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Dorothea Lange Youngest little girl of motherless family, Toppenish, Yakima Valley WA 1939


The Key To Defeating COVID19 Already Exists. We Need To Start Using It (NW)
Over 40% Of US Adults Are Susceptible To Severe COVID-19 (ZH)
UK Quarantines Travellers From Spain In Sudden Blow To Europe’s Revival (R.)
Australia Reports Jump In Daily New Cases, Record Deaths (R.)
US Renters Brace For Evictions As Moratorium Ends (Pol.)
Mass Evictions Set To Begin – Communities Of Color To Be Hardest Hit (F.)
A Record 170 Tons Of Physical Gold Were Just Delivered On The COMEX (JN)
49% of Voters Believe Kremlin Interfered In Brexit Referendum (O.)
How Our Spies Missed Russian Bid To Sway Brexit (G.)
Dozens Gather In MAGA Hats In Hopes Washington Post Will Defame Them (BBee)



I’d like to pay more attention to the spreading protests/riots in the US, but I find it’s very hard to find anything neutral. Who are the bad guys and who the good guys entirely depends on your news source. And then you have opinion, not news. Lots of videos of violence perpetrated by both sides. I don’t like the use of the term stormtroopers, because that’s straight out of nazi Germany. Which is not where we are, though I know, some people would say it is.



It’s Sunday, so no new records. Just persistently high numbers. Flare-ups in Melbourne, Hong Kong, EU countries. South Africa is getting bad.













Yes, HCQ. From a professor of epidemiology at Yale. Sometimes it feels like HCQ has its own private cancel culture.

The Key To Defeating COVID19 Already Exists. We Need To Start Using It (NW)

As professor of epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health, I have authored over 300 peer-reviewed publications and currently hold senior positions on the editorial boards of several leading journals. I am usually accustomed to advocating for positions within the mainstream of medicine, so have been flummoxed to find that, in the midst of a crisis, I am fighting for a treatment that the data fully support but which, for reasons having nothing to do with a correct understanding of the science, has been pushed to the sidelines. As a result, tens of thousands of patients with COVID-19 are dying unnecessarily. Fortunately, the situation can be reversed easily and quickly.

I am referring, of course, to the medication hydroxychloroquine. When this inexpensive oral medication is given very early in the course of illness, before the virus has had time to multiply beyond control, it has shown to be highly effective, especially when given in combination with the antibiotics azithromycin or doxycycline and the nutritional supplement zinc. On May 27, I published an article in the American Journal of Epidemiology (AJE) entitled, “Early Outpatient Treatment of Symptomatic, High-Risk COVID-19 Patients that Should be Ramped-Up Immediately as Key to the Pandemic Crisis.” That article, published in the world’s leading epidemiology journal, analyzed five studies, demonstrating clear-cut and significant benefits to treated patients, plus other very large studies that showed the medication safety.

Physicians who have been using these medications in the face of widespread skepticism have been truly heroic. They have done what the science shows is best for their patients, often at great personal risk. I myself know of two doctors who have saved the lives of hundreds of patients with these medications, but are now fighting state medical boards to save their licenses and reputations. The cases against them are completely without scientific merit. Since publication of my May 27 article, seven more studies have demonstrated similar benefit. In a lengthy follow-up letter, also published by AJE, I discuss these seven studies and renew my call for the immediate early use of hydroxychloroquine in high-risk patients.

These seven studies include: an additional 400 high-risk patients treated by Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, with zero deaths; four studies totaling almost 500 high-risk patients treated in nursing homes and clinics across the U.S., with no deaths; a controlled trial of more than 700 high-risk patients in Brazil, with significantly reduced risk of hospitalization and two deaths among 334 patients treated with hydroxychloroquine; and another study of 398 matched patients in France, also with significantly reduced hospitalization risk. Since my letter was published, even more doctors have reported to me their completely successful use.

Read more …

How about you close McDonald’s permanently?

Over 40% Of US Adults Are Susceptible To Severe COVID-19 (ZH)

Several studies have found that the risk of contracting severe Covid-19 that can result in hospitalization, ICU admission, mechanical ventilation or death increases with age as well as the presence of underlying health conditions. In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released a study showing that a considerable share of the American population has some form of underlying health issue, which, as Statista’s Niall McCarthy details below, places them at risk from severe forms of the virus. The study’s findings are based on the 2018 Behavioural Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) and U.S. Census population data and it determined that 40.7 percent of U.S. adults (aged 18 and over) have a pre-existing health condition.

