May 172020
Lethal or Contagious

Gerry Cranham They all fall in the round I call 1963   There was this comment at the Automatic Earth yesterday that got me thinking. It was sort of wrapped in a bit of -more- innuendo about health officials not getting the results they were looking for in COVID19 numbers, as if the whole virus event is some goal-seeked conspiracy. You’ll be familiar with it by now. I said back in the day that measures like lockdowns can’t last long,

May 172020
Debt Rattle May 17 2020

Dorothea Lange Plantation overseer and his field hands, Mississippi Delta 1936   • A Third Of COVID19 Hospital Patients Develop Dangerous Blood Clots (BBC) • China Adds Long-Term Organ Damage To List Of Effects Of COVID19 (SCMP) • May 16 Update: US COVID-19 Test Results (CR) • Llamas Could Be Our Secret Weapon Against Coronavirus (G.) • Lack Of Immunity Makes China Vulnerable To Another Wave Of Coronavirus (CNN) • Battle Looms At WHO Amid Pressure On China Over Coronavirus

May 162020
Debt Rattle May 16 2020

John French Sloan Backyards, Greenwich Village 1926   • China Unauthorised Labs Were Told To Destroy Early Coronavirus Samples (SCMP) • French Doctors Think They May Have Treated COVID19 Patients Last Fall (Hill) • How ‘Overreaction’ Made Vietnam A Virus Success (BBC) • China Ready To Put Apple, Other US Companies In ‘Unreliable Entity List’ • Dems’ Health Insurer Bailout Follows Bundled Checks from Lobbyists (RS) • Gilead To End Coronavirus Drug Trials, Adding To Access Worry (R.) • FDA

May 152020
Debt Rattle May 15 2020

Georgia O’Keeffe Sunflower, New Mexico I 1935   • A Truth That’s Told With Bad Intent (Ben Hunt) • America’s Chilling Experiment in Human Sacrifice (Parramore) • Want A Fast Recovery? Invest In Tests, Fed’s Kaplan Says (R.) • Novartis CEO Says Any New Coronavirus Vaccine Will Take At Least 2 Years (R.) • United States Might Not Open Up To International Travelers Any Time Soon • One In Four US Workers Claiming Jobless Benefits (BBC) • 148,000 In England

May 142020
Debt Rattle May 14 2020

Byron Street haberdashery, New York 1900   • 95,000 Entered UK By Air In 25 Days During Lockdown (G.) • Australia Saw Overseas Visitors Fall 99% In April (R.) • Why California Is Struggling To Control Coronavirus (LAT) • Real UK Care Home Death Toll Double Official Figure (G.) • Pensioners 34 Times More Likely To Die Of COVID19 Than Working Age Brits (G.) • Only 4.4% of French Population Infected By Coronavirus (R.) • Wisconsin Supreme Court Strikes Down

May 132020
Debt Rattle May 13 2020

Harris&Ewing Treasury Building, Fifteenth Street, Washington, DC 1918   • Don’t Let Governors Fool You About Reopening (Yaneer Bar-yam) • GOP Rejects Pelosi’s $3 Trillion HEROES Act Package (WE) • House Bill Would Provide Some As Young As 16 With $2,000 Monthly Payments (JTN) • HEROES Act Delivers A Win To The Health Insurance Industry (IC) • US Fossil Fuel Giants Set For A Coronavirus Bailout Bonanza (G.) • US COVID19 Death Forecast Revised Upward Again (R.) • Gilead Ties

May 122020
Debt Rattle May 12 2020

Edward Hopper Night in the park 1921   • Letter from Hong Kong to Covid Ravaged UK: What On Earth Are You Doing? (HKFP) • 14 Million Wuhan Residents To Be Tested For COVID19 In 10 Days (SCMP) • As US Meat Workers Fall Sick And Supplies Dwindle, Exports To China Soar (R.) • Mexican Border Town Uses ‘Sanitizing Tunnels’ To Disinfect US Visitors (G.) • Tesla’s Musk Says Ready For Arrest As He Reopens California Plant (R.) • The

May 112020
Debt Rattle May 11 2020

Andre Derain Boats at Collioure 1905   • Wuhan Reports 5 New Coronavirus Cases, Its Highest Surge In 2 Months (RT) • New Zealand To Reopen Malls, Cafes From Thursday As Virus Curbs Eased (R.) • How New Zealand Put Coronavirus On The Brink Of Elimination (Wired) • Men Have High Levels Of ACE2 Enzyme Key To COVID-19 Infection (R.) • Inside House Democrats’ $1.2 Trillion+ Coronavirus Relief Proposal (Axios) • 43 Million Americans Could Lose Health Insurance Amid Pandemic

May 102020
Debt Rattle May 10 2020

Andre Derain The port of Collioure 1905   • Closing Borders Is The Most Effective Way Of Combatting Coronavirus (SN) • Accepting Death Is Not an Option (Kahn) • Early Herd Immunity: A Dangerous Misconception (Johns Hopkins) • US COVID19 Test Results: Third Consecutive Day Over 300K (CR) • Over 1 Out of Every 1000 People in NY and NJ Die From COVID19 (Mish) • Trump Says ‘No Rush’ On More Aid As Jobless Crisis Grows (AP) • South Korea

May 092020
Debt Rattle May 9 2020

Tomb of the diver, Paestum c480 BCE   • Ugly US Jobs Data Hides As Much As It Reveals (R.) • How Australia Got On Top Of COVID19 (SMH) • South Korea’s COVID19 Exceptionalism (Atl.) • South Korea Backtracks On Reopening After COVID19 Cases Jump (NW) • Enough With the Phoney ‘Lockdown’ Debate (Kay) • UK To Place All Incoming Travellers Under 14-Day Quarantine (R.) • COVID19 Death Rate Sinking? Data Reveals A Complex Reality (DW) • Want To Be