Apr 172021
Debt Rattle April 17 2021

Edvard Munch Spring 1889   • The Eruption of the Refugee Crisis and the Push for Vaccine Passports (MPN) • And Now Proof: Covid Vaccines Are More Dangerous Than Covid (Denninger) • Florida Gov. DeSantis Says Lockdowns Were A “Huge Mistake” (ET) • De-escalate Before Ukraine Conflict Turns Into Nuclear Holocaust- Gabbard (RT) • How Putin’s “Saber-Rattling” Forced A Biden Summit (ZH) • Russia Blocking Of Black Sea Would Be ‘Unjustified’ – NATO (Y!) • Biden Isn’t Ending The Afghanistan

Apr 162021
Debt Rattle April 16 2021

Dirk de Herder Amstel Bridge, Amsterdam 1946   • Biden Declares Russia Threat ‘National Emergency’ (Fox) • Kremlin Pledges To Respond In Kind To Any ‘Illegal’ New US Sanctions (R.) • The West’s Sole Prerogative Is Russia Has No Right To Self-Defense (Kovalik) • US Intel Walks Back Claim Russians Put Bounties on American Troops (DB) • Update: Master List Of Official Russia Claims That Proved To Be Bogus (Taibbi) • SecDef Austin Hints at Continued US Military Involvement in

Apr 162021
Covid Rattle April 16 2021

Edvard Munch Spring in Johan Karl Street 1944   • Blood Clots As Prevalent With Pfizer, Moderna Vaccine As Astrazeneca (MW) • Risk Of Rare Blood Clotting Higher For Covid-19 Than For Vaccines (Oxford) • EU Commission To End AstraZeneca and J&J Vaccine Contracts At Expiry (R.) • India’s COVID-Vaccine Woes — By The Numbers (Nature) • Brazil’s P1 Coronavirus Variant Mutating, May Become More Dangerous (R.) • Norwegian Experts Recommend Stopping Further Use Of AstraZeneca Vaccine (RT) • Ireland

Apr 152021
Debt Rattle April 15 2021

Rembrandt van Rijn Christ In The Storm On The Sea Of Galilee 1633 Stolen from Gardner Museum March 18 1990, the single largest property theft in the world. Never recovered   • Idiocy: Experimental Vaccines And Spike Proteins (Denninger) • Continued Lockdowns A Ticking Time Bomb To Cause Global Health Crisis Soon (RT) • Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Use Will Remain Paused In US Amid Evaluation (G.) • South Africa Covid Variant Found In Another Part Of London (Mirror) •

Apr 142021
Debt Rattle April 14 2021

Edgar Degas Leaving the paddock1866 Stolen from Gardner Museum March 18 1990, the single largest art theft in the world. Never recovered   • Nearly A Quarter Of Registered Covid Deaths Are Not Caused By The Virus (DM) • More Brands Are Putting Money And Clout Behind Covid-19 Vaccine Ads (F.) • Big Pharma Uses Big Tobacco’s Strategy To Defeat Ivermectin (DR) • How Bill Gates Impeded Global Access to Covid Vaccines (TNR) • Russia Accuses US, NATO Of Moving

Apr 132021
Debt Rattle April 13 2021

Johannes Vermeer The Concert 1663 Stolen from Gardner Museum March 18 1990, the single largest art theft in the world. Never recovered   • Where Is the U.S. COVID-19 Pandemic Headed? (FRBSF) • Britain Sees World’s Sharpest Fall In Covid Cases (Nelson) • Domestic Covid-19 Identity Documents Must Be Resisted (Craig Murray) • Digital Proof Of Vaccination Will Come In The Second Half Of 2021 (SB.de) • Apple and Google Block NHS Covid App Update Over Privacy Breaches (G.) •

Apr 122021
Debt Rattle April 12 2021

Ernest R. Ashton Evening near the Pyramids 1898   • Pentagon Scientists Reveal A Microchip That Senses Covid-19 In Your Body (DM) • Report On Addressing Vitamin D Deficiency In Ireland (Oireachtas) • Vitamin D Insufficiency May Account for Almost 9 of 10 COVID-19 Deaths (MDPI) • Doubts Raised About Ethics & Efficacy Behind AstraZeneca “Vaccine” (Slog) • Verdict In Weimar: No More Masks, No Tests And No More Distance For Students (BZ) • Ardern To New Zealand Border Staff:

Apr 112021
Debt Rattle April 11 2021

Bartolomeo Schedoni The Deposition of Jesus’ body by St. Joseph of Arimathea 1613   • South African Variant Can ‘Break Through’ Pfizer Vaccine (R.) • SARS-CoV-2 Variants B.1.351 and P.1 Escape From Neutralizing Antibodies (Cell) • Facemasks in the COVID-19 Era: A Health Hypothesis (NIH) • DMX Given Covid Vaccine Days Before Lethal Heart Attack (Noq) • Data Substantiating Wide Asymptomatic Spread Of Covid-19 Remains Elusive (JTN) • German Govt Plans New Harsh Covid-19 Restrictions In Draft Law (RT) •

Apr 102021
Debt Rattle April 10 2021

Vincent van Gogh Sprig of Flowering Almond in a Glass 1888   • ‘A Small, Sanitised Existence’ (Godwin) • Covid-19 Vaccine Passports Are Not Evidence Based (BMJ) • A&E ‘Swamped’ With Patients Seeking Help For Mild Covid Jab Side-effects (G.) • The Davos Set’s Dystopian Ambitions Are Very Clear (Clark) • Nearly 40% Of US Marines Have Rejected Coronavirus Vaccine (RT) • Biden Requests $753 Billion Defense Budget (Hill) • Infrastructure Bills Do Not Lead To Recovery, Only Increased Control

Apr 092021
Teenage Mutant Ninja Virus

Willem de Kooning Rosy-fingered Dawn at Louse Point 1963     The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg on Thursday issued a controversial ruling in a case brought by Czech families concerning vaccination of children against a number of diseases such as diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, hepatitis B and measles. The court said that “the compulsory vaccines administered by Czech health authorities were in line with the “best interests” of children. “The objective has to be that every child