Jul 182024
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In Defense Of JD Vance As Trump’s VP

John French Sloan Spring rain 1912   It’s been a while since we saw Andrew Korybko here. But there he is.     Andrew Korybko:   In Defense Of JD Vance As Trump’s VP Addressing The Top-Three Criticisms Head-On Trump’s decision to pick freshman Ohio Senator JD Vance as his Vice President (VP) has riled some members of the Alt-Media Community (AMC), who claim that it represents a step backwards for the MAGA movement. They point to his history as

Jul 182024
Debt Rattle July 18 2024

Salvador Dali Elephants 1948   • Assassination Attempt Changed My Father – Donald Trump Jr. (RT) • Iwo Jima 2.0: What Story Is This Picture Telling? (Pepe Escobar) • The Assassination Attempt (Paul Craig Roberts) • Secret Service Explains Why It Didn’t Secure Roof Used By Trump Sniper (RT) • Secret Service Explanations For Security Failures Not Adding Up (ZH) • US Republicans Subpoena Secret Service Director (RT) • The Near Miss Assassination Hit the Mark with Press and Pundits

Jul 172024
Debt Rattle July 17 2024

Salvador Dali The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory 1954   • This One Thing About Trump Shooting Is Very Suspicious (Pochuev) • Further Thoughts on the Near Assassination (Paul Craig Roberts) • Rep. Cory Mills Vows ‘J13 Committee’ To Investigate Trump Shooting (ZH) • The Surrender (Matt Taibbi) • RFK Jr. Apologizes For Trump Leak (RT) • Biden Says No To Extra Debate With Trump (RT) • Elon Musk Pledges $45 Million Monthly To Pro-Trump Super PAC (ZH) •

Jul 162024
Debt Rattle July 16 2024

René Magritte The false mirror 1928   • “I’m Supposed To Be Dead” (ZH) • Trump Makes First Public Appearance Since Assassination Attempt (RT) • Trump Picks J.D. Vance As Running Mate (ZH) • Trump’s Would-Be Assassin Did Not Act ‘on His Own’ – Ex-CIA Officer (Sp.) • I Know A Hero When I See One (David Sacks) • Shocks to the System (Kunstler) • Biden Defends His ‘Put Trump In Bullseye’ Remark (RT) • Biden Orders Security For Kennedy

Jul 152024
Debt Rattle July 15 2024

Salvador Dali Swans reflecting elephants 1937   • ‘Eliminate Him’: A Look At The Violent Rhetoric Against Donald Trump (RT) • Was Trump ‘Put in a Bullseye’? (Sp.) • Did We Just Witness the FBI’s Attempt on Trump’s Life? (Paul Craig Roberts) • The Trump Shooting is Not Nearly as Surprising as it Should Be (Turley) • Fearless (QTR) • Massive Secret Service Failure Led To Shooting Of Donald Trump? (ZH) • US Secret Service Suspiciously Slow in Protecting Trump

Jul 142024
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Debt Rattle Bastille Day 2024

Salvador Dali Meditative rose 1958   • Trump Hit By Bullet At Pennsylvania Rally (ZH) • Trump Suggests Simultaneous Mental Test With Biden (RT) • Take Away the Car Keys (Hamilton) • Tulsi Gabbard – The Ultimate Insurance Policy for Trump (Luongo) • Musk Enters 2024 Fight With ‘Sizable’ Gift To Trump Super PAC (ZH) • Trump’s Facebook, Instagram Restrictions Rolled Back (RT) • Democrats Plotting To Oust Biden From Race – Axios (RT) • Major Donors Blackmailing US Democrats

Jul 132024
Debt Rattle July 13 2024

Henri Matisse Luxury, calm and pleasure 1904   • Trump, Orban, Putin: Why Are All The ‘Dictators’ Hellbent On Peace? (Bridge) • Orban Meets Trump To Talk ‘Peace Mission’ (RT) • Biden Sees ‘No Reason’ To Talk To Putin (RT) • Zelensky Slams ‘Crazy’ Limits On Russia Strikes (RT) • UK Disputes Zelensky’s Long-range Strikes Claim – Telegraph (RT) • Ukrainian Strikes On Kremlin Would ‘Make No Sense’ – Biden (RT) • Scott Ritter: Ukraine an ‘Open Target for Russia

Jul 122024
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Debt Rattle July 12 2024

Pablo Picasso The three dancers 1925   • Biden Will ‘Never Recover’ And Must Drop Out – Aides to NBC (RT) • Biden Mixes Up Harris & Trump, Zelensky & Putin (Sp.) • Comer Subpoenas Top Biden Handlers To Find Out Who’s Running The Country (ZH) • NATO More Nervous About Biden Than Trump – Politico (RT) • West Sees Zelensky As Cash Cow, to Keep Him in Power ‘For Now’ – Russia (Sp.) • NATO Declaration Is Neoconservative Recommitment

Jul 112024
Debt Rattle July 11 2024

Henri Matisse Window at Tangiers 1912   • Orban Is What Zelensky Should Have Been (Amar) • Merkel Would Have Prevented Ukraine Conflict – Orban (RT) • Trump Issues Fresh Challenge To Biden (RT) • Dem Senator Says Trump Could Beat Biden In “Landslide” (ZH) • MSM Launches ‘Muh Russia’ Election Narrative (ZH) • NATO Preparing For ‘Protracted Wars’ – Pentagon (RT) • EU Members Up Defense Spending by 30% Over Last 3 Years – Borrell (Sp.) • New UK

Jul 102024
Debt Rattle July 10 2024

Pablo Picasso Family of Saltimbanques 1905   • Trump Makes Biden Election Prediction (RT) • A Second Spousal Regency Is Now Underway (Stockman) • Paul Krugman Urges Biden To Drop Out (RT) • Senile, Drooling, but Mostly Fabulous (Luongo) • The Crowning of Kamala Harris? (Les Leopold) • Orban: “China Has A Peace Plan, America Has A War Policy” (SCF) • The Big Picture behind Viktor The Mediator’s Peace Shuttle (Pepe Escobar) • EU Might ‘End’ Hungary’s Presidency – Politico