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    Herri met de Bles Landscape with Saint Christopher 1535 – 1545   • America: Goodbye my Country (Paul Craig Roberts) • Sceptical Supreme Court Cou
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    V. Arnold

    As a self exiled Usian (22 years), it grieves me deeply to see the course the country has chosen…it cannot end well for the majority of its’ citizens…they being on the express to hell…
    The key word here is chosen/choice; not often fully understood by most, Imo…
    And responsibility (another word not understood, Imo)…
    We here in S.E. Asia are currently undergoing an extreme heat event; entering our 3rd week of 39°c – 42°c daily temperatures with humidity running 70% in the mornings and dropping to around 40% by mid afternoon…
    But my greatest fear is the U.S. governments aggresive posture on the world’s stage…
    The government is still behaving as though they are the most powerful…and quite simply they are not by quite a margin…
    May the gods prevail in the end…


    protecting the reserve currency status – such a noble display of courage and discipline

    it’s almost May 4, will there be National Guard on campus this year?

    i don’t like what you say and will beat you into submission to make you stop – not quite the way i learned it but of course there is always Nietzsche and Machiavelli

    Dr. D

    “”I think many Poles are outraged when they see young Ukrainian men in hotels and cafes…”

    Uh, yeah, that’s cause the Poles are going to work when they see them. Lounging around. They want to sit in cafes and live in a hotel too. But Socialism: SOME people work and it’s stolen. SOME people receive and do nothing. Aaaaaaand I work for why? Outcome? No one works, everyone dies. That’s theft! #AntiLogos = #AntiLife. A way to say our 10,000 years of laws had a reason.

    “President With Crackhead Son Frees 5 Crack Dealers,

    Again, who is running this man? He isn’t running himself. Sure looks like Trump is and he’s breaking the colleges over the Israel thing.

    “SEC Expected To Deny Spot Ether ETFs In May, Consensys Sues Over ‘Security’ Status

    SEC is suing every company, every time, and especially the large, well-lawyered ones. Like ??? Okay, they said a software front end, that allows you access to other trading blockchains, is a “Unlicenced broker dealer.” How???? THEY are not DOING anything. They don’t touch your money, which isn’t money to begin with, it’s coins, which aren’t coins to begin with, it’s software. Which you said are all worthless, so why do you care? Do you regulate Pokemon and WoW gear? Those are better candidates for “Securities”. If their value is zero, do your own job and go cover for Biden or something. (* The coins are on the Blockchain, that means you can access them with or without this company. It’s like suing a company selling manila folders for stock certificates in your home safe.)

    Every time these end up with a Judge, lately – which they use every trick to delay for years – the Judge reads them the riot act, saying the SEC has no evidence, no case whatsoever. Remember two prosecutors who resigned this week (in shame, but probably to take up jobs with the company they shilled for, ie. a “Felony”) And this Judge isn’t like a financially-savvy crypto guy. Just like Mueller, Trump, Hunter, everyone, they just show up with nothing. Once met in court the accuser has no evidence, no logic, no case.

    …And YOU paid for it, and they have no consequences at all.


    So, Johnson…you can do anything you want, burn anything you want, shut down anyone you want, burn a Federal building for 100 days, no problem. BUT IF YOU CRITICIZE ISRAEL, on campus, NATIONAL GUARD! Army! No free speech. And what would the National Guard do? Shoot them? Don’t care, never occurs to me, just: no free speech. Because: Republicans! And also no fiscal responsibility, $90B for nothin’, no reason.

    Oh. So this IS the way we’ve all been saying, right? You CAN stop this if you want to, right? It was just a matter of priorities. Priority is: won’t lift a finger if the U.S. is being destroyed.

    “25 ways destroying the U.S.”

    As we’ve been saying since 1971 and “That Giant Sucking Sound”. Told you every day, telling you now. Duran asked, “Surely there are people all over government advising that this will LOSE in Ukraine (or Gaza, or Taiwan, or Wall st, or Main st, or…) why don’t they listen?” Why is failure met with promotion, and success met with arrests and dismissal? Because it’s The Plan, as written and signed everywhere. “Why won’t it read??”

    “• America: Goodbye my Country (Paul Craig Roberts)

    Giving up so soon. Okay, bye then.

    “Those prosecuting Trump have no concern that they are destroying America’s reputation and reducing the power of all future presidents,”

    Because destroying the United States is the point. Build Back Better. You can’t build a new casino unless you rob, arson, insurance fraud, then raze the old casino, right?

    “• Sceptical Supreme Court Could Hand Trump Partial Victory In Immunity Case (ZH)

    Or they could not. That’s keeping your options open. In other news: markets could go up or down.

    “I will confess that there are at times a level of contempt expressed in my columns. However, today will be the first time that a column becomes a legal matter for contempt.”

