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End Of Pandemic In Europe ‘Plausible’ After Omicron, Says WHO (ToI)
Covid, The Strange Death of Medicine (TCP)
The Mystery of the Disappearing Flu (Ruechel)
We MUST Start Treating Covid Like Flu (Dr Charles Levinson )
The Emergency Must Be Ended, Now (ET)
My Speech At “Defeat The Mandates” March (Steve Kirsch)
Fauci Predicts ‘A Bit More Pain & Suffering’ For Unvaccinated (RT)
John Lewis Will Pay Full Sick Pay Regardless Of Covid Vaccination Status (G.)
‘Grandfather’ Is Now A ‘Problematic’ Word (RT)
The Secret of Propaganda: Teaching Obedience (Ugo Bardi)
Hope For Unified NATO Response Unravels (ZH)
US Diplomats’ Families Ordered To Leave Ukraine (RT)





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Surprisingly low: “In the WHO Europe region [..] Omicron represented 15 percent of new cases as of January 18.” In many regions across the world it’s 90%.

End Of Pandemic In Europe ‘Plausible’ After Omicron, Says WHO (ToI)

The Omicron variant has moved the COVID-19 pandemic into a new phase and could bring it to an end in Europe, the WHO Europe director said Sunday. “It’s plausible that the region is moving towards a kind of pandemic endgame,” Hans Kluge told AFP in an interview, adding that Omicron could infect 60 percent of Europeans by March. Once the current surge of Omicron currently sweeping across Europe subsides, “there will be for quite some weeks and months a global immunity, either thanks to the vaccine or because people have immunity due to the infection, and also lowering seasonality.” “So we anticipate that there will be a period of quiet before COVID-19 may come back towards the end of the year, but not necessarily the pandemic coming back,” Kluge said.

The Omicron variant, which studies have shown generally leads to less severe infection than the Delta variant did, at least among vaccinated people, has raised long-awaited hopes that COVID-19 is starting to shift from a pandemic to a more manageable endemic illness like seasonal flu. “There is a lot of talk about endemic, but endemic means… that it is possible to predict what’s going to happen. This virus has surprised (us) more than once so we have to be very careful,” Kluge said. In the WHO Europe region, which is made up of 53 countries, including several in Central Asia, Omicron represented 15 percent of new cases as of January 18, compared to 6.3% a week earlier, the health body said.

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“Those nurses will not spare the Wizard of Health next time. No booster on earth will protect him from their wrath.”

Covid, The Strange Death of Medicine (TCP)

Friday 7th January 2022, King’s College Hospital, London. The Fascistic Minister of Ill-Health, Mr. Sajid Javid marched in and stood squat, like a Mussolini, sadomasochistic in standard NHS issue gimp mask. It was as if a pimp rolled up with a fine cane and a fur coat to ensure his brothel was in good order. He taunted the huddle of muzzled NHS nurses. So, girls, what do you think of the NHS jab mandate with which I destroy the NHS and scientific reason? Pretty cool, huh? Was it arrogance or ignorance? Should not a right-minded person have begged the ground to swallow him up whole for such faux-pas?

The nurses, stunned, giggled nervously like school-girls. What else could they do when paraded in front of their abusive master and executioner? The truth is they are professional nurses who know the answer. It is an unethical evil. It is political, it is unscientific. But the truth of which they knew, they could not speak. Then, someone spoke, softly. Dr. Steve James, ICU consultant. He did the Englishman’s equivalent of standing in front of a tank in Tiananmen Square. He politely interjected. In the short, split-second of a narcissistic politician’s photo-call, fuelled by adrenalin, Dr. James slipped an awkward, unpractised left jab which landed like a bomb on the polished chin of his monied opponent.

He beseeched the minister (I paraphrase), I’m not happy about that. I have been working on covid ITU since the beginning. I’m unvaccinated, your policy makes no scientific sense. You would have to boost us all every month. I will lose my job, I am not alone. Won’t you reconsider? And there it was. The sorcerer’s spell was broken. It was as if Toto had pulled back the curtain. Javid would be well advised to institute the focused protection of Great Barrington, or very strictly shield himself from all NHS establishments until at least his April Fools’ mandate. Those nurses will not spare the Wizard of Health next time. No booster on earth will protect him from their wrath.

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Very elaborate from Julius Ruechel.

The Mystery of the Disappearing Flu (Ruechel)

Colds and flus mysteriously disappeared over the past two years only to return recently in many countries, often with a vengeance. While only rarely discussed and frequently dismissed as a mere curiosity, the mystery of the disappearing flu is actually one of the most important events of the past two years. Unpacking this mystery provides deep insights into the future trajectory of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, exposes the abject failure of the vaccines to control the pandemic, and puts the final nail in the coffin on futile public health measures like masks and social distancing. Get ready for more than a few surprises as you follow me on another deep dive into Covid mayhem.

Many public health officials and journalists credited masks, lockdowns, and social distancing for the disappearance of the flu. Critics pointed out that the flu also disappeared in places like Sweden, which did not have lockdowns, mask mandates, or social distancing rules. Critics also pointed to long-standing research demonstrating that virus-bearing aerosols are too small to be stopped by masks and that, even in perfectly still air, these aerosols are so small that they hang in the air for many days before settling to the ground, making social distancing a joke.

