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    John French Sloan Sunday, Women Drying Their Hair 1912   • Batshit Crazy America (James Howard Kunstler) • Speaker Johnson’s Ignominious Betrayal
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    The Empire of Lies Military Industrial Mafia’s “talent” pool

    It’s where all their 5-D chess moves come from

    Totally outclassed by the Russians

    Putting the Duh in Duh’merica……….

    Played football with their helmets off one too many times




    Whoring is the World’s oldest profession

    Pimping is the World’s second oldest profession

    The Empire of Lies is a Pimpocracy!

    Finally the right term!

    From John Michael Greer’s blog

    The Secret of the Sages

    “Two weeks ago we talked about the way that life throughout the modern industrial world has fallen into the grip of lenocracy—that is, a system in which pimping of one kind or another is the most common feature of economic life, or in less idiosyncratic language, a system in which every economic exchange is exploited by interests that contribute nothing to the transaction but must be paid off before the transaction can take place.

    Lenocracy is a feature of all complex human societies, for much the same reason that every animal species has parasites: whenever freeloading on someone else’s labor and resources instead of doing the work yourself is an option, someone or something will be found to fill that niche.

    Duh’merica’s ‘leadership class’

    Like a heaping handful of leeches




    A US Navy Littoral Combat Ship (LCS).

    It cost $500 million to build, and it can’t accomplish any of its missions;

    the sailors who have to run the thing actually call it the Little Crappy Ship.




    The Russians think it’s something that got scraped off the bottom of Uncle Sam’s shoe!



    The F-35 Lardbucket ‘swimming’ in the Sea China Sea

    Apparently it has another nickname from the pilots that fly it.

    They’ve dubbed it The Penguin (Batman?)



    They dug up my street in Athens, and deep! No way they fill that back in today. Plus the diggers have no clue what all those dozens of cables are for. First victim: internet. In a bar now, but that gets old too: I work minimum 12 hours per day. We’ll play it by ear, shall we?!


    “Speaker” Johnson is a political Butt Plug.

    He’s a place holder for something slicker and sleazier and stiffer.

    He is the essence of Pimpocracy

    Bury the Bas-tard



    Notice more money for “Ukronaziland”

    None for the border invasion





    Complexity terminates itself eventually

    John Day

    @RIM: Message received. Hang in there, Man.

    “The digital revolution has brought us kids who have never played outside in the sunshine and live in a world of video games. We now have reality-immune kids. The digital revolution is the foundation for our coming Age of Tyranny. The developers of the digital revolution are humanity’s worse enemies. The only solution is to bring back the analogue days.”

    John Day

    North Carolina High School Student Suspended Over Use Of “Illegal Alien”
    Leah McGhee, the boy’s mother, says her son was assigned vocabulary words during class last Tuesday, which included the word ‘alien,’ the Carolina Journal reports. When her son asked; “Like space aliens or illegal aliens without green cards?” – another student in the class took offense and threatened to kick his ass, prompting the teacher to call in the assistant principal.

    “It’s no fun…”


    how empty a life must be
    to wait for tomorrow to have it

    Bitcoin 2040

    marketing cigarettes to our sisters opened Pandora’s Box
    Marketing and advertising were not the baliwick of homo sapiens sapiens mono gametes at that time. Habitualizing a behavior became the MO of the economic engine once the lesson of cigarette advertising was understood.
    Convincing a populus that making a small segment of them extremely wealthy is a noble life endeavor and having the bi-gamete devote their entire career, indeed their life, to said purpose is not a view JHK will ever explore. Patriarchal authoritarian perspectives are hard to shake, most assuredly when you have an underlying deep faith in a particular ism or two.

    “What would man be without woman?” asked the wag
    “Scare sir, mighty scarce” – Samuel Clemmons

    John Day

    “Who can it be now?”

    Huge Blast Rocks Iraq Base Used By Iran-Linked Militias

    Only Iran has a deterrent against Israel. Maybe sharing some missiles could be helpful…


    The male role models?
    Confusion/conflicting Choices

    1 . … to show other men how to live life with integrity, hope, optimism, compassion, and determination.

    2. … to show other men how to live life with Truth and/or Lies

    3. … to show other men wholesale to neocon paranoia, stupidity, lies and hollow excuses for warmongering.

    … a time when they have transitioned from primary to secondary education.
    It’s a new world where the reactions they get at school and the world beyond are changing. They are growing from small, cuddly boys into young men who can sometimes appear imposing to teachers and the wider public.