    Well if they’re contemptible… This was true of teachers, schools, (police) they demand “Respect”. Yes, but respect is something you EARN, not something you’re born with. You’re not worthy of respect, you’re a bully and a villain, and children quite rightly don’t respect you because of it. Nor should they. Then lacking respect, you double down and MAKE them, using evil and violence. You are contemptible. As a practical matter we can’t chew you out to your face, but I can just ignore everything you say and dismiss everything you feel. To do otherwise is to command my EMOTIONS, my very SOUL. F– off. Classic Cluster B, Borderline You-Are-Me mental illness. You’re not me: you’re nothing to me, and I’d teach my children to have contempt for you as well.

    Same way I’d teach them not to hug an python.

    ““.. ‘public servants’ in the United States dole out trillions of unregulated dollars, but can be ‘purchased’ for mere millions of dollars..”

    This is why they are not allowed to have power, and everything they presently do is entirely illegal, outside their mandate. So…want to tell me where in the Constitution we regulate markets? Control the economy? Set the height and width of house numbers? It was Madison who wrote the section on airbags and 5G communications, right?

    Everything. They do. Is Illegal. It’s a Racket. In violent, extortion, racketeering. Which divides up criminal territory, for other authorized criminals.

    Here’s what they’re allowed to do: Post Office. National defense. Disputes between states.

    How to fix this? Cut off your money, push all events down to the lowest possible level. That’s so simple it can’t even be stopped. It’s the “Lying Flat” of protests.

    “Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has been played by the US “deep state” into supporting the unpopular Ukraine aid package.”

    He’s taken some other losses in the past as well. But we as children want to play the game without ever losing any. If you ever lose: you’re not my friend anymore. I give up. Like PCR. Just hand the country over, I guess.

    “Patrick Basham: Speaker Johnson and many congressional Republicans snubbed their own voters on Ukraine funding”

    Personally, I don’t care what the reason was, I can’t allow that. However, how to get back at them I don’t know yet. Hopefully when this causes our complete collapse, we can arrest them all. That’s happening lightning fast in Ukraine right now, as I said this week. Again and again, Russia doesn’t dig in and consolidate like the last two years, they just push on the next town. Europe, the West, had the idea “Well the pacing is like this” and set their watches to figure what week it would happen (week of the election). Because they’re self-absorbed glue-sniffing narcissists. No one else exists.

    Russia then flexed their pinky finger and took the front everywhere. Kiev is already falling back to the Dnieper, and France is probably sacrificing 5k as pure cannon fodder, getting them killed so he can whine to Daddy United States, I want an Oompa Loompa NOW! But WHY would Russia stop at the DMZ Dnieper? Why? Can you tell me one reason? Oh they’re Skeered senseless of U.S. ATACMS Missiles! From 1991, 35 years ago. Oh and Russia won’t mind a bit if the remaining 2/3rd of Ukraine is fully armed NATO country on their border, the thing they went to war about.

    Russia is not stopping at the Dnieper. They put a notably aggressive general in charge and amassed 30,000 men, with 1M men behind them. The West can’t touch them, even as they amass with tanks, drones, jets, lacking literally nothing of what they need, against NO army. — Or the French army, same thing.

    And everyone is quite sure they’ll send F-16s. Suddenly and they’re pretending they won’t right now, that it’ll be a year. And aside from having no runways (the West says “We’ll build airbases” – Oh WILL you now? And Russia won’t bomb them? And F-16s are notorious about needing ideal conditions?) if they take off from Poland, where they claim we’re sending our nukes, Russia has specifically said they will level any airbase they come from, as legal participant of war. …Just like Iran did. That’s bombing the airbases of Poland, Romania… Go ahead! What do you think the people of Europe, UK, US will say when you try to conscript them and/or do another round of funding? That’s right, they’ll attack YOU instead: you’re closer to them than Russia and you piss them off more.

    Ukraine is going to substantially and visibly fall IMMEDIATELY. No one knows how far West, but enough to notice even in a full media blackout. Where are all your Slavia Ukraina stories, NYT? WSJ? Boy sure got quiet over there at CNN.

    “The defendants are accused of trying to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election in the state of Arizona,”

    By filing paperwork. That asked questions. The only crime is asking questions.

    ““..the cost now of living in America has risen by about $11,434, give or take, in comparison to when Biden took office.”

    Being here, that’s actually easy to believe. Household is two (+) people. Might have risen in car costs alone. Why? It’s an extortion racket, of dividing the theft from the territory. The people are hostage and will be liquidated and arrested if they resist, same as any mob. So with no counterweight, they increase the “protection” money to infinity. NeoFeudalsim. Except it’s worse, under feudalism there were responsibilities of the Lord to Serf.

    “the African country of Chad has threatened to order US troops stationed in the country to leave. … The United States has, so far, refused to comply” Because: reasons? It’s not really your country, it’s our country?

