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M. C. Escher Reptiles 1943


Bipartisan Letter Demands Answers From Fauci On Cruel Puppy Experiments (Hill)
NIH Admits Funding Risky Virus Research in Wuhan (VF)
The Current Covid-19 Mass Vaccinations Are A Public Health Experiment (Geert)
Infection Rates for Vaccinated Aged 40-79 Double the Rates in Unvaccinated (DS)
Israeli Doctors, Scientists Tell FDA Of Severe Concerns Over Vaccine Data (AFD)
FDA Buries Data on Seriously Injured Child in Pfizer’s Clinical Trial (Siri)
On The Primacy Of The Physician-Patient Relationship (HCR)
Generation Covid-19: Are The Kids Going To Be All Right? (Age)
Lock Him Up (Denninger)
From Economic Fantasy to Ecological Reality on Climate Change (Steve Keen)









Is it time to put a price on their heads? Run them out of town at the very least. If Congress won’t get rid of these guys, someone else will. I am sick to my stomach.

Bipartisan Letter Demands Answers From Fauci On Cruel Puppy Experiments (Hill)

A bipartisan letter demands answers from the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and President Biden’s chief medical adviser. The White Coat Waste Project, the nonprofit organization that first pointed out that U.S. taxpayers were being used to fund the controversial Wuhan Institute of Virology, have now turned its sights on Anthony Fauci on another animal-testing-related matter — infecting dozens of beagles with disease-causing parasites to test an experimental drug on them. House members, most of whom are Republicans, want Fauci to explain himself in response to allegations brought on by the White Coat Waste Project that involve drugging puppies. According to the White Coat Waste Project, the Food and Drug Administration does not require drugs to be tested on dogs, so the group is asking why the need for such testing.

White Coat Waste claims that 44 beagle puppies were used in a Tunisia, North Africa, laboratory, and some of the dogs had their vocal cords removed, allegedly so scientists could work without incessant barking. Leading the effort is Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.), writing a letter to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) saying the cordectomies are “cruel” and a “reprehensible misuse of taxpayer funds.” “Our investigators show that Fauci’s NIH division shipped part of a $375,800 grant to a lab in Tunisia to drug beagles and lock their heads in mesh cages filled with hungry sand flies so that the insects could eat them alive,” White Coat Waste told Changing America. “They also locked beagles alone in cages in the desert overnight for nine consecutive nights to use them as bait to attract infectious sand flies.”

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Vanity Fair’s take.

NIH Admits Funding Risky Virus Research in Wuhan (VF)

“I totally resent the lie you are now propagating.” Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared to be channeling the frustration of millions of Americans when he spoke those words during an invective-laden, made-for-Twitter Senate hearing on July 20. You didn’t have to be a Democrat to be fed up with all the xenophobic finger-pointing and outright disinformation, coming mainly from the right, up to and including the claim that COVID-19 was a bioweapon cooked up in a lab. The immediate target of Dr. Fauci’s wrath was Senator Rand Paul, who was pressing the nation’s top doctor to say whether the National Institutes of Health had ever funded risky coronavirus research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Based on new information disclosed by the National Institutes of Health, however, Paul might have been onto something.

On Wednesday, the NIH sent a letter to members of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce that acknowledged two facts. One was that EcoHealth Alliance, a New York City–based nonprofit that partners with far-flung laboratories to research and prevent the outbreak of emerging diseases, did indeed enhance a bat coronavirus to become potentially more infectious to humans, which the NIH letter described as an “unexpected result” of the research it funded that was carried out in partnership with the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The second was that EcoHealth Alliance violated the terms of its grant conditions stipulating that it had to report if its research increased the viral growth of a pathogen by tenfold. The NIH based these disclosures on a research progress report that EcoHealth Alliance sent to the agency in August, roughly two years after it was supposed to.

An NIH spokesperson told Vanity Fair that Dr. Fauci was “entirely truthful in his statements to Congress,” and that he did not have the progress report that detailed the controversial research at the time he testified in July. But EcoHealth Alliance appeared to contradict that claim, and said in a statement: “These data were reported as soon as we were made aware, in our year four report in April 2018.” The letter from the NIH, and an accompanying analysis, stipulated that the virus EcoHealth Alliance was researching could not have sparked the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, given the sizable genetic differences between the two. In a statement issued Wednesday, NIH director Dr. Francis Collins said that his agency “wants to set the record straight” on EcoHealth Alliance’s research, but added that any claims that it could have caused the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic are “demonstrably false.”

EcoHealth Alliance said in a statement that the science clearly proved that its research could not have led to the pandemic, and that it was “working with the NIH to promptly address what we believe to be a misconception about the grant’s reporting requirements and what the data from our research showed.” But the NIH letter—coming after months of congressional demands for more information—seemed to underscore that America’s premier science institute has been less than forthcoming about risky research it has funded and failed to properly monitor. Instead of helping to lead a search for COVID-19’s origins, with the pandemic now firmly in its 19th month, the NIH has circled the wagons, defending its grant system and scientific judgment against a rising tide of questions. “It’s just another chapter in a sad tale of inadequate oversight, disregard for risk, and insensitivity to the importance of transparency,” said Stanford microbiologist Dr. David Relman. “Given all of the sensitivity about this work, it’s difficult to understand why NIH and EcoHealth have still not explained a number of irregularities with the reporting on this grant.”

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A 3-month trial to direct the rest of your life.

The Current Covid-19 Mass Vaccinations Are A Public Health Experiment (Geert)

First, there is no precedent to the use of non-replicating viral vaccines in mass vaccination campaigns conducted during a pandemic, or even epidemic, of a highly mutable virus. The challenge of such an undertaking becomes even more difficult as more infectious antigenic variants had already been circulating by the time the first mass vaccination campaigns were initiated (i.e., Alpha, Beta, and Gamma variants). Their spread was featured by distinct temporal and geographic patterns, the underlying mechanism of which was not understood. Prior to the start of this universal vaccination program no single publication existed that came even close to suggesting that mass vaccinations using vaccines that permit transmission could be successful in extinguishing a pandemic of a highly mutable virus.

No such publication exists to this day, and the idea becomes even more preposterous when considering several infectious variants had already expanded in prevalence by the time the vaccines were rolled out. There is ample evidence from similarly highly mutable RNA viruses like Influenza virus and Enterovirus that expansion in prevalence of antigenic variants is driven by selective immune pressure on viral infectiousness exerted by antibodies, and that antigenic variation diminishes or even abolishes the protective neutralization capacity of Influenza virus or Enterovirus vaccines directed at a specific antigenic lineage (1, 2). Consequently, nonreplicating monovalent enteroviral vaccines, for example, are only used at scale in vaccination campaigns of vulnerable target groups (e.g., children) deployed to fight recurrent epidemics of life-threatening enterovirus infection (e.g., EV-A71) in the Asia Pacific region (3).

