Jul 062022
Debt Rattle July 6  2022

Salvador Dali Paranoiac Woman-Horse (Invisible Sleeping Woman, Lion, Horse) 1930   • The New Worldview Of Russia’s Elite (ZBB) • Saudis Unwilling To Upset Putin As Biden Begs For More Crude (OP) • Putin Says “No Problem” If Finland, Sweden Join NATO (ZH) • Black Sea Grain Deal Is Close, Says Erdogan (Pol.eu) • Rethinking the Global Order (Turki Bin Faisal Al-saud) • The Unravelling of the UK and the Western World (Batiushka) • The Dutch Farmers’ Protest and the

Jul 052022
Debt Rattle July 5 2022

Pablo Picasso Sleeper with shutters 1936   • A Great Endeavor (Jim Kunstler) • This Implosion Will Be Fast – Hold Onto Your Seats (von Greyerz) • Gas Shortage Emergency Would Push Hamburg To Ration Hot Water – Senator (EN) • Top German Trade Union Head Warns Entire Industries May Collapse (ZH) • ‘We Were All Wrong’: How Germany Got Hooked On Russian Energy (G.) • Iran Slashes Cost of Its Oil to Compete With Russia in China (BBG) •

Jul 042022
Debt Rattle July 4 2022

Salvador Dali Invisible Sleeping Woman, Horse, Lion 1930   • Russia Claims Control Of Pivotal Eastern Ukrainian Province (AP) • To Avoid Civil War, Learn to Tolerate Different Laws in Different States • Yes, You CAN Blame Biden For High Energy Prices (Shellenberger) • Bezos Slams Biden Appeal For Lower Gasoline Prices (F24) • Supreme Court Marshal Calls on States To Crackdown on Protesters (Turley) • NY To Require 3 Years Of Social Media History For Gun Carry Permit (PM)

Jul 032022
Debt Rattle July 3 2022

Pablo Picasso The muse 1935   • This 4th of July: Requiem for Freedoms Long Gone? (Brig Gen (ret) Blaine Holt) • The Disintegration Of Western Society – Visible To The Naked Eye (Wilbert) • “High Gas Prices Necessary For ‘Future Of The Liberal World Order’” (JTN) • Saudi Arabia in Discussion to Join BRICS Coalition (CTH) • A World Food Crisis Is Coming, And US Allows CCP To Buy American Farmland (CNBC) • Nuke War Coming, Mysterious Deaths Don’t

Jul 022022
Debt Rattle July 2 2022

Pablo Picasso Femme aux bras leves- Tête de Dora Maar- 1936   • Does Lithuania Want To Start A War With Russia? (Bandow) • EU to Allow Russia to Resume Transports to Kaliningrad (Spiegel) • Europe Fails With German Help (Vilches) • We Are Z (Batiushka) • The More You Grow Up, The More You Realise The World Is Unfair (Savenkova) • Ukraine Is the Latest Neocon Disaster (Sachs) • Independence Day (Jim Kunstler) • Biden Admin Delays Decision On

Jul 012022
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Debt Rattle July 1 2022

Pablo Picasso The artist and his model 1933   • The G-7 Squawks But They’ve Already Lost The War Against Russia (Luongo) • You’re Either With Us Or You’re A “Systemic Challenge” (Escobar) • Beijing Slams NATO For ‘Maliciously Smearing’ China As A Security Threat (CD) • Biden: High Gas Prices ‘As Long As it Takes’ to Defeat Putin (Celente) • Supreme Court Rules For States Against EPA, Biden Climate Change Agenda (WT) • Key Witnesses Challenge Bombshell J6 Committee

Jun 302022
Debt Rattle June 30 2022

Winslow Homer Camping in the Adirondacks (Wood engraving) 1874   • Biden Officials Privately Doubt Ukraine Can Win Back All Of Its Territory (CNN) • White House Is Quietly Modeling For $200 Oil “Shock” (ZH) • G7 and the Desperation Stage of Russian Sanctions (CP) • G7 Mulls Russian Oil Price Cap as Sanctions Fail To Curb Profits (Antiwar) • German Journalist Faces 3 Years Prison Over Reporting From Eastern Ukraine (MS) • BRICS Steering Development Into New Era (China

Jun 292022
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Debt Rattle June 29 2022

Keith Haring Untitled 1984   • The J6 Committee Went Full Jussie Smollett Today and It is Hilarious (CTH) • Trump White House Attorney Disputes Cassidy Hutchinson’s Testimony (ABC) • Hillary Clinton Can Rescue Democrats In The Midterms (Juan Williams) • NATO Tells Ukraine ‘We Do Not Want You’ – Zelensky Aide (Celente) • Behind the Tin Curtain: BRICS+ vs NATO/G7 (Escobar) • CIA Ops, Commandos In Ukraine: Can We Just Admit We Are Fighting This War? (RS) • Lavrov

Jun 282022
Debt Rattle June 28 2022

Pablo Picasso The sculptor and his statue 1933   • Global Energy Cleaving Continues, Iran and Argentina Apply to Join BRICS (CTH) • How Africa And The Middle East Could Tip War In Putin’s Favour (DM) • Sanctions Against Russia Are Leading Latin America To The Abyss (Saker) • West Doing Its Utmost To Continue The Conflict In Ukraine – Zakharova (Tass) • WHO Behind FDA Scheme to Skip All Future Clinical Trials for COVID Jabs (CHD) • Where The

Jun 272022
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Debt Rattle June 27 2022

Henri Matisse Woman with a hat 1905   • G-7 Unveils $600 Billion Plan to Counter China’s Belt and Road (R.) • Russia Defaults On Foreign Debt For First Time Since 1917 Revolution • Chomsky on the Root Causes of the Russia-Ukraine War (CD) • John Mearsheimer’s Ukraine Crystal Ball (ZH) • Herr Habeck Firehoses Oil & Gas (Vilches) • Pelosi Leads Democrats In Effort To Codify Roe v. Wade Into Law (JTN) • White House: Biden ‘Does Not Agree