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    Andrew Wyeth Christina’s world 1948   • House Passes $95 Billion Aid Package For Ukraine, Israel And Taiwan (ZH) • American Aid ‘Keeps History On
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle April 21 2024]


    • $500 Russian Drones Destroying $10,000,000 American Tanks

    Many have harped on this point since the beginning of the SMO to no avail.

    Andrei Martyanov has written whole books on the subject

    The MATH isn’t mathing

    It’s part and parcel of the Russia Art of War and strategic planning.

    The Empire of Lies is such a Grift at this point, math means nothing, it’s all about the hallucination of “The Narrative”

    Lies are the opposite of “What Is”

    Lies untether and unmoor the feeble minded from Reality.

    Reality is Truth

    Reality is “What Is”

    The Empire of Lies is now a circus Fun House of Mirrors

    Media Whores who have no audience.

    They are not even making money lying anymore, just Narratives, all smoke blown up the ass, no substance.

    No There there

    Col Doug Macgregor & John Mearsheimer on U.S. War Hubris



    • ‘Pariah’ Israel Dragging US ‘Into Garbage Bin of History’

    • ‘Zionist Dragging US ‘Into Garbage Bin of History’

    The Tail is wagging the ‘Dog”






    A mile wide, an inch deep





    If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

    Dr. D

    “Here’s Proof the AI Boom Is Real: More People Are Tapping ChatGPT at Work
    Despite recent warnings that generative AI is overhyped, new data from Pew Research Center shows a rapid increase in the number of people who have used ChatGPT at work.”

    Well that must be why planes can’t fly and ships are running into bridges… Sorry to tell Harari, let’s put him on a space station run exclusively by AI.

    “St. Louis University Hosts Dylan Mulvaney, Denies College Republicans Request For Event With Former NCAA Swimmer A Day Later
    …administrators denied their request to host Paula Scanlan, a women’s sports activist… saying that its security couldn’t accommodate the event…

    Of course. Because I am violent, YOU can’t speak. The “Security costs” that – I – created, you see. Why’d you make be break that window? I’m going to call the police on you.

    “House Passes Ukraine Funding Bill On Hitler’s Birthday

    Yup. And that guy built a nice fire for April, their weirdo Fire month or their weirdo religion. And zero for border. Zero. Okay, if it’s spending money, then spend on the border.

    Okay, being useful, they ALSO passed the TikTok ban in that bill. Because Johnson said “single issue bills”. So now 100% of all voters are pissed at 100% of all Congress. Who just exposed themselves with no excuses. Strategy? If USSC were to review and unseat them, America wouldn’t protest, but cheer. Okay…but then replace with what? Whom? The U.S. no longer supports the military as once now either.

    Besides being murder, Revolutions almost always fail and bring something worse. We know there are good guys, but that requires cohesion. What happens if no one believes anything, or works together toward a common goal? “Common Sense” worked because philosophically it galvanized and directed the focus of a people capable of thought. And now? It’s fine to devolve, but to what? Federal wrangling? All against all? And when we are weak, then we are taken advantage of as well.

    “The House approved nearly $100 billion in assistance to Washington’s overseas allies, partners and client states on Saturday,”

    ALL of which is for killing people.

    ““Likely the $16 billion that makes it to Ukraine will be instantly absorbed to pay government bills rather than the war effort,”

    Realities are set by 155mm shells, not seashells. This allows Russia time to finish the job, collapse Europe’s finance, with NATO, and the U.S. immediately after. As it changes nothing on the ground, it is no threat.

    ““If you vote to send our money abroad while waving a foreign flag, you’ll be called an American patriot. If you vote to keep our money at home to fund domestic priorities like the border, you’ll be called a foreign agent.”

    Just bears repeating. #OppositeLand.

    “..the FBI had illegally used its surveillance powers against American citizens more than 278,000 times in a 12-month period..”

    None of which were known illegal terrorists crossing the border with massive drugs and weapons. And I’m sure they checked all 278.000 of them very, very carefully.