Interestingly, the US FDA did not approve these vaccines due to ‘concerns about the effectiveness against different pandemic strains, safety, and quality control of vaccine production’ (3). Mass vaccination programs previously conducted to combat viral epidemics/pandemics (e.g., smallpox, polio, measles, yellow fever) have nothing in common with the ongoing mass vaccination campaigns today as those viruses are very different in terms of their pathogenesis, transmissibility, route of infection, potential reservoirs, predominant effector mechanisms involved in antiviral immunity, susceptibility of population segments, as well as with regard to the vaccines used (all prior vaccination campaigns involved live-attenuated virus). In addition, vaccine efficacy as assessed during clinical trials is different from viral effectiveness, which reflects how well a vaccine performs in the field.

Viral effectiveness, therefore, depends on the level of infectious pressure exerted by the viral population and the level of immune selection pressure exerted by the host population (among other factors). Those can be very different from the ones prevailing during clinical trials. This particularly applies when the vaccine is used in mass vaccination campaigns rolled out in the middle of a pandemic of more infectious variants. Because of large-scale pharmaceutical (e.g., mass vaccination) and nonpharmaceutical (e.g., infection-prevention measures) human interventions, significant changes in viral infectious pressure and population-level immune pressure can suddenly take place and dramatically accelerate or slow down the evolutionary dynamics of a pandemic, especially if more infectious variants are circulating.

Whereas the final target population should have the same profile as the one enrolled in the vaccine trials, current Covid-19 (C-19) vaccines are now administered to several segments of the population that have not been part of the pivotal clinical trials that enabled their authorization for emergency use (e.g., children, elderly, pregnant women, women of childbearing age, individuals who previously recovered from Covid-19 disease). Furthermore, the follow-up of study participants in the clinical trials did not extend beyond 3 months as the WHO had declared the pandemic a health emergency of international concern. Short-term results from clinical vaccine trials that were conducted on a small subset of a specific target population during a short period of a pandemic caused by a specific SARS-CoV-2 lineage (most notably the original Wuhan strain) cannot even be considered informative for vaccine effectiveness of mass vaccination campaigns deployed globally across almost all population segments over a prolonged period of a pandemic trajectory involving several waves of infection caused by several different more infectious viral variants.

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It’s the 40-49 group that comes out worst in all of the stats these days.

Infection Rates for Vaccinated Aged 40-79 Double the Rates in Unvaccinated (DS)

Another week, another Vaccine Surveillance report (now published by the U.K. Health Security Agency (UKHSA), the successor to Public Health England), and with it more worrying news on the vaccine front. Infection rates in the double-vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated continue to rise, meaning unadjusted vaccine effectiveness continues to decline. Infection rates are now higher in the double-vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated by 124% in those in their 40s, 103% in those in their 50s and 60s and 101% in those in their 70s, corresponding to unadjusted vaccine effectiveness estimates of minus-124%, minus-103% and minus-101% respectively. For those over 80 the unadjusted vaccine effectiveness is minus-34% while for those in their 30s it is minus-27%. For 18-29 year-olds it is 25%, so still positive but low, while for under-18s it is 90%, the only age group showing high efficacy.

Vaccine effectiveness against emergency hospital admission and death continues to hold up, though with some indication of gradual slide, particularly in older age groups. The UKHSA has continued to receive criticism for publishing this data, with claims that the figures used for the unvaccinated population are unreliable and likely too high, artificially suppressing the infection rate and vaccine effectiveness. Cambridge statistician Professor David Spiegelhalter put out a scathing tweet on these lines on Friday, but he didn’t elaborate on his claim or link to an article explaining it further. Professors Norman Fenton and Martin Neil have argued that in fact the PHE/UKHSA data may underestimate the number of unvaccinated rather than overestimate them, which would have the reverse effect.

Either way though, what wouldn’t change is the fact of the large and fast decline in effectiveness against infection. This is now generally acknowledged among many scientists (likely caused by waning over time or new variants or both), though has not had the logical impact on Government policy one might have expected and hoped for of eliminating the rationale for vaccine passports and mandates. A further point revealed for the first time in this week’s surveillance report is that the vaccines may actually hobble the body’s ability to develop the strongest immunity once infected. As noted by Alex Berenson, the report mentions (in passing) that “recent observations from U.K. Health Security Agency (UKHSA) surveillance data” show that “N antibody levels appear to be lower in individuals who acquire infection following two doses of vaccination”.

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“In the Book of Leviticus, it is said ‘Do not stand idly by while your neighbor’s blood is shed.’”

Israeli Doctors, Scientists Tell FDA Of Severe Concerns Over Vaccine Data (AFD)

An independent Israeli group of physicians, lawyers, scientists, and researchers called the Professional Ethics Front today advised the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding the upcoming FDA discussion on administering COVID-19 vaccines to children aged 5-11, expressing “severe concerns” regarding the reliability and legality of official Israeli COVID vaccine data. “We are aware that the state of Israel is perceived as ‘the world laboratory’ regarding the safety and efficacy of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, as reflected by statements made by Dr. Albert Bourla, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and other senior figures in leading health authorities throughout the world,” the letter reads. “It is therefore our understanding that the data and information coming from Israel play a crucial role in critical decision-making processes in regards to COVID-19 vaccination policies.

“We thus see it of utmost importance to convey a message of warning and raise our major concerns regarding potential flaws in the reliability of the Israeli data with respect to the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, as well as many significant legal and ethical violations that accompany the data collection processes.” The letter elaborates: “We believe that the significant failures underlying the Israeli database, which have been brought to our attention by numerous testimonies, impair its reliability and legality to such an extent that it should not be used for making any critical decisions regarding the COVID-19 vaccines.” “This document briefly outlines the main failures that lead to this unfortunate, albeit inevitable, conclusion,” the notice reads. “We emphasize that we can expand and clarify further, as well as provide references, in relation to each of the failures described below.

[..] The Israeli Professional Ethics Front concludes its notice to the FDA: “In accordance with the accepted perception established after World War II, the findings of experiments obtained in illegal and immoral ways should not be relied upon. We believe that the same rules should apply to the findings of the current experiment in Israel, since these findings were obtained through significant legal and ethical infringements. Our conclusion is further reinforced by the significant doubts about the reliability of the data reported by Israel, as detailed above, and the consequent major concern that their use might be misleading and thus disrupt the decision-making processes pertaining to the Pfizer-BioNtech COVID-19 vaccines.

“In the Book of Leviticus, it is said ‘Do not stand idly by while your neighbor’s blood is shed.’ In the spirit of those words, we implore the committee to take into consideration our urgent warnings and adopt utmost precaution when referring to the Israeli data concerning the safety and efficacy of the Pfizer-BioNtech COVID-19 vaccines.”

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Fire everyone at the FDA too. Seriously, get rid of these people.