Particularly embarrassing for those cheerleading all these heavy-handed measures is that the flu disappeared several months before the first mask mandate was imposed, as demonstrated in the chart below showing influenza cases in Canada. I’ve added dates to the chart to show when mask recommendations and mask mandates were first rolled out — it’s rather obvious that they had nothing whatsoever to do with why the flu disappeared. Clearly, we need to look elsewhere to explain the mystery of the disappearing flu.

On the other side of the debate are some who have suggested that cold and flu infections were simply rebranded as Covid due to flawed PCR testing. However, in many countries flu testing did not stop, yet the number of flu tests coming back positive nonetheless fell off a cliff. Some countries even conducted more flu tests than usual and still found nothing. And cold and flu numbers also collapsed in countries like Japan, which had extremely low Covid infections during the early waves of the pandemic; they had low flu and low Covid numbers, so it was not a matter of shoddy accounting transferring cases from one balance sheet to another. The flu stopped circulating globally (I’ll get to the surprising exceptions later in this article — hint: Kenya).

[..] There is a well-known but poorly understood concept in virology called viral interference (also known as viral displacement). Virus interference was first described in plants in 1929 where the yellow-mosaic tobacco virus did not replicate in plants already infected with the common mosaic virus. This phenomenon is not restricted to plants; it also happens with animal and human viruses. The essence of this concept is that an infection with one virus can temporarily prevent or partially suppress infection with another different virus. And it happens all the time.

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“There are methods to deal with these respiratory viruses without wrecking the life chances of our children.”

We MUST Start Treating Covid Like Flu (Dr Charles Levinson )

Improving our response to flu pandemics has long been a passion of mine, and over the years I’ve treated countless people with severe flu. Sadly, there is little that can be done as antivirals are only helpful in the first few days. For those who are frail, elderly or immuno-compromised (and therefore most likely to succumb to it), it can be a debilitating and painful way to die. Thankfully, we have flu vaccinations and, as with Covid vaccines, those jabs save countless lives. Omicron may be milder, but it’s not mild. My point is that neither is flu – and pre-Covid, our society approached the challenges it threw up each year in a very different way. There are methods to deal with these respiratory viruses without wrecking the life chances of our children.

That sound logic was applied during every winter of my lifetime, with one exception in 2020. I believe we need to regain some of that pragmatism which guided our response through difficult winters before. In those days, society agreed that restrictions on freedom were inappropriate and perhaps ineffective to combat flu. The damage far outweighed any sad deaths that might result from winter waves. Before, if a doctor felt ill and had symptoms they would stay home. If they didn’t, they would go to work. Was that such a bad system? It’s one we will have to return to at some stage if we want to avoid the current isolation chaos every winter. As with the flu, annual Covid boosters should be offered to the elderly and the vulnerable.

That will enable society to continue as normal – restrictions and all of their appalling consequences should become a thing of the past. We have the vaccines, we have the antivirals/treatment options and we have the milder strain. Just as with our annual battle with influenza, no restrictions are required. It is possible to test for the flu – in fact, at Doctorcall, where I work, we are constantly offered lateral flow tests by eager suppliers. During the winter of 2017/18, if we had tested so relentlessly and imposed quarantine on asymptomatic people, what would the damage have been then? Quite horrific, just as it is today. It’s time we learnt to live with this virus and got on with our lives.

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By doctors Harvey Risch, Paul E. Alexander and Jay Bhattacharya.

The Emergency Must Be Ended, Now (ET)

The time has come to terminate the pandemic state of emergency. It’s time to end the controls, the closures, the restrictions, the plexiglass, the stickers, the exhortations, the panic-mongering, the distancing announcements, the ubiquitous commercials, the forced masking, the vaccine mandates. We don’t mean that the virus is gone—Omicron is still spreading wildly, and the virus may circulate forever. But with a normal focus on protecting the vulnerable, we can treat the virus as a medical rather than a social matter and manage it in ordinary ways. A declared emergency needs continuous justification, and that’s now lacking.

Over the last six weeks in the United States, the Delta variant strain—the most recent aggressive version of the infection—has according to the CDC been declining in both the proportion of infections (60 percent on Dec. 18 to 0.5 percent on Jan. 15) and the number of daily infected people (95,000 to 2,100). During the next two weeks, Delta will decline to the point that it essentially disappears like the strains before it. Omicron is mild enough that most people, even many high-risk people, can adequately cope with the infection. Omicron infection is no more severe than seasonal flu, and generally less so. A large portion of the vulnerable population in the developed world is already vaccinated and protected against severe disease.

We have learned much about the utility of inexpensive supplements like Vitamin D to reduce disease risk, and there’s a host of good therapeutics available to prevent hospitalization and death should a vulnerable patient become infected. And for younger people, the risk of severe disease—already low before Omicron—is minuscule. Even in places with strict lockdown measures, there are hundreds of thousands of newly registered Omicron cases daily and countless unregistered positives from home testing. Measures like mandatory masking and distancing have had negligible or at most small effects on transmission. Large-scale population quarantines only delay the inevitable. Vaccination and boosters have not halted Omicron disease spread; heavily vaccinated nations like Israel and Australia have more daily cases per capita than any place on earth at the moment. This wave will run its course despite all of the emergency measures.

