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    Ann Rosener Salvage. Chicago automobile graveyard. 1942   • A Journey Through A Land Of Extreme Poverty: Welcome To America (G.) • The Chart That
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    V. Arnold

    Ilargi, that’s probably the most depressing thread you’ve ever posted; of course, that’s coming from a self exiled Usian; which may be unduly influenced by my very origins.
    Frankly, I’m somewhat at a loss for words.
    Observing from afar, I’m perplexed by the response (or lack therein) of the Usians…

    Dr. D

    “demanding that all countries host some refugees as a way to demonstrate solidarity.”

    …While France and Germany organized an EU plan excluding 26 states, including a gruesome attack on their own body in the U.K. and Greece? EU “Solidarity”? Pffft! Translation: “Submit or die.” If they say “freedom” they mean totalitarianism. If they say “tolerance” they mean oppression and purging undesirables. How can anyone report otherwise by now?

    Nice touch to have Poland, which is (I hate to say this), one of the ‘important’ members of Eastern Europe (the others being too small or less geographical) be the paid for figurehead puppet right now. Shows their social control AI and wiretapping is really paying off. What I said about thank God the EU doesn’t have an army or they’d bomb Poland? Well, as of last week, they’ve got an army. Or in EU-style, the agreement for an army, without any actual army or funding. If Poland becomes a Christian, working, law-abiding, unified national state, the EU will have an enemy in the rear of their atheistic, anarchistic, debt-ridden, parasiticial, non-producing state of chaos; and who wants that? I mean, a functioning Poland down to Romania could lead to a prosperous, functional Greece, who would not have to watch their own citizens and refugees die. Then what will they watch on TV while drinking Dom Pérignon?

    More to the point, they would be a functional state merged with Russia’s Eurasia, which would mean you could not use Disaster Capitalism (i.e. the same chaos they are now fostering to cannibalize W. Europe) to steal the whole resource base of some 20 countries there while being intolerably weak and hollowed out at home. ‘Cause how else are they not going to laugh hysterically and spit on your battered 100-year old paper mask of an extinct tiger?

    Americans may be lampooned as being Yosemite Sam shooting off at everything, but I don’t know why Europeans put up with it. A fool could see this was the plan for Greece worse than my cynical heart could predict, and yet all W. Europe and the EU talks of solidarity while calling more and heavier chains of debt an “aid” and a “bailout.” Bailout, really? Are you kidding me? “Bail out” bank vaults like Bonnie and Clyde maybe. So the banks need a fresh injection from government, so they’re finally discussing German reparations to Greece…which will be used to “pay debts” and therefore bail out collapsing German Banks. #circlejerk “Should I pay myself more money? Why yes, I think I will!” Which is cynically Germany helping itself and screwing Greece again as its cover for more fascism, which ironically their supposed “Right-wing” AfD does NOT represent. Meanwhile Varafoukis, who knew this darn well and was planning a Bitcoin or Tax-voucher currency instantly freeing Greece flies around promoting a pan-European solution. Newsflash: unless Ultron built a space lifter under your nation, no one is “Leaving Europe”. They’re all Europe, and all the lawyers in Brussels (that’s saying something) can’t redefine Poland, Romania, or England “out of Europe” and “no longer European states.” Varafoukis is simply insuring that more nations die of domestic abuse before breaking up anyway. They will however, fast or slow, willing or unwilling, turn away from France, England and Germany for 200 years and focus on the Silk Road, if they keep acting like this. Which sadly they will.

    “No matter how cynical you become, it’s never enough to keep up.” –Lily Tomlin


    V. Arnold,

    My apologies if my comments have been misconstrued. I think that in order to make good decisions, information based on reality needs to be available. I don’t like magical thinking – whether about the Middle, East, Climate, Renewable Energy, Fracking, 9/11 etc. I guess we are on the same page on that one. 🙂


    This tennis player was banned for taking drugs:

    and this tennis player was not banned for taking drugs:

    I suspect the whole tennis business is being undermined by the win-at-all-costs attitude of the Americna authorities. Certainly, the advertisers have no reason to support that business model. Few women want to look like the second “lady” 🙂

    The Olympic movement is also being turned into a joke. The West used Sochi Winter Olympics to take over Ukraine. Now, they have banned the whole Russian team. Absolutely disgraceful. I will be certainly watching none of it.

    Russian Olympic Committee banned from 2018 Winter Games, athletes allowed to compete as neutrals

    V. Arnold

    No need to apologise; I just wanted you to know that I likewise despise magical thinking; something my fellow countrymen seem to wallow in.
    Ditto all the rest as well; we are indeed on the same page.
    Thanks for that reply…
    …and that great shot of Maria Sharapova…
    The U.S. has finally destroyed the Olympics; its rot now infecting most of the planet.


    These Russian skiers seem to be ok with plain white uniforms 🙂

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