    “Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida) said that failure to renew the spying powers could cause US officials to “miss a key piece of intelligence,” such as a threat to American troops stationed overseas or a potential terrorist attack.”

    Hahahaha! You’re hilarious. You should book the Met! America OVERSEAS? What about here? What about missing a key piece of all Ohio? AND they had all the evidence multiple times and let it happen. We later find out all perpetrators where well known to the FBI, and that’s NOT when they’re escorting them over the border or to the rotunda. Okay, what’s my point here? WHO? WHICH “U.S. Officials”? Yes, the ones enacting the plans of the CFR, WEF, Bezos, Soros, etc. Other “Officials” ask – oh, let’s say make in introductory Diplomatic call – and are fired, and/or arrested. WHICH “Officials”? What are they “Officiating”? For whom? Each bill this week makes it clear they are neither defending nor officiating for us, but AGAINST us. We are an Occupation government.

    “On Saturday, the US House of Representatives passed the cheekily-named REPO Act,”

    The House. Which is the veto-bulwark arm right now. Right. Again, strategy? Complete collapse. We won’t be ABLE to fight wars as we’ll be too busy having the U.S. dollar rejected. But time is ticking, this has to happen under Biden.

    The Abrams is ““one of the most powerful symbols of American military might”

    Well that’s embarrassing. It was always a half-witted lard bucket. How appropriate. …Oh and we also don’t have any. Oh and we also can’t MOVE them, at 50 Tons 10,000 miles. And also have no shells. AND if they were used, it would be an illegal act of chemical and nuclear weapons, a war crime under international law.

    “On Friday, the US vetoed granting Palestine full membership in the UN, which was promised to the Palestinians in 1948 when the state of Israel was created.”

    This goes to the “Two State Solution” they’ve been on about. WE PASSED THAT. We’re not debating it, we’re not passing it again, it was already decided 100 years ago, at the beginning. Like us, they make them negotiate and battle endlessly for what they’ve already got. More importantly, Reporters keep the tethering, the Overton Window there as reasonable, — “we all know” — while it’s Israel refusing to follow the “law” of their own founding. Illegal from day one, and the 28,000 days since then.

    “Donald Trump, is a wannabe strongman who aims to murder his political enemies.”

    If only he had been President and we could test this accusation….

    “She told Elias that Putin is just one of the US adversaries whom Trump would like to emulate, and that his other role models include Chinese President Xi Jinping and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.”

    You mean the Kim Jong that the NY Times exalted and wanted to emulate? With the DEI/Chinese Social Credit score you were recommending to install? Sounds like you all are on the same page. Okay, more helpfully, who is AGAINST the centralization and surveillance and oppression of speech here in America? Not the Democrats. And not the Republicans. So we have 112 only?

    “the bar association had convicted her on the basis of zero evidence. It was just a vendetta by woke liberals devoid al all integrity against a Republican.This is America today. In the hands of blue cities and states and in the US Department of Justice (sic) law as law no longer exists. Neither does the US Constitution.”

    True. But this requires POWER. Which requires “money” under their conception and construction of it. That’s in opposition to “Fealty”, aka “Loyalty” of a liege and his vassal, who have actions and responsibilities BOTH WAYS. That’s why, although that happens in Rome and the Middle Ages, being one-way is considered rotten, low, the true signal of not being a man, not worthy of any support, a villain. They got around this later with MONEY. Put in Viking terms, with GIFTING, sharing of booty, stolen loot. — Stolen from the people, then divvied up. You know, like the SEC and Morgan.

    …Crash the money, crash the Power. That’s all I’m saying. No money > No bribes > no murder = Loyalty and self-interest are restored. You leave people alone because why would I bug them if I’m not getting paid? Rob them myself? That makes me a bandit, a tough job, likely to get shot, and I don’t know what my victims may or may not own. Lots of risk and working, being an enforcer is easier.

    “American citizens are helpless, because almost half of them are so utterly stupid that they vote for their own self-destruction by voting Democrat.”