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“..they focused on the creation of a vaccine which the evidence shows is making things worse. Much worse.”

My Speech At “Defeat The Mandates” March (Steve Kirsch)

Hi. I’m Steve. I am not a doctor. I’m worse. I’m an engineer with two degrees from MIT. I look at data. I make decisions based on what the data says, not on what people tell me to think. After 3 relatives of a friend of mine died right after being vaccinated, I started looking at the data from the clinical trials, from studies, from the government, and from doctors. What the data said was troubling. Very troubling. First of all, this entire pandemic was completely avoidable. We had an early treatment protocol in March of 2020 developed by George Fareed and Brian Tyson. Nobody dies on their protocol if they get treated early. Zero. And only a few people got hospitalized. Yet today, the NIH is saying nothing about this protocol.

That is ridiculous. If they are going to mandate anything, they should mandate you get this protocol if you get COVID. But they don’t. Instead, doctors can have their licenses revoked if they prescribe early treatment drugs like ivermectin and Fluvoxamine. We don’t need masks, we don’t need vaccines, we don’t need mandates, and we don’t need lockdowns. We never did. What we need to do is to start listening to the doctors who have treated thousands of COVID cases with no deaths. Is that too much to ask? But the NIH refused to listen to these doctors. And instead, they focused on the creation of a vaccine which the evidence shows is making things worse. Much worse. COVID cases are at an all time high.

We are being mandated to take a vaccine for a societal benefit without ever being shown the risk-benefit analysis. There is a reason for that. The benefit is negative. According to over 12 studies, the vaccines are killing at least 15 people for every life that the vaccines were projected to save. And we are permanently disabling even more. For kids, I’ve seen a risk benefit analysis showing we kill over 100 kids to save 1 kid from COVID. NOBODY has the right to MANDATE that I must risk my life to save other people I don’t know. That’s unethical and immoral. I would not voluntarily choose to deprive my kids of their father.

NOBODY has the right to mandate that I take a vaccine which is likely to double my chances of being infected. The data now coming out of the UK and Scotland clearly shows this. In Study after study, the more you vaccinate, the more likely you are to be infected. Precisely the opposite of what we were told. This is why Boris Johnson in UK recently dropped all COVID restrictions. “We will trust the judgment of the English people.” he said. Finally. Why can’t we do that here?

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Oh, go away.

Fauci Predicts ‘A Bit More Pain & Suffering’ For Unvaccinated (RT)

Dr. Anthony Fauci has said he is as “confident as you can be” that Omicron cases in the US will hit their peak in mid-February, though he acknowledged in an ABC interview on Sunday that “you never want to be overconfident when you’re dealing with this virus.” Fauci has been one of the lead advocates for Covid-19 vaccinations and boosters, but he admitted that varying vaccination rates across the country will not significantly affect Omicron infection rates in the US. Some areas, however, may face “a bit more pain and suffering with hospitalizations in those areas of the country that have not been fully vaccinated or have not gotten boosters.”

Fauci claimed his prediction is based on data from other nations like Israel, South Africa, and the UK. “They’ve peaked and [are] starting to come down rather sharply,” the health official said, predicting a turnaround soon across the US. Health officials have stressed that vaccinations can prevent more serious side effects from Omicron. Once cases are below a certain “area of control,” Fauci said, Covid could be “essentially integrated into the general respiratory infections that we have learned to live with.”

Fauci’s constant presence during the Covid pandemic has led to a sharp divide in public opinion, with the controversial health official polling low outside of Democrats, similar to President Joe Biden. Fauci riled up his critics once more on Sunday, again suggesting multiple booster shots on top of people’s original vaccinations. The infectious disease expert said the exact “durability” of a third mRNA booster or a “second shot boost” of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is unknown, but he claims a “third shot boost” will have more durability and “protection against severe disease” thanks to data collected from the first boosters.

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John Lewis Will Pay Full Sick Pay Regardless Of Covid Vaccination Status (G.)

John Lewis has told staff they will get full sick pay regardless of their Covid vaccination status, saying that it doesn’t “believe it’s right” to treat jabbed and unjabbed workers differently. The retailer’s high-street rivals including Next, Ikea and Ocado are among the companies that have introduced sickness policies that differentiate between vaccinated and unvaccinated employees who have to self-isolate. However in a blogpost on LinkedIn, John Lewis’s group operations director, Andrew Murphy, told its 70,000-strong workforce: “We’re not going to make any change of this type.” He added: “We just don’t believe it’s right to create a link between a partner’s vaccination status and the pay they receive.”

He said the company – which is owned by its employees, called partners, who receive an annual profit share – was “hugely supportive of the UK vaccination programme” and had given staff time off to get their jabs. “We cast no judgment on the decisions of any other organisation; in fact we’ve enjoyed how united businesses – retailers especially – have been in the face of these huge corporate and societal challenges,” Murphy said. “However, when life increasingly seems to present opportunities to create division – and with hopes rising that the pandemic phase of Covid may be coming to an end – we’re confident that this is the right approach for us.”

