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Mestre da Família Artés The Last Judgment and the Mass of Saint Gregory 1500-1520


US Appeals Court Again Rejects Biden’s Vaccine Mandate (RT)
Will Biden’s Vaccine-Mandate “Work-Around” Work with the Supreme Court? (Turley)
Why Covid Vaccine Mandates Are Completely Nonsensical (Kirsch)
Over 65: Health Pass Deactivated 6 Months And 5 Weeks After 2nd Dose (BFM)
CDC Crushes Rights of Naturally Immune Without Proof They Transmit Virus (Siri)
Latvia Bans Unvaccinated Lawmakers From Voting, Docks Pay (R.)
Austria To Declare Nationwide Lockdown For Unvaccinated People (BNO)
The Fight to Allow Doctors to “Doctor” Heads to a Virginia Court (FLCCC)
The Recognition (Kunstler)
When Science Speaks in Tongues: How Glossolalia can lead to Collapse (Bardi)












“staggeringly overbroad” and an abuse of “extraordinary power.”

“critical to note that the (Biden Admin) makes no serious attempt to explain why OSHA and the President himself were against vaccine mandates before they were for one here.”

US Appeals Court Again Rejects Biden’s Vaccine Mandate (RT)

A US federal appeals court has again ruled against President Joe Biden’s national vaccine mandate for companies with 100 or more workers, shredding the policy as “staggeringly overbroad” and an abuse of “extraordinary power.” The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a stark rebuke to Biden’s vaccine requirement for larger American companies in a ruling on Friday, stating that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) – the federal agency tapped to enforce the mandate – was not created to “make sweeping pronouncements on matters of public health affecting every member of society in the profoundest of ways.”

“The Mandate is staggeringly overbroad,” Judge Kurt Engelhardt said, noting that it does not take into account the diversity of workplaces across the country, nor the fact that Covid-19 “is more dangerous to some employees than to other employees.” As an example, he compared a hypothetical 28-year-old truck driver who works in isolation to a “62-year-old prison janitor” employed in more cramped conditions. The Biden administration initially announced the requirement in September, with OSHA following up earlier this month with an emergency order to enforce the mandate. The agency will require all workers at firms with more than 100 employees to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 by early next year, or else test for the virus regularly and wear masks at all times while working.

The appeals court issued its first stay on November 6 after a litany of plaintiffs – including a number of companies and several US states – challenged the move, conducting an expedited judicial review. Friday’s ruling reaffirmed the pause, telling OSHA to “take no steps to implement or enforce the Mandate until further court order.” Despite the first stay, the White House has continued to urge businesses to follow the vaccine dictate and effectively ignore the ruling, potentially setting up a battle in the Supreme Court. While OSHA does have the power to issue what’s known as an “emergency temporary standard,” or ETS, the judge observed that only a single standard has survived legal scrutiny since the agency was founded in the 1970s. “The reason for the rarity of this form of emergency action is simple,” Engelhardt went on, adding that courts and OSHA itself have agreed “for generations” that such orders constitute “extraordinary power” which must be “delicately exercised, and only in those emergency situations which require it.”

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I can’t see the Supreme Court allowing the OSHA abuse.

Will Biden’s Vaccine-Mandate “Work-Around” Work with the Supreme Court? (Turley)

OSHA regulations are designed for dangers inherent in a given workplace or industry. In the case of hard hats, things fall, and workers need to protect their heads. Likewise, if workers are being exposed to a toxic chemical in a given industry, that industry can face an ETS. The idea is to stop businesses from creating dangerous conditions once people enter workplaces. But this national vaccine mandate is different. The administration arguably is using the workplace to make society at large safer. White House deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre seemed to make that point on Monday when she insisted that OSHA clearly has this authority because “more than 750,000 people have died of COVID. You have approximately 1,300 people a day, who continue to die a day, as I said, from COVID. If that’s not a grave danger, I don’t know what else is.”

However, those are people dying in society at large, not in workplaces. While some may have contracted the virus in the workplace, courts may demand a closer nexus to a “grave danger” inherent in the workplace. The White House has expressly admitted that it is seeking to “reduce the number of unvaccinated Americans by using regulatory powers and … these requirements will become dominant in the workplace.” It is not even clear that the rule is necessary. Courts have uniformly upheld the right of employers to impose mandatory vaccination or testing requirements as a condition for employment; states have enhanced authority over such public health measures, too.