FDA Buries Data on Seriously Injured Child in Pfizer’s Clinical Trial (Siri)

When Stephanie and Patrick de Garay enrolled their 12-year-old child Maddie and her two brothers in Pfizer’s Covid-19 clinical trial, they believed they were doing the right thing. That decision has turned into a nightmare. Maddie, a previously healthy, energetic, full of life child, was within 24 hours of her second dose reduced to crippling, scream-inducing pain that landed her in the emergency room where she described feeling like someone was “ripping [her] heart out though [her] neck.” Over the next several months the nightmare continued, during which Maddie was hospitalized several times and suffered numerous systemic injuries, requires a tube through her nose that carries her food and medicine, and a wheelchair for assistance.

Ms. de Garay documented every detail of Maddie’s injury and reported it to the principal investigator for the Pfizer trial at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital where the vaccine clinical trial was occurring and where Maddie was treated and admitted. They first tried to treat Maddie as “a mental patient,” telling the family it was psychological and in Maddie’s imagination. Then they claimed it was unrelated to the vaccine (copy of recording with hospital below), and when that argument failed, Pfizer listed this traumatic adverse event as “functional abdominal pain” when reporting to the FDA. Ms. de Garay reported what occurred to the CDC and FDA through VAERS in June 2021 but nobody from these agencies sought additional information or followed-up with the de Garays.

Ms. de Garay also reached out to Dr. Nath, a Chief in the NIH’s National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, responded by stating he was “Sorry to hear of your daughter’s illness” and that “We have certainly heard of a lot of cases of neurological complications form [sic] the vaccine and will be glad to share our experience with them.” Unfortunately, other than a call arranged by Maddie’s neurologist, there was no follow-up or response from NIH or any other federal health agency. Even after Ms. de Garay did a press event on June 28, 2021 with Senator Ron Johnson, neither Pfizer nor any health agency reached out in any manner to address Maddie’s injury or obtain any additional information.

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I saw the doc from the Nebraska AG when it came out, but it was a PDF made up entirely of images of the text. Not very user friendly for me.

On The Primacy Of The Physician-Patient Relationship (HCR)

I have not written much at this site, or any site, in recent years due to being kept busy supporting litigation regarding bad healthcare information technology as an expert witness. A recent letter, however, so caught my eye regarding both current events and my past writing about bad health IT, that I decided to write about it. It is perhaps a poignant reminder of the craziness of the times in which we physicians find ourselves that a well researched letter on the primacy of the doctor-patient relationship, and the non-interference with that relationship by outside forces based on opinions of non-clinicians, half-baked ideas, overzealous government, media hysteria to garner audience share, etc. comes not from the hallowed halls of academia or a prestigious medical journal – but from a state Attorney General, namely, of Nebraska.

The letter, dated Oct. 14, 2021 and entitled “Prescription of Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine as Off-Label Medicines for the Prevention or Treatment of Covid-19”, is located at this link: https://ago.nebraska.gov/sites/ago.nebraska.gov/files/docs/opinions/21-017_0.pdf, It was requested by Dannette R. Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. I recommend reading it in its entirety. In this 48-page letter, arguments regarding sanctioning of Nebraska physicians for their decisions on how to treat their patients with FDA-approved drugs for off-label purposes are discussed in significant detail and with significant literature references. The letter reaches the conclusion that:

“… Based on the available data, we do not find clear and convincing evidence that a physician who first obtains informed consent and then utilizes ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 violates the UCA (Nebraska Uniform Credentialing Act). This conclusion is subject to the limits noted throughout this opinion. Foremost among them are that if physicians who prescribe ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine neglect to obtain informed consent, deceive their patients, prescribe excessively high doses, fail to check for contraindications, or engage in other misconduct, they might be subject to discipline, no less than they would be in any other context … Allowing physicians to consider these early treatments will free them to evaluate additional tools that could save lives, keep patients out of the hospital, and provide relief for our already strained healthcare system.”

No matter one’s opinion on the specifics of this particular controversy, the primacy of the physician-patient relationship – absent extreme circumstances of malfeasance/malpractice – is a principle that should not now, and should never need a 48 page letter for its justification.

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Generation Covid-19: Are The Kids Going To Be All Right? (Age)

To be a young adult in late 2021 is to have come of age while COVID-19 put your life on hold. Gone were the dreams of big 18th birthday bashes and a bustling university life. Career ambitions were deferred, exotic holidays abroad with friends a distant dream. Jobs evaporated and social lives shrivelled. For this generation, unemployment reached 10.8 per cent last month, while participation rates – the number of 15 to 24-year-olds either working or looking for work – slumped to just 51.3 per cent, from 55 per cent in March last year. As Melbourne awakens from its sixth lockdown, a generation of the city’s youth are coming to terms with the loss of almost two years of their early adult lives. No other group of young people across the country has suffered quite like those in Melbourne.

Whether it be school-leavers whose gap-year plans have been scuttled, or uni students struggling to stay afloat in remote university classes, COVID-19 has irreparably changed the course of these young people’s personal and professional lives. Now taking their first steps forward in a post-lockdown city, parents and peers alike are wondering: will the kids be all right? “I’ve just turned 21, and there’s only a few more weeks left of my degree,” says Thomas, who does not want his surname published. “I’ve made an application for a postgrad in law – which was my original plan – but if I get accepted, I think I’m going to defer and take the year off. “As a student who was already struggling with chronic mental illness, these last two years have been hell. I feel like what should’ve been some of the most freeing years of my life have been robbed from me. “I need a break.”

He’s far from alone. A longitudinal study of Australia’s young people conducted by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment showed 23 per cent of 20-year-olds lived with a serious mental health illness in 2020, up from just 7 per cent in 2014. It showed young people are in insecure work at higher rates than six years ago (39 per cent were in permanent work in 2020, compared with 43 per cent in 2014) and were underemployed at higher rates (42 per cent would prefer to work more hours, compared with 32 per cent in 2014). Unsurprisingly, given these numbers, 70 per cent of surveyed 20-year-olds were living with their parents, and of those who had moved out by 19, almost a third had been forced to move back in.

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“Whether Baldwin believed the weapon was loaded or not only goes to the issue of whether this is murder rather than manslaughter..”

Lock Him Up (Denninger)

Reality is that Alec Baldwin intentionally pointed a firearm at a person and pulled the trigger. Exactly why he did so remains in question, as the slaughter did not occur during the “action” portion of filming — that is, he was not pointing it at one of the other actors in the film at the time. In fact he pointed it at cinematographer, killing her and and wounding the director behind her who the round also struck. This is, at best, voluntary manslaughter. I do not care if you’re on a movie set or otherwise; a firearm is handed to you with the action open and thus unable to discharge — always. A firearm is always loaded, even if you’re told it is not. You never point a firearm at anything you’re unwilling to destroy, even momentarily. And you never pull the trigger of a firearm until and unless you are pointing it at whatever you are willing to destroy.

