked until they delete the video. Daily Wire reporter Ryan Saavedra was similarly locked out of his Twitter account for posting the video. “Twitter asked me yesterday to delete this tweet,” Saavedra recounted in a massive tweetstorm. “It showed a person allegedly calling for violence against Mitch McConnell. The person appears to be a BLM activist who has met with Elizabeth Warren.”

And I know, people are going to react to this saying: Oh, it’s Daily Caller, Mitch McConnell, Ryan Saveedra, it’s right wing, but that is so far beyond the point it disqualifies you from any conversation at all. Mitch McConnell, aka MoscowMitch or MassacreMitch, is very far removed from being my favorite person on the planet, but he’s the Senate Majority Leader, and as such an important part of the American political system.

If you don’t like that, there’s a mechanism to express that: the ballot box. Calling for him to be physically attacked right outside the place where he and his family live is not done. Unless perhaps you want the same to happen to you at your residence. But you don’t, do you?

This has nothing to do with left vs right anymore. This is about people who have convinced themselves they are so right in their ideas that anything at all is justified to get their views and their points across, including violence. Well, there’s the seeds of your civil war then.

Now, note that this started well over 3 years ago with the invention out of thin air of Russiagate. Now that that ‘theory’ has been debunked, where are the inventors, i.e. losers, going to hide? Apparently in front of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s home.

And what’s next? Right-wing protesters setting up camp outside Mark Zuckerberg’s home, or Adam Schiff’s, Jerry Nadler’s, Elijah Cummings’? We may not be that far removed from that happening. And if it does, Facebook and Twitter will be crucial in organizing it.

Which is why Trump and AG Bill Barr must come up with very strong rules, very soon, defining what social media are allowed to do and what not. And barring Mitch McConnell’s campaign from posting direct threats to the man uttered mere feet away from where he lives doesn’t seem to be the way forward.

The Age of -corporate- Innocence that Zuck and @jack keep trying to hide behind while counting their billions has long gone. They have become bigger political players than the New York Times, CNN and Jeff Bezos. Stop them now or you risk the 2020 elections leading to outright warfare. Mr. Trump, sir, this is your responsibility more than anyone else’s. You have no choice. But you do have the power.

Not many Americans, far as I can see, take the threat of a civil war seriously, including you, Mr. Trump. But you really should. Take on the social media, and you’re halfway there to preventing it.





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    Edward Hopper Ground swell 1939   The US government has to come up with very very strong legislation for social media, and it has to do that very
    [See the full post at: Social Media Civil War]


    I suspect that old Betsy is long past her days of undergoing repairs for damage and breakage. She’s definitely pumping mud, it seems to me.

    Shut ‘er down, Clancy!

    ’bout time to grab yer BOB.


    “The US government has to come up with very very strong legislation for social media, and it has to do that very soon. Because if it doesn’t, it risks those same social media inciting a civil war (that’s no hyperbole, that is real) on American soil.”

    Too late. USA is scared. They already let the beast out of the cage

    I remember reading that the Arab Spring used social media. Maybe with some help from USA.
    Social media
    Within the dark web, there exist emerging social media platforms similar to those on the World Wide Web. Facebook and other traditional social media platforms have begun to make dark-web versions of their websites to address problems associated with the traditional platforms and to continue their service in all areas of the World Wide Web.

    Diogenes Shrugged

    Comments sections are social media, too. So, let’s see how far I can test the limits here. It is my opinion that we are currently witnessing the initial years of a second Bolshevik revolution, this time in Europe and the U.S. Should that revolution ultimately succeed, the entire globe will eventually fall to communism.

    Hundreds of millions of firearms in the hands of a formerly free people, and Trump exposes himself as a liar once again by endorsing federal Red Flag laws. That’s an open declaration of war against his own countrymen, if you ask me. What’s lost is the right to face your accuser, so anybody can call the cops and say about anybody else, “I know so-and-so is a gun owner, and I’m concerned because he’s been acting a little odd lately,” precipitating a SWAT raid and gun confiscation (assuming guns are even present). Not to mention dead dogs, brutalized families, asset forfeitures, stray bullets, unnecessary deaths, and other nightmares the Schwartz György types find so amusing (you know him as George Soros).

    I’ll remind you that the American Revolution began when the British tried to confiscate ammunition at Lexington and Concord. Americans aren’t going to take this lightly.