This is, admittedly, a novel issue, and there are good arguments on both sides. But it also is a generally-worded statute that can be interpreted broadly, and I expect a split in court decisions — and that only increases the likelihood of a Supreme Court review. Once there, the Biden administration could be giving some justices an opportunity to review not mandates but OSHA’s discretion over such mandate orders. A majority of the court has shown an interest in rolling back the so-called Chevron Doctrine, which affords agencies great deference in the interpretation and enforcement of federal law. After long debating whether it even has this authority, OSHA has suddenly found it, and then has issued one of the most comprehensive health-based standards in its history — all without rule-making or debate. Ironically, the Supreme Court warned against such sudden agency “finds” of regulatory authority.

In 2014, the court ruled that “When an agency claims to discover in a long-extant statute an unheralded power to regulate a significant portion of the American economy, we typically greet its announcement with a measure of skepticism. We expect Congress to speak clearly if it wishes to assign to an agency decision of vast ‘economic and political significance.’” Indeed, the Court recently rejected Biden’s effort to continue the eviction moratorium under the same type of sweeping interpretation by saying “[i]t strains credulity to believe that this statute grants the [agency] the sweeping authority that it asserts.”

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“..neither vaccine status nor the presence or absence of symptoms should influence the recommendation and implementation of good public health practices..”

Why Covid Vaccine Mandates Are Completely Nonsensical (Kirsch)

Let’s be clear.COVID vaccine mandates are necessary because the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn’t protect the protected. Get it? A study from UC Davis and UCSF authors published on October 5, 2021 show conclusively that the viral loads are exactly the same in vaccinated and unvaccinated. “No Significant Difference in Viral Load Between Vaccinated and Unvaccinated, Asymptomatic and Symptomatic Groups Infected with SARS-CoV-2 Delta Variant. The data gathered in this study during the surge of the Delta variant strongly support the notion that neither vaccine status nor the presence or absence of symptoms should influence the recommendation and implementation of good public health practices, including mask wearing, testing, social distancing, and other measures designed to mitigate the spread of SARS-CoV-2.”

In other words, the latest data from UCSF shows that basing public health practices on vaccination status is nonsensical. A person who is unvaccinated is just as likely to have and spread COVID as someone who is vaccinated. They are no different. If they were different, we’d see it clearly in that study (which sampled people at random times). In short, we are not following the science at all with mandates. We are mandating something that makes no difference to the health of others. Mandates only infringe our liberties to do what we choose with our body. [..] ” The CDC admits that there isn’t a single known case of a person with “recovered immunity” infecting someone with COVID. So if you have had COVID, you should SURELY be exempt from both vaccine mandates and testing. Yet we treat such people the same as unvaccinated. There is absolutely no way to justify that. The data is unambiguous.

And to make matters worse, nobody in the medical community is raising any objections! They are all brain dead. This stuff couldn’t be more obvious. Is there a hidden benefit that the vaccinated are less likely to get infected? Well, the study only looked at infected people, so that’s possible. However, the way the vaccine works is to create antibodies and T-cell immunity that would fight off any infection that came in. So a working vaccine would always show a significantly lower level of infection for all vaccinated people at all times. We see no difference. So explain to me the mechanism of how you think the vaccine is preventing infection? A new magical process? Is there a hidden benefit that people who are vaccinated are less likely to be hospitalized like they say? No, there is nothing we’ve seen in any of the research that would lead to this. Everything we have measured shows the opposite: it basically suppresses your immune system in general, raises D-dimer, raises troponin, etc. All bad things. The only potentially good thing it does do is raise your antibody levels, but clearly these antibodies aren’t making much of a difference based on this study since the virus has mutated to avoid the vaccines.

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Macron is crazy. At least Napoleon was brilliant too.

Over 65: Health Pass Deactivated 6 Months And 5 Weeks After 2nd Dose (BFM)

To keep their health pass after December 15, people over the age of 65 already doubly vaccinated will have to receive a third injection before crossing the six-month and five-week date after their second dose. This Wednesday morning, Gabriel Attal clarified the announcements of Emmanuel Macron, in particular on the question of the third dose for those over 65 years old. “On December 15, the pass will be deactivated,” said the government spokesperson on France Info , for “over 65s, if you have had your second dose for more than 6 months and 5 weeks”, without to have made recall. “You will have alerts which will remind you that it is important to recall, there will also be Health Insurance”, added the government spokesperson. Nearly 100,000 appointments have been made for the booster dose of the Covid-19 vaccine within an hour of the president’s speech on Tuesday evening.