That it is occasionally necessary in film production to violate one or more of these rules doesn’t change the rules. It simply means that you had damn well better make certain you’re not going to shoot someone as a result of doing so. In this particular case there is zero evidence Alec Baldwin had any valid reason within the context of the film to point that weapon, believed loaded or not, at a cinematographer. She was not an actor in the film. There is no claim that the weapon malfunctioned (e.g. was dropped) either; older guns, which would be rather common in a western, might not have the safety features of a modern firearm that prohibit them from firing if dropped or otherwise mishandled so that is not at issue in this instance. The evidence and presumption to this point is that the weapon was pointed at the cinematographer and the trigger depressed, both intentional acts.

Whether Baldwin believed the weapon was loaded or not only goes to the issue of whether this is murder rather than manslaughter; he had a duty to inspect what he was allegedly told was a “cold” weapon and verifying it was incapable of discharge if his part in the film required him to point it at, or where in the potential path of a projectile, a human is or could be. It is clear he did not do so and that, at minimum is killing by negligence, commonly known as voluntary manslaughter. If, as appears evident, he intentionally pointed the weapon at the cinematographer and pulled the trigger outside of a requirement to “shoot” at someone while filming was being rehearsed or was actually taking place (e.g. he was pissed off for some reason and that’s why he pointed the alleged “cold gun” at her and pulled the trigger) then I argue depravity is arguably present as well and that’s Murder 2. Baldwin must be arrested now. There is no reasonable means to claim this is an “accident”; Halyna was first the victim of felony assault with a deadly weapon when a firearm was pointed at her without lawful purpose and then was killed when, through an intentional act, it was discharged. I don’t give a crap how rich or famous Baldwin is

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Steve has been doing a lot of climate work, and is running for office in Sydney.

From Economic Fantasy to Ecological Reality on Climate Change (Steve Keen)

This was an invited talk to the Oxford Department of International Development “Climate Change and the Challenges of Development Lecture Series”, on my criticisms of the application of neoclassical economics to climate change. I focused on the new paper by Dietz et al. that allegedly calculates the economic costs of tipping points: Dietz, S., J. Rising, T. Stoerk and G. Wagner (2021). “Economic impacts of tipping points in the climate system.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118(34): e2103081118. Upon closer examination, this papers fails to consider tipping points in any credible way, and this is obvious in its incredible claim (in the original sense of the “not credible”), that: “Tipping points reduce global consumption per capita by around 1% upon 3°C warming and by around 1.4% upon 6°C warming. This is ridiculous: the tipping points they consider are:

• Arctic summer sea ice,
• The Greenland Ice Sheet,
• The West Antarctic Ice Sheet,
• The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (“Gulf Stream”),
• The Amazon Rainforest,
• The Indian Monsoon,
• Permafrost, and
• Ocean methane hydrates.

If all 8 of these tripped–especially with a temperature 3-6°C above pre-industrial levels–we would be experiencing a climate utterly unlike anything Earth has seen for tens of millions of years. The thought that this would just reduce global consumption by just 1.4%–compared to what it would be if none of these tipping points were triggered–doesn’t pass what Nobel Laureate Robert Solow once called “the smell test”: “every proposition has to pass a smell test: Does it really make sense?”. I show why this paper stinks in Solow’s sense.

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Dads on Duty














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    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle October 24 2021]


    Another unpleasant video of a suffering teen:

    “A new television ad that spotlights Pfizer vaccine-related injuries suffered by 13-year-old Maddie de Garay was killed Friday late afternoon by Comcast attorneys after initially accepting the ad on Thursday. The ad was slated to run multiple times before and during the FDA’s VRBPAC Meeting on Pfizer Data on its COVID-19 Vaccine for Children 5-11. ”



    More blatant lies from The Guardian

    “most of the 900 patients being admitted to hospital each day coming from the ranks of the unvaccinated.”


    Gov. own data shows between Week 38 and 41 there were 7392 Covid hospital admissions, of which 4486 were double vaxxed:

    Data: https://tinyurl.com/vra9tkcr

    Source: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1027511/Vaccine-surveillance-report-week-42.pdf


    I guess recieving Mi££ions from the Gates foundation has that effect on the reporting.
    About £1 million per year for the last decade.



    Dads on duty blew my mind. When the government can no longer deliver the locals step in and the community becomes stronger right before our very eyes. GO DADS.


    This is B.A.D.

    Dr. D

    Racism of the day: “Nobody asked for Andrew Yang’s bizarre third party.” -Zeeshan Aleem, MSNBC

    The height of course was yesterday, chasing native (and black) people into the bush with a needle. “White Man’s Burden,” you know.

    “You should be terrified — and excited — about Facebook’s metaverse plans” –Reidout, MSNBC

    Now terrified of good things? So terror 24/7/365, good, bad, indifferent? “The Science is settled: you must quiver in fear at all times.” Land of the fee’d. Home of the quaver. But journalists: They are the mind-killer.

    “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.” ― Frank Herbert, Dune

    What does poverty in Capitalism have to do with Socialism? Yes, it has the poor, “for the poor are always among us.” So does every alternative, Socialism as much as anyone, ask the Siberians if not Ukranians. True freedom might have the most poor of all, dragging tipis behind a pony on the open plains.

    I try diligently to keep myself out of discussions, and that works well but, growing up, you didn’t just go buy a light bulb because you needed one. Ain’t nobody got that kind of money. And how would you get to the store? Ain’t nobody going to the store. Borrow the least-used light bulb, cards under the kitchen lamp, rest of the house dark and silent.

    Later, to live in many apartments, one after the other, on the floor. Because: furniture? Hahaha, how would that happen? And a truck to get it there? Now of course I have lots of furniture – and no longer mostly from the side of the road. Although all my mattresses were from the curb, doesn’t count the many years sleeping on a fold out couch. But better than a van by the river! You see, the van is fine, but the police hassle you and are your real danger. Helping, as ever, right to a prison cell and an indelible record. Got to protect the children!

    Had to pick the van – or some like thereof – because living in a crackhouse was a little too unrestful. The people were nice, but all hours day and night, things disappearing, periodic overdoses, you know the thing. Being level and helpful means you’re the floor monitor and desk clerk. Oh and pay the rent too.

    And as I answer this I see you were on the same route with your daughter. Although great in many ways, as you describe – it’s yours, you can change it anyway you wish and never cry, give it away even – I have to suggest Craigslist Antiques. For thrift store prices, better objects than are made these days, but really the key is that they hold or increase resale value. I’ve been taught this in vehicles too. Sure, you could get a Eos convertible or a Ducati, but you can also lose $10,000 too. But if you get a ‘69 Norton, not only can you sell it at cost, but stand the fair chance of making 50% on your joyride, then keep the money or buy a rarer joyride.