    “• Biden Team Doubts US Aid Will Help Ukraine Win – Politico (RT)

    Sullivan said, when asked if it will make Ukraine win, that it will “Last until the end of the year.” That is, Nov 15th. Nothing else matters (except geonociding more Slavs)

    “Russia currently enjoys “military superiority, if not outright supremacy, along the entire line of contact..”

    Yes. And it’s no longer really a war, it’s a slaughter. Russia can do anything they want, any time they want, with any weapon they want, any time, day or night, as much or as little, as fast or as slow. Lately they HAPPENED to want to reduce casualties, but this week, chose instead to take towns that were falling too fast to be reinforced. This is while bombing France over in Odessa and when they cross the border, and Lviv power stations. And probably ramming bridges here.

    “This is “a lot of money” but it will not turn the tide of the conflict”

    Again, Ukraine is allowed one tank at a time. When they finish the first tank, we MIGHT send them another. Aaaaaand that is a way to A) Win wars, or B) Lose wars and look like a fecking idjit. Second, the $61B is not going to Ukraine. Best bet presently, THEY ALREADY STOLE ALL THAT EQUIPMENT, illegally, and the $61B is to BACKFILL what the Pentagon and Congress shouldn’t have sent last month, because it wasn’t authorized. Bet?

    The money is to COVER FRAUD. Got it? That’s why Congress was so eager to approve. Assume every crime was committed, we usually find out it was.

    “• Harvey Weinstein Conviction Overturned On Appeal (ZH)

    Of course they did. Rape is legal in NY. You just need to buy a “Rape Pass” from the governor. What was the deal? $1M in PUBLIC campaign donations to Cuomo and the Manhattan DA, and suddenly all the charges were forgotten? Well golly gee.

    Protect women! Vote Blue.

    “determined by one vote on a majority female panel of judges”

    There’s nothing feminists hate more than women. There’s nothing women hate more than…other women. And now, moving on to sports!

    “Kant was born in 1724 in Koenigsberg (present-day Kaliningrad)”

    Stop there. I disagree. They constantly re-write, revise history away from what THEY experienced it as. So why not now? He was born in Russia. Therefore he’s Russian, right? Same as the Leibensraum. Those Germans were born in Ukraine, Poland, but somehow they were NOT German? Hitler had no right to absorb them into Germany? Make up your mind.

    Also Beethoven was black. He had a single drop of Black blood (or Flemish, or…) therefore he was 0% German. See how that works? And imagine if 20 generations of ancestors lived in Saxony but were Jewish! Why then 20 generations German-raised would NOT be German. Right? Or if C.J. Hopkins moves there and takes German citizenship: Not German. Harley Schlanger takes on German citizenship: not German. See how that works? John McCain, born in Panama, he’s South American! Hispanic even!

    So, “German” is whatever I say it is. Not German, is whatever I say it is. I made it up just this minute! The “One True Scotsman” fallacy. Would you like to stop and put your brains on now?

    “A bombshell new peer-reviewed study has provided conclusive scientific evidence proving that carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in Earth’s atmosphere cannot cause “global warming.”

    Yes, but that’s a Scientific peer reviewed study so it’s false. MY scientific peer reviewed studies are all true. I just made that up! Now it’s true! See how this is the same?

    Tomatoes: Sure if you have no weeds. And want your tomatoes rotting in the dirt. I need them taller, and crowding out the roots. (ie, this is for greenhouses. They do all kinds of weird, special things)

    Donkeys sure are nice people. Don’t know for why they’re so underrated, and I have the same impulse too.

    Stories that all MAGIC! Disappeared. Where’s East Palestine? Where’s Lahina? Border? Opioid deaths now at 100,000/year? California biolabs? Bridges? Food fires? 100k dead people tried to register the vote in TX and MO.

    Seen and the unseen.

    those darned kids

    sure i get that mr. biden is bad.

    real bad.

    but mr. trump is just as evil, just in other ways.

    a war criminal is a war criminal is a war criminal..


    amen tdk

    geez Dr. D if the atl press would undergo a phase change and evaporate into the ether we could return to the halcyon days of disco dancing and morning in America


    “..Speaker Johnson and many congressional Republicans snubbed their own voters on Ukraine funding for two reasons: ignorance and ideology..”

    And graft, don’t forget the number one reason, actually the only believable reason.


    US officials are not convinced that another $61 billion in American assistance for Ukraine will be enough for it to prevail in the conflict against Russia, Politico has reported.

    Really? Is that because most of that money will be finding its way into private pockets in return for nothing of value, same as most of the last few hundred billions? Ukraine is theft on steroids, the US government is printing money to put in its friends’ pockets. You think they will let Zelensky see $61 billion? No chance, he would steal it all, him and his oligarch friends. The rich never fight, only the dumb retards fight and die.