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The definition of “naturally immune” to only mean those who have been infected makes no sense. Is it because what keeps most people from getting Covid is hard to measure? Across the world, max 10% of people ever even test positive. But they’re not “naturally immune”?

CDC Crushes Rights of Naturally Immune Without Proof They Transmit Virus (Siri)

You would assume that if the CDC was going to crush the civil and individual rights of those with natural immunity by having them expelled from school, fired from their jobs, separated from the military, and worse, the CDC would have proof of at least one instance of an unvaccinated, naturally immune individual transmitting the COVID-19 virus to another individual. If you thought this, you would be wrong. My firm, on behalf of ICAN, asked the CDC for precisely this proof. ICAN wanted to see proof of any instance in which someone who previously had COVID-19 became reinfected with and transmitted the virus to someone else. The CDC’s incredible response is that it does not have a single document reflecting that this has ever occurred. Not one. In contrast, there are endless documents reflecting cases of vaccinated individuals becoming infected with and transmitting the virus to others. It goes on and on…

But it gets worse. The CDC’s excuse for not having a shred of evidence of the naturally immune transmitting the virus is that “this information is not collected.” What?! No proof! But yet the CDC is actively crushing the rights of millions of naturally immune individuals in this country if they do not get the vaccine on the assumption they can transmit the virus. But despite clear proof the vaccinated spread the virus, the CDC lifts restrictions on the vaccinated?! That is dystopian. The facts about natural immunity are simple. Every single peer reviewed study has found that the naturally immune have far greater than 99% protection from having COVID-19, and this immunity does not wane. In contrast, the COVID-19 vaccine provides, at best, 95% protection and this immunity wanes rapidly.

I am no mathematician, but a constant 99% seems preferable to a 95% that quickly drops. And, while the vaccinated readily transmit the virus, not so for the naturally immune. The lesson yet again is not that health authorities should never make mistakes. They will. It happens. The lesson is that civil and individual rights should never be contingent upon a medical procedure. Everyone, the naturally immune or otherwise, who wants to get vaccinated and boosted should be free to do so. But nobody should be coerced by the government to partake in any medical procedure.

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Latvia Bans Unvaccinated Lawmakers From Voting, Docks Pay (R.)

Latvia’s parliament voted on Friday to ban lawmakers who refuse COVID-19 vaccine from voting on legislature and participating in discussions.Latvia, which has one of the lowest vaccination rates in European Union, was the first in the bloc to reimpose a lockdown this autumn as a surge in COVID-19 cases threatens to overwhelm its health system. The restrictions on vaccine-rejecting lawmakers, which includes docking their pay, was supported by 62 of its 100 lawmakers, and will last from Monday until mid-2022. State television reported that nine MPs have rejected the vaccine.

The ban on unvaccinated MPs in parliament was necessary to promote public confidence in the government’s policies to control COVID-19 infections, the legislation’s sponsor, lawmaker Janis Rancans, was cited as saying by the parliamentary press service. Latvia, home to 1.9 million people, has reported 236,765 infections and 3,646 coronavirus-related deaths since the pandemic began.

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Once again: ..the viral loads are exactly the same in vaccinated and unvaccinated ..

Austria To Declare Nationwide Lockdown For Unvaccinated People (BNO)

Austria will impose a nationwide lockdown for people who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19, becoming the first country in the world to do so, Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg announced on Friday. Schallenberg, speaking at a press conference in Tyrol, said the nationwide lockdown is expected to be formally approved at a meeting on Sunday. Random checks will be carried out to ensure compliance with the new restrictions. “A lockdown for the unvaccinated means one cannot leave one’s home unless one is going to work, shopping (for essentials), stretching one’s legs – exactly what we all had to suffer through in 2020,” Schallenberg said earlier, according to Reuters.

The lockdown for the unvaccinated has already been formally approved in Upper Austria, where restrictions have also been announced for the entire population. This includes a legal requirement to wear an FFP2 mask in all indoor public places and a ban on events for 3 weeks. Daily coronavirus cases in Austria reached an all-time high this week, with 11,576 new cases on Wednesday alone. A further 11,040 new cases were reported on Friday, along with 40 deaths, which is the highest since April 13. About 60 percent of Austria’s population is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, making it the lowest rate in Western Europe, with the exception of tiny Liechtenstein. This means the lockdown will affect roughly 40 percent of the population.