    I remember when I was living by the river and I bought my first tool. Money! I mean, 30 bucks doesn’t grow on trees! That’s a month of coffee. But the worse problem: now I’m a man of the world! One shirt, one bowl, one tool. Weighed down by my earthly attachments here! Meaning, the very act of buying it, I would now have to have a way to store that tool, move it from place to place, and $30 tools aren’t light! They’re only light to crackheads who will sell it on sight. …Then ask you for rent, as a human brother. You wouldn’t turn down a brother, would you? They’re going to end up on the street, you see, and no joke. Uh-huh, and I was “on the street” like that, just, what, yesterday? Why don’t you pay MY rent instead? What? It doesn’t work like that? Why not? I thought we were brothers.

    See how this goes? There’s a primer: Dennis Moore by Monty Python. I’ve referred it before, but it’s now been pulled online. In it, Dennis robs (lupins) from the rich to give to the poor, but he’s so successful that he’s now robbing the poor (who were once rich) to give to the rich (who were once poor) which is confusing indeed. Says he: “this wealth redistribution thing is trickier than I thought!”

    So all the guys who did coke, even the ones working 80h at restaurants, ended up with nothing, three alimonies deep, and I still have my first tool and all the savings that tool created through constant, quiet care and effort. Of course it doesn’t go that fast, and there are endless pitfalls arranged for you, but that’s how it all goes over time.

    Meanwhile, I live between people who made $100k (union) and $100k (big tech) and have blown it all. It’s just too hard to blow so much money fast enough that you end up on ramen, but they will. Their kids get subsidized student loans because they’re “poor”. They blew it all on 4-wheelers and Winnebagos, ‘71 Cameros rotting in the yard. Can’t you see they need help? But you, you there: you’re rich! I can see it in your eyes! Yeah, all those years of making $20k and sleeping on a couch while you were diving in Acapulco, now I have to help you and be both your kid’s insurance and your retirement plan. Boy, super-glad I made those sacrifices of all those bedbug roadside mattresses so your kids won’t have to. …Now that they’re back from the Caymans blew their money on football camp, and the money’s run out, I mean.

    Practically nothing said about Capitalism is true. Not the definitions, not the criticisms, though like all systems it has real problems, but we never address them because telling the truth even once is against all that we stand for as a society. So yes, IF we had Capitalism – and honestly like Socialism you won’t see a pure form – it would be a meritocracy of some sort, at least more or less. Slowly. Haphazardly. But in aggregate. That’s what makes what we have now “almost, but not quite entirely unlike Capitalism.” Free money. So no production, no control. No bankruptcy. Therefore, no meritocracy. No consequences. Therefore, all insider idiot trust fund kids. On coke. Stealing the tools of co-homeless housemates. Ah Trust Fund Kids: can’t shoot ‘em! Unless you’re Dick Cheney.

    And although that happens, the “rich” as we call them (none of us are going to meet anyone actually “rich”) do as you describe and are happy to help, be generous, give things they have, and that’s good and right as they can afford to. …The weird part is pointing a gun at them and making them “help”, either as the government or as the revolution. That’s sort of just “helping yourself” to their fridge. Why not help yourself to their BMW too? And they do! Blow it on crack and hookers then ask for more.

    The way to distinguish is if they, the individual “rich” support bankruptcy, fairness, consequences, because like “Rich Dad” they know how crooked the system is. And what have they done about it, from their slightly richer condition? We’re all somewhere in the middle, from vans by the river on up to worldwide hobos on peripatetic yachts in the Caymans. So since anyone anywhere in this level is pretty similar, what are we doing to uphold the right? Something like fairness, justice, honor?

    Many do. Really, all you have to do is ask. I found this out also on Craigslist: rich people off and on essentially just give things away. They’re only “selling” them as a way to transfer it out of their house because the money means nothing to them. It’s actually a nuisance. If you gave them a sob story, they’d probably go in the basement and give you four more chairs and a lawnmower. …They’d need fixing, but: no free lunch. Then a job painting their house. Why? Because – and I’m talking a fraction here, like 3% of this level – they know the value of things. If they toss it, if it’s free, people treat it like garbage. And they can’t just toss it because “it” – hard won things – have value to them. They want YOU to value it, love it, appreciate it, care for it, as they do. They’d probably give you a car or pay your child’s tuition if they could figure out how without getting entangled. Pitch them. Write a personal note for 3% interest, paid due, etc. So 3 in 100, it’s not that hard to find them, and you have. 3 in 100? That’s deals all day long should you need to chase them.

    There’re plenty of a-holes, idiots, misers, and so on in the “rich” – who the real rich wouldn’t even call “lower class” – but so? There are as many in every other class too. Like they say, “If you think money is the root of all evil, you haven’t seen poverty.” That the low-down and hard driven are good, honest, salt of the earth people is a myth for novelists, raised in the middle class. It’s tough living and no joke, with abuse enough to go around.

    What T4 says isn’t wrong: the game is rigged. Therefore it’s rigged in your favor. There are exploits crooked idiots set for themselves, but once allowed they have to let you in too. Not all of them might be moral, but if you know yourself, enough to make a fortune on. And here I’ve been telling about crypto all this time, and Theta has gone from 10c to $6.00 since 2020. So $500 = $30,000, and I know you can get $500. Tomorrow this door is shut and a new exploit opens. Now I wouldn’t buy Halliburton or Tesla to make $30k, but Theta is flattening a peer-to-peer internet so Comcast can’t censor it. Sounds like a win. Turned out to be easier than flipping Free Furniture on Craigslist. $500 wouldn’t get you a dresser. $30,000 can get you a Senator.

    …They come cheap.


    Dr.D here’s the problem with the idea that we should not ‘point a gun at the rich’ to make them share their wealth: invariably their wealth was achieved thru support of public funding or thru the use of what would be considered the property of the commons. Think of those first movers who took control of fossil fuel resources – who decided that these should just go to the guys who put the first straws into yye ground? Where is the moral argument for this? Businesses benefit from publicly funded infrastructure of all kinds – for all modes of transport, education of their workforce, healthcare, regulatory framework; security. Without all of these things (subsidized by tax payers) they would not be able to operate. It is wilful blindness to ignore this. The wealthy (whose wealth was accumulated thanks to collective infrastructure m) absolutely must be expected to share their wealth.
    On the abhorrent puppy experiment: folks, much health-related research is done with animals – this ain’t new under Faucci. I could make you want to vomit a lot more if you want to hear more stories; but what are we doing about the testing of drugs and treatments that involve non-human animals? Don’t some of us want non-human animal testing before we try stuff on humans? How morally-acceptable is this?


    Reads like something Dr. John Day could have written:

    “Physicians and the Vaccine Tyranny”



    Never take advice from a criminal warmonger –



    John Day

    @Germ: Yes, i read that article a few days ago and thought well of it.

    @Dr.D: What is the $30 tool. I have several like that from the late 1970s.
    Glad you told us more about your life. Whatever you call it, humans always have to keep adjusting economic arrangements, because everything in the economy, and every participant, keeps changing.

    TT4TW said last night: ” while it is an ugly truth, the modern US military was misused to attack countries without a BIS, Inc. central bank such that the OWNERS of the BIS, Inc. debt-based money system could seize control of their central bank and begin to subjugate the people in question. Freedom was just rhetoric.
    This is literally the history of 20th and 21st Century warfare — BIS central bank financed countries defeating non-BIS central banking countries, and then installing a BIS central bank.”

