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Vincent van Gogh Autumn landscape 1885


Sweden Suspends Moderna Shot Indefinitely (TTC)
Pfizer, BioNTech Announce Their Vaccine Is Useless After 11 Months (Berenson)
CDC Considers Changing Definition Of “Fully Vaccinated” (JTN)
More Americans Getting Boosters Right Now Than First Vaccine Shots (Hill)
Biden Vaccine Mandate Not In Effect, Not Enforceable – Republican AGs (JTN)
Strain Of Delta Variant Causing Panic In UK Has Been Found In US (ZH)
Southwest Airlines Says It Won’t Fire Workers Who Don’t Get COVID Vaccine (ET)
Accountability (Denninger)
“What Am I Doing?” He Asks (Kunstler)
Nunes: ABC News HQ should move to Disney’s Fantasyland (JTN)
NATO Unveils Master Plan To Defeat Russia In Nuclear War (RT)
Magnesium Shortage Threatens To Paralyze Global Car Production (AD)
Chief Justice of England & Wales Joins Bench for Assange Hearing (CN)



Scary numbers. Among 40-49, infection risk for unvaccinated down some 15%, vaccinated up over 50%.



“..to anyone under 31..”

Sweden Suspends Moderna Shot Indefinitely (TTC)

New concerns are being raised about side effects from the Moderna vaccine against the coronavirus. Swedish health officials have now decided that a moratorium on giving the Moderna vaccine to anyone under 31 will be extended indefinitely, the U.K. Daily Mail reported. The pause on the Moderna shots had been scheduled to end on Dec. 1. Finland, Iceland and Denmark have taken similar steps. Norway is encouraging men under 30 not to get the Moderna shot, but is not mandating it. For months, the Moderna vaccine has been under scrutiny because of data that shows young men who receive it are at increased risk for myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle, and pericarditis, an inflammation of the sac around the heart.

[..] The decision comes as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is putting Moderna’s plans for a shot aimed at the population from age 12 to 17 on hold due to concerns over risks of the ailments, according to The Wall Street Journal. Although a federal CDC panel on Thursday approved boosters for the Moderna and Johnson & Johson vaccines, there were some cautions raised, according to CNBC. Dr. Tom Shimabukuro said there is an increased risk of myocarditis and pericarditis with either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine, in particular after the second dose of the vaccines. According to the Daily Mail, the data indicated the risk was 13 times greater for those getting the Moderna vaccine than for those who got the Pfizer vaccine. Sweden’s Public Health Agency said the unpublished data linking the Moderna vaccine with the two conditions means there is “an increased risk of side effects such as inflammation of the heart muscle or the pericardium.”

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Not sure where he gets the 11 months. I think it might be 6.

Pfizer, BioNTech Announce Their Vaccine Is Useless After 11 Months (Berenson)

Well, that’s not how they phrased it. But it is the only reasonable way to read their press release claiming that the booster is 95% effective. Remember. The booster is given to people who have RECEIVED the vaccine. (That’s why it’s a booster, right?) And when they tested a booster against a placebo in those people, they found a 95% reduction in disease in people who received the booster (for a total of 11 weeks after they received the booster, excluding the first week, because science – by which I mean because including that week would not help their results). 95%! Where have you heard that figure before? Oh yeah, it is EXACTLY the same relative risk reduction they claimed in the pivotal trial last year, when they tested the INITIAL dose against placebo.

The only reasonable read is that the booster is providing (temporary) protection similar to the first two-dose series (temporarily) did AGAINST PLACEBO. But these are VACCINATED people. So where’s the protection from the initial two doses? There is ONE difference, though. The ABSOLUTE risk appeared at least two to three times higher in the vaccinated people in this trial than in UNVACCINATED people in the initial trial – 110 infections in 5,000 people in 10 weeks, compared to 162 infections in 20,000 people in about the same period. Because vaccines work. If you are vaccinated, get ready to take boosters forever. By the way, the press release includes NO specific safety data. Yay Pfizer!

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Worst kept secret.

CDC Considers Changing Definition Of “Fully Vaccinated” (JTN)

The U.S. could change the definition of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Friday. The definition might be changed as booster shots become more prevalent, the CDC Director Rochelle Walensky told reporters in a briefing. “We have not yet changed the definition of ‘fully vaccinated.’ We will continue to look at this,” Walensky said. “We may need to update our definition of ‘fully vaccinated’ in the future. If you’re eligible for a booster, go ahead and get your booster and we will continue to follow up.”

According to The Hill, the term “fully vaccinated” applies to people who have received the one-shot Johnson and Johnson vaccine, or both doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines. According to the White House, more than 70 million Americans qualify for a booster shot, while predicting another 120 million Americans should become eligible in the coming months. Currently, the CDC estimates about 58% of the U.S. population is fully vaccinated against the virus, while nearly 68% is only partially vaccinated.

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All under informed consent, we may presume?

More Americans Getting Boosters Right Now Than First Vaccine Shots (Hill)

The number of Americans getting their booster shots is outpacing those who are getting their first vaccine dose, according to new data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). According to the latest data, 190 million people are fully vaccinated in the U.S. and 12 million people have received their booster dose since it was authorized in August. An average of roughly 340,000 people are getting a booster shot on a daily basis, compared to a daily average of 157,605 who received their first vaccine shot for the week ending Tuesday, government data shows, according to The Washington Post. The disparity isn’t particularly surprising given the demand for booster shots among the vaccinated population, and the fact that the unvaccinated population has had months to get a shot but has not so far.

But it points to how even with boosters available, a stubborn minority of Americans are likely to not take initial vaccinations or boosters. It is much easier for the coronavirus to spread the larger that population is. An Axios-Ipsos poll published in August found that 20 percent of Americans said they either are not very likely or not likely at all to receive a vaccine. There are now booster recommendations for all three available COVID-19 vaccines in the United States, after the CDC on Thursday approved both the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson boosters. “These recommendations are another example of our fundamental commitment to protect as many people as possible from COVID-19,” CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said in a statement on Thursday.

“The evidence shows that all three COVID-19 vaccines authorized in the United States are safe – as demonstrated by the over 400 million vaccine doses already given. And, they are all highly effective in reducing the risk of severe disease, hospitalization, and death, even in the midst of the widely circulating delta variant,” Walensky said.

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A superbly weird game is being played. As long as it’s not in effect, the White House can’t be sued. There are dozes of court cases pending.

Biden Vaccine Mandate Not In Effect, Not Enforceable – Republican AGs (JTN)

President Joe Biden’s executive order requiring private employees to get the COVID-19 shots hasn’t gone into effect and therefore isn’t enforceable, argue several Republican attorneys general — and if and when the regulation does go into effect, they vow, they will immediately sue to stop it. “No such rule or regulation is currently in effect,” Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen wrote in an open letter to all Montanans, and “there has been a great deal of confusion” since Biden announced his mandate Sept. 9. The letter was released the same day as an announcement made by Biden, who said, “The Labor Department is going to soon be issuing an emergency rule for companies with 100 or more employees to implement vaccination requirements.”