The most prevalent condition in the study is obesity, affecting just over 30 percent of Americans and it followed by diabetes which has a national prevalence of 11.2 percent. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and cardiovascular disease have a prevalence of just under 7 percent while chronic kidney disease is at approximately 3 percent. The CDC stated that “while the estimated number of persons with any underlying medical condition was higher in population-dense metropolitan areas, overall prevalence was higher in rural nonmetropolitan areas.” It also added that “the counties with the highest prevalences of any condition were concentrated in Southeastern states, particularly in Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and West Virginia, as well as some counties in Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, and northern Michigan, among others”.

Read more …

Several EU countries have new flare-ups. Second Wave? I don’t think so. Just the effect of loosening restrictions, and people thinking it’s all over.

UK Quarantines Travellers From Spain In Sudden Blow To Europe’s Revival (R.)

Britain abruptly imposed a two-week quarantine on all travellers arriving from Spain after a surge of coronavirus cases, a dramatic and sudden reversal on Saturday to the opening of the European continent to tourism after months of lockdown. The quarantine requirement was due to take effect from midnight (2300 GMT on Saturday), making it impossible for travellers to avoid it by rushing home. The British foreign ministry also announced it was recommending against all but essential travel to mainland Spain, a move likely to prompt tour operators to cancel package holidays and trigger claims against insurers.

Spain’s Canary and Balearic Islands were not covered by the advice to avoid travel to the mainland, but holidaymakers returning to Britain from the islands will still be subject to quarantine on return. Britain’s government urged employers to be “understanding” towards staff who are unable to return to their place of work for two weeks after they return from holiday. The sudden British move followed steps this week by other European countries. On Friday Norway said it would re-impose a 10-day quarantine requirement for people arriving from Spain from Saturday, while France advised people not to travel to Spain’s northeastern region of Catalonia.

But the total collapse of tourism from Britain would have far more impact. Britain accounted for more than 20% of the foreign visitors to Spain last year, the largest group by nationality. Tourism normally accounts for some 12% of Spain’s economy. Spain had been on a list of countries that the British government had said were safe for travellers to visit – meaning tourists returning home would not have to go into quarantine. The announcement of such lists just weeks ago had allowed Europe’s tourism sector to begin its revival after the near total shut-down prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Almost all Melbourne.

Australia Reports Jump In Daily New Cases, Record Deaths (R.)

Australia’s second-most populous state, Victoria, recorded 459 cases of the new coronavirus, the second-highest daily total and up from 357 cases the previous day, the state’s leader said on Sunday. Premier Daniel Andrews also told a press briefing that Victoria had reported 10 COVID-19 deaths in past 24 hours, Australia’s highest ever daily number. The state’s second wave is being driven by workplace infections, including at aged-care and healthcare facilities, big distribution centres, slaughterhouses, cold-storage facilities and warehouses, Andrews said. “What that tells you is that some people… are feeling sick, they have symptoms and they are still going to work,” he said.

“If that continues, then we will just continue to see more and more cases.” The cases were found on the day with the highest number of coronavirus tests, at more than 45,000. Australia has avoided the worst of coronavirus crisis seen in other countries, but authorities are struggling to contain an outbreak in Victoria. It has recorded more than 14,400 cases so far. Victorians are subject to a six week lockdown, border closures with other states and mandatory face mask wearing.

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I’d like to know how many “homeowners” face eviction.

US Renters Brace For Evictions As Moratorium Ends (Pol.)

Columbus, Ohio, has turned part of its convention center into an evictions court. Denver is creating a handful of designated campsites for homeless people. And Milwaukee saw a 17 percent increase in eviction filings last month after a state ban lapsed. Cities across the country are bracing for a surge of evictions as a four-month federal moratorium that has protected millions of tenants from losing their homes in the middle of the pandemic expires Friday at midnight, with no relief in sight from Congress. The ban is ending just as a federal enhancement to unemployment benefits — a $600-a-week boost that has helped many laid off tenants pay at least some of their rent — also lapses this weekend.