    I have read that one major purpose of WW-1 was to crack all of the little cantons of Europe open to banking. I have seen nothing to dissuade me from accepting that assertion.

    “A Rothschild” pontificating on what psychedelic drugs to use, declared that:
    “Synthetics, such as LSD-25 and its derivatives are useless noise.
    DMT is the real deal. Ayuasca is one route, but requires rigorous rituals prior which most ignore.
    From February 1986 High Times: https://hightimes.com/culture/dmt/
    DMT, ‘The Lunch-Hour Psychedelic’

    Anybody here drop 200 mics or more of LSD-25? Did you get wordless, unable to utter more than 3 words? Would you describe your experience as “useless noise”.
    What A POSEUR! “A Rothschild” is not man enough to Trip-on-Acid. He (I presume) needed the safe little in-and-then-done “businessman’s high” of DMT. I’m not saying it’s “bad”. I don’t personally know. People say nice things about it.
    DMT does not seem to directly threaten the Ego. LSD strips it naked and chases it through the streets.
    Mushrooms are less edgy. Look for the cow patties in the right places. “The medicine” in Native American Church is treated with due reverence, but especially the spirits and bodies of the members of the Church, and any visitor (fully prepared and tested) are held in complete and loving-healing reverence, with patience…
    I have had no inclination to use anything from pot or beer to “entheogens” since spring of 1994. The shaman (Paul) said he didn’t see that I would need another one. He discerned my prior LSD trips as “an edge” on my spirit, and specifically inquired if I had tripped on acid.
    I’m human and soul and living this path , now.
    Any drug is not a path.
    It may be a “door of perception”, but you have to keep doing your work and seeking guidance.


    I am grateful/thankful/fortunate for all the positive things that have happened to me and for all the negative thing that have not happen to me.


    Bravo: Dads on Duty – ALL Hearts are lifted by this gift of LOVE.

    Pure PRESENCE in action in the simple act of being present for someone else. Focused creative intention + commitment + consistency -> builds an asset of our own making. The ripple effect is potent; you can duplicate it and many others will benefit.

    Did you see all of the SMILES and hear the laughter coming from Dads and their students/kids? This is proof – that in any moment of our choosing – you and I are fearless.


    Well worth watching!


    Fresh perspective…how about a little Caitlin this morning?

    “Either be a lover of life or don’t. Either throw yourself into gratuitous acts of love or don’t. It doesn’t matter either way. Your every molecule is perfectly beloved no matter what you do. You know what it is to love a woman, and you can learn what it is to love life if you want. Up to you.”

    The Boy And The Starfish And The Yawning Chasm Of Infinity


    Public Citizen has identified several unredacted Pfizer contracts:

    Pfizer’s Power


    This guy has balls.
    Have a laugh!


    The reality though is that we will have vaccine passports in England within a few months, if not weeks.


    Down here at the arse end of the world the MSM is now trying to convince people to not exercise their right to access the publicly available VEARS information on the Deadly Vaccine.
    A report (@11:50 mins into https://www.tvnz.co.nz/shows/one-news-at-6pm/episodes/s2021-e297 – registration req,) but not reported elsewhere on their news site, so it is not searchable introduced use to a vax hesitant primary school teacher (who is required by mandate to get double vuxxed by next month to keep her job) who saw the Provisional Consent to the Distribution of a New Medicine
    And became even more concerned after seeing all the Adverse Effects of Special Interest that have been reported.
    The article then interviews an immunization specialist who states “The Pfizer vaccine is provisional over questions of like how long lasting it is not the safety”… ‘strokes and heart-attacks are not proven..”

    This comes at an important time to discredit the medsafe website as the most important report to date will come out this week – The Monthly “Observed-versus-expected analyses” of the Deaths reported due to Vaccination was first created in report #28 (published 29 Sept, with data through to 11 Sept)
    But note that the observed vs expected analysis was:
    Observed-versus-expected deaths a by age group from any cause, up to 21 days after dose 1, 19 February 2021 to 30 June 2021

    So, with the next monthly analysis of expected DEATHS vs actual deaths due this week (where the time frame DOES NOT INCLUDE the massive increase in vaccinations since August 17 – see my previous comment by clicking on my username to see all posts). This timeframe will not be fully analyzed until January at the earliest.

    Be on the watch for further denigration in the MSM of the only place we can get information that is not propaganda on how bad these – I hesitate to call them vaccines – Untested, Provisionally Approved, Medical Treatments – actually are.

    Disclaimer: My private medical information (including my National Health Identifier – NHI number) will not to be disclosed unless you are a registered medical professional or agent as specified under Schedule 1 of the Health Information Privacy Code 2020.
    Based on the current vaccination rate of my demographic I am 90% likely to have had one dose and 76% likely to have had the second.


    Brave dads should also start eating less because they give their children a bad example


    The TAE preamble reads as follows: ““The Automatic Earth Forum is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from Delusion. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop being brain washed.


    The Responsibility Statement reads: I am Responsible. When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of T.A.E. always to be there. And for that: I am responsible.


    Apologies to the fine members of Alcoholics Anonymous for the above.


    Looking for a ‘best summary’ for Vit. D <-> COV19 interaction, I found this by Robin Whittle which seems to be very complete.

    (I haven’t read it all.. huge amount of content..)

    One way in:



    “The Long Shadow of an Infection: COVID-19 and Performance at Work.”

    is interesting. (eng)



    again, excess mortality in the US


    —> i see germ posted it also


    Mathew Crawford, a statistician in Hawaii, reports on “My Dangerous Talk at a City Council Meeting”:

    “My goal would be to can a friendly, but powerful talk, with heavy citation, that would hopefully help anyone willing to maintain an open mind that we are missing the mark entirely regarding vitamins, minerals, and zinc ionophores (which include chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, but also quinine, quercetin, ECGC, curcumin/turmeric, and many more), not to mention simple hygienic solutions…”




    “What does poverty in Capitalism have to do with Socialism? Yes, it has the poor, “for the poor are always among us.” So does every alternative, Socialism as much as anyone…”

    Why, Dr D, let me acquaint you with an economic reality that perhaps you have not spent a great deal of time dwelling upon.

    Many years ago one of my kids’ elementary schools had “family nights” once a month. I was still married to the children’s father then, but he elected to never accompany us to one of these “family nights.” I went alone with 3 young children. There would be activities meant to bolster kids’ learning or promoting family togetherness or in celebration of a holiday. There were always refreshments: a slice of pizza, a cup or bottle of water, and a cookie. Every month, the families would queue up to receive their pizza and cookie. They always had more than enough pizza and cookies, so after everyone had gone through the line, anyone who wanted seconds would go up to the table and get another slice of pizza or another cookie. Sometimes, they had so much extra pizza that we took home an extra pizza.