    Trump serves two purposes for his Zionist handlers. First, he puts Zionism and Israel above everything else, including the U.S. Constitution. Second, he serves as a “white” punching bag, deflecting attention (and blame) from his overt Zionism.

    Just like the Russian Bolsheviks, the top dogs running the social media sites are mostly Jewish. Zionist Jews treat Talmudic prophesy as a game plan, and under that plan, Trump is powerless against the social media giants.

    If the federal Red Flag laws become the law of the land, your civil war is certain. Unfortunately, that is precisely the outcome Trump’s handlers intend. If civil war happens, watch for another massive outbreak of dancing Israelis.

    This has nothing whatsoever to do with racism. It’s about mass murder and total world domination. But hundreds of millions of firearms mean nothing if you don’t know who your enemy is.

    John Day

    It took several weekends of mass shootings for Universal Pictures to yank ads for (but not postpone, or cancel) an R-rated ‘murder-porn’ movie in which elite liberals hunt Trump supporters for sport.
    “Did anyone see what our ratfucker-in-chief just did?” asks one character early in the screenplay for The Hunt – set to open Sept. 27. “At least The Hunt’s coming up. Nothing better than going out to the Manor and slaughtering a dozen deplorables,” is the reply.

    V. Arnold

    Edward Hopper Ground swell 1939

    Another great sailing picture by Hopper (I love that gaff rigged sloop; a real beauty).

    Dr. D

    It is the most beautiful boat. I wish I could see it IRL.

    Quite correct: they are desperate to start a civil war, and are most of the way along succeeding. Now the sides are not equal in several ways, their plan depended — the plan always depends — on the Leftist, Progressive, National “Democratic” Socialist “Worker’s” Party to have the levers of government. Why? Because they are so ineffectual that is the only way their side can be as strong as the people, especially in America. And we know which side as that famous historical party from Austria was the party of gun control, purges, censorship, billionaires, wealth transfer, and burning books.

    But it makes no difference. The war is “lost” when either side takes a shot, because the whole nation loses when there is civil conflict, even at a low level. We haven’t gotten there, but the specific lack of truth, no declassification, and no enforcement of law against parties small but especially big, means that this entirely fake nonsense is allowed to go on endlessly. As the other Mr. D. says, the plan was 1917, carefully engineered since the Rush Limbaugh days, to get a hollowed-out America in a war that they would lose, in this case with China, and as that unpopular war has unnecessary hardship and fails, you assassinate the Tsar and send a train of gold into Cleveland to let the Red Bolsheviks and the White Bolsheviks grind each other. Worked last time, and these maniacs have no imagination. Why should they? It works and they can even publish their plan for years and no one reads. Doesn’t matter who wins, as that rotten, anti-Feudal American experiment still ends, and the Bill of Rights is extinguished for 1,000 years, as they have now tried for 250 years to destroy.

    Will that happen now? Perhaps not, as the sides are no longer equal. However, the full consequence of 100 years of dismantling and 50 years of universal lies and race-baiting cannot be easily undone. “We will know we have succeeded when everything the American people know is a lie.” –CIA Director Casey. However, you cannot have no truth, no law, no work, no morality, and just toddle off to green pastures. It always takes a crisis, a collapse, a hardship defining a generation, worse than 1933, to smash people with reality and get them even slightly interested in the straight and narrow again. Nothing can help that.

    “The Hunt” is a good example of this in several ways. First, the face-levels, yes, that we idolize murder and is acceptable, fabulous, amusing to watch the most gruesome, inhuman acts 6 hours straight through CSI:Primetime, and yet go bananas if someone breastfeeds and shows a nipple. Aaaaaiiiiii! Call da Police! Life vs. Anti-life, #Logos vs. #AnitLogos. Yes, the face-level is it’s fun, amusing, and acceptable to murder any red person you see. Yet you’ve finally seen the Right get fragile and go ’round the bend too. As much as for 30 years they would spit in your eye and say “Molon” and “Laissez-Faire” (leave me alone) before now, they finally got them to go “They’re killing us!!!” When nothing’s happened except a camera crew showed up with actors. On the second level, they’re now fragile and being carefully engineered because the premise is Red v Blue, which means the Red side ALSO has a hero. So why not focus on that person and their heroism overcoming Mr (Mz? Hz?) Blue? I mean, what do you think “The Hunger Games” was about? Rounding up and murdering Flyoverland. Exact same plot, yes, we noticed, because for us it’s not fiction, but a Monday.