Estimates of the number of people who stand to lose their homes are rough, given the patchwork of state and local bans on evictions, many of which are also expiring. But they range in the millions, and a disproportionate share of them are people of color. “The wave of evictions has already begun, and now Congress needs to act to prevent it from becoming a tsunami,” said Diane Yentel, president and CEO of the National Low Income Housing Coalition. “If the federal ban is not extended, if the state and local eviction moratoriums that are scheduled to expire in the coming weeks do, and if no emergency rental assistance is provided, then from the end of August through fall, millions of Americans will be evicted from their homes,” Yentel said.

While states have imposed their own eviction moratoriums, 24 of them have already allowed the temporary bans to lapse. That leaves somewhere between 19 million and 23 million people — about one in five renters in the U.S. — at risk of eviction by the end of September if Congress fails to extend both the federal ban and supplemental unemployment benefits, according to an estimate by the Aspen Institute. The situation was dire even before both protections lapsed: Roughly 9.4 million renters have no confidence they will be able to make next month’s rent payment, according to the latest weekly survey by the Census Bureau, conducted the second week of July. Another 14.3 million have only “slight” confidence they will be able to make rent next month.

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Well, duh!

Mass Evictions Set To Begin – Communities Of Color To Be Hardest Hit (F.)

On March 27, the CARES Act was signed into law and included a moratorium through July 24 on evictions for those living in homes funded by federally backed mortgages or who rely on housing vouchers. This protection covers roughly a third of renters and expires today, putting millions of families at risk of losing their homes in the middle of an unprecedented health and unemployment crisis. Once the moratorium ends, landlords must still give renters 30 days’ notice before filing a complaint in court. Some states and cities have their own bans on evictions so renters should check with their local government if they receive notice. Over 17 million Americans are still unemployed and unable to find work, and the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases only continues to rise.

Removing families from their homes amid the surge in cases will result in even more lives being lost. According to a report by The Center for Public Integrity, communities of color are most at risk of losing their homes. This same group is also the most vulnerable to the disease because of structural conditions. One example is that Black and other people of color are more likely to be considered essential workers or work in jobs that can’t be done remotely. The disparities in the quality and access to healthcare for Black individuals has been widely documented as well. These factors mean that the expiration of the moratorium on evictions will disproportionately affect Black and brown communities, and widen the racial wealth gap.

Read more …

Interesting story. If the spread between New York and London gold is too large, it pays to fly huge gold shipments around the world.

A Record 170 Tons Of Physical Gold Were Just Delivered On The COMEX (JN)

Three elements cause physical delivery on the COMEX to have reached record highs this year: strong demand for futures in New York, a persisting spread between the price of futures in New York versus spot gold in London, and arbitrage. Physical delivery on the largest gold futures exchange in the world, the COMEX in New York, has reached all time highs this year. In June more than 170 tonnes were physically delivered (5.5 million ounces). Usually, delivery is “neglectable.” What has changed? An important change in the global gold market occurred on March 23, 2020. On that day the price of gold futures in New York started drifting higher than the price for spot gold in London. Ever since, the spread has persisted, though it continuously widens and narrows.

[..] The world’s most dominant gold spot market is the London Bullion Market, where mostly “loco London” gold is traded. Meaning the metal is physically settled within the environs of the M25 London Orbital Motorway. The most dominant gold futures market is located in New York, where metal can be physically delivered within a 150-mile radius of the City of New York. Before March 23, the price in London (spot) and the price in New York (near month futures contract) always traded in tight lockstep because of arbitrage. If, for example, the futures price would trade above spot, arbitragers would “buy spot and sell futures” until the spread was closed. Arbitragers would hold their positions—long spot, short futures—until maturity of the futures contract, because at expiry the price of the futures contract was guaranteed to converge with the spot price.

In this example we can see that strong demand in New York would be translated into spot buying in London. Worth noting is that when a futures trader rolled its position into the next month, and his initial futures buying was translated into spot buying in London by an arbitrager, on a systemic level the arbitrager would roll its position as well. Of course, the opposite happened as well. When futures traded below spot, arbitragers would “buy futures and sell spot” until the spread was closed. So far, a simplified version of the market before March 23. Since March 23 of this year, futures have persistently been trading above spot, though the spread isn’t constant. As a result, arbitragers aren’t assured the futures price in New York will converge with the spot price in London. An arbitrage trade as described above, through a position in both markets, incurs risk.