The Department of Labor’s Occupational Health and Safety Administration only last week submitted the initial text of the mandate’s regulatory language to the Office of Management and Budget for review. This is the first of several steps in the regulatory process. OSHA will implement, oversee and enforce the Biden mandate, which it has yet to do. It plans to do so under an obscure authority known as “emergency temporary standards” that has been used only a handful of times. [..] The mandate was a reversal of policy advocated by the White House just five months earlier. On April 6, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters: “The government is not now, nor will we be supporting a system that requires Americans to carry a credential. There will be no federal vaccinations database and no federal mandate requiring everyone to obtain a single vaccination credential.”

However, after Biden’s Sept. 9, mandate, numerous companies issued vaccine mandates requiring employees to provide proof of vaccination status in order to remain employed. Some companies issued fines for employees who chose to not get the shots. Some rejected religious exemption requests, others rejected exemption requests from those who could prove they have natural immunity after they got the coronavirus. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton argues the mandate is unconstitutional, and in response to pushback throughout the state, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued his own mandate prohibiting all entities in Texas from issuing vaccine mandates as a condition of employment. Knudsen says his office is “preparing to immediately challenge and enjoin this federal overreach on a variety of grounds when the Biden administration issues its announced rule.”

Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor also announced that no federal rule mandating employers to require their workers to get the shots exists. He’s instructed employers — and Oklahomans — to ignore Biden’s order. “I urge Oklahoma employers to disregard the Biden Administration’s wishes to the contrary,” O’Connor said in a statement. “In the event federal emergency rules are issued that place such an unlawful demand upon employers, our office will be joined by other state Attorneys General across the country to quickly sue and seek an injunction against any implementation or enforcement.”

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Let me guess: mostly found among the vaccinated?

Strain Of Delta Variant Causing Panic In UK Has Been Found In US (ZH)

A mutated version of the delta variant that has caused panic in the UK has been detected in several states in the US, the CDC revealed this week. AY.4.2, a subtype of the highly transmissible delta variant which has become informally known as “delta plus”, accounted for 6% of all sequenced samples of the virus. Its emergence has coincided with a rebound in COVID cases in the UK. To be sure, right now, the strain is still rare in the US and accounts for “well below 0.05%” of cases sequenced, the CDC says. So there’s no reason to panic. “At this time, there is no evidence that the sublineage AY.4.2 impacts the effectiveness of our current vaccines or therapeutics,” the CDC said. “Vaccination remains the best public health measure to slow the spread of the virus and reduce the likelihood of new variants to emerge.”

Around 16,830 AY.4.2 cases have been detected around the world across at least 28 countries, according to data from Outbreak.Info. Jeffrey Barrett, director of the COVID-19 Genomics Initiative at the Wellcome Sanger Institute in the U.K., told Newsweek on Thursday that it’s still unclear whether the subtype is helping drive rising case numbers in the UK. “We are one of the groups that has observed a [roughy] 10 percent growth advantage compared to other Delta.” “I’d say we can’t say for sure yet that that is a true biological advantage, as opposed to a bit of epidemiological ‘luck’ for this lineage, but the data are now accumulating week-by-week in favor of a small growth advantage.”

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Still trying to hide the reason why. Still the weather.

Southwest Airlines Says It Won’t Fire Workers Who Don’t Get COVID Vaccine (ET)

Southwest Airlines’ CEO said the company will not fire employees who do not get the COVID-19 vaccine by Dec. 9 following a Biden administration mandate that was announced last month for federal contractors. In a statement to news outlets Friday, the Dallas-based carrier confirmed to Fox News it does not want to “lose any employee” over President Joe Biden’s mandate, adding that firing a worker over the vaccine “makes no sense.” It came a day after Southwest CEO Gary Kelly made a similar announcement during an earnings call. “This is an evolving process working with the government in terms of what they expect, and very clearly, we wanted our employees to know that nobody is going to lose their job on December the 9th if we’re not perfectly in compliance,” Kelly said, according to news reports.

“It is a work in progress, and we’re going to continue working in good faith to meet the requirements of the executive order. But I’ve already said, and I’m sure you’ve heard, we’re not going to fire anybody who doesn’t get vaccinated,” he continued. Biden’s mandate will start on Dec. 8, requiring federal contractors to make sure their workers are vaccinated. Employees can be granted a medical or religious exemption. But Kelly’s and Southwest’s announcements this week mark a reversal in the carrier’s vaccination stance. Earlier this month, Southwest stated that workers would have to be fully vaccinated or receive an exemption to “continue employment with the airline” after it conducted a “thorough review of President Biden’s COVID Action Plan and determined that the carrier’s contracts with the U.S. government require full compliance with the federal vaccination directive.”

Also on Thursday, Southwest said in its quarterly results that it lost some $75 million after thousands of flights were canceled and delayed earlier this month. The firm blamed the weather and unspecified staffing issues, although there was widespread speculation that pilots and other employees walked out over the vaccine requirement.

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Sometimes I suspect Karl is a faster typer than I am.

“Whether said reprogramming is good, bad, effective or not isn’t the question; it is the claim that such constitutes a “vaccine” that is medically and scientifically false..”

Accountability (Denninger)

That the current jabs are not vaccines is not in question; it is truth. The government has changed the definition of a “vaccine” but you cannot change something that is false into something that is true by making a claim that it is so. A vaccine is a preparation that causes or mimics actual infection but is either attenuated or killed so that it will not harm you. The current “clot shots” are genetic programming designed to alter the core processes of your cells. That the intended outcome of this is to produce an immune response protective against a pathogen does not change the fact that they are not vaccines and that we have discovered the direct result of said programming is pathogenic is not in scientific question either; it is, and is almost-certainly responsible for all the adverse effects of same.

A therapy alters the core processes of your cells to combat a disease; every drug in the pharmacy does this in one form or another. Whether said reprogramming is good, bad, effective or not isn’t the question; it is the claim that such constitutes a “vaccine” that is medically and scientifically false, and no matter how many people believe it, whether that number is zero or 100% of the population does not change the falsity of the statement. That there has never been a successful vaccine — an actual vaccine — against a coronavirus in man or beast is also fact. That is not due to the lack of attempt; there have been many attempts. All have ended in failure; either the protection is non-durable and thus becomes a “required subscription” or worse, it turns on the inoculated individual member of the population and potentiates illness, severely injuring or killing them. Attempting to force that model on the human population through lies or worse, mandates, marks every person involved in advocating or attempting to impose same worthy of immediate imprisonment or even execution as they are wild-eyed extortionists at best or even mass-murdering psychotic criminals.

That every respiratory pandemic in history has progressed into an endemic disease is scientific fact. If it was not, even once, every single one of us would not exist because somewhere before our birth humans would have all been dead. Yet here we are, which is scientific proof that any claim that Covid-19 would not follow the same pattern absent our intervention was and is false. That is not to say that certain pathogens haven’t been worse than others; there have, of course. But the trend toward endemicity and immunity from serious outcome via infection or the mimicry of actual infection, not genetic engineering which only now exists as possible, is fact. Thus my commentary, which I have repeated relentlessly: We are all going to get this thing, there’s nothing we can do about that, and we ought to work on personal resistance to serious outcomes which we know we can have positive impact upon. Indeed, were Covid-19 to have occurred prior to our obsession with obesity and “healthy at any size” it is probable that 99% of those who have died from it in the US would have successfully fought it off and it would have been less serious than seasonal influenza.

