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    I am certainly preaching to the converted on here, many of you are older and wiser than I, having lived through more references than I could hope to share. This discussion has brought up the infamous “ism” so I thought this 1948 cartoon “liberty never sleeps” is quite pertinent.

    As a UK national, I have been indoctrinated into a kind of socialism-capitalism hybrid, attempting to take the best of both worlds. What we are witnessing now worldwide is the failure of both. I would argue thst without laws to regulate the excesses of capitalism, we are at the mercy of predatory forces much like creditors to the notorius South Sea Bubble in the 18th century. Likewise, the imaginings of some kind of permanence to altuistic systems like Atlee’s NHS, rely on the honesty and prudence of politicians. A most vulnerable position to place oneself in. A casual look at world government debt markets reveal all there is to know about the chances of those promises made being kept.

    Between a rock and a hard place.

    Speaking of cartoons, I observed this Netflix cartoon – inside job  It is making fun of deep state conspiracies, parodying the kind of content that has been classiified “fake news”. Funny that. Is it life imitating art or the other way around? After the Iraq war, the deep state became careless, not even attempting to hide what they were upto. John Pilger’s ‘The War You Don’t See’ was eyeopening. Apparently not many people saw that!! (Ironic)

    Grateful for this fine community of brave souls and it is a pleasure to read all your thoughts and contributions along with Ilargi’s dilligent muckraking.


    @germ -thx for the Dan Stock interview. Yet another stich up using monograph medications. Who would have thought it? We can add 25 hydroxyvitamin d to our growing list of banned substances to use which are totally “safe and effective”!


    Ilargi, I shared the PHE info you posted today along with germs video of Tony Bliar referring, with an identical line to Fauci (they obviously have the same script writer) that “the data is clear” on the evidence that vaccination works. Works in what way?

    Bliar passed the equivalent of three new laws a day while he was British PM. Perhaps the data he is referring to equates to just how efficiently they are removing all human rights and freedoms? Or perhaps am I being too cynical.


    Phoenix Voice I love your commentary on capitalism and socialism and your detailing how you are navigating our current brutal system.


    “Our investigators show that Fauci’s NIH division shipped part of a $375,800 grant to a lab in Tunisia to drug beagles and lock their heads in mesh cages filled with hungry sand flies so that the insects could eat them alive,” White Coat Waste said.”

    According to the White Coat Waste Project, the Food and Drug Administration does not require drugs to be tested on dogs, so the group is asking why the need for such testing.

    White Coat Waste claims that 44 beagle puppies were used in a Tunisia, North Africa, laboratory, and some of the dogs had their vocal cords removed, allegedly so scientists could work without incessant barking.”

    Sick. Fauci: “Torturing puppies is Science” Don’t question The Science (TM).”

    I can certainly see why some people think demonic possession is in play for the pandemic response psychos.


    I caught that zero.

    Trivium said to Dr. D,

    4. Anemia is a sign of iron overload in the tissues (where doctors don’t look for it). Anemia is low iron in the blood, with no regard for the tissues.

    5. High ferritin is not a sign of iron vitality, it is a sign of organ pathophysiology caused by reactive iron driving oxidative stress in the organs.

    Are tissues and organs interchangeable in points 4 & 5?

    If so,

    Is the iron overload in the tissues indicated by anemia (see 4) the same as organ pathophysiology caused by reactive iron driving oxidative stress in the organs indicated by high ferritin (see 5)?

    Markers both low and high iron seem to be bad for the organs. This might seem confusing for someone not versed in the language of hematology which probably includes most of us. Could you shed a little light on this?

    John Day

    @Phoenix Voice: You have to be extremely reliable to raise chickens. That’s a Super-Power of sorts.

    @TT4TW: What to call it? “Financial Cronyism”?

    Right now the human apex-predators/aka “parasites” see that there are too many in the herd for the resource supply.
    By their model, they need to work together to vastly thin all the human herds.

    What if Universal Mind has a new model ready?
    The human apex-predators will be able to enjoy a much-deserved retirement.

    Visualize Whirled Peas!

    John Day

    This article has a list of names and email addresses, phone numbers, too, of the people who will soon vote on the EUA for COVID vaccines for 5 year old children.