What arbitragers currently do to profit from the spread is buy spot, sell futures, fly the metal to New York, and physically deliver the gold. This is how the profit is locked in. If the spread between spot and futures is $40 per ounce, the arbitrager’s profit is $40 minus costs for transport, insurance, storage, etc. Now you can see why the persistent spread between New York and London has increased physical delivery on the COMEX through arbitrage. Conclusion: Physical delivery on the COMEX is elevated because of the current unusual situation in the global gold market. The gold delivered in New York has been imported from spot markets such as Singapore, Switzerland and Australia. U.S. imports directly from the U.K. are rare, because in London 400-ounce bars are traded and the main futures contract in New York requires smaller bars for delivery.

Read more …

Just the Guardian confirming its propaganda works in Britain.

49% of Voters Believe Kremlin Interfered In Brexit Referendum (O.)

Almost half the British public believes the Russian government interfered in the EU referendum and last year’s general election, according to a poll. The latest Opinium poll for the Observer found that 49% of voters think there was Russian interference in the Brexit referendum, with 23% disagreeing. Some 47% believed Russia interfered in the December general election. The poll findings come after the long-awaited publication of the report into Russian interference by parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee last week. It found that the government had not attempted to investigate potential Russian interference in the referendum. It said the UK had “badly underestimated” the Russian threat.

Opinium asked people whether they thought there was any involvement from Russia in the last three general elections, the EU referendum and the Scottish referendum. For each, the public were more likely to think that the Russian government had interfered than that it had not. Two-fifths (40%) thought Russia had interfered in the 2014 Scottish independence referendum. Remainers were more likely (63%) to think that the Russian government interfered in the EU referendum than Leavers (39%). Asked about the 2019 general election, 70% of Lib Dem voters and 62% of Labour voters believed the Russian government interfered, compared with 39% of Conservative voters. However, even Conservative voters were more likely to believe that the Russian government interfered in that election (39%) than not (33%).

Read more …

And for those still not with the program, Luke Harding explains that the only possible reason no Russian interference was found is that they weren’t looking. Just like Robert Mueller.

How Our Spies Missed Russian Bid To Sway Brexit (G.)

[..] the Russia report – published last week after a 10-month delay – paints a damning picture of British spooks who were too timorous or too incompetent to do much about a growing Russian threat, or the Kremlin’s surreptitious attempt to sway the Brexit vote. Over the last four years British and Russian policy have been remarkably aligned. For Theresa May as prime minister and her successor Boris Johnson, Brexit has been about delivering the “will of the people”. From Moscow, Brexit is seen as a wild success, diminishing the UK and estranging London from its European partners. And perhaps hastening Scottish secession too. The MPs who sit on parliament’s intelligence and security committee (ISC) were incredulous at the lack of cooperation from the UK’s security agencies.

Asked about Moscow and Brexit, MI5 produced “six lines of text”, the report said. GCHQ didn’t drill down into the St Petersburg troll factory, which pumped out millions of pro-Leave messages. And MI6 failed to ask its secret agents what exactly the Kremlin was up to. Agency sources suggest such criticism is unfair. Yes, they say, MI5 has a permanent counter-intelligence mission. Its job is to keep Britain safe. Yet it also has a statutory duty to protect UK democracy. Whitehall sources last night insisted the security services fulfilled such responsibilities without political interference. Others say the security services depend on “tasking” from inside Whitehall – the Cabinet Office, the joint intelligence committee, and No 10. They have less operational freedom than the FBI in the US and they are culturally and historically reluctant to wade into politics. Plus the instructions never came.

Read more …

Babylon Bee.

Dozens Gather In MAGA Hats In Hopes Washington Post Will Defame Them (BBee)

After Nick Sandmann settled yet another nine-figure lawsuit today, dozens of people went out in MAGA hats, gathering outside The Washington Post’s offices in hopes that they too would be defamed by the newspaper. The clever entrepreneurs stood outside the paper’s headquarters wearing the pro-Trump headgear. They just stood there, not chanting or protesting or breaking anything, a protest tactic that immediately confused the liberals working at the Post. “It’s very strange — they’re not burning anything. They must not be peaceful protesters. Nonetheless, we will not be fooled by this tactic,” said a WaPo editor. “We will be able to resist the urge to commit libel against these deplora–I mean, these ordinary Americans.” At publishing time, The Washington Post had written defamatory articles about all of them. They are all preparing to retire comfortably.