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“The Obama-led claque behind all the White House fakery wants to cram this down the country’s craw before things go so far south that Americans start to think they’re living in Tierra del Fuego.”

“What Am I Doing?” He Asks (Kunstler)

The Leader of the Free World wandered the stage, sometimes oddly circling his interlocutor, Anderson Cooper of CNN, who had to step in and rescue the maundering “Joe B,” when he lost himself in thickets of talking points that no amount of rehearsal could avail to untangle. “What am I doing?” he asked more than once, but no one on the scene volunteered to remind him. The “president” frequently assumed poses that signified some kind of gross cognitive dysfunction: head turned down to the floor with his eyes shut… strange, mincing steps in the direction of a fugitive thought… fists balled like a two-year-old resisting some simple instruction… There was a robotic quality to the act, too, as “JB” repeated his place-holder phrase “Here’s the deal” to preface each flight into the murky jargon of Build Back Better.

It fell short of convincing anyone about who was in charge of the nation’s affairs at a very sketchy moment in history, and at the end Ol “Joe” just ran down like a three-dollar gyroscope. In his most lost moments, such as when AC inaptly tried to prompt him on the border crisis — “I guess I should go down,” he admitted dolefully — the “POTUS” directed the cameras to his wife in the audience, saying, “Jill’s been down there!” We were supposed to conclude that she’d fixed all that for us.

The exercise was also obviously designed to turn up the heat on the two renegade senators, Joe Manchin (WVA) and Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) who are disinclined to vote for the trillions of dollars in pending proposed legislation to drop money from helicopters all over the land and save the economy — and impose all manner of janky surveillance measures and vote-rigging scams on the country. The Obama-led claque behind all the White House fakery wants to cram this down the country’s craw before things go so far south that Americans start to think they’re living in Tierra del Fuego.

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“[T]hey’re not falling for this,” he replied. “There’s something more nefarious going on — ABC News to put something out like that is just bizarre.”

Nunes: ABC News HQ should move to Disney’s Fantasyland (JTN)

Following an ABC News interview with Christopher Steele, author of the discredited Steele dossier used in the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) said the media outlet’s headquarters should move to Fantasyland at its parent company’s Walt Disney World. “[I]t’s a little bit of an embarrassment for ABC News and Disney Corporation,” said Nunes, who as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee was instrumental in exposing the Trump-Russia narrative as a political dirty trick funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and DNC in 2016. “I’ve been kind of half joking, but really half not, because you wonder if ABC News is gonna move their headquarters to Fantasyland at Disney World,” Nunes quipped. “It’s such a joke.”

Nunes alleged that the network’s hour-long documentary “Out of the Shadows: The Man Behind the Steele Dossier,” released Monday on Hulu, is “entirely fiction.” “[I]t’s really about what was left out,” he said. “And then the lack of clarity on the folks who are … kind of posing as actors in this — you know, they’re supposedly journalists.” Steele was the one “peddling Russian disinformation and the whole hoax early on,” but in his interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos “he’s sitting there going, ‘Oh, we just don’t know if this is true or not,'” observed Nunes. “[I]t’s basically misinformation or disinformation by omission,” he said. Nunes was asked if he was surprised the media is still falling for the Russia collusion narrative five years later.

“[T]hey’re not falling for this,” he replied. “There’s something more nefarious going on — ABC News to put something out like that is just bizarre. “So I have no idea, you know, what’s behind this — the timing, the release of this. That anybody would be defending Steele or those dossiers … at this point is an absolute joke.” While Nunes believes that Special Counsel John Durham is “doing a real investigation” of the Russia collusion hoax, he is concerned about the prosecutor’s ability “to continue this investigation, because we know DOJ is completely politicized.”

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NATO is done. And not a minute too soon. They can’t even win a game of backgammon. But then again that’s been true for the US for many decades too. Just because they can’t win at anything doesn’t mean they can’t be a major nuisance.

NATO Unveils Master Plan To Defeat Russia In Nuclear War (RT)

Top defense chiefs from NATO member states have given a green light to a new grand strategy on how to beat Russia in any potential all-out conflict, as Moscow says the move proves the US-led bloc isn’t open to improving relations. On Thursday, ministers met in Brussels to sign off the scheme, named the “Concept for Deterrence and Defense in the Euro-Atlantic Area.” According to NATO’s General Secretary, Jens Stoltenberg, it is part of efforts to “continue to strengthen our alliance with better and modernized plans.” The bloc’s officials insist they don’t believe an attack is imminent, but that it is worthwhile being prepared in any case.As part of the plan, NATO troops would fight against Russia’s forces in both the Baltic Region and across the Black Sea.

The battle plans also focus on non-conventional warfare, including the use of nuclear weapons, cyber-attacks and even conflict in space. However, Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov hit out at the adoption of the strategy on Friday, saying that it shows there is no prospect for turning around rock-bottom relations with the bloc. “There is no need for dialogue under these conditions,” he argued, saying that the adoption “of such a concept by NATO confirms it once again.” According to him, “this alliance was not created for peace, it was conceived, designed and created for confrontation.”

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Google translate from Dutch.

“If the supply of magnesium stops, the entire auto industry may be forced to shut down.”

Magnesium Shortage Threatens To Paralyze Global Car Production (AD)

The automotive industry is already having a hard time due to the shortage of chips and semiconductors, causing many factories to shut down. There is now a threat of a new crisis in Europe due to a magnesium shortage. Magnesium is essential for aluminum production. That material is needed on a large scale for building cars. It is used in gearboxes, steering columns and brakes, seat frames, at fuel tanks, in the bodywork and for many other parts. About 85 percent of global magnesium production comes from China and much of that comes from Yulin City in Shaanxi Province. But due to an energy crisis, production restrictions have been imposed on many factories there. Of the fifty magnesium factories, only fifteen are still active.

They also run at half power to meet the energy requirements. It will remain that way at least until the end of the year. Analysts warn in The Financial Times that stocks of magnesium in the rest of the world are dwindling rapidly. The German and European car industry, almost entirely dependent on China for magnesium, threatens to get nothing in November. “There are no alternatives to aluminum production,” said Barclays analyst Amos Fletcher. “If the supply of magnesium stops, the entire auto industry may be forced to shut down.” In that case, consumers will have to wait even longer for their new car, while the shortage of semiconductors has already doubled or even tripled delivery times.

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He blocked the Lauri Love extradition.

Chief Justice of England & Wales Joins Bench for Assange Hearing (CN)

Ian Duncan Burnett, the most powerful judge in England and Wales, will join Lord Justice Timothy Holroyde on the bench next week for the two-day U.S. appeal in the extradition case of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange at the High Court in London, according to a spokesman at the Royal Courts of Justice. Burnett, known as Baron Burnett of Maldon, was the High Court justice who on humanitarian grounds overturned a lower court ruling that British activist Lauri Love should be extradited to the United States. Burnett ruled in February 2018 that Love’s extradition would be “oppressive by reason of his physical and mental condition.” Burnett and Mr. Justice Duncan Ouseley said in their decision that, “We accept that the evidence shows that the fact of extradition would bring on severe depression, and that Mr. Love would probably be determined to commit suicide, here or in America.”

