Jun 202024
Debt Rattle June 20 2024

Roy Lichtenstein Woman in Bath 1963   • Russia Willing to Commit to Peaceful Negotiations (Manley) • Polish MP Calls For Landmines At Russian Border (RT) • Washington Weaponized Domestic Law and “Rules-based-order” (Paul Craig Roberts) • North Korea, Shunned For Decades, Welcomed Into New Multipolar World (Sp.) • ‘No Place’ Is Safe If Israel Starts War – Hezbollah (RT) • Joe Biden’s ‘Ceasefire Proposal’ Was Just ‘Kabuki Theater’ (Sp.) • Hunter Biden’s Charge of Lying Under Oath (Patrick Lawrence)

Jun 192024
Debt Rattle June 19 2024

Giuseppe Leone Ragusa Sicily 1953   • The West Is Lighting the Fuse of War (Paul Craig Roberts) • Russian Ambassador To US Outlines ‘Thorny’ Path To Peace (RT) • Kiev Better Accept Russia’s Peace Proposal – Medvedev (TASS) • Hegemon Orders Europe: Bet On War And Steal Russia’s Money (Pepe Escobar) • Crossing Moscow’s Red Line ‘Permissible’ – Austria (RT) • West Won’t Host Next Ukraine ‘Peace Conference’ – Switzerland (RT) • Prisoners Drafted Into Ukrainian Military ‘Will Run

Jun 182024
Debt Rattle June 18 2024

Pablo Picasso The blue room 1901   • Next Stage – The General Staff’s Targets After Putin’s Feint (Helmer) • NYT Docs: Putin Was Willing To Compromise To End War in 2022 (Antiwar) • US Must Be Saved From WWIII – Trump (RT) • If Putin Ukraine Peace Offer Rejected, Next To Be Tougher – Intel Chief (TASS) • NATO In Talks To Put More Nuclear Weapons On Standby – Stoltenberg (RT) • Kremlin Views NATO’s Rhetoric On Putting Nukes

Jun 172024
Debt Rattle June 17 2024

Edward Hopper Cape Cod morning 1950   • Putin’s Peace Initiative Last Chance To Save Ukrainian State – Medvedchuk (TASS) • Putin’s Peace Proposals on Ukraine Are ‘Golden Opportunity & Lifeline’ (Sp.) • A Proposal, A Last Chance, An Ultimatum (SCF) • Zelensky Set The Trap That Threatens To Destroy Us (Dionísio) • Ukraine ‘Peace Summit’ Is ‘Animal Farm’ – Medvedev (RT) • Polish President Calls For ‘Decolonization’ of Russia (RT) • US Tried to Provoke China Into Attacking Taiwan

Jun 162024
Debt Rattle June 16 2024

Edward Hopper Summer interior 1909   • Americans Must Criticize Our Corrupt Courts (Holloway) • Connecticut Bar Association Warns Critics of Trump Prosecutions (Turley) • The Corruption of Attorney General Merrick Garland (Turley) • DOJ Won’t Pursue Criminal Contempt Charges Against Garland (ET) • US Supreme Court Could Be Key Election Issue: ‘They’ve Grown Too Powerful’ (G.) • Jeffrey Sachs Blames US ‘Irresponsibility’ For Ukraine Crisis (RT) • Putin’s Peace Offer ‘Not Serious’ – Scholz (RT) • Rejection of Putin’s

Jun 152024
Debt Rattle June 15 2024

Édouard Vuillard In bed 1891   • Russia and NATO Are Drifting Towards A Major War (Timofeev) • Putin Names Two Conditions For Ending The War ‘This Very Minute’ (ZH) • Putin Names Conditions For Ukraine Peace Talks (RT) • Ukraine’s ‘Room For Compromise Is Diminishing’ – Medvedev (RT) • Zelensky Responds To Putin’s Peace Offer (RT) • America Prepares for Global War, Restarts Draft for 18-26 Year Olds (Kucinich) • Scott Ritter: West Has to Decide If It Wants

Jun 142024
Debt Rattle June 14 2024

René Magritte Mysteries of the horizon (a.k.a. The Masterpiece) 1955           • West Has Declared ‘War Without Rules’ On Russia – Medvedev (RT) • Medvedev Urges To Turn Life In West Into ‘Permanent Nightmare’ (TASS) • Use of F-16s On Russian Territory ‘Not Escalation’ – NATO Chief (RT) • Biden, Zelensky To Sign 10-Year ‘Arm & Train’ Defense Deal at G7 (ZH) • Biden Needs More Bloodshed In Europe To Stay In Power – Zakharova (TASS)

Jun 132024
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Debt Rattle June 13 2024

Vincent van Gogh Courtesan (after Eisen) 1887   • Biden’s Problems Are the Real Threats (Newt Gingrich) • “Pelosi SHOULD Take Responsibility!”: J6 Capitol Police Chief (ZH) • Maddow Says She’s Worried Trump Will Put Her In A Concentration Camp (MN) • Alito Exposed as ‘Crusader for Christian Nationalism’ (CD) • Hunter Biden’s Conviction on Gun Charges Is a Red Herring (Paul Craig Roberts) • Hunter Comes Up A Donut Short of a Defense in Delaware (Turley) • Did the

Jun 122024
Debt Rattle June 12 2024

Vincent van Gogh Bridge in the rain (after Hiroshige) 1887   • Pelosi Admits Fault for the Lack of Jan 6 Security Precautions (Turley) • Biden Campaign Claims Trump “Has Praised The Third Reich” (MN) • NIH Scrambled After ZeroHedge Report On Fauci Beagle Experiments (ZH) • New Jersey Announces Investigation into Trump Liquor Licenses (Turley) • ‘We Are So Proud’: Bidens React To Hunter Verdict (RT) • Israel and the Misjudgement of Reality (Alastair Crooke) • How Russia Can

Jun 112024
Debt Rattle June 11 2024

Utagawa Hiroshige Sudden Evening Shower on the Great Bridge near Atake 1857   • Ukraine Is A ‘Gold Mine’ – Lindsey Graham (RT) • Zelensky Not The One Running Ukraine – Times (RT) • Russian General Staff Aims At Ending The Ukraine By Electric War (Helmer) • Russia Ready To Strike NATO Airfields Hosting Ukrainian Jets – MP (RT) • US Lifts Arms Ban On Notorious Azov Brigade (RT) • The Three Key Messages From St. Petersburg to the Global