Current rules in all UK nations now make a clear distinction in self-isolation requirements for vaccinated and unvaccinated people if they come into contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid. In all four nations the unvaccinated must self-isolate for 10 days even if they do not test positive for the virus. This requirement does not apply for people who are fully vaccinated. Unvaccinated workers at Next and Ikea are only eligible for statutory sick pay – which is set at £96.35 a week – during their 10 days of isolation, unless there are mitigating circumstances. This compares with weekly pay of more than £400 before tax for an average store worker at Ikea.

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“..people would end up speaking a very different language..”

‘Grandfather’ Is Now A ‘Problematic’ Word (RT)

Language has become the main terrain on which the culture wars sweeping the Western world are played out. Arguably, just about every word and phrase can become an unexpected target of linguistic policing. Who would have imagined that it would no longer be acceptable to use words like “grandfather,” “spirit animal,” “brown bags,” “cakewalk,” “jerry-rigged,” “Sherpa,” “mantra,” “totem pole,” or “housekeeping”? These are just some of the entries on a long list of problematic words and phrases contained in the Inclusive Language Guide published by the University of Washington. Any sensible person reading this guide will be struck by its surreal tone. The reader learns that it is imperative to stop using phrases like “raining cats and dogs.”

The authors of the guide are obsessively driven in their attempt to justify why reasonable and hitherto uncontroversial words must no longer be used. For example, it justifies the need to abolish the word “housekeeping” on the grounds that “in reference to office work, this language can feel gendered.” If indeed the numerous suggestions of the Inclusive Language Guide were to be adopted, people would end up speaking a very different language – one that decries the making of distinctions between smart and ordinary individuals or men and women. That is why it communicates an intense level of hostility towards using the term “first-class.” It notes that this implies “that this particular value is the best quality or in the highest grade, and thus others under this group are second-class or lower-class.”

A drab, mediocre sensibility of refusing to make distinctions elevates inclusiveness into an end-in-itself. The ambition of linguistic imperialism is the principal driver of the guide. Linguistic imperialism, which is the project of imposing a new language and outlook on people – originated in the 1970s. Initially, it was promoted by feminists who argued that language privileged masculinity and created a reality where women would be assigned the role of second-class citizens. The feminist-inspired language reform movement aimed to create what was described as a “gender-fair language.”

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“..the educated classes [..] can be made to believe anything, really.”

The Secret of Propaganda: Teaching Obedience (Ugo Bardi)

Just a few days ago, I was a guest on a TV discussion on the usual subject (practically, the only one being discussed nowadays*). At some moment, the discussion veered on propaganda, and the host** said something like, “but isn’t it strange that Germany fell so easily for the Nazi propaganda despite the fact that it wa the most cultured society in Europe at that time?” And it dawned on me: It was not despite. It was because. Exactly that. Propaganda and education go hand in hand: they are one the consequence of the other. In an instant, my whole career as a teacher flashed in my mind. What are we teaching to our students? Plenty of things, of course, but mostly it is about trusting the authority. Obedience, in one word. I experimented at times with the opposite approach, pushing my chemistry students to criticize their textbooks.

Many of my students are smart fellows, some of them appreciated the idea, and sometimes they found errors that I hadn’t noticed myself. But most of them found the exercise an annoying interlude in their studies. They were not stupid, either. They perfectly understood that learning how to criticize the authority gave them no useful “career points.” They just wanted to go through their classes as fast as they could, hoping that the ordeal would soon be over. The problem is not just with chemistry. In all fields, students and teachers play a game together, as Simon Sheridan well described in a recent post. It is a game that aims at creating “the archetypal orphan,” that is a person completely subjugated to a dominating figure that Sheridan identifies as “the devouring mother.”

You might also say “the dominating father,” but it is a role that university professors assume by default. The technical details of what our students learn are obsolete or soon will be, but one thing of their training will remain for a long time: believing what they are told. Soon, the role of authority will not be their teachers anymore, they will be replaced by opinion leaders, politicians, and other figures. Look at how, in the 1940s, the tobacco industry had a huge success with a campaign aiming at convincing people that smoking Camels was a good idea because most doctors (a typical authoritative figure) smoked Camels. Look at how, nowadays, our governments used the same typical authoritative figures, doctors, to convince us to do things that might turn out to be more harmful for our health than cigarette smoking.

Marty’s Mac: …. it is remarkably easy to convince the educated classes of something. One only has to get the information printed in the right places. The educated can be made to believe that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, or that cigarettes and canola oil are healthy (a typical claim in the midcentury), or that the high numbers of breakthrough COVID cases in countries with 90% vaccination rates are caused by the 10% of unvaccinated people. They can be made to believe anything, really.

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“..Blinken will have no choice but to begin negotiating with the Kremlin while taking its position much more seriously…”

Hope For Unified NATO Response Unravels (ZH)

The United States says it’s putting together a “global strategy” to increase gas production among allies in the scenario of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. “The State Department, led by Senior Adviser for Energy Security Amos Hochstein, has in the last six to eight weeks been putting together a global strategy exploring contingency options to redirect and increase gas supplies from different parts of the world, a senior US official said,” CNN reports Sunday. This has included talks with firms in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. At the same time, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken explained during Sunday news talk show appearances that at this point it’s “too early” to impose sanctions on Russia, despite the current atmosphere of building war rhetoric.