Instead they recommended that Love be tried in the United Kingdom on charges of hacking into U.S. government computers. Unlike Love, Assange is accused of no crimes in Britain. But like Love, he has been deemed (by the magistrate’s court) at high risk of suicide if he were to be extradited to the United States. The U.S. is appealing the lower court’s decision not to extradite Assange to the U.S. based on his propensity for suicide. The U.S. is arguing that Assange is not too sick to be sent to the U.S. and that he is a malingerer. Holroyde is the High Court judge who on Aug. 11 reversed an earlier High Court order limiting the U.S. from appealing Assange’s medical issues.

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    Vincent van Gogh Autumn landscape 1885   • Sweden Suspends Moderna Shot Indefinitely (TTC) • Pfizer, BioNTech Announce Their Vaccine Is Useless A
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle October 23 2021]

    Veracious Poet

    Firstly, I want to thank the TAE community for sharing information, perspective & hope regarding the difficult times we’re living through ~ The kind comradely & tolerance of opinions is a breath of fresh air 🙂

    Secondly, I am sorry if sharing my perspective & experience has been over-the-top ~ I have at times been a bit of a crusader regarding what I consider the “solution” to the “problem”.

    Sometimes I forget that my opinion of what We should be, while perhaps historically grounded, means nothing if the majority rejects it ~ I guess I’m just another old fogey yelling at clouds when it’s no longer any of my business.

    The CCP/NIH virus rekindled something within me I let go of years ago & should never have resurrected.

    With that said, beware of people pushing false info/narratives baited with fear for any & all purposes.

    There was a story fabricated from whole cloth on TikFok over the last couple of days showing Rick Scott out-of-context with the headline “So now if you don’t comply and on social security or disability you won’t be able to receive your money”.

    To date no actual bill has been discussed or presented (yet) to mandate jabs for those benefits…

    Senator Scott was trying to launch a bill to prevent any vex mandate attachment to SS/SSDI, and the video was edited out-of-context to support the fraudulent claim.

    So, I am turning away from the darkness, back to the Light.

    I forgot that which I know to be true ~ Darkness only exists in the absence of the Light.

    Selfishness dies when the finite body & ego passes…

    The only Truth is Love & the Infinite offers it freely to all.

    It’s never too late to embrace the truly wonderful gifts within our reality & to be a blessing where it is needed, so many ways to be loving & helpful in the Now.

    I’ve had a good life, full life, full of wonder…


    Veracious- wonderfully put. I’m in the same boat having experienced a revelation of the divine many years ago.The revelation passed and then the schooling began or rather continued. To walk into union involves a willingness to surrender the individual identity not easily maintained and so here I am decades later confident in my faith but hesitant with the will and thus filled with righteous anger at times. I too will attempt to be at peace.


    Ding Ding Ding !

    “Delta variant still infects vaxxed individuals”


    This should be replayed, over and over again, until folks get it into their thick sculls .


    God bless Fox News!

    Can you fucking believe it – I now have to watch Fox News for common sense medical info?


    ADE – Must listen:


    Dr. D

    “The Moment Biden Casually Committed To WW3 Over Taiwan At Last Night’s Town Hall”

    No backsies! You said it, now we have to fight China to the last American on behalf of 50 Taiwan oligarchs. AFTER we fight Iran on behalf of Israel to the last American. And Russia on behalf of … well I can’t think of any reason, but we’re doing it anyway.

    “with Yahoo! typifying coverage. “Reports say that one thousand Netflix employees — nearly 10% of the company’s workforce,” they wrote, “are planning an October 20 walkout to protest the Chappelle special.”

    The Hollywood Reporter did say “at least one thousand” were planning on participating in a “virtual walkout,” whatever that is, but noted the story first came out in The Verge, which talked about a “company-wide” demonstration. Others followed, mostly without any hint that any of the reporters involved talked to anyone at Netflix but the demonstration’s organizers.

    Nobody checked, because everyone liked the narrative as was.” –Taibbi

    Yes, they liked it as a complete, fabricated, transparent lie. 101: Reporters have to call for a “statement”. 101: Reporters cannot report what some other, dumber reporters reported. Previous 101, before 1980: you’re a reporter, not an activist. The two are diametrically opposed, as reporters are objective. So you’re fired. But more to the point is why we believe them. Is there ANY level at which we stop believing lying, narcissistic, sociopathic infants?

    “the op-ed wrapups couldn’t avoid sounding like parodies, with the Washington Post talking about the “crowd of dozens” gathered outside the company’s West Hollywood offices being evidence that the popularity of a comedian whose show already gained over 10 million views was colliding with a “growing movement to protect the rights of transgender people” (how a comedy set could be a violation of “the rights of transgender people” was not explained” –Taibbi

    Dozens, I tell you!!!

    If ONE life if saved…. If ONE feeling is saved… I’ll stop the world! It needs to change for me! And my feelings.

    …And of course attacking a Black guy. For being successful. And being widely popular with all races and a self-made millionaire in America. We expect no less. That’s love, tolerance, and helping. The heart goes pitter-pat just thinking about it. Now waht other black millionaires can we attack? Owens?

    Parts Shortages Hit Auto Repair Shops, Taking Weeks To Fix Vehicles”

    Thanks to “helping”. Damn Capitalists! Working hard every day doing things that I want and need so much that I happily pay them, or even pay them double so I don’t have to. But I’m sure there will be no downstream effects of having no working vehicles in a labor “shortage”. …The kind of labor shortage you have when everyone is at home on the couch, watching Tiger Kings. Important stuff!

    Welcome to the Soviet state: empty shelves, no cars, no food, no travel without special permission of special Papers, Please. …Unless you’re a party member like Lightfoot and accidentally Chris Helmsworth. Then you can hang out maskless, take selfies, and go to the beach all day. While masked minions, the faceless avox, hold your dress train at the Met.

    You have to keep in mind “Socialism” just means “Oligarchy”. But of the worst possible kind: a brutal, murdering, repressive, universal oligarchy of the rich insiders, suck-ups and violent, soulless social climbers. Talk about least bad: at least in Capitalism you can be rich, or well-off, or even eat and fix your car when you’re poor.

    Oh and car parts? Supply chain? Yeah, that’s not just Long Beach and Newsom’s f—kery, it’s that China doesn’t have electricity and won’t make them even if they wanted. That’s from Oz’ coal, a nation that has ceased to exist in any rational way already, rocking in a corner, cutting itself. But all the geniuses didn’t want coal! Bad idea! Leave it in the ground and … you know the thing. What am I doing here? How dare you. We’ll figure something out. Maybe. Someday. After all the rural poor die and all the urban poor go bankrupt and burn the streets.

