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    Harris&Ewing Goat team, Washington, DC 1917 • Silicon Valley May Get Hit By China’s ‘Virtual Reality’ Economy (CNBC) • High-Risk ‘Shadow’ Credit in Ch
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    “Oh, irony. Just a few days after I wrote about Greece’s 15 minutes of fame in Meanwhile in Greece.., both the Guardian and the NY Times happen to notice the same thing.”

    It would surprise me not at all to discover, if we could track it, that your article was directly (and/or indirectly) responsible for theirs.

    That’s the way it works, alas. We here are “not real” authorities, you know – but “they” sure as hell keep track of what we say. I’ve had the same experience – commenting on NYT and WaPo, only to have similar/same directions appear in the next days/weeks.

    The effect may or may not be actual plagiarism. One way it can happen is: a few people read the article/comment; it makes them think – then later, as a casual friend of the “real writers”, they casually say, with zero attribution, since they don’t remember it; “Ya know, Ralph; this is something you should write about…”

    I see it as one way to actually spread thought. No rewards for us – except – thoughts change.


    Incidentally, Ilargi – you’ve used that photo before. I’m assuming you know that, and had a reason- ?

    V. Arnold

    @ Greenpa

    Ilargi often uses photos repeatedly; you just noticed?


    lazy Ilargi

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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