    Continues with “time for talking is over”, and that the other side is non-rational. Which other side? There’s a lot of non-rational people around. Oh you mean the 1:1,000 people in your own town, a tiny minority of fringe people and ideas made to look large with careful story choice and camera shots? The neighborhood, the town, is mostly the same as ever; use your head. For better or worse, towns, peoples, cannot change that fast. That’s also how you know the nation that voted for Obama twice is not suddenly filled with white supremacists, but #AntiLogic, #AntiLogos, 247365. Maybe someday, but not 18 months after sharply approving of a black leader, and presently, black candidates, mayors, generals, Congressmen, and black cabinet members.

    It’s all a scam, people: stay out of it. Enforce the rule of law and tell the truth in your own life for a change. You think the Amish kids are this deranged? Anyone ever ask why if you do hard work for your family in the open air from an early age and go to Church on Sunday, things go pretty well, don’t end up feral and drug-shattered nihilistic suicide like the Suburbs? But they cannot be moral, they cannot be for-life until their hearts change, and that takes hardship. One we are courting and certain to find, as all who pursue empire (on behalf of a tiny minority) find. Let us hope it won’t be too bad, and a minimum now. Strangely, I expect so, however, the nation will therefore turn isolationist again, dissolve into the 50 states intended, and unable to help and strengthen Europe’s vanishing freedom. You’re on your own.

    And Trump does NOT have that power: Congress does. Why? Because despite calls and slanders to the contrary, generally DJT DOES follow the law — is that not a good thing? So he cannot help you. And they will not do it and it will not be enough. The only change that matters is the heart.

    “If only it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?” –The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn


    Thank you for all of the beautiful art. I visit every day just to see it.

    A few thoughts:

    The “seeds” – pure potentiality – have always been there; they include all possibilities. All life is pure potential. We have not recently planted seeds for anything, including civil war.

    It is the conditions that determine which seeds are supported for development/growth – in individuals, in households, communities, states, countries, the world.

    The condition called Russiagate was merely another Hopper wave; note that there are many other waves in the set/series that may have less, more, and or a cumulative impact. By keeping so much focus on the Russiagate wave without expanding the reference point (say from 2000 – present) you perpetuate the current civil war condition known as the left vs right. The set/series beginning around 2000 includes the Bush V Gore moment, 9-11, the WMD Iraq tragedy, 2008 financial catastrophe, failed Hope/Change, wildfires/floods, deplorables/murderers and rapists, DJT. All of these conditions have battered folks in various ways.

    What we lack is a translation of the impact of the conditions. That would involve a hearing from/on all sides + empathy. “First seek to understand, then be understood” (Covey). Then what about the process of finding a Way forward? And supporting ONE Another on the journey. So much we can do.

    We’re all in this boat TOGETHER. Now that’s one condition we can work with!


    Thank you for your words, Susmarie.

    “What we lack is a translation of the impact of the conditions. That would involve a hearing from/on all sides + empathy. “First seek to understand, then be understood” (Covey). Then what about the process of finding a Way forward? And supporting ONE Another on the journey. So much we can do.”

    Too many people are being ‘tried and convicted’ in the court of hear-say. They get into their silos and echo chambers and can’t hear another view point. Too many people are thinking that “if you are not with me, then you are against me”. Too simple for Real Life.

    Da Booby

    “So, there is a cycle of social unrest in the United States, which is 60 years old. So, you go back to what happened in the 1960’s. It could explode, and I think it is going to explode, and there is going to be a major problem”

    This is exactly right. 60 years ago we had a soft coup in which the radicalized left took control of the West, not by getting elected (politicians have far less power than we realize), but by taking control of our universities. Now they get to groom and indoctrinate our lawyers, judges, bureaucrats, schoolteachers, journalists, entertainers, etc., etc., etc.

    The 60s, the Revolution, and the Reign of Terror: Losing the Cold War Has It’s Advantages

    What we’re seeing now is the reign of terror that always follows revolutions, whether France, Russia, or Iran, etc. etc. etc. Nothing new, just a lot of denial within our ranks.

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