    I wrote a nice, reserved, collegial letter, requesting that they not approve such EUA, which will allow more harm than good, even with what we know now.
    I bcc’d it to them this morning. Thanks Cat!


    Trivium: I drink RO water (to delete the fluoride). From time to time I take a “mineral supplement”, because I read that RO water is mineral depleting. Stop it? RO water removes most copper- but it’s the copper from pipes right?


    @John Day – I am not much of a poster, but I am another who is appalled of the treatment of you by the clinic. Thank you for your writings and the continuing positivity you share about the future.


    @zerosum, “It is easier for the world to accept a simple lie than a complex truth”. – Alexis de Tocqueville
    This goes a LONG way towards the reality that society is drowning in lies that are “slow burning” them to death… the lie of debt-based money, the lie of iron fortified foods, the lie of depleted nutrients don’t matter, etc…
    I don’t try to be complex to be complex, rather, I try to cover all the relevant details, and sometimes that takes a while. No, it isn’t light reading, but, where would anyone get the idea that exposing global lies would be light reading? 😉
    I am the detail guy, though. I will default to too much over not enough, and most folks aren’t like me. But if the information is presented and people can’t be bothered, whose fault is that?
    If I preselect information and then people move on due to incomplete information, whose fault is that?
    I do the best I can. If anyone with more rhetorical skills can condense it down even more so more people understand it, I’m all for it! 🙂

    Veracious Poet

    Last lesson.

    There are two types of Natural Law:

    1) The Law of the Jungle. All living things on earth are born into it. Survival of the fittest. Predator & Prey.

    This Rule underlies everything.

    2) The Natural Law of the Infinite. Love & charity. Humans are created with this Rule written on their heart & soul. That being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions.

    Locke defined IT & The Age of Enlightenment began.

    The Sons of Liberty (prey) fought a perilous war of rebellion against the UK Empire (predators) to establish a Democratic Republic established under IT.

    The Natural Law of the Infinite is always a precious state-of-being that must be established, fostered & protected at the family, community, regional & nation state level to be realized.

    Individual rights to Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness is the Rule that should never be violated. Without exception. This is why the Sons of Liberty armed themselves against tyrannical predation, why every male from 15-45 was required own a working firearm, why the 2nd amendment to the BOR was added.

    Humans are born selfish, ignorant & spiritually lost. When they encounter the Law of the Jungle they become stricken with FEAR.

    Unless they are mentored beyond FEAR, beyond their self-centered trances & into LOVE & CHARITY they choose to become predator and/or prey. They rebel against the very LAW written on their hearts & souls. They become mentally, emotionally, spiritually & physically sick. Their family & community failed them.

    Occasionally spiritual enlightenment is able to overcome the base animal pattern of thinking & living, but it is seldom experienced once the child has been spoiled rotten. It is the exception, not The Rule.

    Predators need to be held strictly liable when they bully, rape, pillage, plunder & murder. If this is not done predators proliferate, infecting society-at-large, which then begins to revert to the Law of the Jungle. Without immediate incarceration, remediation and/or permanent removal from the family & community is in peril.

    When the Robber Barons created a national response due to their wanton predation upon the masses, they should have been arrested & hung. Instead they created an illusion of compromise through bribery and/or corruption of public officials. They then like a pack of wolves they evolved their predator tactics, creating the Federal Reserve + new enabling laws for corporations, banks & trusts et al.

    They then suspended the Natural Law of the Infinite.

    The jungle returned, slowly but surely.

    You can’t legislate compromises with predators once you’re in the jungle.

    You either cull the Predators (THEM) or they will cull you (US).

    I wish everyone on TAE love, peace & happiness.

    Good luck in The Jungle.

    Veracious Poet

    Veracious Poet


    4. Anemia is a sign of iron overload in the tissues (where doctors don’t look for it). Anemia is low iron in the blood, with no regard for the tissues.
    5. High ferritin is not a sign of iron vitality, it is a sign of organ pathophysiology caused by reactive iron driving oxidative stress in the organs.
    Are tissues and organs interchangeable in points 4 & 5?