    They’re – NOT – voting Democrat, that’s the point. 10 million more votes than voters in 2020.

    Dr. D

    Sharks: That can’t be right, Science says Sharks have to keep swimming or they die. Oh well, I guess they’re all dead. Science is never wrong, you Science Denier. You’re not seeing what you’re seeing: what seeing? Nothing happened. Who you gonna believe, your eyes or the experts?

    Oh noes:

    But we have solutions.
    Like some here. Oh wait: that was SCIENCE, and like the sea levels above was COMPLETELY WRONG. My bad. The dead people are real though. The theft was real.
    (link lockout)

    Dr. D

    Like this lass:
    “There was concern about population growth and particularly growth in people we didn’t want too many of” (i.e. BLACK PEOPLE) — Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

    Article follows, in 2009, that the interviewer would normally have asked what race of the “Undesireable population”…but only if they’re Republican. All Democrats know killing EVERYONE is good!

    I think before full implementation, serious matters like this require a test case. I say nuke New Zealand, kill every man there, and let’s see if it’s the paradise they promise. Or, being generous and uncritical as I am famous for, all New Zealanders who believe this can kill themselves. Which is all of them, same thing. We’ll just hover over them with rifles to make sure they don’t get cold feet about their comments online. As obviously CO2 will plummet, and the temperature immediately thereafter, causing a new Ice Age everyone’s looking for, we’ll quickly roll it out to the rest of the planet.

    …Except for China, of course. No one ever looks or asks, so they get a pass and inherit an empty planet filled with Australian coal.

    …A Modest Proposal.

    those darned kids

    if you have a nail, everyone else chases you with hammers.


    @those darned kids





    Duh’merica can’t even make tank replacement BARRELS!


    What a Maroon!

    Shoigu inspects T-80BMV line production in Omsktransmash

    More than the ‘combined West’ together by a magnitude or so.


    Mean while the Russians capture an Uber Leopard II to add to the collection of war trophies to put on display in Red Square.


    Oroboros your calculation of the depth the Duh’merica is off by a factor of 1000. The depth is one mil.


    We are looking
    We see
    Will we turn into a pillar of salt?

    This is a business model that the American people do not support.

    Hypocrites, Traitors, liars, corruption, stealing, war, depopulation, debt, poverty, misery.
    Political Interference, Traitors, corrupt, foreign agents

    The jubilant scene in the House, where some of the lawmakers were seen cheering and waving Ukrainian flags.
    They vote to send more of your hard-earned money to a corrupt foreign regime. And just like that they shout ‘UKRAINE! UKRAINE!’ while happily working to secure Ukraine’s borders, not ours.
    A critical assessment of the aid package
    – David Pyne
    “Russia has been quite successful in its goal of ‘demilitarizing’ both Ukraine and NATO, causing the US and its NATO allies to unilaterally disarm themselves of tens of thousands of its most modern weapon systems and transfer them to Ukraine”.
    “Russian forces have been successful in inflicting +half a million Ukrainian military casualties including about 250,000 killed in action and +250,000 seriously wounded with as many or more Ukrainian amputations over the past two years than France suffered… on the Western Front during World War One,”
    Pyne said. The assessment underscores the complexity of providing effective support to Ukraine amidst escalating conflict.
    As the aid bill moves forward, discussions surrounding its implementation, distribution, and broader geopolitical implications are likely to persist, as well as questions regarding US true purposes and intentions towards Ukraine as a nation.

    Watch out
    The witch, evil, Hillary Clinton has risen from the rubble of her past.

    Figmund Sreud

    @ WES
    Thank you for the words about your daughter. I read them to my son.

    @ John Day, true, my son will miss out on meeting some people…but some people need “baby steps,” and this son does. He was bullied in elementary school and subsequently decided the avoid his peers and have friends who are are adults. It is going to be interesting to see what he does, once his peers *are* the adults. All in good time.

