Aug 242019
Debt Rattle August 24 2019

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail Frank Walton Crows on a beach 1884   • World Needs To End Risky Reliance On US Dollar: BoE’s Carney (R.) • China Strikes Back At US With New Tariffs On $75 Billion In Goods (R.) • Trump Heaps Another 5% Tariff On Chinese Goods In Latest Escalation (R.) • Majority Of Americans Don’t Want Trump Impeached, Removed From Office (USAT) • CNN Hires Former FBI #2 Andy McCabe, Who Was Fired For Leaking And Lying (ZH) • Genesis

Aug 232019
Debt Rattle August 23 2019

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail Odilon Redon Breton harbor 1879   • Seeking Clarity From Fed’s Powell? Good Luck With That (R.) • Japan’s July Core Inflation Hovers At Two-Year Low, Adds Pressure On BOJ (R.) • Bernie Sanders Reveals $16.3 Trillion Green New Deal (R.) • Another FBI Failure Involving The Clintons Surfaces (Solomon) • Boeing Jumps On Reuters Report Of Record 737 Production Target (ZH) • Macron Says UK Can Still Revoke Article 50 And Cancel Brexit (Ind.) • US Teachers Are

Aug 222019
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Debt Rattle August 22 2019

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail Marc Chagall Blue lovers 1914   • Trump’s Idiotic, Immoral Rhetorical Attack On Denmark (WE) • WHO Claims Microplastics In Water Not Harmful To Humans (G.) • Negative-Yielding Debt Poses Major Risk To Investors (CNBC) • The Dog Whistle Heard Around The World (RIA) • China’s Economy Slows To 4.6% In June (ZH) • White House Preps GOP Elite For “Mild Recession” Before Election Day (ZH) • Johnson Accepts Merkel Challenge To Replace Irish Backstop In 30 Days (Ind.)

Aug 212019
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Debt Rattle August 21 2019

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail Felix Vallotton On the beach 1899   • How Negative Interest Rates Screw Up the Economy (WS) • Gundlach Says Federal Reserve Has Lost Control (R.) • Bank Watchdogs Approve Rule To Loosen Ban On Risky Wall Street Trades (Hill) • 10 Declassified Russia Collusion Revelations Could Rock DC This Fall (Solomon) • Italian PM Resigns, Denounces Salvini For Sinking Government (R.) • EU Rebuffs Boris Johnson’s Brexit Gambit (R.) • Alibaba Postpones Up To $15 Billion Hong Kong

Aug 202019
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Debt Rattle August 20 2019

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail Pablo Picasso Maya, Picassos daughter with a doll 1938   • Trump Says Fed Should Cut Rates By At Least 1% ‘With Perhaps Some QE’ (CNBC) • The United States Will Miss China’s Money (FP) • HSBC Runs into Buzzsaw in Hong Kong & China (WS) • Hong Kong: Don’t Provoke The Dragon (Margolis) • Jeffrey Epstein Signed Will, Set Up Trust, Just Two Days Before Suicide (NYPost) • Prince Andrew Urged To Tell All He Knows About Jeffrey

Aug 192019
Assange, Attack, Guardian, Journalism

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail Piet Mondriaan Self portrait 1918   Guardian columnist Owen Jones, a self-described left activist and socialist, was attacked in the streets of London at 2 am Saturday morning in what he himself describes as “a blatant premeditated assault” by a bunch of guys. He says he was kicked, punched, but then saved by the friends he was with, and nothing really happened to him. Or he would have taken photos and published them. Owen was fine, before and after.

Aug 192019
Debt Rattle August 19 2019

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail Edouard Vuillard The window 1894   • Kudlow: ‘There’s No Recession On The Horizon’ (Hill) • White House Offers Reassurances Amid Recession Fears (Hill) • Trump: Purchasing Greenland ‘Strategically’ Interesting (Hill) • Hong Kong Readies For More Mass Protests After Huge, Peaceful Rally (R.) • Tiananmen Square Crackdown In Hong Kong Would Harm Trade Deal: Trump (AFP) • China State Council Calls For Shenzhen Integration With Hong Kong, Macau (R.) • China Works To Turn Shenzhen Into The New

Aug 182019
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Debt Rattle August 18 2019

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail Pablo Picasso Dora Maar 1937   • A Global Recession May Be Coming A Lot Sooner Than Anyone Thought (Henrich) • Why Negative Rates Will Devastate The World (ZH) • US National Debt Spiked $363 billion in 2 Weeks, $1 Trillion in 12 Months (WS) • UK Parliament Cannot Stop Brexit, Johnson To Tell Macron And Merkel (R.) • Leaked Docs : UK Faces Food, Fuel And Drugs Shortages In No-Deal Brexit (R.) • Jeremy Corbyn Has Called the

Aug 172019
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Debt Rattle August 17 2019

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail Edouard Vuillard Breakfast at Villerville 1910   • New York Times Admits ‘We Built Our Newsroom’ Around Russia Collusion Hoax (BB) • Members of the 10 Percent, Reporting for the One Percent (Taibbi) • Can The Phony Outrage; Bernie Is Right About MSM Bias (Salon) • The Yin and the Yang of It (Kunstler) • Jeffrey Epstein: Two Unidentified Women Sue Estate And Alleged ‘Recruiter’ (G.) • Just One In Three Britons Backs Crashing Out Of The EU On

Aug 162019
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Debt Rattle August 16 2019

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail Samuel Peploe Beach scene 1907   • ‘Crazy Inverted Yield Curve’ Vexes Fed, With No Clear Resolution (R.) • China Preps Plan To Boost Disposable Income By 2020 (R.) • Hong Kong Police Say No Need For China Intervention (AFP) • The Great Switch: Old Ways Fade (Crooke) • American Flags On Epstein’s Private Islands Lowered To Half-Staff (NBC) • Ghislaine Maxwell Spotted At LA In-N-Out Burger (NYPost) • Jeffrey Epstein Spent Time Alone With Young Woman In Prison