    One month, a special activity was planned. This school was PreK – 8th grade, and the 6-8th graders were sponsoring a math activity where the older kids would be “vendors” and all of the younger kids would be “buyers.” The younger grades would learn how to count money and count change. When we entered the doors of the cafeteria, each child was issued an envelope filled with an equal amount of “money.” There was a festive atmosphere inside. More people had come to this activity than most family nights. Unsurprisingly, I lost track of my three kids, ages 5, 7, and 7, but soon subsequently located each one. This happened more than once during the activity. The kids were bustling about, buying access to activities and games, buying plants, buying all sorts of things. They bought candy. There was more food available at this event than at any prior event – there was the usual pizza and cookies, but there were other drinks, and sweets, and more.

    After about 45 minutes of this I realized that I was hungry. We usually ate at these events, and trying to get dinner beforehand would make us late, so I would make the event dinner for the evening. I had eaten nothing for hours. It suddenly occurred to me that I was unable to obtain any food at event – because I had not been issued scrip. The only way for me to obtain any food was to ask one of children to “purchase” food for me.

    I located each of my three children. I found out from each of them that, yes, they had already eaten. They were willing to purchase me some food, so we approached the food selling location, but, much to the chagrin of my growling stomach, the food was all gone. It had already been purchased. As the children and I left the school that evening, I pondered what I had just experienced – how it is to be impoverished in a market system, unable to obtain what you need from the market, while all around you people are enjoying the bounty. This was a few years before my own poverty began, when I was living a more typical “middle class” life.

    Very often, proponents of capitalism decry other economic models as full of rampant “rationing” and claim that capitalism is not a rationing system. Capitalism champions markets. Markets *are* a rationing system, just as “first come, first serve,” is a rationing system, and so are raffles, “drawing sticks,” and “to each according to their needs, from each according to their abilities.” Each rationing system has its merits and its detractions, and each has its place. Most would agree that a market system of rationing has no place within a nuclear family. (The Star Trek universe explored the concept of using capitalism within families with the Ferengi race.)

    Markets can be a very good way to ration excess goods and services and non-essential goods and services. In these types of interactions, the “invisible hand of the market” tends to lead the buyers to the sellers. However, markets can be terrible a terrible means to ration life’s necessaries – what tends to happen is that the wealthy acquire these goods and services in quantities in excess of what they actually need, while those who are impoverished struggle to obtain what they need to survive. This situation persists even when there are surpluses of the goods and services needed for survival – in fact, market systems of rationing can create the appearance of scarcity for those who have little access to resources when, in fact, there is more than enough to go around.

    Thomas Piketty’s book, Capital in the 21st Century, analyzes how capitalism inevitably moves towards greater and greater disparities in income and wealth in a given population.

    Yes, it is true that slavery also includes poverty, and so does feudalism and mercantilism. But not all systems do – in hunter and gatherer societies, there does not appear to have been poverty or significant disparity of wealth. In the Polynesian “Potlatch” culture, gifting is a large component, and those who give are seen so positively by this society that those with the most social stature may be those who give the most, and therefore who have the least materially.

    Regarding poverty in socialism…most “socialist” societies today are utilizing “democratic socialism” – what was advocated by Bernie Sanders and is common in Western Europe. The actual economic system is clearly capitalism, and the government comes in and creates a lot of laws to regulate and provide services to all of the citizens. That is a political system, and not a “socialist” economic system. There are several countries that self-identify as “communist.” In the case of the USSR, China, and Cuba, all three countries were invaded by the capitalist countries shortly after forming. The USSR had just suffered WWI, then got invaded by the US and her allies, and then suffered under WWII. The USSR started out as a primarily agrarian economy that was still organized along feudal lines. Much of the poverty stemmed from those economic realities. China was also very backwards economically when it became Communist. However, since it has been welcoming in Western businesses and practices the past few decades, it can hardly be called “socialist” in an economic sense. It is, essentially, a state where a single party controls the economy through fiat, through edict. Inside this framework, it runs primarily along capitalistic lines, although private capitalists can be “unmade” by government policies at a whim of the Communist Party. Cuba is hardly an example of “poverty caused by socialism” – and neither is Venezuala – as in both cases, they are tiny countries, and the US has created trade embargoes to deliberately crush the economies of both nations. Who knows what might have surfaced had they been allowed to simply “try out” their intention of socialism, rather than being bullied by the United States? (It seems that this bullying has followed nearly every attempt at socialism – starting with the short-lived Paris Commune, threatened from day one, and destroyed when it was invaded from without.)

    I’ve always wondered why the capitalists were so terrified of socialism in the first place? Why are they so threatened? What is wrong with allowing it to “try itself out?” – if it doesn’t work, it will simply fall apart, with no outside help. Free people should be at liberty to craft the economic system that they wish to live within. If it works, great. If it fails, then they will adapt. Either way, we can all learn from the experiment.

    I am not advocating that we abandon our economic culture(s) and adopt the economy of a hunter/gatherer tribe or of the Potlatch system or theoretical socialism – or some purified form of capitalism. However, I believe that it is important not to fall into the trap so aptly described by Voltaire in Candide a few centuries past, assuming that our current system is “the best of all possible worlds” – or, that with just a few tweaks it would suddenly become the best of all possible worlds. I also do not believe that converse is helpful – whichever system I despise, be it socialism or communism or feudalism or slavery – is, of necessity, “the worst of all possible worlds.” If we are going to come well out of the horrendous crises we currently find ourselves in – so aptly represented today by the circumstances being lived by our peer, Oxymoron, in Australia – we do ourselves a service by studying different systems and learning from them, so that we may craft a better system together. A good starting point is the rally of the French Revolution: Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity. Any system that we move towards – be it economic, political, etc., should incorporate these principles.

    Michael Reid

    @ John Day

    I found your comment beautiful

    Any drug is not a path.
    It may be a “door of perception”, but you have to keep doing your work and seeking guidance.


    @Dimitri: The gift of LOVE comes from the Hearts of Lovers – despite their physical size and shape. Do you not think that the Dads efforts/results far outweigh (no pun intended) their “packaging”? Notice how easy it is to minimize a BRAVE effort by focusing on a perceived flaw? One could also dismantle/dismiss their Gift by wondering why the Dads weren’t at work working or by nagging to know who is managing them. Beware of the petty ego mind trying to beat down the success of others.

    I also noticed the weight of several Dads and found myself thinking – I hope nothing gets in the way of their success (knowing that quality of life and longevity are potential impacts to being overweight) – b/c we really need these guys! With a vision for what’s possible + renewed PURPOSE, the Dads lives will surely change in new and unexpected ways. It’s called reshaping (pun intended) the future by EMBRACING the PRESENT.

    Funding the Dads on Duty project would be something I would invest in. Getting positive male energy into the schools/community (at ground level) benefits everyone.