    But anyway, no car parts, or parts, or products of any kind in the foreseeable future since just what the dumbest, drunkest American told you for 30 years in a row has come true. Thanks to “Most Favored Nation”, tax-free, doubled-up made-up OSHA, most expensive, mandatory healthcare on the planet with no delivered services, universally embezzled infrastructure funds, “shovel ready” zeros getting done, $40 Trillion missing, and “That Giant Sucking Sound”, we now have no mining, manufacturing, or inventing to speak of, and even our services are like Ron Swanson: no matter what store you go to, you can say “I know more than you” to the helpful but Dept of Education schooled illiterate associate. Simple things like what is this paint for? Where does milk come from?

    So it’s not entirely a war of China, on us, for survival. It’s really a war of the oligarchs in all nations on everybody else. So when they shut off car parts and heat, they shut it off worldwide, in China as well as here.

    “It is much easier for the coronavirus to spread the larger that population is.” Worst-written sentence of the month, but, “Journalist” so, “illiterate.”

    My point was that this statement is also provably, knowably untrue. It’s been well-known and admitted by the CDC for more than a month that the vaccinated are the super spreaders. Or at very least are equally contagious.

    In other lies: “The evidence shows that all three COVID-19 vaccines authorized in the United States are safe – as demonstrated by the over 400 million vaccine doses already given.”

    CDC Director Walensky has never heard of the VAERS database. But it has words and numbers on it, so: too complicated. Also the tests that would prove any of the “Science”, not “feelings” come out in 2023.

    Biden Vaccine Mandate Not In Effect, Not Enforceable – Republican AGs (JTN)”

    If they’re winning, the majority, in control, with the most popular President in world history, why is this?

    “Strain of Delta Variant Causing Panic in UK Has Been Found In US (ZH)”

    Delta variants do not cause panic. That is not a medical symptom. JOURNALISTS cause panic, and they are the disease. Newsflash: Covid also does not shut things, causing overdoses and child suicides. Politicians do. It’s almost like the disease is a zero and the problem is fascism. …You know, where governments merge with Pfizer to boost profit and demand corporate-loving behavior? Also no one in the UK is panicking. Panic is a word. Words used to have meanings. But you pay Webster or the CDC a few bucks: poof! Word now has any meaning you want it to!

    Why does ABC put out a documentary like this? Not for the money. They must hate, hate, hate money. Same with Fauci. 99% trashed on Rotten Tomatoes (soon to be edited to “5 Stars”!). People H A T E it. And 90% pure perfection, Oscar-Winning, according to the “experts”, film critics. Who are they talking to? Who do they think they’re convincing? WHY do they talk, WHY do they think they’re convincing?

    In a psychotic machine, by definition they do not realize things have changed, because they are unattached to reality in any way and just keep doing what they’re doing. Cogging whatever that cog part does, however obsolete and off-target.

    NATO Unveils Master Plan to Defeat Russia in Nuclear War (RT)”

    The West has never won a war before, why start now? We didn’t even win WWII, Russia did. After we started it by fabricating Germany’s attack on Slavs. This is a group that lost war games to Iraq. And to a U.S. uprising. And to China. And in actual point of fact, lost in Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Vietnam, Korea. Oh and lost to Canada, back in the day.

    They had that article about China’s hypersonic missile. Of course, they tell us now after it circled the world in AUGUST. Thanks reporters: I guess no one could type until the CIA press release figured out what to say and posted it for them. But the point wasn’t the missile, a nuclear attack, you have to understand that heavy objects at hypersonic speeds ARE the missile. You can throw a mushroom cloud over a city with just a lump of iron going fast enough. That dramatically lowers the threshold, since the food, farmland, and other desirableness remain intact. Just the ugly, deplorable people are killed. With downstream infrastructure effects more than bombs, thanks to everyone living very, very stupid, with no sufficiency and no resiliency. So…in 2021, if we shut off the sewer treatment plant, the substations, the Mississippi bridges, the supply chain, does anybody die? Well there’s one or none transformer manufacturers. There is only one paint-supply plant on the continent, you tell me? No $100 part, 50c circuit board for the water treatment plant? Oh well, no one drinks. You don’t need a nuke: that’s so last century.

    “Chief Justice of England & Wales Joins Bench for Assange Hearing (CN)”

    Hahahaha! People still think there is Law. How quaint. Also last century. Early last century.

    “Can you fecking believe it – I now have to watch Fox News for common sense medical info?”

    Speaking of, Where’s Mr. Roboto? I’d hoped he’d turned to Linux after dumping XP, and cut Bill Gates out of his system. Surely Win10 isn’t a smoldering wreck already. And Microsoft: lying again, again with every word and release, promised they wouldn’t Rev anymore, just keep updating daily, and for Christmas go ahead and release Win11. Which nobody wants. ‘Cause as bad as ever, and pointedly blow up all your stuff, move around and change all the buttons for no earthly reason men can tell.

    Ah well, that’s life in a government-mandated monopoly oligarchy. Otherwise known as fascism. Or is it international? Then otherwise known as Socialism: Misery Spread Widely. It’s Microsoft’s new slogan!

    Dr. D

    I did look up coal, and in the U.S. it’s available in bags on a pallet. Probably used mostly for self-feeding pellet stoves, but I don’t know your situation being in Canada, and not down in developed lands. I would think if it exists and can get on a pallet, there must be a way to get it to your house. Still pretty cheap.


    The UK press says there’s a new wave (coming). The PHE numbers up top say if that is so, it’s only due to the vaccinated. In the 30-60 year old not jabbed, new cases are falling fast, But cases in the jabbed pop skyrocket, 50% in 40-49 yo. What am I getting wrong?


    What am I getting wrong? – Raúl Ilargi Meijer
    Too much info that is trying to confuse your critical thinking
    A good immune system removes the “junk” from the vaccine and “resets” the system to normal operation within 6-11 months

    Not sure where he gets the 11 months. I think it might be 6.
    • Pfizer, BioNTech Announce Their Vaccine Is Useless After 11 Months (Berenson)
    The money tree is sprouting new branches
    Let me guess: mostly found among the vaccinated?

    • Strain Of Delta Variant Causing Panic In UK Has Been Found In US (ZH)
    Early snow in the mountains. Rain on the lowlands.
    In BC, soccer players continue to play in a rain storm


    @Veracious Poet: Nice recovery/re-focus! To LIVE in that place is GRACE in action: “The only Truth is LOVE & the Infinite offers it freely to all. It’s never too late to embrace the truly wonderful gifts within our reality & to be a blessing where it is needed, so many ways to be loving & helpful in the Now.”

    @oxy: “I too will attempt to be at PEACE.” Embodiment is complex as the stimulated mind never sleeps. Be gentle with yourself. You know how to BE at PEACE. Quiet the mind and gently move into the silent Heart space where Universal TRUTH/LOVE is waiting for YOU.

    LOVE to Ilargi for his amazing contributions. LOVE to All who meet here. LOVE You.


    “…That’s from Oz’ coal, a nation that has ceased to exist in any rational way already, rocking in a corner, cutting itself….”

    Australia, getting in touch with their inner Penal Colony.