    … naivete and blithering ignorance as a gift that doesn’t stop giving.
    That is to say, a “mark” who knows nothing at all about the world from sources not stamped, “Top Secret (lies)”.

    … “progressive” (i.e. batshit crazy) elite class women such as Hillary, Pelosi, Fani, Laetitia et al.

    … having functionally transformed the ranks of American men into eunuchs, sex toys, can be dominated and domesticated

    … ”We now have reality-immune kids


    … What I’m doing, what I believe, is the right thing

    … believe China, (Xi), Russia, (Vladimir Putin), and Iran, (??), N. Korea, (??), really are an axis of evil.

    … “Joe Biden” is the patriarchy disabled, feeble, feckless, impotent, and reduced to inanity

    … an all-out war between Israel and Iran, will impact energy infrastructure and disrupt Iranian crude supplies, will drive oil prices up by $30-$40 per barrel, jeopardize shipping, increase inflation, destroy social order, destroy the control of the narrative.

    … abuses in the West Bank, fueled by decades of impunity and complacency among Israel’s allies, are soaring.

    ( )

    Dr. D

    Or in this case, “It’s a Mistake”

    Which has several meanings right now.

    John Day

    Re: “It’s a Mistake”: The last 2 boys playing guns had caps on, yarmulkas, one with a propeller on it.


    Problem: if you make less than six figures then you are quietly and quickly being strangled out of TRADITIONAL housing access.
    Housing is becoming an exclusively upper-class privilege in a growing number of cities…

    Solutions: NON-TRADITIONAL housing for the majority. (eg. bunkhouse)


    Ouroboros: Complexity terminates itself eventually

    Yes, I’ve noticed that. One of my sons is slated to attend ASU next year. ASU’s website is so convoluted that navigating it is like navigating a labyrinth, and every turn looks just like the last. Twice now he has resorted to their live chat option…when the live chat person says “let me google that,” I can’t help but roll my eyes. The system is so complicated that those paid to be guides barely know what is going on!

    Ah…and ASU is so immersed in current culture that it is annoying. I have observed this son carefully over the past five years, seeking to understand what post-secondary trajectory will serve him best, given his attitudes, interests, abilities, and the available scholarships. Given that he is a “homebody,” not very social, and prefers to sleep at home, he expressed no desire to move out and live on campus. So I looked into the option of commuting on the train. We visited ASU last year, traveling there on the train, rather than me driving, so that he would see what that is like. ASU strongly recommends that all freshmen live on campus, and in their online promotional literature for incoming freshmen gives no information for those who choose otherwise. Yesterday he second-guessed himself, wanting to consider living on campus.

    This is the effect of subtle programming, of propaganda, of soft-coercion. ASU does not know my son, does not love my son, does not know our finances. ASU is doing what is best for ASU. (Since living on campus in a shared room costs at least 4 times more than it costs my son to live here, with his own room, I suspect that ASU is going to have to live with my son commuting.)


    Let’s build a lake atop the mount and tap into the power.
    The flowing waters- they will fill our pockets! We shall tower
    Above the people we enslave to build that crazy lake.
    Their sustenance of hypno-junk will keep our scheme opaque.

    On that note, there is a delightful video of all the allusions in the language to the laws of the sea.

    I read a lot of the burning man’s “ponzi” stuff last night.
    A financial martyr: how weird is that?
    Someone must have tampered with his insular cortex.


    What burning man says:
    Crypto is a ponzi scheme. It will cause financial hell when the bubble bursts.
    Everyone at the top is in on all the fake financial entities and causes which siphon off money from working folks. The top tier is a criminal syndicate. Stanford and NYU are very bad.
    Entertainment is used to keep the masses feeling hopeless, helpless and to get them to laugh wryly about it. (He picks on the Simpsons, in particular.)

    His April 19th post is titled “I have set myself on fire outside the Trump Trial”.
    (April 19th… where has that date popped up before?)

    I’m going back to read some more- before it gets taken down.


    Did you know?
    Air Defense: Where the Patriot Missile Batteries Are

    April 19, 2024:


    Count them … 4 approvals for depopulation, war, killing, hate.


    ASU’s website is so convoluted that navigating it is like navigating a labyrinth, and every turn looks just like the last. Twice now he has resorted to their live chat option…when the live chat person says “let me google that,” I can’t help but roll my eyes. The system is so complicated that those paid to be guides barely know what is going on!