    @ JB-hb
    Yesterday: I’m waiting to see even a female Jordan Peterson or Carl Benjamin.

    There are fundamental differences, as much as the Woke want to erase them. Most “quality” people have committed relationships and children. Most “quality” women are highly invested in the process of child-rearing. I wanted to be for my children the kind of mother that mine was (is = she is still alive, but I have not been a minor child in a very long time.). I had to be more — I also had to be the breadwinner. As I look over the past 18 years, I realize that I physically could never have worked a full-time job and been a great mom to my kids. I will have minor children for only 20 years. My youngest sister just had #6 when her eldest was 15…for her, child-rearing will span 34 years. Quality women tend to have children and tend to be quality mothers — this means that they have much less time to devote to “greatness” than is available to the broader public. So, they are very far and few between.

    Hannah Arendt had no children. Vandana Shiva is an interesting woman. Brene Brown has made contributions. I wonder what Tulsi Gabbard may yet contribute publicly.


    That lady’s gonna get a rash.

    Michael Reid

    UN Plans Tyrannical Future for You – Alex Newman

    UN Plans Tyrannical Future for You – Alex Newman


    If bad comes to worse and the Flood comes,” Harari said, he and the likeminded cabal of shadowy world masters will “build an Ark and leave the rest to drown.

    Having done everything to bring said flood, had everything done and built for them, while being a net negative value to everyone all along. Save that which is least valuable.

    Now, fast forward to the early 21st century when we just don’t need the vast majority of the population, because the future is about developing more and more sophisticated technology, like artificial intelligence [and] bioengineering, most people don’t contribute anything to that, except perhaps for their data, and whatever people are still doing something useful, these technologies increasingly will make them redundant and will make it possible to replace those people.

    How about this assholes. Since everyone else is no longer valuable, surely we are worth nothing to you and you are best served by climbing into your Ark and living alone with your AI shit right NOW. Commence with the leaving us alone.

    And oh yes I experience an irresistible compulsion to replace perfectly good things with other untested things because it is “possible”

    It’s your total full spectrum super profligate 24/7 efforts to ruin, disrupt, destroy everything that really shows how negligible the rest of the world really is.


    The female OAN reporter sounds like she went to the same reporter speaker training as Jessica Burbank of The Hill Rising.

    Dr D Rich

    I love my post because it’s right square in the wheelhouse at D(ee)BS, Dr D(ee), John D(ee)ay and the website’s host, RIM.
    Double plus benefit is the dialogue was presented as some sort of genuine dialogue between genuine dialogue-isticians.

    Without further ado, I give you Pepe and Scott.


      First of all, as much as I respect Scott, I am just a messenger of an extremely explosive intel leak relayed by an unimpeachable source. An Asian source – that’s all I can reveal. I asked for surefire confirmation several times and only published the information when the source confirmed a big world power totally validated it – but would remain mum. The source also stressed there is a consensus among big powers that the information should be treated in “this information will self-destruct in five seconds” style. This never happened. If the sources retracts, and it’s deep into the night now in Asia, of course I will retract the post – with apologies. Meanwhile, I will soon publish a physics analysis of what may have happened – or not.

    Ritter(Personal Protector of Israel):

      Pepe Escobar has written a post where he reports that an Israeli F-35 carrying a nuclear weapon was shot down over Jordan by a Russian fighter. While I respect Pepe as a journalist, his source is wrong. Israel would never take such a precipitous action. Not only would it provide public acknowledgment of Israeli nuclear weapons capability, thereby putting Israel in open violation of existing agreements between it and the U.S., it would also put Israel in violation of the 1968 Outer Space Treaty prohibiting the deployment and/or use of nuclear weapons in space and the Biden administration’s recent admonishments in this regard. Moreover, the scenario describes makes no sense in terms of the characterization of the weapons involved, both in terms of the alleged Russian-Israeli engagement, and what Israel would hope happens regarding EMP. This is, in every way shape and form nonsensical reporting. Pepe should retract his post

    Do you think S Ritter drew upon his texts, papers, treatises and Jane’s Fighting Ships to write never while Israel annihilates and genocides The Palestinians?