However, questions have been raised about the feasibility of a lockdown which applies to only a part of the population. “We don’t live in a police state and we can’t and don’t want to check every street corner,” Schallenberg said.

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The case heading to court is Dr. Paul Marik’s. This part of the text is Dr. Joseph Varon’s.

The Fight to Allow Doctors to “Doctor” Heads to a Virginia Court (FLCCC)

DR. VARON: My position at the hospitals where I have privileges has fortunately enabled me to employ any, and all effective treatments to cure COVID-19 and its effects at every stage of the disease but, most particularly, at the critical care stage when patients are admitted to hospital and/or the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). As a result of the remarkable success our hospitals have enjoyed with such patients over the past 18 months since March 19, 2020, we have exclusively applied the MATH+ protocol, with small variations as appropriate to every COVID patient entering our hospitals and ICUs.

Over the past 18 months of our hospitals’ use during the COVID pandemic, I can testify that the MATH+ protocol saves lives, and saves them in substantial numbers. I know this first, and foremost, from my own experience in our hospital, where we were able to lower our mortality for COVID-19 patients (both critically ill and those on regular wards) beginning in March 2020 (when we began utilizing the MATH+ protocol) to 4.4% as of August 2020– a dramatic improvement over the national average of 22% over the same time period.

Reported mortality averages across the globe have varied widely, but our hospitals’ results have successfully maintained far lower patient mortality rate—between 4.4% and 7%—to the present day. Multiple studies report much higher national mortality averages, including one such study that I participated in and published in June 2021 in the Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health Reports. That study, reviewing some 85 hospital studies worldwide, establishes an average 28-day hospital mortality rate among COVID-19 patients of 20% nationwide, and 21% globally. Moreover, as the study points out, because a large percentage of patients remain hospitalized after Day 28, the real average mortality rate is likely much higher. To this day—even with the advent of the “Delta variant” of COVID-19, our mortality rate has not risen above 7%. Bottom line: our hospitals’ use of the MATH+ protocol has reduced mortality of hospitalized COVID-19 patients by at least 50% below the national average.

Our experience of substantially lowering the mortality rate using MATH+ protocols is made all the more remarkable by the fact that our hospital now routinely admits severely ill patients referred by other hospitals and ICUs that for whatever reason are not administering the MATH+ protocol. These patients, in many cases, are those that the referring hospital/physician has determined will not likely survive. As our success has become increasingly known among treating physicians in the Houston area, and beyond, those referrals have risen to account for approximately 10-15% of our admitted COVID-19 patients. While we have been able to cure the vast majority of those patients using MATH+, in my opinion, the advanced stage of the disease we see in the referred patients likely accounts for some of the increase in our mortality rate for COVID patients. Nevertheless, we are currently experiencing a mortality rate in our hospitals of just 5%.

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“..the skulking managers behind the ectoplasmic “President Joe Biden” (and their handmaidens in Congress) — that Satanic host of coercion-meisters, inqusitionists, corporate despots, reputational executioners, moneygrubbers, political whores, and credentialed sadists trying to run your life — are headed for a fall.”

The Recognition (Kunstler)

The collapse of the global economy is underway and working itself out as it will, and the fear associated with that epic loss of resources, goods, comforts, and conveniences is driving Western Civ batshit crazy. Hence, the lunacies around the Covid-19 virus, another measure-and-control mania. Except that most of the official measurements about Covid-19 are untrue, gamed, fudged, juggled, misrepresented, and weaponized for political purposes. In fact, despite all the obsessive-compulsive statistical measuring, everything that the public health officialdom and the medical establishment did to control the disease after January 2020, only made the pandemic worse and prolonged it.

And so now all those authorities are bent on “vaccinating” every last human — which is absolutely the last thing you would rationally do in the midst of the pandemic event, since it only provokes new iterations of the virus that are immune to the “vaccines.” What’s more, the “vaccines” are so ineffective in the first place, and so toxic in the second place, that the damage they cause is arguably worse than the disease. But that quandary affords another opportunity for the self-designated “good” people (the vaxxed) to distinguish themselves from the “bad” people (the unvaxxed), and hence another way to persecute them. (Do you suppose it’s a mere coincidence that the people who refuse to get agitated by the climate change panic are often the very same people skeptical of the “vaccines.”)