Read more …



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    Dorothea Lange Youngest little girl of motherless family, Toppenish, Yakima Valley WA 1939   • The Key To Defeating COVID19 Already Exists. We Ne
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle July 26 2020]

    Dr. D

    “tens of thousands of patients with COVID-19 are dying unnecessarily.”

    So it’s an intentional mass murder.

    are now fighting state medical boards to save their licenses and reputations.”

    So the AMA and state governments are the murderers, and fighting tirelessly to kill. Hey, if you removed the 10,000 (x3?) cases from the data, what would the charts look like?

    22 peer-reviewed scholarly articles on Covid-19 have been retracted

    Including and especially the HCQ. But also the death numbers. The dramatic chart, look at maths, left hand side: no need to even open Calc. 2 deaths per MILLION. AYFKM. Okay, so when you attribute a new motorcycle accident, a fatal head-shot, a smothered baby, does do those mistakes noticeably affect the numbers? Yes, it doubles them or more. They’re not doing this? We’re reading that they’re doing it, and it matches exactly the level of error it takes to have 22 fake retracted studies. No? The editors of the Lancet and NEJM were talking about how all their research is now fake and they should roll up shop. So to what experts do you refer? Because THEY are the doctors, the researchers. Fauci was/is not using/citing his own CDC research. It’s not secret, you can look it up.

    Over 40% Of US Adults Are Susceptible To Severe COVID-19 (ZH)”

    We’re already done, the numbers are already flat. So clearly that’s not true. Let’s reverse it, which DOES seem to be true: 60% are completely immune and therefore we are at herd immunity now. Of the 40%, many get it, but not badly. 0.06% get it in a bad way, same as the Flu. If we ever get, you know, Data, they will extract flu with the CDC conflated numbers, remove Corona, which the test measures NOT Covid, which is a subset of Corona, and the numbers will drop again. Probably you will find it’s more dangerous where it exists but less common. That seems to be what they see in health care workers. But that is itself untrue. If we suddenly decided antibiotics are dangerous for no scientific reason and attacked anyone who prescribed them, then yes, a lot of people would die. …Of criminal negligence if not mass murder. Is that somehow science? Is it medicine? What do you call it when we have care but refuse to provide it? Is that similar to how we refused care to non-Covid patients, cancer screenings, heart tests, because the system is closed, and the steadily increasing bankruptcies that insures? Murder, murder, murder, murder, murder. Cheers, accolades, medals. Fauci says “NY did it right”, the MOST WORSTEST state if not location on planet earth. He’s a smart guy. So why would you think he was kidding? The place that did it right murdered the most people. That’s literally what he said. And also that all other places should follow the procedures and examples of the place that killed the most people. Hero, accolades, medals, front covers. The people cheer.

    Delivering gold – I doubt much was delivered. It’s been a transparent scam of defaulted delivery for years, 2010?

    A thing that WAS delivered was U.S. corn. To China. Shhhh, don’t tell. And soybeans, although largely from Argentina, with the U.S. the only exporter, Argentina’s customers are now buying U.S. And China is too, but less. Hey, was this predicted somewhere? Sure, but you can bet it’s not reported now. OMB.

    Etherium was delivered, and up almost 100% since May.

    Let’s say it the way they do, “Without evidence (comma) 49% of Voters Believe Kremlin Interfered In Brexit Referendum (O.)

    Fact-free feelz. So if you ask them WHY they think this, what events support their assertion, what do they say? To find out, watch “Idiocracy”, perhaps the courtroom scene.

    It’s meant to be a warning, not a handbook.

    they’re not burning anything. They must not be peaceful protesters.”

    Ah another day, another day Antifa and the white left shoot and kill more unarmed black people. Stunning and brave. Love and tolerance. At least it’s not black children this week, but to be honest, they’re killing so many minorities and they’re so universally not reported that it’s possible I just didn’t hear about it.

    Hey, if you’re using cutting torches and mortar shells to weld policemen in a courthouse and light it on fire while everyone inside is burned alive, what kind of peaceful protest is that? Must be a new kind of peace I haven’t heard of.