    Yes, but remember that anemia is a condition of the blood only… which is just one component of your body. The organs and tissues will be separate from the blood component, hence, the confusion caused in people trained to assume the blood condition represents the tissue condition, It does not. Dr. Bruce Ames did research showing 10x more iron can be stuck in the tissues than present in the blood. Doctors don’t measure this, however, even though it would be necessary to know before prescribing inorganic iron supplements.

    If so,
    Is the iron overload in the tissues indicated by anemia (see 4) the same as organ pathophysiology caused by reactive iron driving oxidative stress in the organs indicated by high ferritin (see 5)?

    That’s a complex question. I’m not aware of any research that says low iron in the blood has to inversely track high ferritin in the blood at all stages of iron overload progression. There is likely some tracking, but to what degree, I don’t know. I don’t think it is obviously so all the time, though. It is a most excellent research question to ask, though. The problem is that Empire, Inc. isn’t financed to unmasked “silent weapons for quiet wars,” so questions like that tend to not get asked in a research setting (if you ever want government funded research again, anyway).

    Markers both low and high iron seem to be bad for the organs. This might seem confusing for someone not versed in the language of hematology which probably includes most of us. Could you shed a little light on this?

    We have…

    High iron in the blood — I don’t have any information on this. It has never come up in all my investigations. I suspect the body is very adept at making sure this doesn’t happen, which makes sense. If pathogens feed on an iron buffet, the blood is the last place you’d want them congregating fo get in on that “buffet.”

    Low iron in the blood — This occurs all the time. The question is, what does it mean? The Rockefeller Medicine Complex is taught to believe, without evidence, that it means “low systemic iron in the whole body, including the tissues.” However, they never get around to measuring the tissues. What Morley Robbins found in the scientific literature is that iron metabolism is DEPENDENT on ceruloplasmin-bound copper expressing as ferro-oxidase to “open doors” so that iron can flow from the macrophages back into the bone marrow to be recycled into new blood cells. He cites research that says a healthy person recycles 24 mg of iron and needs exactly 1 mg of iron (organic — believe nature) daily. 3/4 cup of Total cereal has 8 mg of inorganic iron filings added to it. Eat 1.5 cups of that and you just broke your fast with 16 mg of inorganic metallic iron filings. And if you do this enough, Empire, Inc. leads us to believe, you will become “low in systemic iron” and need iron infusions.

    Perhaps you could explain THAT math to me where 1 mg is needed daily (for a proper functioning body), 16 mg is ingested before 8:00 am, say even a quarter is absorbed, and the body basically doesn’t get rid of iron it absorbs outside of bleeding. You don’t eliminate much iron, if any at all through the normal routes. There is something called desquamation, which is skin flaking associated with the body trying to deal with excess iron overload in the tissues. I’m pretty sure that is a condition I’m dealing with (really bad before I started eating organ meats, much better now, but still an issue).

    So, what does anemia really indicate? Does it indicate low systemic iron? Does it indicate elevated inflammation, which can be caused by too much iron unrecyclable iron stuck in the tissues because bio-copper, which NOBODY in Establishment Medicine, Inc. knows about, let alone talks about, is depleted to the point that the iron recycling doors shut and iron builds up over time? You doctor has been miseducated, and can even formulate the right questions.

    Here is a relevant anecdote. A friend of min called me up before her bypass surgery. She told me they were telling her she needed an iron infusion due to her anemia, and wanted me to set the doctor straight. lol I knew that was a fools errand, and declined. No doctor is going to listen to some dude over the phone. Anyway, she asked the perfect question, “how do you know that I’m not anemic due to chronic inflammation caused by too much iron in stuck in my tissues?” She nailed it.

    His response was exactly correct. “We have no evidence of that.” Ya can’t find that which you make no effort to look for, and nobody from “on high” ever recommended it, so it must be quackery, right?
    Anyway, she dutifully received her iron infusion based on the admitted ignorance of her medical staff, and both nostrils turned into wide open blood faucets. The blood streamed out… There was no stopping it, so they cauterized her nostril tissue… the blood kept flowing out… It wasn’t going to stop. So the cauterized her nostril tissue again. Finally, they forced the body to stop bleeding.