Another interesting paradox in this panorama of mindfuckery is that the self-designated “good” people have behaved with uniform bad-faith and dishonesty throughout the long crisis — at least from RussiaGate through the current crusade to vax-up all the children — and that is what will change the game, probably soon. It happens that the leadership of the “good” people includes most of the figures in authority over the whole country: those public health officials like Dr. Fauci, the hospital directors who outlawed early treatment protocols, the pharma executives who buried their failed drug trials, the scientific journal publishers who killed reports that don’t support the “vaccine” narrative, the news-media editors and producers who can’t stop spinning lies, the Social Media totalitarian censors and cancellers, the tyrant mayors of New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, the “blue” state governors who destroyed small business with lockdowns and “passports,” the Woked-up state and federal bureaucrats ever preoccupied with covering their asses, the skulking managers behind the ectoplasmic “President Joe Biden” (and their handmaidens in Congress) — that Satanic host of coercion-meisters, inqusitionists, corporate despots, reputational executioners, moneygrubbers, political whores, and credentialed sadists trying to run your life — are headed for a fall.

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Yeah, sure. But this is not what’s happening with Covid papers. They simply get banned and censored,

When Science Speaks in Tongues: How Glossolalia can lead to Collapse (Bardi)

You may have heard the recent news of 44 scientific papers being retracted from a scientific journal after they were discovered to be nothing but gibberish. The usual reaction in these cases is to speak of “a few bad apples.” But this fraud exposes a problem that goes deep, very deep, in science. Science suffers from “glossolalia” — a syndrome that makes people utter meaningless sounds as if they were speaking a real language. To start, “papers” are the main output of a scientist’s work. It is the harsh law of “publish or perish,” meaning that for a scientist publishing something — anything — in an academic journal is the first line of defense against being fired. Even if a scientist has no money, no grants, no instrumentation, no ideas, they have to show that they are doing something. Woe betide the scientist who does not publish at least one paper every year! Anathema! Abomination! Horror! May you be eaten by the h-index bugbear who punishes those who sin so hideously against the sacred rules of science!

But publishing papers has a problem. When scientists publish something, in a certain way they are showing their hand. Readers will be able to understand how good they are, how well they master their field, how much money they have to perform their research, and more. They may not want others to know that, especially if they have something to hide (almost everyone does, in this world). So, many scientists practice obfuscation in order to defend their turf. So, scientists want to publish papers, but they may not want others to read them. A way to do that is to use purposefully convoluted language, eliminating all elements that would make a text interesting, turning it into the most boring possible kind of prose. The use of the passive form is a typical example (“it has been found that”) instead of the simpler “we found that….”. But there is more: for instance, why do scientists often sign their papers only with the initials of their first and middle names? (“J. I. Smith” — does it mean “Jolly Idiot Smith,” or what?). The idea is the same: to remove all hints of human interest for the text.

By far the most effective strategy is to use obscure terms. Uncommon and archaic ones can do a good job of repelling readers. An example noted by Malcolm Kendrick in his “The Clot Thickens” (2021): why in the world would anyone write “pultaceous” instead of “pulpy” if not with the specific purpose of being obscure? But what makes a paper truly unreadable is the proliferation of acronyms. If you stumble on “GDAP,” you have to decide which one of the 9 known meanings it can take (here, it is “Growing Danger of Acronym Proliferation”).

So, you start understanding how the mechanism works. First of all, an obscure paper makes it difficult for the reviewers to wade through the text and, surely, they don’t want to appear ignorant by asking what a particular term or acronym, or whatever means. Then, the paper may be full of mistakes, inconsistencies, shortcomings, and plain lies but, if it is really, obscure there is a chance that neither the reviewers nor anybody else will read it through and notice its shortcomings. It may even be cited, thus providing some extra points for the authors, by those who just read the title. Of course, it won’t make the authors candidates for the Nobel prize, but it means some respite from the wrath of the scientific PTB (obscure acronym for the “powers that be”).

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Freezing soap bubble



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    Sorry Raul. Please delete.

    I need to use another browser obviously.

    Doc Robinson

    @ ctbarnum

    I did a google image search and found one that ended in .jpg for easier posting here:,resize:640x,quality:90×75/images/dc96509995d92bc051a231af4985c57ffe4ee87b9adc56910905e59295cda771_1.jpg


    Any sci-fi fans here?
    The only known white hole is the Big Bang which was instantaneous, (happened in ( “spacetime”), rather than continuous or long-lasting.