    This is why a good customer care rep takes at least a year to be proficient at their job. And still, it has to be the right sort of person. I worked with people who, 10 years in, still couldn’t run the maze.

    For about a year, we used a knowledgebase with the acronym KFS. It was so convoluted and awful, the documents so redundant, contradictory, the search feature so crippled, we referred to it as “Can’t Find Shit” But an experienced rep WAS superior to google, if they cared and tried.

    Process document owners always seem to have a huge sense of entitlement. They make an overly long complex POS and are proud of it – the feelz are hurt if anyone tells them there’s something wrong with it. For instance, the company came out with a new authentication/acct security policy and threatened everyone with an immediate final writeup (skipping intermediate coaching and disciplinary steps) for failure to follow it.

    Threats seemed to be the substitute for writing a good document because it was 12 pages long. Me and some leads got together, analyzed the hell out of it, and finally determined it all boiled down to 4 or 5 bullet points. But they had, for instance, reps that were single mothers etc terrified of losing their job over this new policy doc. Total implacable avoidance of doing any rewrite.

    Typically the doc owners see any suggestion or criticism as an imposition, as if the docs are there for THEM to exist, floating in their world of middle management, enjoying their meetings and groupthink totally disconnected from the customer experience or call center operations. Like, they act seriously hurt and offended by even the most factual businesslike or polite and compassionate or forelock tugging obsequious feedback.

    These things typically are NOT as complicated as they seem.

    Cluelessness on the part of reps or complicatedness of the information tends to be a function of:

    negligent stupid middle managers creating the documentation and training

    pressure being put on the reps for quick calls despite a complex job (if you are someone with some diligence and a conscience, learning how things OUGHT to work can be a real threat to your continued employment – you take time to learn the stupid complicated maze – you’re taking too long. You can see the way through the maze, all the stupid pitfalls, so you take the customer by the hand and guide them safely from A-B and you took way too long, etc)

    Bad hiring practice of reps not intelligent, principled, or sensitive enough to work with the complicated knowledgebase in a way that gets callers from A to B – although a rep that fulfils these qualities can be forced to not use them on the customer’s behalf if it’s a choice between losing their job and avoiding a longer more complicated explanation.

    It’s not all bad. Sometimes you get a decent process doc owner and they make awesome, concise, useful stuff.

    But having worked on the inside for many years, I do not believe in complexity –> collapse. It’s a matter of virtue and competence.


    RIM- do you still have a spot for the kitchen?

    Doc Robinson


    As far as convoluted awful websites go, I just want to say I can relate!

    I was looking for a decent songwriting scratchpad and ended up choosing the Zoom R4. It’s awesome, but the company website is a stupid low-T soy/prozac infused morass of endlessly scrolling infinitely useless pretty WIX webhosted pictures.

    This is the best 4 track recorder for musicians ever in history and they cannot seem to even articulate what it is or does. Videos of 2 musicians who look like they were born clutching a soy latte in an apple store having things be blandly wonderful because they are physically near the device.

    Uh, does it have punch in-punch out functionality? Can I loop selected playback? High Z input? Monitor effects with record or are they recorded wet? When you say it has dedicated bounce functionality, do I end up freeing up 2 tracks or 4? Is there a tap to input tempo function? Variable speed playback?

    Company puts up a weird bland prozac-y “image” as if this were information and I have to find out on Gearslutz and other user forums what it actually does. I can only conclude there were some musician-engineers that designed it, maybe Blackrock bought them and fired everyone, and now there’s just some people there who don’t know anything about anything. Except designing cut and paste WIX web pages? I guess?

    Anything I find that appears to come from competence and virtue at this point, I feel like I’d better go for it, as competence and virtue appear to be getting replaced by… an undulating vortex of bs, just as your son came across. I really hope we can somehow turn it around.

    John Day

    There is an autistic girl with a furry cat mask she wears, which is already problematic in my wife’s elementary school. The treatment for autistic spectrum disorder, now to prevalent due to injuries from childhood vaccines, is to stop the injuries and help the injured humans to engage life in practical, not impractical ways. Teaching and learning are Time-Critical.



    I have a homebody not outgoing daughter very much like your son.
    The first year she lived in residence but didn’t like it.
    By the middle of second semester she was spending as much time at home as she could!
    She commuted the next 4 years.
    She is nearly finished her 5 year co-op.