    I’m sure you can guess how I interpret the body’s response — the body is so overloaded with the iron, that more iron infused into the body was seen as a direct threat to life and limb, and the body went into “emergency ditch iron mode,” and whatever was required to drive that iron out of the body, in the form of blood, was done. Do you think the doctor learned anything — even if to ask a question that exposes his ignorant state and, just possibly, seek to learn something that could be beneficial for humanity? lol

    I don’t think the above is confusing. The only question is whether anemia is caused by low systemic iron or chronic inflammation, both of which are admitted causes of anemia. If it is chronic inflammation, is it iron overload due to excess iron UNNATURALLY fortified into the diet and low bio-copper, expresses as ferro-oxidase, which is required to “open the doors” of iron recycling in the human body.

    Macrophages eat old blood cells, secure the iron, and then holds onto the iron if ferro-oxidase is low. Ferro-oxidase is simply a name for an expression of ceruloplasmin-bound copper. Nobody here as ever had their doctor talk like this because their doctors were misinformed by the same “force” who is now firing them for not taking a toxic vaccine with unknown long term effect, even though they have much better natural immunity. Its the same “force.”

    High ferritin in the blood serum — Serum ferritin ideally would be ZERO in a Adam — the first perfectly healthy human prototype. Ferritin is synthesized inside the cells in order to safely sequester iron inside the cells. However, ferritin requires ferro-oxidase (ceruloplasmin-bound copper) for it to take up the iron. If it doesn’t, hepciden becomes a major storage player, and Morley says he can’t tell the difference between iron-laden hepciden and lipofuscin, a mish-mash of nastiness that is involved in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, as well as those brown spots on your skin, and damage to your eyes. But I digress. Ferritin works inside the cells, NOT IN THE SERUM. Doctors are trained to measure it in the serum. Ferritin ONLY goes into the serum after it has been ejected from the cells, and it ONLY gets ejected from the cells after it has DUMPED ITS REACTIVE IRON into the cell. Damage cells == damaged tissues == damaged organs. High serum ferritin simply indicates that ferritin has dumped lots of iron into the cells, and that those cells are damaged.

    Low ferritin in the blood serum — Ideally, serum ferritin would be zero, but none of us are ideal today, at least in the West. We are all toxic to one level or another. Morley is under the impression that a low ferritin, measured in the low teens or even in the single digits, correlates to pathogens in the spleen. I’m not sure what his data source is for believing this, though. Morley’s “ideal” value for ferritin is between 20-50 ng/ml (given the ebb and flow of the general toxicity of the population). Ideally, I’d want a ferritin near zero, all while feeling great! Given the generations of toxic iron buildup and my age, though, that’s a pipe dream.

    A readily available decent proxy for your iron overload status is your triglyceride / HDL cholesterol level. It tends to track your oxidized LDL levels, which likely gets oxidized by iron stuck in your macrophages due to bio-copper (ferro-oxidase) depletion. A level below 1.0 is decent. Dr. Barry Sears’ elite athletes target around 0.5, and they do things like win Olympic medals as 41 year old mothers. Around 2.0 or above is pushing it, and above 3.0 indicates an expression of iron-induced oxidative stress, code named “disease,” is currently brewing and ready to boil over.

    Both TG and HDL should be on even the most basic blood panels, and all you have to do is divide the two numbers and determine the ratio.

    Let me know if you still have any questions.


    @VP and re: “natural law.” I divide it like this… and I think it is self-evident. True human “natural law” is what the Bible calls “carnal.” It is as you say — people acting out without agape lover (care for others equal to oneself; do unto others as you would have them do unto you). That is our “natural” (sinful, carnal) state. The word “natural” applies to it, and this is how the Rothschilds and their Royal Buddies use it.

    However, there is a higher order “natural law” that IS NOT natural to human beings, but is “natural” to YHWH, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. This IS NOT natural to human beings, but it is REQUIRED for all peoples to live in a positive, uplifting environment. I refer to it as “spiritual law,” and it supersedes “natural law.” The message of the Bible is all about throwing off “natural law” and embracing “spiritual law,” as I’ve defined those terms. Yes, spiritual law is natural in the sense that it is how RELATIONSHIP ARE PROPERLY ORDERED. It is a superior form of “natural law.” But it IS NOT natural to human beings, which is proven repeatedly on the daily.