    “The right of the people to PEACEABLY assemble”, you know, like in church and temple.

    “We believe in law and order. We are not advocating violence. We want to love our enemies.”
    “Constructive ends can never give absolute moral justification to destructive means, because in the final analysis the end is preexistent in the mean.” — MLK

    He was also deeply in support of being armed and gun rights. Huh. Why? Because DEFENDING yourself against attacks, murder is legal, moral, and justified under the church, as well as any other system on earth except communism. Sounds like he’s a conservative and needs to be de-platformed, banned, and erased from history, because the people marching today believe the exact opposite. Oppositeland. No surprise.


    Heat dome
    Herd immunity

    India Gives Seven Tonnes Of Hydroxychloroquine To Nigeria – PTF
    Emmanuel Egobiambu
    Updated July 23, 2020
    Africa has news – read more from link …


    Oh Dr.D! That was a good one! made me smile and chuckle at the end.

    Back when we used to do books as the default I read a lot of science fiction. Somewhere in that era I came across the concept of ” the wrong thing for the right reason”…Heinlein? Niven?…no matter it was the concept that stayed with me.

    Oh! the irony!



    Burn Reichstag; burn Portland; same play, different era. Make people afraid so they accept a harsher security state. They were set up for the Patriot Act before 9-11. The crisis appeared and they were ready.

    Americans have been taught to fear the city since 1950s when a Soviet surprise nuclear attack led to population dispersion as defense. FHA funded suburban developments carried racism with them, prohibiting sales to Negro households.

    Trump and Barry know what they are doing. People don’t get that WWII was an anti-fascist operation.

    In the 1950s TV was used to re-live WWII and prepare for WWIII.

    Environmentally the people of the world can’t afford war, but that’s all the power and domination thinking politicians have in their playbook.

    Portland Walls ot Moms and Vets know a better way, but it doesn’t lead to blood, so it doesn’t fit the news cycle needs of advertisers.

    Link to video – Fear the City

    Frontlines of Freedom – Canadian & US Civil Defense film 1955


    Mrs. Brown : “That’ll be a dispute to the end of time, Mr. Brown: whether it’s better to do the right thing for the wrong reason or the wrong thing for the right reason.” National Velvet. (not really science fiction)
    I suspect this is not the quote you were looking for, but it’s similar.

    On HCQ+: this makes me so mad I could spit. And they’re still arguing against it. I surely am getting a comprehensive overview of US medicine, and the thought of “universal healthcare” (which I once favored, seemingly so long ago) now scares the pants off me. I get it now- all my good doctors retired early. I think they saw what was coming- they also hated entering data for the medical database, both because they believed in absolute medical privacy and because they didn’t get paid for such drudgework.


    A question: Let’s say that every bit of the fear-porn regarding OMG! Covid-19! that’s being catapulted on
    virtually every website / TV station / radio station and any other mass-media outlet on God’s green earth
    for the past five months *is in fact* utterly, incontrovertibly true (setting aside the mountain of evidence
    that shows otherwise, as often pointed out by Dr. D, here.)

    How does the fear-mongering *help*, exactly? What’s the goal of the fear-mongerers; who are they, exactly; and might they have particular class interests in mind by bludgeoning the populace, worldwide, with fear?
    What is to be gained, exactly, by frightening hell out of every person on the planet; and *to whose* interest?



    … adding: it’s especially curious to see those same COVID-1984 fear-mongerers who incessantly scream: “STAY HOME! WEAR A MASK! DON’T TRAVEL! DONT’T HAVE FUN! DON’T GET FRESH AIR! DON’T ENJOY THE
    COMPANY OF OTHERS!”, but abide by none of those rules, themselves..




    Lastly for today:

    Has anyone else noticed, like me, that each new
    “stunning spike” or “huge death numbers” is/are
    always- but always!- somewhere else? Not
    firsthand, undeniable, *demonstrable experience*;
    but rather, reporting that is usually if not always
    later shown to be false?

    odd (or not)… 😉


    Doc Robinson

    Worldometer data from today shows that of all the active COVID-19 cases in the world, 99% of them are in mild condition. The data for the US is similar, with only 1% of the active cases being considered serious or critical.

    Which helps to put this headline into perspective:
    “Over 40% Of US Adults Are Susceptible To Severe COVID-19”

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