    Government insists that you keep detailed records of your finances, for tax purposes, then they go and give your money to a bunch of crooks without so much as an audit and certainly no financial records. Enforcement is how this works, they can throw you in jail for life, you can’t do anything to them. The only way to change that is to do something to them, illegally, so that they start seeing the errors of their ways.


    (You know how to activate the link. Remove the space)
    Know when to fold fight

    https: //
    America: Goodbye my Country
    Paul Craig Roberts

    25 Ways the US is Being Destroyed Explained in Under 2 Minutes
    Wait! It’s coming.
    Hillary Clinton Pres. with Bill V.P. at the Democratic National Convention

    Why ‘Russia Collusion’ Hoaxers Hillary Clinton and Marc Elias Are Afraid of 2024 Trump Win

    Former Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton warned Marc Elias, her former 2016 campaign lawyer who was infamous for peddling ex-MI6 spy Christopher Steele’s “dirty dossier,” about the acute threat posed by Republicans and Donald Trump to the US democracy.

    Clinton’s outlandish claims expose her as nothing short of a projectionist, according to Wall Street analyst and investigative journalist Charles Ortel, who has been examining the Clinton Foundation’s alleged fraud and pay-to-play scheming for several years. “Hillary Clinton and Marc Elias are both disgraces to the legal profession and mere servants of corrupt donors who plainly understand that ‘public servants’ in the United States dole out trillions of unregulated dollars, but can be ‘purchased’ for mere millions of dollars, often routed via leaky ‘charities,’ or off-market ‘business’ deals and media gigs,” Ortel told Sputnik.
    https: //

    “..Speaker Johnson and many congressional Republicans snubbed their own voters on Ukraine funding for two reasons: ignorance and ideology..”
    https: //
    Biden Rushes Aid to Ukraine As US Cost of Living Skyrockets

    American households in 2024 are spending an extra $11,434 annually to maintain a similar standard of living to the one they enjoyed just three years ago.

    If you are interested … Find and read more …

    https: //

    https: //—jec-staff-commentary.pdf

    John Day

    Thanks TBOC: “I’m a Professor!” pinned on the ground by 2 big, rough cops and zip-tied behind her back.


    The tit-for-tat continues.
    The cost of sanctions.

    • Russia To Seize $440 Million From JPMorgan (ZH)



    SOME people work and it’s stolen. SOME people receive and do nothing

    But isn’t that the way it is with ALL economic systems? The difference is primarily who works, who steals, who receives, and who does nothing. And, often, it is a matter of perspective how the labels are applied within any given system.


    Yes, but respect is something you EARN, not something you’re born with

    I see it a little differently. There is a basic level of respect that is granted to someone without knowing them, simply because the person is a living being. For example, when I pass someone I don’t know on the street, and we nod to one another, acknowledging the other person. Then there is the respect that is earned over time. We may hold some individuals in very high regard due to the individual earning (more) respect over time. And then there are the people that I hold little to no respect for because the person has lost my respect due to their own misbehavior (such as my ex, or my paternal step-grandmother who at the big family Christmas party long ago gave me the same useless gift that was received by thirteen year old girls because at age 26, graduated from college, I was unmarried and, I suppose, therefore not an adult in her eyes.)

    There are people who, through prejudice, disrespect those whom they do not personally know or of whom they have no information. This is common, and is the basis for the cries against “discrimination.” Ironically, those who loudly protest discrimination of one flavor are often hypocrites.


    People power
    Why are the MSM labelling the peace demonstrations by false names.
    (anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian)
    They don’t want to wake up “sleeping dogs”, sympathies, of the previous generation that were demonstrating against wars.
    “In the four decades since Ohio National Guardsmen fired on students and antiwar demonstrators at Kent State University

    Chris Hedges: Revolt in the Universities

    Chris Hedges: Revolt in the Universities
    April 25, 2024

    University students across the country, facing mass arrests, suspensions, evictions and expulsions are our last, best hope to halt the genocide in Gaza.

    These students watch, like most of us, Israel’s live-streamed slaughter of the Palestinian people. But unlike most of us, they act. Their voices and protests are a potent counterpoint to the moral bankruptcy that surrounds them.

    Not one university president has denounced Israel’s destruction of every university in Gaza. Not one university president has called for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire. Not one university president has used the words “apartheid” or “genocide.” Not one university president has called for sanctions and divestment from Israel.

    Instead, heads of these academic institutions grovel supinely before wealthy donors, corporations — including weapons manufacturers — and rabid right-wing politicians. They reframe the debate around harm to Jews rather than the daily slaughter of Palestinians, including thousands of children.

    They have allowed the abusers — the Zionist state and its supporters — to paint themselves as victims. This false narrative, which focuses on anti-Semitism, allows the centers of power, including the media, to block out the real issue — genocide. It contaminates the debate. It is a classic case of “reactive abuse.” Raise your voice to decry injustice, react to prolonged abuse, attempt to resist, and the abuser suddenly transforms themself into the aggrieved.