    One thing became clear.
    She learned how to rearrange her classes so she only had to commute about 3 or 4 days per week, not 5 days.
    Some courses can be taken online especially spring/summer classes.
    Professors don’t want to commute either!

    So I would advise immediately (day schedule known in August) trying to condense classes to minimize number of commuting days, if possible.
    Also look to see if any classes can be done online especially optional classes.
    Your son will do much better staying at home.
    Being at home means you can help him indirectly by feeding him properly plus laundry, etc.
    Plus being at home removes 1/2 the shock affect of moving to a new strange place/people.

    Good Luck!

    John Day

    Utah Students Stage Walkout To Protest ‘Barking And Biting Furries’ In The Classroom

    John Day

    @Phoenixvoice: If your son stays at home he won’t get a roommate like ME, or worse (I never flunked out, and I was arrested, but not convicted, etc.).


    Do you wonder why “progressive” (i.e. batshit crazy) women seem so unperturbed about the conspicuous number of rapes committed by “newcomers” ? Because, having functionally transformed the ranks of American men into eunuchs

    We’re apparently subject now to the misrule of women with boundary problems who, for one reason or another, rebelled against Daddy and never got over it.

    The result of all that is the Democratic Party of our time as run by the batshit crazy women, unable to find suitable mates among the men they’ve turned into eunuchs of one sort or another, filled with rage and revenge fantasies which, because of their boundary problems, have now extended to willing the destruction of our country.

    For Karens and queers- ‘govern me harder Daddy’ is not the same as ‘govern me harder Mommy’

    Why do liberal women love gay men ? Butt sex approval for all and of course gay men love liberal women whom they impersonate, a mutual libtard fawning fest.

    Fifty shades of grey was quite popular.
    Multiple liberal women have told me they have rape fantasies which they openly communicate amongst themselves. Nice guys finish last remember? If they can finish at all these days or last more than 5 minutes.

    The entire liberal feminist led polyamory movement, along with the sado abuse me, humiliate me, make me your fuck doll…then worship me as a strong women hypocrisy. Actually had one request of me “I may ask you to hit me during sex, are you ok with that?” She truly wanted to be humilitaed, hit, spit on, beaten, dominated with pain inflicted on her- while being worshipped as a strong feminist.
    “F’n crazy in the head/ crazy in bed” is true.

    One of her poly friends, with consent of her live in boyfriend, began charging money to meet random dudes in alleys and fuck them near dumpsters. She had no response when I asked her how that was different from street prostitution?

    The modern libtard women wants multiple ‘partners’…
    “0ne for loving me, one for moneying me, one for fucking me like trash”…wonder why they’re ultimately so miserable and confused?

    here ya go-

    Rape and revenge is one of the most common themes in Western films. Women raped- rest of the film is revenge. The 20-30yo women are particularly dangerous- consensual sex that they initiate, can be followed the next morning with “you raped me” insinuations… They will play that card any time they choose…and they do.

    Another reason why some women cannot be in relationships without constant fighting, conflict and arguing- because they thrive on the ‘excitement’ of grudge fucking make up sex. Most liberal women are attention seeking ho’s. Why else would they wear yoga pants lingerie out in public showing every crack and mound, while simultaneously vibing don’t look at me? Jokes on them. Personally I find it disgusting that women turn themselves into sex objects walking around in their underwear- while demanding they be respected for their brains. Most guys love it that women walk around showing everything, not so much the body positive whales.

    Self respect and dignity do not exist for liberals. An ode to the Liberal American Woman –
    watch out for the adams apple ones ! Taint no woman.


    Hahaha, recently saw young liberal girls protesting ‘climate change’ with signs reading

    Destroy my pussy, not my planet

    Um. Ok.

    For fags and furries too-

    Cant make this up.

    Dr D Rich


    Like the ending of a song
    What happens to my love
    When you are no longer here

      Habitualizing a behavior became the modus operandi of the economic engine once the lesson of

    alcohol and…cigarette advertising was understood.
    Convincing a populus that making a small segment of them extremely wealthy is a noble life endeavor and….devote their entire career, indeed their life…”

    I apologize, in advance, for presuming to edit your writing….prose and poetry that should be published and widely read

    Withdrawal from alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs is identical to the scale, scope and duration of love. That is, if you ever “get over it”.


    There’s a whole universe now of men trying to sort of rebuild the shattered world – stoic philosophy, appreciation of old architecture, self-improvement.