    Confusion arises when that which is NOT “natural” is called “natural law.” Maybe “spiritual natural law” is an even better expression of the concept.

    The real battle on Earth is nothing more than carnal minds waging war against agape minded people.

    This entire system is set up to make us hard and to “throw in the towel” on caring.

    Don’t do it! Hold onto as much “supernatural natural law” as you can… it is the most valuable essence in existence — bar none. Everything else is a distraction designed to occult the war on care and empathy.

    The carnal lion ROARS, either literally, or archetypally…

    V. Arnold

    …do unto others as you would have others do unto you…
    Eat when hungry, sleep when tired…

    John Day

    Fauci says attacking puppy torture is “an attack on science”.


    @VA, and two of those are “natural law,” but the one of them is not!!

    Hence, the insane world in which we live! And, dare I say, pretty much everyone on this board is in the top 1% globally in terms of access, however temporary, to natural resources.

    The Biblical Kingdom of God == Agape Love. It is the very base essence of God’s Kingdom and The Good News (Gospel). The Kingdom of God **IS** agape love within us.

    Speaking of the Kingdom of God, does the former intern at TAE (attorney-in-training at the time) still have a web presence? I’d like to make contact with him.

    John Day

    Thanks Bluebird 🙂

    @Veracious Poet: Thanks. Let’s be “in the jungle, but not of the jungle” and see what the divine can bring about with our wholehearted participation. I grew up on military bases, so it keeps entering my mind, but I’m seriously not up for practicing killing people at this point in my life. I would be there at the shooting range, getting deafer, and there would be a list as long as my arm of more worthy things I should be doing with that time, money and intention.


    @userzoid re: Inside Job — From the Rothschild character (David, is that you? lol)– “Think of the energy harvest, on one plane, the same as animal husbandry. You provide a minimum level of sustenance to maximize the “yield”…nothing more or less. You take care of the herd, but they also don’t live in your space or partake of your “pleasures”. They serve you at your pleasure. If you choose to slaughter…or milk…it is your decision and yours alone. You answer to no one, other than your family.
    Psychedelics are an interesting topic. Synthetics, such as LSD-25 and its derivatives are useless noise.
    DMT is the real deal. Ayuasca is one route, but requires rigorous rituals prior which most ignore. The shamans understand.
    The problem without the preparations is that there is no framework of reference or understanding. You can access great historical works which explain much, but if you do not know the language in which they are written, it is a fruitless experience. One must be brought from the initiate stage through the preparation process to yield any true value. You may have noticed that the efforts to deceive are waning. Some believe it is no longer necessary.”
    ~A Rothschild

    They are OCD about ensuring that we are “unfit” because they believe if we are “unfit” that God’s “natural law” kills us, NOT THEM! They believe they are guilt free, and righteous before God!

    It is a nifty little trick Lucifer has pulled on the global monetary elites.


    @John Day, while it is an ugly truth, the modern US military was misused to attack countries without a BIS, Inc. central bank such that the OWNERS of the BIS, Inc. debt-based money system could seize control of their central bank and begin to subjugate the people in question. Freedom was just rhetoric.

    This is literally the history of 20th and 21st Century warfare — BIS central bank financed countries defeating non-BIS central banking countries, and then installing a BIS central bank.

    “Money is a tool, like all others, except that it is imbued with “mystical” powers. The establishment of central banks is ALWAYS a necessary first step of subjugation of geographically congregated bloodlines. Note that Libya’s first official act, before even the corpses turned stiff…was the establishment of a central bank. Those rebel forces were certainly well schooled by someone!”

    “Amazing how Libyan rebels took time out of their daily war duties to establish a CENTRAL BANK! Imagine the paperwork in getting that done on the battlefield!
    Those rebels are a well educated lot!
    Laughing out Loud!
    Seriously, don’t the serfs notice things like this?

    I did notice this, but could not get anyone else to care one iota.