    Princeton University, like other universities across the country, is determined to halt encampments calling for an end to the genocide. This, it appears, is a coordinated effort by universities across the country.

    Doc Robinson

    Former UK ambassador and whistleblower Craig Murray on the continuing genocide: “This genocide is the desired goal of the West. No other explanation is remotely plausible.”

    I have no doubt at all that the Western political elite, paid tools of the zionist machine, are complicit in the genocide of Palestinians and ethnic cleansing of Gaza at a much deeper level than the people have yet understood. The refusal by Starmer and Sunak to contemplate ending arms sales and military support to Israel is not due to inertia or concern for the arms industry. It is that they actively support the destruction of the Palestinians.

    The coordinated decision of the Western nations to fast track famine by stopping UNRWA funding was announced within an hour, following the ICJ ruling that Gazans were at immediate risk of genocide, and drove from the media headlines the adverse ruling against Israel.

    This sent the clearest signal in response that the Western powers would not be stopped from the genocide by international law or institutions.

    The Western powers give not a fig for 16,000 massacred Palestinian infants. No evidence of mass graves in hospitals will move them. They knew genocide was happening and continued actively to arm and abet it.

    This genocide is the desired goal of the West. No other explanation is remotely plausible.

    Worse Than You Can Imagine


    Another try at controlling the news.

    Empire Managers Say Russia, China And Iran Are Tricking Students Into Opposing Genocide

    Empire Managers Say Russia, China And Iran Are Tricking Students Into Opposing Genocide
    It is a very dark kind of hilarious to see imperial spinmeisters falling all over themselves trying to spin the campus protests as a product of imaginary foreign interference even as police launch violent crackdowns on those very same protesters across the United States to advance the interests of a foreign government.

    Caitlin Johnstone
    April 26, 2024
    7 minutes


    That PCR fella really really wants to see somebody fight.


    SOME people work and it’s stolen. SOME people receive and do nothing

    But isn’t that the way it is with ALL economic systems? The difference is primarily who works, who steals, who receives, and who does nothing. And, often, it is a matter of perspective how the labels are applied within any given system.

    The difference is between having things happen that work against the agreed way of doing things vs a system that makes it an integral, formalized part – resulting in over 100 million non combatants’ deaths.

    Capitalism – do or make something that someone would WILLINGLY part with the fruits of their own labor in exchange for.

    If some rich kid inherits a giant amount of money from daddy and then does various things with that money to compel people – by coercion, lies, bribery, monopoly, whatever, that’s something that happens WHILE capitalism imperfectly goes on. In spite of it or in hostile enmity to it.

    While you have another system that intrinsically, implicitly says we are going to coerce you.

    But the coercion will be for good, so it is ok.

    But it always goes horribly wrong when it is tried.

    But therefore we must assume that all the times it was tried, it was never really tried.


    SOME people work and it’s stolen. SOME people receive and do nothing

    Incidentally, I apply this to Israel.

    Whatever pyramids of finance are built upon it, it’s the blue collar workers of the US who carry the load, the BASIS of the wealth. They work, Israel gets paid.

    I wouldn’t call myself pro palestinian or anti isreal.

    I’m definitely anti free shit. Stop sending Israel free shit. Free shit makes people insane, disconnected from morality and reality.

    Soon as we stop giving Israel endless waterfalls of free shit, they will figure something out. They will miraculously go sane.

    Like No-Face from Spirited Away. “I think this place is bad for him.”

    Because everyone and everything at the spa is catering to him in an endless waterfall of stuff for the endless fake gold he gets from thin air for nothing.


    Empire of Lies military recruitment poster caption contest

    USSA Airborne Shock Troops!

    Look out! We’ve got Cringe Troops!



    Israel’s Controversial National Security Minister Ben Gvir In Serious Car Accident

    Hurrah, hope he dies!

    Maybe another Coincidence Theory!

    Bibi had him whacked for dissing him in public

    Oy vey!



    What the world hopes happens to IsRealHell


    Doc Robinson

    Some people work… and some live on unearned income.

    Investopedia says “Unearned income is not acquired through work or business activities. Examples of unearned income include inheritance money and interest or dividends earned from investments…. benefits… property income.”

    I was curious about what portion of the total personal income in the US is actually earned income, but my search results only gave this indirectly, if I combine some numbers from different sources. The resulting estimate is that only about half of the total personal income is actually earned.

    Personal income increased to about 21.8 trillion U.S. dollars in 2022.
    U.S. personal income 2022 | Statista

    Total wages and salaries, BLS was 10496.81100 Bil. of $ in January of 2022, according to the United States Federal Reserve


    Presidementia Pedo Poop Pants can’t even control Nazilensky

    Ukrainian Drone Strikes Target Russian Oil Refineries Again Despite White House Pleas

    This is a gift to Russia.

