Aug 052022
Debt Rattle August 5 2022

Piet Mondriaan Avond (Evening): The Red Tree 1908-10   • Ukraine Violates War Laws, Endangers Civilians: Amnesty (NW) • Kiev Blasts Amnesty Report On Ukraine Risking Civilian Lives (RT) • NATO Working With Arms Industry to Get Ukraine More Weapons (Antiwar) • Gazprom Explains Complications In Turbine Row (RT) • How A Missile In Kabul Connects To A Speaker In Taipei (Escobar) • Kremlin Reveals ‘Real Threat’ To World Order (RT) • Irish Farmers Outraged Over 25% Emissions Reduction Plan

Aug 042022
Debt Rattle August 4 2022

Wooden statue of priest and scribe Ka-aper Egypt, ca. 2465-2323 BC (originally plastered and painted )   • Siemens Explains Russian Gas Supply Shortfall (RT) • Gazprom Warns It Can’t Accept Key Turbine (RT) • German Artillery Donated To Ukraine Failing After Just Weeks Of Use (RMX) • Russia Ready For Peace On Own Terms – Kremlin (RT) • German Ex-Chancellor Offers Solution To EU Energy Crisis (RT) • US Is ‘Directly Involved’ in Ukraine War – Russia (Antiwar) •

Aug 032022
Debt Rattle August 3 2022

Odilon Redon The winged man (The fallen angel) 1880   • US Directly Involved In Ukraine Conflict – Moscow (RT) • West Advises Ukraine On Strikes With Supplied Weapons – Top Intel Official (RT) • Russia Strikes Foreign Fighters’ Base In Ukraine (RT) • African Nations To Make Case For Big Rise In Fossil Fuel Output (G.) • EU Facing Winter Energy Crisis – Borrell (RT) • Netherlands Faces Winter Of Smog – Media (RT) • EU Is Not Our

Aug 022022
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Debt Rattle August 2 2022

Edward Hopper The long leg 1935   • Germany Counts Cost Of Russian Gas Cut-off (RT) • Europe Has Lost The Energy War (Fazi) • Ukraine Limiting Russian Gas Flow To EU – Gazprom (RT) • Brandon Shifts The Narrative On Banderastan (Saker) • Anti-Russia Sanctions Don’t Reflect Global Reality – Putin (RT) • West Will Run Out Of Money To Support Ukraine – Macgregor (RT) • Hundreds Of ‘Petal’ Mines Reportedly Found In Donetsk (MSO) • Spain Comments On

Aug 012022
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Theater Opening

Salvador Dali The knight of death 1934     If you’re Chinese or Russian, and you watch videos of the top three “most powerful” people in the US, Biden, Kamala and Pelosi, what do you think? You think all three are incoherent and should not be anywhere near any decisive, let alone nuclear, lever. If you’re anybody anywhere, and you look at the top three “most powerful” people in the world, Xi, Putin and Biden, what do you think? You

Aug 012022
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Debt Rattle August 1 2022

Pablo Picasso Massacre in Korea 1951   • World Re-entering The Coal Age – IEA (RT) • NATO Force On Alert Amid Kosovo Tensions (RT) • Russia Warns Kosovo Against Conflict (RT) • Hungary’s Orban Expects Gas Deal With Russia This Summer (R.) • JPMorgan Says Russia Has Had Little Problem Rerouting Its Oil Exports (BI) • The New Economic World Map (Salamah) • A Community of Common Destiny? (Voiret) • Going to Samarkand (Escobar) • The Myth of the

Jul 312022
Debt Rattle July 31 2022

Edward Hopper Sailing 1911   • The End of Castle Europe and the First Day of Freedom (Batiushka) • World Economy At Risk Of Deglobalization – IMF (RT) • Tweaking The Dragon’s Tail To Ignite A Terrible Fire With China (Larry Johnson) • New Chinese Aid For Syria Sets Off Alarms In Israel (BD) • Japanese Firms In No Rush To Leave Russia (RT) • Kiev Knew Prison It Shelled Held Ukrainian POWs – DPR (RT) • Zelensky and US

Jul 302022
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Debt Rattle July 30 2022

Claude Monet Impression, sunrise 1872   • Europe Hypnotized Into War Economy (Vilches) • Russia Claims Ukraine Had A Reason To Kill Its Own POWs (RT) • Russia and Ukraine Trade Blame Over Prison Blast (BBC) • Ukraine and Russia Trade Blame For Attack Killing Mariupol Prisoners (WaPo) • Ukraine Is ‘Shooting Blind’ – Top Official (RT) • A Panicking Biden Administration Seeks Talks With Russia (MoA) • West Prepares To Plunder Post-war Ukraine (MP) • Gazprom Explains Gas Flow

Jul 292022
Debt Rattle July 29 2022

Odilon Redon Sunset n.d.   • Ukraine Shells Prison Holding POWs – Donbass Official (RT) • US Should Not Fund Ukrainian ‘Blacklist’ (Scott Ritter) • Provoking Beijing (MoA) • UK Official Says Nuclear War Threat Higher Than During the Cold War (Antiwar) • US GDP Drops 0.9 Percent In Second Quarter (PM) • ‘Horror Chart’ Suggests Germany On Brink Of Huge Energy Crisis (RT) • Hanover Becomes First German City To Ban Hot Water In Public Buildings (DM) • EU

Jul 282022
Debt Rattle July 28 2022

Pablo Picasso Houses 1937   • Kiev Threatens To Attack Russian Territory (RT) • Former Russian President Presents Future Map Of Ukraine (RT) • Flaws in EU Gas Rationing Plan Revealed (RT) • German Mayors Want Nord Stream 2 Opened (RT) • The National Tragedy of Hunter Biden’s Laptop (Lee Smith) • New Dutch Minister No Longer Rules Out Compulsory Buy-out Of Farmers (AD) • A Recession by Any Other Name (Magness) • No, The Economy Will NOT Be OK