    I was not trying to beat down their success. That’s why I called them brave. Obesity is bad for your health. It’s bad for your children’s health. Would you have the same opinion if you saw these dads doing coke?

    Peter 47

    @TT4TW, thank you for all the information. In had a blood test a year ago and there was no ferritin level
    number on it , but there was TG and HDL, so I divided the numbers and it was higher then 3, so according to you I have high iron level in me. So first thing I did was to book blood donation. My problems are rheumatoid arthritis which I live with without taking any drugs, but lately it has become worse, and the other problem is that my hearing is getting worse and lately I had few ear infections.
    So again , thank you very much.


    From Charles Hugh Smith weekly Musings report (apologize if this link has made its rounds here):

    “According to the model they derived from the data, reinfection by SARS-CoV-2 under endemic conditions would likely occur from 3 months and 5.1 years after peak antibody response, with a median of 16 months. This is less than half the time for other endemic human-infecting coronaviruses (e.g., HCoV-OC43 was associated with 15 months to 10 years).”


    Better keep the IVM supply close at hand. My recent resupply order has been arriving randomly (the 6mg arrived in CA in 2 weeks, only 1 0f 5 boxes 12mg has made it, and the 3 mg package is “in customs”.


    @phoenixvoice: a thoughtful reply to Dr. D and excellent overall musing on the CvS ism situation. Your personal experiences are deeply informative and I LOVE how you go beyond the experience by interpreting and integrating the lessons/learning into your daily living. Sister you are amazing!


    @Dr D — nothing said about socialism, communism, and capitalism as applied to the real world can be true, BECAUSE NONE OF THEM ACTUALLY EXIST!!!

    What does exist are Money Power Fascist governments with different “veneers” used to deceive their respective populations. Every country is Money Power Fascist in nature, bar none.

    Try to name a single country where the government and the mega-corps. are not aligned with the group of people who controls the societal money system. Just one — name it!

    Name a country where the Money Power in that country does not wield control over the government and the mega-corps that the Money Power financed into being!

    It doesn’t exist!

    The Money Power Fascists PROGRAMMED the masses to falsely think in terms of capitalism, socialism, and communism… that’s an obvious psy-op!

    “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.”

    The rabble needs to take back language from the dElites… don’t let them use language to frame the arguments as they wish… let’s take back language and DISCLOSE THE TRUTH!

    For example, white privilege does not exist, rather, what exists is black oppression. Being treated without bigotry is NOT a privilege, even if the Money Power would mind control the masses into thinking it is. Being the victim of bigotry based on skin color is OPPRESSION, NOT THE NORM.

    “The money is the oxygen for the lungs of the Beast.”
    ~Joe Plummer, Tragedy and Hope 101 author


    @Pete 47 — Thank you for being interested. I love sharing this type of information, and the problem is people so locked into an ideology they are not capable of discernment. While I highlight the work of Morley Robbins as the #1 level to switch to move one’s metabolism in the correct direction, the lever that had the most notably perceived benefit in a short period of time was actually the anti-inflammatory Zone Diet. When I started that, I felt amazing! It eventually wore off, though, due to chronic relational stress (pathologically narcissist people really are an abomination of desolation… let the reader of Daniel be aware…) and eventually mineral imbalances (bio-copper and magnesium depletion).

    If you are looking for short term symptom relief, I would do the following:

    1. Buy OmaPure IFOS 5-Star Fish Oil from OmaPure.com. If you buy 3 bottles, the prices is very good for what you get. It is part of the Zone Diet protocol, and I’ve personally witnessed some amazing anti-inflammatory correlates. For example, my very athletic friend told me that he was playing tennis pain free for the first time in his life in his mid-40’s… and he’s been playing tennis since high school. He always had a sore shoulder when he played — even as a teen. No more. He was also playing on 3 flag football teams, some of them with retired college players, and at least one NFL player, so these were not scrub level teams. He was QB on all three. At the time, his mixed doubles tennis team earned a birth in the USTAA tournament in Arizona, and his team won the only match his team had him play.
    A coworker had a terrible stuttering problem. We are talking 2-3 seconds of delays getting certain words out. He was in his early 30’s. Within 2 weeks of starting with OmaPure, 90% of his stuttering disappeared. I suspect his brain had some inflammation interrupting how it functions, and the OmaPure resolved most of it.
    Balancing healthy proteins, healthy carbs, and healthy fats at every meal is also very anti-inflammatory. Effectively, you want to reduce your systematic inflammation. Iron is a key root cause, but elevated insulin from too many carbs or total calories at a given meal (glycemic load == insulin response) plays a key role, too. Learn what Dr. Barry Sears teaches about balancing your macronutrients. It goes a long way to promoting satiety and a general feeling of wellness and balance. This makes eating properly really easy, and eventually it makes eating out of balance something that actually makes you feel bad.

    The Zone Diet Basics — https://www.zonediet.com/the-zone-diet/
    How To Eat In The Zone: Following The Zone Diet — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4pEcB5jWRI
    The Zone Body Fat Calculator — https://zonediet.com/resources/body-fat-calculator/

    Certain fats promote inflammation as well, which is addressed by the OmaPure fish oil to a degree. I ONLY fry with clarified butter (ghee) or animal fats. I won’t even fry with butter — the milk solids burn and then you eat the burnt milk solids, and your body is taxed trying to get rid of it. Why tax your body? Free it up by following “natural law.” I also don’t overcook — I lightly fry.
    Vegetable oils are pretty much toxic out of the factory. Fats the Heal and Fats that Kill is a good book about fats. I use Udo’s Oil, too, but I vacuum seal it and store it in the fridge to keep it as fresh and unoxidized as possible.
    Your body is amazing — if you do the “nutrient math,” none of us should really be alive today. The Rothschilds believe that nutrients transmute in the human body — you can live decades ingesting almost no magnesium because your body will take the crap you ingest and transmute it into magnesium it needs to use, but this comes with “friction,” and it is a process that can only last so long.

    Let me know what REAL FOODS you like to eat and I will whip up some meal suggestions for you.
    Dr. Barry Sears is right when he says that “food is the most powerful drug you will ever take.” It really is — for better, or for worse.

    Veracious Poet

    When a sick man marries a woman, his contribution to that marriage will be sickness.

    When that marriage raises children, their contribution to the children will be sickness.

    When that family goes to church, their contribution to that church will be sickness.

    When that family enters the community, their contribution to that community will be sickness.

    Ignoring the sick man is societal suicide as history has proven time-after-time, after-time, after-time…


    “Let Kyrie Play”



    @ dr d
    So all I needed to do to escape poverty was to throw $500 into every crypto out there and some of them will turn into goldmines?
    Wow, what would it be like to have $500 that could be gambled with?
    It’s so fun eating imaginary cake.


    @PH: predictions are difficult… especially about the future… lol

    The crypto casino is just one of the most obvious signs that the debt-based money bubble is near its apex. The debt-based money bubble is the mechanism that results in the deflationary depression that assets strips the globe (coming soon).

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