    Without further ado, I bid you adieu.

    Dr. D

    I agree. Israel would totally nuke Iran, but not in that way. And not at this time, as they would get their rocks off with idiotic threats and such first. As there is no proof, it didn’t happen. What can I say? Russia might have tried to nuke NY, and shot down the plane by aliens of the Ferengi, but unless you show me something, what can I say? I can’t hypothesize based on no data set or evidence whatsoever. I’m not a Climate Scientist, you know.

    There are many good women on the internet, Pearl and the Dadvocate come to mind, although very narrow. Candice Owens is on all the time. It would be if they focused on their children, you’re right, although I don’t even think of women as being passingly related to children or motherhood anymore. Aren’t they like kick-ass supermodel ninja scientists instead? That’s what TV tells me.

    Didn’t even bother to click in Numann. They always have all kinds of Plans. And I’m not going to follow any of them. Make me. Even listening to the monologuing master plans of the mentally ill is a waste of valuable time. I could shine my shoes or something useful, as these are people who can’t even “Print money” and “Hand it to their friends” properly. Incompetent in word and deed. I’m still backlouged mocking the last 10,000 “Plans” the had, like in Ukraine, and today, their “Plan” to “Sanction” China WHILE ALSO demanding China buy our defaulted bonds WHILE ALSO demanding China break with Russia….WHILE ALSO…but you get the idea.

    The reason these guys have chauffeurs and cooks is because they’re too retarded and mentally ill to care for themselves and need mommy to dress them, feed them, and drive them around. Shining shoes is above their skill range.

    Dr. D

    …While also declaring we are declaring war on China…

    Bring that up because “One China Policy”. Official U.S. position! So….when we send $20 Billion to Taiwan, we are paying One China, the CCP directly, right? That’s literally fact and law, is it not? Every Democrat, every Republican, and the President, directly paid China $20B U.S. tax dollars. How is that not treason? I mean, it’s okay as long as we promise we’ll get around to bombing them sometime, like the Mouse that Roared? Okay, Declare war on me then: I could use $20B in the meantime. Just for the next 40 years, while I get on my feet again.

    One China. Fact.


    jb-hb said

    How about this assholes. Since everyone else is no longer valuable, surely we are worth nothing to you and you are best served by climbing into your Ark and living alone with your AI shit right NOW. Commence with the leaving us alone.

    Why do these people see the vast majority as not needed? Their parents left them a ton of money so they think they are needed? How does money make you needed and being poor makes you not needed? There is absolutely no logic in that, money being just an invention of the people who claim to be needed.

    In fact, the rich do pretty much fuck all, they live on rent, their contribution is to rent you their assets provided to them by their rich parents. If we eliminated all the rich people would the earth die, would humanity die, or would the not-needed people just be freed from the needed people?

    Would the not-needed people still be able to eat, to drink water, to do anything if we rid ourselves of the rich needed people? Of course we would, we would probably just replace the rich needed people with another layer of rich needed people and keep on going. So actually the rich needed people are not needed, they are really only needed in their own heads.

    The weird thing about the current generation of rich people is that they seem obsessed with destroying the rest of us. Their reasoning is based on what they need to survive. It is not based on a humanitarian view, it is based on a selfish view, as if the only thing important in nature is their survival and that the planet should be changed to provide them with what they need. Screw everybody else. The rich have become a danger to the majority, the question is what the majority is going to do to defend themselves against the rich. Time will tell.


    Thanks for the memes Oroboros


    a perspective on the $91 billion spending package

    US unfunded liabilites – $215 billion

    at $260 per citizen $91 bn to keep the lights on and food in the grocery stores is not that bad.
    The US debt per tax payer is $267,000 so the $260 is only a 0.0001 increase in personal debt

    liability per citizen for funded and unfunded liability is $638,000.00
    the interest on the national debt will be $812 billion by this time tomorrow

    aren’t you glad the US rate of inflation is hovering near 3.5%? otherwise this debt couild get out of hand
    With 10 year T Bills paying 4.5% are you buying T Bills for safety?

