Jul 202017
Debt Rattle July 20 2017

Margaret Bourke-White Breadline, Kentucky 1937   • Trump Ends CIA Arms Support For Anti-Assad Syria Rebels (R.) • Did the City of London Just Press the Panic Button on Brexit? • Single Payer Is The Only Real Answer, Says Medicare Architect (IC) • Deutsche Bank Expects Subpoenas Over Trump-Russia Investigation (G.) • Asia’s Coal-Fired Power Boom ‘Bankrolled By Foreign Governments And Banks’ (G.) • When Does a Home Become a Prison? (FAFC) • Saudi-Led Bloc Drops List Of Demands For

Jul 192017
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Debt Rattle July 19 2017

US photographer Margaret Bourke-White on top of the Chrysler Building, NYC 1931   • America Makes China Great Again – People’s Daily (CNBC) • Pentagon Report Declares US Empire ‘Collapsing’ (Nafeez Ahmed) • A Government Can Always Afford High-Quality Health Care Provision (BIlbo) • US Dollar Will Rebound In The Second Half Of 2017 – JPMorgan (CNBC) • Foreigners Snap Up Record Number Of US Homes (CNBC) • Big Australian Banks Told To Hold More Capital, On Notice Over Mortgages

Jul 182017
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I read the news today, oh boy

Hieronymus Bosch Ascent of the Blessed c1510   Reading the news on America should scare everyone, and every day, but it doesn’t. We’re immune, largely. Take this morning. The US Republican party can’t get its healthcare plan through the Senate. And they apparently don’t want to be seen working with the Democrats on a plan either. Or is that the other way around? You’d think if these people realize they were elected to represent the interests of their voters, they

Jul 182017
Debt Rattle July 18 2017

Piet Mondriaan The Flowering Apple Tree 1912   • US Senate Will Vote To Repeal Obamacare Without Replacement (G.) • There Has Been Just One Buyer Of Stocks Since The Financial Crisis (ZH) • People Buy Payments – Not Houses (Roberts) • Student Debt Is a Major Reason Millennials Aren’t Buying Homes (BBG) • US Student Loans Worth Billions Are Getting Erased On A Technicality (ZH) • UK Students Should Not Try To Pay Off Loans Early (G.) • Fears

Jul 172017
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Debt Rattle July 17 2017

Willem de Kooning Woman III 1953   • Donald Trump Approval Rating At 70-Year Low (G.) • China Blacklists Winnie the Pooh (CNBC) • Private Equity Fund Once Valued at $2 Billion Is Now ‘Nearly Worthless’ (R.) • The Credit Bubble Only Seems To Blow Larger And Larger (Exp.) • United Arab Emirates Behind Hacking Of Qatari Media That Incited Crisis (AP) • Australia Moves To Dial Down Financial Stability Risks In Home Loans (R.) • EU: May Should Make

Jul 162017
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Debt Rattle July 16 2017

Piet Mondriaan The Grey Tree 1912   • Global Stocks Soared $1.5 Trillion This Week – Now 102% Of World GDP (ZH) • Central Bankers Are Always Wrong…Especially Before A Bust – Ron Paul (ZH) • How Brexit Is Set To Hurt Europe’s Financial Systems (R.) • Britons Face Lifetime Of Debt: BOE Warns Over 35 Year Mortgages (Tel.) • Is Russiagate Really Hillarygate? (Forbes) • The Way Chicago “Works”: Graft, Corruption, Connections, Bribes (Mish) • France’s Macron Says Defense

Jul 152017
Debt Rattle July 15 2017

Hieronymus Bosch The Conjurer 1502   • Big Banks Continue Winning Streak, With Street at Least (BBG) • ‘It’s Almost An Embarrassment Being An American’ – Jamie Dimon (G.) • US House Backs Massive Increase In Defense Spending (R.) • US Deficits To Jump $248 Billion Over Next Two Years Due To Tax Shortfall (R.) • We Do These Things Because They’re Easy (CHS) • The New Silk Road Will Go Through Syria (Escobar) • One Of Worst Droughts In

Jul 142017
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Debt Rattle Bastille Day 2017

Pablo Picasso Nude, Green Leaves and Bust 1932   • Global Shares Rise To Record New Highs (R.) • Britain In Worse Shape To Withstand A Recession Than In 2007 (G.) • IMF Warns Canada On Housing, Trade, Rate Hikes (R.) • 40% Of The Fed’s Interest On Excess Reserves Is Paid To Foreign Banks (ZH) • Will Corporate Bonds Cross Over? (DDMB) • Turkey Chooses Russia Over NATO for Missile Defense (BBG) • 100,000 and Counting: No Letup in

Jul 132017
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Debt Rattle July 13 2017

Vincent van Gogh Vineyards with a View of Auvers 1890   • ‘Investors Underestimate How Low The Bar Is For The Fed’ (CNBC) • Unwinding QE will be “More Disruptive than People Think” (WS) • I Wouldn’t Rule Out Another Financial Crisis – IMF’s Lagarde (CNBC) • The US Stock Market Is 66% Higher Than It Should Be (Kee jr) • Valuation Measures & Forward Returns (Lance Roberts) • Nonprime Mortgages Prove Leery Investors Are Finally Hungry Again (CNBC) •

Jul 122017
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Nicole Foss On Life After Complexity

JMW Turner Vignette Study of a Ship in a Storm c.1830   Nicole sent me this video, which I know next to nothing about. I don’t know where it was filmed, or when, or why, nada. But, apart from the fact that listening to Nicole is always interesting, and I haven’t heard her talk nearly enough recently, because we live on opposite ends of the world these days, this is interesting because it relates directly to energy issues that have