    So this is a thing now:

    Fake Fir Tree Cell Towers


    ctbarnum: are you using the IMG selection from the options above the posting screen? The attachment feature shown below the posting screeen is ioffy, last I knew.


    If Fauci did not say it, then it will be ignored.
    On November 1st, the Rabbinical Court officially decreed that the mRNA COVID shot is “absolutely forbidden” for children, adolescents, young men & women.

    Polder Dweller

    Noirette said, “ Pope Francis imho didn’t have much choice. Going against the vaxx would be so detrimental…”

    I’m not a Catholic myself but those I know are conservatives and they say that it’s irrelevant how detrimental it would be to go against the jab as it’s a fundamental principle of Catholicism. Mind you, they also disagree with having Francis opening the church up to LGBT+ (Bosco’s point) to gain in popularity. They tell me that it’s driving more away than it’s bringing in.

    There’s a suggestion from them that “forces” deliberately set out to weaken the Church by undermining its central tenets. This started with Vatican II and the scrapping of the Latin mass. All the sexual scandals (while not denied) have been bigged up in the media to discredit the Church. Francis as a liberal pope just adds to that.

    Why (assuming my catholic friends are right) was this necessary? Did TPTB consider Rome to be a serious threat to their ambitions? If so, in what way?

    those darned kids

    great news! i’ve always wanted to be jewish.

    where do i sign up?

    Veracious Poet

    @ those darned kids

    Enjoy a couple of fun sing alongs:

    For Fauci Fans:

    For anybody who always wanted to be Jewish:


    Damn, tdk. My ears are so bad I can hardly hear the violin high notes any more. Still, great stuff. KLezmer gets me high.

    Here’s an old Jewish folk song:

    Come See the Lights

    that my son and I sang, when he was about 7 and full of potty humor, like so:

    Come see my farts
    Shoot flaming sparks
    We must be careful on Hannukah

    In days of old
    Great turds were rolled
    ANd set on fire on Hannukah

    In the ancient days of toiletry
    Only one potty with just one bowl
    But there was a mighty miracle:
    It wiped them all with…

    I’m getting old. I wonder if I shared this story before? It’s one of my life’s greatest moments, that memory.


    Regarding the media “bigging up” Catholicism’s institutional sexual child abuse: saying that is like saying the media is picking on Epstein’s Ghost and the Lolita Express club. Major class action lawsuits from former victims are kind of big news. Hard to ignore.

    I don’t shoot anyone’s sacred cow but I do kick them out of my garden.



    “On November 1st, the Rabbinical Court officially decreed that the mRNA COVID shot is “absolutely forbidden” for children, adolescents, young men & women.”

    This seems like a huge deal to me but I have only found one source for this info ( Sarah Westall). Everyone else seems to be using this source. Searched CNN, FOX, fact check, etc. No corroboration whatsoever.
    If I’m Jewish and looking for a religious exemption doesn’t this proclamation just about lock it in?

    Do you have other sources?

    those darned kids

    germ, bosco: thanks for the great tunes. here’s john zorn’s masada. cathartic.

    those darned kids

    chett: this video of dr. zelenko addressing the rabbinical court might help you find the answers you seek.


    tdk: Check out that trumpeter’s posture. Man knows what it takes to drive strong air through a bell.


    The thin blue condom:

    “Over the years I would see it all,” former Seattle police chief Norm Stamper wrote in his book, “Breaking Rank.” He described cases in which cops fondled prisoners, made false traffic stops of attractive women, traded sexual favors for freedom, had sex with teenagers and raped children. “Sexual predation by police officers happens far more often than people in the business are willing to admit.”

    It’s far more prevelent indeed, and a very fine and thin blue line.

    One of the most honest and brave cops I know of, Tony Bamonte (google the name and you’ll discover a rare hero) met his first wife by falsely pulling her over for a phony traffic citation. iIs intentions weren’t predatory, just opportunistic; he married her and I believe they’re still married decades later. But you can see how powerful the effect of a badge can be on a man.

    Power goes to a person’s head, including the wee helmeted one between a man’s legs.

    Predators with Badges: The Sex Traffickers on America’s Police Forces



    Thank you for that. I used to just use the upload attachment, but that hasn’t worked for awhile now.