    The attack is a pin prick (like Nazilensky himself) and gives Russia the perfect excuse to completely demolish Ukronaziland’s electric grid to Stone Age Levels.

    Take out all the electricity in the Proxy Shithole© masquerading as a ‘country’.

    No heat, no lights, no internet, no water in high rises, no water treatment, no refrigerators or freezers, no cold storage for meat or perishables, no gas pumps, no washing machines or clean clothes!

    Smooth move Nazilensky!

    Blowing you a kiss, smoooch!




    He tongues himself!



    Pedo Joe:

    “Too bad your not my ten year old daughter, we could take a shower now”


    UKtardistan “Defense Minister” confesses to being the actually model for the Mad Hatter



    Empire of Lies General Betray Us

    He needs a funny hat



    The West has a ways to go before out buffooning the North Koreans

    Gold Medal in Buffoonery!



    The North Koreans could be defeated with a Giant Magnet

    John Day

    @Phoenixvoice and Doc Robinson: It is nice to see you back at the playground again lately.

    John Day

    Fact Checking

    I’m continuing to chase the possibility that Israel DID strike harder at Iran last week than Iran let on, which holds open the possibility that the part-2 of that punch, a nuclear EMP strike via F-35, WAS actually shot down by Russia over Syrian airspace, as reported by Pepe Escobar. Here: And Here:

    These 2 short videos, based upon Israeli news sources, (somewhat fawningly) make the claim that Israel hit the air defense radar near the Natanz nuclear complex last week.:
    Israel used a half-ton supersonic Rampage missile to strike Iran

    Direct Hit: Israel DESTROYED Iran’s most expensive defense system with a magnificent missile strike!

    John Day

    ​ Caitlin Johnstone (because pictures of burned and starving children twist your mind and confuse you) Empire Managers Say Russia, China And Iran Are Tricking Students Into Opposing Genocide

    “Over $100 billion” is a lot of money. Maybe Mr. Soros could buy it. He’s buying media outlets. ‘Everything to Do With Censorship’: Congress Passes Bill to Ban TikTok
    President Biden on Wednesday signed a bill that will ban TikTok in the U.S. unless its Chinese parent company sells the social media platform’s U.S. assets. Lawmakers said the sale is needed to protect national security, but critics said it’s about giving the government greater access and censorship power.​

    ​ Loss of narrative-control: Jewish students refute claims of anti-Semitism at pro-Palestine protests​
    Jewish students have refuted allegations levelled by pro-Israel members of US Congress and university officials that protests calling for their institutions to cut ties with companies linked to Israel over the war in Gaza were “anti-Semitic”.
    ​ New York State, its municipality and members of the US Congress claimed in recent statements that the pro-Palestine protesters at Columbia University campus in New York “demonstrated anti-Semitic behaviour”.
    ​ Yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the pro-Palestinian protesters at Columbia and other US universities “anti-Semitic mobs” that are taking over “leading universities”.
    ​ While US House Speaker Mike Johnson visited Columbia University and called those protesting “anti-Semitic … lawless agitators”.
    ​ Some 26 members of Congress sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland calling on him to “restore order at universities that have been effectively closed by anti-Semitic gangs targeting Jewish students.”
    ​ New York Mayor Eric Adams also said in a statement that he was “horrified and disgusted by the anti-Semitism” demonstrated at Columbia University protests.
    ​ However, Jewish students participating in the protests, which have been largely organised by pro-Palestine Jewish groups, categorically refuted the anti-Semitism allegations.
    ​ Jewish students wore t-shirts reading, “We are Jews who say stop shooting” in Gaza and even held Jewish Passover rituals to affirm their identity as Jews who oppose Israel’s policy towards the Palestinians.
    ​ In Bell University, hundreds of students gathered in the university’s main square and sat around a drawn paper symbolising the traditional “Seder banquet.”
    ​ Students raised banners reading “Empty Seder Plates, Stop Starving Gaza” and “Another Jew for a Free Palestine”.

    Jewish students refute claims of anti-Semitism at pro-Palestine protests

    Emory’s Caroline Fohlin is knocked down by the police while shouting: “I’m a professor!!” Hear the disbelief in her voice.​ (And pinned face down and zip-tied.)

