Aug 132020
Debt Rattle August 13 2020

Joel Meyerowitz Florida 1967   • COVID-19 Rapid Tests Demo (MedCram) • Puzzling New Zealand Virus Outbreak Grows To 17 Cases (AP) • Russian Vaccine CEO: US Waging “Major Information Warfare” (ZH) • When COVID Closed The Library, Staff Called Every Member Over 70 (G.) • Smart Money On Trump To Win In November, Stocks Could Crash – Gundlach (MW) • AOC Only Gets 60 Seconds At DNC To Deliver Pre-Recorded Message (F.) • Romney Blocks Sen. Ron Johnson From

Aug 122020
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Debt Rattle August 12 2020

Joel Meyerowitz Girl On A Scooter 1965   • 20 Countries Order One Billion Doses Of Russian COVID19 Vaccine (RT) • America’s Window Of Opportunity To Beat Back COVID19 Is Closing (STAT) • The Grifters, Chapter 2 – N95 Masks (Ben Hunt) • Wall Street Executives Are Glad Joe Biden Picked Kamala Harris (CNBC) • Cuomo Is Protecting His Wall Street Donors From Democratic Tax Bills (TMI) • UK Enters Recession As GDP Plunges By Record 20.4% In Q2 (CNBC)

Aug 112020
Debt Rattle August 11 2020

Joan Miró Caballo, pipa y flor roja (Horse Pipe and Red Flower) 1920   • FBI Director Wray Subpoenad For All Records Related to Crossfire Hurricane (GP) • Sen. Johnson Subpoenas FBI Director Wray, Puts Bidens On Notice (ZH) • House Will Be Out Of Session For Additional Week In September (Hill) • Schumer Says Democrats Ready For Coronavirus Aid Talks, If Republicans Move (R.) • MSNBC Public Editor Pekary: A Strained Symbiosis With Obama (CJR) • US Demands Hong

Aug 102020
A Social Experiment

Cy Twombly Fifty Days at Iliam: Like a Fire that Consumes All before It 1978     Might as well call it a social experiment. Any other name, like “coup” or “fishing expedition” or “hookers peeing on a bed” or “justice being done” would just inflame “passions” and lead away from what should be the actual topic. Whatever you call it, the fact remains that Donald Trump has been the first US president to be under continued investigation for the

Aug 102020
Debt Rattle August 10 2020

William-Adolphe Bouguereau La naissance de Vénus 1879   • The Spies Who Hijacked America (Schrage) • Memo Shows FBI May Have Misled Senate About Russia Probe (JTN) • Pelosi, Mnuchin Open Door To Narrower COVID19 Aid Through 2020 (R.) • Fed’s Evans Says Another Coronavirus Aid Package ‘Incredibly Important’ (R.) • The US Economy Is Stronger Than the Eurozone’s (Lacalle) • Hong Kong Media Tycoon, Pro-Democracy Leader Arrested In New Crackdown (JTN) • Should The Government Balance Its Budget? (DO)

Aug 092020
Debt Rattle August 9 2020

Albert Kahn Paris, Autochrome Lumière color photo 1914   • COVID19 Pandemic To ‘Bring Socialism To US’, Transform The World – Taleb (RT) • What’s In Trump’s Coronavirus Executive Orders (R.) • Russia COVID19 Vaccine Registration Expected August 12 (RT) • SARS-CoV-2 Fatality Risk In A Nationwide Seroepidemiological Study (Medrxiv) • Chuck Schumer Says Schools Must Reopen Or Economy Suffers (RT) • Trump Aides Exploring Executive Actions To Curb Voting By Mail (Pol.) • No Payment, No Problem: Bizarre New

Aug 082020
Debt Rattle August 8 2020

Alfred Palmer Annette del Sur in salvage campaign, Douglas Aircraft Co., Long Beach, CA 1942   • 55% Of COVID Patients Still Have Neurological Problems 3 Months Later (MW) • US Intel: China Opposes Trump Reelection; Russia Works Against Biden (NPR) • US Officials Now Worry About Election Logistics More Than Hacking (R.) • Trump Tees Up Executive Orders On Economy But Won’t Sign Yet (Hill) • Can An Airline Put You On A No-Fly List For Refusing To Mask

Aug 072020
Debt Rattle August 7 2020

W.H. Bartlett and J. Appleton The port of Beirut 1838   • Minimizing Economic Costs For COVID19 (NECSI) • UK Shoppers Steer Clear Of High Streets Despite Lockdown Lifting (G.) • US State Dept: Russia Pushing Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories Online (JTN) • Trump Issues Executive Orders Against Chinese Owners Of TikTok And WeChat (F.) • Tencent Stock Plummets After Trump Announces Plan To Ban WeChat (CNN) • TikTok Sparks National Security Concerns (Japan Times) • Think ‘Sanctions’ Will Trouble China?

Aug 062020
Debt Rattle August 6 2020

Laurits Andersen Ring At Breakfast 1898   • Study Finds 98 “Long-Term” COVID-19 Symptoms Including Baldness (ZH) • Yates Throws “Rogue” Comey Under The Bus Over Flynn Investigation (ZH) • Yates Says Comey Went ‘Rogue’ On Flynn (SAC) • The D.C. Circuit Did Not ‘Bungle’ The General Flynn Case (F.) • This Is My Letter to America (Michael Flynn) • Twitter’s Comms Director Is Kamala Harris’ Former Press Secretary (DH) • Biden Leads Trump By 3 Points In National Poll

Aug 052020
Debt Rattle August 5 2020

Workmen next to the screws of the RMS Titanic at Belfast shipyard, 1911   • Victoria Records Australia’s Worst Day Of COVID19- 15 Deaths, 725 New Cases (G.) • Failing the Coronavirus-Testing Test (Harvard) • Big Pharma Giants GSK, Sanofi Get $2.1 Billion to Develop COVID Vaccine (MPN) • An Effective COVID Treatment the Media Continues to Besmirch (RCP) • Authors of Pro-HCQ Study Defend Their Work From Fauci Attack(BLP) • US Jobless Claims Rise To 1.43 Million, Crisis Total