    I’m waiting to see even a female Jordan Peterson or Carl Benjamin. Clearly, modernity is doing women no favors, is a scam at their expense. No Grey Champion has yet arisen for Women.

    I’ve wondered why that is, since it’s at least 4 years overdue. Or 20. And it may be that she’s already out there but cannot get any traction, the algos etc hide her away?

    Or it has something to do with female realism, pragmatism? When you say, things are fucked up, I need to re-assess, re-orient, you look around at the current society, culture, gameboard, and adjust to that? (but what if all social media, internet media, entertainment etc are projecting a false culture?)

    A female ASMRist I liked would quote philosophy and JRR Tolkien, a lifelong christian but I could tolerate it, seemed well grounded… around 2020-2021 turned into a fairly extreme wokeist feminist, “deconstructing her internalized misogyny” etc. Looks less happy and healthy, does her deconstruction in a weird sam harrisish calm tortured croak. Disturbing to watch her. Cut off from her church, extended family, friends during the lockdowns, and re-calibrated to the projection instead of saying the world is wrong? Despite quoting that one bible verse about struggling with principalities and powers specifically?

    Absolute respect to the women who did not go along to get along, didn’t convince themselves the shadows on the cave wall are the world.

    For the others, there’s the analogy of The Guns of Navaronne. The woman betrays the group to the enemy. She explains it’s because the Nazis threatened her. I had to! The man says “But you could have come with us. Why didn’t you side with us? You would have been safe with us…”

    youtuber whatifthalist had a video detailing how Western men are now treated as a conquered enemy by an occupying force. Goes over it point by point and it seems to fit. I suppose Western women act like Western men are a conquered people. Realists then?

    D Benton Smith

    the linked video clip ain’t exactly “brand new” info in all respects, but certainly is being presented in an all new sort of way. [ see: ]

    I thought it might provide food for thought to some members of our commentariat who identity as anti-Jew or Anti-Semite, because it looks like they need to reassess who in the hell it is that they are actually “Anti” towards. Looks like it ain’t who they think it is because the majority of “Jews” aren’t Semites and the vast majority of Levantine Semites are not event remotely Jewish and have never claimed to be.

    What gives here, folks? Could it be that the REAL bad guys (and no one is arguing against the fact that those Zionist/Israeli bad guys are GENUINELY about as bad as bad gets) are not actually Jewish? And if not, then who in Hell are they? (pun intended).

    Three guesses, and the first two guesses don’t count.

    I suggest that they are nothing more than a more-or-less Dynastic line of psychopaths who got organized quite a while back and are now a pack of predominantly KJhazarian wolves still trying to hide themselves in a flock of nearly extinct Judean and Sephardic “Jews” who practically don’t even exist any more.

    Doc Robinson

    Here’s part of the latest installment of The War on Gaza, by Joe Sacco.

    The full story, including a link to previous installments:


    Today is Hitler’s birthday. Other than JFK, and look what they did to him, he was the last politician who actually cared about his own people, his own country. Both of those men were decorated war veterans. They knew and understood…the horror. Take a real good look at the faggots and child molesters running the West. Bankerjews humiliating you as they steal all your money, corrupt your children, mock God, and turn your countries into shitholes. They will turn the whole world into Palestine, if you allow it. Your freemasonic politicians are all in, thinking they’ll be rich, jetset internationalists. Stupid motherfuckers will be murdered, like everyone else The Bolshevik Revolution, jew financed. jew run, tells you all you need to know about right here, right now


    Apple has pulled several popular messaging apps from its storefront in China at the request of the government in Beijing over alleged national security concerns, the US-tech giant announced on Friday. Meta’s WhatsApp and Threads apps, as well as messaging services Telegram and Signal, are no longer available for download on the AppStore in China, Bloomberg reported. The Wall Street Journal has claimed that Korean Line has also been made inaccessible to Chinese users.

    Fake news. You have never been able to use these apps in China. Even if you could download the app, you could never use the app as it could never connect to the service providers’ servers. The only way to escape this is to use a VPN, then you could access these apps, but normal people cannot be bothered, they just use WeChat for messaging and the other Chinese apps instead of Facebook etc. Unlocking your phone will still enable you to load these apps, but again they still will not be able to reach a server, so kind of pointless unless you want to go the VPN route.

    You want to talk to someone in China, use SMS, email or WeChat.

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