    ​ Agents-Provocateurs always work against the interests of the sincere protesters by discrediting them and justifying police violence against the cause.
    George Soros Paying Student Agitators To Whip Up Anti-Israel Protests​

    John Day

    ​ US police violence at Texas students’ Palestine camp​ (Cops on horses assure ​that there will be numerous “accidental” injuries to protesters.)
    ​ A Gaza solidarity protest camp at the University of Texas was brutally dispersed by police who violently arrested students and members of the press. The protest camp in Austin, Texas, is just one of dozens of pro-Palestine protests at campuses across the United States, which is quickly forming into a student-led movement to end the US’ political and military support for the ongoing genocide in Gaza.​

    ​ Freedom flotilla to set sail tomorrow with three scenarios in sight​ , A Freedom Flotilla official reveals that it will include three ships, including one cargo ship, a cruise ship, and another smaller boat.​ In a statement published on X, the coalition said: “We have completed all technical and crewing requirements in order to launch the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza on Friday, April 26, 2024.”​

    ​ Hamas Official Says Group Willing To Disarm for Two-State Solution​ , Netanyahu has said he’s opposed to a Palestinian state in any future scenario
    ​ A top Hamas political official has told The Associated Press that the Palestinian group would be open to a five-year truce with Israel and would disarm and become solely a political party if a Palestinian state was established along the pre-1967 borders.
    ​ Speaking in Istanbul, Khalil al-Hayya said Hamas would accept “a fully sovereign Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and the return of Palestinian refugees in accordance with the international resolutions.” He said that Hamas wants to unite with Fatah, which heads the Palestinian Authority and Palestinian Liberation Organization, to form a unified government for Gaza and the West Bank.​

    ​ Israel intensifies air strikes on Gaza’s Rafah before an expected ground operation
    ​ Israel stepped up air strikes on Rafah overnight after saying it would evacuate civilians from the southern Gazan city and launch an all-out assault despite allies’ warnings this could cause mass casualties.
    ​ Medics in the besieged Palestinian enclave reported five Israeli air strikes on Rafah early on April 25 that hit at least three houses, killing at least six people, including a local journalist.
    ​ “We are afraid of what will happen in Rafah. The level of alert is very high,” Palestinian Ambassador to the United Nations Ibrahim Khraishi said. “Some are leaving. They are afraid for their families, but where can they go? They are not being allowed to go to the north and so are confined to a very small area.”​

    YAF attack Israeli ship in Gulf of Aden, target in Umm al-Rashrash​–targets-in-umm-al

    John Day

    ​ Attack on US destroyer: Houthis hit US ship with anti-ship missile
    ​ In particular, Houthi military spokesman Yahya Saria said that the Yemeni navy conducted a successful operation against the American ship Yorktown in the Gulf of Aden using ship-borne missiles. According to him, the missile hit was accurate. In addition, Saria added that an Israeli ship and an American destroyer were also subject to successful attacks.
    ​ The American command does not officially acknowledge the fact of the attack on its warship. US Central Command (CENTCOM) said the missile likely targeted the US-flagged USS Yorktown, but no US or commercial vessels reported injuries or damage.​

    ​ The first 2 Ukrainian armies were destroyed. This unwillingly-conscripted Ukrainian “army” just wants to live, not to be bombed to death in trenches and ruins.
    Scott Ritter: Hefty US Military Aid for Ukraine Won’t Hamper Russia’s Strategic Advantage
    ​ “This is the assessment of Ukraine’s Foreign Minister [Dmytro] Kuleba, who has said that at this late stage in the game, there’s no amount of military assistance that can stop the Russian advance. He’s correct,” the Marine Corps intelligence officer underscored. Ritter also cited “talk of magic weapons” for the Zelensky regime, which he said would be of little help.
    ​ According to him, Russia currently enjoys “military superiority, if not outright supremacy, along the entire line of contact, not just on the front lines, but extending well into the rear areas of the Ukrainian defense areas.”
    He also explained that after the US weapons are delivered to Ukraine and brought up to the front line, the weaponry “will be subjected to increasing levels of interdiction.”​

    ​About those longer-range ATACMS Russia: We’ll move further west due to MGM-140B supply to Ukraine
    ​ A high-ranking U.S. official, who has opted for anonymity, has made a startling revelation: The US secretly deployed long-range ATACMS missiles to Ukraine a few weeks ago. Furthermore, these missiles were actually put into use just a few days ago. Notably, the deployment was part of a $300 million military aid package for Ukraine ratified by President Joe Biden on March 12.​

    ​ Zelensky’s last day as elected-president of Ukraine is May 20, 2024. No elections are scheduled. Zelensky’s top rival has gone missing: Where is General Zaluzhny?
    The former Ukrainian commander-in-chief, slated to become ambassador in London, has been suspiciously absent from the public eye
    ​ Short of a convenient accident, Zelensky has no way of really stopping Zaluzhny. He’s dangerous to him in Ukraine and anywhere else as well. The president can try to sideline him but, even when he does, the ambitious, popular general remains very much in play. The more so when the war is going badly for Ukraine. Because, after all, Zelensky relieved Zaluzhny of responsibility just about when the worst was to come.​

    ​ US nuclear weapons in Poland would be priority military target – Moscow​, Warsaw wants to host NATO arms under the bloc’s sharing scheme​