    Also, he basically admits to financing and orchestrating 9/11 in order to set up the pretext that led to the takeover of Libya, and the soon to be completely takeovers of Syria and Iran, the lone countries left on Earth not directly or indirectly controlled by the Money Power Elites.

    “Keep in mind that the popular model of WORLD WAR is a concept whose time has come and gone. It is an obsolete strategy…from our side anyway.
    The trend-line favors integration and globalization. The WORLD WAR model promotes NATIONALISM…us vs them.
    This is the ERA of the BIG EVENT. Global spectacles where all will be watching, and to some degree, invested. The 9/11 show garnered the sympathy of many of the world’s population…later to be lost, of course. Watch for similar BIG EVENTS coming to a neighborhood near you!
    Laughing out Loud!

    Of course, the risk of any one human being killed is infinitesimal, but the risk of what is happening every day, every second, to your life and odds of survival, is 100%, or higher!
    The current process is that of grinding wheat kernels into a fine powder, which scatters at the first sign of wind.
    Catherine Fitts, a knowing human, has defined the current phenomena as SLOW BURN. Exactly correct. Stress levels are high anticipating the next big thing while the degradation of EVERYTHING continues unnoticed. Wheat into flour.
    The boiling frog syndrome.
    The ruling elites use of the Corporation as a SHIELD and tool of oppression has been going on for decades! How could one seriously believe that is NEW in any sense of the word?”
    ~A Rothschild

    BTW, I forwarded this information to Catherine Austin Fitts’ company, a “ticket” was opened, and then the next day the ticket was closed with no reply.


    pastured eggs = hard boiled?


    Interesting, so you think you can achieve near zero ferritin levels and have healthy hemoglobin levels in your red blood cells. At this point it is not a question you need to answer unless you think I misunderstood you.

    Veracious Poet

    Dr. John, hasn’t it always been “in the jungle, but not of the jungle”?

    I am not an apex predator, I am a civilized sheepdog, which is more lethal than wolves due to higher IQ + superior physical abilities et al. At least I was until the last few years. I’d love to train some pups, but I rarely encounter anything but wolves & sheep these days in the “real reality”…

    Since sheepdogs have been persona non grata in western civ most of my life, I’ve focused on helping addicts, alcoholics, the homeless & abandoned/abused furbabies.

    In fact, other than my soulmate that I’ve been married to since 1996, being helpful & loving is the last remaining impetus that gives me purpose in the jungle. Although I quit going into the shelter/rehab first week of FEB 2020 due to the CCP/Fauci bio-attack. I have to stay well enough to care for my wife, mom & all the innocent babies that we’ve rescued & keep coming 😐

    The hardest bit for me is not judging the zombies, having to pray for them daily & keep my spirit/brain quiet in the Now.

    I surely hope I never have to assemble my zombie apocalypse kit, would prefer to not deal with violent feral animals, at all.

    Peace be with you.

    Veracious Poet


    @ John Day
    Reliable..or just in the habit of building resilience into every system so that when my day is hijacked everything is okay. Chickens’ feed is in a box that they step on a lever to reveal the feed. This keeps the rodents out. And it provides about 3 days of feed to 15 hens. Three metal pans (thrift store finds) are filled with water — they prefer the water in the pans, but they foul it — in the summer they stand in it to cool off. An old laundry detergent bucket hangs from the grapefruit tree, holding about a gallon of water, with a lid to keep it clean and keep mosquitos out, poultry nipples on the bottom. The fence is 4’ high with their coop on one long side. They can get out of the hen yard and wander the backyard when they feel like it, check out the roof of the house. Occasionally they visit a neighbor’s yard, lol. They can get back into their yard when they please to do so. When I weed the garden, they get salad. When the kids don’t finish their dinner, don’t like something, etc., the hens get “treats.” If their food is gone and I haven’t been paying attention, they cluster at the gate and get noisy. When they have all that they need they wander contentedly in their space or in the yard. One is the most intrepid (she is a black Turkish naked neck I’ve named Beret) and she often comes to the back door and looks in through the glass. I open the door sometimes, to see if she’ll walk in. So far, she never has.

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