    Yeah, I’ve been attempting to use the img selection, but lately it has been kind of dicey. I do believe it’s the browser I’m using (Firefox). I”ll likely need to switch to Brave.


    fwiw, ctbarnum, the internet has in my experience entered another round of function disintegration like I saw about a year ago. Then, it seemed to be partly deliberate: overhauling search algorithms for censorship purposes, things like that. This time, it’s sheer fuck-up. I use a two-year old version of whatever swillware that Microsoft sold at the time I use duck duck go over chrome.

    Just now, my gmail told me why an email I received from someone here was in the Spam folder… except it wasn’t. Came through straight-ahead. FB gets clunier by the day.

    Along with the supply chain issues of microcips etc., I note that reduction of skilled staff is also a supply chain issue.

    I increasingly have to experiment and crawl under barbed wire to post here.


    For me, the old klezmer is still the best; however, part of this is my fonness for that ancient analog time capsule sound:

    Klezmer Early Yiddish Instrumental Music 1908 1927


    I haven’t followed Charles Hugh Mith much of late. Revisiting, I see this:

    FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2021 Look Out Below: Why a Rug-Pull Flash Crash Makes Perfect Sense

    And read this: “Goldman Stunned By The Record $2.6 Trillion In Option Notional Traded Last Friday” headline and this here excerpt: “Summarizing Rubner’s findings, this is the punchline behind the staggering numbers: single stock option notional (140%) now exceeds single stock shares notional, 72% of options traded have an expiry of two-weeks or less (think 2-3-4 days), and activity on the message boards is as high as it has been all year.”

    Methinks the financial pain will very soon begin in earnest, but “Prophecy is difficult, especially aboput the future.” Yogi Berra

    At least it’s Saturday 13th not Friday 13th.


    More catalogs, TV and celebrity pitches: Retailers rethink holiday ads amid digital marketing upheaval PUBLISHED THU, NOV 11 202

    btw, I removed duckduckgo to see if it affected internet performance. Don’t know about that yet, but in the 2-3 montha max that I’ve usedDDGo, the number of ads online seems to have increased a lot.

    From the above article:

    “I can’t overstate how critical it is for brands to really have this direct one-to-one relationship with the customers by interacting and transacting with them on their own websites.
    John Merris SOLO BRANDS CEO”

    People are figuring out that the internet was designed to belong to everybody.


    “The only known white hole is the Big Bang which was instantaneous, (happened in ( “spacetime”), rather than continuous or long-lasting.”

    Innarestin. Thanks, zz.


    Looking at images of things like living crabs being milked of their blood reminds of the passage in Genesis where God said (this is one of the most detailed and nuanced transl;ations): “Then the LORD said, “My Spirit shall not strive and remain with man forever, because he is indeed flesh [sinful, corrupt—given over to sensual appetites]; nevertheless his days shall yet be a hundred and twenty years.”

    Exploit EVERYthing!!!!!

    It’s funny. If I really believed that TPTB were working on culling humanity, I’d probably applaud them. We’re a nasty lot and so in love with ourselves that we think that having dominion over the ecosphere, i.e., being Terra’s de facto Apex Predator, means we can do anything we like to animals. Culling us would be a blessing to life on earth.

    But I highly doubt that TPTB have that level of moral awareness.Most everyone, not just TPTB, in human dominion more than not and are happy to shudder once at footage of slaughterhouse operations or laboratory torture, then look away; or if they forswear involvement in this industrialized carnage, blindly go vegetarina<>vegan without looking to see how that really works, as if destroying habitat for homes and farmland doesn’t destroy life directly and place many animals in dire refugee straits that often result in cannibalism including eating their own young.

    I can see the Soroses and Gates of this world letting us die as a result of their process for getting rich, sure. They’ll do that. They are both callous and stupid enough to not care about the cows on whose milk they depend. COws ike us who in turn don’t care about the genuine cows whose milkwe take for granted other than grumbing about price.

    But TPTB culling us in order to make the world a better place, if only for their, let’s say, “bloodlines”? Nah, I can’t see it. Making the world a better place is not what they do, even for themselves. Feeding their various addictions including miserly hoarding is what they do. Since we (human beings in general) are not much less deranged than them, we generally envy them their wealth and view them as successful if evil.