He still threatened “massive consequences” for any Russian offensive, yet stressed that US is still leaving the door open for diplomacy. An eventual diplomatic resolution to the crisis is looking more and more likely given the lack of a unified NATO willingness to escalate to the level of armed conflict, particularly given Germany’s breaking with other allies of the last few days, including its refusal to send Kiev German arms. Thus it seems “all options” are not on the table just yet… Blinken told CNN’s State of the Union program that “The purpose of those sanctions is to deter Russian aggression and so if they’re triggered now you lose the deterrent effect.” In a separate CBS interview he was asked about UK government accusations that the Kremlin is plotting a coup in Ukraine, aimed at installing a new pro-Moscow leader.

Despite Russia’s denials slamming the charge as “dangerous” and “disinformation”, Blinken agreed with the narrative being put out by Britain, calling the sensational allegations “part of the Russian playbook”. [..] some leading hawks in the Senate are still calling for movement on applying “very strongest sanctions” possible against Russia, including the type of sweeping export controls currently in place on Iran’s economy. Such US action would undoubtedly result in the complete breakdown of all communications between Moscow and Washington. But again, given that it’s increasingly apparent that NATO is struggling to put together a unified front in response to Russia security demands, it’s looking like Blinken will have no choice but to begin negotiating with the Kremlin while taking its position much more seriously…

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Another thing NATO partners are not doing.

US Diplomats’ Families Ordered To Leave Ukraine (RT)

The families of US diplomats have been ordered to leave Ukraine, while some embassy staffers were authorized to depart on a “voluntary” basis, according to an updated travel advisory that reiterated claims of a “continued threat of Russian military action.” “There are reports Russia is planning significant military action against Ukraine,” the State Department said on Sunday, adding that it “authorized the voluntary departure of US direct hire employees (USDH) and ordered the departure of eligible family members (EFM).” American citizens were once again strongly advised not to travel to Ukraine, while those already in the country were told to “consider departing now using commercial or other privately available transportation options.”

The highest “Level 4: Do Not Travel” advisory for Ukraine, citing Covid and “increased threats from Russia,” has been in place on the Department of State website for more than a month. The US had previously warned its citizens that they should not “anticipate that there will be US government-sponsored evacuations,” should a war take place in Ukraine, suggesting that they use the available commercial flights instead. Moscow has repeatedly denied accusations that it’s planning an invasion of Ukraine, which have been made by the US and its allies since November last year, describing the claims as groundless attempts to instill “hysteria.” According to the Kremlin, it’s the West that has been stirring tensions in Ukraine by supplying weapons to Kiev – which is embroiled in a “frozen” conflict with self-proclaimed republics in the southeastern Donbass region – and intensifying the NATO buildup in Eastern Europe.

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    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle January 24 2022]

    V. Arnold

    Johannes Vermeer The astronomer c1668

    …of course it’s wonderful; atmospheric even…many thanks to Ilargi for his daily art adventures…

    The covid boogy man has shrunk to a midget…not long from now it will go poof! and be gone…at least from the daily grind…
    The question then becomes, what’s next? Oh; there will be a next; the covid boogyman worked so damn well after all…
    • Covid, The Strange Death of Medicine (TCP)
    This is nothing new for me; I learned decades ago not to trust doctors; or, at least to question them at every turn…

    Mister Roboto

    Yesterday chooch told us of someone on Twitter who claims “that’s not how vaccines really work” in response to those who point out that a great many serious Covid cases are vaccinated people. I can’t help but wonder, if that’s the case, then why is so much hay on the Internet being made out of these supposed situations where Joe Schmoe from Antigo made a choice not to get the vaccine and now he’s dead because of it? The implication of all these anecdotes is that an individual choice to get vaccinated affords one a degree of protection that these “anti-vaxxers” wouldn’t avail themselves of. Yet this alleged protection remains elusive in so many people.

    V. Arnold

    The picture above titled 2nd Grade is horrific!
    If a picture is worth a thousand words; this picture speaks volumes to our present.
    It’s Orwell’s 1984 projected into our present, 2022…


    Julian Assange has been granted permission to appeal to the UK Supreme Court.

    V. Arnold

    Julian Assange has been granted permission to appeal to the UK Supreme Court.

    That’s very good news; but the fact remains that he shouldn’t be in prison for his reporting…


    This feels very thin to me:

    “Assange has been granted the right to submit an appeal to the Supreme Court, but only on one limited ground: the lateness of the US government’s provision of diplomatic assurances, which meant the assurances weren’t properly scrutinised during the evidentiary stage of proceedings.”


    Re: Ugo Bardi. The pandemic forced me to rethink my own teaching. Now I begin every class with Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and an introduction to basic logical fallacies. Everything else is fashion.

    Dr. D

    “Newsom Likens Railcar Thefts to “Third World Country” as Liberal ‘Law & Order’ Agenda Implodes”

    And I thought the BBee was kidding: “Gavin Newsom Demands Answers from Whoever’s in Charge of California” –BBee

    Newsom, why IS your whole state, once the most prosperous on earth, now a “Third World, third-rate” country? And why is everyone else successful with the same Federal policies? I dunno, but I bet it’s the fault of some rednecks in Kentucky. The combined States of California, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey are simply helpless against the combined power of … Joe Manchin and Harlan County. Yup. That’s the truth. But once they own the House, Senate, and Presidency, THEN they’ll really show those Rednecks what success is! Then they’ll stop holding back Westchester Greenwich, and Malibu! Damn you South Dakota!