    Reduced to self hatred and self mutilation in record time.

    A species, humans, that refuses to protect it’s children deserves to perish.


    “So, I am turning away from the darkness, back to the Light.

    I forgot that which I know to be true ~ Darkness only exists in the absence of the Light.”

    Thank you. Welcome back.


    @zerosum: it all adds up to something…keep the summary’s coming. YOU are a Giving Heart.

    : were you a Beagle in a prior life? Your tracking and tracing skills are impeccable.

    @Dr D: Who are YOU? Why are YOU? How are YOU? YOU ARE THAT someONE we value. Your contributions are always enlightening and appreciated. Om. Tat. Sat.


    @Pete 47 — here are some steps to take. I will try to start out the easiest, but reality is what it is, and we either conform or suffer the consequences. It is what it is.

    Introduction: One’s liver has to be capable of processing the nutrients, and this is not true in all people. The sicker you are, the more likely this is not true. There is no widespread investigation into this, so we have to rely on a few people who have tried, our own common sense, and experimentation. We know that zinc stimulates metallothionein, which binds up heavy metals, including copper. But it also binds up other heavy metals, and, as such, it will work to clean out the liver of heavy metals as it depletes the liver of copper. I took zinc too long, and I had an energy crash I’m still trying to work myself out of. It wasn’t just zinc, but decades of chronic stress topped off with taking too much zinc. Having said that, I could’ve taken it for less time and likely not had the crash effect. Another option that I will try if I build up too much non-Cp-Cu in my liver again is broccoli sprouts. They clean iron out of the liver, and appear to do so very safely. Maybe it is a better option than zinc in some, or perhaps, all cases. This needs to be studied. But those are two ways to clean the liver up a bit so that it can then process the nutrients required to increase Cp-Cu.

    1. STOP ingesting iron fortified foods. Organic sprouted breads are usually good bets. Ezekiel is a ubiquitous brand, but others are fine as long as iron is not added. Check your cereals, too — they are notorious for iron filings — sometimes even the “organic” versions.

    2. Donate blood. If you suspect you have eaten poorly and have inflammation, at least 4 times is year is probably pretty good. If your hemoglobin is too low IN YOUR BLOOD, ingest the bio-copper in grass fed/finished liver to bring it up. I believe that a Nobel Prize was won for this discovery in the 1920’s or ’30’s. If you can’t eat liver, well, time to grow up. I didn’t like it at first, and I still don’t like it. But what made me kind-gag is no longer a problem — I can eat it easily now, even if I don’t like it. Spice it up with a little organic Kinder’s BBQ Sauce, and maybe some cayenne pepper. You want to get your hemoglobin up to donate blood.

    3, Ingest more bio-copper. Grass fed/finished liver is the “bees knees.” It pretty much has everything. The grass fed/finished is important because grass is where the animals get their copper from. Other organ meats, like heart, are even higher in copper, but they won’t have as much ceruloplasmin, retinol, and retinoic acid, all of which are needed to activate the copper in the human body. Heart is much more palatable to me than liver — it tastes like the meat, but more rubberish.

    4. If you are going the copper supplement route, you have to get plenty of retinol and magnesium in your liver to work with the copper to activate it (enable ATP7B to load copper atoms into ceruloplasmin). For example, if you ingest sodium copper chlorophyllin (the Sprouts variety tastes minty and goes well with Trader Joes’ 72% Cacao Pound Plus chocolate — tastes similar to an after dinner mint), you will need retinol, sun exposure and magnesium to keep from building bio-UNavailabkle copper levels, which you do want to avoid. You want the Bio-AVAILABLE version, completely activated inside ceruloplasmin, and complete transportable inside ceruloplasmin.

    5. Best sources of copper, retinol, and magnesium — grass fed/finished, pasture raised animal liver (beef, lamb, goat).

    6. Best sources of mostly copper — organ meats other than liver (heart, kidneys, brain, etc…), whole food vitamin C (which includes 4 copper atoms, plus more, per each ascorbic acid molecule), bee pollen (which can also include lots of iron, but Morley keeps recommending it), and some shellfish.

    7. Copper chelate supplements are NOT ideal, but probably significantly better than nothing. It is probably true that inorrganic minerasl kill, but no minerals, and toxinis absorbed in their place, probably kill much faster (Red Shield told the truth… but probably not the whole truth). Chlorophyllin is one example. There are other examples. But, if you go this route, you want to be loaded up with retinol / retinoic acid, and magnesium.

    8. Good sources of retinol — Rosita’s Cod Liver Oil (or cod liver oil produced in similar fashion, I’d keep mine in the fridge, and I might even try to figure out a way to vacuum seal it with a wine vacuum sealer). I think Morley is against fermented, I think he thinks it damages the retinol and/or the fats. Apparently, the type of cod liver oil under intense debate, which includes the Westin A. Price Foundation (you can probably get up to speed on the debate there). Properly pasteured chicken eggs (not industrial complex chicken eggs). Raw whole cream (best, but outrageously expensive — perhaps for good reason!), minimally processed whole cream (Strauss is excellent), and sardines are excellent sources of retinol that NATURE presents to human beings.

    9. Magnesium is best ingested from greens grown in magnesium rich soils. NPK ferlitizer soils are NOT that, by definition. In fact, to much K will block magnesium absorption, not to mention glyphosate chelates minerals in general, including both copper and magnesium. So, buy local and buy organic. If you supplement, magnesium glycinate and magnesium malate are very absorbable choices. The allopathic version, magnesium oxide, is a big, fat hoax played on people who don’t do their homework. It is about 4% bio-available, and it causes diarrhea rather quickly, so you probably lose more magnesium than you take in. Cal-mag supplements are another psy-op, because when you take 2x Ca relative to Mg, pretty much only the Ca get absorbed. Neat trick for those that don’t know “natural law,” right? The entire system is set up to prey upon such people — all by design!
    One of my favorite forms of magnesium, and one of the least expensive, is magnesium bicarbonate. Search “toxinless.com magnesium bicarbonate” for instructions. I have a glass gallon jug where I pour distilled water, and then mix with however much magnesium I want in the gallon jug (about 42 mg of Mg per ounce of magnesium bicarb). If I want 300 mg of Mg, I mix in about 7.5 ounces of magnesium bicarb. I then set my gallon glass jug out in the sun to absorb infrared energy, and to cause the water to release the carbonation from solution so it tastes like flat water. In theory, the infrared energy absorbed by the water will help to create exclusion zone water. Essentially, it becomes more hydrating and wellness promoting. “Dr. Gerald Pollack EZ water” is worth the Youtube and Google search. He has some excellent interviews on OneRadioNetwork.com.

