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Hello Ken Latta
I have read your posts Ken and I am very impressed. Especially poignant are the comments counterpointed by your reader’s experiences. I am 73 soon and share similar age bracket to those responding. May I offer an epitaph to the funeral thoughts gleaned from your post and the comments attached to it? I am fairly famous here in New York City as a Juilliard trained musician and composition teacher. I wrote music for and with some of our greatest writers in America. I collaborated with Kurt Vonnegut on a mass, wrote the incidental music for the Life of Robert Frost for an e-book produced by Scientific American and wrote the incidental music for the stage version of “On the Waterfront “for Budd Schulberg which he threw me and the theater team under the bus for a Mitchell Maxwell production that Maxwell stole from us and sunk his production in a week on Broadway. The Times called it the most expensive drama fiasco in New York Theater.
Additionally I have taught most of the great east coast Jazz musicians here on the East coast. One of them has won 11 or 12 Grammies as best jazz musician in America and I am credited on one of those Grammy records. I would like to offer this as a musician who has his ear close to the ground. Consider how “wasteful”: how many and I repeat how many great pop and rock stars have died throughout the mid 50’s 60’s and 70’s. Consider the title of the iconic group The Grateful Dead”. From 1967 to their peak in 1975 with the release of “Blues for Allah”, after that internal problems took their toll on the band and slowly piecemeal members died or over dosed. Consider the metaphor of the band name “The Grateful Dead”. Does that not say something subterranean about the health of our nation?
A coda: my Bard College trained oldest son plays games constantly board and video. He is aware as his very smart college friends are aware too but My God so jaded so dismissive the system has alienated them. Some hardly feel that any safety net will be there for them. I would not want to be 30 something today.
Edgar G

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