    John Day

    ​ Iran will receive North Korean strategic missiles, and North Korea will receive thousands of Iranian drones
    ​ Active military cooperation between Iran and the DPRK poses a serious threat to the collective West and its satellites. These two countries, despite sanctions and pressure, continue to develop technologically and strengthen their defense systems. The exchange of technologies and experience between them can lead to serious consequences for regional and global security.​

    ​Important information; Tabloid format: How WW3 could be won in space… and it’s Russia and China leading the star wars nuke race: As Moscow vetoes UN bid to prevent space-based Armageddon, the deadly weapons Putin and Xi’s scientists are preparing to unleash on the West

    No Electricity: How long would you be ok? This Is Why Everyone Needs To Prepare For The Day When Devastating Cyberattacks Take U.S. Power Grids Down

    This Is Why Everyone Needs To Prepare For The Day When Devastating Cyberattacks Take U.S. Power Grids Down

    I’m not giving up. Where would I go? America: Goodbye my Country , Paul Craig Roberts
    The independence of doctors requires private practice. Private practice is being destroyed systematically by medical insurance, malpractice insurance, Medicare, Big Pharma, and the US Congress which panders to Big Pharma for campaign contributions. Medical doctors are being forced into becoming employees for HMOs where they have to follow their employer’s protocols or be fired. This means that they must abandon the Hippocratric Oath and follow the profit-enhancing practices of their employer HMOs. Big Pharma provides software for diagnosis and treatment, and doctors have to prescribe according to what Medicare and insurance companies will pay a percentage of the billing amount. Even doctors in private practice find that what they can prescribe and what operations they can perform is limited to insurance and Medicare decisions.
    During the orchestrated “Covid pandemic,” the entire propaganda operation was geared toward maximizing Big Pharma’s profits from the Covid “vaccine” and to cancelling people’s control over their own health care by imposing “vaccine” mandates. This was the first exercise in the imposition of mass tyranny in the Western World. Individual countries had experienced tyranny, but never before the entire Western world simultaneously.
    ​ In order to maximize Big Pharma’s profits and impose mass tyranny, it was necessary to prohibit two safe, effective, known preventatives and cures for Covid–hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. Doctors who successfully used these cures and preventatives to protect their patients were subject to persecution by medical authorities and governing boards. Some were fired from their HMO jobs and university medical schools, some were stripped of their licenses, some were prosecuted. In order to mass inject people with an untested “vaccine” under an emergency use order the requirement was that there were no cures. So, the fact that there were cures had to be suppressed. The utterly corrupt US medical establishment, the whore media and the Western governments suppressed the cures and ridiculed them as “horse medicine.”​ [This freed up my time to blog more.]​

    ​A Midwestern Doctor, The Vast Pharmaceutical Conspiracy to Silence Online Dissent , Millions of dollars were spent to weaponize the public against all of us
    Story at a Glance:
    •There has been a coordinated campaign to attack and defame anyone who has spoken out against the COVID-19 response. This has primarily been restricted to social media (e.g., getting people deplatformed) but it has also been weaponized in real life (e.g., getting medical licenses revoked).
    •This coordinated campaign was the result of a “non-profit” known as The Public Good Project (PGP), which was actually directly linked to the pharmaceutical industry. The PGP used the industry funding it received to defend industry interests.
    •Vaccine safety advocates were able to get into the group where these campaigns were coordinated. There, they discovered numerous public figures working hand in hand with healthcare workers to descend like a hive of bees on anyone “promoting misinformation.” Likewise, we learned that the most belligerent doctors we keep encountering on Twitter belonged to these groups.
    •Some of the influencers advancing PGP’s message through “Shots Heard” (and its sister United Nations initiative “Team Halo”) were hucksters who faked their own credentials. My overall impression from looking at everything was that this group operated in a very similar manner to many of the sleazy internet marketing operations I’ve seen in the past. Fortunately, the public appears to be seeing through what they did.​

    John Day

    ​Best Male Tennis Pro, and stood up for his principles: Novak ‘NoVaxx’ Djokovic wins the 2024 World Sportsman of the Year.

    I’m sure we will see more comments on this. CO2 is a greenhouse gas within a narrow spectrum of wavelengths, not the whole spectrum, so reflecting that narrow spectrum back to earth as heat has inherent limits. 3 Physicists Use Experimental Evidence To Show CO2’s Capacity To Absorb Radiation Has Saturated


    The imagined thought – not theory – that CO2 causes the climate to warm is against the laws of thermodynamics

    Thermodynamics Is Essential For Understanding Effect Of CO2 On Temperature

    Thermodynamics is Essential for Understanding Effect of CO2 on Temperature

    … In other words CO2 really causes global cooling.

    John Day

    Ben Gvir’s car flips over after running red light, minister lightly injured
    Hebrew media reports claim the national security minister regularly orders his driver to commit traffic infractions; Ben Gvir hospitalized overnight for observation

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