    10. Stress depletes both copper and magnesium… so avoid the chronic toxic kind that usually comes with being around very toxic people. They are called toxic for a reason. Many of these people are iron overloaded, and their NLRP3 inflammazone sensor has been triggered by iron overload. This makes them Fe-ar based entities who are extremely insecure, and some versions are always in attack mode on others imply because that is a method to keep conversation away from themselves and their deep insecurities. There are different versions of this type of Fe-ar based person. Some can be very charming on a surface level, but complete unhinged in anything deeper than a fun, surface level engagement. YOU exist only to keep their INTRAcellular Fe-ar in check, so you provide the supply they want OR ELSE. Daniel 2:43 refers to this as being unable to “cleave,” which is the Biblical definition of an ideal marital relationship… iron mixed with the seed of men will ruin this ability to “cleave.” In short, these people can’t love in an intimate way, THE Fe-AR PREVENTS IT.
    It is pretty clear that the Money Power Monopolists are using iron overload to increase the number of narcissistic people in society. Some are so entitled they can’t function. Others are pathological money-seekers who see money as their best validation (they have zero internal validation). Either way, the Money Power Monopolists benefit… the former is a drag on society and a debt generator, and the latter is their eager quisling operative.
    If you want to know what an excellent definition of a narcissist is, read the Fruits of God’s Spirit and flip them 180 degrees. The KEY is to realize that, this toxicity is most often kept secret from the masses, and only those in a “cleave” type family relationship (conformanceship for these people) will see this aspect of the iron toxic person’s personality, at least in many cases. “Cleave” is the best description as to what is lost… it is soooooooooo precise. It blew my mind when I read it.

    Those people you think are really nice, just might be near demonic behind close doors. Or they may be cold as ice… no love… just expectations of their family to make them look good… but no real ability to care about their family members… beyond THEIR responsibility to make the narcissist look good.

    When the Money Power Monopolists families, at least in the West, read that love is prophesied to grow cold in the End Times, they believe it is God’s Will for it to happen, and they are GOD’S CHOSEN AGENTS TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!

    This whole CovFeFe operation is a direct attack on ceruloplasmin-bound copper, and more people are ingesting more iron in the form of processed foods. Children are getting fatter as their adipose tissue is loading up with more iron… the iron laden fat tissue helps protect the organs from the oxidative stress.

    Wiomen are becoming more and more iron toxic. Iron Maiden takes on a new level of mockery, doesn’t it? So does Iron Man. Oh, the Money Power loves to make it clear how UNFIT we are… it is their religion!

    When humans become iron overloaded and bio-copper (ceruloplasmin-bound copper) becomes depleted, the body has to move into Plan B. Guess what Plan B is after the human body’s Master Antioxidant, ceruloplasmin-bound copper, becomes depleted?

    Plan B is to upregulate estrogren production because estrogen can also act as an ersatz antioxidant. I would suggest that the changes you are seeing in younger generations, as well as the Money Power marketing rollout to normalize it, is a direct result of iron overload distorting the hormonal balance within human beings and driving estrogen dominance. And nothing drives estrogen dominance like low bio-copper.

    11. Morley believes the zinc-copper axis is a controlled opposition narrative to conceal the real issue of bio-copper and iron. The zinc and copper come in the right amount from a good diet. Zinc supplements simply act to deplete copper status, so taking zinc and copper supplements at the same time is like taking zinc and depleting some amount of copper. Zinc is mostly structural, but bio-copper is the human body’s MASTER ANTIOXIDANT ENZYME and required for ALL Mg-ATP PRODUCTION AND TISSUE PRODUCTION! Bio-copper is orders of magnitude more important than the copper chelator promoting zinc.

    Now, when one is truly so overloaded with heavy metals, including bio-UNavailable copper, maybe zinc stimulated methallothionein is the the ticket to resolve that one condition. I’d still like to see if broccoli sprouts can do it more safely, though, and with a better outcome.

    The BLUE BLOODS know the deal, and they had no comment on zinc. They did, however, comment on copper and iron — THEY KNOW, THEY POISONED THE SYSTEM.

    Zinc does play an important role, it is just much more limited than BIO-copper (equating the two is like equating Steve Kerr and Michael Jordan… both are important, but there are levels to the game). And you get zinc in the natural foods you eat, in the proportion you supposed to eat them.

    Anyone who speaks of “copper” as though it is monolithic in nature in the human body HAS NO REAL PRACTICAL COMPREHENSION OF THE NATURAL DYNAMICS INVOLVED IN COPPER METABOLISM. ZERO. They have homework to do…

    Really, we all do… there is probably a LOT more to learn!


    Can ADE go away over time?

    If your antibodies have the “wrong” program, does the program vanish over time and your system can learn a new algorithm?

    Just wondering.


    The immune system, believe it or not, runs on ENERGY! Energy in the human body is spelled Mg-ATP, and Mg-ATP doesn’t exist without copper-based cytochrome c oxidase splitting oxygen to produce ADP, which then has a phosphate and a magnesium added to it to make Mg-ATP.

    And cytochrome c oxidase can’t have copper available to it unless ceruloplasmin-bound copper is available to taxi the copper into place.

    And iron-based rust will gum up the whole works.

    It may be new to most people, but it is not that complicated.

    And you can see why it is a perfect SILENT WEAPON ATTACK VECTOR — most people will never be the wiser…


    @ dr d
    “ You have to keep in mind “Socialism” just means “Oligarchy”. But of the worst possible kind: a brutal, murdering, repressive, universal oligarchy of the rich insiders, suck-ups and violent, soulless social climbers. Talk about least bad: at least in Capitalism you can be rich, or well-off, or even eat and fix your car when you’re poor.”
    Really? How often have you been impoverished? How often have you been crushed by the current system? I am enjoying the immense privilege of raising three children on about half of the Federal Poverty Limit for a family my size — and that is after the meager child support is added in. Unless you have done more than dip your toes into poverty you do not fully understand capitalism.

    Doc Robinson

    • More Americans Getting Boosters Right Now Than First Vaccine Shots (Hill)
    “…a stubborn minority of Americans are likely to not take initial vaccinations or boosters. It is much easier for the coronavirus to spread the larger that population is.

    That right there is the largely unexamined falsehood behind the entire mandatory vaxx mania.

    The extensive UK data, showing infections per 100,000 for the 30+ age groups, clearly shows it’s the vaxxed who are now more likely to be carrying an infection. And studies can be cited where the viral loads in the infected vaxxed are at least as high as in the infected unvaxxed.


    Yesterday my daughter asked if we could go peruse the bulk trash piles of nearby homes to find herself an additional piece of furniture for her room so that she would have a larger drawing surface. We drove through a neighborhood about a mile away. We were successful, bringing home a shell from a solid wood ikea dresser, missing the drawers. She will use it as a desk. She painted it black last night to match her room and today we will cut off the 5” legs so it isn’t so tall. My paternal grandmother would be horrified. But, hey, when my paternal grandmother divorced in the 1960s she received more in child support than I do now — in unadjusted dollars. My grandfather also continued to pay the mortgage until the last child turned 18 (much to the chagrin of his second wife.) My grandmother also had 3 kids.

    Some of my clients are millionaires, at least two are multimillionaires.

    I won’t argue that “really existing socialism/communism” doesn’t have severe problems, however, so does “really existing capitalism.” (Although, just as capitalism has many shining elements, there are iterations of socialism and communism — and even the benevolent despotism of Gaddafi — with admirable elements as well.) The solution is not to run after some pure, utopic form of either socialism or capitalism. What matters so much is not the attached “-ism,” but rather the underlying myths, and how well the system functions in conjunction with real, live humans in providing for their needs, aspirations, autonomy, relationships, etc.