    Mayor Eric Adams Begs for Federal Help as NYC’s Crime Problem Spirals out of Control”

    Manhattan just HAS to have those tax dollars from Arkansas and Missouri to save themselves. I mean, isn’t this really Missouri’s fault in the first place? Doesn’t Rand Paul feel personally responsible for NYC crime, out there in the Kentucky hills? He should pay! Not poor apartment dwellers overlooking Central Park! What have they ever done?

    Anyway, SO: Evergrande is defaulted. …But all the Anglo rating agencies won’t REPORT that Evergrande has defaulted. So pretend is your friend! We just pretend. We make s—t up! That’ll pay the bills! Here we are 30 days past the 30 days they should have reported. Guess what? China ain’t paying!

    Not paying? Oohhhhhh, as if. CHINA HAS STOPPED ALTOGETHER. China has ended payments, ended shipments, ended cooperation, ENDED GLOBALISM. They are withdrawing to the Middle Kingdom to retain themselves, as they often do in history. They just haven’t told YOU yet.

    Why would they? Why would they tell you they’re going to default on stupido Americano when there’s a chance you’ll buy them time to send a little more money first? But it’s winding down, shipments and parts are going to taper out slowly, leaving the U.S. and world in complete military embargo. Which every Harlan County drunkard TOLD YOU was going to happen, you Harvard nitwits, or worse, Generals Millie.

    So if that happens, how’s your velocity of money? How’s your car sales? Why do you think they’re yanking levers on vaccines in Canada for instance? Because if you think they’re stupid and have your eye off the ball, you won’t realize it’s this, get gravely serious and calm, with a grim determination to survive the day, and take action ahead of Justin and the S&P futures.

    So thus the Ukraine? Understand now? And to disrupt what the Anglos, especially Britain, made inevitable (again. I can’t think of a world war Britain wasn’t responsible for). As China and Russia finalize the military union against and overweight vs the combined Europe and U.S. AND since “Not-agreement-capable” putting nukes in Mexico City and/or Tasmania if it amuses them to do so.

    Anyway, here’s your markets, insiders out at the top, selling BTFD to Robin Hood – again, drives me crazy! – listening ahead a few weeks. Bonds, inflation, US$ all disconnecting. Crypto slammed as US$ safety, knowing that that will be the next wave and need to drive it down first.

    That’s war: central prints endless war money with shortages and low velocity. Then it pops up like mortar fire, inflation in gas, tires, etc is 10x at the end of the year and can’t remember why. So it’s WAR, people. But 5thGW, information and influence war. A LYING war.

    What does Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy overvalued mean for buying? A: DON’T BUY. No stocks, no bonds, no houses, no businesses, no commercial. What’s undervalued in comparison? How are you going to run “high” into “higher”?

    BUY LOW. Wait for it to at least not be MORE OVERVALUED THAN IN ALL RECORDED HISTORY. Meaning more than before these Renaissance paintings by Vermeer. More than 1929, more than South Seas, more than Tulips. More than even Australian real estate.

    They’re pining for Bitcoin? What the? Do you have any idea how much easier it is to double $30k than $70k? I can double my money in a minute now. Last month, it was limp and too high and I was just waiting to cash out of the final run. Anyway, all those things go together. After infiltrating us and buying our system, then attacking us with a military bioweapon to colonize us as a depopulated food colony, now China is continuing the international embargo, blockade, on everything with months lead time and plausible deniability. Also not paying anything to stupid outsiders ever again: orders of the CCP Party. Evergrande bondpayers: more scared of Xi who made Jack Ma disappear for months? Or Charlie the writer at Standard and Poors?

    Our markets are telegraphing this to us, but Wall Street isn’t going to tell you either. They need a bagholder and hopefully, like the Tech Crash of ‘99, a war and fascism.

    “”Take Only What You Need:” DC Asks People to Limit Supermarket Purchases as Empty Shelves Persist”

    It’s a WAR. This is RATIONING. Which having screwed everyone within an inch of their lives, they know you’re not going to cooperate with like a good citizen/minion. So they must have “other reasons”. The problem is the poor and powerless workers, of course! Or HALF of them (unvaxxed) vs the other Half (PMCs). The real reason is THEM. Pfizer, ADM, Monsanto, Exxon, Morgan, Amazon, GE….

    Oh, also it’s a LONG war. Like 10-20 years minimum.

    I trust everybody saw Bill Maher and Bari Wiess finally snap out of it. And let’s get this straight: same audience as the last two years, saying anything and everything the #Opposite of last night. And they cheer. So wait, you ALWAYS were against this? Or you just cheer and believe #anything #anybody #any where at #any time, tell you to?

    “I believe everything I see on T.V. It makes me much more selective.” — Spinal Tap

    V. Arnold

    Now I begin every class with Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and an introduction to basic logical fallacies. Everything else is fashion.

    What a wonderful comment/statement;
    Hear hear!

    Mister Roboto

    From yesterday:

    Interesting if the ‘narrative’ finally flips and the vaxed are the ones to avoid out of fear of them contaminating the unvaxxed.