    The truly bright spot of course is that none of this excess is taxpayer money when one considers the actual budget deficit is $2 trillion
    US GDP $28.4 trillion
    US Debt $34.7 trillion

    $91 billion to mask the reality that there will be no increase in production in any sphere of the US economy or within the Eurozone. $91 billion to mask the reality that your future has already been decided.

    John Day

    @Phoenixvoice: Perhaps you mistook my meaning, or are just being polite, but I meant to say that your son is safer not having a college roommate such as I was.
    Really, the campus cops came up to our 8th floor door room because I had figured out how to open the window and we sometimes threw firecrackers out into the courtyard at night, while growing a pot plant in the closet under a fluorescent light, pilfered from a vacant floor. Granted, my roommate was throwing the firecrackers that night, and I did claim the plant as mine-not-his, which was true, and the student cop did not show up at the hearing, so charges were dropped, but I was NOT a wholesome influence.


    From a comment at ZH, and straight to the source via Last Am. Vagabond: Ido Bachelet discusses injectable, targetable, self-assembling nanobots 50nm big.
    From 2014.

    I am becoming very interested in the insular cortex. It’s where the focus would be to control the way a person senses, cognates, and reacts.

    It may sound crazy, but crazy people do not set fire to themselves- certainly not to signal a financial meltdown so many others see coming.
    Why are so many people supporting their own demise?
    Learned helplessness doesn’t quite cut it.
    2014. Had a flu shot, tetanus shot, botox etc, IV for an operation since then? Had your kids vaccinated for anything?
    Yuval must think of this stuff and drool.


    Hey! Free italics! (Magic happened while I was temporarily disconnected from the internet as my post was sent.)
    I forgot to mention it’s a 10 minute vid. Got to TLAV and start an hour in to see Cristian’s annoying voiceovers and more details.

    jb-hb: “…you are best served by climbing into your Ark and living alone with your AI shit right NOW. Commence with the leaving us alone.”

    Yes, and again, yes.


    Dr D:- I like your point about “one China” and sending Taiwan $20B.


    Who is the con man?
    ( “one China” and sending Taiwan $20B.)


    So somehow, if I have any utube window open in Safari (suspicious observers, just now), and then I load TAE, I get the audio of an ad that would “welcome” me on a utube video in the background, with an echo effect.
    I bet RIM’s superb tech would be interested in this. Pretty sneaky.


    If Ukraine can do this, Imagine what Russia can do done to the US navy sitting ducks.
    Ukrainian military launched strikes today on the Russian ship Kommuna in the occupied Sevastopol, according to a spokesperson for the Ukrainian Navy Dmytro Pletenchuk.

    “Today the Ukrainian Navy hit another ship from the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Crimea, Kommuna. The extent of the damages is being verified. But it’s clear the ship is now unable to perform its tasks. It will continue until the Russians run out of ships, or leave Crimea,” Pletenchuk said.


    At least five rockets were launched from Iraq’s town of Zummar towards a U.S. military base in northeastern Syria on Sunday, two Iraqi security sources told Reuters.

    The attack against U.S. forces is the first since early February when Iranian-backed groups in Iraq stopped their attacks against U.S. troops.

    This latest attack against U.S. troops comes a day after a military base in Iraq being used by a pro-Iranian militia was damaged in an explosion that killed one and wounded eight.


    Ukraine secures another benefactor
    South Korea has signed a framework agreement on economic cooperation with Kiev, including $2.1 billion in low-interest loans

    Looks like the muppets in South Korea have been pressured by their owners to give a few billions to the Kiev mafia. My guess is that 100% of that money will disappear into the private pockets. I guess this is the fee South Korea pays for being on the USA’s side. Will the USA ever defend Korea? Very unlikely, they can’t even defend Ukraine.

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