    Regarding Denninger today, what what quoted here was spot on, but regarding his comparative rant against trans people in bathrooms

    Trans women : rape :: gun owners : murder

    I don’t believe that gun owners are by default murderers.


    Vaccinated vs unvaccinated

    Odds and Probability
    Definition of Odds:

    Odds in probability of a particular event, means the ratio between the number of favorable outcomes to the number of unfavorable outcomes.

    Odds in favor and odds in against – probability:

    Odds in favor:

    Odds in favor of a particular event are given by Number of favorable outcomes to Number of unfavorable outcomes.
    The difference between odds and probability are:

    Odds of an event are the ratio of the success to the failure.

    Odds = Failure

    Probability of an event is the ratio of the success to the sum of success and failure.

    Odds = (Success + Failures)

    Calculate If you go to a crowded event where everyone is tested to be negative and one is positive, what are your chances that you will be seated close enough to that person to get covid?

    John Day

    Thank You for the Perspective, Phoenix Voice.
    It has been a long time since I tried out fasting for a week over spring break, because the college co-op I lived in was not serving meals, and I didn’t have money, and it seemed like the time to check it out.
    It was nothing special; neither good nor bad. I read books, mostly.

    I am very impressed at what you are accomplishing.


    Natives in Saskatchewan running into the bush to escape compulsory jabs

    Doc Robinson

    • Strain Of Delta Variant Causing Panic In UK Has Been Found In US (ZH)

    The latest data from the UK indicates that the panic is overblown:

    These initial crude analyses do not show strong evidence of a difference in risk of hospitalisation or death between VUI-21OCT-01 [“Delta Plus”] and Delta. However, these analyses do not adjust for crucial factors that can influence outcomes such as age and vaccination status and should be interpreted with caution.

    SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation in England
    Technical briefing 26, 22 October 2021


    @ Trivium
    “ Rosita’s Cod Liver Oil (or cod liver oil produced in similar fashion, I’d keep mine in the fridge, and I might even try to figure out a way to vacuum seal it with a wine vacuum sealer)”
    If the problem is keeping oxygen from it, you might try using “wine preserver.” It is actually 100% argon, which is much heavier than O2, and can create a protective “blanket” over the liquid. It would need to be kept sealed and level afterwards, but may work nicely.

    Is there a reason why you state “pasteurized eggs” — I have my own hens….


    Capitalism is supposed to be a meritocracy…but:
    I have a home because my parents were able to provide for me a “private mortgage” from their retirement savings when my ex was using the law to force his name off of the mortgage and my income was too low to qualify for a replacement mortgage.
    My oldest son has savings for college because of the generous donation of a client.
    Twice the children and I have vacationed in the guest house of a client’s summer home.
    My son has the best computer in the house…because it is made up from parts of cast off computers of two of my clients.

    And I find myself learning about the feudal system by living my own life, where “the little people” are able to “get ahead” or are afforded “a little bit of luxury” based upon serving the well-to-do. Yes, the lowly ones likely would not receive such gifts if they were not also of high character, intelligent, likeable, etc. But it isn’t really a meritocracy when rewards for merit are contingent upon knowing the right “shaker and mover.”


    @phoenixvoice — pastured eggs… NOT pasteurized eggs. Did I really type that? Yikes! lol Avoid pasteurized dairy, if at all possible. Minimally pasteurized is better than “ultra pasteurized,” but still. You are golden with your own hens! Believe in Mother Nature whenever possible…
    I will look into the argon wine preserver. I have a wine vacuum system I use for my Udo’s Oil, and I think it works nicely. However, it would be nice to have an option for bottles with orifices that don’t fit the standard wine vacuum sealer “plug.”


    @phoenixvoice — Capitalism does not exist. In fact, none of the “-isms” exist except for one — MONEY POWER FASCISM. This describes every nation in the modern age. All the other “-isms” are IMPOSSIBLE when the Money Power has MONOPOLISTIC CONTROL OVER THE SOCIETAL MONEY SYSTEM. The ONLY system that can exist is Money Power Fascism.

    The most accurate description of the world in which we live is Money Power Monopolist Mega-Corporate Orwellian Fascist Global Empire.

    Fascism is the merger of the mega-corporations and government, and this ALWAYS occurs under the auspices of those families who control the societal monetary system. This is NATURAL LAW, if you will. Do you think family A is going to finance the rise of family B to take control of the money and then finance the subjugation of family A? Pffffft! Never gonna happen!

    The Money Power Monopolist Fascists will spin a veneer of capitalism, socialism, or whatever, but it is only a very thin veneer design to dupe the non-critical thinker, or the critical thinker who didn’t engage the subject matter at all.


    Two other dietary tidbits:

    1. Copper is best absorbed with fat. As with all things — ingest the highest quality fats you can (stop believing the pathologically money-seeking narratives (transfats are healthy!), and start discerning and believing MOTHER NATURE! BTW, pathological money-seeking DEMANDS YOU BE PERPETUALLY INFLAMED AND CHRONICALLY ILL!).

    2. Calcium is an absorption pig — if you are trying to ingest any nutrient at higher levels to address a deficiency, it is simply best to ingest them away from the calcium bully. “The Calcium Lie II” is and excellent video on Youtube. Just know that “calcium lie” is synonymous with “magnesium deficiency.”



    Image won’t post again.


    “The Money Power Monopolist Fascists will spin a veneer of capitalism, socialism, or whatever, but it is only a very thin veneer design to dupe the non-critical thinker, or the critical thinker who didn’t engage the subject matter at all.”

    “….. or whatever ….” All the “old saying” ….. knowledge is power ….. pregnant and barefoot ….. devil and idle hands ….. birth control, …… abortion, …… credit, …… loans, ….. white noise, ….. etc.


    I am enjoying the immense privilege of raising three children on about half of the Federal Poverty Limit for a family my size

    Yes this works only until the Money Power Fascists call in the debt. In USA, Inc. this is about $40 trillion in government debt, excluding private debts.

    Do not forget — those blankets provided to the Natives actually kept them warm at night! They learned about the smallpox “goodie” a bit too late…


    The enablers feed The Money Tree with an addictive, special, blend of fertilizer.


    @zerosum… How about the debt-based money instantiating debt instruments being called “bonds.” That’s no accident!
    Nor is “mortgage” — death pledge…
    And, no, you don’t own your home if you pay property tax — it is contractually COLLATERAL for the governmental debt… because the dElites are so dumb and we are sooooo smart! lol
    BTW, they own allodial title — and are NOT on the property tax rolls at all. Look up those castles — tax free, suckahs!


    Here is a golden suggestion for those looking for items like phoenixvoice’s daughter…
    Set up an automatic search for “wood” on OfferUp. You can do “free wood,” too.
    It amazes me how many really nice wood-based items are given away for pennies on the dollar, or even for free.



    You surprised me.
    Daylight from a few words


    Take an aspirin, comeback when you can’t breath – ICU triage

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