    I reject the notion that the answer to the dehumanizing and othering of the noncovaxxed based on dubious premises is the dehumanizing and othering of the covaxxed based on dubious premises.

    those darned kids

    the children, like their lives, have been redacted.

    those darned kids

    in other words, julian assange will remain longer in one prison before being moved to another.


    Excellent summary of our predicament

    Two of the most articulate observers of the Grand Clusterfuck

    Brett Weinstein and Chris Martenson Simulcast


    ” I feel that the nightmare of Nineteen Eighty-Four is destined to modulate into the nightmare of a world having more resemblance to that which I imagined in Brave New World…. My own belief is that the ruling oligarchy will find less arduous and wasteful ways of governing and of satisfying its lust for power, and these ways will resemble those which I described in Brave New World.”

    ~ Aldous Huxley’s letter to George Orwell dated October 21, 1949.


    “Russia plans to engage its nuclear weapons not against those countries where it was launched against Russia, but against the mastermind cities where the decisions were made. To be exact, it is Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and other American cities.

    Please fully understand, in case American nuclear weapons are launched from, eg. Taiwan, or Poland, the response will hit New York or Washington.”

    ~Russian Duma deputy, Yevgeny Fyodorov.

    Formerly T-Bear

    This morning (from RT)
    EU diplomats leaving Ukraine.
    UK diplomats leaving Ukraine.
    US diplomatic dependents leaving Ukraine.
    Wassup? Diplomatic consequences? Dumb politics?
    Is it either popcorn or bomb shelters?
    Are there refunds on the tickets to this showdown?
    So many questions unanswered.


    Dr D:

    “I trust everybody saw Bill Maher and Bari Wiess finally snap out of it. And let’s get this straight: same audience as the last two years, saying anything and everything the #Opposite of last night. And they cheer. So wait, you ALWAYS were against this? Or you just cheer and believe #anything #anybody #any where at #any time, tell you to?”

    Your remark reminded me of something pertinent that Soren Kierkegaard said in Concluding Unscientific Postscript:

    “. . . for it is quite likely that everyone who shouts bravo also shouts pereat, item, ‘crucify,’ and does so without even becoming untrue to his character, since on the contrary, he remains true to himself — qua shouter. ”

    “pereat, item” Latin for “let him die, likewise”

    Mister Roboto

    And let’s get this straight: same audience as the last two years, saying anything and everything the #Opposite of last night. And they cheer. So wait, you ALWAYS were against this? Or you just cheer and believe #anything #anybody #any where at #any time, tell you to?

    I think that middle 33% that just “goes along to get along” with mass formations is simply starting to realize how exhausting and draining this particular mass formation is.


    The Second Grade Masked Yearbook photo might as well be a Yearbook for the year they all spent in a minimum security concentration camp.

    Fond memories.

    That generation when it comes of age and to it’s senses is going to vote to cut social security benefits so deeply to the Boomers that they will let them die in cardboard boxes eating cat food under a highway overpass.

    Bill Roope

    I have a question for Steve Kirsch.

    “I’m a Dad to three kids. Two of them are in school. They are being forced by their schools to take the booster. That booster is more likely to increase the chance they will die or be infected. It’s wrong. Their schools will not answer any of my questions. Why not? Why are they so afraid to be held accountable? Why do they refuse to accept liability for their mandates?”

    Why on earth have you let 2 of your kids be vaccinated and soon to take the booster shot to stay in a school? You know it’s useless and dangerous.
    You are not some poor single parent getting by on a single minimum wage income.
    If you can afford to offer a million dollars to have a question answered, you are surely in a position to make life hell on earth for those schools. Or send the kids to schools that do not require the vaccine. I have no idea if your kids are in grade school or a top level university like MIT or Stanford.
    But, to me the most evil part of this whole vaccine madness is vaccinating kids and young people that have basically 0 chance of getting seriously sick or dying from the vaccine.
    And, if you allow vaccination of your kids just so they can stay in a school no matter what school it is, you are not really fighting to end this atrocity. The word ‘dilettante’ comes to mind.


    @Bill Roope


    Well put.

    Formerly T-Bear

    @ 98900 Correction:

    EU diplomats NOT now withdrawing from Ukraine, but

    Israel is evacuating ALL Jewish from Ukraine.


    Israel also is planning on giving everyone a fifth Clotshot while their infection numbers go parabolic

    Figmund Sreud

    Wisdom of our young’uns:

    Young Adults Are Most Vaxed. Let Them Explain Why

    “I’m vaccinated because I just want to have the freedom to go out and be able to live my life normally. …

    “I wanted to protect myself and others. I think being vaccinated is one of the ways to stop the spread. …

    “I didn’t really have to think about getting vaccinated. It was more just an assumption that I would. I think the pandemic has been a source of a lot of anxiety for me. …

    “I’m vaccinated for many reasons. Most importantly, there’s a lot of really significant events that are just really important in the development of me as a person, …

    “I just felt morally obligated just to do my part to protect the vulnerable, mainly. …

    … continues at:



    NYT: NATO Steps Up Readiness in Eastern Europe to Reassure Allies

    Without Germany, this is no use, just noise.

    RT has details:



    Figmund Sreud, for just this once you could have signed that off with F.F.S.