    I do not see this as success but a form of sickness I would not wish on anyone. It makes me think of a concept from my Mormon upbringing called Sons of Perdition (SoP). Description follows:

    “According to LDS Church theology, there are two classes of persons who will become sons of perdition:

    1: “The pre-mortal spirit followers of Satan. It is taught that, in the pre-mortal life, they chose to follow a plan proposed by Satan, rather than that presented by God the Father (Heavenly Father).[5] Jesus the Christ chose to follow Heavenly Father’s plan (which included moral agency), volunteered to atone for the sins of all as a part of this plan/become the Savior of all, and the glory would go to the Father. Satan rejected Heavenly Father’s plan and proposed his own, wanting to force all to choose the right, return to the Father, and the glory would all be Satan’s. Thus ensued the War in Heaven, which resulted in Satan and his followers being cast out of heaven and denied the opportunity of receiving a physical body due to rebellion against God the Father.

    2: “Those in mortal life who “deny the Holy Ghost,” which is generally interpreted as rejecting and denying Christ after receiving a personal witness and a “perfect knowledge” of Jesus.”

    #2 is mostly gibberish to me but #1 fits in with all kinds of ancient history, history overall, and current events especially.

    My take on religious metaphysics like this is, well, mine: if there is a salvation in an afterlife, with Jesus as Redeemer etc. etc., the forgiveness and cleansing of sin the Bible speaks of is simply our ability to live with ourselves after, as countless Near Death Experiences describe, experiencing a Total Life Review, a kind of rapid holistically detailed gestaltic memory of one’s life. (In this personal theology, Jeebus saves our souls by extroardinary powers of compassion wherein brand-name Xtian tropes like “Trust in Jesus” mean Jesus saying, as we watch the horros we’ve allowed, “Trust me. I’ve seen worse. Everyone who lives on earth is mostly a miserable SOB; it comes with living in a Fallen Earth. Believe me.”

    We rail against bloodthirsty elites for viewing themselves as above us mere proles, but we do the same thing regarding all non-human life except a few chosen pet species that we indulge as emotional slaves to help us feel remotely still mammalian as we focus on mindless and often violent virtual realities to distract us from the fact that we have become like how we treat the animals: enslaved beasts of burden and laboratory test animals.

    A people who will let animals experience what we do daily, in order to make vaccines and so forth, deserves to be used as guinea pigs for elite medical profiteering, and to be culled. Consider culling euthanasia for humanity.

    Like Isaac Singer said, “For the animals, every day is Treblinka.”

    Or as Leonard Cohen said: “Nothing in this human realm is meant to work. So once you can deeply appreciate that…the mind of compassion grows if you understand that everybody’s up against it.”

    And as Anthony sings in my fave Cohen song:

    If It Be Thy WIll

    If it be your will, that I speak no more
    And my voice be still, as it was before
    I will speak no more, I shall abide until
    I am spoken for, if it be your will
    If it be your will, that a voice be true
    From this broken hill, I will sing to you
    From this broken hill
    All your praises they shall ring
    If it be your will, to let me sing
    From this broken hill
    All your praises they shall ring
    If it be your will, to let me sing
    If it be your will, if there is a choice
    Let the rivers fill, let the hills rejoice
    Let your mercy spill
    On all these burning hearts in Hell
    If it be your will, to make us well
    And draw us near and bind us tight
    All your children here, in their rags of light
    In our rags of light, all dressed to kill
    And end this night, if it be your will
    If it be your will

    I care about covidiocy from compassion, not an outraged sense of justice. There is no justice on earth, and we deserve it least of all its species that I know of. But so it is and so it goes, and I put in my time in this prison and try to be less depraved and more kind today than I was yesterday — and hope I can forgive myself when I am called to answer for my part.




    At an A and the Johnsons concert, he asked for requests. A bunch of people asked him to sing “If it be your will” and he refused. He only wanted to sing his own music. (But he had already covered all of his own recorded songs!)
    What a voice.

    Trivium- On my dead computer in the living room is a downloaded copy of a Rothschild (?) analysis of economies as thermodynamics. I think it showed the handwritten as well a the transcribed versions of the treatise. Do you know of it? Do you by any chance have a link?


    Yes and yes and yes Bosco.


    Polder, what I meant is that if the Pope spoke out against the vaxxes he would be marginalised, dissed, condemned, de-throned or ? worse.

    He would be branded as opposed to modern science, against ‘protecting’ ppl, the weak, the poor, the ill. Being against ‘solidarity’, opposed to the teachings of Christ (as I have heard in Switz.) Going against the jab > not an option.

    As far as I can see, for now, those resisting the jab (where I live) are not Catholics. Nor any other religion.

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