    Informed consent my donkey.

    Doc Robinson

    • We MUST Start Treating Covid Like Flu (Dr Charles Levinson )
    • The Emergency Must Be Ended, Now (ET)

    A mainstream news article from earlier this month says this:

    “The world will have to learn to coexist with a virus that’s not going away.”

    “At some point, the World Health Organization will determine when enough countries have tamped down their COVID-19 cases sufficiently — or at least, hospitalizations and deaths — to declare the pandemic officially over.”

    “I do think we will reach a point where SARS-CoV-2 is endemic much like flu is endemic”
    [said infectious disease expert Stephen Kissler of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health]

    “This virus will kind of max out… I don’t see this as kind of an endless cycle of new variants.”
    [said Dr. William Moss of Johns Hopkins]

    “One possible future many experts see: In the post-pandemic period, the virus causes colds for some and more serious illness for others, depending on their overall health, vaccine status and prior infections.”

    “[Immunologist Ali Ellebedy at Washington University] foresees a day when someone gets a coronavirus infection, stays home two to three days “and then you move on.”



    Evidence That US Government Targeted Red States With Deadly Batches of Vaccines

    An interesting dissection of the Clotshot Batch Numbers and linking them to not just to death and injury but to geographic location, i.e, were they mostly in Red States or Blue States


    Did you miss the change?
    The social/economic change that TAE/we have been forecasting, already happen.
    Tomorrow is here/now.
    (Also, the stock markets, have changed.)



    @ fatiggman
    I keep thinking that I would like to be more well versed in logical fallacies, but with life being what it is I make a shallow perusal and remember very little. I’m familiar with only a handful. Do you have any recommendations for obtaining a thorough understanding of logical fallacies?

    (BTW – anyone else welcome to chime in their two cents if you’ve a useful nugget to share.)


    TAE Summary


    President Biden: A winter of severe illness and death
    Anthony Fauci: A bit more pain and suffering

    President Bush, 2002: They are terrorists and they hate us for our freedoms
    President Biden, 2022: They are terrorists and we must hate them for their freedoms

    The flu disappeared because of Covid measures and will return if we stop the measures
    The flu disappeared because of Covid and has returned as Covid becomes endemic

    People are susceptible to propaganda although they are educated
    People are susceptible to propaganda because of the way they were educated

    deflationista: What the actual f–k is wrong with you? You f–king snob. You people are f–king nuts… you’re f–king crazy. Let me get real human for you: Go f–k yourself.
    Julius Ruechel (in his own comment section): @NJP, I invite you to participate in evidence based discussion, but going forward, I will remove any further posts from you in which you insult readers. If there is something specific you disagree with in my articles, please quote the part you disagree with and provide evidence to support your claim. Credentials and opinions are not a replacement for evidence.

    Doc Robinson

    Looks like yet another unforeseen and unintended consequence of the mRNA injections:

    Reactivation of BCG vaccination scars after vaccination with mRNA-Covid-vaccines: two case reports

    Reactivation of scars after neonatal BCG vaccination has recently been described in four women after Covid-19 mRNA vaccination. Two of our trial participants experienced reactivation of their novel BCG scars after receiving mRNA Covid-19 vaccination 6 to 8 months post-BCG.

    Case presentations
    Two female HCW participants that had been randomly allocated to BCG in the BCG-DENMARK-COVID trial, spontaneously reported itching and secretion at the BCG scar site after having received mRNA Covid-19 vaccination (Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech)…


    Figmund Sreud

    Mercator It’s a flat, flat world!

    Mercator’s map stands out from other typical cosmographic images of that time. Here the world is rectangular, not oval, round or even heart-shaped. It consists of 18 sheets, which can be bound to make an atlas or glued together into a wall version.

    … blame it on Gerardus Mercator that Russia is so, so big!



    Silly us, we should follow the $cience so deflatulence can get paid.

    those darned kids

    ctbarnum: that stretch of road has that many trucks on a normal day!

    just kidding, go truckers!!!

    Figmund Sreud

    Latest – just minutes ago – from Dr. John Campbell:

    Excellent natural immunity confirmed


    Maxwell Quest

    “Nobody dies on their protocol if they get treated early. Zero. And only a few people got hospitalized. Yet today, the NIH is saying nothing about this protocol. That is ridiculous criminal.”

    Fixed it!

    Now we enter the stage of the psychosis in which those friends and neighbors who were deeply hypnotized begin one-by-one to awaken from the spell. Not from anything you said, mind you, but from something counter-narrative they saw on TV, like the HBO Bill Maher Show. You see, the TV hypnotist snapped his fingers after counting backwards from five and voilà “you awaken alert and refreshed”. Refreshed and ready for the next TV-induced mass formation.

    That’s when they start coming up to you and saying things like, “Did you know that the vaccines have killed a lot of people?”, and you want to smack your forehead.

    I really hope that this is truly the beginning of a Great Awakening, but I’m doubtful. I’m not sure enough harm has been done yet to create the necessary backlash. Maybe by the end of the year when the lumpen are wondering why McDonalds doesn’t have any more hamburgers, they’ll consider the importance of ‘rule of law’ and ‘accountability’, finally realizing that, although they may get their entertainment from the virtual world, it’s the real world that provides food and shelter.

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